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odd bodily sensations

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I keep getting verry odd feelings and sensations (as in sence of touch not emotion) all over my body that i have tried to find a way to describe in words but i cant they are sensations i have never heard of before in anyone and they are diffrent ones at diffrent times some times they feel nice and contofetrble and others they feel really bad and unplesent and still others they feel just plain weird but i still cant find any way to describe the sensation itself in words but what dose happen alongside rhe sensations is a word or frase that makes no sense to describe a feeling like you would decribe getting a shot as a sharp prick but when i get thease feelings a word like play dough or milk or even wood lathe pops into my mind verry powerfully i know that part is just the fact that i have dulsinoal skitsophrina but i was worndering if anyone else gets verry odd feelings and sensations all over their body that they just cant find the words to describe how it feels the sensation is just there and thats all there is to it and what can cause things like that to happen could it be strange side effects of the meds im on o4 is it some kind of known illness please help


Hi, DS,

Hope it's OK to shorten your name. Welcome to this wonderful place. The people here are so generous and supportive. Over the years, I have seen soooo many talk about strange sensations in their bodies. One is a feeling like ants running around under the skin. Fibromyalgia is a soft-tissue disease and those tissues can produce a whole range of strange feelings. Have you been diagnosed with it or chronic fatigue? It can take several years for the docs to eliminate other conditions to arrive at a diagnosis. There are so many other conditions which can produce similar symptoms. I hope we see you here often.

Love, Mikie