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Off almost all my meds - especially pain

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Hi everyone,

Last year at this time I was on everything from Gabapentin to Fentanyl patches and nothing, nothing was helping with the pain. (I also have lots of stuff going on with my neck, unrelated to fibro...but of course, in a flare up, it flares as well!). In using my FibroMapp app I started working out which meds are actually helping and which meds I am just taking...because they are there. And then there are the side effects...and all the meds to go with them. At one point I was taking 60 pills a day. I rattled when I walked!

So, this year I am going to be taking the ProHealth route with proper supplements and will be documenting on the app, so I can see what is and what isn't working over the long time. I have always believed that many of us with FM and CFS are starved of the proper vitamins and minerals. My friend was having horrific RLS each and every night. I got her to try magnesium malate....she swears by it.

Don't get me wrong...if I have a stonking migraine, I WILL be taking medication for it. But for pain relief, nothing has why take it?! Is anybody else on this path? A.x


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Alyssa- At one point about 8-9 years ago, I was taking 140mg morphine a day and 4-5 other meds. I had to keep upping the dose of mophine to get any real relief and that would only last a week or so.

One thing I realized looking back was that my cfs/fm got much worse while I was taking the morphine. I am doing SO much better now and all I take for meds are an otc antihistamine, and sometimes a very low dose of aleve or some tylenol.

Turns out I never was deficient in morphine-lol Good luck with the transition to supps!


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Hi there!

Interestingly, apparently morphine is not a med that works for FM - as a lot of our pain can also be nerve related - which morphine does nothing for. (and then they put us on gaba or pregabalin, we gain 60 pounds and are still in pain!).

I was also on it for a while...heck, I was on Fentanyl patches (medical heroin) and it did nothing.

When I started to use my FibroMapp app (a ProHealth one is on it's you can start using this too!). I started weaning myself off of each med and the app was collating my pain levels - so I could see very clearly what was and what wasn't working. (And other than the LDN and stuff I take for incontinence (a life saver), there was no notable difference (other than saving innards). In saying this I am also on duloxetine - 120mg - twice the approved amount and put on it by my pain consultants. For me, keeping my depression in check (although they are using this for pain) is imperative.

If our hopes and dreams go to plan, we are thinking of moving to California. And I imagine that the sun and different lifestyle would make a big difference there, so no need for the anti depressants (Although my big worry is whether or not we would be able to get health care insurance with my issues...because I can't get life insurance because of fibro!).

Wishing you a pain free day!



Good luck on your quest. Moving to California is a great dream because it is beautiful and sunny there. Now that they have legalized MJ in that state CBD oil is probably much more widely available. Im not sure if you have ever considered it, but it has been shown to help fibro sufferers. Either way getting off the stuff that was not working for you is only going to help.