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opiod treatment for fibromyalgia

Anybody experience anything similar? If so please share.

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I'm new to this website, but there is no support group in the area where I live. I just read an article on this site where docs were discussing the preference Not to use opiods to treat this disease. I have been on a lain pump for 7 yrs with morphine at varying levels, depending on the need. This occurred after 7 yrs of trying everything else under the sun. The pain forced me drop out of Seminary. I had no life because the pain dictated everything. Now in the last year I have run into a complication, I've developed sleep apnea, going into Cheyenne Stokes breathing. After less than 6 months of being on a VPAP machine, it was found that I needed 4L of O2 with the VPAP anytime I sleep. My neurologist wants me to come off the morphine, my pain doc has been hesitant. I have reduced the amount by 30%
but the price has been elevated pain. Has anyone else experienced this in any way? Thanks for your response!


I was put on morphine patches in 2nd year of fibro. For the first time i had a taste of what pre-fibro life had been like with no pain. This lasted 2 hours, i went to bed and the next day i felt like i was trying to pull myself out a coma. i ripped the patch off, and had severe vomiting, dizzyness and inability to urinate. An ambulance was called and i was having an allergic reaction.

So i can understand the desperation to take morphine, but from that drug there is no way up, because its the strongest drug so, as you find with most meds you have to increase dosage. Have you ever withdrawn slowly and tried something or a combination of diiferent meds because there are plenty of options, and being on such a strong drug for such a length of time you may not have had the experience of noticing how fibro can be variable so milder pain meds may work. What im trying to say is for me Fibro and how it affects me is a process, i can tell you my 3rd year was best for pain but poor for sleep, that kind of thing.

morphine does suppress breathing because it slows everything down. so i can understand the concern, when my aunt was on morphine in hospital her O2 stats dropped and she was on oxygen.

Thats the only info i can offer you im afraid.

Take care



I am allergic to Morphine, so I can't help you with that either. What I have taken in the past for FM pain was Soma. If you don't know what it is, it's a muscle relaxer. Prescription only.

My Rhuematologist recommends 1/2 hour daily of exercise. The really hard type, where you are sweating and breathing hard. I have done that too. I am now working and my job is pretty physical, so I figure that's my exercise. The fibro pain is better. It wasn't in the beginning. I wanted to die from the pain, but it is better now.

I no longer take Soma, very rarely take anything for pain. I tend to just ignore it, and muddle through.

I'm sorry that you are having a tough time. Possibly ask your Dr, for a muscle relaxer to see if this will help....


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OMG you all. I wish I could help you as you sound worse than I. I have had FM, CMFP, OA and hi b/p. As you can imagine the pain probably started the hi b/p even though it is in my genetics. Oh, I also have osteoporosis.

Stick - you sound like me. I don't take much but generic Flexeril and Klonopin, mostly at night. I just muddle through as you said. Luckily I never had to take to the bed as some of you have had to. I wish I had the magic bullet that I could take and give to you all and myself. I am forced by my dh to go out a couple times a week to go to the gym where I walk the treadmill and do a few weight machines. I figure if I didn't do them I wouldn't be able to move anyway. So, I push myself like I am sure some of you others do too. I am still active enough that I don't want to go on other stronger drugs. I did try them but not opiates and they made me feel to zombie like and then I couldn't drive, I am sure.

Niferanne - I wish I had something to try and help you. Maybe very mild exercise, even slight walking around. I know it hurts as I hurt every day. DH still doesn't really understand that I could stay in bed all day or I feel like I could.

Gotta run for now. Best to all of you amelle too.



I think I have taken every pain drug known to mankind. Now my doctor refuses to give me anything. Where Jam is doing great with Anatabloc, I use PainRX and JointRX. I also take a .75 Lyrica at night. Does it work? Yes and no. It doesn't completely eliminate the pain, and there are good and bad days. I'm living with so much stress, it makes a fighter pilot's job look like a walk in the park. That being said, and after being on a LOT of pain meds, I find that natural works just as well, and I can function.

Soft hugs,


It is a help just knowing you are not alone dealing with chronic pain issues. I've now been off all pain meds for 8 months. Not surprisingly the pain has become pretty nasty. Whether it be the chronic fatigue, the fibromyalgia, or a organ system failure, but just standing to do dishes much less playing with the dog on his walks has now required super human strength which is failing more as each day passes. In December the pain was unremitting but I was able to function, now I feel crippled. If I were 16 I'd think I had severe mono. I do wish the medical establishment had a better understanding of fibromyalgia and cigs.