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Peptide/ Amino acid injections Facebook Group

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Hello everybody, I know some of you on here have tried the SAM therapy or are doing it currently- I am benefiting from it at the moment and I realised there is very little info from docs and from the web in general- I would love to set up a group where we can all exchange info and good or bad feedbacks about it- if anybody is interested pls let me know - thank you guys:)


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What is SAM therapy? I've never heard peptides injections called that.

People do use this board to exchange info and feedback on various therapies, so it would be helpful if you posted your info and hopefully others will respond with theirs.
Mbofov: SAM stands for sequenced amino acid modulation - The peptide injections or amino acid solutions are also known like that.

I am aware that this board is used to exchange info on the subject and I have happily shared my experience about it and found it very useful too. However, I also understand that there is very little info on the net and not everyone will necessarily benefit from this only forum, which like you said it's about "various therapies".

I personally use the amino acid solutions for allergies and I have been asked several times by people undergoing allergy thereapies if there is a specific group for SAM or peptides, hence my above post- As a natural response I am now trying to make a group myself and invite people who could potentially benefit from it- That's all.


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Gotcha. I totally understand. You're absolutely right, there is very little info available on SAM therapy and there are very few doctors who do it. I know that the doctors using this protocol have to be careful what they call it. I think they aren't allowed to say peptide but instead have to say amino acid (or vice versa), some crazy FDA red tape.

Mikie on this board was helped a lot with CFS using peptide injections. I think she did one a month over the course of a year or so, at a cost of $300 or $350 per shot. I have CFS, had one injection (which I couldn't really afford but if it helped me then I'd borrow whatever I had to), anyways the injection made me feel worse so didn't do it again.

So do your shots cost that much? I guess I'm wondering if there is a cheaper route to go.

re allergies: Standard Process makes a very good product called Antronex. It's very effective against allergies, you can google it, check out reviews on Amazon. And it's relatively cheap.

I hope you get more responses to this post - a FB page is a good idea. Or perhaps if you make the FB page, they will come :)

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Thank you mbofov for your reply and your suggestion on antronex. It seems a lot of people find the product helpful. Unfortunately mine are multiple food allergies and quite serious ones. My body was getting sensitised to more food each day. My allergy is related to a protein common in all vegetables that is causing the issue. I tried desensitazation, l-glutamine, probiotics and a large variety of supplements. However at the moment, since starting the SAM shots I take absolutely NOTHING else and eat pretty much everything, with the exclusion of a few foods, as a precaution, that I am happy to live without. It changed my life. My daughter has a similar issue. I wonder if she would benefit from it since she is so young, but at the same time I am used to study and research before even considering giving something to my daughter- And this time, I have great results from this therapy on myself, but I have zero info (ingredients??) about it- I am aware of the reason as to why there is so little info, but still..
Panthere I am glad you are interested in the group- I just started it is called SAM hope you can find it- if there is anybody else interested even better as the more people the more helpful the group becomes:)

About the aminoacids, does anybody know of the DR solution? What is it used for?
Hi I am very interested in finding out more info on this, I looked for Facebook group SAM, But no lock. Can u please send me a link, an invite or some info. I'm Eva Weinmann on Facebook. Thank you!


As I mentioned in the other active thread on the peptide injections, I think I'm going to need some more injections. I have been in a relapse for a few months and can't seem to climb out of it on my own. I have CFIDS/ME, FMS and Sjogren's Symdrome. The Sjogren's is acting up. For me, Sjogren's is the worst of my problems.

Good luck. I can not be of much help because of the lack of info out there on this treatment.

Love, Mikie


Was this facebook group ever made? Can't find it and would love to join, want to do this therapy, heard of lot of friends having great results. Much Love, wishing you all continued healing blessings!