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Physiotherapy Treatment

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I met with an accident in Etobicoke last year and got admitted to a nearby hospital. After they took the X-Ray, the doctor told me that I am having multiple fractures on my leg and had to undergo surgery. The doctor fixed a date for the operation and began the tests before the surgery. After the surgery, I had several stitches on my leg and was advised bed rest by the doctor for a week. Once the stitches were removed, I was guided by the doctor to walk with the help of a walker. He also advised me to go for physiotherapy treatment to improve the condition of my leg. When I asked him to suggest a good one nearby, he suggested and introduced me to a (commercial URL removed by moderator). I approached them and started physiotherapy treatment. I liked their way of guiding me, and my leg's condition started improving gradually. I was thankful to them for the services rendered and was able to do it at a reasonable cost. Is there anyone who has gone for a physiotherapy treatment recently. Please do share your views here.
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