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Please 11 year old son sick for 3 months.

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I will try to make this short..My 11 year old boy who never gets sick got hammered in early November with a nasty stomach flu. He gave it to me 3 days later and it was torture. He never really recovered. It moved to his CNS and started causing 15-20 minutes a day of shaking in the mornings. After awhile, he started to shake 24 hours a day so we rushed to ER, who did an IV and took blood tests but sent us home saying to do physical therapy. This was horrible. I had to walk him to car. He continued to get worse and our PC told us to get as an in-patient at Children's hospital. They did EEG, MRI, pscyh work-up (desite no history of anxiety/depression ever!- she found nothing).etc...claimed to find nothing except white matter in periventricular area but blew it off. Anyways, we came home, he is still nauseated and the medicine they put him on was a BP med with tic control. It made him so out of it, that he started to stupor. We had to stop it I got him into a very good doctor here who takes on chronic illness and he thinks he has mycoplasma, hantavirus, despite no coughing and leftover shock to both stomach and CNS from the stomach flu. He has him on zithromax to knock out mycoplasma and some supportive supplements. He got way worse (die off?) but does seem to be bouncing some. It is the nights that are awful. HE still gets the shaky fits, his legs hurt something awful and he is chronically nauseated. HE doesn't look great. He is an honor roll student and kids seem to like him alot. What can we do to kill this nausea? Long term zofran isn't the answer, I don't think. We have tried everything. I sure hope this doctor is right about him getting back to health. It is wrenching. Plus, I have no reserves to deal with it as I am battling lyme myself. Feels like my life is spinning out of control. Thanks so much for any help.



Sorry you are dealing with all of that. I feel so bad for your son.

How is he doing now? Is he getting better on the zithromax?

Is he taking probiotics to help his stomach?

If he is not getting better and is having uncontrolled movements or tics, then you should read about PANS (formerly PANDAS). Maybe you have heard about it.

I hope and pray he is getting's scary to see a child so sick.


I'm so very sorry your son is sick. I don't really have any sage advice to offer, I'm sorry. I just wanted to say I can sooo understand. My son is 16 and your son's story seems very similar to my son's. We are desperate and searching for answers as well.

It is so disheartening, torture even, to watch our children suffer. And then to add to it being ill ourselves trying to care for and find answers for them.

My son has not had the shaky episodes you mentioned. But does have vomiting, stomach pain, weakness, ect. He also came down with a mono-like illness and has never really recovered. It has been about 2 years now. Had multiple labs, endoscopy, colonoscopy, ect. So, of course since his results showed very little, they dismissed him as having a psychosomatic illness.

It could well be that the Zithromax did cause a die off herx reaction.

My son also takes Zofran with little to no relief. I've tried peppermint tea, ginger, every kind of reflux medicine.

Do you know about Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome? You might try looking at the CVA site to investigate that.

Please let us know what you find out and keep us updated.

Sending you and your son strength and prayers,

Both for yourself (ie Lyme) and for your son, I suggest you sign up to and give the moderators more detail on both illnesses.

What do you mean by shaking? Like shivering?? Or more like seizures? (look up myoclonus on the net) If your doc suspects mycoplasma, your son probably has a disease treatable by the Marshallprotocol and certainly your Lyme is treatable by the MP.

For a start, get his calcidiol level checked (25 hydroxyvitamin D)
It will probably be low. But DO NOT NOT NOT supplement vitamin D. Low vitamin D is the result of disease not the cause and supplementation is counterproductive. Also get 1,25D (calcitriol) checked - curemyth1 will tell you how to do this as precautions need to be taken in order to get a valid result.

The fact that he got worse on Zithromax suggests as you say a die-off reaction and once again indicates the MP may be useful.

With little information its early to say if the MP would be appropriate but I persuaded a parent with a child with myoclonic seizures and light sensitivity to try the MP back in about 2004. After about a year on the MP he was cured. Bear in mind it is often a very slow road to cure this type of illness.

The standard antibiotic protocols used for Lyme always result in relapse but the MP uses pulsed antibiotics which attack bacteria when they are vulnerable. Non-pulsed antibiotics will cause the bacteria to change form to a form which is resistant to both antibiotics and the immune system.

Bear in mind too that these diseases are transmissible in families although they will often take different forms in the individual. Lyme is clinically often indistinguishable from fibromyalgia although very rarely propriospinal myoclonus is a Lyme symptom which does not seem to be associated with fibromyalgia.


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