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PLEASE POST YOUR GOOD DOCTOR HERE :) :) :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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wow I remember when you started this post....

I have moved to AZ, hoping for better weather and a better life with this DD..

so far, a bad relationship,temps so hot I can hardly stand it and no support system.

The good thing is that I found a dr that knows FM and is not afraid to give me meds when I

need them. I have been here just over a year and he has changed my meds twice.. If I am

pain he will increase my dosage, I never run out and have to choose my battles with the pain.

His Name is Dr.Kent Vosler. In Glendale AZ Arrowhead Health / Pain MD's He doesnt talk

much, I see him all of 3 minutes. But hedoesnt want me in pain, thats all I am worried about. I

have a nurse practitioner for everything else and a great chiropractor (dr. terry eldridge)

if anyone is in the west valley, give dr Vosler a call


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I also live in WV, Canaan Valley, and have not found a good dr yet either. I have seen 2 morantown rheumatolgist and was diagonsed and told to go home and deal with it. The only dr that was helpful to me was my family dr and his nurse practicioner whom i have seen for the past 8 yrs for fibro/chronic fatigue treatment. I have pretty much given up looking for a new dr. but if i do i will post it.

good luck to you katbird7



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When I was living in Minneapolis, I would drive to see Dr. Karen Vrchota.
She is the most well rounded, most intelligent, most compassionate and most excellent medical detective I've ever met.

I was about 40-60% when I met her and after a year or two---well, I got well enough to move to NYC and work full time.

She's got no ego in this, she just wants to get you well. So she takes the best from what the top docs and researchers are doing---Rich Van K, Teitelbaum, Shoemaker--and the best info because she attends all the conferences...she takes all this knowledge and applies it to your specific case. She doesn't have a cookie cutter protocol.

I miss her and may start working with again by phone simply because I have not found a doctor in the Washington DC area with her breadth of knowledge and ability.

Patrick Kelly
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I am seeing a pain dr that is good about meds but thats it no real knowledge of the other factors the other FM dics want me off my meds no way!!!


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Dr. Sandra Roddy-Adams
915 Irving Street
San Francisco, CA 94122


Dr. Sandra focuses on upper cervical adjustments. NO 'snap crackle pop'. I don't allow that on my body, for obvious reasons. Dr. Sandra has fibro, so she understands. I've been her patient for over 2 years, and have seen slow but steady progress in the health of my spine, nervous system and even in the fibro. She is kind, gentle, and knows her craft.



Here is an idea, since we are looking for City, State Dr. could we put the City, ST in the Title box.
I noticed a few people had done this and it is sooooo helpful.
Thanks Guys,


Oh Pam,
I am so very sorry you are going through this. I too am doing the doctor hunt and trying to get others to understand these DD's.
Ask your hubby to come to this site and read a few of these postings. It took my hubby a long time to comprehend that it's NOT a lazy thing or a depression thing. He won't come read these because he finally understands and says he has more comprehension than he wants already and it would only break his heart more. So have him come here and tell him to read and maybe he will see that it is the illness causing your sorrows and not something else.
I just put up a posting about the very same thing with the Dr. frustration, how they think you just need to build yourself up and quit being depressed. GGGGRRRRRRRR
Hang in there Pam,


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Dr. Darin Mazepa
Natural Healthcare Center
134 Main St.
Emmaus, PA 18049

My mom actually found Dr. Darin. Nothing was working for me so i decided to give him a try and I am so thankful because he is the only Doctor that gives me relief. He is so kind and understanding of chronic pain and so knowledgable. I would recommend him to anyone who is suffering from chronic pain, allergies, asthma or... just anything in general! He has givin me hope again in pain relief.


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I am very please with Dr. Lisa Corbin at Integrative Health at the University of Colorado Health Center in Denver/Aurora. I just started with her about 6 weeks ago, but she has been wonderful and actually listens to me, unlike any of the other Drs I've been to. The staff at IH is very helpful and patient.


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Thanks Doxy for your recommendation! I have one of my own, for those of us who live in Florida or anyone who is interested in exploring natural, holistic healing processes. I'm a member of the forum at which is run Dr. Howard G. Groshell, Jr. I recommend him to everyone! He is all about discovering the root cause of fibro, instead of just treating the symptoms. My fave story is in his website about one his patients that USED to suffer from FM - that's right, used to!


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I am also seeing Dr. Enlander. I totally agree with everything sueshee84 says in her post. I will add that Dr. Enlander has gone as far away as England to see a group of patients who got together to see him. He is involved with CFS his entire professional life. He has done research in this field. And his office assistants are also very nice and caring.


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I really need something for the pain in my butt going down my leg and knee. I am very sesitive to med. I take ambien for sleep or xanax but I was told not to do that. I take motirn ir flexoral or valium when things are bad/I am really lost as to what to do Thanks for your help


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Dr. Eugene Shippen
Shillington PA
610 777 7896

Dr. Shippen has been my doctor for 25 years, before I had CFS. I initially wanted him as my doctor because he was known for having what is now called an "integrative approach" to medicine. In all these years I have found him to be very balanced in treatment, asking lots of questions, answering LOTS of questions, at times suggesting other things to try before medication...
Enter lyme's, followed by CFS into my life in 1997--he has been fabulous in approaching this from every angle, searching for info, treatments, finding out more possible avenues for help. Very gradually I have improved to about 75% of what I would like for my life to be and I totally believe him to be the cornerstone of my improvement. He continues to read, study, expand his knowledge--rather rare in this day of docs often on a treadmill.


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Can anyone recommend a doctor in NYC? I was sent to a neurologist by my primary doc some years ago, but he was a waste of time.


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I go to Dr Jadali of Los Gatos, Ca. He is on Almendra Ave. downtown. He runs a Pain Management Center. I have gone to him for 2 years now and think he has helped me with all of my symptoms.



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Hi everyone.
I'm new to this site & have just registered today.
Thanks for all your posts & contributions with info etc.
Is anyone else from the Uk at all?
I'd love to find a doctor who specialised (or at least took fibromyalgia seriously), but don't yet know of any.
If anyone has any suggestions, they'd be much appreciated.
Thanks & wishing you all recovery & healing~


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I live between Dallas & OKC & for 8 years saw a PM doc in OKC (2 hrs each way). December 2008 my PCP doc said that he'd take care of my pain but he's 80 years old & doesn't seem to know that much about what I'm going through. I changed to another doctor in the little clinic that I use & he has suggested (strongly) that I need to be under the care of a pain management specialist so that I'm not on too many meds that are unnecessary.

Anyway, 2 days ago I saw a PM doc in Plano, TX who wanted to do injections. I've done the injections & they are very expensive & don't help. I have fibro/CFS, DDD, spinal stenosis, etc. Well, he suggested a doctor in Denton, TX which is only about 45 min. away & would be wonderful for me. I know nothing about this doctor but he is also listed as a PM doc/Anes. Does that mean that he's also going to want to do injections???? I just want somebody to manage my pain & the quality of my daily life, take an interest.

Well, guess this will bump this back up but I really would like to hear from anybody in the northern TX, southern OK area.



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Has moved to Connecticut! I believe someone else posted about him, but I don't have the time/energy to find it. He is in Glastonbury, near Hartford, and well worth traveling to if you are elsewhere in the state. Seeing him after seeing him so many years ago in IL was like coming home again. He is wonderful!


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If ANYONE knows of a kind, compassionate FMS, CFS, Myofascial Pain doctor around here, please respond!!! Have been without my doc for nearly 2 years, and my symptoms are far worse now. Barely tolerable. Please help!