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PLEASE POST YOUR GOOD DOCTOR HERE :) :) :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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What happened to the Somersize postings???? I have been trying to find them and they seem to have disappeared.... I just started the program for the 3rd time...and am looking for some chit chat about it....


I still have not found a pain doctor in Northern Utah but am still looking. We have one but he does not perscribe any pain meds and since I am already on pain meds and have been for 5+ years I don't see the point in seeing him. I tried the injuections in my knee's and I won't be doing that again. I could not walk for two weeks and it was one of the most painfull treatment I have had to date.
I am seeing Dr.Corey Walker , rehumy in Logan Utah. He is not big on pain meds but is still willing to treat those of us who are all ready on them. I know that he will not prescribe a higher dosage of narcoitics but that is ok with me as I am doing fine with what I am taking now. Msscointin 100 mg x2 morning and bedtime, soma 350 mg 4 x daily usually only take at bedtime. MSIR 30 mg x4 daily only take between 2-3 pills daily, Visteril 25 mgs I only take one a day but can take another one if needed for nausea, Xanax 1 mg x 2 at bedtime.
Dr walker is big into other treatments and really is only treating my arthritis in my knee's and back. HE did agree with the DX of fibro and MPS, DDD Spinal stenosis, and other pain problmes in my back. I want to say that he really helps me but he does not as I don't see him unless I have problems and I have not had any new problems in the past year. I check in every month and talk with his nurse about how my meds are working and if there is any thing else bothering me. I really would like to find a pain doctor that is willing to help me with my fibro and MPS as wel as the osetoarthtis in both knee's. I miss having a doctor that cares abot what is happening to me and able to discuss what is the best treatment's for firbo and MPS.
Other than not helping me with my fibro Dr WAlker is a good doctor and is willing to do what he feels he can for me.



Wow, I was just saying the same thing. Tired of the drs., and the meds that don't work but you can't return them. I just want to live my life. I think I have a dr for every part of my body Hang in there we are going to make it. I've been w/my husband 36 years and he is so patient. I feel guilty but I think that is just my pride. We will be okay

Good Drs. Pain Mgnt - Dr. Shaun Jackson - San Antonio, Texas
Fibro - Dr Lama Hashish - San Antonio, Texas


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I think the last post regarding a doc in Texarkana, TX area was dated back in 2007 so thought I would see if anyone has any new info? I have been driving to Dallas to see Dr. Larry Sharp but with the price of gas and the exhaustion of driving 4 hours to see him, I just can't bring myself to keep up with it. Would LOVE to find a doc in this area or even Shreveport, LA, Tyler, TX or somewhere within about an hour driving distance. I'm fighting with hypothyroid issues and am on the verge of being diagnosed CFS if the thyroid meds don't start doing something soon. Thanks all!


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I have a very good doctor. His name is Dr. Robert Fields, Vista Family Health, Aden NC. Phone number is 828-887-8647.

Dr. Fields is a PCP, but he is not afraid to prescribe pain medicine for people who truly need it. He's had way too many people who abuse drugs come to see him, (we talk about this at times), so he is very cautious until he has time to run tests or go over your previous results with you.

I've seen him for about 5 years. He listens, and takes me seriously. If I had to sum him up in one 2 words it would be, Highly Compassionate.

But he does not believe in Fibromyalgia, but I think it's because he is a very young doctor and very scientific. He acknowledges that there is an illness that is making people miserable, but he doesn't believe that FM is the cause. He did DX me with CFS though.

I am moving to SW Florida, near Tampa/St. Pete. I hear the rules are so strict there it's tough to even get valid prescriptions for pain medicines filled! I'm scared now. I thought I was doing the right thing by moving to a warmer climate for my health, and now I'm worried I won't even be able to get my medicine filled at the pharmacy.

Newspapers articles say pharmacies won't stock pain medicines and make you wait a week, ,you must be a regular customer, proof that you live there, the list goes on!

If you know a good doctor in Florida, I really would like to know. If anyone has any information about how good or bad it really is in Florida for people in pain, please, please, let me know your experiences. I'm moving June 1st and very anxious.

Thank you!
If you'd like to hear the doctor speak before seeing him as a patient, or just hear him speak with the opportunity to ask questions, here's a chance coming up next week.

I found out about him, and have been his patient, since mid last year. He ran some tests, that no one else had done in all these years, which explained some of my long time symptoms. And the results told me that I have at least 2 more long term viral and bacterial infections that I didn't know about.

Please share w/ anyone you know who would like to attend

El Camino Women's Hospital - Lunch N Learn: "Re-evaluating Chronic Fatigue
Syndrome and Immunology" by Andreas M. Kogelnik, MD, PhD
Tuesday, April 19
12:30 – 1:30pm
ECH Main Hospital, conference room G
Mountain View, CA
directions can be found at

"All are welcome. Please come if you can as it would be nice to show the hospital that there is a strong community interest for this topic."


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i would recommend the lexington pain clinic.I really have a lot of faith in these drs and mine in peticular.Don't know if you are actually allowed to put names of drs.But i would imagine they are all good but praise the Lord i love mine.His name is Dr. Mungalpara and they are located at Lexington memorial Hospital in north carolina.

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I found one through the good doctor list at

Selected Doctors in Long Island City (1)
Name: Dimitrios Asters, MD
Specialty: Internal Medicine, Rheumatology
Address: 4401 Newtown Road
City, State Zip: Long Island City, New York 11103
Country: United States
Phone: 718- 728-2555

Hope this helps!


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hi keke, i'm in ok also and have been seeing someone at mcbride in okc, but he retired and so far i'm not very happy w/the replacement. do you have someone good?


Anyone looking for pain management in southern new jersey......

I have been seeing a great NP for yeas now, Tracy Hessert. She is actually the one who diagnoised me after years of seeing way too many doctors who did not have clue. She just left and went to another practice, professional pain management associates. They have 5 locations in the southern new jersey area, and I belive she will be working out of 3 of their offices. She does my trigger point injections, and regulates my meds. We are also going to start working on something for the fatigue. She is whip smart and is straight forward with you. It may take her a couple of vists to remember your name (seriously, she will even admit it), but once you get to know her I did not want to see anyone else: Even the original doctor whose practice I went to. I saw tracy or no one!

Any questions, post a topic and let me know



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I have CFS/ME, Fibromyalgia, Degenerative Disc Disease, IC and have gotten much worse. I need a Dr. who won't tell me that aerobics will cure me, when I can barely walk across the floor. The Dr. I have now won't listen to how much pain I have, so if anyone knows of a Dr. preferably in the Tulsa Area, I would appreciate it.


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I just moved back to KY from Cali- and Dr.Tennant is who my WONDERFUL Dr. there trained under. :)


Trying to pay it forward!

PLEASE!!! If anyone knows a DR. in KY I am desperate. Dr.C tried to help as much as he could in the transition, but he can't risk his license nor would I expect him to. There are too few of him....
So PLEASE-someone in Louisville?
Preferrably will take state insurance or self pay. Everything has changed since I moved from here. In a reallllly bad situation right now...
Thanks ALL!


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I just got back to this area of the country, but WISH's Drugs in Louisville KY will not hassle harrass or make you feel like you are committing a crime. ALSO- for anyone you refer, they will take money off of the amount of the fill! (They are the cheapest place as well, so it helps keep this insane bills from our problems even lower!)
Hope this helps!
Also, since you are around here, do you know anyone in Louisville or Southern IN?


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I saw where you had the 1st post on Dr.Tennant, who is who Dr.Costello trained under! I am so desperate trying to find a DR in KY that it made me tear up reading that name!

Dr. C was THE BEST Dr. I have ever had in my decade of dealing with all these problems...

He was helping me here (from there,bless his heart) until I found a DR here, but have yet to find one and time is up...don't want any problems for him, that's for sure! Too few AWESOME people like him in this world.

Please! Anyone in Louisville before this becomes beyond the bad state I am in trying to find someone daily,which only adds to the stress of an already bad situation in more than just the pain areas. As we all know, stress and anxiety only make it worse and I am dealing with A LOT.

Thanks for having a place like this to look for help!!!!!!!!!!!!


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ANyone know of a good doc in colorado springs, CO. I've called like 50 docs and all of them are telling me to go to my primary care doc who is absolutely useless. I can't stand this pain and fatigue anymore. I can't leave my house because of the pain except to walk my dog. I am on the maximum amout of medications I can take including opiates (fentanyl patch, 15mgs of oxycodone) I want to get off the opiates and find a non-narcotic drug/treatment that works.

I can't even clean my own house, go shopping or do laundry. The state provides me with a worker to come to my house to clean, etc. I'm 34 and am too young to be so sick that I basically dropped out of life. I don't go out anymore, I'm stuck to my easy chair.
Please help!


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Hi!! hoping ya'll can help me out if you have any info on a good FM doc or CFS doc? Rheumatologist or neurologist (sp)lol .. I am so desperate to find REAL HELP in oklahoma! I have military insurance Humana/Tricare .. just need a REAL Doctor - if those exist anymore!!
Just so you know my story: I posted this on my fb a few months ago...
So, I'm so sick n tired of my "issues" that I'm finally making the call tomorrow and getting a referal to a specialist to finaly start getting some treatment/help for what all I've ben dealing with for over 10 years now..
And whats that you ask?
Well, It just so happens I've prepared a letter for my doctor so she can read/ save it and I know I've covered everything thats going on with me so that there is NOTHING I FORGOT to say or tell her about, so she can properly asses what I have n how to help me.

Here is a draft of what I wrote to give to doctor:

My Medical Issues & Symptoms

I suffer with the following symptoms;

Chronic muscle pain, muscle spasms or tightness, weakness in the limbs, and leg cramps.

Severe fatigue and decreased energy, constant 'unmotivated' careless feeling/mood

I have to MAKE myself do things that must be done.. things that are optional like laundry, dishes etc just dont get done regularly! and i feel like a failure because I cant get them done

I can only force myself to take a shower about once a week, just dont have energy to do it more often. I do bathe every other day though.

Insomnia - Cant ever fall asleep.. toss n turn til 4-6am most nights

I waking up feeling tired and not rested at all. EXHAUSTED most of the time

Stiffness upon waking or after staying in one position for too long.

My back, neck, knees & ankles hurt or feel sore constantly

Difficulty remembering simple things like conversations, have hard time concentrating on work.

I USED to be VERY overly organized and loved doing all kinds of craft projects and re-arranging furniture etc, find i have no motivation or desire to do those things anymore because I just feel too tired to do them. no desire anymore.

Abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, and constipation alternating with diarrhea, but usually constipated (since age of 8).

OVERWHELMING constant fatigue!

Widespread pain in various areas of my body. Sometimes sharp enough that it drops me to my knees or i freeze in bed and cant breathe for a few seconds.. other times is a constant radiant nagging pain.

Tension or migraine headaches and neckache headaches at least once a week

Jaw and facial tenderness ( right side jaw and ear area)

Sensitivity to odors, noise, bright lights and cold or changing weather.

My knees and ankles REALLY hurt when weather changes, I did competitive gymnastics as a kid and doc told me back then that i needed to stop and I had little to no cartlidge in some of my joints.

I've had back pain since about the age of 12 - my mom took me to doctors and i was tested for one leg longer than the other, need for orthodics, scoliosis and other issues with now real answers or diagnosis - I think this age was the beginning of my fibro on-set.

Feeling anxious or depressed (feel anxious about things i need to do or get done and depressed when i cant do them and feel like a failure)

Numbness or tingling in the arms, hands, legs, & feet on occasion. RLS?

SEVERE pain in middle of chest - just under sternum on most nights at bedtime - cant lay down when it hurts so bad - sit up and drink milk till I can lay down. Possible Ulcers?

My left ring and middle fingers were NUMB from Aug - Oct 2011 (excersizes helped and it faded away slowly)

I've gained about 30lbs in the past 3 years! I gained a lot of weight with both babys but lost it quickly - this weight is SLOWLY coming on and I cant seem to lose it at all!

Irritable bladder issues, sometime I pee a lot, sometimes I have a feeling of needing to pee but cant or only a little come out at a time.

No energy or motivation for exercise, even when i force myself to exercise I still dont feel better after and muscle pain after exercise is excrusiating!

A feeling of swelling (without actual swelling) in the hands and feet.. very tight feeling

Painful menstrual periods whole life. Had Ablation in June 2011 - still have all same symptoms just no bleeding.

Dizziness when I stand up sometimes.

Dry Skin and Extreme Cold or Hot hands and feet

Medicine's also cause a loss in my libido that I'd like to get BACK!

VERY dry eyes constantly - itch as well sometimes - CANT wear contact because of dryness. Eye doc wants to put plugs in my tear ducts to slow down my tear drainage to try to keep moisture in eyes.

Nausea in morning. I cant eat till lunch or dinner time. Loss in appetite in general.


I had severe post pardum after my 1st baby in 2003 .. not bad after 2nd baby in 2006 but stayed on zoloft after 1st baby.

TMJ - Right side jaw pops and locks constantly since approx June 2010 - been in splint @ night since Sept 2011 - Constant clicking has started to go away sometimes.

On Zaneflex for TMJ - take at bedtime
On 50-100mg Zoloft daily
Used to be on Trazodone since 2000 for sleep issues ( insomnia) but got switched to zanaflex in July 2011 for tmj
Back on 50mg of Trazodone for insomnia at night as well. (oct 2011)
10mg Lortab as needed for pain. Some days I need 1 or 2 some days i needed 6 or 7! ( I'm out now & have no refills)

Had huge grapefruit sized tumor (tera) and my right ovary removed on 6/1/2011 - had small cyst removed too.

Had broken tooth repaired & a root canal done last summer as well.

I have about 12 cavities that need filling and a new broken tooth needs fixing but I do not have the money for my co-pay at this time to get it done.


I've been prescribed/tried these following meds (thru past year) and they did NOT help at all or at least not enough:

Naproxen 500mg
Flexeril 10mg
800mg IBU
Tylenol 3's
Zanaflex 4mg
Wellbutrin 200mg day
Lidoderm Patches (what a JOKE)
Zoloft 50-150mg - helps some
Trazodone 50mg - does help me fall asleep
Amoxicillin 875mg
Hydrocodone 5's & 7.5/325
Lortab / percocet 10's - these did help with many symptoms (WHILE I HAD THEM)
Flagyl 500mg
Promethazine 25mg
Reprexain 10/200
Omnicef 300mg
Zofran 8mg
Ultram/Tramadol (which i now know I should not take because I'm on Zoloft - seratonin syndrome)

I've tried herbal / natural medicines with no help too including:

Benefiber Drink
Xenadrine & other otc diet/energy pills
Icy Hot BenGay Muscle Rubs
Heating Pads
Advil, Tylenol, Aleve, IBU etc
Calcium 600mg
Calcuim 1000mg with Vitamin D3
Zinc 50mg
Womens One A Day Multi-Vit
BComplex with B12 liquid drops
Kratom tea
Stool softeners & hardeners loperamide
Loratadine tabs for eyes allergy med
Airborne drink
Transderm Scop Patches ( these are ONLY anti nausea med that works for me)
Fish Oil 1000mg
Salonpas patches
Peptol bismol
St. Jogns Wort
Chai, Herbal & Green Teas


I've been thinkingabout trying: Are these options for me?;

Cymbalta, Lyrica, Savella, Cortisone or other injections, fentanyl or other pain patches, Oxygenol???
( Ambien, Lunesta for sleep)
(rejected by FDA for Fibro - the narcolepsy drug Xyrem has been reported to help both sleep and pain. Xyrem, a potent medication used to treat narcolepsy and help with daytime sleepiness, helps patients with fibromyalgia get the deep sleep they need.)
Bromelain, Devil's Claw, Willow Bark, Ginko, Ginseng, Kava Kava, Co-enzyme Q10, cayenne pepper
physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Acupressure,

Would like to be referred to a rheumatologist or fibro specialist.


I drink coffee & tea with sugar, and soda pop everyday - need more water.

Sleep schedule - need to get into bed earlier and wake up earlier on routine.

Less salt in diet. More fruits & Veggies in diet.

I smoke - need to quit - patches gave me extreme nightmares & sleep issues. Chantix ruined my sis tyroid, gum is only thing i can take - the E-cig also works well for me.

I do Prayer & light Yoga for relaxing.

Water Exersize (in my pool during summer months)

Low impact Exc.- Low force routines on my Total Gym - Due to my ankle & knee issues I can not run or jog.

Chiropratic / Physical therapy does help but I CANT afford it & it's not covered by ins.

My BLOOD PRESSURE is always great.

More Fiber & whole grains

Need better mattress & Pillow for quality sleep


I've suspected for about 10 years now that I have Fibromyalsia, Major despression and/or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome because of all these issues I've been dealing with for about 10 years now!

Mentioned it for 1st time to my doctor in 2002 or so and he said the condition did not exist... I brought it up to my TMJ doctor this year and he laughed at me! :(

I actually had to start my own at home business back in 2006 because I was unable to work full time out of the house due to my fibro symptoms (physical, emotional and mental impairments caused by this) !

I'm SICK of living life this way! My symptoms are NOT mild - they are DIBILITATING and do effect every aspect of my life on a daily basis!

Herbal medicines, Change in diet & attempt to exercise have NOT helped.

Zoloft has NOT helped enough - not happy with results!

I'm 29 years old - I should not have to deal with all these issues!

I NEED HELP!! I want to be happy and live a normal life and have NORMAL energy!!!

I would also like ALL my hormones, thyroid gland and body chemicals and levels to be tested.

Other Possibles/Combos: Gluten intolerance test? CFS? RLS? Sjogrens? IBS?

I'd also like to get the genetic / chromosone test for schizophrenia too.

My ULTIMATE GOAL, which I think should be realistic, is to be HAPPY, PAIN FREE (mostly), lose 20LBS and have daily ENERGY!

I look fine on the outside - but i AM NOT fine on the inside!


-Heather Anderson

so you see - i REALLY need a good Doc - any info - please msg me or email me at heatheranderson(at)luckymail(dotcom)


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Does Dr. Morris Papernik treat intractable back pain. My husband requires surgery to the first four lumbar disc and the surgeon said that it's better for him to wait until there are more medical advances besides a fusion whic would only relief 50% of his pain if he is lucky. he recently had back surgery on L5 and S1 to remove portions of a bulging disc causing sciatica. Anyway, they undermedicate him with oxycodone 1 tab every six hours and tell him that his pain does not require a higher dose. I have to watch him in pain everyday. They will do all of these back injections.

if you know of any good pain doctors who do not just want to do back injections, please let me know.
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My husband has multiple back alterations substantiated with multiple diagnostics and was diagnosed to have intractable pain. All of the pain management doctors in NJ so far, under medicate with opiates, carried out multiple back injections on my husband, did surgery on L5-S1 to remove portions of bulging discs and told him to hold off on having a fusion for his degenerative disc from L1-L4 until better medical advances come along since a fusion would only relieve 50% of his pain if he is lucky. The pain management doctor who is affiliated with the surgeon told my husband that he can't possibly "have enough pain that requires more than oxycodone 1 tab every six hours. He is 220lbs. If feel that they do not care, or do not understand what pain feels like, and are afraid of prescribing appropriate doses. There is an intractable pain act in nj. I don't know why they don't follow it. When I ask the pain management doctor if he knows anything about hcg and lowered testosterone levels in pain patients. He told me "NO". He recently. 2 days ago did a nerve block on my husband when we agreed to have only a steroid epidural. I was so disappointed when I looked at my husbands back and saw four injections. We specifically verbally agreed to a steroid injection in his office prior to the injections and the day before the procedure during a confirmation call. The had him sign papers for a consent that were in abbreviations. I have the copies. So he did not know that he was signing a consent for a nerve block. I can go on with even more regarding their lack of interest to hear out what allergies he has to dyes before they sedated him. I just feel like this pain management doctors does not have a good memory and does not really care about my husbands pain. I am impressed with the surgeon, however, he does not prescribe, he only does surgery and refers his patients to his pain management team.

If you know of great pain management doctor who treats like dr. Forrest Tennant M.D., Please let me know as soon as you can. My email is (removed by moderator)


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My husband has had multiple back injections and even surgery. He needs another surgery for degenerative discs in which they told him to hold off on having it until they have more advance procedures for degenerative disc. Right now, the only thing that relieves his pain is oxycodone but he gets such a low dose, that he is chronically in pain with 1 tab every six hours. Does Tracy Hessert prescribe higher doses for intractable pain? Does she know anything about HCG regarding pain relief and elevation of testosterone? My husband is so tired of wasting his time with doctors that who tell him that "he can not really have much pain", diagnose him with intractable pain, insist on more back injections when he complains of pain and then none of them have improved his pain. (he's had at least 5, I'm losing tract). He's tried neurontin, no relief, lyrica, no relief, muscle relaxers, no relief. When I suggested if they can add cymbolta to his regimen, they told me no and said it's only good for soft tissue pain. I wonder if any of these pain doctors ever had pain. Please let me know if this NP is really understanding. I hope she is. Sorry for venting, just so tired of watching my husband suffer.


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My husband has multiple issues with his back, could you help me find a Dr. that treats intractable pain like Dr. Forrest Tennant MD does.