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PLEASE POST YOUR GOOD DOCTOR HERE :) :) :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I just visited a PCP in Layton today.... Marc Anderson. He used to work in allergies and he then went on to learn about Fibromyalgia. I'm not sure how great he is. We will find out. I have another friend who goes to him and likes him. Perhaps would be worth a try. There is a midwife on Ogden who also knows FM because she has it. She is so kind and listens. Machel Knowles at Circle of Life in Ogden.
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Hello Susan 07
How r u do u still see Dr. Chang i am having to look for a new doctor my doctor is no longer. I live in Texarkana Tx but willing to travel to Arlington that is where i'm from been here for 9 years an docs here are something else.They don't like to give pain meds due to the fact right before we moved here several doctors were brought up on charges for selling not perscribing pain meds so once i got here an really needed them every one was afraid to perscribe them. I finally found one for 6 years i've been not pain free but tolerable. So i'm once again looking.So are those doc still there an if so can u tell me a little about them.
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I just moved to Florida where the biggest drug raids have been made in the country. I have been treated by an amazing Dr. in Ohio for the past 5 years. I have researched and dug through countless pages of Dr's to find a Dr. to treat my Fibromyalgia and I am just exhausted. I went to one Dr. who yelled at me and told me he couldn't treat Fibromyalgia. His name was Dr. Louis Cardentey and he was in Ft Myers Florida. I have heard that Dr Galang in Ft Myers does a good job of treating Fibromyalgia but my insurance doesnt cover him. My Dr. was a genius at treating Fibromyalgia and he was in Southern Ohio. His name is Dr. Herbert Segnitz and you could not wish for a more wonderful, caring Dr. If anyone can help me with my search for a Dr. in Florida, please respond. I am at my wits end. I am willing to try different modalities but I don't want to be some Dr's cash cow/guinea pig!


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Living where there is a managed care system, makes it even more difficult to find a good doctor. We are limited by lists of approved doctors and those who are not approved. As long as a person is healthy, there is no problem with that kind of system; once one has acquired an illness where little is known, it is almost impossible to find a doctor who is knowledgeable.
It makes it extremely important for us to help others see the short comings of our health care system so that we may all be served well. We must make people aware of the poor system we have as most have bought the lie that we have the best medical care in the world.
I live in the Sacramento area, a fairly large, metropolitan area, where there is no good cfids/me specialist. The closest specialist (cfs/me) is 90 miles away. For those of us who have been hit hard with it, 90 miles may as well be 90,000 miles as it is impossible to travel that far.
We need to work on getting out health care system improved so that we can have a choice of good, qualified doctors and also have meaningful research taking place finding answers to help improve our quality of life.
In the meantime, sharing the good info we are learning (such as pacing; not letting our pain get out of control, etc.) helps all of us live to the fullest of our capabilities. Thank you for sharing.


Research Low Dose Naltrexone, I use if for past 9 months for my Fibro I found it on my own look up LDN and FIBRO, you will see LDN can help many auto immune issues.. I pay 10.00 a month out of pocket for mine from Skips pharmacy, I use 2.5 a day once a day now I dont pay for 3 other drugs, no vico no flexeril no ambien LDN has taken their place so I actually made money each month.. before I found a Dr who even KNEW about LDN I ordered my own full Rx of Naltexone and made mixed it up and made my own low dose form.. good luck!!


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Thanks for the heads up regarding Lavalle Metabolic Institute. I desperately need a new pain management clinic or doctor. Could you recomend any? Unfortunatly I lost my job and so with that my insurance so they would have to be able to accept cash payment... Thank you for any help in my search!




I have a good primary who treats me for my fibro in SWFL,
Charlotte County.
I just thought I'd put this out there in case you're still searching.
Hope you found one by now though!


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Dr. Arthur C. Schenck
Safe Harbor Wellness Center
Erie, Pa.

what makes him so awesome is that is is a fibro patient too, and completely and utterly understands first hand the pain that is all too real.
He has a pain clinic.
He does take insurance, and Medicare.[This Message was Edited on 03/06/2012]


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Dr. Nadine Jennings
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

I really like her. She listens and believes what I say. We've tried all kinds of medications and physical therapy. She is the first doctor that has ever offered trigger point injections as a potential treatment. She encourages me to keep working my part-time job and tells me to stretch continually thoughout the day.

Fibro muscles are tight muscles so the stretching is a big help.


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Dr. Russel Rothenberg

rheumatologist, specializes in fibro
takes new patients, don't need a referral
He has written some articles for GPs on how to recognize fibro and how to treat their fibro patients.
He is wonderful!!


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Anybody got suggestions for here? Thanks much.

BTW I just found out that DR Joe Bellesorte of SE PA & northern Delaware died 3 years ago. What a kind man & great doc!


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Did you ever find a good doctor in the AZ area. I'm currently in St. Louis but planning a move to the Phoenix area and I'm searching for a GOOD dr for Cfs/Fms, heart doctor and primary dr. Do you have any suggestions? I have so many health issues it's un real. Do you or anyone else reading this have vision and dental problems that are UNEXPLAINABLE??? Thanks


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My good doctors are outstanding in that they have taken the time and made the effort to cross-train themselves in various modalities to help their patients. I value them highly as they have pointed the direction to my considerable improvement in FMS, CFIDS and other stuff.

I've been taking low dose Naltrexone (LDN) for about five years as part of a larger protocol that includes a number of supplements and this has been very helpful. It took eight years to get an accurate diagnosis of FMS and nearly ten years for the CFIDS.

Carol Beals, MD.
4333 W. St. Joe Hwy
Lansing, MI 48917
(517) 321-1525

Family Physicians
Kathleen Anzicek, DO.
Mark Leventer, MD
12337 E Michigan Ave., PO Box 246
Grass Lake MI 49240
Phone (517) 522-8403

Kirk Laman, DO,,template&cpid=15793
405 West Greenlawn, Suite 400
Lansing, Michigan 48910
Phone: 517-483-7550

And then there is the beneficial CranialSacral Therapy
Carol Gallentine
915 Airport Rd., Suite 6
Jackson MI 49202


Fibromyalgia.....Dr. Charis Meng
Pain Mangment.Dr. Jennifer Solomon

Both are with Hospital for Special Surgery

i go to a great doctor at the lexington pain clinic in lexington north carolina.his name is dr. Mungalpara.
He is great he is an anestiaologist first and foremost,and a pain management.He takes
insurance also.