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PLEASE POST YOUR GOOD DOCTOR HERE :) :) :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dr. Wright works at Meridian Health Group. They are a pain clinic and take all sorts of insurance. Besides Dr. Wright, there is another pain doctor named Dr. Gould. They also work with Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapist, Psychologists, Psychiatrist, Podiatrist, and a Sleep Doctor. They are all at this clinic. Dr. Arbuck, the Psychiatrist, is also a Pain Doctor. They have all done the best for me since I was diagnosed 10 years ago.

Dr. Guyer treats patients unorthodoxically and does not take insurance. I met him years ago and found him to be very arrogant. I didn't like him at all.

Before I found Meridian Health Group, I went to a Dr. Kevin Logan (across the street from Community Hospital North). He is a "regular" doctor but also treats his patients unorthodoxically. He also does not take insurance. He got to be too expensive for me. Then I found Meridian Health Group and knew I found the best group of doctors for me.


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Internal Medicine with lots of fibro knowledge:
Dr. Neil Erickson (816) 941-9030

Infectious Disease dr: Dr. Joseph Brewer; (816) 531-1550 (hard to get in to see, not sure if he is taking new patients, (according to my disability lawyer) would probably need referral)

Pain management:
Dt. Steven Simon (913) 599-2440


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First, doxygirl, thank you so much for starting this thread. It is sooooooo needed.

My CFIDS doctor is Phillip Taylor in Thousand Oaks, CA. His phone is (805) 497-3839. He is semi-retired, office is only open Tues, Weds & Thurs, and it takes 4 months or so to get an appointment. He does hair analysis and food allergy testing.

He's the one who qualified me for SSDI.

He is extremely knowledgable about nutrition and how the body works on a cellular level, prefers to work with supplements whenever possible.

I don't have FM pain, so don't know how he is with that.

He is very open-minded and stays up on current research and is willing to listen to things I've researched.

He had me do an impedance cardiography exam which showed some heart abnormalities, as outlined in Dr. Peckerman's article. He told me that 12 out of his 14 CFIDS patients had this problem.

He takes Medicare (but is not on my Medicare HMO list), and he has kept his prices reasonable.

I am just afraid he is going to fully retire one of these days . . .

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I had been seeing Dachman--a rheum and pain specialist in Schuamburg, but the minute my ins changed and started covering less, his compassion went right out the window. I couldnt afford the rate changes so i stopped going. that was many months ago.

I need someone in the burbs....Arlington Hts, Palatine, Buffalo Grove, Schaumburg, Barrington, Wheeling...or surrounding areas. I can't sit long enough to drive to Chicago. Anyone have any recommendations?
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I've got the greatest pain specialest .
Arthur Ford of Kingman Arizona .
When I first went to see him in 2000 he had to refuse to treat me because at the time I was on a heart transplant list and he felt giveing me the right treatments would endanger my life . But he kept my files for 4 years until I'd improved to the point I was removed from the transplant list in 2004 . Then he began me on monthly epidural shots in my low back .It took over a year for them to help but they gave me my life back . He's the most careing doctor I've been to in over 12 year.


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I have a fairly good doc, but he is nervous about upping the dosage on narcotics and not really willing to work with you. I live near Farmington, but I could travel to Albuquerque or Santa Fe.



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I used to live in Raleigh, NC and I saw a really good Internal Medicine Doc. He was the one who diagnosed me with FM. His name, address, and phone number are:
Dr. Jonathan Green
1010 High House Road
Cary, NC 27513

I have since moved back home to Mississippi and now see a very good family doctor who was refered to me by my cousin who has Lupus and FM. He really knows his stuff about FM and CFS his name,address and phone number are:
Dr. Stephen Shirley
400 Doctors Way
New Albany, MS 38652

Hope this helps. daffysmom


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Dr. Robert W. Jackson
Kirksville, Missouri
Specialty: Rheumatology (Arthritis)
Webpage: (external)
Phone Number: 660-627-5175

Hedrick Medical Center
100 Central St.
Chillicothe, MO 64601


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Queston for you

What type of doc is Dr. Cyrus Vosough in Livingston? I can't seem to find a listing for him.

And just to make a correction-

Dr. Sanders Davis
95 Mt Kemble
Morristown NJ

He's specializes in fibro; part of a group known as Associates in Rehabilitation Medicine. I'm not sure who he has that is going to take over his practice when he retires - I certainly hope he better start "grooming" a new doc darn soon!


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I have an Exellent Fibro Doctor, he does take some insurances so you will either have to call his office and check with them or call your insurance company and see what they cover. I currently have Aetna and he does not take that one BUT he will bill them and my insurance policy pays 100% of out of network doctors AFTER the first $500. so yes I know that that is a lot of out of pocket for us he is VERY worth it.

Fibromyalgia Treatment and Learning Center.
Dr Michael J. Powell, D.O.
650 University Ave, Ste 200
Sacramento, CA 95825
(916) 922-8400

He specializes in FMS/CFS
Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine
Diplomate, Americian Board of Rheumatology
Fellowship, Stanford Division of Immmunology and Rheumatology.

He BELIEVES you with your off the wall symptoms and cares very much. Is very patient with you.

I also know of a Family Practice doctor who really listens and understands FMS. Their group takes almost all insurances. they are:

Seirra Rose Family Physicians Medical Group.
8735 Sierra College Blvd, ste 100
Roseville, Ca 95661
(916) 786-5908

I highly reccomend both these groups of doctors if your in the Sacramento area or can get to it easily give them a call and check them out. They will work wonders for you.

I was so bad with uncontrolled FMS/CFS back in march that i was hospitalized twice and was on major pain meds but now I only take Ultram ER (1 daily) and advil, along with my vit supplements and a hot sauna daily. and have just been released to go back to work part time. (thats a scary one )

If you have any questions pleas feel free to contact me.

gentle hugs

Most of you making recommendations are listing doctors helping you with pain. It would probably be helpful to those looking for a doctor to specify whether this doctor is treating your overall Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or primarily Fibromyalgia (pain symptoms).

Since February I have been seeing a great doctor for CFS.
He is Dr. Dale Guyer in Indianapolis, IN. Someone said he is arrogant and this is so far from the truth. He is very personable, spends a lot of time with you. It is true he doesn't take insurance and requires money up front, but they give you info so that you can bill your insurance. Dr. Guyer closely monitors my condition and is very sensitive to the fact that my body cannot handle a lot of hormonal changes and cannot handle high dosages of antiviral medication. The only problem I have been having with Dr. Guyer is getting my treatment record so that I can submit records to disability. Dr. Guyer is great clinically, but the office management at present is poor. Apparently, however, he has relied heavily on a nurse for records management and the entire time I have seen him he has had difficulty getting a nurse. He hires one and they last a week and they are gone.


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I've yet to meet or hear of any actual patients of Dr. Guyer who haven't been very satisfied with the clinical aspects of his care. I know more than six who are very satisfied.

His approach certainly is "unorthodox," but considering how little help the many "orthodox" doctors I've seen for my CFS have given me (and how much frustration other CFS sufferers on this board express about their "orthodox" doctors), that seems to me a good thing. (Obviously not every other doctor in Indianapolis approves of him, but I wouldn't drive the four hours from Chicago to Indianapolis to consult with any of them.)

As a patient, I've never found Dr. Guyer to be arrogant at all. He is by far the most open-minded doctor I've ever had in terms of listening to me talk about my illness and ideas, and in working with me to address things in ways in which I feel comfortable.

I don't personally know any fibro patients who see Dr. Guyer, and so I'm not sure what they think of him. He's not terribly drug-oriented, and so those patients who want painkillers only may be better off seeing someone else.

All in all, he is a wonderful doctor. I don't like to see people who have only met him (rather than who actually have consulted with him) pass judgment on him.

I have used in the past several other excellent doctors (including "conventional" ones) who don't "take insurance." These all are doctors who are successful enough that they do not need to allow themselves to be controlled by an HMO. I submit the bills to my insurance myself and obtain the same reimbursement that I would if the doctor's office submitted it. Personally, I would prefer to do it this way since I retain more control over the process.

It is true that his office does not accept Medicare, which obviously would be a problem for some people.

He also is fairly expensive, charging $350 for a follow-up. However, considering that this is for a full half-hour of his time and that he often does research on individual patients' problems outside of the scheduled appointment, I certainly do not think he is overcharging.

I do agree that problems can arise as a result of the administrative aspects of his office, but considering how poor most doctors are in terms of treating CFS that is the least of my concerns.

P.S. I don't think Dr. Guyer would be a good doctor to use to get disability. Again, that kind of administrative work is not his forte.

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