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Please sign our Petition Stop the HHS-IOM contract

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Please help us out to fight against the IOM contract.

Our community of CFS/ME patients are under attack and need your support.

Please help us by signing our petition.

On August 27, the US Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) announced their intent to award a sole-source contract with the Institute of Medicine to develop new clinical diagnostic criteria for "ME/CFS".
The action taken by HHS to solicit the IOM came as a complete surprise to all ME/CFS stakeholders. There was no mention that any of this was in the works at the last CFSAC meeting in May of this year. This sudden decision brought a great outcry from advocates, patients, CFSAC members and expert clinicians.
If the IOM contract isn’t stopped it could set us back another 20 years.
Millions of people worldwide suffer from CFS/ME. For decades, sufferers have been left with no real biomedical research and no effective treatments. Now the HHS is attempting to prolong this time by contracting with the Institute of Medicine (IOM) to redefine the illness.

Thank you for your help
33 people have viewed this post. Did 33 people also vote? Please help spread the word about this important issue and lets get more signatures. This is a chance for you to be heard and participate.


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I totally agree this is very important and just signed - it only takes a second so just do it!