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polio shot

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I had a polio shot 45 years ago in my left arm I am 50 now , it seems to want to flare up now like scab over right in the center of the scar where I got the shot, has anyone heard of that happening before especially from that long ago.


Hi, Jennifer,

Welcome to this wonderful website. I hope someone here can help you. Have you asked your doc about what this might be? I had childhood vaccines but don't get them now because I have such a bad reaction to them. Medical professionals always tell me that's impossible because the viruses used are dead. It's my belief that some of our immune systems can be so over active that we react differently to injections. I know have Sjogren's Syndrome which is an autoimmune condition. Dr. Cheney has written a great article on our immune systems in which he hypothecized that half of our immune systems over react and half under reacts. That fits perfectly with how my body has dealt with exposure to pathogens. I'll see whether I can find the article. In the meantime, I suggest you follow up on this. I believe there are some people who continue to have polio active in their systems. Some of us have other viral infections that never go away but reactivate when we are run down. Best of luck to you. Please let me know if I can help with something here.

OK, here it is in our library. https://www.prohealth.com/library/p...igue-syndrome-and-fibromyalgia-syndrome-20745

Love, Mikie