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Porch 1038 is now Closed. Feb 12, 2018


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Hi Kids

Above is two-way room. You can call it the Sun Room or the Blue Room. How about a short square dance. Get everybody's blood circulating. This call was first posted six years ago.

Rosin on the Bow and here we go!

Oh, by golly; oh, by Joe.
Fold your arms and do-si-do.
All join hands and circle eight.
Wave at Bob and bow to Kate.

Weave the ring and circle round.
Clap your hands to the happy sound.
Ladies in and men swing through.
Promenade home, cause now we're through.



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Hi Rock, and everyone! Thanks for starting a new porch...love to read your calls.

And welcome to Me2. I don't know if I have FM or not...sometimes I have a lot of pain, but nothing like some of the other folks do. I have been diagnosed with CFS/ME...yep, definitely have that. But either it has gotten less severe over the years, or I have adapted to it. I hope you find some answers and make some new friends...people are very caring and helpful here.

I worked on the house some today, then took a nap before Den got home from work. He wanted waffles for supper...I added some blueberries to the batter, and scrambled some eggs to have along with.

We've been watching "Life Below Zero" on Netflix...about people who live near the Artic Circle in Alaska. Makes us feel not quite so cold here in Iowa, lol! We usually watch a couple of those then switch to "Chainsaw Carvers"...oh my goodness...such talent! And the people who order these masterpieces...must have more money than they know what to do with.

We don't have a lot planned for the weekend...may get even more snow, so will try not to get out too much. Hope everyone is doing well...


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Hello all.

Below are the videos of the wedding dance. My DD is the one wearing white skirt. And rehearsing in orange pants.

It took some time to post because it said the file was too large..etc when trying to post the usual way. Had to ask DD to fix it.

The weather's been steadily getting warmer. Today was hot in the afternoon. My friends son has come in his work break from China but I haven't been able to go meet him and my friend. However, there's been a spate of weddings and my friend too had to attend some of those. So I know they have been busy too. Attending the same families wedding ceremonies. They know the family from grooms side. My DD is invited from the bride's side. Brides brother is DDs junior high school classmate and good friend.

I've been run off my feet because the help got sick with flu. The whole nine yards. Chills, fever, aches. So I am on me own.

I will read the previous porch posts properly and then come back.

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Good Saturday Morning, Dear Ones,

I'm on the hated Surface notebook because I had to pay bills on the old laptop and it's overheated. I'm gonna keep limping along with the old one and this POC until my neighbor arrives. I suspect he will have a boot disc or can make one for me on his computer. I am looking for one of the flash drives I have because I'm not sure the disc drive is working on the FPOC. I had to detach the keyboard from this one because I simply cannot use it. The keys are too close together. Soooo frustrating. It's actually easier to use it as a tablet and type on the glass.

Me2, I forgot to answer your question about feeling bruised with FMS. That is exactly what it feels like. I am better now and don't usually have tender points. Now and then, I do have the old FMS general pain when I'm sick or run down. I do hope you find this edition of the Porch and stop back in.

Duckie, when I went to make the boot disc, my old computer kept referring to my operating system as Windows 7. That is what I had but I successfully updated to Windows 10. I went ahead and made the disc but the FPOC wouldn't boot up. I can hear the drive whirling around but it didn't boot. The little LED light on the drive didn't light. I'll try a flash drive if my neighbor can make one foe me. Thanks for your help. Do you have a new quilt in the works?

Rock, thanks for getting us up and going again. Love the square dance call. You haven't done that in a long time. Come back soon.

Gonna post and come back before I lose this. This is a very squirrelly piece of equipment. Hope all y'all have a good weekend.

Love, Mikie


Hi, Sun. Good grief. That is some dance. Only thing missing is some yodeling. Hope I didn't miss responding to you on the last Porch. I had to get outta there before my old computer caught fire or shut itself off. I have four computers around here and nothing to use except this right now. I could use my phone but that's a frustration of its own. Thanks again for the snappy dance.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie: It wasn't me about a dance....I think you meant Spring. Yes, I agree.....what a celebration for a wedding.

Spring: Is that the custom for weddings? To put on such an elaborate celebration? It must cost $$$$$ for the parents? Or who pays for all of it? Does your DD work, now that she's home from the U.S. And college? I don't think you mentioned what she had majored in?

Rock: Your square dance call brought to mind when my DD and I were first married and took a class in square dancing. It was fun but I just had a hard time remembering all that I was supposed to be doing. Seemed like I was continually being propelled into the turning, twirling, etc. by the other people. Well, getting PG put an end to it because I had to take it easy from that time on, having already lost one.

I'm having a lot of aches, don't think it's the flu though, just old FM rearing up again. I finished up some sewing projects and put away the sewing machine. I have so much to go thru, boxes that I have pulled out 2 months ago and are sitting on a bed......waiting! So perhaps I do some sorting today.


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Hi Kids

I've been having my own film festival. Just like the one at Cannes. But then I decided it
should really be the Sundance festival since I don't parle Francais. Got three DVDs at the
library. One was el stupido. Quit watching that after 15 min. Turned out the second one I had seen a couple years ago. And the third one was a film from 1971 that I remembered as being excellent. The Summer of '42.

As is generally the case, the movie was different from the novel. The author didn't care though
as he was also the screenwriter.

Julie, waffles sound good. What were those ones that were sort of in vogue some decades back.
Belgian? I think they were sort of crispy. One thing I like about pancake houses, they have
fun flavors of syrup. When I was a kid Mom never bought syrup. I think she just heated up
brown sugar in hot water.

I saw a program with chainsaw carvers some decades back. Not sure, but I think they were
having a contest. Had so many minutes to make a bear or whatever. I was amazed at
the detail they could get into a carving. I think the program also had log rolling although
the guys did not carve and roll at the same time.

Spring, Amazing! That is exactly like the Norwegian folk dances. All you need for an authentic
Norskie Festival is some Aquavit (similar to vodka; made from potatoes) and an accordion.

Oops! Well, another one of those inexplicable computer glitches. When I went back to look
at the dancing videos a second time, I got thrown onto Youtube to see the videos of Pink Floyd's Abandoned Mansion.

Mikie, I hope you and your computer situation improve quickly. Your speedy fingers must
be frustrated with all the current problems. They must pine, pine, pine for a good machine.

Oh, big changes around here, Folks. The big old sewing machine Gordon's mother used is
gone! I am startled every time I walk into the kitchen by all the space. Two old men
came and took it away...for free! One of them didn't talk. The other one would have been a
perfect character actor back in the studio days. He was Italian, short, cheerful, full of energy,
and kept up a steady flow of chatter.

I said to Gordon, "How could those two old men have moved that heavy machine?" He said,
"They had a dolly." Oh, well. That explains it.

Anyway Gordon is planning various changes and has hired a contractor. He's going to replace
the old linoleum in the kitchen and do various other things. Gordon told me, but I forget
things about as fast as I hear them.

Hope you are all feeling peachy keen and staying out of trouble.

Sun, I guess it would be better if those aches and pains were due to the flu. Then
they'd go away. Yes, square dancing is pretty vigorous. We had a dance at the gym
every week during summer. It was all ages. A couple from another town came
and taught us folk dances. Also reminded folks how to do the Schottische or the

He was slim and elegant. She was chubby and bubbling with fun. At the end of
the dance a record of the terrible new music (rock and roll) would be put on for
the teenagers. I remember the first time I went into a record store and saw a
section labeled "Oldies". Elvis, Ricky Nelson, and Chuck Berry. I was stunned.
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Rock:. How exciting....the old house is getting a redo. I would LOVE to see before and after pictures. I know Mikie is also a big fan of remodeling and fixing up. I know you said it's OLD.....when was it built and is it Queen Anne style or what? When was the old linoleum put into the kitchen? Did you know that some people who are restoring an old house look for fairly good old linoleum?

I also took a look at the Pink Floyd member "david"'s mansion. I've heard the name but know nothing about the band. That is a huge mansion! Wonder why it's sat empty for so long. Maybe they forgot that they owned it? My SIL put up those squares type paneling in his upstairs. He did it himself, took months of work out in the garage, cutting all the squares and adjoining thin pieces of wood, staining the wood, looks great now.

It's dreary outside today. Don't think rain is in the forecast though, too bad, we really need the rain.


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Me2 - welcome. I hope you find the forum useful. We love cats on this Porch.

Rock - what a relief to get rid of something heavy. That is such a lot of stuff Gordon's mum collected. I loved going through old stuff when I was younger. These days it gives me,a headache. I just think of stored stuff as more things collecting dust.

Granni - very busy time for you. I too hope the whole deposition thing ends soon. I think your DH might be hesitating about expenses on a brunch because he is worrying about paying that man.

Julie - I remember about the little man. I thought he might've been your guardian spirit.. Making sure you were okay. In our culture, we believe in protectors, not really guardian angels. But protector spirits apparently abound and I've been told about mine by two separate people who described the same thing they saw. Yet another described the colour.

Mikie - your people seem to be matter of fact about spirits. Accepting of them. Here people still get spooked. And very many cannot see them. The last time I had lunch with a friend, I got this twinge of pain in my heart when I met her. Sometime into the lunch I told her I could see a black shadow on the wall beside her. She told me she felt her inner guidance telling her to protect herself while coming down the lane. That she could feel something coming near her. She said it was a spirit come to ask for help to get sent into the light. As she prayed the dark blob went behind her head and then some bright light started shining in another part of the room which she told me was a portal opening up through which the spirit was supposed to leave. After a few moments, both shadow and light disappeared. She cannot see, see. She is clairsentient while I seem to veer more on clairvoyant. Just a tiny bit.

Sun - most weddings don't hv choreographed dances. But some who have like-minded friends choreograph dances. This wedding function was hosted from the bride's side and expenses born by her family. My DD and other performers practised for a week after work at a studio booked by the bride learning from a choreographer hired by her. DD did her Master's in Finance from Clark's university in Worcester. Ma. She worked for a year and then came home where she helps her dad.

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Hi, Kids,,

I'm back tapping on glass. Won't stay long as this is really frustrating.

Sun, so sorry. I think my brain up and took off. I'm sorry you are sick. I hope the pain goes away and it isn't the flu.

Spring, sorry I thought the video was from Sun. Was your daughter one of the dancers? Our family has had some experiences which are strange. We do believe in spirits. We haven't encountered anything dark. Your experiences are truly amazing .

Julie, I was hungry for my French toast pudding with syrup when I first got sick. Waffles sound good too. Hope you feel better ''n better.

Rock, glad the old sewing machine is gone. Good luck with the renovations. That's exciting.

I could post more but am getting frustrated so will run along.

Love, Mikie


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Hello Dear Friends...

Been on the phone this morning with the fraud department..it seems that PeopleFinders has decided to debit our checking account to the tune of $31.oo!! for services..services that we never authorized! The gal helping me was very kind and said the charges will be credited back to our checking account...I did ask her how these creeps manage to debit our account without our authorization..she said they have several ways of finding checking account numbers, and when they do, they're off to the races!!

Plan on watching the Olympics this weekend..we have several "kids"representing California in several different events..last night when they had the opening ceremony and the United States walk end, I started yelling and cheering them on..needless to say, I think hubby thought I had kinda lost my mind..but he's use to it...LOL..

I have gotten behind in cleaning because of dealing with this cold/flu bug and then the UTI..needless to say, this place needs a good deep cleaning..I've decided to pace myself and do the cleaning in sections and not try to do it all at once..

Mikie: So sorry you're still not feeling well..and I don't know what to say about the computers you and I purchased..what a pain they have become..mine is so sensitive to touch that I can't tell you how many times I've almost lost emails..it is so annoying..

Julie: I LOVE waffles..with lots of butter and hot syrup..nothing better to eat on a cold day with a cup of hot coffee and lots of fresh fruit...Can't believe how cold it is at your house..I like cold weather, but not that cold..keep warm! And I know what you mean about working on your house til you drop..we worked on our house for years..was just about done with the renovation and then we lost it..oh well..at least we still have a roof over our head.

Spring: Sorry you not feeling well..hope with warmer weather you will start feeling better..love the video of the kids dancing..looks like they were have a very good time..

Sun: when I was younger and my children were small, I tried my hand at sewing..wasn't very successful and after trying to make a couple of simple dresses for my daughters, I gave up..I should have known it wasn't going to work out because when I was in high school and took cooking and sewing, the first item I made was a pleated skirt..it looked ok until I had to wash it and it fell apart!!! So much for becoming a seamstress!!

Rock: wonderful picture...I'm afraid my do-si-do days are long gone..I remember as a kid, having square dances at our church once a month..very enjoyable. Gorden is sure going to be busy with all the new things he is gong to have done to the house..sounds exciting..

Barry: how are you feeling..? our weather has been beautiful with lots of sunshine and blue skies..the weather has turned cooler today, but not a problem for me..how are your sweet little furbabies? Vicki's two kitties that we are babysitting, have done nothing but pick on each other for the last two days..nothing major. but I have to break it up..they are worse than kids at times! Stop in when you feel up to it...

Grannie: you are so funny.."massively drunk"..Sweetie, move over. I think there might be several us who would like to join you, and if anyone deserves it, you do..hope you can relax now and enjoy your anniversary party and DH birthday.

Me2: Welcome to the board..feel free to come here any time and tell us what's going on with you and how you're feeling..

A big "hello" to everyone and if I've missed responding to someone, I apologize..

Hope everyone has a good weekend..


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Dear Ones,

So many things going through my head these days. Besides all my problems I heard from a dear HS friend of mine who now lives upstate n the cold snowy north with her DH. We had gone to the wedding. It was her second marriage as her first husband took off with another. They have 3 children all grown up of course with their own kids. None live to close by I believe. Anyway her DH is now going through early or maybe a little later than early stage Alz. She struggles to keep him busy and losing things both his stuff and hers. Lately , I think mostly at night he has been getting up and going to the bathroom in strange places, not where he should be going. I had not heard from her in awhile but she sent me two venting emails about him and about the weather. They do not have a snowblower but luckily there is a person that comes to do it for them if it is over 4" or something like that. She really should move but I doubt if she will. The land was her parents, I believe and they used to go up there alot before her parents died. She tries to be very upbeat and she is very religious also and has a lot of faith, thank GOD. I have to get back and write to her before I forget . This week is going to be VERY BUSY !! This friend is only one of at least 3 ladies I know who are struggling with something similar with their husbands. It is so very sad.

WELCOME ME2, sorry but I haven't been on here as much as I would like lately. To much stuff hanging over my head and hope it all goes away soon. I have FM and OA in the neck and shoulders, upper cervical area. I have lots of pain all the time and have had FM for over 35 years This is a wonderful site with lots of good friends on the PORCH and other places to find great information, etc. Great place to vent too as well as learn things and make friends.

SUN - Sorry you are in a lot of pain. Hope it will go away soon dear one . I know with all the home renovating going on here on the Porch you your artistic nature is getting you all excited. Wish you lived closer to us all so you could give us ideas. My eldest daughter is that was but she is always to busy and she is not very close anymore. Not that she ever was when she liven in Houston. Now she is in Austin.

ROCK - Glad you got rid of that OLD sewing machine. Did Gordon ever sew or was it just in the family way back when?? It can take up so much room. Moms was in a closet since it was a portable and did not have cabinet. Lots of nice space too for you and nothing else to bump into :)!! Missed the part abut your renovations. What all will you be doing??

SPRING WATER - What a cute video you sent us. Nice dancing too. Was it wedding party?? I love to see different cultures and see what they are doing at rituals. So sorry you are feeling ill and hope you get to feeling better soon. It is hard for me to tell if I am sick since I have pain most of the time. I can tell by fever though but need the thermometer for sure. Thanks for the video of the wedding dance, etc.

MIKIE - Sorry you have to do so much fighting with your computer. These things of mechanical nature can sure drive us nuts esp when you do not understand them. You understand a lot more than I for sure too. Hope you are feeling OK or not to bad and your stupid computer starts behaving itself.

BARRY - Hope you are feeling more upbeat and have a little sun and warmth for you outside

Gotta run for now. Thinking about all of you. DH took me out to lunch. We didn't know where we were going but ended up Mexican. This way we can eat light tonight. I put this in the wrong spot. Sorry JULIE. I thought it was at the end.

JULIE - Hope both you and Den are hanging in there esp with the crazy COLD weather you have been having.Little by little your home extension will be all done and you can celebrate. Then you can really appreciate all the work you have put into it.

JUDY - We were tying at the same time . Glad you caught that fraud. That is terrible. you have to really keep tabs on your accounts these days and be very careful. Thanks for popping in. Hang in there girl.

Love to awl amd sorry for those I have forgotten to mention,
Granni :)


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Granni: So sorry to hear about your dear friend's husband..it's a horrible disease and very difficult for the care person who is taking care of their loved one..my dad died in 2005 of dementia, and now, my DH and I are dealing with his early stage dementia..fortunately, he is still able to take care of himself, dressing, bathroom issues, and carrying on a conversation..he does forget things more and more now, but geeezz, who doesn't forget things? I do know what "we" are in store for later on down the line..hopefully, he will not get to the" bad" stage of this disease for a very long long time.

Hope you friend will get someone to help her..has she looked into an assisted care place?..sending prayers for both of them..

Wishing you and your family a wonderful fun weekend..enjoy the party!


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Hi Kids

Didn't wake up this morning until the morning was gone: 12:30 PM. Didn't know where
Gordon was. He didn't leave a note as he usually does, so I figured he told me last night.
A lotta good that does. Anyhoo he got back just when I sat down here. The main thing
he did was buy some sort of brass connector for some appliance.

Sun, this old house was built ca. 1929. It has some aspects of a Victorian house with steps
that lead up to a porch that curves around a corner. Some time later (don't know when) an
addition was tacked on by some amateur builders. In one of the upstairs room you can look
through a trapdoor to the attic and see the top of the roof. Amazing, huh? But we are not doing
a redo. Just a few changes.

I can't imagine buying someone's old linoleum anymore than I'd buy used wallpaper. I have
read, however, that there's a big demand for aged planks from old barns. Speaking of
which, have you been to Barnsdall Park in Hollywood? I feel sure you have. Among other
things it has a municipal Art Gallery and a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

BTW, there are also videos on Youtube of Vincent Minelli's abandoned mansion.

Spring, if you like old junk you should come visit us. Gordon's Mom never saw anything she
wouldn't squirrel away and save. After she died her kids came and went through the stuff;
took whatever they liked. They kept reminding each other. There's probably money mixed
in with the junk, so search. They did find a dollar or 2 or 5 here and there; especially in old
purses. And on the third or fourth day somebody found $700. Of course it was money Gordon
had given her a few years earlier when she needed it for some mysterious reason.

Mikie, "Tapping on glass" sounds like a big dance number from a Busby Berkeley musical.
I never heard of French toast pudding. Sounds good. Come to think of it, I bet a list of things
I first heard about on this board over the last 13 years would be longer than a sofa. Speaking of
which I recently read that Jennifer Aniston, Ellen Degeneres, and Kanye West all have
French sofas that cost more than many houses: $754,000. (I don't even know if that last one is M or F. Not that it matter much in this context.)

Well, the computer is slowing down and sticking, so better go.


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Hi, Kids,

I've never gotten online with my Kindle so decided to give it a try. It works better than the Surface and the FPOC combined. Can't stay but will be back in the morning.

Love, Mikie


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Hello Dear Friends

Am back after a long nap. I've been asleep more than awake so far today. I think I fixed
most of the typos in my previous post. After the machine froze up I couldn't make
corrections. Think I got most of them now. Those expensive sofas I read about cost
$734,000 each! Kinda like buying a bushel of apples for $420,000. Conspicuous consumption!

JB, Glad to hear your spurious fee was eradicated. Sorry to hear that your pleated skirt
was completely washed away. I wouldn't make a good seamstress either. Poor coor-
dination. There's an old song from WWI on Youtube. "Sister Susie's Sewing Shirts for Soldiers." Once very popular.

As for the kitties, do they make angry sounds when fighting? If not, then it's probably
just play fighting. You can break them up if it's a real fight was a spray bottle of water or
the canned air spray folks use to clean computers. If necessary there are Soft Paws
cat covers.

Granni, not sure how far Gordon is going to take the alteration campaign. I saw the
brass connector he bought. It looks like it's made out of plastic, but picking it up confirms
it's made of metal. I think it might be for moving the dryer.

Gordon's calling. Better go.


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Hello everyone! I missed nearly a whole day here! Did my weekly trip to my DM's house. We made French onion soup so she could freeze it. Of course, we did quality assurance testing... After that, I went out to the fabric store where I had originally purchased the fabric for the quilt I'm working on, because I wanted some more of one of the fabrics for the binding. They had more (YAY!). Then this evening, my DH wanted to go to the range, so we went and put holes in paper. Man, I'm rusty...hadn't gone in a while.

Rock - I love the porch. Once upon a time, I loved me a good square dance as well. But them days is kinda gone. I so wish I lived closer. Would have loved to at least seen the old sewing machine. Good luck with the renovations, however minor.

Mikie - Sorry the boot disk didn't work. I hope the Kindle works out well. I frequently use my Samsung tablet to post; it's not too bad, but I often cheat and use an external keyboard with it. Usually, though, I use my MacBook if I'm at home (because it's always on, just asleep, and therefore convenient). I just finished another quilt top. I'll put the picture at the bottom.

Sun - Is it perhaps rabdomyolysis that you were referring to? It usually is fatal; it destroys the kidneys among other things. Worf is 19.6# and he is not particularly fat. He's just a BIG boy. I hope you feel better soon.

Spring - lovely dancing. I bet you are really proud. I hope you are feeling better soon as well.

Judy - Glad you caught that fraud. A charge that small could easily get missed, and perhaps that's what the perpetrators hope for. I get a daily text from my bank with my account balance. When it isn't what I expect to see, I immediately go online to see why it changed. I caught a $150 fraudulent charge that way.

Granni - Sorry to hear about your friend. I worry about my DM that way. She is still doing well and is able to take care of herself and live alone, but I wonder for how long.

Julie - we're supposed to get some freezing rain over night and into tomorrow, then some snow again next weekend. Yet a friend of mine had a snow drop blooming in her yard - so perhaps there's hope!!

So, here's the quilt top I just finished. The full picture is before I put the final borders on. The partial picture is just to show what the borders look like. While normally "bright" is my favorite color, this particular design screamed at me to be done in black and white, as I thought it would look stunning. And, indeed it does.
_20180209_202725.JPG MVIMG_20180210_231600.jpg


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Hi Kids

Am up watching Summer of '42. I had forgotten almost all of it. Well, it's been almost 50 years.
Same director as To Kill A Mockingbird.

Nice quilt, Duckie. Are the designs from the 20s and 30s? I think black and white was very
popular during the Art Deco period. What style of hole punch did you use on the paper? Two
hole or three? Ha Ha! Just a little humor between gunslingers. My uncle taught me to shoot
when I was 11 or 12. We had a small arsenal in the house. Two shotguns (12 and 20 gauge).
The one with the smaller number had the bigger kick. Also had a 22 rifle and a revolver. There
was no shooting range, but the municipal dump provided a wide choice of targets.

The machine looked something like this. The table it was mounted on was almost 6 feet long
and the metal legs and braces looked like parts of a skyscraper.

Oh, Mikie. Sorry your post vanished. Wouldn't be so bad if it would disappear during the first
sentence, but.....No wonder people say *%$@**!!! and long to throw the machine out the

Hugs, Kids