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Porch 1042 is now CLOSED 2-21-18

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Tuxie - speaking of new porches, time for a new one. Come in and sit a while!

Barry - Yes, I'm a twitcher, or a birder. We don't have scissor tailed fly catchers here. Never saw one when I was in Texas.

Rock - Our warm weather is going away, and it's getting cold again. In fact, we have snow in the forecast again. This is after my DS wore shorts to school yesterday.

As for the fridge, it arrived today and is already cold enough to put stuff in. So nice to have a working water dispenser again...the one in the old fridge started spewing water and wouldn't stop, so we had to turn off the water to it. Been broken about a year. Unfortunately, one of the delivery people dropped a shelf (for the door) and it cracked a little. I'll take it in to the warehouse tomorrow and get it traded for one that isn't broken. My kitchen still looks crazy, but it will recover in time.

Speaking of crazy, work was again today. I actually booked time on my calendar to get some work done so that nobody would schedule me for a meeting.

Like Mikie, I'm perfectly exhausted. I'll probably go to bed early tonight. p.s. SV is very handsome!

Hugs to everybody!
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A quick Good Evening to you awl. DHis watching a movie in the other room and I am sorta listening to the Olympics depending what is on at the moment. Right now it seems to be speed skating. DH is also infatuated with curing and I watched some of it before Too bad the ladies just lost, to sweden I think it was.

MIKIE - What a cute pic of SV n his new box. That is so funny just little little kids who love the boxes rather than the toys quite often at a very young age. Hope you are feeling Ok or better than you were. Can't keep up having missed so much of the Porches activities.

Did I miss a new person on the porch - TUXIE? If so welcome !!! Still trying to recover some from the weekend with my washes and such not that there was much of a mess really. Yesterday I wrapped my grandsons shoes that he left here and sent them off. Hope he gets them. What a fortune. Instead of the regular post office where the line was almost out the door I went to the mail Stop I sent it express or something as it was only $2 more than the regular price. Almost $20 ridiculous but I bit the bullet and sent them. They were his tennis shoes and I am sure he misses them and he has been wearing his boots in the meantime.

That was the first time I wore that jackets. Never seemed like the right time and it isn't really warm but this more decorations.. Had many holes from the lace and so good on a fairly warm day. It is chilly again today and rainy. Rain almost all week I think. I got a good buy on that jacket so was pleased.

DUCKIE - Thanks for the new Porch. You surely have been a busy beaver and hope your new frig serves you well and you love it. Is it double door or what? Ours is. Not a really big space for ours but it is big enough.

Everydobby keep up the prayers for DH. Finally heard from the docs office on his ct scan. His kidneys were fine, thank God. However, there is what they call a "filling defect" I believe and so need to do a cystoscopy at the docs office, I believe. Hope that won;t be a fortune and that it won;t be a major problem. The doc couldn't tell what was what with the bladder from the CT scan. Guess it looked like some type of blockage or something, not sure. He has no problem going so whatever it is is probably small. Hoping a cyst or something. DH is nervous of course and I am trying not to get him more nervous than he is. I know he doesn't want surgery and says he wont have any but he may not have a choice and hope it wont be eto bad all in all.

Gotta run. DH is probably done with the movie and wants me to come watch the Olympics with him. Hope to get back here tomorrow. One thing after another with DH home :)!!

Love you all,
Granni :)


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Good evening, friends...and thank you, Duckie, for the new porch. We just got home from Amy's and are both exhausted...so I can't stay, but wanted to check in. Had a great day. We got there around 10:30 this morning...Amy and I got the guys some take out lunch, then she and I had our girls' luncheon. Had time for a quick nap before surprising the girls when we picked them up after school. Ordered pizza for supper...the guys got finished just as we were on our way back to their house.

Got to see my dad yesterday, but didn't stay in town too long as we were expecting freezing rain. Dad is still getting over whatever crud he had, but at least I got to see him and take his gifts.

Gonna get to bed early...will try to catch up later on.


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This is just a quick question for BARRY:

It's 7:30 right now......I heard a buzzing noise at the kitchen window and at first thought it was a large moth....nope....the hummingbird banging at the glass. A red throat so I'm assuming it was the male? So after watching a couple of minutes I flipped off the kitchen light. The outdoor light is on, so it immediately headed for a bush to perch. Got any idea what the problem was? The nest is about 15 feet away from the kitchen window and the bushes. Why would it be active at night?


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Hi guys.
Love to hv a swing chair like that one on the porch.
All the rain blows in sideways into our meagre space of a porch/ verandah.
Got a couple of rocking chairs though, so can chill out when the weather is ok.

Treasures are due back any moment so shall make it snappy.

Julie glad the take away worked out, you squeezed in a nap and hopefully time with all Treasures, big and little was special. Did Den manage to wind down or was the attic a big job?

Sun, hv made an agreement with youngest that he is to give his very best this first term at school and if he's still suffering, we will home school.his grades were down last yr as was his mood.
Billy Graham has gone to Glory.99 yrs! What an innings!

Spring we used to live in what is known as a 'Queenslander'...totally over steps.thinking about steps makes me hurt :-(

Rock, the inventions that the Japanese come up with is amazing, but I refuse to eat a burger made from recycled human waste.(poo).gotta draw the line somewhere!

Barry, apparently theres an abundance of deer in the bush land about 10 ks away and my 16 yr old son found some smallish antlers which got him excited.so far there hasnt really been time for hunting and even though Im a real girl and Bambi admittedly, does come to mind, I do enjoy filling the freezer at little cost.
Guinea pigs still havent had their babies yet

Mikie, yes I agree, SV is a good looking cat, thats for sure.pls remind me of how Tweety looked and is Tweety still around?
We hv 'roo bars' on the front of our cars.though i hv heard them called bull bars up north.
Out of curiosity, what do you guys call it?

Judy, how are you doing?

Granni, Australia post costs a fair bit too, but I do appreciate getting a letter through the snail mail.
Which reminds me, I hv sooo many to write! Ugh.

Ah! That's my Treasures.
Best be off.
(Not like your cheeky dog, Barry)

Take care
Catch yas later.


Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

I got up late again. My dysfunctional brain/body is waking me up at 2:30 every morning. Sometimes I can go back to sleep and sometimes I can't. When I can't, I read until I'm sleepy again. ARG!!! If SV isn't already in bed with me, he comes in and snuggles up and purrs. I love it when he does that.

Today we will be going to our luncheon. My new top will be just right as it's close to 90 degrees out every day. I talked to DSIL in CO on Tues., his birthday. He said the weather has been crazy there too. It has rained twice. One expects snow but not rain this time of year. He is a realtor in addition to his regular sales manager job and he is helping my DD from TX to buy a house in the Denver area. DD said he has been awesome. He's on steroids and they are helping with his pain. Without them, he has to use a cane to get around.

This computer is getting hot so I'll have to shut down for now. I'll be back to respond to all y'all.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie I've been wondering about your DSIL. What diagnosis did he get after all the added tests, etc.?

I've got a full blown cold now or whatever. I could feel it coming on a couple of days ago now I can't stop blowing my nose!!!!! My pool tile is to be sand blasted today but I'm not going outside without a mask, just my luck to breathe in something in the air from it.

Barry and everyone who loves gardens, etc. Here's a great website that's incredible for her/his photography. There's a whole section of english gardens.



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Hi Kids

It was so cold this morning we turned the furnace on. Just came back in from feeding and
petting the cat. Gave her some warm chicken broth and some kibble. She gobbled up both.
The day is warming up nicely. Mostly clear blue sky. A hummer visited the feeder while kitty
and I were about a dozen feet away. I picked a few tomatoes. I think I need to water them again.

Sun, wonderful pictures. There are two of Millichope Park. The building there looks very much like the Thomas Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC. There have been allegations in
recent years that Jefferson had children by one of his slaves. Some scientists now report that DNA evidence suggests it was more likely his brother Randolph who was the father.
Randolph was also the maiden name of Jefferson's mother.

Mikie, I guess you wouldn't want to trade SV for my wild cat. Probably not even if I threw
in a couple Publix coupons. Btw, somebody was looking on the net for "the equivalent of
Publix stores in California." There were some responses, but they all said, "Oh, just go to
any supermarket" more or less.

Glad to hear your SIL is getting some release from his pain, but don't steroids have serious
side effects? It's kinda like elections: you can vote for your pick of 2 bad choices.

Star, My teenage brother kept guinea pigs after I finished college. Thus I never met any of
them. My mother said she thought it would be a good idea when the mom was pregnant.
My brother would learn about the facts of life. The guinea pigs were kept in the basement.
She reported he came staggering up the steps and said, "Ugh. I think I'm gonna be sick."

Billy Graham just died? Half a century ago my mother in law worked for him. She sat in
a room with lots of other ladies and opened the mail. The letters went in one basket, and the
donations in another. Unless it was a really big donation. Then it was immediately sent up-
stairs to management.

Julie, glad to hear you had a nice visit with Clinton and Amy and Kiera and Millie. (Did
I get the names right?) Some days I barely know my own name. Freezing rain is horrible.
Did it show up? I think it only happened 2 or 3 times in my MN years. Hail storms
were rare too.

Granni, Yes, Tuxie is the name. She posted Tuesday. Hasn't posted since. Too bad.
We can always use a new member. I understand DH's reluctance to have surgery. I
said "Never again" but then I didn't really have any choice when my hernia reappeared.
Nice of you to send the shoes to DGS. I hope the lesson is imprinted on his mind.

Duckie, thanks for opening. Nice porch. The picture looks like the photographer might
have used a lavender filter. We have lavender growing here. It requires no skill to grow.
I saw a list of things that tell you you're in Minnesota. One of them was akin to your
son's costume. 'Wearing a parka and shorts" at the same time. (The time would be Spring.)

Gordon had a haircut appointment with his old friend/barber from the school. She just
called and cancelled. Some unspecified problem came up. They'll try again tomorrow.
At the school the price was $5. Now it's $20. I can remember when it was 50 cents for
me and a buck for my Dad.

Finally finished the Joan Rivers book. Full of her usual outrageous humor, but a real
workout to lift and hold.

Yours till Johnny Unitas splits
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Rock: I hadn't seen that about Jefferson's brother. I do remember the discussion about offspring a few years ago. They had an interview with a young black man...I believe his hair was a touch of red in it. I'll have to look all of that up.

I've saved a few of those photos from that website, possibly for inspiration for painting.

Interesting that your relative worked for Billy Graham. He was blessed with a long life serving God.

Granni: None of us wants surgery, but sometimes it's necessary as in my case. I'm grateful that the little cancer was caught in time. A friend from HS had called around christmas to tell me her DH had blood in his urine, had all the tests, and then the little surgery, I had, to remove the tumor. Then every 3 mos. he had to go for a cystoscope. He had to have chemo though every time. This was a simple "infusion" direct into the bladder, hold it for one hr. No hair lost or being sick because it bypasses the blood and stomach, and goes directly into the bladder. I believe he had the chemo a few times, then everything was clear. Had this every 3 mos. check for a few years, then every 6 mos. He's been cancer free for over 10.

No sense in worrying over it, since worry can't change anything but make you very stressed.

Well, the tile cleaning got postponed AGAIN.....looks like rain approaching, and on monday a 40% chance.

I'm off the the PO to drop off something I sold and then the library. I've been doing Etsy for over 5 years.....my hope is to sell everything by the time I go to heaven so my kids will have very little to contend with. Besides it being fun!
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Good afternoon!

I would tell you that it's been a crazy day at work, but that wouldn't be telling you anything new.

Sun - Barry might not have thought of anything, but oddly (maybe I watch too much British telly) I thought of "Punch and Judy" - a popular puppet show done at fetes in England. A policeman was a common character. No clue if your toy is one of those.

Barry - Yes, twitching is awesome! I had the unique experience of saving a cerulean warbler once. It was sitting on the sidewalk in downtown Cincinnati. I walked up to it very slowly, carefully scooped it up, walked to a nearby tree and nestled it on a branch. When I came out of work, it was gone. We're in the migration path, so I figure the poor thing was just exhausted and needed to rest. I also rescued a Carolina wren that was in a blind panic flying into the window of a restaurant (again, downtown Cincinnati). Ducky the bird-whisperer was able to slowly scoop it up and put it in a tree to rest and reorient itself.

Mikie - My DM's new cat follows her around like a puppy. Apparently, her name (Luna) is apt...she's a lunatic! She LOVES the 'dot' and is constantly waiting for my DM to whip it out of her pocket to play.

Rock - the day my DS wore shorts, it actually got up to almost 80!! Now we have snow in the forecast again.

Star - you have an amazing variety of wildlife. We do get deer, rabbits, squirrels, possum and of course, skunks.

Well, I have to get back to the squirrels here at work. They don't like being herded. Hugs to everybody!


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Can't stay on to long but wanted to pop in for a bit to see if I was missing anything :)!!

MIKIE , DUCKIE and anyone else knowing a lot about phones and computers. I asked my DD to send me a picture on so I could put it on FB. Maybe I will change my profile or at least put it in an album bor something. It is a pic of DH and I and DD#1's mother and Father IL that was taken the other day after the brunch.. How can I move it from a text on my old 5 SG phone to FB. I have done it from my picture app. When I tap the pic I don't see anything else to click other than a square up on the top right. When I click it is gives the number and says "If you do not want to replace a file, rename it. Not sure what that will do HELP. I am afraid I will push something and it will disappear. . It says push cancel or OK. To me that is as clear as mud. Do I push OK and then move it to somewhere else if that is possible.???? Since it is an old phone I am guessing it might be stuck where it is:confused::(

SUN - Yes, I know what you mean since DH had prostate surgery in 2001. He went in every 3, 6 mos - 1 yearly, etc. checkups but it has been so long he hadn't gotten checked at all. I think his whole prostate was removed. Hoping that whatever is causing the problem is now very small and they can just get rid of it. He has absolutely no urinary symptoms other than two bleeding in the urine episodes. That was like one or two times with , (one day) 2x about 5 months apart, no pain or anything. He is going to the same urologist who is quite accomplished.

MIKIE - Hope you are not bleary eyed from waking up so early. I know what you mean. I usually can go back to sleep but sometimes not and I got up earlier today than usual but sometimes I cannot go back to sleep either. Hope you enjoyed your luncheon today. Wow, 90 degrees today. It has been chilly damp and rainy lately. and in the 50's today I think..

JULIE, ROCK, SW, BARRY et al thinking of you all. Gotta go and do some laundry folding and then probably start dinner. Hope everyone is feeling as up to snuff as they can be ( whatever that means)/????

Love to everydobby,
Granni :)


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Barry: I just now looked more at that site......botanicals! Love them. I saved a lot of them and will now forward to CVS to have printed up for reference photos of the flowers. This entire site is WONDERFUL.

DUCK: I did a search for the policeman from Punch and Judy. Didn't see anything like what Ive got, but you might be right. He's missing a coat and probably a hat and that might help if I saw something like that.

Here's a strange bird story for you guys.

I had pulled into the parking lot of a store I used to service.....it had surrounding open fields around it. I saw this "strange" bird about the size of a hawk so I followed it to get a better look. As I got closer I could see it had some piece of plastic around it's beak. So I ran into the store and talked to the manager, who knew a local bird rescue woman, who flew down in her car and the 3 of us tried to get closer. Turned out the rescue birder said it looked like it had a plastic beak, surgically put on.....probably had escaped from a cage. It ended up flying away. I sure hope it survived.


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Sun, search for Punch, Judy and Cop, Images. The cop usually thumps Punch with his
billy club. Or maybe in England they call it a William Club. The bird with the plastic beak
may have belonged to Joan Rivers at one time.

Granni, sounds like DH was very lucky with his surgery result.

Barry, how did "birdwatching" morph into "twitching"?

Duckie, don't get too close to those squirrels. They have fierce incisors and can be carnivorous. They have been observed killing and eating baby birds.

Gonna go back to my movie. It's titled Presenting Lily Mars. One of the few Judy Garland movies I've never seen before. Made in 1943. The DVD from the library was still in
its plastic wrap. Don't have to worry about this DVD being in bad condition.

Hope all of you are in the best condition possible.




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Sun - I could swear I have seen ones that looked like that on Punch and Judy...so that's my guess and I'm sticking to it!! :D That said, I'm not sure you should trust someone with face blindness!!! :eek:

Rock - according to that profound source of misinformation, Wikipedia says "The term twitcher, sometimes misapplied as a synonym for birder, is reserved for those who travel long distances to see a rare bird that would then be ticked, or counted on a list. The term originated in the 1950s, when it was used for the nervous behaviour of Howard Medhurst, a British birdwatcher."

Granni - I hope all goes well for your DH. Those things can be so nerve-wracking waiting for answers.

Mikie - Worf's new "dots" arrived today. One is shaped like a mouse. He thinks it is awesome! I can run him all over the place without wearing myself out.

For a bit of good news, my DD found out today that she got hired for a new job (she applied for many). She's been at the same company as my DH, but hasn't gotten a raise for 3 years. Not sure when she starts.

The tablet on the new refrigerator is very cool...you can put an app on your phone(s) and the shopping list syncs to it. You can also see in the fridge from your phone, even when you aren't home! As you check things off the shopping list, it automatically adds them to your "fridge" with the date purchased, and then you can mark whether it's in the fridge, freezer or pantry, and whether it has an expiration date. All nifty organizational tools!

Hugs to Spring, Judy, Julie, Star, etc. etc. Have a great evening!


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Oh, sure, Duckie. Good old Howie Medhurst. Haven't seen him in a coon's age. Or maybe I
should say a cuckoo's age.

What kind of job did your DD get? I remember when I got out of college and went job hunting.
Seemed like every job for new graduates had the same title: Manager Trainee. I answered
such an ad for 3M. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing. The folks what make Scotch tape.

They made me take a typing test. On and electric typewriter. That was back in the days when
most people have never seen or heard of such a thing. So I took the test and predictably
got a lousy score. But I hold no grudge. I still use Scotch tape when Gordon buys it.

Glad to hear Worf likes his new toy. I haven't had a new toy for decades.

Just watched Presenting Lily Mars w/ Judy Garland. If you're curious you can see clips
on Youtube. Or even the whole thing. Free or for $2.99. The choice is yours. You can
also listen to the Lux Radio Theater which presented the story a few years later. June
Allyson played Judy and Van Hefflin played Van Hefflin.



Good Friday Morning, Kids,

Ha Ha, I just typed 'Good Morning, Lids. Doh!!! I'm on the hated Surface, tapping on glass. Had a good time at lunch yesterday. Steak was excellent. I had a sirloin which was seasoned with something delicious. I forgot to ask whether they sell the seasoning. So good to enjoy a meal with pals from the hood. I stopped in at the mgmt. office to leave off a check and the receptionist was really sick with a cold. She had been to the doc and was pumped full of drugs. I also stopped and got a flash drive to give to the guy downstairs so he can make a boot drive for me.

Had to get off the Surface before I had a stroke from getting so mad. Gonna edit and add. Hope I can get to everydooby before this hot old computer shuts off.

Sun, thanks for the link. I'll be checking it out. The last one you posted helped me choose plants for the stairwell atria. I had a male cardinal who attacked his image in my side window for two seasons when he and his mate were nesting. The constant noise of his pecking at himself just about drove me nuts, like Chinese water torture. He was a beautiful bird. Hope your pool turns out well. Ours is way overdue to be emptied completely, sandblasted and refinished. They will be completely replacing our tile and coping around the top. Not sure that the doc ever did get a solid diagnosis for DSIL. His Mom has Lupus and FMS so he likely figured it's something autoimmune. DSIL is so much better on the steroids that he will take them so he can stand the pain. His Mom took them for a while for her Lupus and she got better. I think it's a matter of choosing the lesser of the two evils.

Star, I don't know what roo bars are. Yes, Tweety is still at Jeff's. Evidently, he lets her run wild over there. She is an amazing cat, very street wise and strong. She is the white cat in my avatar, lying in front of SV. She is a beautiful cat, all white with large green eyes. I hope you DS can get settled with his school work. My DGS suffers from attention defit and struggles with school.

Rock, Publix is often among the top supermarkets nationwide even though it's a regional chain with stores in the SE. They are more expensive than most other stores but they have great sales and BOGOs, which make it cheaper to shop there if one plans meals around the sales. I do think their customer service has slipped since I worked there, though. I'm interested in that job interview with 3M and am glad you decided to Post It. Yuk, yuk!!! I was Mining my own business when the pun came to me. Oh, somebody stop me! Your little Miss Kitty sounds wonderful. How sweet of you to give her such yummy food and a warm meal on a cold day is beyond the call of duty for cat lovers.

Granni, I've been keeping DH in my prayers. Keep us updated on how he's doing. I have either transferred photos from my phone with the UBS/power chord or emailed them to my computer and saved them from the email. I am not very computer/phone savvy. Good luck.

Duckie, I tried the laser dot and both Tweety and SV just looked at me as though to say, "Really, a laser?" It's wonderful what that fridge can do. I love the new technology, only limited by what we are willing to spend. If it's something really helpful, like my Roomba, I buy it. My neighbors think I'm nuts to have it. Two of them have said the Roombas don't work and don't clean in the corners, neither of which is true. The price of them has come down now to about half of what I paid for mine. I am so glad you like both your new phone and the fridge. What fun and how practical.

OK, Kids, the computer is heating up fast. Gotta go.

Love, Mikie
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Hi, Kids.

Just back for a second. I saw on the news that bad actors are posting photos on Facebook which are doctored to cause anger and outrage among Americans. Most people know not to believe everything they read online but most believe what they see in photos. The signs being carried by protesters are a main target. Our country is so divided and the hacking by cyber terrorists is making things worse. Question everything.

Julie, I feared I had missed someone. I'm glad you and Den are back safe and sound. Also glad your Dad is better.

Barry, sorry I missed you too. Good grief! Yes, at least I am warm, very warm. I hope things warm up for you. Is a twitcher anything like a twerker?

Love, Mikie
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Good morning dear Porchies Not much time to stay on here. Not dressed yet but I had to send a note to my choir director at church about a funeral coming up. Next Tuesday will be a very busy day. A funeral in the morning and I probably will sing, sing with our small group in the afternoon and then a birthday celebration at our club for 3 members of our group. We just eat drink and exchange crazy cards :)!!

MIKIE - So sorry your surface is driving you crazy, I think that is the one, not sure or the other newer one. Yes, I am like you and question a lot and don't believe a lot of what I read any more , pictures too. Sad people are willing to stoop to such antics to get their agenda through. Enough said about that.

DUCKIE - Did you say you got that refrig with all those gadgets on it?? Couldn't afford it and or probably figure out how to work most of it. The water and ice is enough for me :)!!

Thank you all for sweet thoughts on DH. He is doing fine with absolutely no symptoms but I know he is worried about the cystoscopy coming up next week and what they might find.. They did say whatever it was was small so that is good. Then in a couple of more weeks is the trial date. Good grief ! Wondering if they will offer him something before the trail date or not. Should be hearing something soon so I know what time to show up anyway. I have the date but no time. Hoping if we go to court it will settle out of court with no trial.

ROCK - The surgery was about 16 years ago. Not sure if you had that mixed up with what might be coming later after the tests. Yes, he did fare well after the surgery, thank God.

JULIE - Hope all is well with you . Do you ever take a break :)??

P.S. Going to see a local production of Hello Dolly tonight with friends and dinner before.

Gotta run and get dressed.