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Welcome to the new porch! You can bring along your feline friends to chat with Snoozy there.

Today is a Festival of Colours. People throwing colored powders and water over each other. One of the most fun festivals as long as you don't mind getting streaky and wet.


Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Not much to tell. I'm still sick with the Red Tide. I hope it isn't here to stay. This is the worst it has ever been. I hope everydooby else is doing well.

Granni, I was wondering whether you have made anything in the 'monstrosity,' as your DH calls your new pot. I hope you like it.

I'm not gonna stay. I hope our Porchies visit soon.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Springwater

Thank you for opening the games. I understand that today's hi-lights include the synchronized
bowling team and the battle between the fencing team and the hockey players. I think I'm too
old for "streaky and wet" so I'll skip the Festival of Colours. Maybe I can attend the Festival of

Barry, in answer to your question, Gordon is still reading books by Peter Tremayne and many
books by Alys Clare. I think they both write about the Medieval period. A time that would
have greatly benefited from more soap and water and less theology.

Duckie, thanks for "dunnage". A new word to me. I could have used something like that a couple days ago. I was filling up boxes with CDs. But everything doesn't always fit just right. Some packing material would have been very helpful.

JB, I had to look up listeria. I thought it was some sort of mania brought about by listening
to the music of the Hungarian Franz Liszt. He was kinda like Leonard Bernstein. A composer and also a flamboyant pianist. Scholars are still researching to see if Liszt wrote an East Side Story.

Granni, I've never been to a ladies luncheon, but I'm glad to hear you had a nice one. What
sort of scent does your candle have? Or do you have to light it to be sure?

Mikie, good to know you are content with your condo and new appliances and old cat. Gordon
got a refurbished computer tower yesterday. We are hoping it will make our computer
forays less aggravating.

Hugs to one and all


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Good morning, friends! Thank you, Spring, for the new porch. Peace Sign and Jude 2.0 will be joining Snoozy...Oreo too, if she behaves :rolleyes: but that's not likely to happen as it is too much fun to chase the cats.

How much fun...the color festival! I guess the ones who don't care to get streaky and wet just stay inside? I've seen pictures here where people run races through colored foamy water.

Rock, yes, I hope the refurbished computer tower does the trick. I would have a hard time dealing with those kinds of issues.

Mikie, it would be great if there was something that could go out into the ocean and clean up that darn Red Tide. Seems it has dragged on way too long this year.

Thinking of everyone else, but can't remember enough to stay and visit. Den has gone back to work and I know he will be exhausted tonight. Seems there was more to be done to the solar field, as far as the electric goes...one of the contractors who was working on the project has notified the city (Den's crew) that they want the electric beefed up to the solar panels. If everyone had known this when they were doing all the trenching, etc...it could have been done at the same time. All the contractors were just going by what specs they were given by the company (and this is the biggest solar field so far, so I think they are still working out kinks.)

Anyway, it is too muddy for Den and his guys to get their big trucks into the area so will have to pack things in on foot and with one of the guy's 4-wheeler. Craziness, and so unnecessary...not sure if someone is just tacking extra work on to raise the price or if it really needs to be done. The electric inspector already did his thing (and it passed) but who knows what is really going on. At any rate, it will be exhausting work.

We (Den, mostly) got the loft fence done and it looks great. I'll post a pic when I get things sort of organized up there. We're still trying to decide when to go to Lindsey's...still too cold here at night for Den to feel comfortable leaving the farm.

I need to get busy...have lots of boxes downstairs yet to go through. Will run errands and visit my dad tomorrow. He seems to be holding his own, but still not feeling the best. They are taking him to meals in a wheelchair, so he must be too weak to get clear down the hall.

Take care, everyone! I am telling myself that spring and warmer weather will soon be here...getting tired of the cold. This seems to have been a more difficult winter...glad we have the other seasons to look forward to. Ordinarily, I would be brave (stubborn?) and hang clothes on the line anyway...this winter I have just been using the dryer. Rebel, that I am :rolleyes::p

One of the variations of a Color Run...some of them are fundraiser races...not sure how they originated...might be fun to look that up sometime.

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Hi, Kids,

Just went down to check the mail and there was none. Don't know whether mail lady is late or whether I had no mail. Guy downstairs made a bootable flash drive for me and my FPOC booted up. It's now 'preparing automatic repair.' That can take hours so I'm just letting it do its thing and praying for the best. I went out and sent back an outfit I ordered from QVC. I won't be buying clothes online again. In addition to the $3 S&H, they are charging me $7 for a 'QVC retagging fee.' So, I spent $10 to try on a cheesy outfit. I've been a customer for more than 25 years but am fed up with them and HSN. I may order things but not if I can order elsewhere. I like Amazon. My colloidal silver is supposed to arrive today but it must be coming UPS or FedEx. I just don't want it out in the heat any longer than it has to be.

Talked to DD in TX. She is packing, getting ready for their move. Unfortunately, the house in the Denver area they have a contract on didn't do well when it was inspected. The roof is shot. She doesn't know what they will do. I hope the sellers will put a new roof on it. It isn't insurable as it is.

Spring, thanks so much for starting us up again. When I was watching Indian Summer on PBS, they showed people throwing the colored powder on each other at the festival. Looks like fun. Very colorful.

Julie, that stuff they use for the runs looks colorful and fun too. Glad the fence on the loft came out well. What a pain for Den and his crew. Never heard about any problems with the huge solar field which provides power to the Bobcat Ranch community here. That's where the eagles have their nest that you can watch on the eagle cam.

Rock, I'm all for anything to decrease computer aggravation. On Modern Family, one of the guys got a Valentine which was encased in an origami folded envelope. Made me thing of Gordon.

Gotta go do some more cleaning in the kitchen. It's slow going. Hope all y'all are having a great day.

Love, Mikie


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Spring: I LOVE the picture! That lovely corner of windows and a window seat, and kitty sleeping and everything. Even tea set up. Certainly draws a person in. I think that festival would be a lot of fun. Does the city get more visitors at this time to participate in it?

Mikie: I don't think I've ever bought any clothes online, although my DD does it weekly/daily! She doesn't have the time to shop....me all I've got is time. And it's so easy for me to run down to the local stores around me when I feel like it. I remember when I was in HS and my mom and I saw this darling blue checked dress for summer. She we ordered it, yes it was pretty UNTIL it got washed and turned out like a limp rag. I guess I learned my lesson then about mail order.

Julie: I think you and Den will enjoy your time together once he retires. I DREADED that time with my DH.

Star: I remember when that listeria outbreak occurred, but then it seems there's always something that's being recalled. Most of our produce comes from Mexico and less expensive than grown in the US.

Still have that COUGH that everyone has been saying, it hangs on. And I wheeze loud. Really bad fatigue so having to lay down several times a day, bummer, I hate that. I think it's almost gone then a runny nose starts up again along with sneezing, but never had a fever.

I was reading yesterday that cuercetin found in onions, green tea, apples, plums red grapes and elder flowers are great for strengthening your immune system, so I made some onion soup yesterday and have been eating grapes. Now I need to get some of the green tea inbetween the coffee I love.

Here's a funny with Clair. I have some metal framework chairs that I use usually outside on the patio. The cushions are great, just old, and it helps my back when I sit on it. So I had brought the one from my BR (which clair sleeps on) into the FR to try it out for watching TV. That evening she came and sat in front of me, eyes huge! She doesn't get on my lap ever, too heavy. Couldn't figure out what she wanted. Then I got up and went into the kitchen when she immediately jumped on HER chair. Couldn't believe that. So yesterday I moved the 2nd chair from outside to the BR and she appropriated it immediately. Last night, darn if she didn't do the same thing, jumped on MY chair in the FR as though it was HERS. Pushy cat!


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Hi Kids

Was just reading the news. There was a gunfight in San Francisco. The murder suspect in a
van fired two shots. The posse of cops fired 65 shots. Result: no one was hit. Brings to mind the
old song "A Whole Lotta Shootin' Goin' On."

Mikie, I don't know if the ancient art of origami is compatible with "On Modern Family." How
old is origami, one might ask. Answer: About as old as paper. Sixth century or so. Gordon just
left to get his haircut. Hope his goal is achieved this time. The season for protecting the orchids
is here again. We were using plastic sheets to cover them last night. As well as a few bed sheets;
single size. Far as I can tell, most hobbies involve some degree of drudgery.
Sounds to me like you didn't get nice treatment from QVC. Gordon loves that place. I said to him many years back as he was parked in front of the TV, "Do you realize you're watching hours of commercials?" He said, "Yeah? So?"

Julie, I love the pic you posted. It suggests Disney to me. I looked up Color Run. Read all about it. It's expensive. The site I read said the entrance fee is $45. Looks like fun if one is young and healthy.

Right next to that site was one from CBS saying many of these runs are scams. The folks in charge collect the fees, but there is no actual run. As somebody (Demosthenes, Will Rogers, Isaac Newton, Paula Poundstone?) said long ago, "This is why we can't have nice things."

If even Den doesn't know why this additional electric work needs to be done, it seems pretty
suspicious to me.

Gordon made a small batch of soup last night. I finished it off today. Am currently reading
a bio of Clifton Webb. Like some other actors he was originally a dancer. (George Raft,
Buddy Ebsen, James Cagney.) Clifton wrote the first 6 chapters. Then set them aside. The current author took it from there.



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Good afternoon dear ones,

I finally got on the computer for a bit. DH has been on it most of the day other than when we went to the store to grocery shop.. He may want to get on it again after the mail comes. Who knows, but wanted to pop in for a bit. Nothing new today.

MIKIE - I hope your back is feeling better now or at least almost better but probably working to hard cleaning may not be helping it . However,, not sure what you are cleaning and doing right now. Don't overdo or pick up to much heavy stuff. No I have been so busy that I haven't cooked anything else yet in the monstrosity :)!! Need to find out a recipe for the pressure cooker part. I probably don't need it to use it as a slow cooker but recipes can give ideas? Have yo used your Instapot lately? If so what did you make. ?

SUN - That was a funny story about Claire your kitty. She surely sounds rather pushy and thinks she owns the place LOL :D he he !! Don't most kitties?? My grand kitties act like they own DD's place too. There is also no where those guys won't go. Sorry that you are still harboring that cough ! I know it can go on and on and zap any little bit of NRG you thought you might have. I have been lucky with that lately. Knock on wood.

ROCK - What kind of soup did Gordon make.?? I love soups to eat them, and make them if they are not to time consuming with many many ingredients and LOTS of chopping..

JULIE- Thanks for the color festival picture - pretty interesting although I surely wouldn't be in it at least not now. Hope you are getting your things done in due order without to much rush.

SPRING - Thanks for the new PORCH. Hope you are doing well and have a little bit of NRG for all your festivals, etc.

Thinking of everydobby. Gotta do some more chores.

Hope all goes well tomorrow with DH's Cystoscopy. I have been assured by the office that they will use local anesthesia and should be able to drive home.

Granni :)


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Hi Kids

Here's some info from the Triple A magazine that Gordon thought our quilters might be
interested in. From the Bolt to the Bed. April 27-28. Long Beach. More than 100 Quilts
on display; a vendor mall; silent auction; flea market. Sponsored by the LA County
Quilter's Guild. (562-860-8821 Attention Duckie, Sun, anybody else?

Granni, Gordon uses chicken broth for his soup and puts in small ground beef balls.
And then whatever vegetables are lying about. Usually carrots, onions and potatoes;
always rice. It never lasts very long.

Barry, I don't remember Gordon saying anything about Susanna Gregory. I haven't read
anything by her. I am familiar with Stephen Foster's song "Oh Susanna" though. Written
by Foster when he lived in Cincinnati. Perhaps Duckie's ancestors used to sing it.

"Vased" is not a valid word according to the Scrabble dictionary, but I like it. You are to
be congratulated on your inventiveness and creativity.

Sun, I hope your fatigue and cough are both fading away. Let me know if you come to
Long Beach. You'll only be about 25 miles away. You can come sit on our non-virtual
reality porch.

Mikie, got a library book titled The Pun Also Rises by John Pollack. On the cover it
says,"How the humble pun revolutionized language, changed history, and made Word-
play more than some antics. The cover looks familiar. Maybe I etc.

OK, goin' back to bed.
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Good Friday Morning, Dear Porchies,

The Red Tide seems worse than ever. I'm choking and just coming up the stairs leaves me winded. Sorry to always be whining about it. It's so hard to want to do things and just not have the NRG. I did clean out one cupboard yesterday. I'm donating my plastic glassware which took up one whole shelf. I put it in the box SV's new toy came in and he walked over to it and looked so sad. I took the wrapping paper out and put it on the floor for him. He climbed between the layers of it and, when I looked, only his snout and eyes were visible. Sooo funny!

Even with the boot disc I made and the boot flash drive my neighbor made, the computer still won't work and the same error message appears. Soooo, I'm gonna have to take it or send it to be repaired. I'll have to change my password at the bank and on Amazon. I doubt most geeks would use them to hack me but I can't take that chance. In the meantime, I'm gonna go buy the cheapest little laptop I can find. I don't know where the paperwork is for the FPOC nor how too use the warranty. There is no hurry and I'm not up to looking for it right now. Too much to do.

Sun, I'm sorry you still have your cough. It was like that for me when I had the crud. The various symptoms would get better and then worse. It's a crazy crud. My problem now is the RT. I think it makes me even sicker than the crud did. It's a disgusting toss up. That's funny about Clair. Cats have a mind of their own. We have dogs but cats have us. Still, they are hard not to love. Hope you feel better.

Rock, like Gordon, I always enjoyed ordering from HSN and the Q but my experience with the FPOC and this latest order have left me angry with them both. DD gave me a $50 gift card for HSN and I haven't used it. I hope the efforts to protect the orchids work. I only have one left and I neglect it. Modern Family is a pretty good sitcom. I never watched it when it was first on. The kids on the show have grown up before our very eyes. Hope the orchids are OK.

Granni, hope all goes well with DH's cystoscopy today. I just sent up a little prayer. Sorry you have been too busy to use your new pot. There are all kinds of recipes online for using the pressure cooker function. I do ribs and pot roast in mine. My favorite thing is the breakfast French bread/steamed pudding dish with bacon. Again, hope all goes well.

Barry, I love your new verb, vased. It's perfect. New words and terms are coined and accepted into the dictionary all the time. This one is particularly dictionary worthy. Right now, I'm cleaning out cupboards so am not cleaning the floor until they, and the fridge, are done. I clean top to bottom and got up on the step ladder yesterday and dusted the small antiques which adorn the tops of the cupboards. I can only do so much because being on the ladder is so hard on my back. I love getting rid of stuff I no longer use nor want but, while I'm doing that, the rest of the place goes to hell in a handbasket. Your soup sounds really good, especially on a cold day. I hope the temps improve for you.

Love, Mikie

Addendum: All is not rotten in the state of Mikieland. Just got off the phone to mgmt. and the sister of the woman in our bldg. brought her fees up to date. Of course, March fees are now due but I'm happy and relieved that we didn't have to put a lien on the condo. Also, when I sent the ugly witch outfit back to QVC, I forgot to put the reason for return inside so I called and got a really nice lady in C/S who said they would refund the purchase (minus the S&H and their stupid QVC tag fee). Still, I'm glad for that.

I'm taking a short rest from cleaning and packing stuff up for Goodwill. I used SV's box for fragile wine glasses. It's all taped up and he's sitting shiva for his loss. When my ex and I first were married, we had a little cat who loved to run obstacle courses set up in the hall by my ex. He reconfigured cardboard boxes to keep the kitty challenged. I feel bad for SV so will have to do something else nice for him. He especially liked sleeping in that box. He has a nice soft kitty bed which he also loves.

Hope all y'all are having a great day.

Love, Mikie
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Rock:. Thanks for that info on the quilts. I just called that # and left a message, hoping there might be a person interested in my old quilts...I hope so.

Barry: I also like the term, vased. Yesterday my new young pool man was here. Turns out he lives in the area where I grew up, so it was interesting to talk with him. I asked about a family....he lives with his dad again since his mom died last year from cancer. And it turns out his mom and dad owned this very successful florist/garden business where I live. Sold it out a few years ago and everyone was sad to see it gone. Small world!

Mikie: Sorry the RT is so hard on you. Maybe you should wear a mask when you take the trash down? Speaking of masks more people are wearing them around here and it was mentioned in a news report yesterday. Either they're sick or trying to avoid getting sick.

You're right about it starting up again, I felt OK yesterday, enough to run some errands and plant 4 small bushes in front before the rains came. Early this morning I woke with a sore throat and feeling run down again. I always enjoyed watching Modern Family, and like you never saw it until reruns. I think I need to order some DVDs from the library so I can enjoy it all over again. I HATE BEING SICK!

I'm sorry the computer stuff didn't work for you. I hope you find the right computer for you, whatever you choose.

Star: I know you've been here.....how are things going?

Barry: I found this most interesting article in the New Yorker magazine on bats, and how they're dying off. I didn't realize that bats are most helpful for keeping the insect population in control. And this focused on Iowa and the farmland area, so JULIE you might be interested.

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Hi Kids

Back from a trip to the chiropractor. Too bad I didn't know about him 22 years ago. That's
how long he's been in business. Best chiro ever! If there's every an awards show for chiros...

We also stopped at various places like the hadrware store, the bank, the post office and The
Oinkster. Isn't that last a stupid name for a drive in-restaurant! Sounds like they are insulting
their customers. Antway they weren't quite open even though it was after 11 AM. Then
we went to the bank, but it was jammed so we left. Then we drove by MacDonald's but it
was also jammed. What are all these people doing out in the rain? At least we had no problem
at the P.O. (I used to have a friend at school who always referred to the Post Office as the "Po".
Pronounced like Edgar Allen. Other than that she was perfectly normal.

Sun, hope the LA Quilting folks have some good news for you. Or maybe you can donate your
vintage quilts to some charity and get a big tax deduction? I suppose it would help if you were
a huge and wealthy corporation.

Mikie, are you planning to get SV a new box? I remember going to grocery stores for boxes
every time I've moved. (About 25 times.) Last time one store said, "Nah, we don't do that no
more. Just bundle 'em up and throw 'em in a dumpster. Now and then ya see guys carrying
it away. I guess they sell it someplace."

Glad you found somebody human at QVC to talk to. Gordon gets good treatment from them.
Probably because he buys from them month after month; year after year. I used to say I don't
buy anything anymore except fuel for me and the car. And I sold the car some years ago.

Well, we didn't get anything to eat one the way home, so I guess I'll wander downstairs to the
kitchen. Gordon made a new batch of soup, so that will be nice on a cold (55) and rainy day.

Hope things are sunny where you are.



Hi, Sun.

I was hoping you would buck the trend and get over the crud once and for all. I eventually did but it took a couple of months, just in time for this massive RT super bloom. I know you hate being sick. I do too. So much to do and no NRG. I had the 'lie down or fall down' feeling so had to stop. I fixed some Brussel sprouts for lunch. I rest and then just keep going.

I hope you can sell the quilts. There are still collectors who want them. Evidently, Millennials aren't interested in the traditional antiques and that is affecting demand and price.

I'm tapping on glass so need to go.

Love, Mikie


Good grief. I typed the above post but didn't hit the button. I'm just a mess. I do have more good news. I still have time to renew my permit to carry. I just have a small late fee.

Sun, I also saw a program on bats like the one you watched. They have adorable faces.

Rock, inevitably I'll order something and get another box for SV. I'm trying to get stuff outta here. Cats love disorder. Glad you got to see the chiropractor. If there were an award show for them, The Crunchies would be a good name. If your doc performed, you could tell him to break a leg. The show would no doubt be in your neck of the woods, no bones about it. Here in the south, 'po' means you have no money. Or rather, you ain't got no money. Hope you got a bite to eat.

Love, Mike
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AND THE SNOW JUST KEEPS COMING, and so do the snow plows!!! Woke this morning to another 8 inches of the white stuff, and it's still coming down..looks like we will continue with the snow storm all through today and night and tomorrow...OH JOY!!..guess that's what we get for living in the foothills of the Sierras..if I could afford to move, I would.

Granni, hope all went well with DH today..sent prayers..

Sorry to read that so many of you are not feeling well..I, too, am not feeling well today either..bummmer!! My old body is telling me it's time for a nap..

A BIG "hello" to everyone..I will get back and respond to all of you asap..until then...

Take care..
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Rock: I got a call back from the lady head of the quilt organization. She left a message that I could rent a booth to sell....nope....can't do. This body won't allow normal things that other people can do. So I guess they'll have to be someone else's headache when I'm gone.

You're right, that's an awful name for a restaurant! But is the food good?

Happy that you've found the best ever chiro! What is the difference between this one and the others you have seen?

Judy: Sorry about all the snow you have to contend with. I suppose all of us have something that we wish we had a crystal ball to see in the future before we lept, I sure do. Just look at the positive, I'm sure it's very beautiful.


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Hi all

I don’t know what the computer is doing. It told me to update n all.

Glad everyone liked the Porch. As soon as I saw the picture, my heart bloomed like the flowers in that vase. Some pictures, scenes, music, stories do that to me. My heart leaps and becomes full. :p

Hmmm. Nice to know there is a colour festival of sorts in America too, Julie! I equate this festival to the Tomatino in Spain. Lots of mess, lots of chaos, makes no sense, but high on madness! We as Tibetans don’t celebrate Holi as such but the kids used to. I used to have kids gather here and they would have water fights. And then eat up the whole house, afterwards with their exertions!

This time, both were at friends places. But they got waylaid by strangers at a supermarket, where I sent them to pick up groceries, Full Moon is no meat day in my household so had to get mushrooms, cream, etc., and got HH written on their cheek with red colour. Happy Holi.

Yesterday, I went for a little jaunt downtown, combined shopping for some tools etc. with a little meal in an Indian restaurant, I ate pooris and aaloo curry and kesar lassi. Ie. bread, potato gravy and a thick milk drink with saffron in it.

Gave some clothes to be dry cleaned, repaired. Today shops are mostly closed here. Saturday’s are off days.

Mikie - this blasted Red Tide. Barry was right. Tide from hell! You must be relieved the lady downstairs paid up some of her fees. It’s stressful, isn’t it, having to run after people. Our Chief Aacountant at the hotel I worked at, used to be so happy when he saw a check in the mail, which me and my friend opened first thing..after it came down from the CEOs office. Those days, everything came by mail.

The computer says it’s gonna do an update. Will be back.
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