PORCH 1054 is now CLOSED (April 12, 2018)


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Hi friends! Hope it's okay if I get a new porch going. I don't have a picture yet, but will go look for one. If not, I'll bet Mikie has one in her files :)...okay, found just a general one, but the view looks pretty great...to me, at least. I'll be back in a minute to visit...

Yesterday was the first day warm enough to open windows...but I closed them before Den got home from work as it started to cool back down (good for me, but I knew he would be cold, lol!) Today we expect another nice day (low 70's) as well as tomorrow and Saturday. Then highs back in the 50's for several days after that. Oh well, I have a couple loads of laundry on the line from yesterday (napped too late, then didn't care if I brought them in or not) and some more to hang out today.

I am doing better pain-wise...the far-away chiro does so much more than just "snap, crackle, pop"...his treatments are more like accupressure. I think I would benefit from going to get a massage locally, but don't want to take the time right now...maybe Monday or Tuesday. Cataract surgery is next Wednesday...supposed to be a piece of cake, but the info from the doctor suggests "taking it easy for a few days."

Lindsey has a chance to go to California over Mother's Day (to the lady who does the healing massages (?) but I told her I don't trust my eyesight to drive that far until I get my eyes checked again (4 to 5 weeks after surgery) and get a new lens for my glasses (another couple weeks after that.) David's mom isn't up to watching the four kids while David is at work (Lindsey would be gone four days) so it may need to be rescheduled. The idea of going to the beautiful Ojai Valley sounds healing all in itself, but I'm not sure how "miraculous" the treatment is...time will tell, I guess.

The kids keep finding mold in their house, so have been dealing with that (cutting out the bad floor and wall areas and treating with mold remover, etc.) and they are all so sensitive to mold, mildew, etc. The previous owners did a lot of "cosmetic" things to cover up shoddy workmanship...lots of leaks where remodeling was done, etc.

I'm going to get to work...lots to do inside and out. So will just visit as I can...I hate to try to keep track of everyone in print...so afraid I will forget someone. On the political topics....only God knows what's going on in the minds of our leaders...and I believe that He has everything under control, even if some of their actions are questionable or even scary. I'm at peace with our current situation, even if I don't understand all that's going on. I prayed for the former administration, and pray for this one too. I intend to just do what I can...take care of my husband and kiddos, pets, home, yard, dad. Nothing I can really do to change the political climate, so I'm not going to stress about anything. Harder to say than actually put into practice, but we gotta try our best (or be stressed...which for me, leads to pain and fatigue and brain fog, and...)

Oh good news! I was having pain in one of my eye teeth...it has been filled already and I was so afraid I'd need it pulled. But the dentist worked me in right away and he couldn't find anything wrong in xray or exam. He thinks my sinus allergies might be causing the tooth pain, or if I clench my teeth in my sleep (well, yes I do, but I have misplaced my mouth guard...gotta look harder for it.) So, the tooth is "saved" for now.

Love you guys! Take care and please know that I am thinking of and praying for you :)

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Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

I'm late getting here. I slept eight hours last night and came out and slept another hour on the sofa. All this extra sleep is helping and I do feel a bit better. Joe called and we talked quite a while so I'm really late getting here. Not that it matters when I do get here.

Julie, thanks so much for getting us up and going again. That pic looks as though it could have been taken down here. The Croton is just like ones we have planted by the bldg. I hope this means you have recovered from the trip and that the chiro helped you.

Granni, I've been praying for your DH. I hope he comes through the surgery with flying colors. Let us know how you both are doing.

Sun, those tomatoes sound delicious. None of our dollar stores sells produce. I've tried buying produce from farmers and it still doesn't taste great. So, I just get it at Publix. I hope you get a clean bill of health from the doc.

I'd stay a bit but am sitting here with wet hair. It's at a horrible length and I don't know what to do with it. I'm tempted to get it cut. Stay tuned.

Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Mikie! I was wondering about you, but remember that sometimes you get delayed. Glad you are getting better/more sleep and feeling some better. Yes, I think I am recovered/recovering...those trips to Tennessee wear me out, lol! And back to back ones are really hard...

Just saw you had been on as I hit submit...I'm chuckling about hair. Lindsey was going to get a shorter cut (hers grows so fast and is so thick) and it went well until the hairdresser (new to Lindsey and exhausted from doing prom girls, etc.) made a really big mistake, cutting too much in one spot towards the front. Lindsey hated it, but David has a cousin who's a hairdresser and offered to fix it...but the only solution was to give Lindsey a pixie! Still pretty, but not at all what she was after. My solution to my hair is to just wear it long and with bangs...then I can pull it into a ponytail or on up with a barrette.

Oh yes, is today Granni's DH's surgery day? Hope it goes well, Granni...we'll be waiting to hear from you.


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Good morning!

Odd night...when I was going to bed last night, my CPAP machine was acting kind of strangely, but then it stopped and all was well. Then in the middle of the night, my DH's CPAP machine (exact same model, same age) went toes up. Died. Dead. He took it in to see if it could be fixed, but they told him it's obsolete. So now he has to go to the sleep doctor to get a prescription for a new one. Given the behavior of mine, I think I'd better scurry in to see the doc as well!!! The nice thing is that if they have to repeat the sleep studies, they do them at home now instead of in an office.

I also woke up with some gastro-intestinal woes. But they seem to have...passed...now, after a couple of trips to the bathroom.

Mikie - I'm glad you're sleeping well and that it's helping you feel better. I was sleeping well until my DH's CPAP started beeping like crazy.

Granni - Thinking of you and your DH. I hope it goes well and that the news is good.

Sun - You need to be careful!! I hope the pain is short-lived.

Julie - we're going up into the 70's today and tomorrow, but then we're getting storms on Saturday and cooler weather next week.

I'm going to head out to run an errand over lunch. Hugz to all!



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Hi Duckie! How scary about the CPAP machines. I am positive that Den has sleep apnea...he had a study a few years ago. We had to pay out of pocket as he was semi-retired from the rural electric and hadn't started at the city yet. He was "mildly" then, and the doctor agreed to let him use my mom's old machine (somehow set it on a sort of "automatic" setting.) But Den quit using it and now won't go get a new sleep study done, even though we now have insurance. Do they do initial sleep studies at home, also, or just repeat ones for current patients? Hope you and your DH get squared away quickly.

Glad gastro woes are gone...I do that once in awhile, too.

I am really enjoying this nicer weather...feels so good to air out the house, lol! I suggested to Lindsey that if California doesn't work out, she and the twins come to Iowa. Every time I go down there, they think it's their turn to come to Grandma and Grandpa's "by themselves." Lindsey could still "do her own thing", whatever it takes to give her some extra rest. Plus, her best friend (lives 10 minutes from us) is due with her first baby the end of April...Lindsey could visit Diana while she's here, too. I think David and his mama could handle the other two kiddos okay...neither grandma would be so "outnumbered", lol!

Better get back to work...more laundry to hang out. Hope everyone is having a good enough day.


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Hi Kids

Woke up around 7 this morning. Soon as I opened my eyes I saw that the computer was
missing. After a few moments of bewilderment I recalled that the computer is in the
computer room. Doh!

Went to take care of the cat. Gave her fresh water. Her feeding spot is right next to the plant
stand which has 5 tillandsia or air plants on the top shelf. They are a member of the bromeliad
family. Do not need to be planted in dirt or watered. But I always pour any left over cat water
on them. We have 5 of these small plants; have had them for several years. Today I was
amazed to see that one of them has bloomed. The flowers are tiny; light blue with yellow centers.

Here's a bit of insanity from the news. Not our news fortunately, but Sweden's. One High
School has eliminated all tests and homework on the grounds that these are too stressful
for students. What next? Reading is too stressful? Walking to school etc. On the other
hand, Sweden rated 8th in education in the last international rating. We were 18th.

Julie, thanks for opening up. That croton plant is popular here as a lobby or office plant.
Other plants have been tried over the years. Skunk cabbage and the saguaro cactus have
not proven to be too popular. Pics below. Ironically the tiny plant is the big picture,
and vice versa.

Mikie, glad you're feeling a bit better. As for your wet hair, I have no advices.

Well, fur ...? The latest computer attack! Just got a big pop up from Avast or Advance
or something. Too startled to take it all in. Anyhoo I'm told I have to vamoose.

Hugs Everydobby
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Hello Dear Friends...

This is your lucky day as this will not be a W&P email...recovering from a fall. However, I wanted to check in and say "hello" to everyone.

Nothing new or exciting going on..we did get a dusting of snow last night..about 1/2 inch..such strange weather for April, and looks like we may get another dusting this coming Sunday..

Recovering from a nasty fall that happened last week..it was like "TIMMMMBERR" and over I went and landed on the floor. I was changing the sheets on the bed and didn't realize that my foot was caught up in the blanket and when I went to turn, that's all she wrote...splat!

Spoke to Vicki last night and she is doing well..she is back to work. I'm so thankful for that.

Sorry, I can't sit long enough at the computer to respond to everyone, but hope to do so in the near future..

Sending prayers for everyone..praying that all who are facing surgery come through with no complications.

Have a good day..




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Hey Rock...sounds like me sometimes when I first wake up. Sort of disoriented. I imagine it is pretty confusing. Hope your computer is okay. Ours just goes "berserk" sometimes and I have to shut it down and start over.

This warm weather has many of my neighbors out planting garden, flowers, etc...but I will hold off...colder weather is just around the corner.

Judy, oh my goodness! So easy sometimes to lose our footing. I am most clumsy when I am walking up the stairs...I must hold a record of some sort for "falling up the stairs." I hope you feel better soon and the pain doesn't get the best of you.

So glad to hear that Vicki is doing better and even back to work. We mamas worry about our babies, don't we?

Our UPS guy just brought (what looks like) a bumper, lol! Den hit a deer a couple weeks ago and has been ordering replacement parts to fix his Jeep. Could have gotten more money by letting the insurance company total it and keep it, but we took what they offered and Den is doing the work himself. Even the larger amount wouldn't be enough to get a replacement vehicle. He's not too worried about having the Jeep (4WD) around forever, just so we have "something" to get around in the winter. The pickup is 4WD also...after Den retires, he won't need to get to town every day.

Just had a lunch break...rotisserie chicken, mushrooms and onions sauteed in butter...served over some chicken/broccoli flavored rice. Enough left for Den for supper and I will have a smoothie or something. I am trying to "cut back"...hard when I don't seem to have that "switch" that tells me when I'm full in time to quit eating, lol! Back to the grind...got Lindsey's kids new hooded beach towels for their birthdays (will give them all to them before their family vacation in June...even though birthdays are June, July, August.) Washed them and drying on line so they'll be ready to use right away.


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Hi Barry...no, I won't be going to California. Lindsey would be flying there from Tennessee. But it might not work out because I wouldn't be able to drive to Tennessee to help watch kids (too soon after cataract surgery.) So, I suggested she just come to Iowa (to let her mommy take care of her) for her rest...I can arrange a massage for her, and she could visit either of the two chiros we go to (their whole family makes an appt. whenever they come up...kids and adults.) And she would get to meet her best friend's newborn baby.

I know she needs a break from all the demands on a young mama's life, and even if she brought the twins, that is still easier than all four kiddos. And David's mom might be able to handle Lorraine and Josiah, even if she's not feeling 100%. Sort of a "consolation prize" if Lindsey can't get to the more exciting environment in California...

Lol, Monty and Sylvie...and they just HAVE to share with their people, true? Your trees, flowers, etc. sound beautiful. Our grass is turning green, but still too cold at night (and recent days) to set out anything...I used to have spring flowers from bulbs, but I think the rodents destroyed them (moles, etc.) And the big fat robins are a sure sign that spring is here/near.

Better get back to work. All my best to you, Richard, and the furbabies.



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Hi Kids

Just woke up again. Barry, you know perfectly well I never said there was a picture of skunk
cabbage. Or maybe you can't see the board too well because you have an animal draped over
your head. As you should be able to see, the plant has spaths. Another popular office plant
here is the Spathiphyllum which has white spaths, the things that look like cobra hoods.

Can you really tango? (I certainly can't.) Actually I thought the English mostly did the
minuet and the polka. I believe Handel and Elgar wrote music for both. I hope your Prince
Albert blooms. Used to have one myself.

Judy, I hope you have recovered from your fall. I had a similar fall about 5 years ago while
getting out of bed. I felt like a giant hand had yanked me to the floor. Broke my nose.
I am still bleeding as a result of same. Maybe I can get in the Guinness Book of World
Records. World's longest lasting nosebleed. Not a lot of blood. Just enough every day to
clog up my breathing and annoy me. Uff-da!

You're right about strange weather. Even in Minnesota any snow in April was just a sort
of dusting that melted in a few hours. Hope you and the weather are both back to normal.

Julie, I was just looking in the Guinness Book of you know what. Saw your name there.
"Holds the current record for falling up the stairs." With regard to the switch that tells
us when to stop eating, that was in a forensic crime show last week. This man couldn't
stop eating because his hypothalamus (in the brain) wasn't functioning properly.

Gordon is downstairs testing his new stand. Picture something akin to a music stand. It
holds the wooden frame that holds the mesh that he is cross stitching. He is working on
a piece he set aside when we moved in here a decade ago.

He decided to buy the stand cause his back was bothering him from being hunched over
stitching. He said it was hot in the car, and the heat made his back feel better. He has
lots of finished and framed pieces that used to hang on the walls at our previous place.

Duckie, do you have to sleep on your back with those sleep machines? I wouldn't want
to wear one. I had a test; I guess it was for sleep apnea. 30-40 years ago. Anyhoo I didn't
have it. That's great that it can now be done at home.

Hugs, All



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hi everyone,

glad to see all are active as usual even with all the difficulties of life.

this is just an addendum to rock's posting of the needlework that i've taken
back up again. when i was previously laid-off i took several classes on decorative
needlepoint from a shop in san marino - a upper class neighborhood. it's not
like normal needlepointing, too boring. canvases are all hand painted by
various artist. we used different type of 'threads' like suede, satin, glittery
floss - all sorts. i had to quit since i found another job and six unfinished
canvases have been sitting in the closet all this time. i hope to finish one THIS

the craft class at the library has gone down hill. the old teacher, a librarian, was
assigned other duties and they got another to teach the class. the new teacher
never has supplies for her lessons and can't seem to control the inmates. now the
rec room is closed for repairs for a month.

with the warmer weather i've also started to repot/divide some of my orchids into
larger pots. can't wait too long as new roots are coming out.

hope all stay well.

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Good Friday Morning, Kids,

I hope everyone is bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning. SV is sitting next to me on the sofa and he is in fine form. I slept well last night but only got six hours of sleep. I stayed up watching news shows because the Comey book will be coming out on Tuesday and some journalists have read advance copies. So far, I don't think there is much in the book that we don't already know. I won't be buying it. I'm not a big Comey fan and don't want to put my sheckels in his pocket.

Gordon, so good to hear from you. I've always loved needle craft but haven't done that much of it myself. We have a fine arts show every year here and it attracts some wonderful artists. One woman embroiders landscape scenes with very fine silk thread. You have to get really close to realize they aren't paintings. I can't even imagine how long and tedious this must be. I've never tried needlepoint but have done crewel work. Needlepoint is beautiful and more difficult than crewel. I hope you will post some pictures of your work.

Julie, I'll bet Lindsey looks cute with her pixie hairdo. I doubt I'll have the patience to let my mop grow so will likely be getting it cut. I have a picture of Rita Moreno with a cut I'd like to have. My hair is soooo fine. I didn't put product on it yesterday and it's soft as silk. I can only imagine how exhausting it is for you to make those trips. I hope you can recover especially before your surgery. This computer gets all squirrelly and will highlight text and wipe it out for no known reason. I have to really slow down my typing speed. My old tried and true computer never did that. I miss it. Try to take it easy.

Barry, I didn't realize you have so many different kinds of fruit trees. Sounds as though you live in a little orchard. A little red wine and some MJ sound awfully good to me. Hope the vet bills aren't too bad. Bless you and Richard for being so kind to the critters.

Duckie, I'm sorry about the CPAP machines crapping out. I've heard there are new ones without those big masks. I don't know that I could sleep with that on my face. DD says I seem to stop breathing during the night. I had a sleep study years ago and it didn't happen then. Good luck getting them fixed.

Rock, we have swamp cabbage festivals down here. We celebrate most everything. Every weekend, there is some kind of festival going on. Swamp cabbage is edible but I've never eaten it. We have several varieties of air plants down here. Some ugly ones which resemble tumbleweeds cling to the bottle brush tree in such numbers that it looks really ugly. They are not supposed to kill the trees but they do seem to kill the branches they gang up on. There are some other, more attractive, ones which are way up high in the live oak trees. Bromeliads do well in pots here. I have several with big red blooms. One nursery here specializes in them.

Judy, so glad Vicki is doing so well. I'm sorry you fell. I've had several bad falls in the last few years. One caused a head injury and the other, more recent fall, caused a bad wrist sprain which is still causing me pain. Doc said a sprain like that could take a year to heal. I hope you heal fast from your fall.

I have an eye appt. this morning. I'm getting so that I hate going to doc appts. I have several I need to schedule and have just been putting them off. I'm not only physically exhausted but I'm also emotionally exhausted and just want to stay home and be left alone. I'm turning into a recluse. Joe has not been himself lately either. Maybe it's some kind of miasma in the hood.

Hope everydooby has a great day.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Kids

"Quiet here things are," as Yoda might say. I picked ten tomatoes yesterday, but they didn't
taste quite right. Will give the ones that are left a tentative lick today.

Mikie, we had lots of tumbleweeds when I lived in Las Vegas. Sometimes you would see them
being blown down the road. They would also collect along fences, especially in the corners. Kinda resembled tan snowmen. Never saw any roadrunners, but have seen them here in
Calif. One time there were two of them standing on a freeway on ramp. They are so skinny. They look just like the carved wooden ones that are for sale on Olvera Street in LA.

Good luck with you eye exam. Hope it goes better than the one Lucy had when the Doc put
drops in her eyes. The doc BTW was in a couple other episodes where he played a French
lover pursuing Lucy as well as a Paris painter when the quartet went to Europe. (In
reality they never left Hollywood.)

Although skunk cabbages grow in MN, I never saw any. But every Spring we'd go for a walk
in the mill woods and find the jack in the pulpit which is related to the skunk cabbage. The
mill woods was just across the road from the old mill my grandfather once owned. When I was
a kid we were told the mill was a dangerous place and forbidden to enter.

Hope everydobby has a good day.


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Good morning, friends! I was going to post a video of a "Billy Bass" where a man had connected this talking fish to Alexis...hilarious! But it was connected to my facebook profile and I thought better of it. Some people just have way too much time on their hands, true? :p

Gordon, it is great to hear from you. Sounds like a good time to get those unfinished projects done (what is it Duckie calls them, UF somethings?) So neat to hear about different hobbies that people enjoy. Is this Sunday the big day...visiting relatives? Hope all goes well.

Rock, you crack me up! Giving the tomatoes a "lick", lol! Has the weather changed any that the way they taste would be affected? I forget if tomatoes like moist or really dry ground.

Barry, I forgot to tell you that, no, we did not eat the deer. We do call the local game people and sometimes they come get them...when we had a little zoo nearby, the zookeepers would feed deer, etc. to their lions.

A funny/not funny side note...Den's sis bought the lions when the zoo went out of business and moved them to her home in Missouri...she had no business whatsoever owning lions. Spent thousands of dollars (that should have been spent on her kids, but she had a boyfriend she was trying to impress) to build a double fence. She would go into the cage by herself...the male always killed the babies that were born and all the lions eventually died, I think. Don't know if they starved, got sick, or what...just more typical "sis" behavior. Her house and yard looked horrible, but Hey, she was "cool" cause she owned lions :mad:

Granni, everything okay with you and DH?

Mikie, hope your eye appt. goes well. That's sort of how I've been the past couple years...only wanting to interact with Den and our kids. At some point, I hope to feel "recovered/healed/somewhat normal". Our pastor stopped by last Sunday...even though we haven't been to church in quite awhile, many of the members keep in touch. And if I run into someone in town, they just tell me they are thinking of us and praying...not sure if many people understand the exhaustion we feel just from getting "dressed up/cleaned up" to go out in public and how physically and emotional exhausted it makes us to "act normal"...I still have that goal in mind, though, lol!

Sun, I hope your procedure on Wednesday goes well...and no more problems are discovered. My mom had an awful time with anesthesia, too...hard to get woke up again, then sick to her stomach. And a groggy feeling for hours...

I am continuing to feel much better from my chiro treatment the other day...seems like it takes a feel days to realize the full benefit...and I imagine I will have to go back at different times. I've really been "babying" my shoulder...well, the whole left side of my upper body. I got so bad this last time that Den was even getting concerned and wouldn't let me lift things...sometimes I think he's so used to "soldiering through" that he expects me to do the same (or doesn't understand why I can't.)

He asked me to go with him to get a load of firewood (already cut, from our Amish neighbors) but I think he just wanted company, and somebody there in case he "crashed" himself (he still gets tired when he has to exert a lot.) We didn't load our usual way (he throws into the pickup and I stack) instead, he did most of the loading and I just threw in a piece at a time with my "good arm." In the future, we may need to quit burning wood, or hire someone to go get it for us...

I'm glad you had a good time at the petting zoo...we do what we can for our kids, or just to be able to spend time with them. Nice that your grands are close enough to see regularly...

Spring, we have a couple of mulberry trees...if the grandkids are here during mulberry season, they have a great time...climbing the trees to pick, and gathering them in buckets and other containers. Usually barefoot, so their hands and feet (and mouths, from all the sampling :p) are bright purple...such fun, and I remember doing the same when I was younger. I've made jam or jelly in years past, but haven't for awhile.

Editting now, as I was afraid of losing what I had already typed...

Star, I hope you are doing okay. Is your weather getting much colder now? This year's winter seems to have dragged on and on...maybe because we've had "teases" of spring, but then it gets cold again. Today is our last warm day, then will come several days of highs in 40's and 50's.

Judy and Duckie, thinking of you both. GB, so glad to see when you've stopped by the porch. I'm sure I'm forgetting someone...not on purpose, I promise. Slept late cause Den and I were up later last night, watching our city council meeting on the computer...a lady has started videoing them "live". Since Den works there, it is nice to keep up with what is going on at the meetings. But the room where they meet is pretty small, so usually too crowded to go and sit for two hours.

Anyway...Amy is bringing Keira to her dad for the weekend, so we may meet them tonight when they come through. Or I may wait till Sunday and pick up Keira from her other grandparents' then take her partway to meet Amy.

So, hope everyone has a "good enough" day...thinking of you all!

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Good morning...what's left of it!

The squirrels are back!! It's going to be one of those days where I'm busy all day but get nothing done.

There's some work my DM needs done before it rains again - which it's going to do tomorrow. So DS and I are going out directly after work today.

Julie - We call them UFO's...UnFinished Objects. I have my fair share of them...as any true quilter - or probably any artist - does. Tomatoes like it hot and need a fair amount of water.

Rock - Sorry your tomatoes tasted off. Recently, we've been getting these nice cocktail tomatoes. They are much bigger than cherry tomatoes, but smaller than a full tomato. And they have a wonderful flavor. They come still attached to the stems. You don't have to sleep on your back with the mask. You can sleep in any position that doesn't dislodge the mask. There are actually three different styles - one full mask that covers the mouth and nose, one partial mask that just covers the nose and one that just goes in the nostrils. My DH uses the latter, I have the one that just covers the nose. Oddly, you do get used to the thing and eventually it feels strange to sleep without it.

Gordon - I used to do needlework...but now it's all quilting. Well, I guess in a way I still do needle work when I do hand appliqué or hand quilting. The single block I'm currently working on for my latest intricate design is only 3/4 done and I've been working on it for 7 hours.

Judy - so sorry you took a spill. I took a similar one on the concrete floor in my bunker last summer. My left hand still gives me fits from it. Hope you don't have long-lasting effects.

Granni - I'm also interested in hearing about your DH! Hope all is well.

Sun - I hope your procedure goes well. I've never really had trouble with anesthesia, fortunately.

Mikie - I've been putting off going back to the eye doctor. The place I used to go got bought by another company and they pissed me off by starting to call me repeatedly to remind me that it was getting close to time to come back in. Eventually they got to where they were robo-calling me DAILY. I finally called and told them to stop. I'd like to see the same doctor, but I don't want to patronize that company. My DM is really happy with her eye doc; I guess I'll find out where she goes.

Barry - We don't let our cats out anymore, but when we had one that did go out, she used to catch little voles and leave the heads on the porch. Ew. I also had a cat that used to show me what a great hunter he was by catching water bugs from the basement and leaving them on my pillow.

Well, I guess it's time to chase some more squirrels. Hugz to all, including Star and Spring!



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Duckie, here is one of your squirrels...and the other one is busy in its wheel, so might be easier to catch ;) Good luck with all you have to get done today.

Oh, yes...I could think of UFO, but couldn't remember what the last word was. Thanks! It feels like rain here today...not sure what's going to happen. Glad I filled the clothesline yesterday...



Hi, Kids,

I'm glad to see there is a lot of activity here on the Porch. I just got home and am exhausted and feel sick from the Red Tide. My doc was even sicker with it than I. He's such a nice guy and I know he's sick when he doesn't take the time to chat. Good news--no glaucoma. The pressure in both eyes has been slightly elevated for years but will likely never lead to glaucoma. Mom was the same way. Cataracts are still tiny so no surgery in my near future.

The credit card payment saga goes on. I got one letter that they were debiting it back on my account and another, dated two days later, that they had credited it. Say what? It's maddening. Then, I call and am told by someone with a foreign accent that everything will be just fine. This is their usual comment. At the end of the conversation, this woman said she was 'giddy with joy for the privilege of helping me today.' Good grief! Someone needs to tell them Americans don't talk like that and it doesn't ring true. So, I'm waiting to get my new statement to see just what has happened. I can't afford to get my panties in a wad over this.

Rock, our little tumbleweed air plants are round and about the size of a soft ball. They seem to prefer some trees over others. Too bad they like the red bottle brush trees because they ruin them. I saw a roadrunner running along when I was in Phoenix. They are funny to watch when they run. Meep Meep! Someone gave Barb a beautiful spath plant when her DH died. She didn't like it so I put it in a good spot and it stayed beautiful for years. I need to go around to the side of the bldg. to check on things over there. It is so overgrown. If I had those tomatoes, I'd make some salsa with plenty of onion.

Duckie, so sorry you are chasing squirrels today. Doesn't sound like fun. I keep thinking of the Farmers Insurance Vengeful Vermin ad. When the squirrels run across the roof above me when I'm in bed, it sounds like a livestock stampede. If you like the eye doc, why not talk to the office and get them to agree not to nag you. It may be automated. I use my Mom's doc and he's one of the best in the area. He's close to my age and I dread the day he decides to retire. Good luck with what you have to do for your Mom.

Julie, down here, a person couldn't keep lions or other wild or exotic critters without all kinds of licenses and inspections of the place where they would be kept. What's wrong with people that they think they have to have animals like that? It's nuts. That's why we have such a problem with the pythons in the Everglades. They are not native but are the result of people letting their pet snakes go into the swamp. They compete with native animals and are upsetting the balance of things. One swallowed a fully grown gator and the gator burst the snake open, killing it. Another gator came along and attacked theython, biting its head off. It was like a horror movie. Guts and gore everywhere. The Everglades are a national treasure but I prefer the beach. The only disgusting sights there are old men wearing Speedos. Yikes!!! Well, Speedos and big gold necklaces and bracelets. Hope you get some NRG so you can enjoy Keira.

It's true that just getting ready to go out can be exhausting and overwhelming for us when we are in a flare. I stopped at Publix on the way home because I was already dressed half way decent from the doctor visit. The deli had their fried cod fillets so I had those for lunch. They are sooooo good. I got plenty of berries and veggies to try to eat more healthy food. I'm so tired that I'm just gonna rest the remainder of the day. I keep everydooby in my thoughts and prayers always. You guys are the best!

Love, Mikie
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Good afternoon Dear Ones,

Just wanted to let you know that we are alive in our household, I think. DH had his surgery and all went well until he tried to pee and of course ad to drink loads of water, etc. We probably left the center a bit prematurely but we had been there forever and he kept trying to go but not much was coming out. He did a little bit but very little in the surgery center. He forced fluids at home and it seemed like so much blood and not sure how much was urine at first. To make along story short we ended up in the doctor office getting a catheter put in. They thought they would leave it in overnight and possibly remove it over night (today). However, there was still some blood there but it was much better than had been DH was in total agreement with the doc to leave it in over the weekend in case there would be problems and he would have to go to ER, etc.

The doc couldn;t tell us much else yet other than the growth or part of it was being sent to the lab for exam, We will know more next week and even more the next visit. Have to get off the computer. DH needs the computer for awhile.

More later. Thinking of you all.

Love ya,
Granni :)


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Oh Granni....that's too bad about the catheter, but glad your DH was okay and agreeable to it. Better to be safe and avoid going to the ER over the weekend, or any time, that's for sure. Praying that the growth isn't anything serious...

I'm sure it seemed like such a long time to be at the surgery center...and to not be able to leave until passing certain "tests"...your kids were with you, right? Glad to have that part over with, at least, true?

Apparently, after cataract surgery, I will have to do whatever is on their check list...drink something, use the bathroom, etc. I don't usually have a problem...sounds like the general anesthesia is only for a few minutes...long enough to do the injection to stabilize the eye. Then I think I will be aware of what's going on, but not able to move that eye. Not too nervous, but will be glad when that is done...then the "being careful" part starts. And not knowing if I will be able to see right away, and what they will do as far as my glasses (will still need them for the other eye.) Oh well...my doc has done over 8000 of these, so I'm not too worried.

Have some laundry to fold, then might take a short nap. We are going to wait till tomorrow to go to town (need a few more pellet stove pellets since the temps are going to drop again) and I will just see Keira and Amy on Sunday. Don't know what Lindsey has decided to do as far as coming up here...but it won't be before her friend's baby is born, I don't think...due date is April 29 or so.

Back to work. Feels so humid out, but no rain yet and the sun is now shining.