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Porch # 1077 is now CLOSED


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Since most of us are having showers, posted the above pic. It looks very similar to my childhood home rented for two years and closer to our school. Right down to the lawn in front.

Yes, still raining every day here. But with breaks in between.

Rock - I don’t normally like plastic surgery to the max like Nicole Kidman but somehow I don’t mind it in Cher. She has a very youthful vibe. And I feel she is forthright. I saw her with her DD who is so very different. Didn’t give a fig about her appearance. It was on Oprah. Ages ago. I watched her Mermaids movie. It is one of my favorite movies set in JF Kennedy’s time.

You asked about the peaches and why we ate them raw. The birdies don’t let them ripen. And they’re all wormy inside. So we cut them open. And only eat the non wormy parts. There is something so so so good about eating fruit freshly plucked off a tree and no sprays used. The fruit smells so fragrant, the juices that run out so freshly tangy, the crunch when you bite down sounds so crunchy and the taste is so unadulteratedly wholesomely good.

Our fruit sellers normally bring fruit from down south or India. And I think they lose a little flavor along the way. I think that’s why you enjoy your garden tomatoes so much. It probably tastes of Gordon’s love showered onto them while growing.

You must listen to Fernando. It was a massive hit in ABBA heydays. Very melodius.

Julie - I like the sound of your doctors PCP. Sounds like she has goals and has determination and cares about the world. I guess if a chiro can help with aches and pains which interfere with quality of life as we live it, it’s worth travelling any number of hours for a session.

Dmc - that cockatiel must have been a noisy fellow! I was fascinated as a kid with talking parrots but I never saw one. My mom said one of her friends parrots used to wake the helper boy up by calling his name and saying “ .......get up, it’s morning! Yes, making labels would be tedious when you could be stitching a beautiful quilt pattern instead. I hope you can finish your quilt soon. I feel like your States quilt is to the quilting world what Anna Karenina was to novels.

Sun - opening a dog shelter would require a lot of energy! More than I have. I can’t escape dogs. When I went shopping to this busy place, I saw this mom dog who had obviously birthed recently. I threw her a bit of dumpling and then I got curious about where mama was keeping her babies. I asked one of the workers, he thought I wanted one and took me to see. Nine adorably healthy cute pups clambering around on sacks and boxes. Mama was obviously well fed and the kids were getting enough milk. Alas, I cannot keep any more dogs. Not up to it.

I’m sorry about your IBS. I’ve had those. Luckily they cleared up. Nothing like a bout of bad IBS to make one look gaunt and lose weight in a trice.

Mikie - so glad you got to go to see the movie and liked it. ABBA songs hold fond memories for me. Grade 8, on Saturday mornings waiting by the transistor, tuned into Ceylon Broadcasting Corporation waiting for Chiquitita, Fernando, Marie osmonds - you’re the only one I know, Shirley Basseys’ Stop the World and Let me off. Those were the days. It’s our Full Moon tomorrow. I’m feeling the impact of it from today. Stiffness. Grouchy. But I don’t leave it to go worse. I immediately take pains to do my healing stuff.

Barry - so Richard also thinks you’re an old soul. Me, I think I am ready to go back to being a blip in the universe. I was ready always. But here I am. In a human body and learning what pain is all about. I hope I can learn whatever im supposed to. And can pass the final exams. Thank you for your kind words. What kind of geranium did you get? I’m imagining geraniums and getting stirrings of desire to re collect all the different kinds. I had so many. And they’re so pretty! Especially the climbing variety. When I hit this bump in the road beginning with my DB getting ill and passing on, I neglected the flowers. And they’ve stayed neglected. Most of them went away.

Star - I hope you’re feeling better n better. I think it’s so great to see baby birds being born and hatched. I see pigeons here n there. No other. Crows are so fierce. I groan if I see a nest. Oh, how is your little greenhouse doing? Have you been up to planting anything yet? I tried to restart my flower garden but the weather has not been kind. My zinnias and spear flowers appear measly and worn. The rain battered them so. The impatiens just decided not to grow. Still the same size as when I planted them. Of course half the plants fell prey to our rambunctious rescue and his trampling. He cares for nothing. Even the rain doesn’t faze him now. He goes out in torrential downpours, trotting around like it’s just another day. Ain’t no home taking the street out of this dog. He has brought in three half bricks pieces from his wandering outside the gate. Strange, being attracted to a brick. And leaving them right in the middle of the entrance hall. I comfort myself by thinking he at least leaves bathroom brushes and shoes alone now.

Granni - I hope you’re fine. Getting ready for your trip.
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Hey, Spring

Thanks for opening up. Always nice to find a dry porch when you're out in the rain. I
didn't know N. Kidman had plastic surgery. I never know when people have had pl.
surgeryor are wearing a wig, etc. Gordon generally does. He says one of the TV chefs
wears a wooden wig. It always looks the same and her hair never moves. Not even
when she bends over the cake she's decorating. I think he's kidding. Can you imagine
someone carving a wig? 'Cause if it is a wig, it clearly looks like it's made of wood.

I listened to Fernando and ABBA. Better than I thought it would be. I wouldn't
want to denigrate anything Scandinavian. Many of the listeners on Youtube said
Malcolm in the Middle or That 70s Show brought them to the site.

I'm having a terrible time typing these last few months. Keep getting my hands
in the wrong place and hitting the wrong keys.

Well, I hope folks who weren't feeling so hot yesterday (probably all of us) are
feeling some better today. Too bad there isn't a special lottery for us. One where
you could win a week of being healthy. Or a month. Super Jackpot: A whole year!

Hugs, Rock


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Rock - a wig which looks like made out of wood? Lol! I thought only the Flintstones would use such. Hmm. You got me thinking about that lottery. I sometimes stop in the middle of doing something and look at myself feeling healthy. No aches, no pains, no tiredness. And appreciate the moment.

God bless


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Alert! Alert! This is the current porch.

The final number in the opera Faust starts with the Bass singing Alert! Alert!
Only he sings it in French so it has three syllables.

Au Revoir,
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Good morning, good morning! Only 69 degrees, so of course I opened the windows...probably ought to wash them sometime soon...vinegar with a small amount of dish soap, and I have lots of cotten rags for doing the shining up.

I don't feel so perky, but maybe if I pretend to be, my body will eventually catch up, lol! Washing windows also involves taking down the plants hanging in front of them (most have two each...part of the reason for the windows was so I could finally grow houseplants.) I should be careful and not "talk myself out of it" by overthinking how much work it will be, true?

Speaking of driving so far to the chiro...Den's best employee, the youngest at 20 years old, but by far the most responsible and hardest worker...has been sick off and on for weeks. He's missed out on trips with his family and his girlfriend's family, etc., etc. Has had lots of blood tests done, including mono, Lyme, and I don't know what else. I'm not sure all his symptoms, but his mom happened to be going to "my" far away chiro today, so he's tagging along to see if this doctor can help. I keep finding out about more and more folks around here, driving all the way up there...we could car pool, but I kind of like going by myself (being the driver, at least.) But if anyone needed a ride, I would be glad to take them.

Spring, I love your front porch pic. One of the reasons I enjoy our overhangs so much is because I can sit out in the rain and not get soaked. I'm glad you have fond memories of your days in that house. Truthfully, I don't have a lot of childhood memories...maybe because my mom was always sick and I had to become the adult many days. Anyway, these present days seem to be the ones filled with so many "memory making" activities, etc.

Rock, a wooden wig? I've seen people with hair that didn't move at all...I wonder if that was the case with them?

Well, I'd better get busy doing something...


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So...here's Star's post...wanted to get it copied over here. Now, I will take time to read it, lol!

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Hi guys.

Spring, it seems to be raining here most of the time too, like in your porch pic.
But its cold, not tropical or warm.

Barry, no snow here, where I live, but places in our state gets snow.

My dd will soon be off to 'snow camp' at some resort Ive never been to, but she says its 6hrs travel.
She isnt looking forward to being cold, but if she lets me get her the thermals, maybe she can gv her attitude an overhaul and actually think of it as an adventure.
I believe a positive attitude is half the battle.
We do get some fierce frosts, but the plants tend to risk drowning above all else.

My poor pansies are covered in them!
I've gone from painstakingly scraping each leaf individually, to wiping with dish detergent to blitzing up a chilli, garlic and detergent mix.They are the thorn in my side currently.

But Rock, give me aphids over sharks any day!
Funny how all these popular holiday destinations with gorgeous coastline are just as attractive to sharks as people! Probably breeding grounds! Telling their babies that there's plenty of food to be had, during holidays, of the human variety!

Mikie, sorry about the ibs...I hate it.
No matter what probiotics, oils or how bland and tasteless the food, it rears its ugly head and makes life unbearable at times.I can commiserate with you.

Sun, ibs is something I've dealt with on and off since I was young aswell.
Back then the docs used to call every stomach upset or virus, the wog.
I wonder what that stands for? Anyway, always got fobbed off.
Even now, there really isnt any new advice.is there?

Julie, how long does the chiro's work last for?
Its nice to read about the milkshake you bring your dad.

Duck, we are thinking of bringing our mating pair of cockatiels indoors, to keep them warmer, but Im sure their friends, (who currently reside in the cage right nxt to theirs) may not be happy with the idea and cause all manner of noise, calling them- at all hrs.

Our thriving little budgie family are starting to get on each other's nerves, so it may be time for the youngins to get their own place.
boy they grow up fast!

I hv planted many seeds.Im re using old milk and juice cartons, just to get them going and then will hopefully plant them out when seedlings are big enough and strong enough to survive the out doors, come Spring, Id say.
Some seeds Ive planted prematurely, just to see if the glass and laser light really does make a difference.
So far I hv itty bitty sprouts of cabbage, broccoli beetroot, turnips, peas and lettuce...
Time will tell.
Theres more work involved than expected ,but I cant help but feel the wonder and joy in seeing new life.
Just what the dr ordered.

I doubt I will go to the wedding.
To be fair, I will only see the bride and groom briefly before they abandon everyone and run away on their honeymoon .
ever wonder why that is?
Get all the rellies together, exchange vows and then run away from Everyone.
Survival instinct?

Granni, hope you are well and all Porchies.

Take care
Catch yas later





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It's Thursday already!

Thanks for the rainy new porch, Spring! I'm reminded of a very bad drought we had in 1988. When it finally broke, everyone came out on their porches, and lots of people came out and stood in the rain!

I keep getting distracted from my label tedium by crisis. Yesterday, we tried to make a security change, and it crashed one of the services for our big software that runs the whole company. I brought it back up very quickly, though, and nobody complained, so I guess they didn't really notice, or if they did, they just got back on and didn't complain. Our users are used to computer gremlins...

I have only 2 blocks left to go on the States quilt. I've put all the blocks that are done up on the design wall and have started playing with the arrangement. I have to balance a lot of things - colors, the "weight" of the block (dark vs. light), general design, etc. It's challenging!!

Sun - You're right - you can tell the sex of parakeets and budgies by the color of the cere. Blue or purple are male; brown or tan are female. It's harder with many other parrots that are not sexually dimorphic. One kind that is very obviously different is the Eclectus, where the male is a bright green with a yellow beak and the female is red and blue with a black beak. I had a female Eclectus when I used to keep parrots.

Julie - Glad your chiro helps you so much. You're right...thinking about how much work something is will defeat you. I know it defeats me. The floor in my bunker doesn't get mopped as often as it should for that reason. Speaking of which, I really should mop that floor... I hope they figure out what's wrong with that young man.

Star - I'm glad the little budgies are doing so well. Yes, it's amazing how fast birds grow!

Spring - When I had that cockatiel (his name was Hogan) I kept lots of birds. Many of them were rescues. Then I got sick and we couldn't keep so many anymore. I only have 2 cockatiels (rescues), 2 parakeets (I love their chatter) and one African Grey parrot (rescue) now.

Rock - Permanently "perfect hair" can also be achieved with LOTS of hair spray and/or hair gel.

Once again, label tedium calls.

Hugz to all



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Mikie, I'm moving your post over here from the closed volume...

Home again, home again drippity drip. It's sooo hot out there. I went to the store about 10:30 after cleaning out the fridge. It took two trips to take my trash and recycle stuff down. I took my foam egg cartons and plastic bags to Publix to recycle them. Publix had the Puffs with Vicks so I stocked up on them. I got a few hot wings for lunch. Probably not the best thing since I've had an upset stomach but they were delicious. The sauce is hot and sweet. Mmmm!

Star, I had IBS for years until I had to take antibiotics for my mycoplasma infection and that seemed to have cleared it up. Gonna ask my doc about it. I envy your gardening. I love it so much but don't think I could do it now. Hard to think it's winter there. When you have spring and summer, I'll have fall and winter which are our favorite seasons. It's so nice here then.

Gonna get going. I'm exhausted from what little I've accomplished this morning. Hope all y'all are enjoying your day.

Love, Mikie


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Hi gang! It's taking a while to wash windows, but decided to stick with it while it's cool enough to have the windows open. I'm also taking down each hanging plant and getting it all cleaned up and watered too. The curtains are just hung on tension rods, so easy to pop off while I clean...the windows are the tilt out kind, so I can do everything from inside.

And I have one of those little double decker shopping carts (given to us by the friend who used to work at a grocery store) so have everything at the ready and the right height for me as I work from atop a dining chair. If I still have energy left when I'm done, and my intestinal junk seems to be on pause...I'll go outside and work awhile. But I'm not pushing myself today...home tomorrow, also, so can take my time.

Mikie, glad you got your errands ran...I imagine it wore you out, though. I'm saving the dozen sized egg cartons so the kids can each make a rock collection when they're here again. I normally get 18 ct., but making an exception until I have six saved up, lol!

Star, I'm excited for you to have plants started. I really think next year may be the season for me to garden again. I have a little freestanding greenhouse on wheels...bought it on clearance several years ago, but then things got crazy and I've never used it. It has a plastic "tent" with a zipper that goes over it...not terribly big in size, but four shelves to accommodate quite a few plants.

The chiro's treatment helps for quite awhile sometimes. And sometimes it doesn't seem to help at all, until a few days afterwards. Crazy, that a lot of my left side pain and numbness seems to be due to emotional stuff....like, when I tense up over worry, etc...that's the area affected.

Yes, weird, isn't it...that the bride and groom disappear? Although, I've been to weddings where they stayed around...and even went to church the next day (if the wedding was on Saturday) then headed out for the honeymoon.

Duckie, your company is lucky to have you to put out the fires so quickly. Yay, for getting the quilt nearly done so quickly. If I was a better seamstress, maybe I would actually finish the curtains I mentioned earlier, lol! As it is, they are still hanging from the rods with safety pins :eek::rolleyes::p Sewing is one of those things, that once I get started, I don't do anything else...maybe I'm on my way to that being "okay", lol!

Well, I'd better get back to work...had to stop and change the water. Yuck! Sorry to be sporadic in my postings...I know I'm missing people, but I don't mean to. Thinking of everyone. My computer popped up and said someone else had posted, but I don't see anything...gremlins?



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Julie - I wouldn't call this quilt "quick" - I've been working on it since the end of March (think I said that before) - certainly the longest I've ever spent on one quilt!!


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Lol, Duckie! I should clarify...I still think you've gotten this quilt done so quickly...considering how much detail there is and how many squares. Another person might not have worked so diligently at it, or maybe have even stashed it in a closet, to wait a year or three, lol! But you've kept at it, working only in your spare time...while still holding down a "work from home" job, traveling with your DS and tending to your mama. I am impressed.

Barry, I think my little tomatoes will have to do for this year. Too many irons in the fire yet this summer. I know it doesn't take that much work to plant a few things, but I'd rather do it when I'm freshly inspired next spring and have the ground properly prepared.

Window project completed just now. And Den just walked in, so I'd best get some supper going...meatloaf and baked potatoes...can bake while we take a little snooze.



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Mikie, the ibs went away?
And now its back?
How frustrating.
Glad you enjoyed your munchies.
I mostly know when to avoid all the spicy and beans etc, but mostly I still eat curries etc, just smaller portions, so if I suffer the consequences its not as bad.
I enjoy food too much to go totally bland and it really doesnt make that much difference.

Duck, I agree with Julie.
Considering all that work...
Im amazed at what youve accomplished!
And considering all those other artistic calculations and the design factor...
Most impressive!

Barry, Im still learning about the weather here and it does look like we get frosts, but no where near what we used to get where I last lived.it was very dry there too.had a drought there for 8 yrs or so and gv up on growing tomatoes there coz the soil held a fungal disease of some sort.cant remember the details anymore, but did all the research and as I got real sick at around that time trying to look after little ones...
Well, it just all got too much...I still puttered around, but rigged up irrigation to water and planted alot of yuccas and succulents etc. Pumpkin too, for my pumpkin muffins...mostly hardy plants that would survive.

Rock, when you say bug bites, are you talking about mozzies? (Mosquito ) or other insects with teeth?

Julie, thanks for moving my post.
Really dont know how I managed to mess it up.
Typical of my days currently!
Good grief! Reading about your windows got my inspired...
Then exhausted me!
Your little garden house on wheels sounds great!.
I used to hv something similar yrs ago, which i picked up second hand, dirt cheap.
Was chasing one for here, but wow.the cost was nust too much for me to justify, so decided to use all the scrap around here instead...I still wanna get my hands on something similar to get the seeds started and then use the bigger space for older plants, as the heat cant be contained in there, as much as it should.
Like it can in what you hv.

Spring, theres a blood moon coming.
Apparently we will see it from east side of Australia at about 5:30 am
Amazing to see The Creator's handiwork.

Sun, The last time there was a blood moon I couldnt see much from where we live.
People like to think that when Jesus hung on the cross, that there was an eclipse when it got dark.
Historians and astrologers etc now say there was no such thing.
So Christians believe it was supernatural.
When's the next time you go to art class?

Hi Granni and All.

Just saw the time.
Gotta go.
Take care
Catch yas later


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As an afterthought.
You are all a very artistic bunch...
Im wanting to make some arch ways on the cheap.
Any ideas?

So far Im thinking about tough poly pipe, wire etc,
but could really do with some help getting the creative juices flowing...

Nothing is too ludicrous...
Yes, Im talking to you Rock, who always puts a smile on my face


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Hi Kids

Star, if you turn your smile upside down what will you have? That's right: an arch.
That's about all I know about arches. Oh, wait. There's the old joke about two
podiatrists who got into an argument and became arch enemies.

Be careful where you put your arches. We once had a young and beautiful neighbor
who wanted to be an artist. Her first project was to buy some dishes at a thrift shop.
She then busted 'em up and glued the pieces to a very low aluminum table. Her
next project was to take some copper pipe and bend it into an arch which she
attached to the fence around her front yard. Then extended it for about 4 feet to the
edge of the street.

The cops showed up the next day and told her to take it down immediately or she would
be fined some substantial sum for blocking traffic on a city sidewalk. Artists lead
a tough life.

I don't know if our vicious bugs are mosquitoes. They don't look or act like the
mosquitoes in Minnesota. Both are highly annoying though.

Julie. meat loaf w/ baked potatoes sounds delicious. Gordon made meat balls and
boiled potatoes tonight. Good solid stick to the ribs stuff that enabled Mid West
farmers to create the Breadbasket of America.

Oh. Gotta go. A voice is calling. As they sing in "Oliver", Be Back Soon.



Good Friday Morning, Kids,

I slept through Jeopardy last evening. I don't ever remember being soooo tired. I fell into a deep sleep and slept late this morning. I woke feeling a bit better than I have in ages. I plan to clean out the freezer today. Too much stuff has accumulated. I also have old magazines and some newspapers to take down for recycling. I think doing that in the heat is what wore me out yesterday.

I met the new neighbors. I was going to leave a note on their door with my name and number but, by the time I got down there, they were home. So, I knocked and introduced myself. They seem like very nice people. They are younger than most of us old folks here. Their French Canadian accents are cute.

Spring, thanks for getting us up and going on a new Porch. I love the rainy pics. I may be feeling better because of the full moon. It always energizes me. Wow! Nine pups. Poor mama.

Rock, if you liked Fernando, listen to Super Trooper, Waterloo and Chicaquita. They are very energizing tunes. I once had a lover and our song was Andante Andante. I still can't listen to it without fond memories.

Julie, thanks for moving my post over. If I don't see a red post to stop, I just keep going oblivious to the fact that there's a new Porch. So glad that chiro helps you. I hope Den's employee can find out what is wrong and get some help. Hope it's not CFIDS. It's so frustrating when something is terribly wrong and the tests show nothing and the docs can't figure it out.

Duckie, glad you got the crisis nipped in the bud. I can imagine how difficult it would be to get those squares in just the right places.

Barry, hope you weather the heat okay. That geranium sounds beautiful. The big orange one I got last spring is still going strong. I love it.

Star, yes I never thought the IBS would return. As it is, I have problems with acid from my hiatal hernia. Still, those wings were soooo good and didn't seem to cause any problems. They had just the right amount of hot kick and sweetness. The sauce was like a glaze on them. Mmmm!

Still have to read the paper so will get going. Love, hugs and prayers to everydooby.

Love, Mikie



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Hi Kids

Duties await. I have to go water and and, for the first time, clean the cat box that
we bought last May. I "seeded" it yesterday with some of her deposits, and she took
the hint. Gordon got his car back yesterday. It was gone for a week. Cost over
$5oo for repairs. I read that cost would have been about $70 in the 1960s.

And in other good news Meghan Markle, the new Princess of whatever has a new
coat. Made of denim it cost, well, I can't find the price. Over $3ooo I think. It was
in the news earlier today. Now I can't even find it with the search engine. Nothing
says royalty like conspicuous consumption. Marie Antoinette had diamonds sewn
on her gowns. A few years later she had blood on her collar.

Mikie, I listened to Andante. Andante is a music marking. Used to see it in band and
piano music. Means "moderately slow". The tune by ABBA was very nice although I
thought the bass part was too loud.

Old magazines are nice. Used to buy a lot from the Glendale library. In the days
when "Opera News" cost $5 new, you could buy a used one for a quarter. Gordon
asked a young man at a new LA branch about old magazines. He said, "We
discard them." Gordon asked why they didn't sell them with used books. He said,
"We own them you know. We can do what we like with them." I kinda think he
might have some problems with his career in years to come. Hope so, anyway.

Oops! Been here long enough. Got ta go.
Hugs, Rock
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Hi, Kids,

Just woke from a deep nap. Don't know why I'm sleeping like this but guess I need it.

Rock, if you listened to the lyrics, you know the whole song is about going slowly. Lyrics like, 'let your body be the velvet of the night,' make it a very sensuous song. As with most pop groups, it ain't highbrow stuff but they had, and have, a big following.

Sylvester and Tweety took to using a litter box right away but Tweety now refuses to use one. She pees all over Jeff's lanai and poops in his flower pots. Think I mentioned that she got up on top of one of his aquariums and peed on the fish. Jeff says she is evil. Hope Miss Kitty continues to use the box for you and Gordon.

That guy at the library needs an attitude adjustment. Perhaps instead of throwing the mags away, he should read Psychology Today. I hope they recycle them and just just throw them away.

Love, Mikie


Hi, Julie,

We were posting at the same time. Love the punny tee shirt. I wonder whether you have to iron it. My neighbor, who loves cats, once wore one that read, C@. I used to have one which read, Does Anal Retentive have a hyphen? Whatcha gonna do with all that zucchini?

Love, Mikie