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PORCH 1078 is now CLOSED JULY 30, 2018


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Good Monday morning! Mikie was here earlier, but had to leave for an appt., so I thought I'd go ahead and get a new porch going.

Not much news here...I'm trying to function on less than four hours sleep...I blame it on the full moon, lol! Amy texted me at 7:30 as she headed to work and I finally got myself up around 8:00. First load of laundry in the washer right now...if I want anything to get dry on the clothesline, I need to get it out there soon. Chance of showers around noon...may end up using the dryer more than usual today.

Hahaha...some people are making life or death decisions, and I am wondering if it's worth hanging clothes out on the line. Well, I've been through those "seasons", and may do it again later...but for now, I'm just still in the healing season.

As for life or death decisions...the kids bought a little wading pool and transferred the frog eggs over there. Mom and Dad frog were guarding the eggs in the kids' bigger pool, so I hope the transfer went okay.

Oreo just came back inside...I think she was getting dive-bombed by hummingbirds, lol! She must have had a rough night, too...every time I got up and checked on her, she was still on the couch. But when I got up a little bit ago, she was in her bed in our bedroom.

I'd better step it up a bit this morning...will check on everyone later.
Kind of a busy porch...I wonder if a swing would work at the end. Swings or rockers are ideal, for me, at least.



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Hi Friends

Thanks for inviting us to the lovely porch, Julie. I wonder if that's a pitcher of lemonade on the table. I think the shade of yellow may be too bright for real lemonade. Maybe
it's our old friend Harvey Wallbanger. Remember that drink? Very popular during the 1970's. Made with vodka, Galliano, and orange juice. (Galliano is an Italian liqueur.)

I woke up at 8:10. As usual didn't know if it was AM or PM. I have three sources to find out: Gordon, the TV, or the computer clock. Gordon has a buncha long beans on the kitchen table that he picked from the garden. They are green beans that are two feet
long. Yesterday a gal from the orchid club and her DH came by. She bought a little
over a hundred dollars worth of orchids. Much cheaper than a nursery would have
charged. Gordon gave her a free one to boot. Better than buying from a nursery 'cause
one can see the plant and no shipping charges. There's a nursery in Florida that charges
a flat rate of 60 bucks no matter how much you spend.

Nice to know you have hummers, Julie. I can't remember ever seeing one when I
lived in the Midwest. Didn't see any till I got to California. We did have a moth
that sucked nectar from the flowers though.

Well, shoot. I've got two windows open and my current post is showing up on both
of them. Mikie can cope with this, but it's too much for me.

Hugs All




Hi, Kids,

Home again, home again, jiggity jig. Well, maybe not doing a jig but I feel better than I have for a while. I'm not going to the pool this week because my breathing is labored and I have a cough courtesy of the Red Tide outbreak on our beach not far from the hood. I have so much to do to get ready for the kids' visit that I need all my energy for that. I just texted Claudia and Barb to let them know. Claudia has a lunch date with her teacher pals so she won't be going on Thurs. either. My doc was all wound up about Big Sugar's buying off everyone so they can continue to pollute our water. He's right but tourism is an even bigger industry than sugar so the powers that be are going to have to do something. Fort Myers and Cape Coral were on the national news with the great green gobs of algae in our river and canals.

I told doc about my IBS flareup and he has agreed to Doxycycline for a month to see whether it helps. He was very nice and accommodating and I really appreciate it. I told him the history of how my CFIDS was triggered by a mycoplasma infection. The Doxycycline I took for that cleared up the IBS. He wrote the rest of my prescriptions and I have to go back to Publix for them later or tomorrow. Everything is fine. I have to make an appt. to get my labwork done. I also told him about having narrowed the problem with my supps' having caused neurological symptoms to the magnesium stearate. Nothing we can do about it but it's worth knowing about especially if it shows up in another patient.

Claudia just stopped by to leave off a CD of classic yodeling songs. Bless her heart. She knows I get energized by hearing, or doing, yodeling. The pressure is on to practice before the kids get here.

Julie, thanks for starting us up again. Love that Porch. Very calming and inviting. Yes, rockers or a swing would make it perfect. I have also been through some pretty rough seasons and don't apologize for thinking about the small stuff; however, I try not to worry over it because it really is true that we shouldn't sweat the small stuff and almost everything is small stuff in the big picture of life. How great is it that we only have laundry and cleaning to think about sometimes. Poor Oreo. Perhaps you can both get some rest.

I see someone else has stopped by the new Porch. I'll post and then read it. Too many gremlins in the digital realm right now to chance losing my post. Ah, it's our good friend, Rock. So good to see you here this morning. SV is wild today. He even swatted his little ball around. He's usually too aloof to play with toys but, now and then, he likes to play with them and his track ball games. He got up on the sofa next to me and leapt in a big graceful arc over the computer. He has such an expressive little face and I can always tell when he's feeling wild. Yes, buying orchids from Gordon is a good deal. I don't think I could buy plants online. A two-feet-long bean? Good grief! Will it be in The Legume Hall of Fame? I don't know beans about that but I'm green with envy over such a bean. Thanks for providing drinks for us.

Someone else showed up. Another good friend, Sun. I'm so sorry it was so hot and uncomfortable in the mountains but I'm glad you enjoyed the family. Isn't long Monopoly games redundant? My kids will be here sometime around the 6th to the 8th, depending on the available flights. DD will let me know. Yes, I feel very lucky to live here because the cost of living is so much less than a lot of other places. My condo is only 1,100 sq. ft. but that's still cheap because the A/C runs all the time. I hope you start to feel better.

On the way back from the doc, I left off a big bag and a box of stuff at Goodwill. It's only a block from the doc's office. Very handy. I left off the Rx's at Publix and did a bit of shopping. Publix had a store coupon for $4 off a NasaCort 120-spray cartridge. There was also a manufacturer's $4 coupon for it in the paper yesterday so I saved $8 on it. Score! I used a ton of that when my eustachian tubes were all plugged up. All in all, it was a very efficient trip and I got stuff out of the condo that I wanted to donate.

Hope everydooby is having a good week so far.

Love, Mikie
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Julie: Frog eggs? Super fun for the kids to watch. I remember gathering up some tad poles from slimy water when I was a brownie. No frogs around here but where my DD lives you can hear a huge chorus of them at night, and they're hopping all over the road. I love the sound of croaking.

Rock: Mmmmmm, long beans. Makes me hungry for them so maybe I'll drive over to the local asian market and see what's available.

Mikie: You're very lucky to have such a low electric bill. Mine came in at $256 for July. I didn't used to run the AC so much but heat really bothers me now. When does your DD and DGS come?

Star: I read about your trellis. Are you going to grow something to trail over it or what? You can also buy a large grapevine and unroll it and trail it over the trellis.

And I hope your DS is getting along OK with the boy with Tourette's. He's going to really learn compassion and who knows where it might lead him.....maybe being a doctor when he grows up. All these experiences as children are growing up makes a big difference.

Granni: New flooring! I'm sure it really looks nice and feels good on barefeet.

Got back yesterday around noon from the mountains. At times I felt like I was in h###. It was HOT up there and no AC. We had fans going every where but all it does it blow the hot air around. Very hard to sleep, so I basically got about 4 hrs. Cobbled together because of pain and the heat. I'm really spoiled with AC.

But I loved being with the family, especially my DGD. She's 10 and loves to play monopoly so that meant 3 nights of LONG games.....she's lucky and wins every time. But we laugh a lot too! The last night there we found a cute outdoor cafe in the woods and had a wonderful gourmet dinner outside.


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Hi everyone! Got almost all the laundry off the line...except for the sheet I had to rewash...darn birds, lol! Den texted that he didn't get much sleep either...he also blamed it on the moon, lol! Pretty sure we will both have naps when he gets home from work, but I'll set my alarm so I don't sleep too long.

Sun, glad you had a good trip in spite of the heat. Sounds like a great time with your DGD, especially :)

Mikie, what a good deal on your allergy meds! Glad you could make good use of your outing...I try to do that too...plan the stops as I head to town.

Rock, here's a pic of one of my feeders. Don't mind the weeds, and yes, I still have Christmas lights up, lol! Pretty handy for the hummers to sit on the wire as they get ready to harrass each other :p:D I'm seeing so many different shapes in those clouds in the background...could make a game of it, lol!

I'd better get back on the mower...even with my health improvements, today is one of those days where I have to force myself to keep going...even if it is in low gear :cool:



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Good afternoon!

Bad Duckie!! Yes, I let another weekend slip by. It was a busy one, though. Saturday, I went to a sew in. I worked on a Kids Komfort quilt. Been so busy with my States quilt that I haven't done any of them for quite a while. It was fun to sew-cialize. After that, I went to a late lunch with another (sewing) friend that I don't get to see very often. She's very sweet; she found a beautiful book on quilts at a library sale and bought it for me.

After that, I had to go pick up my DS, who spent the day helping my DD move...part way. They had to put all her stuff in a Pod, which will get stored for 2 weeks until their new apartment comes available.

Yeah, there's some drama there. My DD and her SO moved in with this friend, thinking it would be a great deal. Turns out the friend has indoor-outdoor cats that bring dead animals in. Friend does not clean said dead stuff up. Also smokes weed (which is still illegal here). DD and SO didn't want to be exposed to that. So, even though they've only been there 2 months, they're moving out. They'll stay with SO's parents for the time being.

Anyway, DS and I got halfway home and DS realized he had the lock for the pod in his pocket. We had to turn around and go back. I didn't get home until 8:30 (except for the half hour I stopped home to get Chinese carry-out for my DH's dinner).

Sunday, I went out to my DM's house and my DB and I put up an accordion door for her. I also took my air fryer out because my DM wanted to try it. She put some chicken legs in it and fried them and we had them for lunch. I helped my DM pick tomatoes (probably 10-12# of them) and got 30 mosquito bites for my trouble. Mosquitoes love me. Unfortunately, the bites usually turn into cellulitis. I will have to watch.

When I got home from that, I had to do a little bit of real work; one of our servers had acted up again (just like earlier in the week) so I had to test that the normally scheduled weekend reboot cured it. (It had). Then it was laundry time...

Granni - Glad you had a good time on your trip to the hill country. Also that your floor is in and looking good. Nifty that you are working on your family history. Hope you get all those papers straightened out!

Mikie - It's good that you have a good relationship with your doctor. I have a good relationship with mine as well. My poor mop needs cutting and I need to do my roots...I'm getting very dark again.

Julie - Nice picture of the humming birds. Neither my DM nor I have seen very many at our houses this year. Very strange. We used to have "Hummingbird Wars" over the feeders. They can be vicious to each other!! Speaking of thyroids, my levels were up a few weeks ago when I got tested. Because I was just coming out of a flare, we were going to 'wait and see' - but your comment about having abundant energy (well, relatively speaking!!) made me realize that I'm pooped despite sleeping at least as well as normal. Guess I'll go back for another test.

Sun - I'm glad you had success with your arch, but sad that it was at the expense of your poor fingers. I can't tell you how many times my fingers and knuckles have suffered for my love of quilting (sharp needles, pointy pins and worst of all - wicked rotary cutter blades). Kudos to your DS for making friends with the boy with Tourette's. You must be doing something right as a parent.

Though I got a good chunk of my label tedium done last week, I still have more (different sort) this week. I shall get back to it.

Hugz to all



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Dear Ones,

Just popped in for a bit to say HI to awl. DH went to the docs for a check on his surgery and kidney. All was fine and he goes back in 4 months. Got a wash done and went to WM for a few things since DH needed some special tape to tape up some of the extra wood they won't take back. Maybe we can use it later on some of the other flooring we hope to put down. Although there is part of the flooring which is now carpet and goes into the master bath, just the parts by the sink. I can't imagine why anyone wants to put carpeting in the bathroom.. Guessing we will put laminate in there along with the off white tile that is also in the kitchen.

Has anyone put wood or laminate in the kitchen and bathroom. How do you all like it. I would think laminate would be best where water is a culprit or can be. Actually we are not doing anything in the kitchen since it is all tile even if I don't particularly like it. DH does like it and to expensive to take it out and redo. Then , if we get that done maybe laminate upstairs in bath and small bedroom.

SUN - Glad you had a great time even though it was HOT up in the mountains. It was hot for us too unless inside with the a/c. Yes were all spoiled with the a/c here in TX. It has been high 90's lately and some low 100's I think although we try not to be out in it when it is that hot. Hope you are feeling better in the a/c.

JULIE - Those humming birds and their feeders look pretty neat. Like the Christmas lights too:!! Haven't had much time to post and we have been off line since last Sat or Sun. Glad that you have gotten alot done and are feeling better. What was the thyroid stuff you said you were taking? I take Np thyroid 90 mg since the armour price went off the roof. We are getting this through DH's work as Medicare wasn't going to pay anything and Np thyroid want't to cheap either without help. Good grief !! Thanks a lot for the new PORCH. VERY PRETTY !!

MIKIE - Glad that you have been a lot done or quite a bit today and got some good buys. Hope your dr visit went well. It sounds like it or the doc didn't find anything stranger that you didn't know about :)!! That SV sounds so funny. Those kitties can be, I know after watching my grand kitties.

STAR - I hope the patient that had the surgery for prostate cancer is doing well. Glad that all looked good after the surgery. I have heard others with the same question regarding my DH - what , no RX ??? Just have to keep a close watch on it and hope it doesnt spread but prostate cancer is so very slow growing . The doc said that the kidney cancer tends to grow back at leat the type that DH has. At least it did have sign with bleeding so we knew it was time to go to the surgeon.

Thinking of everyone but no time to post and still have stuff to put away mostly papers to keep or to throw away, HUGZ to SW, ROCK, DUCKIE, BARRY, and who ever else I have missed accidently.

Love to awl,
Granni :)


Hi, Kids,

Just checking in before settling down in bed. I did laundry today and changed the sheets after turning the mattress. SV has decided to go out on the lanai. He's not going to want to come back in but he hates being out there all night. He'll come in but will grumble about it. I got quite a bit done today and it felt so good. I had to get up on a stool and rotate my Puffs tissues. I like the ones with Vicks but they lose the menthol if they sit too long. I have 25 boxes of them in the closet because Publix doesn't have them on sale as often as they used to. I need to make sure I don't run out. Between them, the Corcidin and the NasaCort, my allergies are costing a small fortune.

Julie, that's a neat looking feeder. Wish we could have Christmas lights for our bldg. but the squirrels chew through the wires. Little devils. Those clouds are beautiful. My favorite errand runs are when I can make a big loop, hitting the office, stores, etc. coming and going. It feels so good to get rid of stuff in here. I'm getting better at parting with things.

Duckie, I'm glad you got to have lunch with your pal. Loved your sewing pun. I'm only sew sew at making puns. I don't mind cats' bringing dead critters but they do need to be cleaned up. Yikes! Hope the kids can get settled in a nice place. My hair needs to be cut but don't know now whether I'll get it done before the kids get here. I'll likely just do the bare essentials so I don't overdo things. Don't want to be too tired to enjoy their visit.

Granni, I'd love to have hardwood floors in my entry, bath and kitchen but our floors are concrete and it would be quite a job to remove the tile. The tile is white so isn't too bad looking. I'd like to retile behind the stove and along the rest of the countertop. We are never satisfied. People in the old days used things til they fell apart and then they got them fixed. I really need new carpet but can't with SV. He's a good cat but digs at the carpet with his claws now and then. Glad you enjoy those DGKs.

OK, gonna go watch my show and then go to bed. I hope this increase in NRG lasts so I can do more tomorrow. Been praying for NRG. Hope all y'all have a lovely evening. Love, hugs and prayers to everydooby, here and MIA.

Love, Mikie


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Barry:. Here's another link for New Yorker

https://www.newyorker.com/?mbid=nl_Magazine Only 073018&CNDID=8044046&utm_source=Silverpop&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Magazine Only 073018&utm_content=&spMailingID=13969301&spUserID=MjU1NTU5MzU5MDE5S0&spJobID=1442596063&spReportId=MTQ0MjU5NjA2MwS2

I've been busy doing some sewing today. Had to get it all cleaned up because my cleaning lady is coming tomorrow morning. I talked to her on sunday.....apparently she's now been diagnosed with macular degeneration. She was in shock because she's only in her late 50s and gets regular exams. And apparently it's the wet kind, so I've been reading about it. She was to start shots in her eyes today and was really uptight about it. Guess I'll start taking occuvite. She's a very short person, not quite a "little person" and she was adopted so doesn't know her background or her DNA.


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Hey all

Sun - welcome back. I'm sorry to hear your cleaning lady has that condition. I looked it up. The TV reality show I watch, Indian Idol..based on the American singing show has a young boy who has an eye disease and can't see properly. His doctors have said he is going blind. And there isn't any treatment. After he was selected, he was going off the stage and fell and hurt himself. It is so sad.

Some electrical outlets had to be fixed yesterday so I had a rush job, cleaning so the place wouldn't be too messy when the workman came. Your cleaning lady's story is sad. Rather challenging. Being adopted and not knowing your biological background.

Julie - nice porch. Bright, happy. You have so much maize growing! Great pic of your feeder. That sure is an elaborate bird feeder. I wish I had one.

Dmc - I used to get migraines when younger. Horrible, nausea inducing ones. I don’t know how, but they went away. I had them from childhood and they went away when I was around 40. Dunno the reason, but glad.

You been doing a lot. Travelling a lot. I’m glad your DD got out of that place.

Mikie - I love white tiles. Makes a place so bright. But with my dogs, it would be a job to keep clean. I loved your kitchen cabinets with the decorations on top. Florida coastline is really needing an environmental overhaul! All that green algae. The poor sea critters!

I didn’t notice the clouds in Julie’s pic until I read your post. I was busy looking the bird feeder and green. Dunno how I missed them. They are beautiful! What a beautiful place.

Granni - looks like your place is getting a slow and steady overhaul. You both keep so busy.

Rock - yes, that is a very yellow drink. My DB came by and brought lots of cucumbers they grew. I wanted to make a cucumber chutney and bought mint leaves but I got no time to make it and the mint leaves dried up. So we ate up the cucumbers before they went waste. I love cool fresh crunchy cucumbers. I think we have those beans you speak of. Long, limp ones? Lightish yellow green? They make a lovely curry.

Nice to know Gordon made some $ with his beloved hobby. And the pleasure it must have given the girl! I always come back with a spring in my step and a song in my heart when I return home after buying flowers, plants, trees.

Star - let us know how the ongoing project turns out. And the veggies you planted.

Yesterday I watched a movie in a long long time. My friend and her DD and her two sisters went. It was enjoyable. A wrenching story but well made.

In India, certain areas have very rigid caste systems. And like the Muslim countries, there too they have so called honour killings. It’s about a intercaste couple who fall in love, and the price they pay. The sad thing is it’s a fact. I read one case many years ago, where an upper caste girl and lower caste boy eloped in a village in India.They were hunted down, hung from a tree by the girls own parents and relatives, a bonfire made, and while still alive, flung onto the burning embers. The girl tried to crawl away but was flung back on the fire.

The politicians try to do away with untouchability, where Brahmins do not touch utensils handled by lower caste. They passed a law that tea sellers cannot use different glasses for upper and lower castes but the shopkeepers started using disposable plastic glasses rather than lose their upper caste customers. These people in addition to battling severest of poverty, also struggle with social evils.

In this country too, I have seen similar discrimination, where workers from lower caste are served food away from higher castes. I think it’s better now, though.

The western countries are so so fortunate that way.

I at last got my books I ordered on Amazon. 3 of them. Well, DD did. Yes, they’re on spirituality. Took a month. But better late than never. I had enquired at my book stores, but they said, the author didn’t mean for the books to be targeted for sales in book form, but e books mode. They were directed at a specific reading audience so were never intended to be bestsellers. And there was little chance such books would make it to Nepal. I don’t like reading online. If I can help it.

God bless
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Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Gotta go to Publix to pick up my Rx's. It would have taken an hour to fill them yesterday and I didn't want to hang around that long. I'm anxious to take the Doxy to see whether it helps with the IBS. Red Tide is still taking its toll here, on me and others, including sea life. A huge giant red grouper washed ashore, a victim of the RT. It was four feet long and weighed 200 lbs. The neon green algae is soooo thick on the waterways. It doesn't even look real. Looks like something out of a bad sci-fi movie. It's also toxic and is making the people who live on the water sick. We are poisoning the only Earth we have all in the name of $$$.

I watched the man in CA talk about his wife and two great grandchildren who died in the fire. He talked to the little boy until he died as the child begged him to come and save them. He was running an errand when his wife called him and said the fire was raging up the hill toward the house. He tried to get home but was stopped. His wife had wrapped the kids in a wet blanket and lay on top of them, trying to save them. The grief was unbearable to hear. It broke my heart. Those fires can spread so fast. I'm praying for that man; I honestly don't know how he can bear the grief and pain.

Sun, my friend, Joan, who died recently, had wet MD in one eye. She went in monthly for the shots. We would take turns driving her to her doc. She had to rest afterward due to the pain when the local wore off. I hope your cleaning lady will be OK and the shots will help her. On Mom's side, there is another type of macular disease and two of my cousins were going blind. Mom didn't have it and I pray I don't either. I ask Ste. Lucie to pray for us every day and to watch over us. I ask her to go where she is needed. I still laugh about cleaning up so the cleaning lady can come. I clean up because I have no cleaning lady. Wish I did and am glad you have one.

Spring, I prefer reading on my Kindle. It's so much easier to hold than a book. I have the old Kindle Fire and it's heavy compared to the new ones. The new ones are cheap and I've considered getting one but can't bring myself to do it because the old Fire is still good. Of course, I didn't let that stop me when it came to the stove and microwave. I still have the original Kindle and, as far as I know, it still works. I like to be able to instantly look up words in the built-in dictionary. Even though I know what words mean, I like to see the exact description of them. I've heard of the honor killings. So sad. We've had our own problems with racism. Back when I was growing up, people of color were not allowed to use 'white only' bathrooms nor drink out of the 'white only' water fountains. They had to sit in the backs of the busses and were not allowed to eat in many restaurants. It was mainly in the South so I didn't see it in my town. I was shocked when I first learned of it. Many black people were lynched back then. The problems continue today. My white tiles are shiny so not too difficult to clean. I just run a mop over them. Now and then, I use the floor machine to get down into the grout lines. Hope you enjoy your books.

Gonna get busy in the spare room. What a mess it is. I don't know whether I have the time and energy to get that walk-in closet all cleaned out or not. I could just put things back and clean it out properly later when I have more time. That's probably what I'll do so I don't wear myself out and stress out over it before the kids come. I have some foam packing pieces which have the recycle logo on them but don't know where I can take them. Publix takes small egg cartons and bakery trays but not these big pieces.

Hope all y'all are having a nice week.

Love, Mikie



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Morning Kids

It's quiet here. There was some noise outside a little while ago. Some kind of machine. And, of course, the overhead racket from helicopters is frequent. Anyway, quiet now. Gordon just left for Costco with a list. A little to the left I think.

We had a hummer at the feeder this morning. We haven't had any for while. And for
good reason. No food for them in the feeder. But Gordon filled it today. He thinks
they can find food on their own in the summer. He keeps the feeder filled in the
winter. I liked your hummer pic, Julie. If you took out the lights, feeder and cars, that picture could be from a century ago. Maybe 2 or 3. I'm reading a book by Garrison
Keillor that talks a lot about farming in the area of Lake Wobegon. Also a book about growing up on farms in the Midwest by people who did just that.

Mikie, those groupers get pretty big. Big enough to gulp down some sharks. Or people. See below for more info, Folks.


My mother had a cleaning lady for one summer. The gal lived a block away, but there
were no houses between her place and ours. Anyway when she arrived she and my
mother cleaned together.

Springwater, the fluffy clouds are called cumulus. That's because they accumulate
water. If they have a lot of water they turn into cumulonimbus. As indicated by the
last 3 letters in the name, they travel across the sky and produce rain; sometimes
heavy storms.

With regard to white tiles, maybe you could find some with dogs painted on them.
Then you would have the best of both worlds.

Sun, shots in the eye sounds terrible. But Gordon's sister has them. She says there
is no pain at all. The doctor puts something in the eye to numb it. You might say he
does a number on her. She did have to stop driving. Quit work too, but she's in her
60s. She's the scatterbrain in the family. Almost every time she calls to say she's
stopping by, she calls later and changes the day or the time. One time she came
over so Gordon could show her how to prepare some Chinese dish. When she got
here she said she forgot her tablet, so I gave her a notebook. She carefully took notes
and then forgot them when she left. Gordon said, "Typical."

Mikie, the "bare essentials" sounds good. Reminds me of the Bare Necessities song
from Disney's Jungle Book. I think Phil Harris sang it. Phil used to be on the Jack
Benny show. He was married to the lovely Alice Faye which seemed a terrible
mismatch since Phil's character was a loafer and heavy drinker.

As for poisoning the Earth, I don't think the Big Corporations will care unless the
red tide invades their boardroom.

Granni, you haven't said anything about painting the porch lately. As it says in Aesop's Fables or maybe Shakespeare, Folks can work from sun to sun. But fixin' a house
is never done.

Hugs, all


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Julie:. Ive been looking at the porch with a decorators eye.....since it's white and then the brown striped rug I think I would put plain brown cushions on the chairs. The blue doesn't make sense to me since there's no blue elsewhere. And yes, a swing!

And I love the look of the corn! Very Iowa. And lucky hummingbirds too. I once had a feeder but they were going crazy and with the price of sugar I said forget it and after about 4 times I didn't replenish. Gordon and I think alike.

Mikie: That awful green water needs to be investigated including the politicians and an expose put on something like 60 minutes. Most of us wouldn't know about it if it wasn't for you posting. Why not take it upon yourself and call people who can do something.

Spring: Since you had migraines or bad headaches as a child, perhaps it was the stress that you were living? Stress does awful things to the body.

Duck: Hope all is settled down for your DD and her significant other. Will they be getting married soon?

My cleaning lady was over today, talking about her eye. She has to go back in 1 week to see if the shot has helped otherwise the same drill, which included dye in her veins. Her doctor said the best thing to take is Occuvite as it has the most of the lutein and another supplement for MD. Also......she was wearing those larger wrap around sunglasses to block all the UV rays. I just wear cheap sunglasses over my darkening glasses, so guess I'll also go to Walmart and see what they have available.

Bad back/neck pain all day so I'm wearing ice. I took an old Tshirt and sewed a large pocket on the back to hold a freezer gel pack. And I have a large neoprene belt that I also sewed a pocket to hold an ice pack. *&^%$#@

ROCK: I just read that there is a new mosquito in california...confirmed by the state. I think it's called Aedes mosquito. They think it probably got here with a shipment of fruit. And the big thing is it bites during the day!!!! That's probably what I got bit by a few weeks ago, around 3 PM and also in the morning. And someone just posted on another board that Avon's Skin So Soft works great and doesn't smell bad.....as does Burt's Bee Insect repellent. I forgot I had a big bottle of it from when my DH was going to go fly fishing. So I searched around and found the bottle...it has a nice fragrance. Avon is not just selling door to door like they used to. When we bought this we just googled avon for our area and found a dealer. And I just got bit AGAIN in 2 places from going out to water. &^%$#@!

OK...just did a search and apparently it doesn't work, per consumer report.

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Hi guys! Quick post...it's been a crazy day. As I was getting ready to go get my hair done this morning, I decided it would be a good day to bring my dad out to the farm since I was going to go see him anyway after my hair appt.

Didn't get there to pick him up till around 2:30, but they had him all ready to go. We stopped for a milkshake on the way out home...Dad mostly just relaxed in his recliner and visited with Den. He was ready to go back after an hour or so...didn't want to miss his supper. So, it was sort of a quick trip, but he had been asking to do this and the weather was a little cooler, so it ended up being a good day. We scared up a couple deer on the way back...made it well worth the trip for him to get to see some wildlife.

I had errands to run after I dropped him off, then went back to take him some 7-Up, so got home around 8:00 pm. Heading to bed earlier tonight...just wanted to post this pic for Sun...had my hairdresser get my hair back closer to my natural color. She usually just does the roots, but this time I insisted she do my whole head...she couldn't believe how "faded" I was.

So, a quick "Hi" to all...will check in tomorrow.



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Julie: It looks GREAT! How does it feel to look in the mirror and see someone different? And what did Den say? And did your dad say anything? And he looks very healthy and happy.

The other day up at the mountains my DGD saw a lady in a cafe with grey hair.....told me she's a lot older than I was. I said NO, I didn't think so....it's just that she had grey hair. She looked at me and said but....you don't have ANY grey hair so you must be younger. I said I color mine every couple of weeks. I look AWFUL when it gets faded and all the grey is showing. I try to keep it close to my natural only with more red in it. That way I just have to mix up a little color and use a brush to apply to the roots. I've done my hair red for over 55 years and no one knows me with it not light auburn. Of course my hair is short so that makes it easier. Speaking of short hair, I need to give myself a trim tomorrow morning. It's been years and years since I started cutting and coloring my own hair.
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Julie - I think your hair colour is lovely. I wish we had hair colour when I was 13. I had such a fascination for dark brown dry leaf colour hair. I used to feel things so intensely as a child. I used to collect pictures from magazines of women with that colour hair.

I thought those lights were part of the bird feeder! They were Christmas lights.

Our grade 6 teacher encouraged us to have a hobby. And collect pictures of those. I used to collect pictures of furniture. We used to get English magazines like Woman and Good Housekeeping. I think one of our relatives passed them down to us. My friend used to collect pictures of babies. When the teacher asked her, what was her hobby, she replied “I collect babies”.he told her” do you go picking them up wherever you find them? Say, you collect pictures of babies”.

Your DF is looking happy. You are such a good daughter.

Rock - if I could I would collect a bag of red tide/ green algae for each board member of the Environment department and keep it under their chair, and activate it every time they were in a meeting.

We don’t need more technology, better phones etc. we need to be able to have clean air, unadulterated food, pollution free water. I read online where one school girl was so affected by wi fi, her mom asked her school to let there be a wi fi free zone for her, they refused, and she died soon after. After that I was so concerned, Diane might have been negatively affected by the wi fi and not known it. I remember her saying she was concerned about hackers though.


I was wondering where JK Rowling got those apt sounding names from. Nimbus ...something something, Harry’s state of the art broom.

Sun - are you wearing a vest with pockets to hold ice packs? Don’t they melt soon? How does it work. For how long do you have to have them on? Our mosquitoes are at their worst now. If we want to work in the garden, we have to carry a container with incense and keep burning stuff. The smoke keeps them at bay, a little. But it takes the the fun out of gardening.

Stress has done a number on me. Many conditions. The depression and migraines went away around same time. I still get bouts of fatigue. The anxiety is gone. Strange. I used to get palpitations and so fearful. It isnt there now. There’s still stress, but maybe of a different kind. A healer colleague I met at the center told me I look so calm and healthy compared to when she saw me last. And my friends told me I look healthy. In 2000 I was so sick I went down to 39 kg. I’m 55 now. And in 2012 I went down to 43 kg from 46. Still skeletal. Both times were difficult periods in my life.

We had hurriedly made dumplings for lunch. The mushrooms DH bought last evening were so bad, had to throw out 3/4 of them. So I mixed cheese with them for the dumplings. Not as good as plain mushrooms. In the shops they make cottage cheese veggie mix dumplings for non meat eaters.

Did anyone read this? A friendly stray dog came upon, mingled with marathon runners, joined them and completed the half marathon with them in the Australian outback. He was awarded a medal for participation later.

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Hi Kids

I was on the computer last night when I heard helicopters and police sirens. Figured
it was the usual car chase, but it wasn't. The commotion went for an hour. Now and
then could hear the cops talking on bull horns. Gordon said he was going out on
the porch to observe. I told him to stay in the house and lock the doors.

So then minutes later I went downstairs. He was on the sofa. When I went in the
kitchen he yelled, "Don't go outside." Anywho we never found out what was going
on. A criminal pursuit I suppose.

Springwater, I didn't know Wi Fi was dangerous. Looked it up. Here's the site.


Yes, I read the article about the marathon dog in Australia. I hope by now he has
been adopted by good people.

Julie, nice pic. Are you going to get Dad's hair dyed to match? Always fun to see
the deer except when they end up on the hood of your car. Used to see them at
night when driving down country roads. They love to run across the road in front
of cars and then jump the farmer's fence.

Sun, I read about the Aedes mosquito on Wikipeda. Yikes! It can spread yellow,
dengue and zika fever. I don't even know what that last one is. Anywhoo they
came from Africa. Deet is effective against them. I am impressed that you can cut
your own hair. I had a college roommate who did too. He used a 3 panel mirror
behind his head. He was an art major. As you know most artists have excellent

Going back to bed, Kids. Hugs


Good Wednesday Morning, Dear Porchies,

Slept really well last night, finally. I tried to do some heavy work in here yesterday but kept hurting myself and dropping things. I just did a bit of easy stuff and stopped. Just too run down from all the allergies and RT. I don't know when it will end. I could see some beautiful clouds reflected in Joe's windows just now so went out to see. My sliders face east and the clouds were to the west, along the shore. There may be some showers along the Gulf. The clouds were billowing cumulus and one had a lenticular capping it. They were pink against the blue sky. The partially full moon was riding high in the sky. It's really humid out this morning.

Rock, glad you guys stayed inside safe from whatever evil was lurking outside yesterday. Yikes! Speaking of Phil Harris, we once saw him driving when we were in the Hollywood area. Long time ago. How is Miss Kitty? Is she using the box?

Sun, the Red Tide and blue/green algae has been investigated forever and several remedies have been proposed but it will be about six years before any can be fully instituted. There is a big movement here for these fixes and people crowd the meetings. I don't have the energy to do what I need to around the condo so I don't have the energy to protest and attend long crowded meetings. There was a meeting of the Army Corps of Engineers over in Cape Coral at the Yacht Club yesterday. During the meeting, a dead manatee washed ashore. Two others were escorting the dead body. It was soooo sad, as though the critters were begging for help.

The Corps of Engineers' only job is to assure that Lake Okeechobee doesn't get too full and breach the Hoover Dikes. They have been busy putting the oxbows back in the rivers which feed the lake so the water is cleaner. The lake itself is covered by algae. It was the Corps of Engineers who took the oxbows out of the rivers in the first place. Our tax dollars at work! There are two other authorities in charge of this. At least one big reservoir is being planned but that isn't sufficient so they will need others. BTW, the sugar growers are subsidized by the govt. So, basically, we pay them to pollute and we pay more for sugar than anywhere else. Such a deal!

Julie, your hair looks so nice. You're lucky because you can wear it lighter as well. Mine has been blonde so long that I can't imagine what it would look like brunette. It's too much work to keep the roots touched up darker. With the blonde, it just blends with the gray until I color it again. Your Dad looks really well. I'm glad he had such a good time with you.

Spring, there are people who are sensitive to electromagnetic energy such as radio waves like wi-fi. Cordless phones and even some of our electric meters emit them. Cell phones do as well. We live in an amazing era of technology but there is a price to pay for progress. Are you getting rain every day like we are? The little pond out back is full. Fortunately, it has no algae. SV is out there snoozing on a chair on the lanai. He's due for his annual checkup and vaccinations but I'll wait til the kids go home. I have enough on my plate now as it is. I just bought some mushrooms. I have half a strip steak I cooked and will slice it and brown with onions and add the shrooms. I'll make a fajita for myself for lunch. Think I'll top with some guacamole I'll make with the avocado which is ripe. Just found out that the most nutritious part of the shrooms is the stems.

Gonna go read the real newspaper. It's a treat when I only get it twice a week. Hope everydooby has a pain-free and blessed day, including our MIA's. Barry and Duckie, where are you?

Love, Mikie



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Hi Folks

Just got in from watering. Our back yard is a hill. About a ten degree angle I think.
Gordon told me today I need to do the watering slower so the water would sink in and
not all run down the hill. I told him there was no way the water was gonna slow down,
but I would dig some moats around the plants to hold the water. He said, OK.

He is in no shape to do stuff himself t0day due to a bad back. I think it's a result of his repotting. He sits on the concrete by the back door and leans forward to pull the pots
close to him. But some pots weigh a couple pounds and some probably weigh 2o;
maybe more. Especially those big dendrobiums. I think it strains the back.

Well, I was interrupted to go grocery shopping. Seems like we've been gone hours
and hours. Anyhoo it's hotter than Gordon's wok here. I'm lying down for the nonce.
Trying to persuade Gordon to do so too.

Back when it's cooler.



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Good afternoon.

Well, I was struck down with another migraine yesterday. Ended up missing a day of work. Summer is the worst for my migraines because of the heat and humidity.

Today I went to my fibro doc. On the way to the office afterward, I was stopped at a light behind a dump truck. The truck had a recliner in the back, and it was not secured in any way. When the light turned green, the truck started forward, but the recliner did not. Fortunately, yours truly was paying attention and realized that the recliner was falling and didn't pull forward at all. After the recliner hit the ground in the middle of the intersection, I finally went around it.

Nearly every one of the mosquito bites turned into cellulitis. They're starting to clear up now.

On the flip side, take a look at what's done!!!

Pictures never really do them justice, but this one's not too bad.

Julie - great picture with your dad!

Mikie - I still need to do my roots and get my hair cut. It's getting desperate, but it won't happen until at least Friday with my current schedule.

Sun - I'm always impressed with people who can cut their own hair....

Granni - my cousin put in some kind of wood-grained floating floor in my bathroom when he remodeled it for us. Don't know what it's made of, though.

I'm still catching up from all that I missed yesterday, so sorry for no more shout outs. Hugz to Rock, Barry, Star, Spring, etc., etc...