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PORCH 1084 IS NOW CLOSED (8/24/18)

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I'll be back. In the meantime, enjoy this little English country cottage. It took longer than expected to open a new Porch because our power went out and the modem wouldn't reboot. Used to be that the robot menu at Comcast offered the option of automatically having them send a signal to the modem. They no longer offer that and now, one has to talk to someone in a foreign country who tries more than once to upsell the service. They are sooo obsequious and chatty that I want to scream at them, "Just fix the friggin' problem." Good grief!

Good Friday Morning, Dear Porchies,

I did nothing yesterday. I have been getting up with headaches. A week or so ago, I picked up a heavy bag of newspapers to recycle and felt something on my left side up in the midriff area give way. I rested and it felt better so didn't give it another thought. Night before last, I had severe pain in the lower left area by the groin. I don't know whether I have a hernia or whether it was a diverticulitis attack. In any case, I rested and prayed for relief. It's much better and I'm hoping I can get something done around here. Costco has Smart Water and coffee K-cups on sale so I'd like to run down there. It's close. Love this location; it's close to most everything.

Rock, I smiled at the Cheshire Cat joke. I wet the toothbrush and I think SV likes the moisture in his mouth. Basically, he likes anything he can rub on or anything which is rubbed on him. When I was a kid, a guy in the hood had a Golden Delicious apple tree and we kids would pick his apples. I think he knew but never drove us off. Another neighbor across the alley had an apple tree with sour green apples. We kids would eat them knowing that they would give us a stomach ache. Back in the day, alleys were a great source of fun and adventure for kids. We played softball every evening til dark in the summertime, knowing our batted balls wouldn't hit any cars. We would go through garbage cans looking for treasures. We used the alleys and spaces between houses for our travels in the hood. I remember it fondly.

Barry, if Sylvie stepped on the 'Input' button, it may have caused the TV to expect to be getting the signal from a different source. You can keep pressing the Input button until it gets back to where the signal should be coming from. Mine shuffles between the antenna/cable, HDMI ports and other ports used for gaming. Whenever the TV won't work, try that button. The pork roast sounds delish. They did one on the Today Show which had been cooked with a spicy rub on it. They sliced it and put it in a salad with all kinds of good stuff, including feta cheese. All pets in our county have to be licensed. When the vets do rabies shots, they have to report it to the county with the name of the pet and the owner. If a license isn't purchased, the county goes after the owner. It's easier to just get it and have peace of mind. Also, the money helps with animal control and the no kill shelter. I'm 74 and have been sick since 2000 but I suspect my ailments were lying in wait for me since childhood. All it took was the mycoplasma infection to trigger things full blown. I whine a lot but, when I see people who are paralyzed or blind, I thank God for my blessings. Wish we were all well.

Sun, I envy all that kitchen cabinet storage space. Condos in FL are usually assumed to be second vacation homes and lack kitchen storage. These cabinets are cheap particle wood with a laminate white finish on them. I don't mind because they look pretty good and aren't dated. I put new hardware on them for $100. Joe's building is about 10 years older than mine and he has the beige cabinets with the oak strip across the front. They were popular back in the 80's and were considered to be European looking. All his appliances match the cabinets. Instead of upgrading to stainless, he replaces appliances with the same beige color. He likes the look. If I were ever to redo the kitchen, I'd probably just replace the cabinet doors and drawers with new ones. I'm getting used to the stainless appliances and they don't seem so strange to me now. They really make the kitchen look more updated. Now, if I only had new tile...

Granni, congratulations on your winnings. Good for you. We can always use extra money. I don't enjoy gambling and have never been lucky. The one time I went to the casino in CO, the noise and flashing lights drove me out with sensory overload. I'm glad you had a good time. The food sounds wonderful. Living in FL is really inexpensive all things considered. I have three exemptions on my property taxes and they are only $439 for the year on the condo. So, I don't mind paying tolls when I go over to the Cape, to Sanibel Island or over to Miami. I also don't mind paying for Sylvester's license. It's just a bit expensive for the full three years. In the end, he's worth it. I can never afford to move. It would be nice to be a Snowbird and get outta here for the really hot months but the heat hasn't bothered me this year. Well, perhaps the heat is the least of my many complaints what with the RT and now the melaleuca trees in bloom. The RT is worse but the trees will have dropped the blooms soon. Enjoy the winnings.

OK, Kids, I'm outta here to go read the virtual newspaper. Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie
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MIKIE , et al - Thank you so much for the new POTCH :)!!! Guess in your speed typing, like mine you hit the t instead of the r.Can't stay just yet to much to do and DH will be back soon. Yes, the sensory overload can be bad and the noise even got to me and I am half deaf. Can't imagine the people with good hearing how they felt. I imagine the light in some areas could also get to people. Sorry so many things are bothering you and got you feeling bad. Yes, moving is quite expensive. I imagine if we move it will be into a home of some sort. Our house is really a little to big for both of us now but it works with everything on one floor except the extra bedroom and closet and bath upstairs. It is really for guests but we hardly have any any more. If the kids come they usually stay with DD as they have a bigger place and they want to be with the young folks. :)!! Depends on who all will be coming down and one DD is trying to get down with us in our area but we will see if it works out. It has to be just right on the timing. The SIL last day of work i wen of Sept and he has to wait till then to leave if he wants his 6 mos . severance pay and insurance I believe. Then there is trying to sell the house which he hopes to put up soon. Trying to get him to do it earlier but but he is afraid of someone wanting it right away and him not able to leave his job and move out of town to another home yet.

Gotta run for now. Thinking of you all. Have a bunch f things to do before DH gets back and probably wants on the computer.. BTW, probably won;t spend the bulk of my winnings for some time. Also have to run to the bathroom.

Hope to get back later today.

Granni :)


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Hi Kids

Thanks for opening up, Mikie. Looks like a cozy cottage. I think in real life most cottages were too small for a family. Did you see the news item with the video of the bear walking around the lobby of the Stanley Hotel? This is the hotel, Folks, with 142 rooms built in 1909 that was used to film The Shining.

We didn't have to0 many apple trees in our village, but the neighbors (who had 6 kids) had a small crab apple tree. The tree was not very tall. Easy to climb. It produced lots of apples every year, but they were too sour to eat. Generally served as ammunition although not really aimed at anybody. A close miss was what we had in mind.

Mikie, I hope your pain in the side went away. We don't do much carrying except for bags of books, groceries and flower pots. Gordon is very solicitous. "Is this too heavy? Can you carry this one?" Well, I'd hate to have another hernia surgery. Already had two. About 30 years apart. The second surgeon used the same incision spot. Got our kitty a new brand
of cat kibble. She loves it.

Granni, I hope your hearing is OK pronto. I remember meeting the parents of my aunt by marriage when I was about 11-12. Their house was interesting because it had flashing lights if there was someone at the door or a phone call. Her Dad had lost his hearing. She said he was a great lover of music. I thought that was so sad. I hope your son can get his moving coordinated properly. Can't remember how many times I've moved anymore, but I know it's over 20.

Went to watch a TV program this morning. According to the program info on the TV I was watching the right channel, but the commercial seemed awfully long. Finally figured out it wasn't a commercial. It was the program, but it was mislabeled. I was watching a program about Mama June and her chubby daughter. Great Balls of never mind.

Oh, we're going to Walmart. I think Gordon wants to get new blinds for the big kitchen window. Our is not over the sink. It's the opposite wall from the sink. If we had a window over the sink we could see the view in the dinning room.

Hasta la Pasta


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Mikie - thank you for the new porch. I too was chuckling over the typo. That’s a lovely picture. Those flowers look like cosmos but they’re climbing, could be clematis. Although I always thought clematis always came in blue. I bought a plant once but after hanging on but not flourishing for two years, it went away.

The full moon is coming up soon. Time flies!

Although I don’t like this neighborhood, I appreciate everything being close by. Shops, taxis.

Rock - I saw the Shining in parts. Scary. Not sure what drove Nicholson crazy. Must be a beautiful hotel but the film gave it a sinister look. I think I’ve moved seven times in my life. All after coming here. I like the newness but no more energy to move now. Moving house is not for the faint hearted. And definitely not for those with energy limitations.

Dmc - so sorry about your colleague that passed on. One never gets used to losing persons one knew well. Always a shock. Always sad. You must be really busy with the computer projects.

Granni - congrats on winning. Woo hoo! My maternal cousins DH loved to gamble once in a while. He used to enjoy coming here because the city has a few. Never won. But the thrill was in the playing.

Went out on an errand today. The potholes, the mud. The traffic jam. Some Indian politician is coming soon and they’re trying to make some roads presentable. My cab driver went through some alleyways dodging the main streets. The places were interesting, some pretty houses with rows n rows of red salvias only. Made a startling display.made up my mind to come explore one day on foot.

I got in a swim in the evening. Two little Indian boys also swimming were having a conversation. They are apparently learning Chinese at school. One said, do you know how to count? The other said , “upto 10”. Other boy says “say it”. Little boy rattles off. And the older boy continues after 10. I’m guessing their parents are traders. Trading with China. Hoping their kids will take after them.

Lordy, it is raining cats n dogs outside. I like it. I’m guessing the outdoor critters n birdies not so much.

God bless
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Spring: I think you're correct....that is clematis climbing in front and it looks like aubutilin (sp?) in the back. I've always loved the look of english cottages. My home is very plain looking, a mid-century modern I guess. When my mom first saw it she made a remark that she didn't like the front. It used to have a long lattice work covering from the front to the front door, very popular for mid century. I hated it because it cut a lot of the light coming in so we removed it.

Granni: Yahoo! Great winnings. I'm sure you can find a lot of use for it. I have a big house, but still I manage to use every room and all the closets are filled, and it's just me here.

Rock: So you're spraying some deet on your socks! Smart. I think I told you there's a new mosquito in town. My pool man was telling me his friend in Garden Grove must have over 100 bites on his legs....talk about miserable. And I read that a local neighbor got bit last year and got very very ill from it. Took a few weeks for the lab report to come back...west nile virus. She got so she had a fever that wouldn't go away and couldn't even walk and is having PT for it. I'm trying to train myself to put on either Avon's skin so soft or Burt's Bees......both I don't like the smell of. Yesterday I even got bit out in the garage but didn't use it, figuring I would be safe in the garage, apparently not. Even got a bite on my cheek.


Mikie: I get headaches almost daily. Try massaging around your neck and especially in your shoulder blades....you've probably got some trigger points. Do a search for headaches and myofascial.

I KNEW I would screw up my back yesterday leaning over the wood to paint them. Within 15 min. I could feel it hurting but I HAD to continue. So all day I was wearing ice and heat and my neoprene brace. I even slept with the brace. This morning it still hurts so not sure if I'll go to my friday art group. I won't work on the wood again until my back is better. And I have to figure out how to do it so I won't have to lean over.

Yes, it's really nice to have all these cabinets, though I'm slowly emptying them of unneeded things. Gave a whole set of wine glasses and a stack of serving dishes to my cleaning lady a few weeks ago to give to her DD who just moved into their first house. I still have some nicer wine glasses so it was nice to get rid of unwanted ones.

It was so nice and cool this morning but it's still going to be in the high 90s plus today. I'm sooo sick of summer and can hardly wait until autumn, my favorite time of the year, spring coming in second.


Hi, Kids,

Glad all y'all like the new Potch. I make more typos now than when I was younger. It's like everything else; it's all going to hell in a handbasket. I got a shower and blew out my hair but haven't styled it or sprayed it. Everything right now is such an NRG drain. Whine, whine, whine!

Rock, the Stanley Hotel is in Estes Park, CO and I have been there, or driven by, many a time. Last time I was there, it really looked quite shabby inside. There is a Stanley Steamer antique auto in the lobby. Some of Estes Park is part of the Rocky Mountain National Park. It is quite close to the Continental Divide and Grand Lake. In my yute, I loved going in all the tourist shops and usually got my leather moccasins in one of the stores. I once was in a client's home here in FL and saw pictures of Grand Lake on the wall. The lady I was visiting was amazed that I recognized it and we talked a lot about it. There aren't many people from CO living here. Glad Miss Kitty likes the new food. I change up SV's dry food to keep him interested. I also mix one brand with another. Publix has Purina on BOGO so will get two bags. He still has a big bag of Meow Mix. Hope you don't go blind shopping.

Granni, it costs a lot less to hire help to clean a house than to move to a smaller one. Selling and moving is soooo expensive. If I were to move, I wouldn't take anything with me except some clothes and a few other personal things. Like I said, I'll probably leave feet first. Hope I never have to go to the home but, if I do, I'll try to take it in good humor like my DOF. Just talked to him and he's doing well. I hope your DS can sell the house at just the right time and the right place. When the kids sold their TX house, I was worried because they had already bought the one in the Denver area. Theirs was also one of the highest priced ones in their neighborhood. I think the new kitchen they put in was what got them the sale at that price. They just finished the new kitchen in the new house in CO. I think they are smart to redo it early on so they can enjoy it. My needs are so simple. I am enjoying just having the new appliances and say a little prayer of thanks every time I look at them. I am very content with what I have and still love this hood. When the pool is done and the pavement is redone, this place will look good.

Spring, those climbing flowers look like clematis to me too. A woman in Atlanta near my kids' house when they lived there had an exotic climbing flower on her mailbox support. We thought it was a clematis but it was more beautiful. DD asked they woman and sure enough, it was but was some kind of variety which was showier. There is a lot to be said for convenience. Everything is so handy here but isn't commercial right next to us although the shops and doctors are very close by. The old mall is downtown but I don't like driving there. There are new malls just south of us but I just don't shop like I used to. Even the airport isn't that far. We all drive one another to and from the airport because parking is expensive. This is about as close to an ideal life for me as I can imagine if only I could see my kids more often. BTW, I've been using white light to help with the pain in my side and it's soooo much better. Thanks, my friend.

Someone else has posted but I'm gonna close this out and come back to edit if necessary so I don't risk losing it.

Sun, it was you lurking in the shadows while I was posting. Glad I saw that someone was here. I'd hate to miss your post. I'm so sorry the painting has caused so much pain. Even blowing my hair dry is causing a lot of pain for me in my arms and shoulders. My neck is stiff and sore too. It's always something with us. Think how nice the cabinets will look when you are done. Most of the newer homes here are stucco because of the hurricanes and they mostly look alike. Some are built to look more Mediterranean with tile roofs, kinda like the Spanish style in CA but our are more in the Italian mode. Buildings in the hood here are pretty plain and are all gray with white trim. In denser hoods, having one color looks better. The entry drive has live oaks and it looks likea like Southern gentility. That's what attracted me to it. Just felt like home. I like the midcentury look. The modern look is hot right now. Our mornings are cool too and the temps will be in the low 90's til after Halloween. It's actually been very nice. Just hoping we don't have any hurricanes. Weather experts are saying that CA may get hurricanes if the warming continues. That's the last thing y'all need there after the drought, fires and mud slides. Good grief! Take care of your aches and pains.

Love, Mikie
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Thanks, Sun,

Was gonna post some pics but there are too many different beautiful one to choose just a couple. Do a Google search on Pictures of Clematis and enjoy.


This is a phenomenon in the night sky which isn't an aurora although it occurs with the aurorae. It is charged particles and is called STEVE. Scientists are trying to figure just what it is.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Kids

We went to Wal*Mart this morning. First time I've been to one in years. I wanted to
buy a pair of earphones suitable for listening to music. Gordon wanted blinds for the
kitchen window. The young people working there didn't seem to know anything about
the products. Anyhoo I bought a pair of earphones for $25 at the neighboring Best Buy. Same price I paid for the first pair I bought way back in 1960. When we got home I
listened to a CD of an opera broadcast from Rome in 1970. The sound was excellent.

Gordon hasn't begun to wrestle with the kitchen blind yet. There is no cord to pull if
you want to raise them. He asked two young gals how to do that. One just shrugged.
The other one didn't say anything. Just left. We thought she went for help, but she
never came back. Of course if they don't know anything, I think it is the responsibility
of the store.

Mikie, I never heard of a Steve before. Reminded me of Steve Allen. He used to write
mysteries. Looked him up. It says all his mysteries were ghost written. I wonder
about the other books with his name on them. Glad to hear your pain in the side
is fading away.

Haven't had a pork roast for decades. My Dad made wonderful roast pork. Bought
the pork in a little town called Strawberry Point in Iowa. In the days when it was
illegal to sell margarine in Minnesota, he often brought that from Iowa too.

Sun, "clematis" sounds familiar to me. I think my mother grew them, but the pics
I looked at didn't bring back any memories. Sorrow to hear your back is acting up
again. Mine has been in great shape since we got the new chiro about a year and a
half ago.

Spring, I'd hate to have to learn Japanese or Chinese. They don't have any alphabet.
Way back in the days when Jack Paar was the host of the Tonight Show, he had
a couple as guests. The guy wrote a book with a title like "Snake hanging from an
Outhouse". That was what he saw when he tried to learn to read Japanese. His
wife was Japanese. She used to sing and accompany herself on the snare drum.
Can't remember his name.

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Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

Slept nine hours last night. I must have needed it. RT and allergies really take the wind outta my sails. Never did get to Costco yesterday. Just showering and doing my hair was all I could manage. When I get up in the mornings, I usually take SV's wet food out of the fridge and let it warm up on the counter. This morning, I took it out along with a broth pouch partially full. As I was watching the morning news, I heard a strange thud and went to the kitchen to check it out. There he was on the counter top checking out his food. He must have been able to smell the broth packet which wasn't sealed. I just gave him his food cold. I think this is only the second time he has jumped up there. Hope he doesn't make a habit of it. I don't mind his sleeping on my pillow but I don't want little litter paws on the counter where I fix my food.

Rock, STEVE is an acronym but I can't remember what it stands for. Everyone in the scientific area just calls it STEVE. Evidently, these occur at a lower altitude than the aurora. These things are soooo beautiful and mysterious. I'm so lucky to have seen the aurora in CO. That's rare at that latitude. It was green and silver and waved like curtains in the sky. I'll never forget it. So how do you raise and lower the blinds? I have regular blinds on the kitchen window but have the wider plantation type of blinds in the bedroom windows. DD put black plantation blinds on her tall kitchen window in the TX house and they looked amazing. Who woulda thunk it. Is that the same Steve Allen who wrote all those songs and hosted the nighttime show? I loved him and his wife, Jayne Meadows. Loved her sister, Audrey, on The Honeymooners. Ah, the Golden Age of TV.

Gonna go check out the virtual paper. Hope all y'all have a wonderful weekend.

Love, Mikie

Update: Just got back from Costco. Unfortunately, it's one of those LB (loose bowels) days. Yikes! Stomach started to cramp while I was still in the store. I prayed and checked out and made it home in time. I know this is probably TMI but this is what I'm dealing with. Fortunately, I'm having an excellent hair day so I guess the Universe does balance things out.

Costco didn't have any of the Kirkland strong brew so I bought a brand that I haven't tried. It's French roast so should be OK. It also uses the recyclable containers that also break down and can be composted. Better for the ecology. They did have the Kirkland decaf so I got that. It's excellent. Also got some delicious bread and a big wedge of cheese. A box of Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches rounded it all out. Oh, that and two cases of Smart Water. It, and the coffee, were on sale. Still, I didn't get outta there for less than $150. Oh well, it saves $$ in the long run.

Again, hope all y'all are having an excellent day.

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Good morning dear ones,

MIKIE - You are right about it being a lot cheaper to have someone come help clean your house than to move to another smaller one. I don't want to have to move for sure, especially close it is to our DD's #2 house. May have to pop off when DH gets home. He went to bring back some vitamin is that were the incorrect time from SAMS that were on sale. They were for women and I wanted for men since I have my own that I take. He is getting ready to do the credit card when the bill comes in, probably this afternoon.

I already started a wash and folded some clothes from yesterdays wash. Then swept the floor which was driving me nuts on our off white tile. I hate it and DH loves it. Not that I would do anything to change it to much work and $. Those plantation blinds sounds so nice on your DD's TX home. You are also right about Steve Allen , Jayne and Audrey Meadows. I really don;t care if I ever watch most TV but watch some with DH mostly sports and history and a few OLD movies. I LOVED the HONEYMOONERS. They were hysterical. Yes, it was the Golden Age of TV. So many other good shows but don't get me started on the so called TV shows of today. There are a few I watch now and then but not on a regular basis and not the so called sitcoms. Don't particularly like the new movies or most of them wither and DH wouldn't spend the money to go watch them. Occasionally I might go see a good one with a friend of DD.
I agree with you on kitties on the counters. Now our grand kitties do some of that even if DD and DSIL keep putting them down. Who knows what they do at night when all are sleeping, as DD says :)!! They, especially one of them (Willie the white and black spotted one) is real a climber and very adventurous.

ROCK - Glad that you got your new earphones at a not to awful price and that they are working for you. I know what you mean about WM. Don;t particularly like them but they are close and their prices usually much better if you can find what you want. Yes, there is a problem trying to find someone to help you at times but I have found that in many stores nowadays.. Some people are helpful or try to be and then like some other stores you find grumpy ones too.

Nothing to much new here I guess. Had to pre pay for my IGG ($105) test but was cheaper than what the gal in the office said. So at least that was good. I suspect it will come back negative and I will have to go to a dermatologist and then maybe a rheumy. What a pain, in more than one way. The burning and itching drives me nuts. The weird thing is that sometimes it is hard to see this "rash" it is almost an underlying rash or sunburn sort of blotchy. I have a feeling I may be back seeing another rhemy for auto immune problems.

Can't chat with everyone personally today even though I have done a bunch of little things already. DH will need the computer soon and I have other stuff to do on the computer now.

Thinking of you all and hope you all have a nice weekend and get rain those that need it. We are also rather dry ad the lake is getting low.

Granni :)


Hi, Kids,

Just dropping in. We have had the loudest thunder this afternoon and rain off and on for hours. Even SV couldn't take the thunder and wanted to come in shortly after he settled in a chair on the lanai. I'm thankful for the rainfall and that the lightning didn't cause us to lose power. I'm not up to another encounter with Comcast C/S if the router doesn't reboot.

Granni, I loved the bright white tile in the entry, kitchen and baths when it was first installed. It still looks nice and isn't outdated but I'd rather have hardwood floors. The tile is right on the cement floor so it would be expensive and make a mess to have it removed. We are required to have carpet on the second floors for noise abatement for the folks living beneath us. I love carpeting so that is fine with me. I think that in FL, tile will always be popular. It's nice and cool to walk on in the summer when the A/C is on. My friend, Barb, has a young cat and when she gets up, she finds all kinds of things he's been up to while she was asleep. He'll settle down after he gets older. He is adorable and greeted me so sweetly when I saw him. I'm glad for her because having to put her old cat to sleep was very traumatic for her. Glad your tests weren't as expensive as originally thought. I sure hope they can figure out what is causing that rash and can help get it healed.

Barry, speaking of spirited critters, that Lenny is a character. It's funny that Romeo will bark on command to get him to show up. I think those of us who love our critters so much have a way of communicating with them. They are so much more intelligent and communicative that people know. Well, that and bribing them with their favorite food and treats. It feels good to spoil them. I'm so happy for you and Richard that you have been together for so long. It's a wonderful blessing for people who love one another to have so many years together. You are right about our being here because of what ails us. We might all rather be well than sick but our little family here is certainly a silver lining. I always try to look for the silver linings. Yes, the red tide and b/g algae are horrible. Scientists and their research cannot absolutely point the finger at the cause of either. Now, there is a third strain of algae being fed by the dead sealife. It isn't toxic like the other two but makes a smelly mess. It forms in mats in the water and, when it dies, it stinks to high hell. I haven't read about any hybrid pythons here. The ones we have are causing a mess in the Everglades. Right now, we have a lot of lizards all scattering when I walk outside. Some are friendly and will perch on the handrail and wait for me to stop and talk to them. I think it's when they are on the ground that they feel scared of being stepped on. Reptiles are amazing creatures. Glad you like the cottage.

Glad I stopped by. Hope everydooby else is too busy having a good time to stop in. Glad Granni and Barry could drop by. I wonder whether we will all be near each other in Heaven someday. We can have our own beautiful Porch where we can have a party every day and feel well enough to enjoy it.

Love, Mikie



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Mikie - if that aurora Steve thing appeared here, in the night sky, people would think it was the beginning of the apocalypse, which is predicted in the books. Brahmakumaris, a sect, some of their enlightened members get visions of the apocalypse but assure there are those who Source will protect from harm even in those times. And of course all our religions, or movements like Pranic Healing say if just enough people join hands in spreading light, they can cancel out the disaster that is due because of all the unspiritual things which is hurtling our world towards the end of all that is, as we know it.p

Coming back to Steve, (unsuitable name) what a beautiful, awesome, jaw dropping sight! Thank you for posting. I’ve never seen this before. How fortunate for those who see it. Please use the white light for any problem you have, physical, mental, emotional. It really helps. If your Catholic, you can visualize Mother Mary dispensing white light. I can’t tell you how many times I have used her Holy image and gotten rid of stuffiness in my shoulder or buzzing or sudden onset’s of cramping around legs.

Sometimes I just get hot flashes in crowded areas especially supermarkets where all sorts of people come. And then a gurgling in the stomach. Oh, the white light and energy of love is a defense and dissolver of all sorts of problems.

Sun- thank you for the clematis site. Woo hoo! Beauty in all sorts of colors. If I had all those in my garden, I would die with happiness. Lol! a little bit of over exaggeration of course there, but it’s close to what I felt when looking at them flowers. Clematis has such an old world charm. They belong to old homesteads, houses with character, cozy, comfortable, with history. I think.

Barry - we have lost dogs when I was living with my in laws. They would slip outta the gate and after one too many times, not come back. I commiserate with Barry. Happy Lenny came back. Bounding out of the undergrowth.

Granni - your condition reminds me of one which my DHs cousins MIL had. She was being treated in Singapore where they have a business. DHs cousin described it as pustules under the skin. And that it was infectious. All the linen had to be disinfected She is better now.

Rock - blinds came in only recently to our city. I found it cumbersome when we came to visit DD. We bought new ones for her rented room but they didn’t fit. I don’t use earphones much. Probably because Im so sensitive. I rather use ear plugs. Hmmm. Now theres an idea. To remain more comfortable when I go to a busy shopping center or market. Mute out the cacophony of the hundreds of thousands of living beings going about the business of living and the raucous sounds emitted thereof.

Yesterday was hectic. Had to visit DHs uncle and aunt because they were hosting uncles eldest DDs eldest DD and her husband. Same newly married couple we met last week. Although they didn’t tell anyone it was also uncle and aunts 40th wedding anniversary. Their unmarried DD had smuggled in a cake and a smaller one for her elder sisters birthday which had passed by. 14 people in all. Noisy affair. My DD and DS had other things going on so couldn’t make it.

My MIL made one of her rare appearances limping and everything. Came with my young brother in law and his new wife married last year. Mil probably came to see if I was reeling under the evil thoughts she sends to me, lol, and I knew she was staring at me enjoying the party. The hate that poor lady has towards me has to be felt to be believed. My poor young sis in law. Who has to now live with her. I hope my dear brother in law will stand up for her.

I usually make a dish or two to help out with the food but didn’t have the time to, this time. Didn’t matter. Between, aunt and her two DDs, married and unmarried they had cooked up a storm. After everything, younger DD brewed some Vietnamese coffee made with condensed milk and egg yolk. I liked it even though I don’t drink coffee usually.

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Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

Slept late again this morning. SV is getting better and better at leaving me alone instead of pestering me to get up. Nothing makes me exhausted like allergies. Hoping the full moon will energize me a bit.

Spring, all things related to the heavens have always fascinated me--the moon, the sun, the stars, the planets, weather, etc. What is so spectacular about the aurora, and apparently STEVE, is the metalic sparkle and beautiful colors. The movement of the aurora is fascinating too, like sheer curtains blowing in the breeze. If we have such beauty here on Earth, I can only imagine what Heaven will be like. Those who have had NDE's say it's beautiful there. More than one has said there are colors in Heaven that we don't have here. Hard to imagine. One said the flowers there vibrate in adoration of God. When I look at all the beautiful flowers online, I wonder why most places only use a few of them. Here in FL, it's the same thing from one neighborhood to the next. Yes, I invoke the white light for healing and ask Zedkiel the Archangel to surround us with his purple light of protection. It's thanks to you that I learned about this. Glad you enjoyed the party.

Gonna go read the real newspaper. Just heard that John McCain has died. That was really fast after withdrawing treatment. Wonder whether it was withdrawn earlier and only announced yesterday.

AACCKK! map on the news shows the RT worse than it's been just off the shore near me. I ran into a neighbor yesterday who is really suffering from the effects too. There are protests going on today for clean water. This is a mess and should be the 600 pound canary in the mine, alerting us to the poisoning of our world.

Hope all y'all are enjoying the weekend.

Love, Mikie


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Good morning Dear Ones,

Not much time to really post but did read some before church.

MIKIE - Glad SV has let you sleep later than normal. What time is that for you??? Hope he is getting older and settling down and not so antsy for you to get up early to feed him - sounds like my DD kittie especially one. They are about a year an 1 half old and DD is hoping Willie grows out of this stage quickly. He is the very vocal kitty and he walks all over her in bed meowing telling her to get up. Sometimes it is VERY early even though she does goes to bed early and so gets up earlier than many, like 5 or sometimes earlier . So sorry the RT is really bothering you and so many. Not living near the ocean we don't have to worry about it that much.

SPRING - So sorry your MIL feels so mean towards you. Sometimes it really baffles me how people an be so mean to others especially those who married in to the family and she thinks are not good enough for her son ( or daughter). Some people feel so superior and I don't know why they are and cause such problems for others. I too also hope DH's brother will stick up for his wife and not cater to his mom, if she behaves badly towards her, Glad you could look past that woman and have a nice time at the party. The party sounded very interesting with such good food other than MIL . LOL

Not much new right now. Gotta finish getting ready to go to church. Thinking of everyone.

Granni :)



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Hi Kids

Things are quiet here as usual. Yesterday a fellow orchid lover came to see Gordon.
She left with several catteleyas that Gordon gave her. They come in a wide variety
of shapes and colors. The one pictured below is easy to care for. It's made of satin.

Mikie, Gordon hasn't opened the blinds boxes yet. Kinda like shopping for a pig in
a poke. No, we didn't go blind. We wore dark glasses. Yes, having a cat on the kitchen counter would give me paws too. I agree; reptiles are amazing. The flying snakes,
for example. Of course they really glide, like flying squirrels; and many lizards
can regrow tails.

Granni, I agree. You never know what kind of clerks you'll run into, but generally
they aren't much help. I think part of the problem might be that merchandise is
now protected. Either in a package or behind glass. In the old days people could
hear how something sounds; pick up stuff; examine it. And the clerks could tell
you about a product based on their experience with it. I remember shopping for
speakers the year I left college. The store had a pair for eleven hundred bucks.
The sound was terrible. Like a radio with static. I wouldn't have taken them if
they were free.

Barry, your post wasn't short at all. It was nice and newsy. How great that you have
Romeo as a Lenny finder. Yes, the earphones work fine; for both the CDs and
the computer. I use them because I find the sound is much better. Gordon and I
like different kinds of music, but we both like country western. He also likes some
opera such as the music from La Boheme in Moonstruck or the soprano aria in
Puccini's comic one act opera.

Do you and Richard have tea every afternoon? With scones and what not? Do
you use a variety of teas? Gordon says they have some in Chinatown that cost
a hundred bucks a pound.

Spring, I looked up Venetian blinds. They reportedly came from Persia, not Venice.
Invented in the 18th century. I never heard of the vertical variety till Mikie posted
about them here. Illustrating that big cities are generally noisy, some vehicle with
a siren drove by as I was typing this paragraph.

I am enjoying the short stories by Gladys Taber, and just finished a great thriller
by Lee Child.

Hugs, Rock


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Mikie: I hope those protests will help with the RT.....probably won't unless something hits the "purse" of those in charge.

I'm sorry to read about John McCain. I admired his tenacity for a fight! He really went thru hell in his life and can you believe his mother has outlived him, I think she is 106.....amazing.

My mom lived to almost 99 and for the last 10 years or so of my life, I'm amazed at her energy and determination to see each day thru. I'm almost 74 and think back to when she refused to accept a ride to the grocery store so walked over 1.8 miles each way when she was in her 80s. That stopped when she was bit by a dog so my DH would take her once a week to the grocery store or I would arrange my work schedule to take her. I would get frustrated with her when she wanted to go buy some greeting cards at CVS. She would insist on reading EACH verse, as I made 4 trips around the store! Me.....I'm a grab and snatch person.

Rock: So do you have a walkman along with your earbuds or earphones you now have? I have a GREAT pair of very small earbuds recommended by my DGS. Every earbud I tried were just too large and were very uncomfortable. This brand comes with an entire set of various sizes and you use the ones that fit best.....the smallest for me. The sound is great too. I used to buy the earphones at 99cent store....3 or 4 at a time because the wires didn't last long being stuck inside my little fanny pack I use for my CD player.

Spring: The best revenge for you MIL is for her to see how happy you are!!!!!!! Wonder what made her so hateful. What a waste of energy when she could be nice.

Barry: I'm sorry you've taken a tumble. Did you know that most senior citizens take their falls BECAUSE of their pets!!!!! Something to think about when you're going after one of them. I have to be careful of Clair because she will tear thru the house and I've had a few misses. I would be in big trouble living alone.

OK....kids.....I've done it. Made flight reservations to go up to visit my DS in Portland, Oregon for 3 nights. Honestly not looking forward to it but I feel guilty when he keeps asking and I say NO. I'm scheduled for the end of September, so I'll have to try to save up energy. Fall hits there early so I hope to see some good foliage. This time I've told myself I will NOT look closely at everything that needs to be cleaned!!!!!!! And the thing is that no only do I have to contend with FM (*&^ but I have a defective spine so never know how my neck/back will be....a daily thing. But good thing is Portland isn't a high elevation so won't troubles with breathing and I have a nasal spray to use right before take off.

I have my 3 month bladder check up this Wednesday so hoping everything is perfect down there too.

Star: Where are you???????

It's one of those "off" days today. Some days it just feels like my eyes won't focus....feeling discombuperated today and I've been fighting a headache for hours. Just had lunch along with a glass of red wine. I NEED 4 tires for my vehicle so went to check one place....closed today. I guess I need to just call and find out prices. I think I will also need to find out the year of my van too. I'm so incredibly dumb when it comes to my transporation.
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Good Monday Morning, Dear Porchies,

Another day of another week of another month of living in Paradise which has turned into a sewer. It's getting difficult to keep mentally and emotionally upbeat. The toxic RT doesn't help physically either. Whine, whine, whine!!! I did manage to do a bit of work in here yesterday; I changed the bed linen and turned the mattress. Roomba did the carpets and I swept the tile.

I watched a special on PBS about ADD. It was sooo informative. Seems there is a lot more to it than just having difficulty focusing and splains a lot about my own experience. Being run down just makes it worse. I have to be so very careful not to forget things, When one can't notice things, one can't remember them. I think the title of one of the books mentioned was, You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?. When I'm run down, I get easily overwhelmed with all there is to do. I was hyperactive as a young child. My kindergarten teacher wrote a note to my Mom that I never finished any of the projects and went from one to another. So, this has been a life long ordeal. Not much to do about it but it's good to know I'm not lazy, stupid or crazy. One of the suggestions is to be organized, to always hang your keys in the same place and to keep a calendar. I have to do that or I'm totally lost.

Granni, SV's good nature didn't last. He took a nip out of my arm this morning about 6:00. I used to get up at 4:30 or 5:00 but have been trying to sleep til 6:00. I got in a couple of good swats at him right after the bite. Also, he didn't get a treat when I got up. I'm giving him the silent treatment and won't be petting him til this afternoon. The RT now stretches for 150 miles along the Gulf Coast and the concentration is at its worse just off our beach. I think the worry about the RT is that it is a harbinger of things to come as we continue to pollute the Earth. It had to get this bad before people started to take it seriously. The economic pressure of falling prices for houses right along the canals where the b/g algae is so awful and the effects on tourism got people's notice. Businesses at the beach have shut down because no one wants to go there with the dead fish on the beach smelling like a cesspool. Problem is that there are too many agencies involved and it's a war between those of us over here and the people living south of Lake O. Both of us have urgent claims. DD's Willie sounds just like Tweety.

Rock, like your paws pun. Loves me my puns. Most of my blinds have wands to turn the slats and cords to raise and lower them. I hope these last because I'm no longer up to installing new ones. Everything I do turns to crap and wears me out. There is nothing like blinds to control light and privacy. I like being able to partially open them to get just the right amount of light and being able to completely close them for privacy or to keep out direct sun. There are some arias I like but just can't deal with an entire opera. I've tried with the ones on PBS which are well produced and even give translations in English on the screen. I like some Country music but, like with Pop music, I like the oldies better. It's only by accident that I hear any new songs but, now and then, I find an artist or group I like. Even the employees at Publix aren't as helpful as they used to be, generally speaking. There are still good ones and even some of the young ones are very good.

Barry, I checked out the hybrid pythons. These snakes weren't part of the original ecology and are causing an imbalance in the Glades. People let their exotic pets loose. Researchers believe these hybrids were bred before being released. They don't know whether these hybrids will pose a greater threat. It's not bad enough that man has caused the Glades to dry up; now there is war for survival of the fittest among the gators and snakes. When they fight each other, it ain't pretty. Saw a special on Western Australia where the Cane Toad is taking over and killing off the crocs. The landscape was spectacular. It's only been in the last 30 or so years that anyone but the indigenous people saw it. What an amazing place. How nice that you have your four o'clock tea. I'm a coffee drinker but have tea now and then. I like my licorice tea but am not fond of green or white tea. My favorite is Constant Comment with its spices and orange peel. It makes delicious chai. There is no coffee
like Cuban coffee. It is sooo strong and has lots of sugar in it. Wakes a person up, that's for sure. Hope you are recovering from the fall. Glad you had your glasses on.

Sun, so glad you will get to go see your son. I hope and pray you feel well. I still have to get well enough to go see mine. DGS has some time off in Oct. and I'm hoping they might come down here. Who knows how long the RT will last. With that and the algae, he couldn't go fishing nor to the beach. This is already affecting us economically but those being affected aren't the ones who make the decisions. So now, they are putting the screws to the agencies and politicians who have been remiss in handling it. We're in for a long fight. I saw John McCain's mother in a picture on TV. She is still beautiful. My Mom lived to 92 and I hope I don't live that long. She was in good shape til the end but I'm not even in good shape now. I know you work hard to keep as healthy as possible. After the kidney stone debacle, I've kinda given up. I need to get back to it. Everything is overwhelming to me right now.

Star, Duckie and Julie, where are you both?

Guess I'll go read the virtual newspaper. With the passing of such people as John McCain, it seems we lose a bit of our history and culture. Too bad Beau Biden died of the same cancer. I think he would have gone on to be a super star himself. Joe Biden is another person who has gone through so much loss. God bless those who go through hell and survive and thrive.

Love, Mikie
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I greatly feel the loss of Senator John McCain. I only saw him properly when he came on Oprah after losing the presidential election. He was so sweet, funny, down to earth and accepting of his loss, I immediately took a liking to him.

But it was good to know he was there influencing the decisions made by Congress. Kind of made one feel safe. I never thought of him as one of them. I always regarded him as someone who honestly had the peoples good at heart over personal ambitions no matter which side of the govt he was on. And those people are usually steered in the right direction.

I hope at least a few of the younger generation has taken some inspiration from him and will mould themselves in similar fashion.

God bless
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Ok. I was idly surfing the Internet and came to know a whole lot of stuff I didn’t know.

For instance this face slimmer mask ( say what?) and entertained me on a whole new level.
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