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Hello All

I found this nice nook. I think it’s got character. Well worn and lived in. Some would like it spruced up a bit. Works either way for me. Wouldn’t mind it either way.

Mikie - I hope your DD s results come good. My maternal cousin had fibroids in her uterus. I’ve heard of cysts too. Both not life threatening, but do need attending to. A gentle storm sounds nice. Mother Nature venting her feelings but without doing harm.

Sun - staying inside in the desert doesn’t sound fun. Maybe it gets cool in the night?

Rock - I shopped for son about 3 months back. Unfortunately he didn’t like the clothes. Although he wears them. I think he looks great in them. But he prefers dark greys with severe lines or pure cotton tees with quirky Nepalese writing on them.
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Spring: It does have character, in fact I saved the image to give me inspiration. And what's that door stop? It looks like a big round head to me, mouth agape a pushed in nose and one eye open? Ever see The Hunchback of Notre Dom? Charles Laughton? LOL. I love old blue painted furniture.

About the desert, it depends. I looked at the temps. It was up around 108 during the day and would drop down to the 80s. It's a really big house they own, overlooking a golf course and a big fountain. When I first walked in when they bought it, my jaw dropped. It looked like a mini hotel lobby. When I was alone one day I got out the tape measure.....the great room was more than 60' long. Two couch set ups at both ends with a pool table separating them. But the few times I've been there, toooo many people and chaos. This house is owned by my SILs company.

My kids stopped liking what I bought for them when they were around 12 or so. Now I don't dare buy clothes for anyone, including my grands.


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Hi Kids

I went to bed an hour ago, read for a bit, slept a little and am up again. Thanks for
opening Spring. I suspect that book case can be moved to reveal a tunnel that leads to...
Oh, I dunno. Jesse James' hideaway; Alice's Wonderland; Captain Kid's treasure?

Sun, over the decades many actors were accused of having little talent; just very
good looks. That remark was never made about Charles Laughton. His wife was
the beauty in that family. Remember when Lucy and Ethel rode with her? On
their way to Florida, I think. They had to change a tire.

Reminds me of the time I was riding with the boss, and he got a flat tire. He
didn't know any more about changing a tire than Lucy and Ethel. He managed
to get the jack out of the trunk; then carried it to the front of the car. The flat
tire was in the rear. So he was a better atty than a mechanic. Well, that made
sense. I trained him. Would have been his partner if I hadn't got CFS. Woulda
been nice. In 6 or 7 years the firm had two offices and 60 employees.

I watered the garden around 6 PM. There's no more bug spray, but I covered up
well. No new bites. Gordon and I watched a couple episodes of Mama's Family
tonight. Always good to stick with the classics.

This morning I listened to Youtube and some great voices from the past: Andy
Williams, The Seekers, The Limeliters.

Hope everydobby has a tuneful tomorrow.

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Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Slept pretty well but got up with a headache. That isn't unusual after a big storm. As I predicted, it was a nice gentle storm for us. Lots of rain and a gust of wind now and then but nothing like a tropical storm or hurricane. Tropical waves are now coming off the west side of Africa like train cars, one after another. Here come the hurricanes and tropical storms. One is out in the Atlantic now, headed north. I hope all those storms stay out to sea. This is the statistical peak for hurricanes. I have food, water and two new LED lanterns so I guess I'm all set. The car is full of fuel too.

I was so tired last evening that I fell asleep before the RBG special. I'll see whether I can get it on demand with HULU. If not, I'm sure they will run it again or it's online. CNN does some pretty good specials. The Roosevelts was winding up but I was burned out watching that too. Ken Burns has done a series on Cancer and it will be running on PBS.

Spring, thanks for opening up the new Porch. I love this little reading nook. There is something genteel and timeless about a well worn home like this. My condo is a mess. I'll just say it's well lived in. I'm wondering whether that door stop is a fishing net weight. It reminds me of a huge bead with a hole for stringing. Doctors can often tell by looking at the image that something is fibroid but, of course, they aren't taking any chances. Thanks again for starting us up and providing yet another great pic.

Sun, I love old blue or white painted furniture with lots of the paint worn off. I also love tables with ornate metal stands. I have a more modern version next to my bed in front of a window. The base looks like tree limbs and is finished in antique gold/bronze. The top is glass. Maybe someday it will be an antique in someone's home. There is a furniture store here that sells casual coastal furniture. They have lots of side tables with worn off looking blue paint. They also sell tables with driftwood bases and glass tops. Love that stuff.

Rock, ooh, a secret passage in the bookcase. I love it. I picture a staircase leading down to a secret room and a tunnel leading out to a boathouse on a big lake. I think in another life, I must have lived in a big old house. I dream of them often and feel as though I've come home. I love big old homes but also cozy cottages surrounded by flowers. If you like singers from the past, catch some of the PBS specials during their annual beg-a-thon. For a small donation of $150, you get everything on CD's. For $250 they throw in the DVD's of the program. If I could afford it, I'd buy them all.

I now pay $18 a month for the Wed. and Sun. newspapers, plus the digital subscription which allows me to read the other days online. Just got a notice that it is increasing to $25 plus tax. I had heard that the tariffs on paper would affect the cost of papers and books but this seems extreme. The cover cost of weekdays is $1.50 and $2.00 on Sundays. This new subscription breaks down to about $6 a week. I guess the convenience is worth it because it would be a real pain to have to go out to buy it at the store. I may switch to a digital only subscription and go out to buy it on Sundays. I can afford things now but I wonder whether I'll be able to afford anything in a few years. Seniors are declaring bankruptcy in record numbers now.

Hope all y'all have a great week.

Love, Mikie


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Good Tuesday morning, friends! At least I think it's Tuesday, lol...hard enough to keep track of the days when Den is home on long weekends, etc. Wonder how we'll manage when he retires :p

Sorry that I've been gone for awhile...I will gradually be dipping my toes back in the porch waters. Things are a little more hectic right now as we are on the rush to get ready for the Tennessee Treasures...every time I talk to Lindsey on the phone, Josiah gets on and asks if Grandpa has the Kids Club finished yet. Just about finished...need to find the right size window flower boxes and get them installed. And he has a couple feet of fence to put in place yet...and we need to put down the piece of carpet I found. I'll post pictures once it's all done....sort of looks like a fort...I think the kids are going to love it.

Things were really crazy this past week...I found myself checking on our closest Amish neighbor a couple times a day, and taking meals and snacks, etc. to them. She finally had her 4th baby yesterday (was 8 days overdue) a boy, after 3 girls. The midwife was with her from 9:30 Sunday night until after 3:00 pm Monday...baby was born around 1:00 pm. I helped the dad get the younger girls to grandparents (older girl was in school all day) and then get the girls back home after all the excitement was over.

The mother's mom has breast cancer and is undergoing chemo once a week...so hadn't been able to come help her daughter...I was getting a little worried, but didn't want to interfere with anything...taking them food and checking on her seemed to be the thing to do. I know if it was one of our daughters, I would appreciate if someone helped out. Our Amish community was so good to us when the twins were born.

Couple this situation with a storm system (lots of rain, thunder, lightening...means Oreo was scared at night) and I haven't gotten much sleep in several nights. And the storms seemed to ramp up my muscle/joint pain every time I tried to go to bed at night...

But...the baby's here and the sun is shining today (Den and I did get the yard mowed yesterday...it was wet, but had to try to get it caught up.) I have a list of things to do before everyone gets here on the 20th. And praying that my dad doesn't sick or anything...the nurse called cause he had seizure-like symptoms a couple days ago. They think they are TIA's...we know he has blockages in his carotid arteries, but can't increase the blood thinner dose and Dad is allergic to aspirin. The only other option would be the surgery to clean out the carotids, but I won't put him through that.

Just wanted you all to know that I am thinking of you. I read about the banning...very sorry it came to that, but I think it was the right thing to do.

Take care...I will get back here when I can.



Hi, Kids,

Home again, home again humid 'n wet. All the rain all day yesterday left us cool but humid. Hard to get my hair to keep from frizzing out in curls. I got in the shower and trimmed my hair before styling it. Looks pretty good. Then, I went to Publix. I was out of milk but decided I could us a few other things. I got the Sausalito turkey at the deli, sliced thin for sandwiches. They had those spicy chicken wings but decided to forego them today. My favorite produce guy transferred to another store but there are still lots of nice people at my store.

Julie, I think the weathermen are predicting that, after Gordon makes landfall in the Gulf, it will travel up your way so be prepared for more rain. Sounds as though the play area for the kids is going great. What a wonderful thing for them. It was sweet of you to help out with the neighbors. Sending up a prayer for your Dad that all is well.

The gardeners are doing their thing and it's soooo noisy. Their mowers are louder than the old landscapers'. Gonna go watch The View; it's the start of the new season and they have a new co-host. Hope y'all are feeling happy and well.

Love, Mikie


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Dear Porchies,

Just another short one. DH is at his meeting and I thought I would have lots of time to do my practicing but of course it has not come to pass.. I made an appointment for mid Oct to go to the dermatologist so see what she thinks. My sensitivity test showed slight sensitivity to milk, eggs and malt but don;t think that is the problem as I eat or drink little of those other than the wheat and I try and do mostly GF. We have eggs once a week and I skipped this past week. No difference, agree with Julie it is a shame about Barry but for the best. Rules are supposed to be for everyone. I know it was hard to do, MIKIE. I do wish him the very best with all his problems.

MIKIE - Is the storm gonna effect you a lot? I sure hope not. If so I know you will be ready as always. I have so much to do and haven;t even gotten to study my Christmas piece we are doing for Chorale when I got back there again in October. Stop complaining about your culs MIKIE (LOL) !!! I would love to have a few of them. I just realized it looks like it is heading more towards La than Fl so I guess you just will get wet !! Houston and other parts of TX are also getting wet. So far we haven;t gotten to much where we are. Originally I think they thought Fl would be getting more of it.

JULIE - How nice to see you here. I know you have been super busy as always and getting ready for those kiddos when they come. That Kids Lub sounds so cute and a lot of fun. I know they all will love it. Yes looks like more rain for you.

SUN - Yes, I agree with you on the not buying clothes for the kids or g kids any more unless they are with me. It is impossible nowadays . Maybe if I have a g grandbaby one day ;):)!!

I had better get off the porch or nothing will get done.

Love to awl.
Granni :)



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Hi Kids

My previous post mentioned the trip to Florida taken by Lucy, Ethel and Elsa Lanchester. That episode was on TV this morning. Reminds me of some poor contestant on Jeopardy who had the right answer which was Elsa Lanchester. However he didn't get credit for it because he didn't use the British pronunciation. I wonder if the contestants were told that before the show.

Big news for all thing Oz. folks. On Good Morning America some High School Kids from Arizona were doing a Wizard of Oz dance routine. And the FBI has announced that the
pair of Ruby Slippers stolen from a museum in Grand Rapids, Minnesota 13 years ago
has now been recovered. No other info. More to come this afternoon.

One of the comments on the ruby slippers story was, "What does Judy Garland have to do with Grand Rapids?" Somebody responded, "Look it up, Lazy." The answer is, of course, that Judy was born in that house. I found a picture of the house. Had never seen it before. Looks very much like the Minnesota house where I grew up. The second story window on the right is where I used to climb out on the roof.

Julie, glad to see you back. Thanks for all the news. You and Den are so busy all the time. I expect all the kids, as well as Josiah, are eager to see the Kid's Club. I have given up on trying to keep track of what day it is. I just go to computer's calendar every morning.

Like your Dad I have a carotid artery that is clogged. About 70 per cent the Doc told me several years ago. I asked him about surgery. That area is full of bones and glands and muscle etc. He said, "Oh, it's very simple. They just run a string through it." Maybe in
bad cases they use a pipe cleaner.

Mike, I hope Gordon (the storm) is nothing like the last one. Forgot the name. I know
it started with an "F". Fernando? Will you have to hideaway again? It's on your side of Florida, right? Have you thought of going back to Publix and demanding that they
produce the produce man?

Granni, I see that once again we were both posting simultaneous. I guess it's because we're both morning people, huh? I suppose it's hard to practice your music while doing
household stuff, huh? You can't hold the music if you're mixing up a cake.

Hugs, All

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Hi, Kids,

Had my lunch and am getting ready to clean my dirty trash cans. SV is still enjoying the cushions I brought in from the chairs outside. It's too humid to go out to replace them and sweep all the stuff that blew in from the storm. The storm is gone; it's out in the Gulf, headed NW. It was here yesterday just off our coast. We were on the 'dirty side' of it so we got the rain and wind bands but they were much gentler than I had expected. Hope this is the worst that the hurricane season has to offer this year. Having survived Irma last year, I have more confidence in staying through a storm but each storm is different. Irma might have been devastating had it not turned inland a wee bit at the last moment. The storms weaken once they travel over land instead of the warm Gulf water.

Granni, yesterday is the day we got wet. Of course, this is our rainy season so it will rain again later today. If my curls looked nice, I wouldn't complain about them but they don't. Is this music completely new to you? Can't remember the name of the opera star who sang Danny Boy at John McCain's funeral but it was awful. That is a sweet and sad song, not to be sung forcefully and harshly as she did in parts. My Irish aunt lost her son, Danny, and she always wanted to hear that song. She asked the singer in Ireland at a pub to sing it for her. I don't know how she could stand to hear it. Hope you don't get too much rain from the storm. Stay dry.

Rock, I think most people who grew up in the Midwest when we did grew up in similar houses. My ex grew up in Ohio and he said the movie, A Christmas Story, was the story of his childhood right down to the puffy snowsuits, ear-flap hats and the mother saying, "You'll shoot your eye out." The house I grew up in was a red brick two story Federalist style house but inside, it was just like the one in the movie. My Mom was always worried about somebody shooting my eye out too. Oh, and, "Clean your plate; children in Europe are starving." The location of the starving children would change over time as parents continued to use this ploy to get their kids to eat. She stopped when I demanded that we load the car up with food and drive it to Europe to feed the starving kids.

It's starting to cloud over for our obligatory afternoon rain. I'm gonna go clean those garbage bins. AACCKK!! What a glamorous life I lead. On the other hand, I feel blessed to have the NRG to do it.

Love, Mikie



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News Flash! I just came across a brilliant pun. Did you hear the news about the hole
in the space station? At first it was suggested that a tiny rock traveling at supersonic
speed had struck the station. Later it was somehow determined that the hole was made with a drill.

Now we are told that when the Russians were building the space station, someone mistakenly drilled a hole through the outside wall. Then apparently realized the
mistake and hid it was a piece of fabric which eventually came loose. Russian
technology is exceeded only by their standards of excellence.

Someone commenting on the news posted: So this was a cover up that was fabricated.

Joking aside, there is a hole that is letting air escape into space. They need to fix this or aim for home. Where is a little Dutchboy when you need one?



Hi, Kids,

I got the garbage bins cleaned out. They get dirty even though they open and close automatically without having to be touched. My back was hurting from bending over them so I put on the back brace. I'm not supposed to wear tight things around my waist because of the hiatal hernia so the brace, and bending over, made me nauseated and caused stomach cramping. Good grief! At least, the bins are clean. Tada!

Rock, love the pun. It was a little patch of heaven. There you go, puttin' on airs. Well, you have to go with the flow. Something is making me hungry for leeks. Think I'll go listen to Seal. Oh, somebody stop me. Your pun is better than all these put together.

Later, Porchies.

Love, Mikie



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Hi Mikie and Everydobby

Just ordered some stuff from Gale. I told her everybody on the board says how
helpful and sweet she is. I think most people don't get much appreciation at work. Especially from the bosses.

Thank you for the bouquet of puns, Mikie. I counted five. But sometimes when I
reread posts I find I missed one. On Pro Health you are so prolific I bet you could
be a Pro Punner and propel yourself to the proto position.

Just finished the Gladys Taber's book When Dogs Meet People. Her fiction is as
good as her non fiction.

I now pronounce the proclamation past and prologue.



Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

Another good night's sleep. Can't account for the better rest but am glad for it. Could be that the AV's are working to drive out the Whatever Virus. Before, just showering and doing my hair plus going to Publix would have done me in for the day. I managed to clean those garbage bins and do some cleaning in the kitchen. Good thing I did because a woman in the hood came over to borrow SV's carrier for her DGD to move her cat. She is a mutual friend of mine and Joe's. We both go to the ladies' luncheons and the annual art show. She came in and we chatted for a long time. It was good to see her. She was on the big board when I was on it. We have a lot of nice people here in the hood.

Rock, enjoyed your pro forma puns. You remain the King. I still have to call Gale at PH. That was nice of you to tell her how much we like her. Rich Carson, who started PH, is a really nice man so I assume that quality affects everyone at PH. The 'personality' of a company usually comes from the top. He once sent the nicest letter to me thanking me for my work moderating. I was very surprised and touched. Also, he started PH as a result of having CFIDS/ME himself and I think he has such empathy for everyone. I should check out the books you recommend. I'm between novels right now.

I'm still trying to decide what to do about the newspaper. Think I'll check out the digital subscription and just go out to buy the Sunday papers, depending on how much the digital subscription costs. Heck, I could get by with reading the news online on the local network news websites. I can find the Publix weekly Wednesday ad section online so won't miss seeing what is on sale. Sometimes, it's kinda fun to see how creative I can be trying to save $$.

Hope all y'all have a great day. Gonna go read the real newspaper while I still can.

Love, Mikie


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It’s raining cats and dogs and caterpillars outside. Funny because I looked out and there was blue sky and puffy white clouds all around and we were in the middle with such a thick grey haze which unloosed torrents of rain.

And now I can hear lots of traffic noises, cars caught in the rain amidst the splashes.

It thundered so I went and switched off all the electrical appliances. Anyways the tv stopped transmitting because of interference.just got to see there was a bad storm in Japan. Seems to me like Japan has had its shares of debacles. The world war, earthquakes, storms. Tsunamis. Being featured as the enemy in war comics in the 70s. Villains against Americans. This time, India got hit bad in her beautiful state of Kerala with floods. They appeal for donations all the time on tv.

I went in the morning to buy milk and there were dozens of people kneeling down and shoveling up mud from our drains and sweeping away rubbish from the street. Intrigued because one man was wearing a good white shirt and nicely pressed dark colour pants and glasses and immaculate hair.

All looking like they worked in offices, They were wearing yellow plastic sleeveless overalls. Then it dawned on me. The overalls were printed with big black letters. ‘Church of God.’ Volunteers. I wanted to abandon my errand and go join them in their service. But didn’t. I bought my milk, went home and made my tea. And I spent the day as I usually do. Cleaning my house. Cooking my food.

But I felt good for having seen good in action. The people in shops having their morning tea and talking amongst themselves. I suppose wondering at these strangers who would do a ‘lowly’ job like that. And for no reward. Hindus actually had a caste who would only do jobs like that. The poorest of the poor. Now they mostly employ women and young girls. Such pretty young girls with stylish hair dos and kohl lined eyes, and red lipstick and nice salwar kameezes. colorful trinkets adorning their ears, neck, wrists. Nose ring, toe ring.

I went to the salon to get money the lady owed me because she hadnt had change the last time I had my touch ups. She said they were feeding the aged at the old age home in a weeks time and could I buy a ticket and also come. I bought a ticket. But I don’t know if I can go. $3.50. I guess here it will feed four nicely.

Mikie - so relieved the storm passed by without making too much fuss. I suppose after Irma everyone had their antennas up.

I love the sound of your childhood. Warm and comforting. Eat your food up! The children in Europe are starving.

Rock - I like that house. Must have been fun to climb out on the roof. Especially in summer. I remember my older brother and his friend daring each other to jump off the corrugated roof of a old mill house outside the house we rented in the country for two years. It was a high jump. They didn’t do it after once each.

Julie - good to hear your neighbour safely gave birth to her baby. We were all born at home but my elder brother and i was delivered with a nurse from the town hospital nearby. We heard countless times how my elder brother was slapped on the bottom several times before he would utter a cry. He probably didn’t want to come into this big bad world knowing the life that awaited him. My two younger brothers and two other babies who didn’t live were all born with only my father in attendance. I actually saw one brother being born.

I pray your father is fine. Will be comfortable with whatever meds they need to give him. I don’t get it. We should all be allowed to live healthily in our twilight years. Peacefully. Maybe one day we all will.

Sun - that house sounds amazing. Is it used as a tourist lodge or something? I thought of you when I saw the book nook. Thought your painters eye might like it.

Granni - it’s vexing when one doesn’t get a clear answer as to what are the allergens that is making one feel ill. One would think you would have reacted to a food sooner. Than now. After having eaten at restaurants and travelled outside without showing reactions.
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Hi gang! Mikie, you were spot on...raining here right now. So glad we mowed Monday...I was working on it, but knew I would have to quit to go meet Amy and Keira. Den came out and took over...said he was waiting for some paint to dry, anyway. We are predicted 100 percent the rest of the week...then Monday and Tuesday have only 30 percent chance. Yes, you are a champion at finding those bargains. And a great moderator.

Glad you are getting little more rest. Last week I went through a lot of tylenol and pseudoephed (spelling looks wrong, sorry) because of sinus headaches...I get the generic of each and take them separately. I get the pseudo that they keep "behind the counter" at the pharmacy (and you have to show your ID to purchase)...I wouldn't even know how to begin to build a meth lab, but whatever, lol! Usually just need it once a day, when I first wake up...should sleep standing up so that junk doesn't settle in my head?

Spring, I love the book nook. I'm trying hard to keep the Treasures interested in reading actual books...must be working...Josiah asked Lindsey for a "book chair" for Christmas. She finally figured out it was like the swinging chairs we have up in the loft library.

Rock, I agree with Mikie and others...you are the "pun-king" for sure. Once you and Mikie get going....you are on a roll, lol! Hope Gordon's back is doing better. Speaking of our crazy kitties...we have a wild yellow and white male who has decided to be brave and hang out with Peace Sign and Jude 2.0 by the house in the evenings (after Oreo is in for the night.) I put out a little kibble for them (and whoever else comes over for a snack...often it's Mama Kitty and Patches.) This little guy will scamper all over my hands while I hold the food bowl, etc....but if I dare try to pet him, he jumps as though he's been shocked, lol!

Just took a banana cake out of the oven...mixed it up as soon as I jumped out of bed, so it would be cool enough to share with our neighbors with the new baby before I left for my hair appt....even put chocolate chips in it for the dad. I don't usually do that, but his wife mentioned once (when she and the girls brought us some banana-zucchini bread) that he loved chocolate chips in "anything banana." I'll offer to make them a few more meals in the next couple weeks, even though they have daytime help. My girls say that's my "love language"...feeding people, lol! I think homemade pizzas one time and homemade beef and noodles with mashed potatoes another time. One plus is that Den gets to eat better, too ;)

Star, I've been thinking of you and your Christmas trip dilemma...I hope you don't get talked into something that will be way too much for you. I have to say that my DH sometimes wasn't very considerate of me or my limitations...and his mom didn't help things at all. But, as the years have gone by, he seems to understand much more...

I'm getting a little worried about Duckie. Sent her a PM, but haven't heard back...anybody know if she's okay?

Granni, you are busy with your music and visiting kids, etc. Hope your food limitations help you feel better.

Sun, I sure wish you didn't have to go through another surgery. I agree about the sprays possibly/probably causing problems with our health. I used the vinegar/epsom salt/blue Dawn dish soap the other day...even though it rained that night, we could still see where I had stopped cause I ran out of stuff. But we are surrounded by fields that get sprayed each year...can't afford just yet to go organic and let the ground rest. But I imagine Lindsey will see to it that things change. We'll leave the farm to both girls, but I expect Amy to sell her half to her sister...

So...I guess I'll switch gears since my hairdresser just texted that she was up all night with a sick baby and could she work me in tomorrow? Oh well...I can do my running around tomorrow just as easily as today. For some reason, I was expecting to do that...seems that something comes up each time.

Well, she has a lot on her plate (five kids...the last two are 2 year old twin girls...she is a hairdresser and she and her husband own and run a dance/gymnastic school...and her two older girls are in all kinds of competitions so they are gone most weekends.) They are hardly ever home during the week, either, due to classes and practices, etc...even though she has frequent migraines and fights kidney stones. Way too much for me to keep up with, but it seems to suit their family.

I told her I just needed to be done before next Wednesday...another Amish neighbor's daughter is getting married. I've missed the last two that I've been invited to...gotta really try to get to this one. The new mama was supposed to be a cook, but will have to miss out now. Her husband may stay home with her, so I told her the girls could go and sit with me...anyone else who could sit with them will have a "job" for either the ceremony or noon meal afterwards.

Anyway...feels like I'm just rambling. Maybe I had lots of words that needed to come out, lol! Den asks me all the time if I'm done talking or if I "have more words"...it's a running joke between us. Usually, I think of things I just have to tell him...as he is trying to go to sleep at night, lol!

Better get busy...sorry if I've missed anyone. Out of practice, and I've already long ago lost many of my social skills...these stupid diseases use up so much energy as we just try to survive, true?



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Just tried to reorder DH;s meds and have to wait on some from Caremark mail order. What a pain it is, have to wait on one of them due to insurance purposes. You know all about that. Can't stay long as I need to go start a wash and a few other things. DH is gone to do errands so I had better get busy. Last night I tried to order the meds and I guess their system was down temporarily. These gadgets and electronics are great when they work right.

MIKIE - Try not to drown with the rain. I know what you mean about rainy season with rains in the afternoon. Sometimes we do get that in the heat of the day, It has been thinking about raining here the past few days but haven;t had much.

So nice to read nice long posts from almost everyone but me. Gotta post on the computer when I can get at it and DH is on it. It is hard to do much posting on the tablet. Will try and get back later on. Need to go start a wash and fold some shirts that have been hanging for some time in the laundry room.Had our first small group practice today ad singing lots of old songs and some newer like THE ROSE which is one of the more serious pretty songs.. When I have time and can think I will send out the names of other songs. Some will bring back memories I am sure . How about MR SANDMAN too??

Love to you ALL,
Granni :)


Hi, Kids,

Wow. Energetic yesterday and exhausted today. After I got up and took a nice bath, I sat down to watch some news. I had to lie down because I was not only falling asleep but I was sooo weak. Had a nice deep nap but I'm not feeling much better now. Whine, whine, whine! These illnesses are an enigma wrapped in a heating pad.

I did get Roomba to vacuum the carpet and that always helps. The tiles need mopping but don't know whether I can do it or not. This may be a combination of allergies and my immune system's fighting off the Whatever Virus. Taking AV's gets them riled up and they fight like crazy before being killed off.

Spring, that is amazing about all those good people pitching in and helping clear out the sludge and mud to try to prevent flooding. Maybe it's a good thing you didn't stop to help. With what ails us, doing that out in the rain may have caused a lot of pain and exhaustion. Yes, when we see kinds acts, it benefits us as well as the ones doing the deeds and those who benefit from them. I've noticed that just talking and joking around with the people at the store seems to make people around us feel good.

Julie, thank you for your kinds words. Sounds as though things are pretty hectic there. It's great when neighbors help neighbors. It's very kind of you to help the Amish neighbors out when they need it. Heard from DOF this morning and he said it's raining nonstop in Chicago too. Everyone is amazed that Gordon was here and gone so quickly and was a big nothing for us.

Granni, so you're practicing old timey songs? I love that. Do y'all ever do Harbor Lights? That was always a favorite of mine. Our whole family loves old cowboy songs, especially if they involve yodeling. My throat is too dry and raspy to do any yodeling right now. Our summer so far hasn't been uncomfortable like other years. It's beautiful out with all the rain which keeps everything so green. The rain is here and gone and the the skies are blue. Now, if the hurricanes just stay away from us...

I think some new fall shows will be starting up again so need to check it out. Y'all know that TV is my life. Hope everydooby is having a good week.

Love, Mikie


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Spring: everytime I look at that little book nook I want to paint it. I love the idea from Rock that it's a special entry to the world beyond, like the Lion, the witch and the wardrobe. Or maybe pull a book and go thru to victorian england. You have the world at your hands, just pick a book, sit down and close the doors and whoosh....you're there. Wouldn't that be cool.

So along those lines, where would all of you travel?

Mikie: Glad you escaped Gordon! Let's hope that it will be like this the rest of the hurricane season.

Julie: That Amish family is so blessed to have you nearby. And I know you're busy getting ready for the kids to come visit. Thanks for prayers. You know me, I totally trust God on this adventure.

I did a lot of running around this morning. I sold something small and breakable so had to find the right box. Went to Dollar Store...he said he would save and come back later. Went to Sprouts, he said he would save. So 2 hrs. Later went back to both of them......I did get a few boxes but both stores hadn't really done their load yet. I'm putting on more small glass items on etsy so need to be on the lookout for the right size boxes.

I think there are more doves that are hatching around my house. Some in the front scurrying around and one was on a chair in my back yard. There are places where I don't plant anything....just leave the dirt because the little birds like to dig around in it, looking for seeds or whatever.

So after all that running around I need to eat lunch and lay down for a nap.
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Mikie - So sorry that you are feeling so puny lately and nothing like that on and off syndrome. When you are sort of energenic one day you are sure to be way off the next. I don't have my NRG anytime but it it is the pain and itchy business that has been bugging me more lately. Have to wait till mid october for my Dermatologist appt. I could have gone on the 8th or 9th of Oct but will be gone to Branson for about a week or so. Hope I can esp up not that we will be doing a lot but going to shows and eating. That should be interesting. We loved Branson but have not been there for years. The people going with us are also a lot of fun.They are part of DH's Investment Group that he goes to on Tuesdays. However, all the couples or men could not go as they has other plans.

NO, Harbor Lights is one that we have not sung but I do like that one a lot too. Our leader just sent the order of music and so since she wrote them out I will copy them for you. I will at least copy some of them. MUSIC, MUSIC, MUSIC (THAT USED TO BE OUR SIGNATURE PIECE THAT WE STARTED OFF WITH), cATCH A FALLING STAR ( i PLAY THE MACACCAS IN THAT ONE), THE ROSE ( THAT IS SUCH A PRETTY ONE), MR SANDMAN ( REMEMBER SINGING THAT ONE GROWING UP A LOT), ALLEY CAT ( KIND OF DIFFERENT AND FUNNY ONE CLOSE TO HALLOWEEN), SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW, MOUNTAIN MUSIC ( THIS IS REALLY CUTE WITH KAZOOS, SLIDE WHISTLE, WASHBOARD, ETC.), HEART AND SOUL, YOU RAISE ME UP, I LOVE A PIANO, AND PEACE ON EARTH. tHIS IS OUR FALL LINEUP. Then we will get ready for Christmas music. We also do Patriotic and our Veterans program.. That is just our small group. We got two new ladies that sing the lower parts that we really needed (alto 1 and 2). Sounding good in practice yesterday. We got very little rain also.

JULIE - Hope you get everything done you are planning. Yes it is good that you are so helpful to your neighbors, Amish or otherwise. That sounded interesting putting choc chips in some kind of cake. Choc is always good. I don't blame your dad one bit. Our daughter and family left early on MOnday and I did not see them off as they left early and were at DD;s a few houses away. I was not up and dressed but we said our goodbys the night before after coming home from a Thai restaurant.. No one seemed to like it that much what they got. Maybe none of us ordered the right thing. Who knows. Mine was OK but it was more like plain stir fry but didn't have that much in it but chicken , rice, garlic, etc. and broccoli which could have been cooked a bit more. DH didn't feel well after he got home but didn't really get sick, maybe guess and discomfort. Not sure if he had loose bowels but didn't feel that great. I am sued to discomfort and he isn't. LOL. He got Orange Chicken. Not sure if it was the batter on the chicken or the spices. Don't think he realized it was fried. He said it wasn't really spicy hot. So who knows.

SUN - Hope you are feeling a little better pain and everything. Sorry if I have missed any of your newsy posts.... Prayers for you and all our Porchies fighting extra medical problems. I know they are not fun at all with some worry in between at times.

SPRING WATER - I agree with you on the vexing. The egg I think might have used to give me some problems but not sure this is the problem now. Years ago I used to have IBS symptoms a lot and a lot of running to the bathroom after eating eggs. However, have not had that recently. But one never knows with me if I am going to be constipated or have the runs. Although I have not had that to much lately. If I open my mouth it will happen again. We eat eggs once a week usually or if out on a trip, I have no idea of what to eat so I eat eggs. I carry Imodium with me as well as stool softeners. What a pain in the neck and other places too. A lot of eggs might cause stomach problem esp if the eggs are not fresh. The sensitivities I have , to milk and malt are slight they said.

ROCK - Thinking of you to and hope all is well, or as well as they can be. You and Gordon still reading lots of books.? That is so good for you and my DH is always reading. I dont read as much but do some. Dh got me started on a kindle book about a young lady in "Daring to Drive" I THINK is the name of the book which takes place in Saudi Arabia. Very interesting and surprising. Both of us had thought that Saudi was a lot more updated and modern than this book describes, especially when it comes to females.

Hope all is well with everyone inc DUCKIE, STAR, and all those I haven;t had time to write about or have temporarily forgotten.

Love to all,
Granni :)


Good Thursday Morning, Dear Porchies,

Another good night's sleep and I got up feeling rested, which I so seldom do anymore. Problem is that it seldom lasts through the morning. Oh well, better than getting up feeling exhausted. Perhaps in time, I will feel better. SV was very good all night long.

Sun, all that running around can tire a person out. Good that we both can nap when we need to.

Granni, I remember on Golden Girls when they sang Mr. Sandman. Dorothy sang the alto part. Bless you and all who sing and bring such joy to others.

Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

Love, Mikie