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Hi Folks

Just woke up from my nap. Earlier we went to two libraries. We had to go to the
second one because the library shipped a book that was on hold to the wrong branch.
At least it was one that's nearby. Also got some Von's groceries. I bought a package
of sausage. Haven't done that for years. We also stopped at a nearby drugstore. We
haven't been there for years either.

When we got in the store Gordon went lickety split to find something. I'm much
slower these days. These several years actually. When I eventually located him
he was at the checkout counter. So I walked over and handed him the package
or caramels I had found. The were half price.

Turned out they weren't half price because Gordon no longer has a card for that
store. Last time I buy anything from those guys.

Thanks for biting the bullet and opening the new porch, Mikie. Nice pic. Looks
like a very old house in Rome or possibly Zanzibar. Now that I mentioned
Zanzibar I'll be sure to get ads for flights to same and hotels to stay in.

Have to get to work on my 7 day book.

Hugs to all of you nice people.
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Lol! Rock. True. I get flooded with God related stuff. Meditation stuff. I don’t open any of those. I like searching on my own. Seems to me like people hacking into computers and sending stuff aren’t to be trusted.
You don’t normally eat store bought sausage? When I wasn’t vegetarian, I loved them and fried bacon. Does Gordon know about Chinese pork sausages? We got them in childhood but they were very expensive. Only one family used to know how to make them. Or people got them from from Calcutta in India. Lots of Chinese there.

Mikie - I don’t hardly brush my pooches hair. But I shear the one with long hair. It gets too hot for him. With the rainy season, long hair on dogs are a nightmare. I too wish you lived closer to your DDs. Sometimes I get weird cravings for food. Had a can of baked beans in tomato sauce. First in years. We normally eat our beans freshly cooked in curry.

We have cousins in Bhutan. I find it a strange country. On the one hand there are the very rich with palatial houses and nobility and on the other the very poor. I just saw a travel program on it. The anchor visited a Bhutanese house. It was so fabulous, designed to the latest with expensive furnishings. But the lady of the house kept insisting their get their joy from simple things in life. There was this strict dress code enforced where you just wore their national dress outside and no other. Everyone but everyone in Khira which for me is very beautiful but cumbersome and expensive too. The ban was lifted but enforced for schools, government offices, functions, monasteries. Me no like enforcing dress codes. Unless it’s for school.

Granni - candida can be a pain. I heard it’s one of the causes of fatigue. Must be difficult since you have singing commitments and social ones. Hope you see the end of these pesky health issues popping up in one go.

Julie - have fun with the grands. The wedding seems like a mega event. Must be a fun one for the couple. What did they wear? How is it different from a regular one as opposed to Amish?

Duck - you are so busy. Take care of your health.

Star - lovely to see you pop in. And thank you. Stay a bit when you can.

Barry - if you’re reading. Thinking of you. Stay well.

God bless
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Hi Spring

Have you gotten any ads for facial soap that promotes meditation? Or curry powder
made by Buddhist monks? There's a televangelist here who is currently selling little
packets of magic water. They probably hold 2 ounces. Cost about a hundred bucks @.
The ad does not make any promises, but it's clear that people who buy this stuff can
expect wonderful things to happen to them.

Here's an international kawinkydink fur ya. I bought a can of lima beans at Von's today.
The label picture indicates they are smaller than what I usually buy. A different color
too I think. Well, we can't count on things to always remain what they used to have

Wonder where Mikie is? I hope she wasn't attacked by thuggish squirrels.

Sun, I hope you feel considerably better tomorrow.



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For those who believe and for those who don’t, please see it, you have nothing to lose, everything to gain.

Ive been watching AGT for years, this year I was fed up and didn’t. Then my DD at breakfast showed this to me.

Rock - lol! I wish they had a soap promotes meditation. They have incense and music but I do it on my own. Or try to.

God bless
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Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

I have to call SV's doctor this morning. I think he has crystals in his pee. Yesterday morning, I cleaned his box and everything was normal. In the evening, he visited it several times so I cleaned it again. There were only little pee clumps. He used it several times during the night and again first thing and the pee clumps were still very small. Nancy says the vet will catherize him to catch some urine and check it for the crystals. The remedy is an expensive food. He doesn't seem sick and he's eating so I don't think it's a bladder infection.

It's supposed to get to 93 today here but will feel like more than 100 with 93 percent humidity. Yikes! The Muggy Meter is reading, Oppressive. Top rating is, Miserable. We are on the downside of the hurricane season peak which is Sept. 10th. That's when Irma struck last year. There is a small depression just off the West Coast of Africa but weatherman says it only has a 20 percent chance of turning into a hurricane. The Autumnal Exuinox is Saturday evening. The sunrise is dramatically moving south. Can't wait for some cooler weather in another month or so.

Thought I'd let you know that there are men following women in stores taking videos of them. Outside are other men and police think they are stalking women and children for the sex slave trade. It's really scary. Seems they are following people to see when they can abduct them. No one would want to abduct me but, if I were to see someone doing that, I'd call the cops.

Sun, I hope you are feeling even better today.

Rock, this is supposed to be an English country house. I don't know why the pic is so small. I wanted to post something to look at. Too tired to find just the right one to post. CVS and Walgreens both have loyalty cards and you have to have one for the sales. I so seldom shop at either one but I do have a card for CVS. The reason they have the cards is so they can track what you buy. Cheap market research for them. Those New England squirrels are a different color and have bushier tails, according to the article I read. Enjoy the book.

Spring, I remember watching a show on Bhutan on TV. Their claim to fame is that they said their most important product is Happiness. I read about a tourist who said people were not allowed out on their own without a guide. Everything was scheduled, almost like visiting China or Russia. People who visit have to pay up front and agree to spend $250 a day. There are more luxury hotels planned as it's turning into a tourist destination. It's very sad for the people who were exiled in the 90's. I don't watch AGT but I did see those trained cats. They were amazing.

Gonna go get the real newspaper. I heard it hit outside my door a bit ago. Need to be ready to take SV to the vet as early as when it opens. I'll call then. At least, he isn't sick but I'm sure this is uncomfortable for him. He felt well enough to watch TV last night and this morning. He's out on the lanai right now. Yesterday, he was intently watching a white egret poking its bill into the grass for insects.

Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie - I’m sorry SV is not peeing properly. Hope the vet can make him right as rain. Scary about the men making videos with the intention of kidnapping them. Stay safe.

The videos I posted aren’t about the singer and his performance as the spiritual message with spiritual undertones leading to his performing. He has six children. Five adopted, from abusive backgrounds, one a cerebral palsy kid who got that way because he was thrown by his caregiver.

God bless


Hi, Spring,

Thanks for your kind good thoughts for SV. He's going in at 11:00 this morning. They offered to work him in but he doesn't appear to be in a lot of pain and he's not acting sick so we will wait til then. I got a bath and put on makeup so I don't scare anyone. I'm lucky to have such a good vet. I hope the bill isn't astronomical.

I'll check out the video. He sounds like an amazing person.

I don't think an old woman like me is in danger from the sex trade criminals but, now that I know they have been stalking women and kids in the area, I'll be on the lookout for men stalking and video taping them. This is truly shocking. After the news broke, other women notified the law that they had also been stalked when shopping and the calls came for other towns as well. Men who pay for sex from women on the street either don't know or don't care that they might have been kidnapped and drugged up and threatened with being beaten if they don't act as prostitutes. Anyone should know that sex with minors is a crime. There is a big push to get the sex slave shame out in the public to try to end it. These guys hang around bus stations looking for runaways too. It's a worldwide problem.

Gonna relax a bit before SV's appt. I also need to clean up the kitchen too.

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day on the other side of the world.

Love, Mikie


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Hey, Y'all

Mikie, that English cottage looks like it's been there since the days when the British
Royal Family still lived in Germany. I read an article a long time ago about Ivy covered walls. It seems sometimes the ivy actually pulls the wall down. Kinda like setting your own house on fire.

I hope SV can be restored to health quickly and with no trauma for him. We had a
shih tzu back in the 80's who had bladder stones and had to have surgery. The vet
showed us the stones. They looked like grapefruit seeds. Hey! I just thought of some-
thing. Maybe they were. The best thing about that vet was the musical instrument
he had hanging on the wall. It was a double belled valve trombone. You may
remember that in 76 Trombones Meredith Wilson mentions a double belled
euphonium. Pic of one below.

I guess CVS is the biggest chain of drugstores. Don't care for them. One reason
why was the way they reorganized their stores. The shelves were all arranged at
an angles to the walls of the building. I found it confusiating. Also pointless.

I loved the old Thrifty Drug stores. The one in Ventura had a handsome ice
cream boy. One time I wanted to pay for something with a check. They were
reluctant to accept same. I said, "Well, my son works here at your store." "He
does?" I said, "He's right over there behind the ice cream counter." So they
decided I probably wasn't a criminal after all.

Spring, in the pioneer days folks made their own soap. Saved the used cooking fat
to mix with ashes from the fireplace, etc. I remember going to some sort of
Farmer's Market. One gal had a booth that sold soap she made. A big bar cost
$5. Came in different colors and with a pleasant scent.

Sun, I hope you are feeling better to day. And feel even better tomorrow.

Hugs to absent friends: Duckie, Julie, Granni, GB.

Gotta go read some more of my 7 day book. It's due tomorrow.

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Mikie: I hope SV doesn't have urinary problems. I've read it's common with male cats who eat dry food. Clair and Abby refused any wet or anything aside from dry. One day Clair was running around the house crying, running to her litter box and couldn't do anything. So I took her to the vet who ran a lot of tests, said she had to go on the urinary dry....costs me $46 about once a month. Must be bought at the vet too. After she was put on it her clumps became baseball size!

I can't believe how she goes thru the clumping litter now which runs about $12 a box.......i usually have 3 boxes of the litter in the garage to replenish. AND......they're heavy too. If I can't find someone to get it out of the van then I have to open it in the van and take out in portions. And I have big bowls of water around the house for her too. Its not cheap to have a pet.

Was this about video taping just in Florida area or where?

Everyday I feel a tad better.....this morning I found a few tiny clots, but hey.....things were done in there so it's normal. Had my usual headache early in the morning. It comes from muscles in my neck and shoulders. Luckily my DD has a ton of those freezer things so I just hold one to my head. Took a tramadol and drank a little leftover coffee to jumpstart it. I try to keep some leftover in the frig for this reason. Can't be making coffee at 2 in the morning.

My DGS was still here when I got up. Today is the day for him to have his braces removed!!!! Yea. He's worn them for about 2 years. Big deal for kids when they finally get them off. Same as me when I get this catheter out.

It was so nice and cool yesterday morning so I spent a few hours outside on the patio drawing. They have the Cleveland National Forest as their back yard to look at. There are beef cattle that range on the hills. Sometime they even work their way up to the fence. Lots of hawks soaring in the sky too.

When they first moved here I was on the patio painting some large pots and I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. So exciting....a roadrunner was sitting on a fence watching me. I didn't move for about 5 min. Until he flew away. I had only seen pictures of them, but apparently they are quite common around their neighborhood. Oh yes, I was driving home one afternoon and a big tarantula was on the road. I had to stop to see it up close, but not too close. And of course they have deer around here too.

Spring: I'm going back to watch what you posted.


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Rock: At our other house when the kids were young and we were REALLY poor a thrifty opened in the area. They had an ice cream special.....a triple decker for less than a buck. Every afternoon we all went there to get our triple decker. Must have had that special for over a month.....what a treat. I'll have to ask my DD if she remembers.

I've had complaints with some of the RUDE CVS employees. One was so bad a few weeks ago that I was going to talk to the manager about her, but lucky for her all my bladder troubles happened at once and I said the heck with it.....but I'm still watching her!!!!! At my age I won't tolerate rudeness and I have no problem opening my mouth.

My DGD is getting flute instructions at her new school. This is a private Christian school so she gets extra things that public schools don't give anymore. She was instructing me yesterday on how to blow it, and what notes she's learned. Looks mighty hard for her to hold.....arms go one way and the mouth is all the way at the other end.


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Good morning everyone!

Feeling marginally better today, which is to say that my headache has subsided and I'm not quite as sore. The gastrointestinal woes are also calming down. Mikie can empathize with those, I'm sure. I'm still very tired.

I just found out that our department head is leaving next week. He said that he hadn't intended to leave, but this opportunity came up and it would have been foolish to turn it down. I don't know what's going to happen now.

My coworker's son is still quite ill, but at least the student health services are back open, and he claims to be feeling better today. He's going back to the doctor, though, because he has a large abscess on one of his tonsils.

It is now just 3 more days until I get my new long-arm. But it will still be a few days after that before Mike can come set it up. I'm also excited to go to this expo this weekend. This is the first time it's been here in Cincinnati. The organizers have said if it doesn't make money, they won't come back. It's very expensive to put these shows on.

Mikie - I'm hoping for you that SV is ok. They say that most domestic cats don't drink enough water. I got two fountains for mine and they now drink at least twice as much as they used to. They love running water.

Sun - I'm so glad your surgery went well and that you are recuperating. I would be thrilled to see a road runner. I had to play the flute as part of my music education in college.

Rock - I'm apparently candy to mosquitoes as well. My DM, DS and I can go out to pick tomatoes, and when we come back in, I will have 30 bites and they will have none. So I have to douse myself with bug repellent...

Spring - Did I read your post correctly that there is a dress code for the public in Bhutan? Good grief! Well, in some ways that might be a good thing...it would stop things like the kids who wear their pants half way down their butts!!!

Julie - So much excitement - like me. In all my preparation for the Beethoven, I forgot that I had class Saturday morning, so I was up very late Friday night cutting fabric for it. I'm sure that contributed to my flare. Take care so that you don't wear yourself out too much!

Lunch time is nearly over. Must return to work.

Hugz to Star, Granni, GB, etc.



Hi, Kids,

Home again, home again, broker than broke. SV's doc examined him, drew some urine out of his bladder with a needle (Yikes!), is sending the urine out for labwork, gave him an ABX injection, provided dry and wet food and gave me kitty Zanax to give to him. I don't know how I'm gonna get the tranquilizers down his gullet. Good news is that he doesn't seem too traumatized and he seems to love the new dry food. Doc said she's never seen a cat who didn't like it. He had lost four ounces so it's good to see him eating. He's gone back for seconds. I just spent $230 for his well visit and today was $229. He has to be seen again in three weeks. I'm gonna end up in the poorhouse. He will have to eat the expensive food for the rest of his life.

Rock, the vet said we could do x-rays today to see whether there are stones but there can be a lot of reasons that cause cats to have difficulty urinating so we decided to wait. If he doesn't show improvement, we will get the x-rays. I have always hated CVS. They are always understaffed at the pharmacies. That's why I used Target but CVS bought them out. I've been using the Publix pharmacy but I may go back to mail ordering my meds. How goes the new book?

Sun, yes it is expensive. That is one reason I didn't want any more pets but I couldn't turn Jeff down when he was thinking he was going to have a heart attack from that woman in his bldg. Wish I had told him that I would only take them on a temporary basis. I love SV and he is a blessing but if I didn't have him, I might have gone to DDs' places in CO. Also, I hate being worried about a sick pet. It broke my heart when he was meowing after trying to use his box. He's worth it all but it can be a pain and an expense. I'm so glad you are feeling better each day. That sounds like a wonderful, peaceful place to recover. I saw a road runner in AZ and it looked just like the roadrunner in the cartoon. Didn't see Wiley Coyote though. As far as I know, the video taping stalkers were only here in SW FL but it's a worldwide problem.

Duckie, I hope this change works out okay for y'all at work. Things like that can be stressful. Guess I didn't realize that you were having a stomach bug too. I've had a headache ever since I got it. That poor kid. DD had to have her tonsils removed when she was 21. They had deep roots and after the surgery, she hemorrhaged over and over. I think we saw every ER in the greater Denver Metropolitan Area. I sometimes watch Wheel of Fortune before Jeopardy comes on. One contestant said she was a quilter and uses a long arm quilting machine. I think the dress code in Bhutan was only for the residents and not tourists based on what I read.

SV went out on the lanai for a while and drank some water. I'll be keeping a close eye on him. Thank you all for your kind good wishes for his recovery. It helps so much to have my online family here for support. I love you all.

Love, Mikie



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Mikie: Did the vet put him on urinary SO food? And I found after she was put on this food she drank quite a lot more water. I bought one of those fountains after seeing the vet. No way, no way, was she going to get near it. Scared. So luckily I was able to return it to Petco. When I leave for a few days or vacation, I leave big pots of water for her to drink. And my cleaning lady comes in to clean the 4 litter boxes I put out too. You might have to get a friend to help....you swaddle him tightly in a towel and REALLY have his back feet enclosed, then the other shove the pill down his throat quickly. It really takes two to do this job.

Duckie: I'm sorry you're also contending with a bug. My DD and DGS have had a stomach bug the last few days. I had it about 4 days before surgery...I didn't want to tell anyone cause I wanted this done. My DD told me she's REALLY tired, but she's like me.....won't give in and go lay down.

I'm taking a break from painting outside again. The weather is sooooo nice today. I guess you might say I'm taking a forced vacation. Tomorrow I get the catheter removed...I hope. By the way, I'm going to mention the anesthesiologist tomorrow to the doc. Dr. GAO........chinese, vietnamese? He wanted to give me a SPINAL!!!!! WHAT! I told him NO....when I had my first surgery for ovarian cyst I had headaches for 6 weeks afterwards. I told him I would rather contend with 12 hrs. Of throwing up. Sure.....if I had consented he would have raked in more $$. I HAD BAD FEELINGS ABOUT THIS DOCTOR AS SOON AS HE CAME INTO THE LITTLE ROOM.


Hi, Kids,

My internet service, or lack thereof, has been going off and on all day. Comcast's equipment is old and they have a lot of problems with it. I haven't been able to come here and couldn't watch anything on HULU. I feel really sick with a headache which won't go away and my lymph nodes are swollen. Also tinnitus. I crashed and slept a couple of hours.

SV seems to be doing pretty well but the proof will be in the litter box. If his life ever depended on my giving him a pill, he'd be a goner. I tried one in his food, tried cramming it down his throat and tried to crush it and put it down his throat with the plastic syringe they gave me. Now, there are three wasted pills and he still doesn't have the med. It's the kitty Xanex so he'll just have to go without. I have a cut on my thumb where his tooth scraped it when he was struggling.

Cops now say they questioned the guy video taping the woman in Target. They released him. Now, they are not sure it's a case of sex slave trade. Good grief! He couldn't have been up to any good. Don't know about the reports in other FL cities. A stranger video taping an attractive woman or her kids isn't a good sign.

Sun, SV's food is c/d prescription food for cats with urinary problems. So far, he loves it. They are ordering the treats so he won't have to give them up. He has bowls of fresh water in the kitchen and out on the lanai. I looked at those water fountains and may get one. He has always been good at drinking and I have been afraid he might play in it and make a mess. Watching the toilet flush is one of his favorite pastimes. I hope all goes well for tomorrow. Were you nauseated following your surgery? I wouldn't want a spinal either. Yikes! I've heard of too many people who have headaches for a long time after one. Still keeping you in my prayers, Dear One.

I keep all of us in my prayers

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Mikie - I just love the grey house and especially the pretty pretty garden. I just wish the windows were bigger. The house is probably an old one.

Why are medical expenses so expensive in the US? I can imagine a lot of people just not going for treatment because they can’t afford it. Here too it is expensive comparatively but not as. It’s a horrendous situation. Seems to me people are getting sicker and sicker. And technology is getting more advanced. For what? Better to do everything manually and have good health than press buttons and end up with thyroid bp flu this pain that pain and disease in every organ.

The mystery of the man video taping the woman and her kids sounds like a good way to open a crime show episode on tv. Maybe he was sent to spy on her by her estranged husband. I can imagine something like this happening in India. There are so many perverted men out there. Not that there aren’t women. These days women seem to be equally involved in crime. Maybe they want to be equal in all respects.

I just love America because people there are so kind to animals and treat them same as humans. They don’t toss them out when they get sick like my FIL used to. He would just send dogs away that got sick. And be angry at my DH when he would spend money on vets.

Duckie - good to hear your Beethoven concert went wonderful. I still can’t get how you manage everything on your plate. I hope the lad with the abscess is better soon. Parents must be worried sick.
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MIKIE - No time to write now but just browsing quickly before I go in with DH. Have you tried crushing the pill and putting it is his food or water. Just an idea. If it were a capsule it would be easy to put into something. Hope he is doing better. Was he having problems going to the bathroom? If that doesn't work you might ask the doc if they have a powder or liquid form of the kitty Xanex.

Had a busy day but don;t ask me what I did. Not to much other than go get a crown in my mouth and spend all my money and then came home to put stuff away ( the meat) that DH got from the store while I was gone. It was in the refrig but I put them in individually wrapped portions and put in the freezer.

DUCKIE - Glad your Beethoven program went well. Would have loved to hear it. I;m sure it was wonderful. Yes I do not know how you do all that you do but then you are much younger than I :)!!

HI to everyone including STAR, SPRING WATER, ROCK, et al.

SUN- hoping you are starting to feel a little better. I saw your post and so am guessing you are doing better and not letting it get to you. Do you get the cath out tomorrow. Hope so !!

Gotta run it is late and need to get ready for nighty night.

Love to all,


Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Great news...I found a huge pee clump in the litter box last evening and another good sized one this morning. He just came in from the lanai and used his box so it appears as though he is better already. He had been cleaning himself excessively when he first got this and the vet examined him and said his 'man parts' were inflamed. As she was examining him she said, "Oh, the indignity of it all." Made me laugh. SV is one good little trooper and took it all in stride with only a bit of complaining. I hope this is the last of it and staying on the new food will keep him healthy.

Supposed to be 94 again today. I'll take garbage down early before it gets too hot. The pool is completely drained and they were working on the underwater lights. I'm glad because I was always afraid there was a short in them. There was one bulb which kept burning out. We stopped using them a few years ago when I was on the big board. RT is better but still in the area of our beach. My allergies are going crazy from something else. If it ain't one thing, it's another. Belk is having a sale and the tops in their ad look like what I've been trying to find. The store is in a center down the coast a wee bit and don't know whether I'm up to driving down there or not. Also hate to spend $$ right now but nice tops are difficult to find.

Spring, our health care is a mess here. Some people have good care, like me and most of us on Medicare, but some have lousy care or pay a fortune for their insurance. The ones who pay a lot are folks who don't have insurance through employers or are retired but too young for Medicare. People on Medicaid for low income people have halfway decent care if there are docs in the area who accept that kind of payment. Hospitals and docs charge different amounts and receive different amounts depending whether people have insurance and, if so, what kind. One reason care is so high is that the providers have to hire people to figure it all out. I believe that one day we will have national insurance here but it will take time and there will be big fights over it. Yes, many of our animals get better care than people. There are still abandoned, abused and neglected animals but there are so many here working to improve their lot. We have rescue groups for wildlife and they do wonderful work. Blessed are those who care for the critters, including you.

Granni, SV's pills are exceedingly bitter. I tried putting it in his food and he wouldn't eat it. I tried stuffing it down his gullet and got it way down but he managed to hock it back up and I got cut on one of his teeth as he struggled. I crushed it and added water to make it liquid but couldn't get the syringe in his mouth either. He's normally very mellow but is strong and fights like crazy against the pills. The kitty Xanax is supposed to make him less stressed. Well, just giving it to him is very stressful for us both. Not gonna put us through that. I may have to replace two of my crowns in the future. Don't ya just hate spending money on things like that? How hot is it there?

I woke at 3:30 this morning, probably because I took such a long, deep nap yesterday. I got up and am watching what I missed on TV due to the problems with my internet service yesterday. It seems to be working OK now (knocking on plastic). I hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

Love, Mikie



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Rock - speaking of ice cream, at our DDs college town in Ma. there was this little yoghurt parlour where you could choose your own toppings. It was so delicious. We just had one open here recently but I haven’t sampled.

Sun - I looked up road runner. What a cute bird. Wish we had those here. I like you are having a forced vacation if it means nice weather and painting outdoors. You seem to have a strong gut instinct. Glad you stood your ground about not having a spinal.

God works in mysterious ways. The singer in AGT being told he and his wife could never have another baby again after both almost died and he praying throughout the night for a miracle. Then his little girl saying she kept dreaming she had three brothers and they getting a call to adopt three little boys whose parents were making meth in their own home. And another mysterious event when he as a pediatric nurse gets a call to adopt a little boy with cerebral palsy. He is afraid he will take on too much with four adopted kids already, so asks God for a sign if he is supposed to take in the little boy. And when he goes out he sees a poster of a man pushing his cerebral palsy child on a wheelchair for a marathon! It sounds like fiction.

I would think a young couple taking care of five special care children is a miracle enough!

Granni - yes, the money flies outta the window like nothing else if one visits the dentist. Same here. Hope they do a good job.

Dmc - yes, I’m so glad that fad of girls wearing their jeans down below hip and showing the upper thigh is gone now. It used to look grotesque. Britney Spears used to wear those. I used to cringe at the stretch jeans on girls when it first came out but I think I’ve got used to it now. Maybe it’s more comfortable to wear for some.

God bless

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Hi, Kids,

I think I spoke too soon. SV is again only peeing little dribs and drabs. I'm waiting for the vet to call about the urinalysis. I'll tell him then. This is so stressful. I'm exhausted, mostly from worrying about him. At least, he isn't crying in pain and he's eating and drinking a bit.

Despite the heat outside, I walked my recycle stuff and garbage down to the dumpster. I ran into a neighbor/friend and it was good to chat with her. I think I got my 15 minutes of sun for my vitamin D. I supplement but sun on the skin is better. Allergies are horrible.

Sorry to whine but I need to do it.

Spring, we have a salad bar, all you can eat restaurant. They have fresh bread, soup and pasta dishes too. They have a frozen custard, soft serve machine and all kinds of toppings. I haven't been there in ages because I can't eat much and the prices have gone way up. I dated a guy once who planned ahead and spent several hours just grazing there. Road Runners are even more fun in person when you can see them run just like in the cartoon. They stick their little heads out in front and go for it. That story of the man and all the kids is miraculous. I think people who have special needs kids are saints. I can't even handle a sick cat!

I only had a short nap this morning so am still exhausted. Again, whine, whine, whine!!! Gonna go. Hope all y'all are having a good day.

Love, Mikie