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Hi, Kids,

Time for a new Porch. Please stop in to #1089 to read the last posts. I wanted to post a nice fall pic but these are so small. Still, we can look at the pretty fall foliage.

Roomba is vacuuming and it seems to be going and going and going. It does that sometimes. Good grief! I'm gonna go shut it off. I think it has an obsessive/compulsive streak. I finished mopping the tiles in the entry and guest bath. Still have to do the ones in the master bath. A little at a time is my motto, especially when I'm in a flare.

SV is feeling so much better. His tone and words are back to his sweet self. When he doesn't feel well, his meows sound like complaining. He thinks I control everything and he wants me to make it better. He is so good at the vets and I think he knows it's to help him. He's sitting next to me on the sofa and, when I pet him, he meows love words. He took a huge drink of water out on the lanai this morning and that makes me feel good. He's using the box and is peeing pretty well but the clumps are not as big as usual.

Joe called to ask how he's doing. While I was talking to him, DOF called but didn't want me to call him back. He has a schedule there at the assisted living facility and is always busy. It's easier for him to call me.
Joe stops in at the pool to see the progress. I watch it from my middle bedroom. They got all the finish product on the walls, the tile done and partially filled it with water. It's really going fast.

Star, I lost part of this but it was praise for all you are doing in the garden. It sounds amazing. Perhaps you could take pix and post them. Sun does projects in her yard and they are very artistic. It's too hot and humid here to work outside. I don't know how those guys working on the pool can stand it. I'm not afraid of snakes but have no desire to have one for a pet. That snake may have been jealous of the girlfriend. Critters are smarter than we know. Jeopardy isn't over. I just felt too horrible to play on Thurs. and Fri. Sat. is always a rerun but it wasn't on yesterday. Claudia is our champ. She is well read and well rounded. Take care and feel better.

Granni, thanks for your good wishes for me and SV. He is definitely on the mend and I'm so glad he likes the new food. I hope they get the treats in. Until then, I am giving him one Greenie treat in the mornings so he doesn't feel so deprived. He used to get three but not now. Claudia will take all his food for her cats. He has quite a bit of the gourmet stuff and the Broth left. Yes, I am very blessed with good friends. I think some of the couples think they should get gifts that cover the price per person of the reception and meal, if there is one, plus liquor. I don't think that's the way one should look at it. The guests have expenses too with travel and clothes. It just shouldn't be a monetary thing. Hope you don't have to go on the steroid but, if you do, I hope it helps.

Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Kids

Thanks for you know what, Mikie. Nice pic. Just woke up 'cause my Minn. brother
called me. He is always cheerful. A chat with him is like a booster shot. I wonder
if booster shots are part of modern medicine. Don't remember hearing the term
in recent decades. But then, I don't remember much.

Anyhoo the current show that he is producing, instead of an old radio show, will
be America's favorite play: Our Town. One of the guys in our bridge club was an
actor. He was in one of the several complete Our Towns on Youtube. Played the
milk man. I think the name of the character was Howie Newsome.

The computer is in a vicious mood. I wrote an e mail. I didn't want this one to
disappear, so I copied it. Then I clicked on "Send". My e mail then vanished.

Batrain! I mean Rat bane.

Oh yeah, I agree. That sausage pun was great. I didn't think of it though. One
I picked up somewhere decades ago. Gordon sometimes buys Chinese sausages.
They are about the size of a cigarette. They remind me of an old cigarette that's
been lying in the street for a while. All brown and ugly. As for mayonnaise, one
of my friends might be able to think of a pun if he was in a gay pun phase.

Gotta go downstairs and get a snack. I don't hear any conversation from below
so I guess Gordon's relatives are gone.

Hugs, Old Pals

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Mikie: A gorgeous pictures, those of us out in california have never seen anything like that around here. We do get the gold leaves though. I have a ginko tree in front, most of the houses on this street have them. Some years it drops its leaves early and you don't get to enjoy the beauty. There's also the liquid amber trees but they're more upright, not full like the ones in the picture. I'm SURE ready for colder weather, so sick of it being hot every day.

Rock: I took a chance and sat outside to read, with some trepidation......I switched over to Avon's skin so soft, but even with spraying my area with diluted peppermint spray, a mosquito landed on my hand. I swatted it, but missed, so decided I better come in. So it looks like I'll have to stick with the stinky citronella oil. What is it you say.....ratbane? Oh yes, earlier I was in the kitchen and saw a mosquito land on my kitchen window........they're after me!!!!! I'm being stalked.


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Star: I went back to reread everything I had skimmed over. Please explain about your hips and legs? Do you mean they hurt or? You sound like you've been VERY busy creating in your garden. Your trellis sounds wonderful and yes, a bit of paint helps anything...... I once heard an old pastor talk about this. "If the barn neeeds paintings then do it"......meaning women should use a bit of makeup to improve the appearance.

Spring: Who can go wrong with chicken, garlic, ginger cooked up together?

Granni: Sorry about the itchy rash hiding where only you know it's there. I once had something like that, went to my doctor who had to really look. We had a very very bad fire that summer and I think for me it was the fire retardant that burned and itched for months. I now actually have small burn places permanently on my arms.

Clair was outside this morning, while I was in the bedroom. I heard a racket, then a real female cat fight. Miss Hussy came down and was trying to get into Clair's yard. OMG....I had to take a broom to the two of them. Clair's been sitting at the sliding door all day but doesn't want to go outside......sulking I think.


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Howdy, guys! It's just past 11:30 on Sunday night...the kids are all asleep in Aunt Amy's bed (the one she slept in over the weekend...she and the girls came Friday night so she could go with Den to get Lindsey to the airport...Clinton stayed home as they had all been having some sort of crud and it was his turn.)

We are so busy just trying to keep everyone fed and safe and happy...seems to be going okay so far. Keira was a big help over the weekend, but I could tell by this afternoon that she was getting tired of being surrounded by little kids...

I am hanging in there...kept rescheduling the chiro because of various reasons, but had to have an emergency treatment on Friday. And he wants me back on Wednesday...I'll just have to take the kiddos along...he'll do free checks on them if they want him to.

I'm so sorry to hear of SV's problems and others' flares. Glad Sun is home and doing as well as possible. I have tried to skim the posts, but don't seem to have enough minutes at any one time to read and respond. Lindsey gets back on Saturday and I'll take them all home the following Monday or Tuesday...will stay a couple of nights, then head home myself. Maybe I can get caught up on here after that.

For now, here is a pic of the four Tennessee Treasures in what Isaiah has named "The family willow tree." They have all been having a blast...riding bikes up and down the lane, climbing trees, picking apples, learning leatherwork with Grandpa Den, and of course painting letters and handprints and different shapes to decorate the Kids Club (I'll get a picture of it when I remember in the daylight.)

Take care and know that I am thinking of everyone.



Good Monday Morning, Kids,

Still in a bad flare. I wake up very early every morning choking from allergies. It's then I notice that my mouth is bone dry. I also have had a horrible headache. I haven't been out of the condo since last Fri. morning when I came home feeling so sick. Sjogren's is like FMS and CFIDS/ME all rolled up in one, times three. I went online to do a bit of research and found some pretty disturbing info on it. I had originally thought it was an autoimmune disorder which attacks glands and causes dry mouth and eyes. It can attack any organ in the body as well. Lupus can do that too but I think it's rare so I'm not gonna worry about it. I may have to see my doc and get a peptide injection.

Joe just called to check in on SV. He's such a good friend. SV gets better each day. He jumps in the box, does his business, covers it and jumps back out like his old self. He's racing around and doing his happy scratch on his scratch pads. Right now, he's out on the lanai enjoying the beautiful morning and drinking a lot of water. I don't know why he prefers to drink out there; I'm just glad he's drinking water.

Rock, I still hear people talk about booster shots, especially for kids when they are getting vaccinations. I call my peptide shots boosters but I don't think they technically are boosters. Glad you have such a nice bro. If he's anything like you, it's no mystery that he'd be nice. Our Town made a huge impression on me. When the young woman who had died was watching her family and was dumbfounded that they were going about their usual lives and not appreciating the miracle that is everyday life. Ever since then, I've tried to live every day in a mindful way. Unfortunately, these illnesses often cause me to want to just distract myself from everything.

Sun, my back and legs hurt horribly when I'm in a flare. They are killing me right now. I do stretches but when I try to do anything, I have to keep sitting down or lying down because of the pain. Too bad Alfred Hitchcock isn't around. He could do a movie like Birds but call it Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes could tear houses apart trying to get inside to suck people's blood. If women are like barns, I'm like one of those old weathered barns. My skin is sooo dry from the Sjogren's and even a 'paint job' isn't helping much. Laughing about Miss Hussy Kitty and Clair getting ready to rumble. Wonder what the beef is. Territory? Some sexy Tom?

Julie, that is another great pic. What kind of camera or phone do you use to take them? It also helps that everyone is so photogenic with sweet smiles. 'Family Tree' is perfect. I hope the chiro can help you. It's miserable trying to have fun with the kids and not feeling well. I'm sure they are having the times of their lives with Grandma and Grandpa. What kind of leather work does Den do? A friend's brother did the tooled leather back in the 50's. Tooled leather purses and belts were very popular back then. He put himself through school with his paper route and tooled leather work. I used to love sitting down and doing it on leather scraps.

Gonna get going. I hope everydooby has a great week.

Love, Mikie

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Morning, Kids

Been reading; also listening to Youtube. Great singers from the past: Dean Martin, Perry Como, Karen Carpenter, The Seekers, Marty Robbins, Jane Morgan, Elvis, and many more.

Julie, good to get the farm report. That is a wonderful pic you posted. Even though the
kids are sitting still, the pic suggests action as tho they had been captured by a high speed camera. So much more interesting then a pic of kids just standing. And all that greenery looks so refreshing. We just stagger along here day after day with the temp in the 80's and
no rain in the forecast. I hope you are not working too hard. Amd hope Clinton and all
feel better soon.

Sun, maybe Clair isn't sulking. Maybe she's planning new strategies to conquer
the enemy. And speaking of enemies, I had to put some healing glop on an index
finger just now. Got another bite. I put the kitty's dish outside right by the back door.
Took about 3 seconds. Still got bit. Gordon has been doing the watering. Where
are the hummers? They are the perfect size to catch these monsters. It would be
easier to fight off Godzilla. At least you can see him coming.

I wouldn't mind if the vicious bugs just stalked me. It's when they catch me that
I feel abused.

Got an e mail from my Brother in Oregon. OMG! I just realized. His B-Day
is this month. I have to remember to send him a card. The crazy guy is going
on another auto trip. 74 and had double hip surgery a year and a half ago.
He's going to drive to Minn and visit various place in both the North and the South
of the state. Might go down to Cresco, Julie, to visit our aunt.

Mikie, are you going to send Roomba to a therapist? You don't want an obsessive
compulsive servant in your house. I don't know how the pool workers can get
much done with the heat and the Red Tide. We have workers who stand in the
road. but don't actually seem to do anything. They work for the city. Now and then they move the sawhorses that bock traffic to a different lane. But even just standing out there for a couple hours would cause most folks to collapse.

Goin' back to bed for awhile.
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Hi, Kids,

Waiting to go hop in the shower. The hot water will feel good on my headache. It's still early and I want to catch the rest of Morning Joe. I watched the Anne of Green Gables special on PBS yesterday and discovered that they made several more episodes in a series. I watched them all but fell asleep during the third one. I wish they had spent more time doing episodes during Anne's earlier teenage years instead of jumping ahead to her high school/college years. The third installment wasn't as interesting. It lacked a lot of the characters in the original program and one died. There is sooo much they could have done with those early years. This show is like Little House On The Prairie--nothing flashy or exciting but just beautiful scenery and the slow life in a small town with wonderful characters. New fall shows are slow to materialize.

Rock, sent a PM with a suggestion for trying to tame the wild beast. Hope it helps. I also love that old music and, if I could afford it, I'd send for every CD that PBS produces for its beg-a-thon music specials. Not everyone is sensitive to the Red Tide but more and more are getting sensitized to it just due to the length and severity of this outbreak. It's still with us after months and months and is forecast to last another couple of months until our dry season arrives. If we are entering another El Nino, it may last longer. I watched one of the pool workers wiping sweat off of his bald head. He should be wearing a hat to keep the sun off his pate. I don't know how they can work out there either. I say little prayers for all the people who work outside in this heat, including our worthless gardeners.

Roomba does talk but it's usually limited to asking me to recharge it when it dies before it can dock itself into its charging unit. It also tells me when it needs the wheels cleaned. I'm not sure it would tell a shrink how it is feeling. Perhaps a shrink that is a robot could communicate with it. The new Roombas communicate with cell phones. The robot shrink could look like a middle aged woman sporting glasses on a chain around her neck and wearing sensible shoes. Poor Roomba might tell her that he's/she's expected to clean room after room while being stared down by a bit cat that glares at him/her. I think Roomba is a she but could be a he. I lifted it up and looked underneath but couldn't find any telling clues. Could be a neutered he like SV.

I just ordered a product from Amazon, which is made in Japan, that the vet recommended. I got the tuna flavor. It's called Inaba Churu which probably has some kind of meaning in Japan. I hope he likes it because I ordered a bunch. It's OK to give him because it's especially for cats on a urinary diet. She wanted me to try to hide one of his pills in it but I'm not sure because the pills are bitter and if he thinks the stuff is bitter, he may not eat any of it. I'll try it later after I see whether he likes it. I think he will be OK now that he's getting back to 'normal.' Could come in handy if he needs to take meds in the future. Thank you all for your concern about him and you kind good wishes.

OK, enough vacuum humor and feline talk. I'm outta here.

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Hi guys.

Sorry you are feeling so rubbish Mikie.
I like the sound of Sv's happy scratch.makes me smile.
Our Puss is a bit of a show off , but isnt afraid to yell out for some assistance if shes bitten off more than she can chew.eg climbing too high!
So sad about all those delicious strawberries getting dumped.Apparantly immigrant workers are responsible.
They now are getting metal detectors in.
A kid even copy cattted it.Appalling behaviour.
Just cant get over the sadistic element of it.

Julie, great pic!

Rock, it seems it wasnt that long ago where you were getting eaten alive.
mustve been your last summer.
Must be nice to hear from your brother.

Sun, my legs ache all the time. I've told the whole tribe that if I ever get it in to my head to get my veins done again to stop me and to remind me that it didnt reduce the pain the first 2 t imes, so is def Not worth extra pain and drama.and Wont fix it.
My hips hurt too.esp at night when I cant seem to get comfortable.
But the worst (& sometimes downright scary ), is when my legs freeze up altogether.
Its as if they are paralysed. Dr cant explain it.just added it to the long and puzzling list of fibro symptoms .
The dr explained away the numbness etc in my hands, as something to do with my neck problems but cant find a Real reason for why my legs would refuse to feel and or move.
I always avoid driving if I'm feeling a bit off anyway.

After watching your link, I began to understand why massage works so well for me.
Its working the fascia.
Also gets the blood circulating.

It's past midnight and my brain is shutting down.(hope this means I can sleep...properly. .for a change).
So I will say 'good night ' and 'sweet dreams' from Down Under.
Thinking of yas Granni Spring Duck and All Porchies.
Take care
Catch yas later


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Hi All,

So much happening. Need to go out and weed and waiting on the dr office to call back on a mix up and delay on one of DH's meds. What a pain. Long story. Need also to get outside to weed a bit before it gets hot even though it is cooler and esp so in the morning. Fall is trying to come here to TX. Just been reading or trying to read the posts. Will try and get back soon later on to answer those that posted.

JULIE - Great picture of those kiddos. They sure are growing up fast. Take care of yourself. Sorry your issues are bugging you again, all the extra activity with those kiddos I guess along with the usual.MIKIE - Sorry you are feeling so badly. Keep on hanging as usual and hope for a better tomorrow. Rest if you can, even if you don't particularly like doing it. Pet SV some more :)Hi to ROCK, SUN, STAR, etc. Gotta get outside for a bit.

Granni :)


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Mikie: I don't know what to suggest for you except a heating pad on whatever is hurting. Have you used your CBD oil lately? Did I ever tell you I own 4 heating pads.......yes 4. I use them all the time, they're plugged in always next to my bed and have the cords kinda pinned to my mattress. The two extra are emergency backup.....you can tell how I feel about them!

And Star: Do you use heating pads on your hips and legs? By the way, do a search for Alan Mandell on youtube......he's got a TON of stretches, etc. that might help you. He's a PT/chiro out of So. Florida. I was watching him the other day because I thought the AWFUL neck pain might be lymph nodes. And I'm sorry that you went thru the vein treatment and it still didn't help. Frustrating to say the least. If you're like me I just want to break down and bawl at times at all I've been given to deal with.

Julie: What a wonderful tree!!! And no wonder the kids are enjoying their vacation at your house. So much to do.....lucky, lucky kids. When I was young we had an orange tree and that was mine to climb in. We had avocado trees too but waaaay to big for me. What is it about kids and climbing trees.

Gotta go....be back later.

My cleaning lady was coming over this morning and had to get things ready. I still have terrible IBS and it struck me this morning that I had stopped taking the probiotic the doctor had recommended....&^%$#. What a brain. So took some pepto bismol and then the probiotic. It's drained me including energy.

And here's a link for soooooo many GREAT science articles to read, just pick what interests you.

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Good Tuesday Morning, Dear Porchies,

Internet service was out for hours yesterday. Stupid Comcast!!! They are no longer the only game in town. I may look elsewhere. When I came back to post, the laptop did the warp speed highlight and delete and I lost a bunch of text. I decided for my own sanity and the safety of the laptop to just stop. I wanted to hurl it across the room. When I'm not feeling well and/or in pain, my temper is awful. John McCain had a reputation for a hot temper and I know why. He was always in pain from his war injuries. He was a hero and I'm just an ill-tempered old woman!

DD texted last evening. My DSIL's grandmother died. She was 97 and living in assisted living. DD was very fond of her and often went to visit even though she lived in a different town. DSIL's brother and his wife took their baby down so she could see her great grandchild. I'm glad she got to see him. I met her at the wedding but hadn't seen her since. The grandmothers, she and my Mom, looked so pretty at the wedding. I have to go get sympathy cards for my DSIL and his parents. She was his Mom's Mom.

I was up to playing Final Jeopardy with my chums last evening. We had a violent thunderstorm with a lot of rain, thunder and lightning. Claudia was on the way home from Zumba and got soaked. She said driving was treacherous. She got soaked. No one got the answer.

My neighbor across the street, whose daughter lives with her three children at the end of our bldg., came over yesterday afternoon. She wanted to tell me that her husband came home and some guy he described as a drunk was peeing on the ground next to the daughter's car under our carport. He grabbed his gun from the car and went after the guy who jumped in his car and tore out of here speeding. She was disgusted with him for not just getting the license number and calling the cops. I told her to tell him not to be brandishing a gun like that. She said he won't listen to her. It could have turned out tragically from a gun accident or a car accident or both. Good grief! The Stand Your Ground Law doesn't apply to drunkards peeing near cars.

Star, I'm sorry your legs and hips hurt like that. I didn't realize you had had vein surgery. My legs have a lot of inflammation and massage helps to get rid of it but it hurts while I'm massaging them. The CBD oil helps a lot with the inflammation. I can take it orally and rub it into the muscles. Right now, this Sjogren's flare is my worst problem. I've heard tales of farm workers peeing on the crops here but I don't know whether it's true. Putting needles in the fruit is sick! Glad your kitty is smart enough to call for help when she needs it. SV doesn't do anything dangerous but he does meow to complain when he's not feeling well or is unhappy. He wants me to fix things.

Granni, I'm glad you are getting some respite from the heat, at least, in the mornings. Our mornings are hot and humid. Opening the door is like stepping into a sauna. Weatherman told us when the weather will start to cool as one goes farther south. It should be about a month before it's cooler and drier here. We are quite a way farther south than you. There are a bunch of tropical storms/disturbances in the Atlantic but, as of now, nothing that threatens us directly. One may develop and become a threat in a week or so. I hope not. Geez, you've had problems with getting your meds. I hope it all gets straightened out.

Sun, Dr. Oz was just on talking about probiotics. He said not to take Pepto Bismol before taking the probiotics or any meds. The PB coats the stomach to reduce its ability to absorb the meds. Also, it may interact chemically with the meds to make them ineffective. I'm sorry your IBS symptoms are so bad. Mine is off and on. I use heating pads, the CBD oil, hot soaks, massage and pain meds to help control the pain. I have heating pads which are mitts for the arthritis in my hands. I think we all walk a fine line trying to stay balanced and anything which is 'extra' causes all hell to break loose. For you it was the surgery. For me it was SV's being sick. I think we both were on shaky ground even before these stressful events. I hope you feel better.

Each day I feel a wee bit better but it may take a peptide injection before I get outta this flare. I've spent so much money on SV that I hate to spend it on me. Hope all y'all are feeling fit and happy and have a great day.

Love, Mikie



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Hi all

It’s Full Moon here. Last night the moon was so big, orangy yellow and hanging low.

It’s stopped raining. Lots and lots of gardening work to do. Getting rid of piles of rubbish. Today we didn’t eat meat. Normally eat vegetarian on Full Moon days. I got out a rice with coconut milk recipe from a book and made it. Very tasty, simple. Also had extra rich yoghurt which is a specialty from a part of the city which is considered another city. They manufacture it there and deliver it to outlets here. Not absolutely healthy but okay for a few times.

I gave myself a chore break and put on the tv. The movie The Green Mile was coming. I’ve never been able to watch it so this time I stayed put and watched it. What fine acting! Tom Hanks. Of course, it’s got a bit of the supernatural in it. But so gripping. I didn’t even know it was a book written by Stephen King. I looked up the reviews on IMDb in the beginning. It was loved by mostly all. It’s not a feel good movie so maybe not for watching when one is ill.

Mikie - you are not a ill tempered old lady! You have had to go through so much. With all the assaults on the body you have had lately, im surprised you haven’t taken out your gun and fried your computer. It’s natural to feel extremely irritated at any thing which goes wrong when you’re already raw and running on empty.

I laughed so much about your Roomba. Checking it out to see it’s gender. Lol!

Was it the Meghan Fellowes Anne of Green Gables? For me, I’ve not watched a version that stayed true to the book. But those wholesome books got me through many a tedious hour in my youth. However, I read the authors life was not as cheerful as a book written by her suggests. Her husband suffered depression. And she had law suits against her by her publishers.

I love reading all your accounts of what you do and all that’s going on in the hood. It’s like reading an installment of an ongoing serial or something. No wonder everyone comments when your post doesn’t show up sometimes when you’re busy.

I pray for a miracle for yours and everyone else’s health problems to just go away.

Sun - hope the IBS goes away soon. Are you drinking enough to keep hydrated? You seem to have a good system to cope with what ails you. Very good organization. I’m the opposite.
Isn’t that science website so chock full of varied information? A science geeks paradise. I really really want to see the planets and heavenly bodies through a telescope. We don’t have those here. I actually was thinking of asking my DH if we could get up a telescope in the roof. But so many expenses have come up, I chickened out.

Star - how nice to see you. Especially so,because you are in such a flare. I’ve had that ve8n problem thing in the legs. And the constant aching. I think I used an Ayurvedic rub. But not so much. The pain went away. I mostly use my meditation methods on most everything. And anyway everything seemed to be linked to one another. So when the migraine went, the IBS and achy legs, stiffness etc went.

Rock - some people are mosquito magnets. You are one of them. When we are clearing out our garden mess, we burn a bonfire and put incense and husks in. So the smoke drives the bloodsuckers away. We also disturbed a nest of wasps. No one got bit though.

Granni - seems like your weather is like ours. Hot in daytime, tapering off in evenings. This morning it was a little cool.

Julie - that picture of the kiddos. Couldn’t be nicer. Happy kids in a happy tree. Glad you could get to the chiro when you needed it.
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Happy Tuesday, Folks

Woke up with two new bites. Now really; is that anyway to start the day?! Wouldn't
be so bad, but the little monsters are here all day. And all night too! Full service
monsters. They didn't have mosquitoes in Our Town.

Springwater, what do you mean a city within a city? Like the Forbidden Palace
complex was inside the city of Beijing? We have a Forbidden Palace Restaurant
here. It's on the Pacific Coast Highway near Long Beach. I know what Gordon would
say if I asked him, How do the Cninese say "bon appetit?" He'd say, "The Chinese
don't say bon appetit."

Mikie, we haven't used your suggestion about turning the modem off and then back
on. Is modem the right word? Gordon was reluctant to do so because his brother's
computer is hooked up to it also. But yesterday his nearly mute brother said it was
OK. Gordon said he might call AT&T too. Good Night Shirt. The modern world
is nothing like Mechanics Illustrated promised us. Closer to Orwell's 1984.

Mikie, you are absolutely right. I looked it up in the Florida Criminal Code Book.
"Note: The stand your ground statute does not apply in cases where the ground
is wet due to actions of the accused. As Judge M. A. Miller held in Fla vs Lopez,
"It would be a slippery slope to expand the law in such a case."

Sun, that science page you referred to looks like a collection of paintings. When I
get done here I'm going to read about gravitational waves. I wonder if that's the
kind I do when I wave goodbye. Hope you feel better before the day is over.

Granni, Here's what Dave Barry had to say about weeds. "Crabgrass can grow on
a bowling ball in an airless room. There is no way to kill it that does not involve
nuclear weapons." Most of the weeds around our estate are some form of succulent.
Don't hurt your back.

Star, sorry you're having problems. Especially annoying when the docs can't seem
to find the problem. Have they considered something awry in the spinal cord?

Yes, always nice to hear from my good brother. He is 15 years younger than I.
I remember when he came to California to visit. He was just a teen then. Had
gotten outta the hospital the day before. Still wearing his hospital bracelet. He
had to have varicose vein surgery. Far as I know he's never had any subsequent
problem with same. Hope the MDs can get you fixed up.

Going back to bed. Hugs All.


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Excuse me. What happend to my post of two minutes ago?


Oh, there it is. These computers are such scamps. Always playing the sort of
hilarious tricks that give folks heart attacks.

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Good Morning dear Porchies ,

ROCK - YOur post is there unless you posted another after that one. Hope you didn't lose another one. I need to get cracking on some of this music which I haven't done. Did some weeding yesterday but it rained last night. The bugs will be out in force again. Yes, they are so hard to get rid of unless you get the whole root. That would take forever at our place. I try to but sometimes it i s hard. Nice that you heard from your brother, even if it is once in awhile. You never know when the end will come as in my brothers case.

MIKIE and SUN - So sorry you abe both feeling so awful. Hope this doesn't last to much longer for you both.So nice etoread about everyone.. Yes, sometimes it doesn't take a whole lot to throw our systems even more out of wack.

JULIE = So glad you are having such fun with those treasures. Try and not throw yourself into a flare please, with overding.

Sorry but I really need to get going on the music before DH comes home for lunch. Things always get in the way and I don;t get done what I need to. Wed nite we have practice for our new church dedication in November. Also have a few things I need to check out with our small group . Practice is this afternoon. If I finish my practice I may get back here later but to much to do.

Love and hugz to all ,
Granni :)


Hi, Kids,

Just got outta the tub. I put dry skin cream on while I was still damp. I hope my dry skin improves. I look like a dried up old prune. I blame the Sjogren's. It attacks oil glands. Gotta order more of the expensive skin cream. The older and sicker I get, the more expensive it gets just to keep up. Whine, whine, whine!

Spring, you are sooo sweet. Thank you for all your kind words. I enjoy your posts so much. Your life is exotic, spiritual and inspirational. It was too cloudy to enjoy the full moon here. I had a telescope in CO but gave it to DD when I moved here. There is something so beautiful about seeing the planets and the moon closer. The photos of space from the Hubble Telescope are so moving. Many think the material which allowed us to evolve from the primordial soup came from asteroids that traveled through space. They say we are made of stardust. I never read Anne of Green Gables. The 2017 PBS version stars Ella Ballentine as Anne and Martin Sheen as Matthew. The Green Mile was a great movie but I haven't watched it in some time. Thank you for your prayers for a miracle and I pray for the same for us all.

Rock, I think the Chinese say, "Enjoy your meal and the next one in 30 minutes." Old joke! Actually, Chinese food fills me up. It's the rice. Rats! Now I'm hungry for Chinese food. Turning off the modem should not cause problems for any computers which use it. They might have to be rebooted or refreshed but I've never had to do that. They are smart enough to know when things are working again. I know they are smarter than I. I also don't think the Stand Your Ground Law was intended to be a wet slope. Poor Georgia was out washing off the side of the car. I don't know why the guy didn't pee on mine; it's better hidden. Makes me wonder whether it was personal. In any case, I'm glad the Highlander was spared. It's filthy and I need to wash it. Always something. Hope your computer woes clear up. Calling the provider is a good idea.

Computer is telling me that there is another post but I'm gonna post this before looking because everything is very squirrelly right now. I'll come back to edit.

Granni, it's you. Good to see you here. Wow! You are busy with all the choir practice. We have some plants which put out runners and they are so hard to cut in order to keep them under control. The orange bird of paradise is one of them. Wish I had never planted them. Experts say that the biting bugs find the tastiest victims by our breath. Maybe chewing mint gum would drive them away. I hope you can come back soon but know how busy you are. I'm here because I'm too tired to do anything else. Oh well, I do love all you Porchies.

Sun and Duckie, thought I'd post about this to both of you because you are both artists in different media. PBS has a quilt show and I happened on it when I was resting. One lady uses rusty old metal things to dye her quilt squares. She wraps the fabric around the metal piece/s and wets them. There is more to it than that but I didn't see the whole thing. After the whole thing is dyed, she unrolls the fabric and has patterns. The colors range from yellow to red to brown. She did a lattice piece which provided an interesting pattern. She also used red and yellow onion skins and leaves to dye her fabric. I like the idea of using rust and natural things to dye beautiful patterns. Sun, I still like the idea of painting something on a square and quilting it for a pillow.

Hope everydooby is having a great day.

Love, Mikie

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Hi, Kids,

Just sitting down after doing a few paltry chores. It's pouring out, an encore performance of yesterday. Guess Mother Nature wants a last hurrah before dry season starts. We can still use it for our aquafers so I'm glad to see it. Of course, it isn't good for the poor guys trying to finish the pool. They are working on the capstone pavers around the edge. It has been filled and will have to be shocked with chemicals before it's fit to use. Hope Claudia doesn't get caught in the deluge again today.

DD called to tell me more about Grandma Jeanne's passing. She was actually 98. It's always so hard to lose a parent or grandparent but everyone is aware that she had no quality of life for a while. Her DD, my DD's MIL, is unable to talk about it right now. It was her Mom. DGS is making friends but his grades are in the toilet. The relocation has been hard for him. He is too distracted with his ADD. They may try meds for it to see whether it will help. It's DGS's decision. DD was putting up grass cloth wallpaper and having a hard time. I put some up in the big vanity area of the master bath in our family home in CO.

I gathered SV's food to give to Claudia for her kitties. There was a lot because I've always stocked up when Publix has BOGOs. Tweety only will eat Original Meow Mix. I have a new bag so texted to Jeff if he wants it. He does. I also sent him a nice pic of SV. The new stuff for SV is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I hope he likes it.

I called Joe to tell him about the drunk peeing next to the car and the neighbor's getting his gun out. I told him that this should be a lesson to him in case he decides to pee next to any cars. We laughed over that. It's good to have such nice friends and have a good belly laugh now and then.

Well, Dear Friends, this is all I got. Hope all y'all are doing well.

Love, Mikie



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Hi Friends

I have been extra energyless today. Have spent most the day sleeping. Nevertheless
I have new bites. AACCKK!

Mikie, I just looked up grass cloth wallpaper. Soon as I got to the site I realized I
had been there a few days earlier. Gordon brought home 3 library books for me.
Started to read them a little while ago. Discovered I had stared reading all of them
this afternoon. I'm afraid full blown dementia is right around the corner. Do you
think the cop who arrested the guy for peeing on the car told him, "Urine a lot
of trouble, Mister."? BTW. a guy would not say he peed on a car. He would say
he "was hosing it down."

Gordon brought home some new cream to put on the bites. A friend told him it's
great for bug bites. Was actually made to combat psoriasis. Remember when this
ad was ubiquitous? "The heartbreak of psoriasis."? When I was a kid I used to
wonder what they were talking about. Haven't seen it for ages. I guess the
manufacturer went outta business. Or maybe psoriasis did.

Granni, you're right. My post did come back. Too bad we can't get our health to
come back. Hope your practice went well. I think it's really awful that someone
who loves singing and dancing can't do either. But I'm pretty good at watching it
on Youtube.

Springwater, never heard of The Green Mile. Except when I went to read about it,
I realized I had been there before too. I see it's referred to a "magical realism".
No such thing. Like Truman Capote's In Cold Blood which was called a non fictional
novel. No such thing as that either.

I don't know why people have to go making up silly oxymoronic terms and new
words. Very annoying. Also confusiatin.

It is my understanding that wasps sting rather than bite. Not really
familiar with any wasps though. We did have bees where I was growing up.
Honey bees and bumblebees. The latter were very placid. One could pet them
while they were crawling on a flower. They have furry backs. They just ignored us.
BTW they live underground rather than in a hive.

Do you cook with honey? My mother made some cookies with honey now and
then. She wouldn't do it often. Too much of a mess to clean up.

Time to go


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Rock:. Are you sure Gordon didn't open that window again? OR.......a mosquito followed you into the house. What's the name of the cream and....did it work??? I've been using a spritz of lavender oil on it or a qtip dipped into tea tree oil and dipped on. Both have helped, but of course there's always ice. OH yes, you don't have an ice tray. Tell Gordon to buy one at 99 cent store.

Mikie: Peeing on a car????? Do you think it was a passerby or someone who lives there?

Spring: I loved The Green Mile. It was really a magical movie.

I ran some quick errands today, several trips. Had to even make a pit stop at Lowes bathroom.....apparently this "urgency" is common after the surgery. SIGH!

And I'm sure everyone is familiar with the painting, The Blue Boy. I was talking to my cousin this morning from Ohio and she's the one who told me about a restoration that is happening at the Huntington Library in San Marino. OMG.....they're setting it up so you can watch it happening, due to be finished 2020. So I really hope to get there some morning. It's been years since I've been there and they've changed so much about the grounds. It's used often for TV or movie shooting. But there's a lot of walking so don't know how much I can see, and it costs $25 to get in.