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Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

Time for a new Porch. Thought y'all might like a bit of more fall color. I remember every fall when I was a kid. I would collect leaves and press them. I was fascinated at how the formerly green leaves could turn such beautiful colors. I still am.

Not much to tell. I got my free OTC things ordered from my ins. plan. It's just basic stuff like first aid products, pain relievers and antacids. We get $60 worth per quarter. That's $240 a year. Nice benefit. They also give gift cards for getting preventive tests. I have to let them know I got my annual exam and mammo. Another nice benefit. Other than that, not much happening.

I'll stop back in. Hope y'all have a nice weekend.

Love, Mikie
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Nice Pic, Mikie. Reminds me of a Saturday Evening Post cover. In those
days you could see an awful lot about America on its cover and the cover
of Life. Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean.

Just spent some time rereading a page from 2015 on the Homebound Board.
Diane and Dar were with us then.

Yesterday Gordon and Jim were chatting on the phone as they do most days.
Jim has 3 dogs. Molly was with childs. I heard Godon say, "So how many did she have?" The next thing he said was, "Pups! You idiot."

Maybe Jim fell off a ladder again and bumped his head.

Hugs all 'round.


Hi, Kids,

Just came in from cutting back some bushes which were obscuring the electric eye that controls our outside lights. The difference between running all ten light fixtures all the time versus only at night is $1 a month due to the LED bulbs. I also swept the balcony and took the cat food to Claudia for her kitties. Here I am offering free food and these people don't show up to get it. If only they knew how hard it is for me to carry heavy bags sometimes, I know they would be more thoughtful. I'm gonna bug Jeff again to come and get it.

When I came in, my forehead was all sweaty. AACCKK!! It's not that hot out but it's humid. When I'm out in it, it doesn't feel that hot but, when I come inside, the sweat starts to pour. I also had a quick occular migraine. Whine, whine, whine!

We lost electricity for a bit this morning but it was restored pretty quickly. Between the power and internet, we are all going nuts. We are spoiled and not used to outages. I just saw on TV that the National Wind Research Center is in my old home town in Boulder, CO. It's out just a bit on the plains. It was nice to see it. I sometimes miss CO and my old stomping grounds.

Rock, your story reminds me of when Barb thought one of our old neighbors had lost his wife. Turned out to be the dog. I miss Diane, Dar and Judy. I sent the card to Kevin but haven't heard back. I have his phone number but am hesitant to call since he didn't respond. He might have moved but, if he chose not to respond, I don't want to invade his privacy. I know I'm old because I'm nostalgic for 'the good old days.' On the other hand, I wouldn't want to go back when we had no cell phones, cable TV or computers. Some guy on TV is holding an African Bull Frog. OMG! It's huge and might be considered ugly if it weren't so interesting looking. In the reptilian eye of the beholder. Ribbit.

Gonna go collect a couple of throw rugs to launder. Yes, folks, the excitement never ends. Hope y'all are enjoying your day.

Love, Mikie

This is south of town downwind of Eldorado Canyon were the wind comes roarin' down the plain. We had hurricane strength winds when I lived there.

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Mikie: Beautiful tree! And also the wind machines are most interesting. Driving out to Palm Desert there is a huge group of them whirring away. Most interesting.

Free food! Yep....free anything and lots of times people forget or don't show up. Case in point, a local neighbor saw that I was giving away free succulents. This was a post of at least 2 mos. old. He emailed me....nope, don't have anymore. Then I remembered a large branch off a fire sticks plant and if he wanted it, he could come and I had the clippers. He was to come thursday....didn't show up. If he emails again I'll ignore him.

As to Kevin, drop it. If he wanted to respond he would have.

Rock: So is Gordon going to adopt one of these puppies?????? I was outside reading late afternoon when OUCH....got bit by one of those new mosquitos. It had landed on my hand and I slapped but think I missed this striped variety. Sooooo...that was the end of sitting outside. Every morning I rub on Bert's Bees insect repellant. Guess I'll have to do it twice a day. And I read that N. Carolina has been hit badly by mosquitos. Poor suffering people.

I think I overdid it when my handyman was over on Thursday. &^%$#@! My right shoulder/arm is killing me from trying to clean the aluminum on my shower window. So at this point I'm going to leave the second window undone until I'm able.

I did have to go to my art group yesterday to pick up some paintings. We had a two week show at a local expensive restaurant. Everyone was hoping to sell something, so very disappointing. Not many people climbed the stairs to the gallery!!! I did sell one of mine, though only 2 others sold paintings plus one artist sold quite a lot of cards. And I felt bad that I had volunteered to bring some snacks the first saturday but had to cancel out because of my little "adventure".


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Hi Kids

I have been looking at pictures of the Old West. Below you can see pics of "the only survivor of Custer's last stand." It is Comanche, the General's horse. He was wounded,
but nursed back to health. Thereafter he was never ridden, lived in Army forts, and
died in 1891, some say the same year the car first came to America.

Sun, Gordon hasn't said anything about getting a pup, but we agreed several years
ago, after the coyote killed Zippy, that we would no longer have dogs. I am too feeble
to walk them. Gordon is too busy. His brother is useless.

Congrats on selling a painting. What kind of cards were sold? When I was a kid
there was an artist who painted greeting cards in a department store in La Crosse, WI.
She sat at a table on the landing between the first and second floor. When I was
about 12 I bought a card for my mother. My memory is pretty hazy, but I think a
card cost a dollar. A commercial greeting card in those days cost a nickle or a dime.

Nice pic, Mikie. My Minn brother wrote something about those modern windmills
a while back. I think one blew over in a storm. Anyway I read about 'em. The
turbine at the top is really heavy and cost is really high. Do I remember any numbers?
Of course not. Wikipedia said they've been around for a century, but not here.

I remember a nature program from S. America. A cat was hunting at a water hole.
Trying to catch a fish or a frog. Mighta been an ocelot. My memory is spotty.

Feeding time for me and the cat. Gordon has more couth. Always eats at eight.
Time for me to put on my suit of armor. I wonder if there's a market for a suit
made by Armour. You would wear slabs of meat and the bugs would eat them.

Hugs, Rock (who is going buggy)


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Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

Arthritis in my hands is bad this morning. Painful to type. I'll stop back in later.

Sun, it's too bad that more paintings weren't sold. When my neighbor, Frank, drew our bldg. in pen and ink, he had copies made into cards. I hate to use them because they are really works of art. I have the original print in my hallway on the wall along with a picture of a cat that Andy drew when he was small. Art is not only beautiful but is being used more and more as therapy to help people recover from life's ills and injuries. Hope you feel better. Is there anything you can etch the metal on the windows with so that paint would adhere to them?

Rock, some don't like the wind turbines because birds get hit by the blades and it kills them. I have mixed feelings because I find them an ugly blot on the landscape but they are no worse looking than tall electrical poles and lines. Evidently, this research center is also tinkering around with solar power. It's reassuring to know that we continue to make progress into renewable power sources even as big powerful (no pun intended) oil and gas lobbies against it. I love dogs but don't have one for the same reason as you. Some days, it's all I can do to take care of SV and myself. At least, I don't have to walk him. He is being especially cute now that he feels better. I spotted your cat pun.

Fingers still stiff and sore so I'm gonna go read the big fat Sunday newspaper. Hope all y'all are enjoying the weekend.

Love, Mikie



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B587FDD7-7A94-44DB-9965-8CF63666E810.jpeg Heya All

Mikie, what a beautiful fall picture. Blessed indeed are they who live to see those changing colors year in year out.

I just remember dry brownish leaves crunching under my school naughty boy shoes as I climbed the hill. No spectacular show to denote autumn. But yes, always a lovely feeling to slide into cooler weather and nearer to three months of winter holidays.

Rock - I think I would rather get bitten than wear meat. The smell! Hmmm. Imagine a person at a big party wrapped in cold cut layers and going around with people reaching out and cutting out bits of what they like. Kind of a novel waiter service. And another with sprigs of lettuce and cilantro and people helping themselves. They have to compete with robots now. So, anything goes. Heh heh.

I don’t like anything except old fashioned windmills blotting the landscape but if it means easing the load on Mother Earth, don’t mind I guess.

Sun - that’s nice you sold a painting. I find an artists life so colourful. The flexible hours, the exhibitions, the gatherings, the act of creating. A nine to five job guarantees stability but a trifle confining. The other day I was walking and came upon a wall next to a restaurant completely covered with artwork. Modern art. I think abstract. Had Tibetan letters and all and put together to make a rather startling end result.

Not a fan of abstract and graffiti art but I stood there and appreciated the artists creativity and hard work.

Mikie - I try and avoid going out when it’s hot. And it is hot in the afternoons. The rains have stopped. We have been burning bonfires continuously. Paring trees. Removing all the undergrowth. We had piles of logs from trees cut down last year and were using those to burn the mountains, I kid you not, of foliage we cut down. Then our neighbour across the wall asked if he could have the wood.

Today I bought some corn on the cob and roasted it on the embers. I am too fraidy to buy corn roasted on the coal fires which they sell in the streets. Fraid of getting stomach problems.

Talking of art therapy guess where my paints and painting book and brushes I bought some moons ago are? In a corner where I stuffed them when first I bought them. Life got in the way I suppose. Life keeps getting in the way.

I gave away some of the last batches of guavas to neighbors. Everyone but everyone got some bags of guavas this year. I guess we had a good year. I gave them to most of the houses down our lane, my friend, our former driver, our tenants who have little shops, handymen working on some odd jobs on our office who also were repairing stuff here., construction workers working on a house down the lane. The thing is they are so happy to get them. The beam on their faces make it seem like I’m giving some expensive treat. I really didn’t want any going to waste.

Lordy, did ya all see the tsunami which hit Indonesia day before? Brought back memories of christmas2004.
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Morning, Kids

I got caught up in the spirit of posting pictures. Here's where I worked when I was a teenager. But the picture on the right is something I've never seen before. Either
it was included in the page of pictures by mistake, or the cave has been enlarged. How
do you enlarge a cave? Dig out the mud.

Springwater, a nice restful pic you posted. And here's yet another amazing kawinkydink.
We have a cup just like that. Haven't had corn on the cob for ages. Mom used to
grow it in her garden along with cabbage, potatoes, carrots, asparagus, tomatoes, radishes, and rhubarb. Made wonderful rhubarb pie. Sometimes added strawberries.

Yes, I totally agree. We make plans and then life gets in the way. This is not what I
had planned for my retirement.

Mikie, I have a vague memory, well, all my memories are pretty vague now. Seems
to me I read about eagles flying into those turbines. Gordon and I watched a nature
program on owls (or "wols" as Pooh's creator put it). All the modifications in
the basic bird construction that make them such superb hunters.

I feel chilly. Think I'll go back to bed and read. I've been having a terrible problem
with books the past month or so. I can't find my place in a book even though I leave
a bookmark in it. And I can't keep track of which books I've read. Sometimes I
start reading a book that I finished a day or two ago. Not a situation where I can say
Alz well.

Hugs, Rock


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Mikie: I felt up to working on the 2nd window yesterday afternoon, got it sprayed with white vinegar and then Mr. Clean, wiped it all down and then remembered! RubNBuff. I checked my studio and found an almost used up tube of silver leaf. This stuff is AMAZING. And a little goes a looooonnnnng way. You rub a little on using a rubber glove and then after dry in about 5 min. You buff with a dry cloth. The worn looking aluminum looks almost new.

I've used RubNBuff to rework wood picture frames or other metal surfaces. A friend bought copper and redid her worn looking lamp. I need to buy more today to I'll have it on hand the next time my handyman comes. I'm going to have him take down part of the combo light/fan/heater from the bathroom ceilings and rework some grill on it. And I'm also going to ask about the fan blades in my FR. They have a bright gold framework and if it's not a hassle to get them down I'll put silver on them also, or possibly a dull bronze look. The gold look is just too much.

What a special thing to have a picture of your building done by a friend. Something about pen and ink drawings! I'm sorry your hands are screaming at you today.

Rock: I do that with my books on CD I get from the library. Start listening then think it sounds so familiar. I got a book a few weeks ago, sounded good, started reading and remembered I had listened to it over a year ago and really didn't like it, so it's going in the giveaway pile.

I love fresh corn but refuse to eat it because it's messy and gets in your teeth. So I remove it all from the cob, stirfry a little onion then add the corn and some fresh cilantro pesto and cook about 3 min. More. Flavorful fresh corn, just barely cooked, tastes wonderful.

And I THINK the parrots are back. I've heard them just not seen them around my street. So exciting to see these noisy bright green birds.

Spring: I had visions of a wonderful artist life, being in galleries, attending shows. But my health or lack of it and the energy to do it, really put a crimp in everything. I have a few good days where the energy and creativity collide and I paint, losing myself. I look back on that time and treasure it.

Lucky people that received those guavas. And great you had such a bumper crop. My fig tree still has lots of figs but they're just not getting bigger or ripening. So strange. And last year my pomegranite had over 300 and this year I've found 3.

Don't think I've mentioned about that "special black skirt size 6". I lucked out and found a size 16 black crepe skirt at the thirft store last week.....$2.50. Washed it up and I removed all the cute ruffle from size 6, then cut into size 16 to get the correct look. The hem has a nice curve from one bottom corner up to the other side, half way up....very sexy. I've sewn on the ruffle onto this new skirt and today I removed the waistband to make the skirt a little shorter, take it in to fit on the sides then put a new waistband back on. The wedding is in 2 weeks. I worried that it might look too fancy, but I talked to the grandma of the future bride and she said most people are really dressing up.
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Hello Again

There's a Mama's Family marathon on the telly this morning. I've managed to see part
of one episode. I took a nap during the early episodes. Went downstairs; saw the end
of one. Then the door buzzer went off. It was the plumber. So he and Gordon have
been busy planning repairs. The plumber brought his wife so she's been sitting on the
sofa telling me about her trip to the The Minnesota Mall. She and some friends went
just to see the mall. I've never seen it, but I did read a thriller where the climax is a
chase through some mall or other. Mighta been the big one.

Now Gordon and the plumber's wife are having a chat. The wife used to be Gordon's
boss at a business that processed home loans. A few years ago the business closed.
Gordon and Melody are discussing the people they used to work with and where they
are working now. And who got married or the opposite and so forth. Or yada,
yada, yada.

Sun, was it you who asked about those cordless blinds Gordon bought? While I
was sleeping this morning he installed them in the kitchen. I find this hard to
believe, but they are not cordless. Despite what the info on the box said. They
have a cord just like ordinary blinds. As Big Daddy said in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof,
"Mendacity! Mendacity!"

Glad to hear you got your black dress finished. The only rule I know about dressing
for weddings is: Don't wear white. Although I think it might be OK if you are ten
or under. And are a flower girl or ring bearer.

Mikie, are you hands any better? Is there anything you can soak them in?
Speaking of soaking reminds me that today is laundry day. Well, I guess I'll
postpone taking the laundry downstairs.

Hugs to Duckie, Julie, Granni, Spring, Star and GB.



Good Monday Morning, Kids,

AACCKK!! I'm Herxing. My sweat is foul and the diarrhea hit. TMI? Sorry. I have to see my urologist later this morning. Gonna ask him for that supp to help prevent the stones and I'll open the capsules and pour the contents into water or juice. I tried taking some stuff for my joints and the same neurological symptoms returned. If I'm gonna take any capsules besides my vitamins, I am not going to be able to ingest the capsules. The FDA outta put a stop to using magnesium stearate in manufacturing.

Jeff finally came over yesterday to get the food and treats for Tweety. He has his hands full keeping her. He spent time petting SV. I know they miss one another. I'm sure he wishes he had SV instead of Tweety. We all love her but she is sooo ornery. SV has been happy ever since Jeff was here. He's normally a happy cat but he looooves Jeff. They both do. A cat never forgets the one that saved his or her life. I told Jeff that.

Gonna wear the new unconstructed jacket I bought for $6.99 at Belk's to the doc appt. I have both black and pink Capri pants so will wear one or the other with it. It's perfect for air conditioned buildings but not too hot to wear outside.

Spring, another lovely picture which invites one to sit down, sip a cup of tea or coffee, open a book and look out the window. Very peaceful. Many places here no longer allow burning of landscape material. There are still huge piles of trees which were felled by the hurricane. They are stacked up for the chipper to make mulch. A pile caught fire and made a huge smoke cloud. It was eventually put out. Wish I lived close enough to get some of your guavas. You're a kind and thoughtful neighbor.

Rock, so many of the nature programs on PBS feature different animals and how they are perfectly constructed for hunting and procreating, their raison d'etre. I've known some men like that too. Well, maybe that and watching sports. I've also know some women whose sole purpose seemed to be shopping. Had a SIL like that. Her DH said if she died first, he was going to spread her ashes at the mall. What an interesting place for a kid to work. Better than bagging groceries. I do have things to help ease the pain in my hands. Yesterday was especially bad. Things are back to 'normal' today which isn't saying much. Whine, whine, whine!

Sun, glad you found some stuff to help restore the aluminum on the window. I have found Simichrome is good for removing oxide on metal but haven't used it on aluminum. I used the Rub 'N Buff on the mirror in my entryway to highlight some of the carving. It is dark and I used antique gold. My home isn't fancy but the mirror looks really good there. It hangs over that little antique legal letter file cabinet which has brass trim. My place is truly eclectic but everything seems to work well together. I try to have little pieces of the beach in every room even if it's just a small basket of shells. I don't like the tacky stuff from the gift shops. My neighbor is a self-taught artist and is so talented. He only does pen and ink and has drawn every major league ball park in the country. I'm so glad you got the skirt fixed. I'm in awe of your talent and willingness to do so much work on it.

Well, Kids, gonna get going. I have to shower and get ready to go. I'm trying to get all these appts. done but there is always something. Hope y'all have a great start to the week.

Love, Mikie



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Morning, Old Pals

I think it's October 1, Monday. Hard to keep track. I never know what day it is unless I
look at the computer calendar page or ask Gordon. I tested the new plumbing by
taking a bath last night. Couldn't get the water to turn off. It dripped continually.
I applied the traditional remedy of draping a wash clothe over the spigot which stopped
the noise but not the drip. For this we paid $550? Gordon figured out how to plug
the hole in the dam. I dunno how. I was wishing he was awake during the night
when I wanted to watch TV. All I could get was an announcement that a video recording
was being made. The channel could not be changed.

I woke up 3 times last night. The TV was available again on the second visit, but there
was nothing I wanted to watch. OY!

Mike, I hope you feel better pronto. Nice that Jeff and SV got to see each other. Are
capri pants what were called pedal pushers when we were young? My mother used
to ride my bike now and then when I was a teen. She also loved to fly kites.

Sun, do you know how many parrots are in your flock? Every now and then Gordon
comes in from gardening and says the parrots flew by. But usually he doesn't see
them. Just hears them chattering. They are the small conures which are generally
green w/ red heads, but not always.

From 300 to 3 pomegranates is quite a fall. Bad as Sears. Do you know why the drop?

Hugs, y'all, Rock


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It's Monday again, and the Duckie has been missing all weekend. Bet you can all guess why. But after so many weekends of being out and about running around doing different things, I decided this weekend was going to be down-time. I even passed on the free tickets for the concert in Dayton because of the time it takes to get up there and back. So I lazed around, slowly working on a quilt, and also working on a new design. I've got one that I've made several different versions of. There's only 2 versions that will likely get made, though.

It was beautiful fall weather all weekend. It will still be fairly nice this week, although a few days have a chance of thunderstorms, and it will be a bit warmer. Not hot, though.

Rock - One of those conures in your pictures is a green-cheek. The other (the yellow one) is a sun conure. I used to have a sun conure, but I've never had a green-cheek. I've had a black-capped conure, though, which looks very similar to a green-cheek. Green-cheek conures are endangered in the wild.

Sun - You'll probably find this interesting. Yesterday, my DH asked me to identify a mysterious volunteer plant with pretty purple-black berries growing in one of the pots on the deck. It turns out it was American Black Nightshade, which despite it's frightening sounding name, is edible. Of course, tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplant are also members of the nightshade family...

Mikie - The computer glasses work by extending the "mid range" of the progressive bi-focals to almost the top of the lens. Then I still have the close vision, but I don't really have distance vision. Thus, they aren't for driving; just for the computer. Before I got them, I kept finding myself tipping my head back so that I could see the computer through the bottom of my bi-focals. Not good for someone with a pinched nerve in the neck... Plus, they have the blue-light blocking coating to protect against macular degeneration.

Julie - I hope the kids aren't wearing you out too much.

Spring - We can't burn our cut-down stuff here. But they do come around several times a year and collect it to be composted or run through a chipper to turn into mulch.

Granni - I'd imagine we'll be getting ready for Christmas soon as well. We've also started some music for our spring, 2019 concert.

I can't believe it's October already! Time just keeps flying.

Speaking of time flying, it's time for me to get back to work. Hugz to all!



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Oh my word...my house is so quiet now. I don't think I've updated...David drove up Saturday to surprise Lindsey and the kids and to drive them back home so I wouldn't have to either meet him today or take them on home and stay a couple of days. He offered as he had some unexpected days off...and I was happy for the help.

They didn't get on the road till nearly 11:00 this morning, so will have a long trip and get home exhausted and later than they would like...but that is just how it goes. Not sure when we'll see any of them again, unless we go down there, because David won't have any more time off for awhile. But it will take us a few weeks to recover anyway, lol!

One last pic before they all piled in the van...they were all sad and wouldn't smile, until Daddy acted goofy and that did the trick, lol! I'll be back when I get a chance...lots of laundry, dishes, etc. calling my name. And Oreo and Den (not in that order, lol) need attention, too.



Hi, Kids,

Just got back from the doc appt. They called early and said the ins. co. computer was down and they didn't have a referral. In a few minutes, they called to say the system was back up so I could come in. Good grief! Without a referral in an HMO, the patient might end up paying the whole thing. Turns out I have stones on both sides. They were there last year but he didn't say anything. One is 10mm, too large to pass, but if it stays put and doesn't grow any more, the doc doesn't want to treat it. Jeff recently passed another stone and ended up in the ER. Said he thought he was gonna die. ER visit was $8,000 which will be covered by his ins.

I stopped at Target for toilet tissue and paper towels but they were out of the ones on sale. I got a few things and a sandwich for lunch and left. I'm exhausted just from my shower and shampoo, the doc visit, Herxing and the trip to Target. I didn't sleep well last night. Doc gave me some samples of the supp he wanted me to take in the first place. I will empty the capsules and take them in liquid. We are both glad that I figured out what was causing the neurological symptoms from capsules. I just hope the taste isn't too bad.

Rock, those are gorgeous birds. Lots of folks down here have them for pets. They are a lot of work. I wish we had wild parrots. As far as I'm concerned, Capri pants are the same as peddle pushers but there may be some technical difference I'm not aware of. I have pants of all lengths including short shorts but they are longer than the ones teens wear. Mine are more like camping shorts. I love khaki shorts with big pockets. Like I said, I'm not flashy like a Cadillac; I'm sporty like a Jeep. Hope things improve with the TV.

Duckie, those glasses sound great for what you need. I wear progressives too but mine are sufficient for what I need. I think the UV block is the best thing. Those rays also cause cataracts and the blue rays are known to stir up the brain. Mine needs stirring up but not that way. I can't believe it's October either but will be mighty glad to see cooler weather. I tried to find some Indian corn for my front door but couldn't find it. I got rid of my huge fall wreath and want something seasonal without being so massive.

Julie, as always, nice pic. Glad you were spared the drive. I hope you can rest up now that the nest is empty again.

OK, Kids, gonna rest. SV is a lazy boy today too.

Love, Mikie



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Julie: I think you must have worn the kids out with so much fun. The girls both look like they've got "bags under the eyes", probably from lack of good sleep! I'll bet they'll sleep all the way home. Great you didn't have to do any driving. And did Lindsey have good reports?

Rock: so far I've only heard the parrots. About 6 years ago a huge flock of them hit a local tree and demolished the leaves and berries. What a mess they left on the street. Probably about 60 of them, but most of the time it's a smaller flock of about 30 or so that I see flying around. Yes, the green with red heads.

Mikie: I read the other day that a trip to a rollercoaster will help those stones! LOL. Though I don't think that would appeal to you.

My SILs dad has to wait for a referral in November to see a neurologist and they have a VERY good PPO. I guess things change. You used to be able to just call the doctor you wanted with a PPO and no waiting. They're thinking he might have the beginnings of parkinsons.

I'm still waking up every two hours. Yesterday I stopped drinking any liquids after 6 PM, making sure I drank all my necessary water before then. These little catnaps are killing me.

Duck: I'll have to look up that plant. So.....are you going to try the berries? The seed must have been delivered via a bird or just blew in. I once had a strange plant in a pot, couldn't figure it out so I let it grow. Turned out to be a tomatillo plant, via compost.


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Clothesline nearly full and I'll start the dishwasher before I crash for a nap. And...I have an hour massage scheduled for tomorrow. Then, the whole yard needs mowed, but I'll take my time at that...and run the lawnsweeper if necessary. It may take several days to get the grass cutting caught up...

Sun, yes, the kids were worn out too...missing their mom and dad, running on full steam most of the time because they are always so excited to be in the farm. And they all have allergies...different allergens up here, maybe. Plus, the weather was so hot at their house, and hot when they first got here...then turned cold the past couple days. I worried cause some of them started getting dark circles under their eyes, too...hopefully, they can get back to their normal routines quickly.

Lindsey had a great trip, and I'm so glad she got to get to the ocean and watch some beautiful sunsets. I think some of the stuff she was learning verges on just plain "weird", but she assured me she's not going to go over the deep end with the New Age stuff, lol! A lot of things like using essential oils, etc., work for lots of people...but just don't seem to do anything at all for me. She learned some techniques to drain lymph glands, relax muscles (not really massage, more like accupressure or something)...some of the same things our chiros do. She really wants to do some sort of ministry for people who have been traumatized, and help them deal with things better in order to be able to function better.

Who knows what's down the road for them...David has already been in the ministry for years, so I can see them starting their own and working together at it. Lindsey's never been one to follow the beat of anyone else's drum but her own, lol! So, I just pray for them and (try to) let God handle the details. :);)

Better get back to work...I heard the washer shut off. Glad the sun came out just in time to dry all these towels, sheets, etc., etc.


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Hi Kids

Glad to see all the posts. I spent most of the morning napping. There is a CSI marathon on today.
I will watch some of it. During the commercials I read a thriller. Just watched an episode about a
murder victim who was the "father" of 103 kids. He was a donor. The plot made no sense at all.

Called the cat a couple times last night. No response. Same for this morning. Just now got a
response. I let her in the back porch and gave her some attention. Put kibble out for her. Saw an
ad for the brand: Temptions. Temption was a song; a perfume; and a rap number. Also a group
in the 60s. No shortage of temptations in this life.

Mikie and other sufferers, I saw a Gary Larson cartoon this morning about stones. The doctor is
saying, "It's possible you condition may not be due to stones." Meanwhile a rhinoceros is poking the
patient with his horn."

Gotta go watch the marathon.


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Julie: I will occasionally do a search on youtube for something like sciatic pain and what type stretches, etc. and found Dr. Alan Mandell. He's great and explains things so well. From him I learned how to clear the lymph nodes when I had a BAD cold. Also....the proper way to even take nose drops. Apparently you have to kinda tip your head down and to the side, and shoot for up and over. Tell Lyndsey to do a search for him. He's a chiro in south Florida

I use some essential oils: Neem oil for bugs outside. And big surprise.....it's even put into toothpaste. Don't think I want that though. Oregano oil, tea tree oil (takes the bite away from insects that attack) peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil (a must for lung/breathing problems) lavender. CBD oil......I've tried taking some drops under my tongue, but didn't find that it helped, but now I mix about 60 drops into a small container of good face cream and rub into what hurts. I have some frankinsence oil...smells good but did nothing for pain.

Rock: Weren't the Temptations a great group! Did you know rain is expected tomorrow? Apparently a hurricane down in Mexico on this coast. I notice it's already getting cloudy here.
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Hi there dear ones,

It is already last getting on the computer but have been so busy to the store, lots of washes, and trying to get things ready for our trip.

JULIE - So glad you had a great time with the kiddos and that Lindsey enjoyed her adventure in learning. The picture of the kiddos is so cute with them smiling. Enjoy your massage. I sure could use one. Have to get dinner ready soon so I can leave this evening t go to our first practice for Chorale. I missed the first session and now it will be very busy around here, or should I say busier.

MIKIE - Sorry you are still pooped and hoping that SV is back to his normal crazy self :)!! OMG, Jeff's bill for the ER was $8,000. That;s enough to get a heart attack for sure. Glad he has insurance.

A BIG HI and HUG to everyone inc SUN, ROCK, DUCKIE , SW and everyone else I may have missed. I love taking trips but the getting ready for one is a major pain esp trying to get all the supps, etc, to take. Glad this will only be 5-7 days. Need to be home for the next practice in Chorale. I already will have missed one with trip and I think that I can only miss 2 practices to sing in program..

Sorry this is another short one. I have been so busy today and tomorrow our small group sings in the morning. So that will be another morning I can't do anything . So was rushing around today. Thursday afternoon is our Bible Class from 1-3. It is fun too as we eat first and each table takes turns bringing food. Everything is always delicious.

Speaking of washes I need to check the pants for DH in the washer now and put them in the drier and try and catch them, or at least one pair, before they get to dry to hang up. I hate to iron them.

Bye for now !

Love you all,
Granni :)