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PORCH 1096 IS NOW CLOSED (10/23/18)



Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Not much to tell. Have to take SV in to see the doc this morning. I hope she can get a urine specimen so I don't have to leave him there. If this doesn't work, I'm gonna suggest we just leave the poor little guy alone and see what happens. He's peeing and feeling fine. I am hoping I can hold up long enough to take him in and stop at Publix for groceries and lotto tickets.

Sun, even my DSIL in his 50's can't get a diagnosis for the horrible pain in his legs. Because of his Mom's having Lupus and FMS, we all think it is something immune or autoimmune but these illnesses are soooo difficult to get diagnosed. There are probably variants that the medical community hasn't even been made aware of. My guess is that they are a result of environment, stress and genetics. All the little girls in the hood played with Barbie dolls and my kids had them and all the things that came with them. Yes, those paintings and the artist and gallery owner seem like the makings of a good novel. Why don't you write it?

Rock, love the taco cat palindrome. It contains three of my favorite things, palindromes, cats and Mexican food. Ole indeed! The only downside I can see to Taco Bell is that it is a Pepsico place. I'm a Coke girl. All I know about my DOF is that he has a very fancy walker. Fortunately, his family has the means to ensure he has everything he needs, which is really very little these days. My own needs are growing smaller and smaller. Claudia bought a brand new hard cover of one of Dan Brown's novels at the library and she gave it to me. Unfortunately, none of his later works can match his original book. Claudia is a retired teacher and is very well read. She gets a lot of the FJ questions that Nancy and I don't. I was the only one of us who got it last night and just under the bell. How is Miss Kitty? SV sends his love.

OK, Kids, as usual, I'm off to peruse the virtual newspaper.

Love, Mikie

Update: Home again, home again, happy as can be. They got a specimen from SV. I gave him the glass goblet full of water and he drank as though he'd been in the desert for three days. Then, I closed the door to his box. He pawed at the door so I knew he had to go but I left it closed and we went to the vet's office. Prayers answered. Now, if his urine is free from blood and crystals, it will be another prayer answered. He's so happy to be home again. He got treats for being such a good little man.

I brought him home and went to Publix. I took some foam egg containers and plastic bags to be recycled. I got lotto tickets and even remembered to buy scouring powder for the baths. Usually, I forget something. Pork chops were on sale for $2.99 a lb. so I got two to cook for my dinner. Prepared cinnamon apples were on BOGO so I got that to go with the pork. Will fix broccoli to round it out. Mmmm!

I feel a bit better mentally and physically today and hope it will last. Hope everydooby else is doing better too.

Love, Mikie

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Good Tuesday morning! Thanks for the new porch, Mikie...and the pic. Some day I hope to have our farm looking as neat as that one...with no junk treasures lying around the buildings, lol!

I hope the vet can get a sample from SV without too much fuss and discomfort to him. Knowing how much you love the little stinker, I know this must be very hard on you. And when the $$ start adding up, it gets hard financially, too.

Rock, I don't know any Hoiness families. I first read it at Holiness, lol! Don't know any of them, either.

Getting ready to head to therapy, then out of town to see my dad before I go on to Amy's town for Keira's first 5th grade band concert.

My big accomplishment yesterday (after Den got home from work) was learning how to drive the skidloader (some people call it a skid steer.) We are currently using it to move firewood from where we split it, to the winter storage area....just throw the split wood in the skidloader bucket and when it's full, just drive over to the wood pile.

Got my laundry washed, hung out, then fluffed in the dryer yesterday. Checked on our closest Amish new mama (the baby was born on Labor Day.) She's still not 100 percent, but has the three older girls to take care of, even though they help out a lot with the baby. I told her if she's ever sick or the weather is too cold and wet to get her diapers (or anything) dry, to let me know or have someone bring them to me...and I would wash and dry them for her. She said she had thought of asking, but hadn't talked to her husband about it.

Of course, my first thought was, "You don't have to ask your husband for permission to let your neighbor help with the laundry!!!" but I didn't say anything, except to tell her to tell him that I offered and I really don't mind. I have to remind myself that, in many ways, they are of a different culture than we are (using a "modern" washer and dryer could be considered too "worldly") but they are a lot like us too. I did tell her that 30 years ago, when a different Amish family lived nearby, I would just bring that lady's laundry home all the time and take care of it.

Anyway, the offer is there, and if I know her husband well enough, I don't think he will mind (or think that it is overstepping the "neighbor" boundries...some are very careful about that, but others will take advantage of other people.) Not a whole lot different than the mission field in Belize. We had some friends who would do whatever they could for us, while others just expected more and more, because we were "rich Americans." Didn't matter how much we sacrificed just to get there to help them, lol!

Better hop in the shower and get on my way...take care, everyone!


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i logged in and a notice popped up ‘website not secure’. im guessing no one else had that come up? otherwise you would have mentioned.

just back from a errand outside. also had my dinner out by myself because thought i needed the break.

last evening my DD returned from a weeklong trip to Thailand. she went from here with my BIL and his wife of a year but she was joined by her Bangladeshi friends from college in Massachussetts and BIL and his wife went their own ways to Phuket and another beach.

DD and three other girls went to Ko Samui, a lesser known beach resort. but very beautiful. less crowded. it was basically a beach and shopping trip for them. they spent 3 days in Bangkok.

DD joined up with BIL and his wife on the last day and returned back together. she got us lots of things. and dragon fruit etc. and yes, at last i got two decent swimsuits, which didnt have flounces and bows n all. heh heh.

tomorrow is Full moon for us here.

mikie - marvellous picture of a deep blue autumn sky in the country. glad SV obliged with providing a urine sample. i was laughing at his antics, ambushing you etc. he sounds way more full of character than some dogs i know. poor DOF. i wish he wasnt having that instability in the legs nor your DSIL.

Julie - i dont know how the Amish manage without modern technology! are they a happy and content people? are they allowed to dress up and wear pretty clothes. their own style.

sun - youre going to sew Barbie new clothes! that would be exciting for your littler DGDs! i used to be fascinated with the extra shoes that could be bought for Barbies. i saw a Barbie at my brothers place, my niece had some Barbies, her face was so beautiful, i went out and got an identical one to keep but one of my doggies during the pup stage got her hand, chewed a piece outta it.

rock - hmmm, you must be feeling so pleased at your haul. of books. books are on the way out here, it seems. we have the big ones which are hanging on but all the littler ones have closed shop. im glad i was born when i was rather than later.

i simply cannot imagine reading books from a computer. and not getting the feel of holding one in my hand, leafing through pages, smelling the pages, and keeping my favourite ones near me within reach at any time.

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Dear Ones,

Dummy me just posted a fairly one post ( for me) on the last old post. Not going to repost. MIKIE , JULIE or someone could you do so for me. I would appreciate it so much.

JULIE - Good for you in learning how to drive the skid loader or whatever it is !!! Gotta run !

LOve you all,



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Dear Ones,

I finally got on the computer this morning. I got up late and have to sing later on at another facility nearby and then DH has a meeting tonight.. It is getting closer to the opening and dedication of our new church. So much happening this week with special meetings and practices to get ready for the dedication the be ginning of Nov. I have choir practice for the dedication tomorrow. Been so busy I haven't practiced that much.

The dermatologist visit went well but of course much to short . So many questions that I wanted to ask her but she tried her best in the limited time.. She agreed that I have more than one type of "rashes" or whatever you want to call them. Some our more under the skin than others. One blotchy type is probably nerve related. I mentioned that but she did not disagree.

It turns out that this is most likely a reaction to to many histamines in my body, from what they may never know.. She did ask me when I had my last blood work done and I told her in December of last year. So guessing she may want to do more in the future. I have not had any tests done as yet.
However, she told me to double some of my allergy meds and gave me one that used to be prescription and is now OTC but still expensive - Xyzal. I am to take 2 a day instead of 1 as it says on the package. She also prescribed a cream ( steriod _) for face and one for body which they do not have yet in the pharmacy. May come in today. Supposed to put that on 2x a day. The doc also mentioned something that I did not quite understand, or I did not have enough time to chat with her about. I think the weird formation I see of these rashy looking things has something to do with going along the circulatory system in those areas. They may never know the cause of all this. Hoping this stuff will help or I fear I may end up on oral steroids; Geez I have enough problems already. No easy answers for me ever or for many of you, I know. Thanks to all asking about me and my newest condition that is driving me bananas. Enough of that for now. Updates to come as I get them.

MIKIE - Sorry you are feeling so puny again with no energy. If you get any please send it my way. Wish I didn't have to go out of the house today but unfortunately I do - ugh !! I do enjoy the singing but getting ready to gets me weary. Yes, I agree that it is best for many reasons to do the new method of CPR without the mouth to mouth. We all talked about that in the class. Hope you feel better soon my friend.

Thanks everyone for your concerns. Sorry I can;t stay as I have so much more to do today before I can even leave the house. Then fix something for DH to eat when I get back from singing so he can go to his meeting.

Love to everydobby inc SUN, DUCKIE, JULIE, ROCK, SPRING WATER and anyone that I have forgotten about temporarily,
Granni :)


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Hi Kids

Great pic, Mikie. It's 3 D! If it doesn't look 3D, Folks, try looking at it through the circle
made by thumb and finger. The fence looks much closer than the barn. Glad to hear SV
is doing fine again.

Congrats on getting the Final Jeopardy question. I can tell you what's "under the bell".
The clapper. Did you see the news story about the lady with a huge python living in her
attic? She named him Monty. One commentator wrote, "I see what you did there."
Pointing out the obvious: Monty Python. I borrowed your recent comment about
taking an asp-pirin.

My Mom used to make baked apples with cinanimnim. Put a marshmallow on top.
Is that standard procedure?

Julie, I hope Keira's concert was a big success. I remember programs we put on for
the parents in grade school. It didn't matter how good or how bad they were. The
parents always beamed. I remember for one we learned, "Little Orphan Annie's
come to our house to stay. To wash the cups and saucers up and brush the crumbs
away..." James Whitcomb Riley. And one time we sang, "M is for the million things,

Springwater, the "website not secure" issue has come up several times. Mikie's
explanation is something like this. The store, where you can buy things on line, is
secure so you can feel OK about posting your address, credit care number, etc. there.
Don't post that sort of data here though.

Yes, I am very pleased to have a buncha books handy. With the confusiated state of
my mind I managed to buy one I already had at home from the library. But that's
standard for me now. I don't know what the LA Library is doing. With some books
they only have the E book or Kindle version. As Peggy Lee asked, Is that all there is?
That's all the publisher issued?

Gordon is at the doctor's office I hope. It's his cardiologist. The appointment card the
doctor gave him has one date. The telephone reminder the other day had a different
date. And to make it more confusiatin', the doctor has two offices. Enough to give a
person angina pectoris.

Guess I'll go lie down an read a book.

Hugs, Rock


Hi, Kids,

Think I'm in the first stages of a Herx-like reaction from my AV. I had stopped taking it for a while and am back on it so it may have killed off a lot of viruses. Yesterday, I had the total exhaustion and today, I have the horrible headache. Also, I feel as though I'm starving. We'll see; it could just be symptoms rearing their ugly heads. I am just happy that SV gave a urine sample at the vet so I didn't have to leave him there. He's sooo happy to be home.

Granni, I don't know how to move your post on the old Porch but did copy and paste it here. Unfortunately, it's under my name and avatar. I think most will know it's yours. Geez, that whole visit with the doc sounds so confusicatin' and I hope you understand it all. I also hope the treatment helps you. I think allergies are a big part of our illnesses. I keep you and yours in my prayers. Wonder who the patron saint of rashes is. St Itchy?

Julie, that's very kind of you to help your Amish neighbors. I know they choose to live like they do but it must involve a lot of hardships. I couldn't do it. I can barely keep going with all the modern aids I have at my disposal. One of the reasons that our drugs cost so much is because Americans support all the R&D and the rest of the world reaps the benefits. They think we 'rich Americans' should pay for it. Hope your PT is starting to help you.

Spring, when you go into the shop/store area here, it is a 'secure' location because it involves payment info. The boards do not have that level of security. I do not believe it is risky to use these forums. The computer is just letting you know so that you don't give credit card info or do other financial transactions on websites which are not secure. Almost all websites which do financial transactions are secure. It's good your computer lets you know when an area isn't secure, especially if you are buying something. Yes, SV is quite the character. He wasn't like this when Tweety lived with us because she provided all the entertainment for him. Now, he only has me to play with so he invents little games. He used to pop out to scare her too.

I also love the feel and smell of books and newspapers but have adjusted to reading on the Kindle. It's smaller than a book and easier to take with me. I can enlarge the type for my half-blind eyes and I have a whole library in it. It also has games and I can email with it but don't use it for email. Still, I could in a pinch. I'd be more likely to text with my phone. I'm laughing at your doggies. There is Malibu Barbie and you had Dog Bite Barbie. Did you have a little first aid kit for her? Full moon here too tomorrow. I'm also laughing because my weather app says Uranus will be visible to the naked eye (the humor depends on how one pronounces, Uranus). Later this month, the Orionid meteor shower will provide a nice show in the night sky.

Rock, see your footprints here and hope you are doing well. Look forward to seeing you here. Oops! We must have been posting at the same time. I'm editing my post to respond to you. I tried it and that pic does look 3D. Amazin' My new TV is supposed to be Ultra HD but I don't think it looks more HD than the other sets. I was watching the news on the local Fox channel and it looked 3D to me. They must broadcast in UHD. Now, I see the difference. TV is so much better than it used to be. ME broadcasts old TV shows from the 70's and 80's and they are so blurry. I've never put marshmallows on baked apples but it's a nice way to add more flavor. I love them or applesauce with pork.
That lady also had a baby snake that could do math. When the commentator asked her about it, she said, "Yes, he's a little adder." Yuk! Yuk!

I have tried to download books I already have on my Kindle but, fortunately, Amazon tells me that I already have it. Doh!!! I buy duplicates of groceries and personal care items because I forget I already bought them. The women at Publix were talking about their Halloween costumes. I told them I'm going as an old woman and I don't have to buy a costume. I got some 'fun size' candy bars for the boys at the end of the bldg. and some bat necklaces that glow in the dark. I got those last year and they stopped by to let me see their costumes and show off their glow in the dark necklaces. I love things that glow or light up. I'm just a kid at heart (and at mind). Hope all goes well for Gordon at the doc.

Love, hugs and prayers to all our Dear Porchies, especially those MIA.

Love, Mikie
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On here for just a bit this evening wheile DH is gone. I am eating leftovers at the computer. To add to what I wrote before I asked the doc f it could be autoimmune and she yes yes that is a possibility. I still do not have the cream I need for the body. Hope I get to pick it up tomorrow sometime. . Another creme is for the face but it is hard for me to see where I need to put it. I think it is somewhere around the eyes or under them but not to close. It is supposed to be for flares but not daily use for prevention. Wondering how big a tube or jar the body cream will come in cause I will need ALOT.:D

MIKIE - Thanks so much for cutting and pasting my post to this new volume. Yes, that is a pretty picture you posted. I hope you start to feel better soon with a little more NRG !! That also goes to SUN, ROCK, DUCKIE, SW , JULIE, et al. Our performance went well and the people enjoyed it including the ladies in charge of the residents. One lady came over to us at the end and as we were going out the door hugged me and said thank you for coming to see us. It made me feel so good. We usually go around afterwards and say hi and thank you to the residents.

Glad to hear that your memory is a good as mine MIKIE :)!!!! Tomorrow is the Holiday Market in our community that used to be the Craft Show. Trying to sound trendy I guess but each year it has gotten bigger and bigger, Hope to get a few Christmas presents this year again. They have so many nice things there, small and large. From jewelry to all kinds of crafts, purses, etc. etc. The list is long. Tomorrow night is dedication practice so it will be another busy day. The next evening DH has more meetings to go to. He left early tonight in hopes of getting it over with early but that doesn't always happen as you know.

ROCK - I hope you are feeling and doing OK.

SUN - I hope your pain has subsided some.

Gotta run for now. Not sure I will get back here today. To much to do tomorrow with the Holiday Market, luncheon and get ready to go to practice at night for the dedication. Thinking of you all.

PS It looks lie DD who is trying to move will be getting a call about making an offer on their house. Crazy time. Her DH is one place working and she is in another, in TX. What fun. Now the fun will really start :eek::p:)!! I Imagine they will call our SIL and then he will let her know, This may be early in the morning but not sure how early,

Granni :)


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Hello Dear Friends

Gordon saw his cardio doctor. The doc had reviewed the blood tests Gordon had taken
at a nearby lab. Said his cholesterol was down some. He had lost 3 pounds. Something
else was good. Gave him some free samples. The pills he takes are really expensive I
guess most pills are nowadays.

Granni, I hope you can get your cream and that it works. As for the size of the container,
I believe it is standard practice to use a container that is the same size as the patient.
This keeps everything in balance with nature, and is calculated in accordance with
Newton's laws of relativity and Stephen Hawking's views on the Kardashians relatives.

Glad to hear your concert went well and that it was appreciated. Hope your DD and
SIL have good luck finding a new place. Thank you for your good wishes. I feel fine
most of the time, especially since the bugs are gone. Main problems are no NRG and
no memory. Good thing Gordon has both.

Oh yeah, he went to a meeting of the directors of the orchid club last night. Apparently
it was a spirited meeting. People started arguing and 2 or 3 walked out. Stimulating
but not really productive.

Mikie, That's so nice of you to give seasonal gifts to the boys at the end of the
building. Reminds me of "The Boys In The Band". They must think you are
their Fairy Godmother. Or maybe a wealthy relative.

I looked on the net for the Patron Saint of skin care. There are a few.
Armand, St Anthony, Peregrine, and Rita of Cascia. Cascia is a town in
Italy. The founders according to Wikipedia came from Scandinavia, and the
Lombards are mixed up in its history.

Verdi wrote an opera about the Lombards. I Lombardi Alla Prima Crociate
or The Lombards in the First Crusade. I have a recording of the opera dating
from a live performance in 1951. It has great sound because a computer cleaned
up the primitive recording. Anybody who wants to come over to hear same is
welcome. Segaimi nella stanza della musica.

Addio, Kids
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Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

Slept later this morning. Fell asleep watching This Is Us last night in bed. Claudia was the only one who got the FJ question last night. It involved early British Literature. She is amazing. I had read it once in HS but can't remember anything about it. She did something to her neck at her Zumba class and was in a lot of pain. I stopped in to give her some Halloween candy and a magazine and she was moving like, as she put it, Frankenstein. Said she was better last night. She tried a squirt of my CBD oil for her neck but said she didn't think it helped. At least, not right away like it helps my leg pain. I think it helps inflammation most. In any case, I'm glad she is better.

Fall has definitely arrived. It will be in the upper eighties the rest of the week but on Sun., it will drop into the low eighties and upper seventies. The humidity is so low and the breezes are balmy. Finally! I need to go to Target because they have toilet tissue and paper towels on sale with a $5 gift card if I buy two. There are gift cards for buying hair color and I have a coupon to boot. That is how I save money even if it means buying in bulk. Still want to stop in at Pier One to see whether they have any more of the tea towels I like. It's next door to Target.

SV continues to be a happy camper. I'm surprised that he doesn't hold a grudge for having to go to the vet. Tweety would have. I just got my credit card bill with the vet's charges on it. Yikes! I hope this is the end of it. I tell myself I'm racking up award points. Claudia's one kitty always comes out to greet me and lick my toes. The other one couldn't care less. Cats are really strange little critters.

Granni, that's wonderful that you give so much joy to those people who hear you sing. It's a lot of work for you and the others but you are really doing something great in your community. I hope all goes well with the offer and eventual sale of DD's house. That hurricane on the West Coast is supposed to bring rain to TX. I always loved Holiday Markets when I was younger and healthier. Now, I don't think I could walk through one if it were very large. Hope you enjoy it.

Rock, glad things went well at Gordon's doctor appt. When I was a kid, I always got a sucker after my appt. at the doc. He had those kind with the soft twine loops instead of a hard stick. With child obesity on the rise, I don't think docs give out candy anymore. I don't spend much on things for the boys at the other end of the bldg. They are easy to make happy. I give them love and that seems to be the thing they like best. They are such sweet kids. I'll just ask St. Anthony to look over Granni for her rashes. He's the first saint I ever heard about and he's been helping me find lost things ever since. Because I lose everything I touch, I keep him busy. Saint Peregrin is the patron saint of cancer so that might be for those with skin cancer. Thanks for checking it out. Sorry I won't be over to listen to the opera. I've given opera several chances but just can't sit still through it. I love some of the arias but can't do the whole thing. I'll be over after the fat lady sings.

OK, I'm running late this morning and need to get into the bath before I set out for the day. Hope everydooby has a great one.

Love, Mikie



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Hi friends! Slept late cause I got home so late, around 11:00 pm. Den was in bed, but restless and still awake. I had lots of words to get out, so I kept him awake another 15 or 20 minutes...he chuckles as he says, "You done talking?" If I say, "Yes", but he senses that I'm really not, he'll say, "No, you're not finished...keep going." ;) Not sure that I ever did anything to deserve him, but he's a gift that I'll never return, lol!

The therapist really worked me over yesterday...I have, for years, had tenderness under and around my left arm pit. Part of my therapy is for them to work/massage the tight muscles from my neck to my shoulder...that seems to be the worse area and where the pain/tingling/numbness originates. The ladies (they switch off from session to session) are getting things somewhat loosened up, but I think I have a ways to go yet. The stretches I do at home are important, too. Just gotta hang in there.

I stopped back by home after therapy, to check on Oreo and pick up things I needed for the rest of the day. Headed to my dad's town, bought his fresh flowers and milkshake and a few groceries...when I got to the nursing home, three different people told me how alert he had been all day and that he was having a really good day. I gave the DON Dad's candy for trick-or-treaters (the staff's children were dressing up and walking around the halls last night) and she said she would make sure he had an opportunity to pass it out, if he still wanted to when the time came.

Dad was alert, but his thinking was "off" by a few years, lol! He said, "See that hat on the wall?" I told him, yes, and added that it was his cap. He said, "It's still hanging there from when I was here two years ago...you'd have thought they would have moved it while I was gone." Apparently, he thinks he was at the nursing home, but left for two years, and just returned. I didn't argue...just said they must have saved it for him. He thanked me for bringing him a milkshake and cartons of 7-Up and talked about the people who used to bring it to him (not sure who that would have been, lol...didn't correct him about that, either).

I told him I was happy to take care of him as he had taken care of me for so long. He got this absolutely shocked look on his face and said, "When was that?" I told him it was when I was growing up...he just said, "Oh!" Whether it "clicked" or not, that's okay. I never actually know if he realizes I'm his daughter or not...but he knows that we belong together somehow....

Then on to Amy's town...Keira had already called to make sure I was coming, lol! I got there in time to eat supper that Amy had made in the crock pot and visit a few minutes before we had to leave for the school. I was very surprised and impressed with how good the 5th grade band sounded (Rock was right, no matter how it had been, the audience would have been beaming :):p) but they really were good. The principal of the school narrated for them as they demonstrated what they surely sounded like when they made their first notes, then two notes together, then a little song with three or four notes (it was cute, funny and true, lol) then they played some songs from their lesson books. Then the grand finale...We Will Rock You! With audience participation, lol...the kids were so proud, and it was obvious how proud and passionate their band teacher is.

We did the traditional ice cream party afterwards (but drive thru since it was later than usual for a concert on a school night) then I visited at their house for a few minutes, tucked both girls in to bed, and headed home.

Now, I'm up late and still on my first cup of coffee...worth it, but gotta catch up with the catchin' up, lol! Hope everyone is doing as well as possible.

Mikie, glad SV harbors no hard feelings about his vet visits.

Granni, glad the concert went well...I'm sure you are all a ray of sunshine to everyone who hears your songs.

Rock, glad Gordon's check-up went well.

Spring, I've been thinking about getting a Kindle or something for years, but just can't wrap my head around reading books on a computer, lol! I see the advantages of it, but haven't taken the plunge yet...I too, love the experience of just holding a book in my hands :)

Sun, I wish you were my grandma! Your little ones will love their "new" Barbies and especially the new clothes.

Star, hope you're doing okay...visit when you can. Hope nobody else got as sick as your DH and DS. Stand your ground with the holiday plans...gotta take care of you, so you can take care of your family. (Sorry for the unsolicited piece of advice...ignore if too much.)

Here's a pic of me and the girls after the concert...



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My cleaning lady was over yesterday. Still going to PT twice a week.....pain in her neck and shoulders that the therapist is trying to loosen up the trigger points. I had told her NOT to get an attorney yet....to wait, but she told me yesterday she got one. OMG. One of those that advertise on TV.....Larry Parker. Rock, I'm sure you know of him.

So now she's given away 30% of any settlement. I had explained she had one year from the accident to file a claim, and that she could negotiate directly with the other insurance unless there was a problem. But it's only been 3 weeks since the accident. I got the feeling that friends/relatives all told her to hire an attorney ......I asked her if she can break this contract with the attorney....she said yes, but I can't see any attorney NOT charging her something for time. ROCK: What do you think?

I'm so drug out....having problems sleeping more than 2-3 hrs. At a stretch. I feel like I'm running on fumes.

I started working on barbie clothes yesterday. Eegads, what a lot of work.

Julie: I see you posted....nice pic. Of all of you. What type of stretches are you doing at home? I'm very interested because I think we both have the same problems.


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Hi guys! Oh, Sun...I hope things work out for your cleaning lady :(

I imgine Barbie or other doll clothes might be hard to make cause they are so tiny?

The stretches are basically to loosen up the muscles from my neck to my shoulders, and the upper chest area. So, I sit on a chair and reach over my head and pull it towards whatever side I'm using...feeling the stretch in my neck and opposite shoulder. Hold for 20 seconds each side...doing 5-10 reps of that. I use the hand that's not doing the stretching to hang on to the bottom of the seat of the chair and give myself a little more stretch/traction.

And standing with arms at sides, pull shoulders back together and down. Same amount of time to hold and same amount of reps.

Also, clasp hands behind back...bring them down and shoulders back together and down. Eventually should be able to bring clasped hands out away from my body...I can do a little better each day, but not a whole lot.

A new one the other day is to stand facing a corner (out a few feet, with one leg in front, one in back) and put hands and forearms on opposite walls (elbows a little lower than shoulder) and lean upper body in to feel stretch. Then raise hands and forearms up higher (still pressed against opposite walls) to get more stretch. That one is to loosen up the area under and around my arm pit.

For low back, I am to lie on my back with one leg straight (resting on floor or bed) and bend opposite leg, pulling the knee towards my chest. Putting a rolled towel under the knee and using an end of it in each hand to pull helps get more of a stretch.

Then (also lying on back) with right leg bent (knee in the air, foot flat) rest left heel on right knee and push left knee down and away...repeat with other side....stretches hips.

And...standing in front of a chair, put one foot on the chair (leg bent so knee is up) then stretch out the other leg behind you...pulls the upper front of thigh (and the more you put that foot flat on the floor, it also stretches the calf.)

And of course, work on shoulders back, chest out, lol! Felt very unnatural at first, but the more I concentrate on doing it (during exercises and just during the day, period) the better it feels.

Hope that makes sense...hard to visualize without pictures, maybe?

Den is home, but worn out today, so will probably take a longer nap if phones, etc. don't disturb him. Good time for me to quietly do some stretches, lol!

Take care...hope you start feeling better.


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Hi guys.
It's been a while I know.

Dh announced one day, while holding onto my phone, "I don't like google.I like samsung internet"
And what do you know? Started having dramas with my phone trying to make me run with samsung, running Super slow and then when following the link to ProHealth, I had dramas there too and couldnt log in etc etc.
Anyway, Dh doesnt Remember doing anything to my phone, but after a lot of time wasted trying to wade through settings etc (don't look Duckie, way too embarrassing as I am completely tech-tarded) I finally found something (and I cant remember what now), but - Success.Yay! ( I did pray for help, I should add).

Sooo, I hv been reading along when I can...

Sun, very glad that your recovery process moved along well.
Had a Massive smile on the dial when I read about your garden.how Amazing and Exciting!!
I'm sure we here All imagine how spectacular it must be, particularly with your artistic flare and eye for detail.
As for people traipsing through, I agree with Spring there...makes me tired just thinking about that bit, but still, obviously a garden to be admired from the foot path anyway. and being complimented like that, well, I'm thinking we bere All probably agree that you are a winner already! ( cant remember if it was a comp or one of those tours). As for your latest etsy sale to Australia, it sometimes surprises me what people will spend money on, but then tbe saying ' one man's trash is another's treasure' comes to mind.
My fingers hurt just at the thought of making ity bitty dolls clothes, but such a wonderful motivation- seeing their faces light up...

Spring- all those festivals!! Surely it must be a little tiring? Perhaps not for the young...Any excuse to party.
I recall you mentioned something about throwing coloured powder or similar around.That could be fun.
I used to read books and devour their content in no time, but I just get sooo tired, I cant seem to digest more than a few pages at a time.its rather sad.My Aunty is coming to visit in a couple of weeks and will be wanting a report on tbe book she sent me many moons ago And I haven't started it!

Mikie- this brings me to my next Point The Shack. I haven't actually read it because I didn't think that I could have the heart to read such a thing ,with such a plot. DH read it a while ago and I remember him saying something about God being a woman and Papa and a few other things that kind of confused me. But of course if I had read the book, it would have made sense. Not being taken out of context and all that.
About a year later I actually won movie tickets to see The Shack at the cinema and it worked out perfectly because I had to take my friend to a hospital appointment,in the town about an hour away from us, at the time. It was like a kind of goodbye get together I guess you could say ,as we hadn't done much since having put our house on the market and all that,( at the time).
Movie was fantastic and I'm so glad I got to watch it. The book must be great (Dh liked it) , as I can't imagine you'd get such a good movie like that otherwise. Good thing the cinema was in darkness at the time too because both of us were in tears. Something that really stayed with me for a long time.
I think it's actually on Netflix here at the moment too and I may, if I get time, watch it again.
I actually bought a couple of copies and gave them to our then neighbours, just before we moved.
Glad you and SV hv eachother to Love.

Granni- DS puts (is supposed to) cream All over his body.a big tub gets made up to aid moisturising and the cortisone sort to apply if the eczema allergies get worse.its such an awful experience.Im sorry you are suffering and hope that once you get onto the cream and routine of applying it, you will feel great.

Duck- I imagine great things are emerging from the bunker - or perhaps it is a matter of 'what happens in the bunker, stays in the bunker', as like with most things, our learning comes through trial and error sometimes , practise and making mistakes.regardless, hope you are enjoying life and the leg pains hv gone away.

Rock- I've been plugging away at 'trying' to set up an irrigation system for the yard.this involves various tracks and bits and pieces and yes.trial and error too...Honestly though, Im grateful for you tube, but Im also Super frustrated.It took me forever to set this new fandangled water timer and not once, but twice, a slight knock and all the info was lost and I had to start over! Infuriating. Im not one for chucking tantrums, but I was devastated. This brain struggles with the basics these days...
Anyway, getting off track here, on my internet travels I came across many hothouses that were set up for orchids.Does Gordon hv a misting irrigation set up? With a fogger aswell? To create the humidity they apparently love, or dont you need it? Where you are.
Glad you arent getting bitten anymore and glad Gordon's heart apt went well dispite the initial confusion.

Julie- great pic with your Treasures.Hv you lost weight?
I'm sorry your Dad doesnt always remember who you are, but you're right that he knows you're Connected.
Many families are so dis-connected and they apparently hv it all together .just goes to show I guess, when you take away the fluff...
You amaze me with all the driving you do.
My Dd turned 15 a couple of wks ago and I Tried to take her to the city to go shopping etc, but somehow I massively screwed it all up.its a long story and I wont go into it, but suffice to say that because I cant get up early (makes me sick) and because she had to get back in time for work, there really wasnt enough time, to begin with.I wish my brain had realised this, before we set off with all her great expectations. Instead I ruined it for her.
I admire your committment to your family and your neighbours.
Oh I remember a while back you referred to the retreat and that they werent' doing anything wierd' I remember thinking at the time about my sister and how they(her partner at the time) had brought the placenta home, after giving birth to her dd and fryed some of it up.
To eat.
Now, I would consider that wierd.
I know the Red Indians apparently did that (probably many centuries ago while they were starving.)...
Or maybe they still do. Truthfully, I dont know, but to me, That was 'wierd'...and a little gross.
But I guess it's all a matter of perspective.I brought home each of my Treasures' placenta and we planted a fruit tree over it...that too could be considered 'wierd'.& gross.
But, I'm with you, as far as anything being Anti Jesus, with in reason of course.
Thinking back again, it probably would've been Alot worse if they didnt cook it first! Oooh yuk.
Oh and as for advice, Thanks.I appreciate it.

Ok guys.I cant tell how long this post is, but I hv been at it for a Really long time!
And although I could keep on.I wont.i just hope I didnt forget anyone, as you are All important to me.
Love to All Porchies, wherever you are.
Take care
Catch yas later
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Oh Star...so good to hear from you! Makes me sad to think your birthday shopping trip with your daughter didn't work out....I think, though, a few years down the road, she may look back on things and realize what a great effort it was/is for you to even just put one foot in front of the other, let alone all the extra that you manage to accomplish for her and the rest of your family. And if they don't realize now how much stress you deal with from your MIL and other family members, I hope and pray that they each have a "lightbulb moment" and it all some day makes sense.

Our girls worshipped their grandma (my MIL) but that changed when they finally saw what she had put me through for so many years. She was still their grandma, and they still loved her, but they gained an understanding of how she could sometimes be. Same with Den...it took nearly 30 years of marriage to me before he came to grips with the manipulating, controlling, not very nice person his mama was. So, please don't beat yourself up when it feels like you disappoint the ones you love...life is hard. And with these stupid diseases/syndromes...we hardly stand a chance.

Well, I don't think Lindsey was or is involved with anything quite so "out there" as cooking and eating placenta (I have heard of other strange things such as you have described, too...I think planting the fruit tree is pretty neat, actually) but I just don't trust the woman who has become her mentor. I don't believe she is as "spiritual" as she claims to be and I think her "counseling", etc. is just a way to attract followers and provide herself with an income. Lindsey knows how I feel, but she also knows that my love for her is greater than my "not love" :rolleyes: for this other woman. Suffice it to say, neither Den nor I will be contributing (financially or otherwise) to anything this gal is involved in or talks our kids into. Sometimes, as much as we love them, our children have to learn the lessons they are meant to learn...and we (sometimes) have to just stand by and be there to pick them back up when all is said and done.

Listen to me, sounding like I have it all together as a mom, lol! If people (our kids included) only knew how many tears I've shed and sleepless nights I've endured because of worrying about each of our girls (thankfully, not both at the same time, if I remember correctly.)

Anyway...let's talk about my big accomplishment for the day, lol! The grandkids want to make giant gingerbread men while we read the book or books (I have four or five different versions, lol!) I've had this pan that makes a 14 inch tall cookie, but had never actually tried to bake any...but tonight I mixed up the dough and baked one gingerbread man in the pan, then rolled out and cut several smaller versions of gingerbread "people." Was doing great until one of the cooling racks collapsed and a couple of them fell on the floor...pretty tough cookies, though :p...only slightly cracked, but gave me an excuse to do a taste test.

They don't taste like anything spectacular, but with some royal icing they might be okay (I need to experiment with that, too...I must not have been any fun when our girls were growing up; we hardly ever made cut out cookies :() Will freeze this first attempt, and will make another batch when the kids get here. At least if we goof (lots of hands make lots of opportunities to drop, break body parts off, etc) we'll have a few pre-made ones to fall back on. At least, even if I messed up as a mom, I can redeem myself as a grandma, lol...

I'd better get to bed...just saw that you had posted and wanted to say "Hi"...I see myself in you (me, so many years ago...you, in your current season) and my heart just goes out to you. Hang in there, and know that you are doing your very best...and that. is. enough.



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Hi Kids

Gordon's brother is getting ready to go to work even as I'm typing. I'm not too fond of him
as you know, but I felt sorry for the poor guy last week. He regularly gets up at 2 AM so
he can be at work at 3 AM. The Whole Foods where he works is on the other side of LA,
but he can get there pretty quickly. Not much traffic. Anyhoo last week he had to report
to work some days at 6:30 PM. This pretty much messed up his sleep schedule. You'd
think they'd give him combat pay or something, but No.

Got an E mail from my cousin who lives in Virginia. His Mom died in Cresco, Iowa after
breaking her hip at a facility for old folks. She was taken to a hospital. Forms she
had previously filled out said she did not want surgery, resuscitation, a coffin or a
funeral. She will be cremated and the ashes buried in a small, rural cemetery near
her (and my) hometown where her parents are are also buried. She was a very sweet lady. Lived in Minnesota, Chicago, Florida, back to her home town in Minn. and finally in Iowa.

Her father was born when when Lincoln was President. Died 3 years before I was born.
Her mother once set the record for the free style hurdle race in that very cemetery. She
and my Mom went out to clip weeds, etc. Granma saw a garter snake, screamed and
ran to the car. According to Mom's account she did it in 12 seconds while jumping over
two tombstones.



Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Woke early and got up but slept on the sofa watching the news. All I can say is that I hope the FBI catches the bomber and I hope and pray no one is injured or killed. I remember in the first Superman movie when he said he had come to help us because humans have such a great capacity for evil but also a great capacity for good. I am always convinced that good will win out in the end.

I was disappointed that my energy didn't pick up during the full moon. It usually does. The first night, I was sitting on the sofa and looked out through the sliders. The full moon was sitting above some silver tipped clouds and it was peering in through the glass. Sooo beautiful! We will have cooler weather for Halloween and I'm grateful for that. When I was at Target, I found some googly eyes with adhesive on the back. Gonna put them on the window where I leave the little boys' treats at the end of the building. They have a sign on their front door which reads, Enter if you dare. Cracked me up. I saved $15 at Traget with my coupons and their sales and gift cards for buying certain items. Successful trip!

Julie, some of those are the same stretches I did. One I found on You Tube which even my therapist didn't know about. It was to sit on the floor with knees bent and out and the soles of my feet together and as close to my body as possible. I took a hold of my feet and pulled my chest down as close to them as I could. I held the pose and each time I exhaled, I pulled myself closer. It is the best stretch for the lower back that I've come across. The therapist couldn't do it very well but agreed it was excellent and was going to have his patients do it. The PT on You Tube is done by a therapist and a doctor. Of course, one shouldn't do them without checking first. I hope the PT helps you. Do you have a lot of inflammation that is sore to the touch? I have a lot in my legs. Noticed my sciatica has been bad the last couple of days. It calms down and then rears its ugly head. As always, that's a sweet pic. Keira's earrings look so nice on her. Miley has such a cute smile. I was the 'cookie mom' in the neighborhood when the girls were small. We had cookie parties with their friends at our house and the kids cut out and decorated cookies. I still have a big cookie cutter collection. Gonna ask if the kids want them. Just sent up a little prayer for Lindsay to protect her. Again, hope the PT helps you.

Star, soooo good to see you here. Glad you got the phone to work again. I could never use mine for posting. It's all I can do to send texts with it. I don't do too well with the tiny keyboard. Actually, I often don't do too well with a full size keyboard. o_O Good grief, I just inserted this emoji and everything disappeared. Thank goodness I had saved it. Just par for the course on this laptop. Doh!!! Putting in a drip or misting system is a big job even for the experts. You are gonna have one top of the line garden/greenhouse when you are done. Good for you. Sorry things went awry for DD's shopping trip. I have a horrible time getting it together to shop even just for me alone. I'm glad you liked the movie. I am going to watch it and hope it's as good as the book. What I learned from the book is really helping me to cope and to interact with others. Such a strange story and yet, it rings true when it comes to God's love for us. Hope you can drop in more often and that you feel better.

Sun, I had hoped you would be feeling better. The military is teaching their people to lie quietly and relax their heads, including their tongues. Then they move down the body making sure everything is relaxed. Then, they envision that they are lying on the bottom of a canoe on the water and looking up at the stars. For some reason, this helps them sleep when they are having problems. I've tried it and usually only get my head relaxed when I fall asleep again. I hope the PT is helping Paula. Somehow, 30 percent doesn't sound too bad to me but it all depends on whether the atty. is good. We have ads which run here all the time for some atty. service called, Ask Gary. It's a referral service. Don't think I'd call them. Hope I never have to call anyone. It wouldn't take much to total my old car but it's like new with only 42,000 miles on it. I am so careful when I drive. Can't imagine sewing tiny clothes but I know whatever you make will be special. Rest and feel better. I'm gonna do the same.

Rock, just a thought...I'm assuming that there are Whole Food markets all over LA. Isn't there one closer where Gordon's bro could work? Driving in traffic to get there at that time must be a nightmare. Sorry to hear about your cousin's mother. I lived in dread that my Mom would break her hip which is often fatal for frail elderly people. She had poor balance and I'd see her walking on the lumpy lawn teetering back and forth. Finally convinced her to go to physical therapy and use sidewalks. I've never heard of tombstone hurdles in a cemetery but it sounds as though it could be an Olympic event. I ran a bit of track in HS but never ran the hurdles. I don't think they had girls' hurdle races. I decided to try it at practice and it was fun despite the fear it could alter one's sex life permanently. Seems to me it's just tempting fate.

OK, I'm off to read the virtual newspaper. Hope all y'all have a happy and healthy day.

Love, Mikie

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Julie: Thanks for taking the time to give each stretch. I do some of them and am reminded to do others. The one on the floor, knee bent with other foot on top of knee is basically what I do sitting in a chair. It's a great stretch for the sciatic. Also almost everyone down the line is going to have stenosis....a narrowing of the spinal channel. Those stretches are a MUST to help keep the spine open.

Mikie: I keep forgetting to tell you, because of you I've subscribed for the LATimes delivered every morning in my email box.

Star: So good to see you and read all about your life goings on. I was hoping you would read about Julie's stretches as I think they could also help you.

Rock: Great workout....jumping over tombstones. My grandfather was born during the civil war, married my grandmother (second wife) when he was in his 50s and she was 13. She bore 13 children, my dad was the youngest, born in 1915. Poor lady, died from mouth cancer from ill fitting dentures. WE sure have come a long way medically.

I spent most of the day working on TWO dresses....whew, but hey, I'm a designer and I wanted them to really appeal to my DGS and also be easy to dress and remove. The little one, Mia, is only 2, but she wants to play Barbies too, so I made them in mind for her too.

I'm going to the urologist this morning....troubles down there. *&^%$#@. This old body isn't cooperating.

Thought this was interesting. This is my son's house in Portland....a Sears mail order house.



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Good afternoon, everyone!!

PHEW! I've finally caught up!

So, I had a DREADFUL (short) week at work just before retreat. Not only was I still recovering from my cold - which fortunately only got bad enough to be annoying - but lots of things went sideways during upgrades, and I was busy as all get out fixing some of them, balancing 4 different contractors fixing other things, and smoothing the ruffled feathers of the users. It was bad enough that I thought I was going to have to cancel my vacation. In fact, the night before I was supposed to leave, I got another report of a problem, and was up until after midnight fixing it. All in all, I was most definitely not in "my happy place."

As for retreat, it was a really great time. I got a queen sized quilt top pieced for my nephew, and a nice table-topper for my mom. I also got a good chunk of a Kids Komfort quilt pieced. Then there's a quilter who does fantastic long-arm quilting for many people in the guild, and I've been in awe of her since I joined, and maybe even a little intimidated. But I was able to give her some information she didn't have, and able to show her a design program I use that she didn't know about. It felt good to be able to help her.

Mikie - This is going back a bit, but you're the only other person I know who calls an umbrella a bumbershoot! People look at me like I have three heads when I call it that. I also tried hurdles in track in high school. By the time I ran track, they did have girls hurdles as an event. It was when I discovered my mixed dominance. I'm (mostly) right handed, but my left leg is dominant. I learned that relaxation technique in a yoga class in high school, and I use it to help me relax at night almost every night. There've been nights I never got past my eyes before I got to sleep and other nights it takes much longer. I store a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders.

Speaking of neck and shoulders, the guild actually brought in a massage therapist that you could go to during retreat. She told me about a device called a theracane. I ordered one from Amazon and it is the coolest thing. I have a muscle in my back that I tore many years ago and it always knots up, and I can use this thing to work on massaging the knot myself (DH is sadly not good at that...)

Star - "What happens in the bunker stays in the bunker" - haha!!! Yes, that has happened for a number of things over the years. I was also giggling at you not wanting me looking over your shoulder trying to figure out the settings on your phone. I'm glad you got them sorted so that you could post. Leg pain is status-quo for me.

Julie - Nice picture of your grandkids! You're right, parents are usually pleased no matter how bad the performance. I'm glad you got to go to Kiera's concert. I just heard a report that there's a place that is taking 4-year olds to a retirement home and it has been a fantastic thing. The residents try harder to move around and engage, and it's a totally non-judgmental interaction, because the kids don't care if the residents go off into a fantasy land - they just go right along! I hope the PT helps. Can I come over for a cookie?

Rock - That has got to be hard on lump-lump. Changing sleep schedules that drastically is physically draining and can have nasty health consequences. Not to mention the safety issues of being sleepy at the wrong times! You continue to be a font of knowledge. My DS is like that. In fact, in 8th grade, he got the "Alex Trebek know-it-all award" from his teacher. He's still that way. Pretty much anything you start a conversation about, he's likely to know something, and usually more than just a little bit. Tell Barry I said Hi and to drink a cup of tea with me (virtually).

Granni - Funny you mentioning "likes" - I use it to keep track of what posts I've read! I hope you get your medication for your rash soon and that it helps. It's sad that doctors don't get to spend more time with their patients to fully answer their questions. It is nice to do a concert and be appreciated for it. We're preparing for our annual "Open Door Pantry" benefit concert that we participate in. Then it's getting ready for our Messiah sing-along concert. When we did that last year, we had our biggest attendance at any concert ever.

Speaking of, I mentioned before that our director announced that he is stepping down at the end of this season from his post as the conductor of the orchestra. He is going to remain as our choir director as long as he can, but he was given only a year to live based on his cancer diagnosis. They told him that his only hope was immunotherapy, which he is currently undergoing. He said that so far, it seems to be helping, as he has more energy and strength than he's had for months. I pray that it remains so.

Spring - It's sad to think of your denuded garden. But I hope it can grow back in a controlled fashion. I'm glad you're taking it easy through the festival.

Sun - I see you've posted while I'm typing. Kudos to you making such tiny doll clothes. I learned to sew making doll clothes when I was 8. My mom refused to make such small things (and they weren't even Barbie dolls - they were full-sized baby dolls), so she taught me to sew. I don't do a lot of garment sewing anymore, but quilted garments are coming into fashion (and cost mega-buck$ for some of them) so I may turn my hand to it again! Yes, you used to be able to order anything from Sears - including an entire house. Sad that they went out of business.

Well, I think that's everyone - I hope. If I've left anyone out, I'm sorry. Gotta get back to work. Hugz to all.



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Hi Dear Ones,

I have been trying to read all the posts and think I have read mosts. It has been so busy around here and I have become so distracted it has been hard t post. The past few days my DD that has been trying to sell her home and move close to this area has been trying to do what they can to get their house sold. It had looked for awhile they might come to an agreement. However they couldn;t at the end and their realtor said it looked like they were trying to milk it to much for more free stuff. However, it turns out my DSIL dug in his heels and didn't want to go any higher, not that it was that much. The potential buyer wanted the kids to also pay the closing cost plus the refrigerator and not sure what else. This certainly will be a learning experience for them both. This is their first home they are selling. They had rented before that. We are going over to DD's ( almost next door) to watch the game and have dinner when DSIL comes home from work. He is staying with them during the week and then goes back on Friday after work and then goes back on Sunday for work again on Monday.

So many things going on it seems . Our dear pianist who has had Ca for 15 yrs plus passed away early this week. It is so sad and she was such a dear and positive person and always thinking of others. Not sure what will be happening with her body and if she will be buried or where, We have been asked to sing at her memorial service on Sat. Some are bringing food to her home from our group. Not up to cooking much but will be glad to sing for the family. We will sing THE ROSE, she loved it and her middle name was Rose just like mine. Our directors name is also ROSE> That is such a pretty name. It was also my maternal Grandmother's and my aunts name in CZECH is RUZENA. She also had a two year old granddaughter, Taylor Rose. So sad for the family and losing such a wonderful mom/grandma, etc. Will give the director some $ towards the beautiful flowers and roses she bought, from us.

It has been so busy lately with t hings going on at night due to getting ready for the dedication of the new church. DH had a meeting last night and has another saturday and I had one last night

It seems like I cannot think of what else to say right now. You all posted such nice posts I don;t know where to start. I seem to be so out of the loop when I can't gt there daily to catch up on any news.

SPRING WATER - I did get the Triaminolone cream in a big jar but not sure how I will get it all over where it is supposed to go. Did put some on hands legs, and feel and a little on my neck area in the back where it is very itchy. Also I j had some more insomnia last night even though I did sleep some. Wondering if it is from the cream I put on before bedtime. I am supposed to do it morning and night. Wondering if I should try and put the second dose later in the day but not to close to bedtime to see if that would help or not, Not even sure if it was the cream . It could also be that I have had so very much on my mind lately.

SUN - What a cute home your son lives in that was or could be bought from Sears. I am sure it was not the same prie though as in that early calendar. Yes, I am very sad Sears has closed . I loved it and used to get some much fro there esp clothes for the kiddos when they were younger but also other things too. I will miss them. We do have KENMORE microwave and oven but I know that other makers make stuff for them too. Hope you are feeling better and the stretches help you. I know I need to do mine more regularly.

JULIE - I agree with so much of what you said today on so many things and yes the kids need to learn on their own even if they are all grown up with their own kids.. Also thank you so much for the info on the stretches. I have done some of then but need to concentrate and do them more and copy them down again. Great picture of your grandkids. They are growing up so fast. Yes, those cookies sound yummy and fun to make. I never did that much cutting out cookies for the holidays. My mom used to but not gingerbread men if so they were gingerbread sugar cookies. I mostly made chocolate chip cookies for DH and the kids which I loved so much coming out of the oven. I could use one about now but to lazy to do anything.

DUCKIE - Sorry to hear about your choir director and his awful diagnosis. That sounds like our situation a couple of years ago and it is so hard not only for his or her family but for all in the choir/orchestra, etc that they are involved with and all the participants. We are now working with a lovely new director who has been directing school choirs in the area for years and also getting many ready for regional and state competitions. She has a much different style than our old one but in also many ways similar when the focus is still on MUSIC and perfecting the sound. Sorry you had a bad week before your retreat. Glad you enjoyed the retreat, I think that is what you said. My brain is so awful lately. Hard to concentrate with so much on my mind.

MIKIE - We also used to call the umbrella bumbershoot , sometimes when we lived in NY many years ago. Yes, now no one knows what that means. At least here, Sorry your NRG has not picked up during the full moon. I guess it is the times and the area of where you live. That is a very old term though however.. My mom and dad used to use that term alot.

ROCK - Hope all is well and that Gordon is doing well too.I forget what happened with is doctor visit.etc.

STAR - So glad you came to visit. What is or was your DS;s problem that he had to use the cream too? Was it a steroid cream> Guessing this is used for lots of things even when are not even sure what is going on. with the body. Sorry I have to run for now !!

Love to everydobby,
Granni :)