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Porch # 1097 is now CLOSED 28 th October 2018


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hey all

with autumn distinctly making its appearance, thought the above red and gold would make an apt picture to open out this porch.

pls go see the flurry of posts at end of last porch. Star dropped in, and Sun etc.

its definitely chilly now. theres a bite when one wakes up in the morning. and im having to add an extra blankie. i also made buffaloe mince broth last evening. it was from a Betty Crocker second hand cook book which is falling apart at the seams as well as middle. but it was given as Beef stew. there are no buffaloe meat recipes,

and i anyhows had to make it up myself as i went along because i had no red wine. nor did i mix flour. i just boiled everything, meat, carrots, potato, big green peppers, onions, tomato added a little butter, and pepper and let simmer.

Star - with so many animals to look after , garden projects, and your sometimes debilitating health issues and no proper helping hands, how, just how is your house supposed to look all nice and neat and clean? its difficult enough dealing with normal housekeeping. the kids too need to do their share but i know they too can get too busy with schoolwork and all and then feel tired to help.

anyways, im sure if DD wants to bring her friends around, she can just give a days notice, and everyone can pitch in and tidy clean decorate. that way, she gets to not feel like her friends arent coming and you get to feel like you entertained her pals. of course, it would have to be when you are not in a flare.

anyways, its easier if she lets her friends know you dont keep well all the time so not to mind if its not all always spick n span and prettied up. all my DDs friends know this. and my DS s friends till 1oth grade because we used to have them over and i would give a big lunch or dinner too. now they know if the kids avoid bringing them over, its for a reason.

sun - i think its the equation one has with people, the extent we miss them, when theyre gone. i kinda got used to my father and mother not being there, but i terribly feel the loss of my dear brother. because he used to be there for any time i needed him or not, and he was very into life, kept up with relatives, brought news about this cousin, that uncle. its not like i cant function he isnt there, but a kind of spark has gone out of the fabric of my life. im still keenly aware of the emptiness. and this, while having my DH, D kids with me.

my DB was so into life, he was at my place, walking and bringing me a present of warm furry slippers which he shopped for while battling his disease and four days later, he was gone.

mikie - what can anyone say? about the man sending pipe bombs in an effort to ‘help’ his party. something like this was waiting to happen. and it did. imagine if they burst and hurt someone on the street. someone driving. just taking kids to school. someone walking on the street. a bread earner. a mum, a dad.
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Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

I'm up early and the cold front has brought cooler temps. It's only 64 degrees out right now but will reach 80 by noon. Tomorrow morning, it will be in the 50's. Finally! Fall has hit the jungle. I have CNN on to catch the news. There was no new SNL to watch On Demand. Nothing much on night and weekend days now except pro and college football. Day was I liked watching pro ball but just don't care for sports much now. There's a cute ad for paper towels where a kid is eating with chopsticks when he drops a slippery dumpling and it slides across the table and into the mouth of his waiting bulldog. Almost as cute as the Vengeful Vermin ad with the squirrels. Only a marketing major would prefer the ads to the content.

Spring, thanks so much for starting us up with such a cheerful fall pic. When the kids were small, we would use squash and gourds to decorate in the fall. We always got a turban squash and would eventually cook it with butter and brown sugar. Mmmm! I'm sorry you miss your DB so much. He sounds like a wonderful person. I miss my Mom too and it's been 16 years. The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that I'll see her again. Also, I know she is here with us in spirit. DD sent a package of small gifts to me and, when I opened it, there was a small fluffy gray feather in it from Mom. DD didn't put it in there. Mom sends me white feathers but DD asked her to send gray feathers once and now, Mom sends her gray feathers. We are used to Mom and her feathers but they never fail to amaze us just the same.

There was just a mass shooting in a synagogue in Pittsburg, PA. One thing all these violent attacks have in common is someone motivated by hatred and radicalized by others, usually online. The internet is a God send to so many of us but it can be used for evil too. It isn't just here; hate groups are getting emboldened all over the world. We need a lot of love and a lot of prayer to overcome this evil. Thanks again for starting the new Porch.

Star, I know the feeling of loneliness even when not alone. I almost always felt lonely in my marriage in the later years. I live alone now and am almost never lonely. I think it's worse when we love someone and have the expectation that he will try to understand us and help us as we make our way together in the world only to have him be emotionally aloof. It broke my heart every day. My life may not be ideal but it's better without him and suits me now that I'm not well. My experience may not be the same as someone else's but it does allow me to understand that loneliness that you describe. I'm glad we have our family here where everyone understands just what we go through. You are amazing; designing an irrigation system like that isn't easy. BTW, if your house is going through a redo, it isn't going to be perfect and if DD is embarrassed because it needs a bit of cleaning up, she can help with the cleaning. Kids that age usually aren't reasonable so try not to let it get to you. My girls apologize to me all the time for how they acted when growing up. It makes me laugh.

The real honest to goodness newspaper is waiting for me. I'll check back in later. Hope all y'all are having a great weekend.

Love, Mikie



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Hi Kids

And a gracious good morning to you all from me and Lily Tomlin. If they remade The
Wizard of Oz, I think Lily would have made a good replacement for Margaret Hamilton.
Whaddya think?

Like most of us, don't gots much NRG. Will be brief. I used to write briefs. Now I am
one. I bet Joan Rivers to could think of five jokes on this subject in less than five
minutes. Don't know where she is, but I bet she's "Still Talking". (One of her
book titles.)

Spring, thanks for opening up. Nice pic. When I got here the pic was small. Now
it has blossomed into the size of a steno notebook. You have posted this beauty before,
yes? What kind of a buffalo were you cooking in the instapot? An Asian buffalo?
Pic below. Gordon used to have an old cookbook that had lost both its covers. It
had instructions for cooking wild game: squirrels, buffalo, possum, beaver, bear, etc.

I wonder if you could cook buffal0 in an instapot. I read the instapot has now
surpassed the former best selling fad appliance. The Salad Shooter. Manufactured,
I believe, by the same folks what make the Glock.

Mikie, I am constantly amazed at how our world has changed in my lifetime. Mostly
for the worse, I think. Not sure if I posted this little anecdote or not. Anyhoo, as
I have mentioned once or 50 times, the house is full of fans. Some of the go all
day even if nobody is in the room. Or even in the house. I guess the one in the living
room is getting old and creaky. Was making funny noises the other night as it
oscillated. "Is it the fan making that noise," I asked. Gordon said, "Yeah. Didn't you
know? When it was younger it played two years with Lawrence Welk."

Going back to bed. Rock


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Hi, Kids,

Just got back from a short trip to Publix and am beat. Had planned to clean in here but, if I don't get more NRG than I have now, that ain't happenin'.

Rock, the only joke I know about lawyers is that they do it without briefs. Now that's a brief joke. PBS had a show on the lost landmarks in LA. I didn't know there was an underground metro system now defunct. All I could think of is what happens when the old concrete breaks down and the tunnels collapse. Yikes! The show featured the Angel's Flight funicular. I'm glad they kept it even if it was moved. I saw some movie in which it figured prominently but can't remember the film. There used to be one on Catalina Island. I'd love time travel and be able to go back to LA in the 40's. Same with traveling to Miami and Havana in the 50's. This should be a golden era but we can't seem to stop screwing it up. Whine, whine, whine!

I think I may have figured out why your posts seem to disappear. If you use the back button to go bath and forth, it's like you were never there. If you refresh the page, voila!, the post reappears as if by magic.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Kids

Took me three tries to sign in here. Yesterday Youtube wouldn't let me watch any videos.
Maybe I'll have to start a protest group and march on some freeway. Here in LA that
would be a pretty good way to get run over.

Mikie, I checked with the American Bar Association. The official word is that the joke is
"Lawyers do it in their briefs". But your version seems more probable, so we should use
that one if we want probable cause.

I love most documentaries. There was a radio TV personality here years ago named
Ralph Story who made lots of home movies of LA. They show them here
when the PBS station is doing a fund drive. For those who don't want to wait, the films can also be viewedat a UCLA Library. It is BTW the world's shortest RR. Only goes about a block. One site said it goes straight up and down. Like the Washington Monument? Obviously it goes at a slant. Pic below.

Gordon and I have ridden on Angels' Flight. The price of a ride has risen to a dollar now.
I think it was probably a nickle originally (1901). I read a detective story a few years ago
where a body was found in one of the two cars. Wikipedia says the little train has appeared
in numerous books over the years.

As for refreshing the page, I have never been able to do it although you have suggested
it a couple times. Nothing seems to happen when I click on the little revolving circle.

Read a book about WWII yesterday. It weighed 4 pounds. About as much as two
Colt 45s. I read recently the military is switching to the Glock. Maybe someday we
will have peace in the world and the military will beat their glocks into glockenspiels.

Hugs to all and to all a good hug, Rock



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Rock: We loved Ralph Story at our house when growing up....every friday night. Such interesting places he went to visit. Huell Howser then kinda took over. I liked him for a long time, then his "folksy" way of talking to people kinda got to me. But he's still a staple on PBS. Did you read the entire 4 lbs of book? I'm lucky if I read 5 pages at night before bed. I would be lost if it wasn't for books on CD or movies made from books.

My DIL works on the Watts Tower renovation right now. Never been there myself. I tried to pull up the website but it kept kicking me out. The guy who made this "creation" used all kinds of donated tile, shells, pieces of glass, etc. I heard it's in a very bad part of town too, right in the middle of houses.

Mikie: That poor neighbor. Is she the one whose sister came in to help take care of her? Nothing can be done to drag someone out of their alcoholic style of life, except prayer. Do you know her background? I was talking to a young woman the other day. She was collecting $ to help support 1/2 way houses. I asked her what brought her to the point of hard drugs and alcohol. So she told me how she had been raised with an alcoholic father, went on to be friends with the wrong people, etc. She's now been sober for over 3 years. I found her to be a very powerful person for God but it's an ongoing battle for her.

Star: I agree with everyone......let your DD help with the house so she can bring her friends over. I'm sorry....I know it hurt your feelings. The family just doesn't get it!

Spring: You obviously had a very close relationship with your DB. I'm sorry you lost him.

Julie: When is the family coming? I must have missed that. Is David running again?

I went for a walk this morning and stopped to talk to a neighbor behind me. She is having MAJOR renovations done on her house....basically it was gutted and she's having everything new put in. So she took me on a tour of it. It's going to be very nice once it's finished, but I think she's probably put at least $300 thousand plus in it. She was the original owner, having bought it for less than $100 thousand. Told me it's supposed to be finished by Christmas. By the way, she's a widow in her mid 80s.


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Dear Ones,

Sorry it is almost time for fixing dinner again so no time to chat really. I have been on the computer doing some things and trying to order some stuff for Christmas. Didn;t get a lot done and something screwed up with the magazine I was trying to send to DD for one of her Christmas presents. She is like you very crafty and so she got the Real Simple Magazine. Me not so much.. If things don't change I will be stuck with it. I did click her address but they said it was to late to cancel. Sent them a message with her real address and will see if it helped.

JULIE - When do the kiddos come. Busy busy all the time. Hope you are feeling without so much pain and your eye doing OK. I have been so absent lately I don;t know what is going on.. It would be nice if Davids mom could come up with them too.

Getting later and I have to get cooking of finishing up this dinner. The sweet Pot is cooking in the oven. DH is doing a steak on the grill. I need to finish the zucchini. Anyone have a good recipe for zucchini in the oven. I usually do it in the microwave with onions and tomatoes. Not sure this time.

Thinking of you all. Hugz to everydobby. ROCk, STAR, SW, DUCKIE et al,

MIKIE - you wear me out too with all your cleaning. Tomorrow will be our doing some more weeding since the rain has stopped. I hurt when I do notihng - yuck !!

Love you all,
Granni :)


Good Monday Morning, Kids,

It's only 54 out this morning but will reach the very low 80's by noon. Yesterday was so lovely, in the 70's much of the day with balmy breezes. I opened the front door, the sliding doors and the kitchen window to air out the condo. Very good to get some fresh air in here. Of course, the A/C circulates filtered air and that is fresh but nothing beats clean outside air.

I'll be getting in the shower and going to the mgmt. office to deliver my neighbor's late payments. I'll look to see whether she took in the Gatorade I left on the doorknob. She wouldn't or couldn't come to the door. If it's still there, I'll call another neighbor who is trying to help her. I don't see how she can continue like this due to the liver damage. I need to talk with our mgr. to find out what we need to do in case she dies. I hate to think about that but I have to.

Rock, good to know we have a tasteful choice when making jokes. I like the idea of beating Glocks into Glockenspiels. It's too bad we need such weapons. Guns are so much fun to fire into targets and not people. The synagogue shooter posted a pic of three of his Glocks online. Seems he had a number of weapons. Irony is that the nurse caring for him is Jewish. I've never weighed a book or, in this case, a tome. Can't tell anyway because all my books are on the Kindle. Because I enlarge the type, I don't even know how many pages each one contains. I get a pretty good idea because it tells me the percent I've read. I guess everything I read on the Kindle is a little light reading.

Sun, yes, this is the same woman whose sister tried to help her. The sister had a stroke and eventually died. Now the sister's daughter is the only family left. My neighbor's husband died; they had no children. She was once raped and thought the guy was going to kill her. I don't know the details because it was so traumatic for her to talk about. She's had a rough time. Problem is that she always thinks she can get sober and stay that way on her own. All it takes is some problem and she's back drinking with the other alcoholic neighbor. It's heart wrenching to witness it. That's a lot of $$ to put into a house for someone who is in her 80's. It's nice she will be able to enjoy it and know it will sell or be nice to pass on when she is no longer living there. These condos aren't worth spending a lot on but residents are redoing baths and kitchens. I've brought mine up to date without spending a fortune on it. All my money lately has gone into redoing the cat.

Granni, I just hit the enter key and lost my whole paragraph to you. Damned computer. Just wanted to say that I also screwed up my magazine order and now, DD gets one copy and I get two. I give one away to Claudia. I don't do that much cleaning by normals' stds. but it's evidently a lot for me in this decrepit condition. I usually have to rest a day after cleaning something like the lanai. I also hurt when I do nothing but hurt when I do something. I hurt all the time. Grrr! Don't overdo it with the weeding.

Gotta go get into the shower. Hope that helps with the sinus headache I got up with. Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie



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Morning, Folks

Just finished folding and putting away the laundry. I'm so glad the days of the scrub board
and the clothes line are gone. Well, the clothes line was OK on pleasant days, but in a Minnesota winter it was often horrendous. The clothes were often stiff when we brought
them in. Then we hung them on racks to thaw out and dry. Uff-da. When I was a teen
there were two winters in a row where we had diapers to contend with. More Uff-da.

Mikie, thank you for enlightening me about Kindle. I as thinking about getting one.
Would like to try it first though. Wonder if I could at Best Buy. They should have a
slogan: Give it a try; come to Best Buy. BTW, although redoing the cat is not a pun,
it's both funny and clever. You deserve an award. Remember when Lucy wore the
Loving cup on her head?

Granni, zucchini, onions and tomatoes sound good. Call it Granni's delight or
some such. Hope you can get the magazine to the right place. Is it a subscription?
When I was a kid I had subscriptions to comic books. A buck for 12 issues!

Sun, I always like Ralph Story and his programs. I have a vague memory of a film of
his being shown at Hurst Castle in the theater there. Or maybe not. As for Huel, I
thought he was the laziest man on TV. He never knew anything about what he was
reporting on, and he never asked any questions that would elicit answers. I saw one
of his short films on a gold mine. Never asked when it was discovered, when
it closed, who owns it now, are there any future plans, etc. I can't imagine how he
kept his job. Musta been born lucky. I was born free, but not lucky.

Spring, do you have the turban squash in Kathmandu? Don't think I have, but I
assume it's a kind of a hat. Probably would look nice with a sari. Any dogs on the
roof lately? What are the kids up to?

Hugs to absent friends



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Hi all. It's a gorgeous autumn morning, a little crisp but apparently heading up to 80s. The parrots just made their morning fly by. Some days they roost in the eucalyptus tree across the street, then all of a sudden they take off, squawking loudly, bright green wings flashing.....love it. Lately there are about 40 in this gathering.

Mikie: Her sister died???? Wasn't that about 4 mos. ago that she came to help her sister. OMG Poor lady, never could get over the rape so she turned to alcohol to forget. I feel so bad for her wasted life. We only get one. I for one just don't want to waste mine anymore.

Rock:. About Huell, for a short while he used to be a guest person on a local radio show I used to listen to, Lohman and Barkley. Don't know how he got that gig because Lohman obviously didn't like him and would continually poke fun at him while he was on the show.

Update after checking with my gardener:

I painted for about 3 hrs. Yesterday, trying to finish up some oil paintings I had started and then left. It's a good feeling when you see things completed. What am I going to do with them? Put them in a closet and forget about them. I'm an artist and just have to paint, period. It takes a lot of WORK to get your paintings in galleries, and to sell, etc. I don't have the energy or drive for that anymore.

Here's a cute joke I heard today for us aging folks.

There were 3 elderly sisters who lived together, ages 96,94, and 92. The 96 went upstairs to take a bath, filled the tub and stuck her foot in then stopped. Yelled out.....did I take a bath or am I done? The 94 answered, wait a minute and I'll come up. Half way up she stopped and yelled, am I going up or coming down the stairs? The 92 year old who was sitting at the kitchen table, mumbled to herself while she knocked on wood, I'm glad I'm not like those two. Then said, wait a minute, I'll be up after I see whose knocking at the door.
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Good morning everyone!

My DM is having her second cataract surgery this morning. The first one went very well, in case I never mentioned it. She went from 20/200 to 20/25 vision in that eye. If she didn't still have reasonably good vision in the other eye, she would have been legally blind. She hadn't realized it was that bad. My DB is taking her and will stay with her until tomorrow.

I must not be entirely out of my funk because I haven't been able to stir myself to work on anything.

We had a chilly weekend with lots of drizzle, and yesterday afternoon we had some really strong winds. Today is sunny and will have a high near 60. Unfortunately, it looks like rain for Halloween.

This weekend was the wedding of one of my DD's best friends through most of her school. My DD was one of the wedding party. It was a nice, small wedding. The groom was very nervous...when the pastor asked the groom to repeat the vows, the groom started out repeating them while looking at the pastor, so the pastor had to remind the groom to look at the bride!

Anyway, not much time to post anything else. Hugz to everybody!



Hi, Kids,

Got my shower and took my neighbor's payments to the mgmt. co. Our manager looked her up and found there is a trust for her property. That will make it a lot easier if she dies. I stopped at Publix and got just a few things. I think the stones are getting larger. There is a bit of pain and I feel nauseated some of the time. I imagine they will need to be blasted. I'm checking for evidence of blood in my urine. You can't actually see it but the proteins in it make the pee foamy. I bought some dark purple Moon Drop grapes. They are certainly weird looking. A guy behind me in line said they are really good. They aren't great and I wish I had bought regular red grapes instead. Bah! Sour grapes!!!

Rock, I appreciate you kind award. A pun just came to me. I spent all my money getting the cat re-fur-bished. Now, he's purr-fect. I would imagine they have some Kindles at BB which have a simulated screen or even a real one. It's not much different than reading text on the computer screen. You can change the type size. Mine is an older one and does more than some of them. There are new ones which are lighter weight. Yes, the turban squash was named because of its shape. They are beautiful with all kinds of design variations. Here a pic of one.


Sun, as best I can remember, my neighbor's last binge was in Jan. Her sister came over and was trying to help. The niece took care of all her financial issues and they paid to have her condo cleaned. Then, shortly after that, the sister had a stroke from which she evidently didn't recover. The sister had just lost her husband when she had the stroke. These women have had a really hard time. I don't feel as though I've wasted my life because I was so fortunately before I got sick to be able to do so many things. I have great kids but hate not seeing them as much as I'd like. I've been pretty down and out lately with my health but I take advantage of it to read, do puzzles and watch TV. Some might see that as a waste but it's all I have NRG for most of the time right now. I wouldn't see either of our lives as a waste. Wish we both had the NRG to do the things we'd like to do now. I don't see my neighbor's life as a waste. She's sick too and her challenges have been so great. Someday, we will get the answers to why these things happen. In the meantime, we all just have to hang together and pray for each other.

Duckie, sorry you're not up to snuff right now. We are having beautiful weather but it will get hot again. I've been a bit down from not having felt well for so long and the weekend news was horrific. So glad your Mom's surgery went so well and am praying this one does too. She's lucky to have you and your DB to help. I am smiling reading about the wedding. I hope the groom and pastor will be happy together. I was a nervous wreck when I got married. Yikes! Hope you can stop back in and hope you are feeling better. This is the best place to be because all our little Porch Family are pulling for you.

I hope all y'all are having a good start to the week. If not, I hope and pray things improve.

Love, Mikie



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Morning Kids

Woke up this morning. After I'd been up for a brief period I turned on the computer and discovered it was not morning. It was 11:3o PM last night. My internal clock has apparently turned into a sundial. No workee at night.

Nice pic of the squash, Mikie. Reminds me of Turhan Bey, the actor who looked much
like Clark Gable. He made dozens of movies for various studios, mostly back in the 40's.
Kudos for re-fur-bished. I looked up Moon Drop Grapes. They are elongated and
almost black. The sellers claim they are sweeter than other grapes.

Duckie, I hope you feel more like your energetic self soon. Mikie's comment on the
wedding is priceless. Hope Mom's eye surgery goes fine.

Sun, I vaguely remember Lohman and Barkley. They had a morning radio show here
in LA. Used to listen to them on the way to work. They did a parody of a soap opera.
Not the racy kind they now have on TV but the old fashioned radio kind where it
took a whole week for a character to walk across the room.

Cute joke about the old folks. BTW who was it at your door?

Hugs, Granni, Star, Spring and GB.



Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Woke and had to get up about 3:00 a.m. I still got seven hours of sleep. Then, I fell asleep on the sofa for about another hour. Never thought I'd get this tired again all the time. Yesterday, I did get a basket cleaned out where I keep some magazines and books I need to hang on to but which I seldom need to look at. It sits between the living room armoire and the wall and it was quite dusty. I also managed to get a load of laundry done. Today, I'm gonna change the linens on the bed and wash them. Big plans!

Rock, yep, those are the grapes. The ones I bought certainly aren't sweeter than other grapes. They look otherworldly when held up so the grapes hang down. I'm a big fan of fruits and veggies that are weird looking. I really liked the pic you posted of those egg plants that look like eggs. I also like gourds which look as though they are covered with warts. I got an email from Barry and he isn't feeling very well either. He hasn't been able to read our posts so I forwarded his email to tech support to see whether they can help. Says he is able to read them on Richard's computer. I miss him so much.

Early tomorrow morning, I will sneak over to the condo with the little boys and leave some candy and the necklaces that glow in the dark. I got some googly eyes which have adhesive on the back and will stick them to their window so it looks as though creatures are staring out from inside. They are so cute and so much fun.

Claudia and I got the FJ question last night. It was Shakespeare and I was afraid I wouldn't know it. She is busy cleaning because her kids are coming. Still don't know whether mine will or not. I'm feeding her cats because they are going somewhere for one night. SV can be left alone for one night but not all cats can. The only effect it has on him is that it ticks him off. He is lying here next to me with his huge bushy tail draped over the keyboard. Silly cat.

Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie



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Dear Porchies,

Have to rush again and I actually have the computer since DH is at his meeting this morning. However, I do have so many tings to do today. We sing at one of the local Assisted Living places today in the afternoon and then come back and it is time for our Birthday Bash celebrations that we have every few months. Sometimes we put more than one month together. I think we may have one in Dec. and then the next one is February which is DH's B-day month. We just go have some good food and chat , have a drink or two and exchange silly cards usually. We forgot our SIL's bday and that his day was also in November. Getting so busy it is a good thing to get it al done at once with Thanksgiving almost upon us. My desk is also a pile of clutter that needs cleaning and some bills to be paid.

MIKIE - No, your life has not been wasted. You do many things, maybe slowly than others would do them but most things get done eventually. You are like me I think, slow and stead wins the race :)!! You are a thoughtful sweet person and than also counts for a lot, and you do what you can for others, as much as your body would allow..

DUCKIE - Sorry you are still feeling punk but get to feeling MUCH better soon. Have you done anything on your long arm yet since you are been feeling yucky ??

Sorry all I love and miss you all individually. I need to get to the many tasks at hand. If I do not get off here nothing will get done.

Granni :)


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enjoying the balmy weather these days. what a relief from the hot muggy weather of monsoons. its warm enough i could get in a swim or two but im doubting if i can anymore because its gonna get too cold.

its chrysanthemum season here. our wild tiny variety is rambling around. i have a couple of bushes. ive been passing by flower nurseries, we are lucky enough to live near a couple of them and theyre a riot of all kinds of shapes and colours!! when i had a lot of help, we used to have these huge curly headed ones in white, rust and bright yellow.

theres a few bushes of small marigolds too. i love flowers which ramble.

today i made mushroom dumplings. yum. made enoughfor my DH too. but the kids had to do with usual rice, chicken curry and beans. its really time consuming making dumplings.

Rock - i dont know if i posted that autumnal red and gold pic before. i might have, it looks familiar. i love autumn. ours doesnt last too long. two weeks and then it gets cold enough to be called winter. pity because autumn and spring are so pleasant.

i didnt know what you meant by turban squash. what a funny looking plant. looks like something elves and gnomes would plant, or use as furniture. i havent seen them here. i was laughing at your waking up thinking it was morning and discovering it was night.

mikie - you do keep those brain cells working pretty hard playingJeopardy. i stopped working my brain cells in those ways long ago. hmm. i think i ought to do some form of mental exercise. now that i think of it. i looked up moon grapes. they looked like dangling ear rings to me. heh heh. indian women wore a lot of that design in the 60s. with their sarees. i adored them.


im sorry about the alcoholic lady. its not good for anyone living near one. i read a book about a psychic who had an alcoholic father. she would pray for God to break every alcohol bottle that existed when she was a child. i know what she felt. you are a good neighbour. not just a kind one but also a responsible one. and those people living in your building are fortunate to have you living where they are.

sun - i saw your post while i was editing. i think you are one of the strongest persons i know. you have had to contend with so much. regarding relationships, health, and having to worry about your son and his ongoing struggle with alcohol. you dont seem to let your difficult experiences cripple you. you acknowledge them and carry on. if one didnt know any better i think people meeting you would think every single thing in your life was hunky dory.

i do think people need support to stop habits like smoking and drinking. its extremely difficult to do it on ones own.

im happy to hear news about Barry. i hope he feels better soon. im sad he is no longer with us to chat. i also hope Lenny and Romeo and all are well. and that Lenny is keeping his neck warm. i know he isnt much into prayer and all that but i pray for him every single time i pray for all of us here,, which is almost every second day, if not every day. im disheartened when one of us gets ill or has a setback, but i remember all the times ive read prayers are not wasted but are floating around waiting to be realised and i take heart and keep at it and keep at it

granni - nice to see you. i think its so nice that you all have Birthday bash days. more convenient than individual celebrations and alway fun to meet others and catch up. hope your song performance today went well. so nice for the folks at the Assisted Living facility to have your troupe come by.

about liking posts, dont worry. i do those when im not in a tearing hurry. which is seldom these days. the housework just wont get all done!

duckie - i would be nervous being a bride or groom. ive seen videos of grooms fainting. theyre hilarious. i can just imagine all the ribbing they get from their chums later. i hope you come completely out of any funk you may be in, soon.

a shout out to Julie and Star.

god bless
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Mikie: You totally misunderstood what I said about "wasted life". I don't think any of us here live a wasted life. Chronic health problems have hit us but we all do the best we can with what we can that particular day. That neighbor, being sunk in an alcoholic stupor continually, is living a wasted existence. Whatever her problem she had in the past, and having gone thru rape, has made a giant impact on her, but at any time she could have told herself she should/must stop.

When I said I don't want to waste anymore of my life, I mean ME....I have things I need to get done, and I can't keep putting them off.

I had an uncle who was an alcoholic from teenage years, but when he met my aunt who he loved, she laid down the law to him and said he MUST quit otherwise she wouldn't marry him. He did it. Fell off the wagon once that I remember my parents telling me about. Parents had gone to Las Vegas with them, where there were free drinks everywhere and you know what happened. My dad bundled everyone up and got them out of there fast.

My SIL was a secret MJ and alcohol user....even my DD didn't realize it.....until she would find bottles hidden in the garage everywhere. Then he had a solo car crash into a pole, and she told his parents NOT to bring him back to the house. They got him into a 30 day drying out house, and 4 times a day or more he had group sessions, etc. He came out determined and sober and attended AA meeting every morning for over 8 years. I'm very proud of him.

My DS uses MJ and drinks hard liquor daily. He knows alcoholism runs in our family. I pray for him. But he is able to live a very useful life. He's finding that gardening seems to help him. I think it's one day at a time and staying busy so you don't think about drinking.

Rock: I loved Lohman and Barkley. Listened to them every day. I won a contest thru them.....gargled a Glenn Campbell song on the radio. 4 couples and L & B and their wives were taken to the airport and flown to Las Vegas for a Glenn Campbell show. Got to go backstage afterwards and meet with him and have pictures taken. A great memory for me.

Don't feel bad about getting your nights confused. I went to bed at 9:30 and woke around midnight thinking it was almost time to get up.....big surprise when I turned on the light. I really wish I could sleep at least 5 hrs. Undisturbed.

Barry and I exchange emails on gardening. I miss him on this board.

The parrots are here, big time, in the neighbors tree. Such NOISE! It's cool and overcast here this morning.

Spring: I see you popping in while I'm posting. I love chrysyanthums too! To me they mean FALL weather. There is a nursery near pasadena that grows nothing but them. Acres of all varieties of them!
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Spring:. You're like Barnabus in the Bible. That wasn't his given name but it was given to him by the disciples because he was always the encourager, always upbeat for everyone. That is a gift you've been given.

Not sure what is calling to me today. It's overcast and cool this morning. I seem to have a lot inside and outside that needs rearranging and tidying up or giving away. I had a lot of fire sticks cut yesterday by my gardener, but couldn't find any takers around here. I called a local place that holds a huge rummage sale in the fall. She said she would take all of them to pot up and root for next year's sale. I hate throwing things away. I need more color in my garden, so I'm emptying a large washtub of things I don't want and will go shopping at another garden center looking for something colorful and sprawling for the tub.


Hi, Kids,

Just stopping in between trying to clean a bit. My back is killing me. It's always something! I cleaned the shower stall where I keep SV's litter box and he used it and came out dancing so I guess he approved. He's been pretty frisky all morning.

Got a text from my neighbor thanking me for helping her. Good grief! I did nothing; there isn't much I can do. I was glad to see her texting though because it means she is engaged. I texted back that I will help if she needs anything. She trusts me because I don't judge her. I see what a struggle it is for her.

Sun, I knew you meant yourself and not anyone else. I understood but probably didn't respond so that you could understand what I meant. I meant that you aren't wasting your life. You do what you can and you work darn hard at everything you do. You are creative and that's never a waste. I was just talking about myself and how I do things to entertain and enlighten myself so that my down time isn't a total waste. Sorry about the misunderstanding. I will pray for your son. I'm glad he has found gardening. I think that part of my neighbor's problem is that she has idle hands. Gardening is a really healing thing to do. Dorothy Frances Gurney wrote a poem about God and a garden. I've often seen this snippet on signs that go in the garden:

The kiss of the sun for pardon,
The song of the birds for mirth,--
One is nearer God's heart in a garden
Than anywhere else on earth.

Spring, thank you so much for such kind, sweet words. I appreciate your kindness. Those earrings are gorgeous. I have seen earrings which look like the grapes too. The ones I have seen have been heavy and I don't need anything else on my body sagging. Gravity is doing a bang up job all by itself. There is plastic surgery for sagging ear lobes. You would love our fall weather. The sky is bright blue with not a cloud in sight today. I like clouds but days like this are amazing. Too bad I'm not out enjoying it. Only a few minutes while taking SV's poop bag to the dumpster and getting my mail. I'm not sure the brain game is helping me but I guess it's better trying to keep it active. I think my brain drain right now is due to such profound exhaustion. Thank you for always bringing such beauty to us.

Granni, I thank you too for being so kind. Your words brought a tear to my eye. You are right; things usually eventually get done. All we can do is the best we can while coping with what life has dealt us. Seems to me you do a lot, especially when there are so many practices and singing for others. I know people enjoy your performances and appreciate them. Claudia's Mom has her good and bad days but when they have sing-alongs, she is happy and calm. I also know it isn't easy for you because you deal with this same stuff as the rest of us.

One of the reasons I love coming here is because all our Porchies bring something wonderful to our little family. We are all different with different talents but we are like a beautiful bouquet of flowers with the bouquet more gorgeous than even each beautiful flower by itself.

OK, on to more practical things. More garbage to take down to the dumpster and the rest of the master bath to clean. I'll start by cleaning out the vanity which is a mess. Like everything else, I have too much stuff stuck in it. Time to eliminate what I'm not using. Old makeup is disgusting. Hope everydooby is having a wonderful day.

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Morning Kids

Thought I would try and find a video on Youtube of Cats playing in the leaves to post
on the Homebound board. Youtube wouldn't let me look at any videos. Some days
it will and vice versa.

I skimmed the news. It's pretty much always the same. Trash, trivia and tragedy.
No wonder folks our age often look back to a time when the world seemed to make
a lot more sense. I am wearing my new sweat pants that Gordon got at Wal*Mart
yesterday. I read in the news about Wally World's new marketing strategy to get
shoppers in and out fast. There will be clerks stationed though out the store who
can use a portable device to let you pay without standing in line at the checkout

Does that mean you have to charge it? Gordon said he stood in line for 2o minutes.
People commenting on the article said all Wal*Mart has to do is hire more clerks.
Most stores have check out stands that are un-staffed.

Mikie, I've seen the poetic quote before. Never knew the name of the author though.
Have to look her up. Glad SV feels frisky. Hope you can feel friskier too. Yes, it's
a good idea to go through stuff and do some eliminating. I think I read an article
in a woman's magazine that said if you haven't worn it in 15 years you should consider
donating it. Or was it 20 years"?

Yikes, I just felt a new bug bite near my ankle. How did the the infernal insect get
through my new pants? And why am I only feeling it now. I thought those pests were
gone for good. Science will never solve all the mysteries of the universe.

Sun, was there a disciple named Barnabus? Don't remember him. When I was
12 I had to go to a religious class so I could become a church member. One of our
assignments was to memorized the verse that listed all the disciples. I still
remember, "Simon who was called Peter and Andrew his brother.James the son of
... somebody." That's all I can remember. Of course I was the only one in the class
who did the assignment. Maybe that's why I had no friends. Oh yeah, I looked it up.
There was a Barnabus.

Wow! A trip to Vegas to see Glen Campbell. What a great prize. Read his autobi-
ography not too long ago. There used to be a wonderful video of Rhinestone
Cowboy on Youtube. It's gone now although there are other versions.

Spring, I didn't know marigolds rambled. There are songs about rambling winds
and rambling men. How do you feel about them? Most of the big supermarkets
have huge displays of flowers these days. Many look very exotic. Often because
they've been dyed. They sell mostly cut flowers, but have some in pots too. And
lately, of course, they've been selling pumpkins of various sizes. Saw some that
had big bumps on them. I wouldn't buy any. They look diseased.

Gotta go. My fingers and the machine are both acting up.

Hugs ,Rock.