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PORCH #1102 IS NOW CLOSED (11/29/18)

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Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Time for a new Porch. Please go back to #1101 to read the last posts. Alexa just told me that it's only 46 degrees out right now but will get to 76 later today. Then, it will drop back into the 40's tonight. It will slowly warm this weekend. I am loving this new cooler weather. Gonna go out and clean the balcony today. I hope SV's food order comes in so I can feed him some soft food. I've been making it for him by soaking some treats and dry food in water and mashing it around with another very tasty treat. Everything he eats has to be a urinary health product. Of course, these things are expensive but he's worth it.

Star, glad you get rain and are away from those awful fires. Poor California had all those fires and now it's raining. This will likely bring mud slides because there is nothing left to hold back the wet soil. It's a replay of what happened last time they had these devastating fires. They were not far from where PH is located. I pray for our friends there. Suicide is a horrible thing. In one way or another, it touches us all. It's bad enough to lose a child to illness, like DGS's friend in TX, but to lose one to suicide is even worse. You are not inept. You are one of the most eptest people I know. The work you have done in the garden and greenhouse are truly impressive. I didn't know DH is interested in gardening and wants to grow spuds. One of the best things about being here is that we can vent. I do it all the time and have raised my level of venting to what I now call whining. It really does help. If I complain about a crappy party, it's just to blow off steam. I can remember a time when I could barely get out of bed so going to even a crappy party is progress. I wish we could put housework on hold while we pursue more lofty things.

Sun, I am so glad the Mucinex is helping but I'm sorry the coughing is causing pain. Just having crud like that causes us to feel achy and in pain. As miserable as I feel right now, I've decided to praise my body for what it can still do. As I mentioned to Star, this is a vast improvement over when I was bedridden most of the time and on Morphine. It's just a 'glass half full' versus 'glass half empty' but it seems to help. It's so easy for me to slip into a negative state of mind and just want to hide out from life. Unfortunately, or fortunately, life keeps going on and at some point, I have to come back and deal with it. I had been dreading dealing with our budget and the increase in fees for our paving project. Yesterday, I just took the bull by the horns and got it done with our mgr. She will work out the details and all I have to do is get the other two board members to ratify it. There is nothing to discuss because we have to do the paving. I hope you feel better. Prayers going up for us both, for us all.

Rock, I'm sorry to leave you so confusiated. There are a whole bunch of different 'personal assistants' like this Echo Dot I just set up. They listen to you and, when you address them by name, in this case, Alexa, they can do all kinds of things like answer questions, give you weather and traffic and play music through the built-in speaker. They can be linked to smart thermostats, home security systems and electric plugs to control them just by asking. These things can be controlled through smart phones as well. Basically, the new thing is to be able to control everything in our homes through our phones or these gizmos. I am not one to have to have the latest and greatest but I will buy things that make life easier for me to deal with. In this case, it's the lamp that I use for most everything that is almost inaccessible and is a real pain to turn off and on. That the gizmo will do all kinds of other things is just icing on the cake. Sorry to confuse. May you live in interconnected times.

I'm off to read the digital newspaper. The real beauty of that is not having to haul all those papers down to be recycled. I need to get outta here cause this keyboard is really wild today. Hope everydobby has a great day as opposed to a great dane.

Love, Mikie
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Mikie - what a pretty Christmas set up. Red and gold are the colours of prosperity in our Tibetan culture. i think Chinese too. their money envelopes are red and gold during new year. just got rid of a stack of old newspapers to the pedlar today. they come by on their bicycles calling out. really hope the Red Tide keeps away. im glad theyre investigating.

Sun - so sad about DG sons friend. do they know why? a kid in my DS’s college committed suicide. and one in my nephews college. a girl. i cant imagine the pain that drives them to do this. schools really need to put self help self confidence classes as compulsory from the beginning. i hope they find out whats behind DDs aches.

Star - that is alarming about Ds friend and his theory about some people doing away with themselves so they can move onto next. that is so dreadfully ignorant. and dangerously so. suicide is one of the worst things one can do karmically for Buddhist Hindu religions. and Spiritualists too. it is said every life is a lesson which we have earned with karmic points from previous lifetimes, and there is no dodging the lesson. you just go through it again. which kind of sucks. but there it is.

i loved reading about your garden and what all is going on. plenty going on. Thats what.

Dmc - good to see you. brrrr. the snow! i wish we had a very computer savvy person in our house. DS and DD know a little but theyre so busy all the time. im happy you redid your quilt that went wrong and then quilted some more.

im wondering if the cat massager would work on a dog. our dogs love being massaged but they just get brief finger massages from DS, DD and me each time we see them first thing in the morning, and when we come back from outside. DH pets them too, but it depends on if he has had a good day at work.

Rock - like you, i cannot understand electronics. gizmos. truth be told i like manual things. the vacuum, the iron the tv. thats all the electronics im comfy with. themost basic functions on a phone and computer.

i love the sound of your drug store in Minn. when growing up. sounds exciting. all sorts of things. we have a trinket store nearby. ear rings, bangles, necklaces. i love stopping and looking at them.

Barry - i dislike taking meds. even supps. that was hilarious about Monty swotting the birds on tv. the other day i found a coconut withtwo big black spots on either side of the long snout like end. it looked like a mouse face. so i took off some of the jute hair, parted it inthe middle and showed it to rescue dog. he was terrified in the beginning. but then because the other dogs seemed disinterested in it, he became braver, doing a little dance in front of it, tossing his head and whining. hours later, he was still backing away wheneverhe spied it on the dining table.

Julie - that cat was something. letting itself be packed. lol! reminded me of a sloth. so placid. and compliant.
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Hi Kids

Thanks for opening up, Mikie. Great pic. My mother would have loved it. She had lots of
Christmas decorations, and loved to get them out. But with her compulsive need to control,
she took all the spontaneity out of it. "No, no, move the blue ball about an inch to the right."
And every holiday provided a reason for a shouting match between the parents, the most childish folks in the house.

BTW Kids, I read that Santa asked Mrs. Clause if she'd heard the forecast for Christmas
Eve. She said, "Rain, Dear."

Thanks for the new word, Mikie. I'm going to tell Gordon he's the most eptest guy I know.
Can you imagine a reunion between the Epps family and the Earps. Wyatt Earp BTW
was still alive when my Dad was a kid. He widow was still I alive when I was young.

My kitty is whereabouts unknown. Pretty heavy rain falling when I got up an hour
or two ago. Didn't respond to my calls. Don't know where she is, but I suspect she knows
places to stay dry around the neighborhood.

Spring, you're right about the gold and red envelopes the Chinese use for the new year.
A couple years ago Gordon used the envelopes to make Chinese lanterns. They are
generally used to enclose money and given as gifts or thanks. The money can be real or symbolic i.e. fake.

Did you see the news about the USA's population?. It is decreasing. The article says it
is due to deaths from illegal drugs and suicide. That's pretty grim. Ah, Gordon just
walked by. I told him is a very ept person and asked if we are doing anything today.
He said, "Don't you remember? We're going dirty dancing." About the same odds as
going up in a hot air balloon.

Hugs, Rock
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Hi, Kids,

I'm still sitting on my duff and trying to stay warm. It's 69 degrees inside and colder outside. That may not seem cold to others but we turn into wusses down here in the Jungle. In some ways, I feel worser today than yesterday. My stomach is upset and I'm freezing. I did take a nice hot soak in the tub and that helped a bit. DD called from CO. DGS and my DSIL are going to the little boy's funeral in TX on Tues. I know how hard this is for Andy. DD says that he tries to get Alexa to do his math problems for him. Good grief!

I paid my taxes online with my credit card. I immediately got a text from the credit card co. asking me to confirm that it was a legit charge. I'm glad they are checking and not just declining charges. Again, more and more is being handled on our smart phones. It really is so much easier as long as nothing goes awry. The county tax collector's website is easy to use. I'm trying mightily to embrace technology and use it to my advantage.

Spring, I'm laughing at your funny dog. He must keep you guys in stitches all the time. Guess you could put the coconut wherever you don't want him to go. I'd love to see his silly little dance. Tweety did the best dances. She would arch her back and dance sideways on her tippy toes with the silliest look on her face. China isn't buying our recyclables now so recycling may not continue to pay off in monetary terms. I believe in it to cut down waste but if the money isn't there, the recycle companies won't want to do it. Red is the color one uses for the wealth bagua in Feng Shui. I have a red and purple candle tucked away in the corner of the condo, some Chinese coins and two little red Budhas with packs, all wealth symbols.

Rock, hope Miss Kitty shows up. Cats are so smart. I'm sure she has more than one little refuge to get out of the weather. SV asked to go out on the lanai but didn't stay long; it's too cold out for his taste. I can empathize with you; my fingers are frozen and stiff. Speaking of rain, the new gizmo will play all kinds of sounds for an hour or on a continuous loop. I had this one playing thunderstorm sounds. Glad you like the new word. I love language and, when it's more colorful and meaningful, I love it even more. Instead of the very back of our vehicles, we still call it the berry back as my DD said when she was small. So when are you going up in the hot air balloon? My Mom went up in one to celebrate her 80th birthday. My neighbor went sky diving to celebrate her 80th. Heck, if I'm not curled up in a fetal position, I'll be happy at that age.

Gonna go brush my teeth. I have the worst taste in my mouth and I suspect it's from this upset stomach. AACCKK! Hope all y'all are having a good day.

Love, Mikie



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Good afternoon, everyone.

Another grey day today. There is some possibility of snow, and it did start sleeting just as I got to work but I don't think we're going to get any accumulation. Thus far, all we've gotten is a dusting on the grass and some wet roads. It's going to rain over night but the temperature is actually going to go up. Saturday will be near 60(!!) before dropping again next week.

Barry - Yes, I have 4 kitties. Worf is the one you will hear about the most; he's my buddy and my constant companion. We have to have a 15-minute hug-fest when I get home from anywhere. He's a big boy - 20#. We also have 1 parakeet, 1 cockatiel and 1 African Grey parrot. We did have a bearded dragon until my DD moved out. The PN is in my feet (burning sensation), but slowly crawling up my legs - to about mid-calf now. I also have some numbness in my hands so I have to make sure I have a firm grip on things lest I drop them. I have yet to watch the falcon show, but Storm was trying to catch a baby iguana on a different nature show last night.

Rock - We had a store near us when I was a kid that was nick-named 'the dime store.' Sadly, I don't think anything there cost a dime. But it had the craziest variety of stuff. It even had a post office for a while. Hey - wait, that means that it did probably have stamps that cost 10 cents!

Spring - I'd imagine the massager would make a doggy happy, but it might not be big enough, depending on the size of the dog's head. Then again, if you search for it, I bet they make them for dogs as well.

Mikie - Thanks for the new porch - I contemplated putting one up, but got distracted by work, of all things. It's a bummer that you're not feeling well.

Star - I agree with Mikie - you are very ept!

Granni - picked up a recording of the Vivaldi Gloria and the Bach Magnificat. Haven't listened yet...

Speaking of work, must get some done. Hugz to all!



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First off, here's a link for anyone to listen to 29 minutes of Vivaldi Gloria. Over to the right there is also Vivaldi Winter......I love that one. The classical station I listen to KUSC will take requests at noon.....and MIkie you can ask Alexa to play KUSC or you can download their app for your computer.


I was running a fever again this morning so I was very lucky to get in to see my lung doc. I've now added another antibiotic. And yes, this COLD virus starts with lots of body aches then lots of coughing. The MUCINEX is an inexpensive wonder drug! My doc. Said continue to take it.

Duckie: I was going to tell you I was very impressed that you were able to pick out all the stitching! What a job.

Rock: I still remember fondly the old, large creaky wood floors of a general store we used to go to in the town of Covina, close to where I grew up. It had everything, including stacks and stacks of flat fold fabric ......so much fun to dig thru them and create a masterpiece! Then across the street was an old drug store, creaky wood floors there too, and they had a soda fountain with about 12 swivel bars stools. First time ever for me to try a chocolate soda there. I think most of those old stores had wood floors or old linoleum. Most have been renovated and the town has a total different look but still cute. And in the 60s Al Pacino's dad had a "lounge/bar" right smack in the town. Sometimes I heard that Al visited him.

Barry: There was a question about the Eel River on Jeopardy.....something about what type of trout. Do you fish? I remember traveling north with my parents and stopping at a motel right along a rushing stream. The stream ran right next to the room we had. They also provided fishing poles. I LOVED that old notty pine motel, straight out of the 40s and the sound of the water. So relaxing.

Mikie: My Alexa stopped charging.....I even tried plugging it in direct to the little tower. It was a reconditioned unit that my SIL had bought and gave to me to try. Oh well. At least I have my classical station.

Spring: funny about the coconut! Try placing it around the house and see what happens.


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Hi Kids

Woke up from a nap a while ago. The rain had stopped, the sun was out, the cat was back,
and I found my missing money. As Robert Browning put it, "God's in His Heaven, all's right with the world." The title of this little poem is Pippa Passes which is a pretty silly name if you ask me. Or even if you don't ask me. Some town in Kentucky has the same name. It's even smaller than my home village.

We just got back from Von's. The rain started up again as we were driving home. Stopped
shortly thereafter.

Sun, haven't been to Covina for decades. My mother used to live there or near there.
She was a nanny for two children of a gal who was the daughter of a friend from our home

Gotta go, Kids. The computer keeps freezing up. Probably needs a tune up or a good kick
in the slats.



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Rock:. Small world! I actually grew up in Charter Oak, an uncorporated area between Covina and San Dimas. Neither city could grab Charter Oak though. Covina area is still a nice place to live, south of Citrus Ave. and the 10 freeway the homes hit around a million plus. It had a nice small town feel to it. When my parents first bought a lot to build on back in around 1950, charter oak was totally country with cows and horses and chicken everywhere. I loved living in the country.


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Hi guys.

Rock, dirty dancing huh?
I did hv a chuckle about G leaving his pulse in the bathroom again.
Miss Kitty has def become a member of your family.I wonder how long she's been with you now?
Do you see her much in the Winter?
I remembered in the past you would put out cardboard shelters...

Sun, glad to hear the musinex is a wonder drug for you.
Its hard to know if Im sick with a cold or flu unless I hv the coughing and snottering, as symptoms are too much like what we go through normally.
You are right about it being so much tougher on kids and people in general these days.
That place you mentioned near the river sounds Wonderful!
A speedy recovery for you.

Mikie, I totaly get what you mean about the cup half full.
Usually I try to focus on life that way, And achievements, rather than being disappointed by my limitations.
It really is the only way to keep plodding along.
But sometimes, life (my body), just sux.
But fortunately that is Not all she wrote!
I am considering looking at one of those switches also, but before you brought it up, I didnt know about them.
Hard to believe, considering all the do-dads that are available.
Hope you get warm.

Duck, snow and sleet.
Sounds like dangerous driving conditions to me.
Black ice too Im guessing.
Take care out there in the wilds.
Do the other cats get jealous of Worf?
Unfortunately I found one of our lovely cockatiels dead yesterday.
Meanwhile 1 of the 3 baby budgies is way more adventurous than the others and has discovered its wings.only just.

Spring, I know! I'm actually really worried that DS' friend thinks like that.
Nevermind that he thinks Lots of people think like that.
Whether you believe in a points/karma system (thanks for clarifying that) or grace/Jesus,
I'm fairly certain suicide is not (hey, the word 'bombers' came up in predictive text. Come to think of it, perhaps if you are a suicide bomber who thinks 40 virgins are waiting for you in heaven...)
Woa.totally messed up.
Anyway, it's possible the boy is getting confused. I heard his mother believes in re-incarnation, but she barely has anything to do with them.(they live with their dad), so maybe he's getting a few dif ideas jumbled up?
But that doesnt explain how he thinks sooo many people hv the same idea...
Hopefully I will hv another opportunity to speak Life into him.

Dh looooves teasing/playing with the dogs like that.
He has an ugly puppet that everyone gets a laugh at.

Barry, Dh was at a plumbing job the other day and they gave him a bath tub.
Yesterday he was at another job where they had to get rid of and old, unused pond (prob from previous owners)
And what do ya know? 2 gorgeous gold fish were flapping around on the ground.
Dh promptly put them in a bucket.He only had bore water at his disposal, so hoped for the best.
Even though the owners and his boss thought he was an idiot saving these two fish (?),
Dh brought them home.
One is a gorgeous , black fantale and the other a Goldie.also beautiful and healthy looking.
So now we hv a use for the tub!
They are temporarily housed in a small tank, but alive.

Julie, how are things going with all the exercises?
Has it helped? Im curious because in the past, soooo many dif exercises were part of my routine
thanks to my physio- and I really didnt see any/much improvement at all.
I mean, I cant tell you how many times it's been suggested I use a stationary bike.
To me that just proves those geniuses dont know much at all about My particular body.
Although, stretches are a dif story.I hv found a couple of the ones Sun has suggested help a great deal.esp when warming up for the day, but also intermittently throughout...
But I guess you need to figure out what works for you.
Gotta get motivated and string some Christmas lights up.

Granni, do you go carolling like I see in the movies?
Does anyone? Or is that out dated now?

We travelled last weekend, to Ballarat, to meet my Aunty & Uncle for a bbq.
They are usually the ones who make All the trips, so Dh suggested we meet them part way.
Well, me being in a flare, even though I took all I could take and did all I could to ensure a better trip-
Still had a nightmarish experience and am still recovering from it.
While it is true, life is somewhat dif in the midst of a flare, traveling by car any long distance has its hardships .
This little adventure from hell helped Everyone realise that I Will Not be travelling up together or on my own , 15 hrs away, over Christmas
(And yes, I was still getting nagged to go).

Ds needs me to hold something on his car hes fixing.

Take care All
Catch yas later


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Just popping in to tell you I am alive just super busy and when I am on the computer I am doing something else like checking out hearing aids, prices, etc. Spent part of the day today with DD in WM and Sams doing some Christmas shopping. So much to do and don't feel like doing much of it but at least got a few things done. Need to start some cards, I know I wonpt be sending out much this year.

SUN - Sorry you are feeling bad and glad the Mucinex is helping some. I take that a lot when I have the crud and it really helps me. Hope you get to feeling better soon. I have been doing some reading when I get the chance but little chance t post. Hope to get back here tomorrow or Saturday. Need to finish decorating my baby Christmas tree :)!

MIKIE - Thanks for that lovely picture of that beautiful Christmas scene. Got a Christmas card from DCD. She texted me and said she would be sending it and some to the siblings. I think she is longing for family but not sure how with it she is and don't want to bring out subjects I know she won;t have the right answers too.

STAR - What a nice long post. Glad you popped in. No we don't go caroling around the neighborhood but I think some groups might still do it..


Gotta run. DH is calling and needs some company :)!!

Love you all,
Granni :)


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Hi Friends

I went to bed, but no sleepy, so here I am again. Started this hours ago. Then Gordoni
needed the machine.

Granni, what kind of baby Christmas tree did you get? I saw some at Von's yesterday.
At least that what they were labeled. Cost ten bucks. About a foot high. Didn't look like
any kind of pine tree to me. Lots of really colorful plants for sale. Gordon says they
are dyed.

Star, Godon and I couldn't do dirty dancing anymore than we could twirl batons. I
think it would have been more accurate to call the dancing in the movie athletic
dancing. Patrick Swayze, or his double was doing cartwheels with no hands.

Alz has taken away my sense of time, but I think kitty's been hanging around for the
last 7 years. It was only after giving her food and water for 4 or 5 years that she decided
to become friendly. She likes to be petted and brushed and talked to. Hope you feel
better. Extra miserable to have multiple problems simultaneously.

Sun, never heard of Charter Oak before. Speaking of the countryside with cows, etc.
did you see the big cow in the news yesterday? Named Nickers. British slang. Nope,
not a fisherman. Thought fishing was boring. But when I was a kid my friends and I
would catch frogs or lightning bugs or snakes or crayfish. We always let 'em go.

Mikie, I couldn't copy the URL, but you might want to search for a site titled
"69 Fun Things To Ask Alexa." Every now and then we talk about, Wouldn't it be
nice if we really did get together on somebody's porch. Might be more fun, or maybe
more exciting if we all brought our pets.

Hugs, Rock



Good Friday Morning, Kids,

Woke early but came out and slept on the sofa. This is definitely a cold I have. Gonna go to Publix for groceries. They make a wonderful chicken soup at the deli and I'm gonna get some. Claudia calls it, Jewish penicillin. Have to call the vet. They ordered a bag of food for SV and I haven't heard from them. He has been very frisky with this cooler weather. It's warmer this morning but still a bit cool. I felt as though I'd freeze yesterday. A few brave souls were sun bathing by the pool but no one got in.

Duckie, SV loves the new massage gizmo but perfers to rub his face over it one side at a time. I have managed to get the rollers going on both sides of his face but he still prefers one side at a time. He likes to bite the rollers gently too. As long as he likes it, I'm happy. He likes his track ball games and his catnip mousie but not balls or other types of toys. Wish you didn't have the neuropathy. My Mom had it and it sucks.

Sun, sorry you are still sick but am glad you saw the doc and got another ABX. Hope it does the trick. I usually don't get really sick with viruses (knocking on wood) but am taking no chances and am drinking a lot of fluids and resting a ton. My Dot doesn't charge; it's plugged in all the time. DD doesn't trust hers because she said it listens to everything. Thanks for the heads up on the radio station. We no longer have a station locally that plays classical music. Hope you feel better.

Rock, sounds as though all is right in the world for you. I'm glad. We need things to go the rightest for us just to feel neutral. Don't know that I'll do Christmas decorating other than a wreath for the door. I haven't for the last couple of years. I went searching online for all the things Alexa can do and it's amazing. It still amazes me when she turns the lamp on and off. Kids today probably take all this for granted but to me, it's all a miracle. Yes, if only we could all meet up. SV would love the attention and likely everyone's pets as well.

Star, so sorry that traveling by car is so difficult. Don't know that I could do it now. I used to drive up to Atlanta, about a nine hour trip. The best exercises for me have been stretching exercises like taught in physical therapy. Yes, as much as I try to keep a positive attitude, sometimes it's impossible. Our illnesses do suck! I would not have paid a lot for my Dot and smart plug but the Black Friday sale at Best Buy made it easy for me to decide. The good thing about electronics is that they become so much cheaper over time. I like to shop but the body doesn't like walking in stores much anymore so shopping online is a God send for me. Hope you feel better. God bless DH for rescuing those fish.

Granni, so good to see you drop in. I can only imagine how busy you are with church, singing and family. I'm glad your DD reached out to you. I hope it means she is better. Yes, it would probably be a bit awkward getting together. It would probably be best to steer away from subjects where she believes something which didn't happen. Maybe if she just feels the love of family, it will be enough for her. Guess there is only one way to find out. I keep you in my prayers and hope she is well. That is so sweet that DH wants your company.

Guess I had better get dressed and head out. I hope all y'all have a wonderful day filled with the spirit of the season.

Love, Mikie

Update: Called the vet and they didn't get their order of kitty food. SV has enough to get through the weekend so I'll talk to them early next week. They can give me the Rx so that I can buy it at a store if it doesn't come in. Went to Publix and, unlike yesterday, I am hungry. I got some roast beef and the Sausalito turkey breast at the deli. I picked up some chicken noodle soup.

Sometimes when I get a virus, the pain in my body goes away. I don't know why but I wish it would stay like that. I noticed it yesterday and today when I was walking into the store. No pain and my body is loose and agile. Other good news is that my allergy/cold med was on sale. On top of that, there was a $2 off coupon. I bought three boxes and will get more when I go back. Instead of $5.69 a box, it was $2.69. Big saving.

I also picked up a real newspaper; the Friday paper has a lot in it. Gonna settle down and read it and work the puzzles. I try to make the best of things when I'm sick. Hope no one else gets this crud. The silver lining of having auto-immune illness is that the body usually makes quick work of viruses.

Love, M
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Hi there Y'all,

ROCK - We didn't buy a Christmas tree. I have one in the garage but most of the decorations are under the garage .eves. I put up the table top one. I just have to decorate it. DH isn't going to do any of it. He helped me get some of the stuff that was high up in the garage but not under the eves. That is all he will do on decorating and I'm not that much in the mood to do so but once I start it isn't to bad. Just busy doing other stuff. My little tree is nothing like the one you posted :)!! It is just table top one with some ornaments I got with it from Sams Club a few years ago.

MIKIE - Hope you are doing better even with your silly virus. It crazy with the virus you have no or less pain. Wish that were true with me. I go on wednesday to the dermatologist. Don't think thata cream I am trying to put all over my body 2x a day is really helping. So we will see what the doc has to say. I really like her. She is also my DH's dermatologist . She is gentle and sweet but knows her stuff. Very curious what this visit will come up with. I am tired of dealing with it already, with little or no answers. The XYZAL allergy tabs don;t seem to be helping me much and I take them 2x a day and they are not cheap. They used to be on script. Now they are OTC but still not cheap, maybe cheaper if they were on script with insurance, who knows. Glad you got a good price on your allergy meds. Mine were alot more than that !!!! GROAN !!Our weather has been crazy too. Freezing then not so much but I have been chilly a lot no matter what. Wonder if my thyroids meds need upping. I go to the doctor in a little over a month.

.Hope everyone is feeling better that was not esp, dear SUN.

JULIE - Hope you and all your family are doing well. I know you must be extremely busy these day. Hope your Dad is doing well or as well as can be expected.

Been busy checking out hearing aides and the ones going along with UHC/ Medicare which we have. Also need to check on their allowance we are supposed to get afterwards and their procedure from getting it.. The ones I am checking on are lot cheaper than the usual ones but not that cheap especially when you need them for both ears.

Hi and cyber hugs also to STAR, DUCKIE, BARRY , SPRING and whoever else I missed.

Bye for now.

Love you awl,
Granni :)


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Hi Gang.
Not feeling up to snuff today so just wanted to say hello to all.
Spring: how naughty of you to frighten the dog with a coconut! And so funny! Had me laughing.
Ducky, yes neuropathy is most annoying. Mine began in my feet (icy/hot prickling) and moved upwards slowly. Tests showed no cause (idiopathic), so lumbar puncture because doc. concerned about MS. Alright there too. ??? I take gabapentin (Neurontin). Happy kitty day for you.

Sun, no I don't fish. My Dad loved too, when he wasn't drunk or gambling.... I have caught crayfish (crawdads, crawfish) before in a small lake in the mts. on a camping trip with R. long, long ago. Cooked them. Delish!

Star, a bathtub, goldfish -- how nice! Sorry about the cockatiel....

Rock, yeah I saw the picture of Knickers the giant cow. Holy cow! Knickers is Brit. slang for panties, I do believe.

Granni and Mikie: Love you both!

Blessings to All.


Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

Slept well despite still having this cold-like virus. My bod seems to be able to fight off most things like this except the Whatever Virus. Doc and I know it's in the Herpes Family which means it never really goes away. I just hope this doesn't linger like colds often do.

Granni, I sure wish the doc could do something to help with that rash. Rashes are often the most difficult things to treat if one can't find the cause. I'm glad you have a doc you like. I see a PA and she is wonderful. We have to be so careful here with skin cancer and Colorado is even worse. I take Corcidan because it doesn't elevate BP. There are only 10 tablets in each box so it can get quite expensive. I always try to stock up when it's on sale. I have allergies all year round. I did get my Christmas wreath hung on the door but I'm like you and DH, just not wanting to do a lot of decorating. Seems like the time from Thanksgiving and Christmas go by in a whir.

Barry, I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. I hope things improve. With us, it's always something. It's too bad you don't fish when the Salmon are around. I looove salmon. Don't care for crawfish though. Mom and I had a crawfish pizza at Pat O'Brien's in New Orleans on our way to FL. We also had big hurricane drinks. That's where I first saw a woman in the restroom tending to her new navel ring piercing. She asked me if I liked it because she wasn't sure. I thought it looked great and that's what caused me to have my own done down here. I'm still glad I did it, not because anyone ever sees it but because it just feels right. Can't really splain it. It's part of me now. But, I digress...feel better, my friend.

I didn't feel too bad until last night and then felt lousy. I'm not feeling too bad today so will clean off the balcony while I can. Barb's kids are coming down for a few days and I want it to look clean. I noticed my kitchen window needs to be cleaned but we are waiting to have the front power washed so will wait to clean that. Hope everydooby is having a great weekend.

Love, Mikie



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Barry: I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Be careful.....there's a bad "cold" going around. When the kids were younger we would go to Lake Tahoe and they had a lot of fun hanging a string with bacon over the pier to catch the crawdads. Of course, they went into a stew or something.

Mikie: I got Tombstone last night. Considering how clogged my head feels I was surprised I could answer some questions thruout.

Still feeling awful, and yesterday I think it went into either pleurisy or a cracked rib from coughing. I've had both so know the feeling. A chest xray was taken on thursday. I read up that if there's no liquid with the pleurisy it will show up as normal, so I'm assuming that's what it is. Had to mix up more CBD oil in some cream and use it on my side.


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Good Morning, Friends

Today is the first of the last. Supposed to have weather in the mid 60s with showers
in the middle of the week.
Back again. Gordon wanted the machine to look up something. Now he has gone
to see a man about a horse. No, actually it was a more modern form of transportation.
His car. A neighbor of Jim in Pasadena backed into it. Damage is not too bad. A
crumpled up area about "the size of a breadbox." Anybody remember the old quiz
show that phrase came from?

Sun, sorry to hear you are still feeling terrible. I've been reading about that CBD
oil. Maybe I'll try some. Got any tips. There seem to be a great many vendors.

I hear the back door. Better go see what is going on with Gordon and his old Toyota.

OK, back some more. Various suggestions from the neighbor and his wife. They
thought it wasn't necessary to repair the car. They then offered to settle for $50.
Well, they would pay to fix the dent, but not repaint it. Eventually the matter was
settled for $200.

It's just part of owning a car in a big metropolitan area. Almost impossible to
avoid an accident. Gordon's old car was in our driveway years ago when some
drunk woman ran into it. And several years ago some thugs stole one wheel and
tire off his current car. And before that another drunk pretty much trashed the
front of the car. Even my mother who drove for half a century in Minnesota with
no accidents was involved in a fender bender when she tried to drive in a suburb
of LA.

Hugs, Kids
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Rock:. Do you get pain that Ibuprofen doesn't take care of? The only thing I can say is if you do buy some, get the highest mg......I have one that is 750, bought another one of 1,000 but that one is mixed with something other things so don't think it works as well. Most of the higher mg run around $65 for a small bottle for a .5 oz.

Boy, you guys have really been HIT in driveways! Years ago my DB and my SIL went on a vacation and left his fiber glass body corvette parked in the driveway. Bad move, they lived in a rental house on a curve and someone came around and rammed right into it.

So will Gordon get it fixed? $50 to $200? Hmmmmm.

And 'tis christmas season which has always been a hard time for me, depression wise. Now feeling like *&^%$ just makes me want to pull the covers over my head until January. I think it's something I inherited from my mom. When I was just a kid she didn't even want to put up a tree so my dad and I would get the tree and I would decorate it. I always seemed to work overtime to bring her out of her doldrums. When my children came, that was the happiest of times. People who don't deal with this, just don't get it.
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Hi, Kids,

Got the balcony swept and the handrails cleaned yesterday. I think the lizards poop on them. I watered a couple of plants and trimmed them back a bit. One little lizard bailed out of the pot when I watered Barb's variegated oregano. He's probably filing a claim with his flood insurance now. Then, the crud acted up so that was the end of it. I seem to wake feeling a bit better only to have things go downhill in the afternoon. I got up tired today but need to get into the shower and wash my hair. My chest is hurting on the side I had pneumonia the last year I lived in CO. It's always vulnerable when I get a cold. It's also vulnerable to costo chondritis. The gift that keeps on giving.

Sun, I wonder whether your pain could be costo. It's just inflammation in the ribs. I got it every year in CO and got a steroid shot between my ribs where the pain was centered. That always did the trick. I got Tombstone too. I get a fair amount of the regular Jeopardy questions, depending on the subject. I'm sorry the Holiday Season causes depression. I know it's common and wish they could figure out a way to help people with it without drugs. I don't get all excited for it but it doesn't depress me either. I take all stress out of it as best I can. Hope you feel better.

Rock, I'm shocked at what it costs to get even small dents fixed at auto body shops. The fifty bucks offered was an insult. I got my CBD oil from PH here. As I've mentioned, they have good prices and I know their QA is the best. Plus, they use resources from sales to provide these forums, donate to research to try to find answers and cures for what ails us and they use them to advocate for us. Also, they have newsletters and an archive for articles and research papers we can use for education. The oil I got is called, Quicksilver. It's made near my hometown in CO. Silver mining was an important part of Colorado's history. The CBD oil is wonderful for the pain caused by inflammation. If you think driving is challenging there, think about what it's like here with all the old folks who shouldn't be on the road along with some young ones who shouldn't be on the road. Yikes!

I've read the paper and done the puzzles. Gonna watch my Sunday Morning Shows before I get into the shower. Hope all y'all are having a great weekend.

Love, Mikie



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Mikie: I did a search on chostochronditis and pleurisy. Chosto hits at the sternum or breastbone....meaning in the center of your chest, and it can feel like a heart attack. Pleurisy is an inflammation of the lining around the lungs, mainly happening with a bad cold/flu/virus. With pleurisy it's worse when you take a deep breath, pain leaves when you hold your breath. What I have is my rib on the side leading to the back. I think I'm a tad better with it this morning, thanks to the ABX.

I may have had attacks of chosto in the past, for years in facts, but I found that if I immediately drink some hot liquid it stops it in it's tracks. To me this seems spasms.

Getting up at almost 1 a.m. Every morning to take my ABX with food is really getting to be a drag. Hard to go back to sleep but thank goodness for ABX.