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PORCH #1103 IS NOW CLOSED (12/6/18)

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Good Thursday Morning, Dear Porchies,

Time for a new one. Be sure to go back to read the posts from Granni and Star on the last Porch. I slept more than six hours straight through last night. While six hours isn't long enough, the sleep quality was great. The winds aloft carried red tide inland yesterday. Just going to take trash to the dumpster left me breathless. If it ain't one thing, it's another. No wonder I can never recover. Whine, whine, whine.

I got the Final Jeopardy question again last night. Woo Hoo! Claudia's Mom is doing better on her new med and ate a good lunch yesterday. She enjoyed the music at the Bush funeral. Nancy rolled her mailbox out to the road. The plow driver wiped it out and the ground is frozen so she had to set the post in a tub of cement and roll it out to the road on a dolly. She was left with a bad infection after back surgery and walks with a cane and sometimes a walker. I don't know how she takes care of her little house and property in rural Michigan by herself. Her kids are nearby but it seems to me that she helps them more than they help her. We feel blessed to have one another as we go through life's stressful times. I also feel so blessed to have all you Porchies here.

Granni, you certainly put a lot of time and work in on the singing. I admire you for it. I know it brings smiles and joy to those who hear you. Things sound positive with DD. Perhaps not talking about those contentious things is helping her to feel safer making contact. It's sweet of you to offer to help her buy scrubs. I hope the meds are helping too and that she stays on them. I pray for her daily and ask Saint Dymphna to watch over her. Glad to hear from you. It would be easier, I think, to post from your phone to get the pic. You can upload the pics to the computer but using the phone would eliminate that step. Not sure how you get the pic into the post. Perhaps Duckie can help. When I want to include a pic, I take it with my tablet and just post from that.

Star, you have put so much work into the garden and it sounds as though you are really reaping the bounty now. Home grown veggies taste so much better than those from the store. No comparison. Birds carry all kinds of serious infectious diseases. Down here, the govt. keeps chickens to monitor whether they get sick. Back in the '50's my Mom worked with a woman whose husband helped a friend clean out a barn where birds had been nesting and pooping. He got sick right afterward with something like CFIDS and was bedridden and in pain. Docs never figured it out. I don't know what ever happened to him. He was very young. So good to hear from you.

Hope everydooby has a good day.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Kids

Thanks for opening up, Mikie. That's a great pic you found. Must be a really long cord for
the lights. Reminds me of the old song "Blue Shadows On The Trail". You can hear Roy and
the Sons of the Pioneers sing it on youtube.

We had rain yesterday. Gordon said he was coming down with a cold, so despite the
rain he jumped in the car and got some cough remedy he likes. Last night when I was in
the computer room, I could hear him coughing. He still hadn't taken any of that remedy
he braved the rain to get. Uff-da!

I am hoping to get to the library today to pick up John Sanford's new book. I put it on
hold 3-4 months ago. According to the library's computer I put it on hold 2 days ago.
That computer should be arrested for perjury.

Guess I'll go downstairs. See if Gordon needs nursing. Browse the fridge for B-fast.

Hugs, Rock


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Mikie- thank you for opening the new porch. good to hear Claudias mum was a bit better. sometimeswe have outbreaks of chicken disease and then no one buys. and the prices tumble. because they still smuggle poultry from across the border.

i used to get breathless sometime back, but it seems to have improved on its own. the other day i climbed the long steep steps to a temple, without too much problem. could be the lovely weather too. such a pleasure when its warm and sunny but not hot and humid. my legs didnt bother me either. ive been upping my walking, since i found i could walk without difficulty. it wasnt so for sometime. was bus-ing or cabbing it. i walk for 30 minutes for an errand but no more. dont want to push it. (steps of temple) https://goo.gl/images/Mwu7MM.

Rock - John Sanford. im guessing this would be the 2000th book you read. im rereading some of the childrens books i have. heh heh. wind in the willows, etc. i keep them close by so i can grab one on the way to the toilet. or on the bedstand. my capital letters dontseemto be coming on automatically so pls excuse. the computer gremlins up and about.

what made Gordon make fudge when he didnt eat it? i suppose he likes making stuff for others too. isnt the weather cold enough for ‘pho’ soup?

Granni - you are always busy this time of the year. i was wondering how your DD was. she is fortunate to have family behind her. i know your DS tries to be near her and help. but how much can another person do. im glad you have your other children so they can also pitch in and help. i alwaysthink ofyour bean soup in thisweather.

today we cooked a soupy curry with gravy made from chicken bones and curly green beans and tomato. it omits the need to make the mandatory lentils soup. i had a cup of lentils leftovers from last night.

Star - how nice to see you drop in. and get updated onyour garden. so you have been having some nice peas and cauliflower. yum. cauliflower and cheese. my SIL usedto grow herown veggies, cauliflowers included, back in the daywhen water was not an issue, yes; thosereally needed de - insecting. lil grubs oozing mucus and making holes. i didnt know you got an EQ in Australia. i knew about the Alaska one. that was big. ack!

Barry - yes Kaballah are Jewish teachings. but we just skim it in relation to chakras which pranic healing is all about, the significance of the Papal cross etc. they have different names for the chakras from sanskrit. i think most of the participants like listeningto stories about the founder of Pranic Healing because some of the instructors learnt directly from him.

how he could manipulate energy. once he demonstrated the defence technique by asking a student to advance towards him with threatening intentions only to fall backwards on his back. of course the Master had special abilities derived from maybe lifetimes previous!

pea soup! yum. i bought turnips because i want to make turnip soup. but somehow the fridge got cluttered with other veggies. SIL sent curly beans, DH brought spinach leaves, and i got mushrooms. i hope the turnips dont dry up.

Sun - im so sorry about your hurting ribs. one thing after another sometimes. i hope it gets healed soon. i dont care much for soup in the summer but ive been craving it these days. specially something tangy, hot.

i was surfing and came upon this.

the english is ....quaint.


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Hi friends! Sorry I've not been around very much...I do try to check in and keep up with everyone on the porch, but just haven't had the "ooomph" to write anything.

Sun, I'm so sorrry you are having to deal with such pain. When Den's dad fell and broke both his wrists, etc...he also had some bruised/cracked ribs. So painful, and his doctor also said not to wrap them. I pray you get over this soon.

Mikie, glad you've been getting things done around your place. Feels good to get things sorted and cleaned out. Oh my, a baby gator in the pond! Well, I had to chase the neighbors' calf back to the pen with her mama the other day...about as "dangerous" as we get around here, lol!

Spring, I'm happy that you can walk around now without too much trouble. Our Amish neighbors think nothing of walking long distances, but sometimes it must be easier than hitching up a horse and buggy?

Star, I will enjoy your summer along with you...so great that you have fresh things from the garden. Yep, the vegen joke may very well have backfired, lol! Still funny, though, lol!

Granni, so so busy, lady! Even though it nearly becomes a full time job, I know you enjoy the singing, etc. Glad your DCD seems to be getting better and more "realistic."

Duckie, you must be indispensable to your company...they are lucky to have you. That's a lot of quilting you are getting done.

Rock, hope Gordon doesn't get a full blown cold or flu. I understand his wanting to get the meds home in case he gets too sick to go out...and I also understand wanting to "hold off" taking them, in case just rest will help.

Barry, hope all is well with you and yours.

Truth be told, not much excitement going on around here. Takes Den and I both a good while to acclimate to winter weather (even though it's technically still fall, lol!) He gets up so early to go to work and is on call this week, so extra hours mean extra fatigue (worked several hours Saturday, due to a pump malfunction at the town sewer plant...then didn't get home till after 10:00 pm a couple days ago because of a water main break and he had to set up lights so they could work long after dark.) Anytime electricity is involved (pretty much every time, lol!) someone from that dept. has to be there...Den happens to be on call this time, but even if he's not, he often has to go in and take care of something...

We are both dealing with "sinus stuff" and as many know, that can certainly keep one worn down...my dad seems to be "maintaining", I've still see him every week and we will probably go sit/eat with him on Christmas Day (then maybe go on to Amy's town for a quick visit.)

We ended up buying a newer van, needed something more reliable than the older (2005) Dodge mini-van, for the long drives to Tennessee, etc. The newer one is a 2013 Chrysler Town and Country...stow n go seats, and more "bells and whistles" than necessary, but we're pleased with it. The first thing the grandkids asked (of course) is if the DVD player works, lol! The old van has one, but it never did work and we didn't try to replace it....I'm happy I won't have to deal with a bunch of portable DVD players when traveling with the Treasures, lol!

And...we will be making quite a big life-style change in the spring...if things go according to plan. Den has been offered a different job as a contractor for a fellow who has lots of projects in the works. Den will still be doing electric, along with plumbing, carpentry, etc., etc. but will be able to set his own hours...and won't have to deal with some of the things he does now. He's waiting till spring to be closer to age 65 (for insurance purposes) and to get past his "anniversary date" at his current job. Our main hurdle is finding and paying for insurance for me...I tell him it's his own fault he "robbed the cradle" all those years ago, lol! But, even if I have to go back to work somewhere...it's worth it to have my husband healthy, happy and as stressfree as possible, for as long as possible.

So...that's my W & P update. Please know that I am thinking of everyone, even if I don't write anything. Winters seem to get harder every year...no fun being cold and not able to have windows open or be outside as much. I check on our Amish mama at least once a week to see if she needs anything. The other day I brought her cloth diapers home to finish drying and fluff up in my dryer...it's the little things, true? And I stayed in the house with the kiddos (even though her 4 year old was holding the baby) so she could go out and fix the fencer to keep the milk cow's calf from escaping again.

We had thought of going down to Tennessee sometime closer to Christmas, but I don't want to be gone from my dad on Christmas Day...and David would have to work all the days before and after, so we wouldn't get to see much of him (and harder for him to sleep during the day and work at night with company in the house...) And Lindsey said she would rather we come when it warms up again, anyway, so she can take her daddy kayaking :)

So...maybe I'll touch base here again on the other side of winter, lol! No, hopefully before that...but take care, everyone!


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julie - Nice to see you. yes. winter becomes more difficult. the cold bits. how nice for Den. yes, maybe visitingwith kids will be more fun when its warmer. i dont know how the Amish cope. Honestly. in freezing temperatures. come back when youcan.

God bless



Hi, Kids,

Just stopping from cleaning the hoarder room. I turned on the TV to find another funeral for President Bush. I understand why they are having it but don't know why it is broadcast after the last one, the lying in state and all the pomp and circumstance each time the remains are moved. I'll bet it will be a relief to the family once it is all done.

I use some of the shelves just inside the big closet in the hoarder room to store canned food and other things the kitchen doesn't have storage for. I found some cans too far past the expiration date so have to take them to the dumpster. I'll have to use my little shopping cart because they are heavy. I hate to waste food but it happens when I have a prolonged period of not feeling well.

SV was so excited and was streaking around and getting underfoot. I haven't gotten to the shelves back in that closet; that's when I'll have to make some decisions about what to keep and what to give to Goodwill. I also have things which need to go the the county's hazardous waste dropoff. It'll be so good to get that room cleaned up. Then, I just have to go through paperwork before the end of the year. I had a doctor appt. on the 10th but cancelled it because I feel lousy. It's just a skin check at the dermatologists office and nothing needed to sustain life.

Just got a text that my DNA is being analyzed. I figured I'd get the results by the middle of the month if all went well. Guess that will probably be when it arrives. I'm getting a bit excited about it even though I think I know what the results will show. I hope the report shows migration of my ancestors.

When I went out and came home, there was an invitation to a neighbor's party. I'd been expecting it and was glad it was the one I knew about. I don't know about all y'all but I dread having to go out to parties any more. If I felt better, perhaps I'd enjoy it. This party will be fun. Joe and Claudia will probably be there. There will be plenty to eat and drink and I'll know people, not like the last one I attended.

Rock, that was my first thought--how far away is the plug for the lights? I like this pic because it reminds me of the mountains in CO. Celebrating Christmas in the CO mountains is wonderful. I'm glad I have my memories but I'm also glad to be living here in the winter. The sun is shining through the palm fronds just outside the window as I sit here typing. When I look out, the water in the pool is sparkling as it circulates. It was cold out this morning, 47 degrees, and no one is at the pool. I hope Gordon feels better and I hope you don't catch it.

Spring, those are some steps climbing up to the temple. Good for you for climbing them and for walking. I want to get back to walking in the pool. Right now, I only have so much NRG and have to use it in here to clean up my mess. Then, I'll be getting back to walking over there. I have meditated on my Chakras for years. I'm sure I could get better at it. While I haven't been well, I have neglected everything. Glad you are having good weather too.

Julie, I'm so glad to see your newsy post. You weren't kidding, a new car and a change of jobs. Those Town and Country vehicles are great. No one does family cars like Chrysler. The stow and go seats are so useful. Having a working DVD player is a must for kids on long trips. I don't have one in the Highlander but usually don't need one. Andy was on his phone the whole way back from Orlando a couple of years ago. He was playing games or watching videos. Who would have believed us years ago if we told people our phones would become our main form of communication and entertainment as well as shopping and banking. Glad your Dad is hanging in there. Hope to see you here before spring.

Guess I'll haul the cans to the dumpster. I need someone to hold a gun on me and make me do it. My feet are freezing. Just checked my weather app and it's only 67 now. Hope everydooby is having a great day. Yikes! The Oakridge Boys are singing Amazing Grace in four-part harmony. Sounds like old time religion just met Barber Shop Quartet. Time to go.

Love, Mikie


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Hello all;

Sun, so sorry for your pain! Do you take meds. for it? As for your query re 'shrooms, my friends live in the woods in an area rich with chanterelles every year. In the autumn, of course, after the rains. I get them too here on my plot, but not so many or often. I did see some oyster mushrooms t'other day, but will have to climb a ladder to get them..:eek: By the way, it is good to run across another addict to dark chocolate! I eat some every day.. NO MILK choc. for me, though me mum loved it. Dear mum.

Mikie, your eye doc sounds insane to me. Ibises in the yard means insects? We NEED insects, and so does the ecosystem. I can assure him there will be insects there all the time, unless he is using toxic pesticides ... and those would travel up the food chain. Give him a lecture next time you see him!

Granni, glad you're back. You sure have been mighty busy with your music! What joy for you to sing. Hope the rashes get resolved soon. What does DCD mean? I be confused.

Star, so funny about your cauliflower (and your not-said comment about slugs) and cheese dish.
When I have a slug problem I use a product called SLUGGO, that is totally safe for pets and birds and people. Totally organic. It works! Stinking hot now, is it? And you are in the cooler part of Australia, eh wot? The fires in Q-land have been awful from what I've heard. It was a terrible year for forest fires in California this year here. Climate change! :confused: Watch out for the plovers! I do believe their eggs used to be considered a delicacy. Never had 'em, but have had quail eggs.

  1. Spring, I learned a lot about the chakras and kundalini yoga when I went to the Cal. Institute for Asian studies in San Francisco, where we lived for two years. I have a BA in comparative religious studies, and was taking courses for a M.A, but Krishnamurti had made a lot of influence on me when I read some of his books, and went to lectures he gave in Ojai (Calif.) and London.

  2. Computer going crazy.
  3. Julie, so nice to read your post. It seems like Den's work must be stressful and tiring, especially when he is "on call". And all the work at home that you both do! At least I guess your mowing chores are over for a while, huh? You know, I just don't understand why kids want to watch dvds or look at their cell phones when on a drive. The outside world....passing by, in the blink of an eye.

  4. Mikie, I sure hope you feel better soon. I hope we all will. Computer is driving me nuts or nuttier. Every time a push the Enter key it gives me a number. watch...
  5. ? Man I'm outta here for now.
Love and Blessings to All,
Barry (Computer illiterate)


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Dear Ones,

Just popping in for a few minutes, AGAIN !!!!! Waiting to leave in a little while to go to one of our parties. It should be fun with lots to eat and drink even though I shouldn't eat or drink a lot of it. I have found some supps that has been really helping me with those pesky fungus , candida or whatever you call them in my body. Last time I went to the naturopathic doc she told me that I was looking much better in that regard. She does the eyeology I think they call it and can tell lots of things from your eyes. S I will probably eat more of the bad stuff than I should LOL:p !!

Tomorrow night is our big concert and it is supposed to be bad weather. Hope it holds off till the concert is over with. Luckily it is not to far from home but with bad weather and heavy rains it could be bad for everyone. Hope not and DH is going somewhere else this time so will miss the concert this time but usually goes when I sing. They are also supposed t have a party afterwards. When DH goes and sometimes DD and DSIL I dont go to the party and have to pay for each person. So depending on the weather and how I feel I may go to the party. Already paid my $ for it but not to much.

JULIE - So nice to hears from you. I know you are super busy and hope that change of jobs for Den works out for the both of you. Yes, with the driving to Tenn also I think it is best you wait till warmer weather and you can do more stuff outdoors and people tend to be a little healthier. We are going to Austin for Christmas just for the day but luckily DSIL is driving so we can go and come back the same day. He doesn't worry about weather as much as DH and everything else. Ahhh, it is nice to be young, isn't it??? They do get a little bit of snow and ice every now and then. How do those Amish do it??? Just raised on lots of hard work with no complaining - not allowed !!LOL They are just more used to it then us pansy's - he he Wow are you going to get a new car too?? Wonderful !!!

MIKIE - Try not to wear yourself out doing so much cleaning and un-hoarding if there is such a word. LOL Enjoy your fun party !!! I know it is a pain to dress up ( not that dressy for us most times) but I had to search in my closet for something resembling Christmas with some Christmas colors. I found an outfit I hadn't worn in years and put a snowflake turtleneck underneath it. Itis a boatneck and it is a little chilly for me, at least the dampness bothers me so I put that underneath. It is a muted red sort of velour pants and top.

BARRY - DCD is Dear Confused Daughter. One of our daughters got into drugs and alcohol I am guessing and it screwed up her thinking and her brain and memory to make a long story short. She thinks she was in the armed forces when she wasn't and lots of other stuff. Now taking different drugs with might be helping her some, at least she is not as cobatative but I haven;t brought up the forbidden subjects either. We will see, she making so positive changes which I hope will continue. We will see !! Hope you get to feeling better real soon. I know what you mean about when the screwy computer takes over and drives you nuts.

SPRING WATER - Right now all the family s not that behind her, her siblings at least most of them are very upset at what she did and it will take awhile for them to really help her if needed and see her side of things but she will have to make the necessary changes to do so. It is a long story and very sad. Glad your weather is pretty nice for you, At least right now she has a part time job and has a roof over her head. For a time she wa completely homeless and God knows what she had to do to survive. She hasn't shared a lot of that but I sure can figure that one out. She is hoping to get back into medicine but not sure if she will be able to do it or now. They will help her but not sure how much the classes will be that she needs.

Thinking of everyone but so busy and and haven't finished my cards and going to do less of them for sure. I sent out so far to my nsg classmates . MOst of us usually exchange cards and what is going on in their lives. Will send to family esp those who do not love close by. DD#4 is still in the process of trying to sell her home. Her husband is living with DD#2 down here since he already has a job. They plan on coming down to stay until house sells and stay with DD#2. Hope that doesn't take to long.

Guess I will have to wait till tomorrow to have DH clean and change the bandage on my biopsy site . May take a bath and try and try not get it wet, at least right away. It is a pain since it is towards the back, below the left shoulder and I can't just do it myself. I really neat to wash my hair but am afraid to do so right away. Want to get some waterproof bandaids if I can .

Gotta run for now.

Love to awl, inc all our MIAs !!
Granni :)
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Hi Kids

I was here 4 hours ago, but the computer wouldn't let me sign in. Spent most of the
day asleep. Got a Christmas present from my Oregon brother. Something weird as
usual. A mango flavored cake with nuts. I have mentioned to him multiple times I no
longer have sufficient teeth to chew nuts, etc. but his intention was good. At least he
didn't send me any more of those jellies with pepper in them.

Gordon just came upstairs and wanted to know what was going on. I said, "We're waiting
for Hagrid who is going to speak to us on the secrets of Hogwarts." Gordon alleged he had heard stomping overhead. I confessed to having moved the fan five feet to the West
and replacing it with room heater. No stomping, stamping, or jumping was involved.
Winter is unofficially here. Going down to 52 tonight.

Granni, hope the concert and the party are both a big success. I don't think I ever
heard of a waterproof band aid. Sounds like a good idea though.

Barry, I used to go to Ojai (pronounced Oh-hi, Kids) on business when I lived in
Ventura. I had case at Paul Newman's favorite Mexican restaurant which was
on the outskirts of the town. Ojain was tiny. Maybe still is. It had a bookstore that
never closed. Open night and day. The walls were book shelves with the books on
the outside. I once bought a book there, put my money in the slot by the door, and went home a happy shopper. Was around 10 PM. No one else to be seen on the

Mikie, 47 degrees is an iffy figure in Minnesota winters. Generally most folks
are pleased to have a warm day. But some folks don't like warm days that melt
ice and snow 'cause they know it will be extra icy tomorrow. On days with
temps in that area you sometimes see guys wearing a parka and short pants.

That SV really likes to participate in what you're doing, doesn't he. My kitty isn't
really interested unless it involves food or brushing. BTW we had rain the last
two days. She stayed in her shelter behind the big piece of plywood and remained
perfectly dry.

Julie, according to the CDC figures cows are plenty dangerous. Kill about 20
Americans a year. Sharks, bears and alligators about one@. So I think you are
very brave to chase the calf back to mama. Also helps if you know something about
how cows behave. When we visited the farm we kids were also told never stand
close behind the cows or the horses.

Even when I was a kid I was fascinated by the way grownups could argue so about
just everything and anything. Thanks you for your comments on Gordon and his
remedy. I didn't consider those possibilities. Kayaking in Tenn.? Never heard of
such. What river is that? The Tennessee; Ohio; Mississippi?

Spring, I don't know why Gordon decided to make fudge. Of course fudge and
pho have certain similarities. They both require bowels, heat and utensils. And
they start with the same syllable.

Well, it's time to go back to bed again.

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Good Friday Morning, Kids,

Guess my cold isn't done with me. I started coughing last night and am still coughing this morning. If this keeps up, I won't be going to the party on Sunday. The stomach upset is back too. I wonder if Joe's stomach upset is gone. Didn't get the Final Jeopardy question last night. I did make progress on the hoarder closet so will have to be happy with that.

Barry, I'm guessing the kinds of insects which draw large numbers of ibis are not the healthy kind. I don't get involved in the flora and fauna much so am not knowledgeable about such things. In any case, I do enjoy watching them and so does SV. When things you don't understand appear in a post, look to the strip above. The icon with numbered paragraphs is likely highlighted in this case. All you have to do is click on it to turn off the numbers. Same for bold, italics, underlines, etc. Thanks for your good wishes. Hope you are feeling well.

Granni, not sure I knew you were getting a biopsy. Is it for the rash or something else? If you use the waterproof bandages, be sure the edges are sealed to your skin or they will leak. I am always tearing my skin working around here and I use them when I get into the pool. Your outfit sounds perfect. I hope you go to the party and enjoy it. Hope the singing goes well too. The choirs at the Bush funerals were beautiful to hear. Glad the fungus is better.

Rock, it's amazing how noisy it can be downstairs when something is going on upstairs. You should have told Gordon that you were practicing your tap dancing. I hate turning on the heat in here and won't do it unless I'm really freezing. My feet were cold yesterday and Nancy told me she puts her socks in the microwave when it's cold. I slathered heavy lotion on my dried up old feet and put the warm socks on. Mmmm, felt sooo good. A beauty treatment for the tootsies. Yes, SV inserts himself into everything I do in here, even when I bathe. Too bad you can't enjoy the mango cake. Hope the computer behaves itself.

I am so glad all the funerals, lying in state and pomp and circumstance, every time President Bush's body was moved, is over. I'll bet the family is ready to drop. I know I am. Instead of watching TV, I've been listening to Christmas music while I go about my cleaning and resting in between tasks. I'm really tired this morning so don't know how much I'll get done today. Good thing I'm retired. Hope everydooby has a great day.

Love, Mikie



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Good morning! Is it spring yet? :p My phone said it was 11 degrees, but the computer just now shows 13...I think I will stick with the computer :cool:

Barry, I think you've started a new trend. Mikie, I didn't even realize that numbering thing was there, lol! I need to do more exploring...I don't know what some of that stuff at the top of my post even is. Oh, I turned it off and my number disappeared...I figured the ones we had done would remain, but I guess it's either "all or nothing"? By the way, I don't know what happened to "spell check" or how to turn it back on...

Anyway...thought I would try to be more social, but I have to be quick so I can get ready for town (to visit my dad, pick up the title for the new van, get groceries, run some errands, etc.) I get fresh cut flowers for my dad every week, but every other time I try to make sure there are plenty of blue ones in the bouquet (his favorite color, but not always so plentiful.) If any of his "leftovers" still look okay, I bring them to my house...but I want to make sure he has decent ones in his vase. Some of the staff are really good about making sure they have sufficient water (or tossing the flowers if they're past their prime), but sometimes (especially if I miss a week due to weather or illness, etc.) I go in and the water is gone, the flowers are dead, but nobody has thrown them away...those days I wonder if housekeeping has done anything at all...

Barry, I agree that kids shouldn't be "entertained" every single hour of every single day...but 10 hour trips in a vehicle get pretty long and boring. Adults have things to keep them busy, so why not kiddos? All of our Treasures, except for Keira, are still required to be in car seats, which restrict a lot of movement. So, if they can just "veg out" with a movie or two along the way, it really helps....bonus points if they can take a nap, lol! I still remember trips with all 4 of Lindsey's (south to north) and Liora would yell from the back of the van, in her newly acquired southern drawl..."GRANDMA, ARE WE IN IOWAAAAA YET?" Gotta love 'em ;):D

Mikie, I hope your cold lets up very soon. I never thought to microwave socks...good idea.

Rock, amazing how noisy things sound from upstairs. Case in point...when Grandpa Den is trying to take a nap and the kids are playing in the loft above our bedroom, lol! That's usually when we find a "quiet time" thing to do. Mango cake...is it chock full of nuts or could you scrape them out and just eat the cake part? Oh, about the calf...she was kicking up her heels and really didn't want to be "herded", lol...but I stayed well behind her "behind" and she knew where she was supposed to go. Glad she didn't get clear up to the road...many drivers go so fast on the gravel and might not have seen her. The kids go kayaking on nearby lakes, but have to stay clear of motor boats, etc.

Spring, I love to read your posts about your family, pets, life in general. So neat to have friends like you and Star...all around the world :)

Granni, hope all turns out well with your biopsy.

Oh, I see the clock ticking by and I still need to hop in the shower. We will be home this weekend...Keira has two basketball games left, but I know Den is too tired to go tomorrow. Amy said Keira didn't really care if we see any of her games, but is counting on me to go to her chorus/band concert on Tuesday evening. So, I'll probably pick the girls up at school and hang out with them until concert time...then we get an "after concert snack" and I'll head home after that. Will be a long day, so I'll need to plan accordingly. And I need to order Keira's wrist corsage in time to pick it up somewhere along the way...sort of a "Grandma tradition" for both her and Miley. The younger grades alternate between winter and spring concerts...this is Miley's year to have one in the spring.

Hi to everyone I haven't mentioned...gotta run, but thinking of you all!



Hi, Kids,

My cough is still with me. I texted my RSVP to my friend here in the hood and told her I'd be at her party if I were not hacking uncontrollably. She loves making cocktails and said she hoped I'd be able to come. She said some kind of concoction would probably make me feel better. I agree. I've been able to keep from coughing with my allergy/cold OTC med but feel exhausted so haven't done much 'cept watch TV and nap. Joe saw his doc who told him he didn't find anything in the exam to be concerned about. He will just relax and eat bland food until he feels better.

My DNA results are in. No surprises. Mostly Irish and about a quarter German. There is a trace, less than 2 percent, of African DNA. They included a list of cousins, some of whom I was aware. Plus, there was a lot more info on my close relatives. I need to go back and check it all out. I can only do a bit and then I just tire of it.

Julie, brrrr! I've been freezing when it gets down into the 40's and 50's. I don't use most of the text functions in the strip above. I inadvertently hit the code icon and OMG, it reminded me of my job back in the day when we used word processors. Fortunately, there is an underlined area to click on to go back to 'normal.' That is so sweet to give the girls wrist corsages. That will be something they will never forget. You're a good grandma.

SV came over and tapped my leg with his paw. When I talk to him, he answers quietly. When I ask if he wants a treat, he lets out a big MEOW. He knows what that word means. He ate his soft food yesterday and today. I'm glad because dry food all the time isn't as healthy as getting a bit of the soft stuff. He doesn't enjoy sitting out on the lanai in this kind of weather. When it stiflingly hot in the summer, he will lie out there all day long and bake himself. I throw my fuzzy robe on his side of the bed at night and he curls up on it. We both benefit from that old robe.

I fixed Brussels sprouts and the condo stinks. AACCKK! A little butter, some bacon and pepper and they made a great lunch. I really need to eat healthier stuff. Gonna go wrap up in the fuzzy robe; I can't stay warm. Hope all y'all are having a great day.

Love, Mikie



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Everything is keeping me from practicing so I need to run before I even get on the porch. Today is the concert.

MIKIE - How do you make your brussel sprouts, just wondering. It does sound good but you need to cook them a couple certain ways or they are not tha appetizing. Enjoy your party, and I hope you stop coughing real soon. SV sounds so sunny and he sounds like he really understands you and his TREAT time :)!!!

JULIE - What a good grandma you are!!! Very nice you can go to their concerts and give them wrist corsages. I agree with MIKIE that I cannot even stand about 40's and 50's. Must be my thyroid and Im on meds might need a change but that might not help either. Going to get check in January for everything again . Need new meds too. Off to try and study a little bit of the music. Will be glad when it is over. and hope we don't drown in the predicted possible heavy rain.

Love to awl,
Granni :)


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Mikie: So no surprises with your DNA. And how about your heath? Didn't you also pay for that? I may have mentioned that mine came up a possible carrier for Alpha 1......it's a type of bad lung disease which stems from relatives around Eastern Europe. Mine mostly came from Slovakia area, and since the countries are so small lots listed. My lung doc did two blood tests and apparently I'm NOT a carrier, which is good news for my kids and grandkids. However, my DH may have been since his brother and sister both have/had it. Sister died from it about 8 years ago. The symptoms are exactly the same as what I have.

Julie: Aw......those wonderful/special wrist corsages!!!! I had a few when I was a teenager going to a dance. The girls will remember that forever.

Barry and everyone who asked: Still have terrible side pain but today has become bareable when I have to bend over to cough. I take 800 ibuprofen during the day to cut the pain and around 5 PM I have some red wine, That really helps! Then tramadol before bed along with heating pads.

My DS and two youngest DGDs just left. Came over to spend the day with me....today I turned 74. Nothing like little ones to make you feel loved. I could hang onto them forever. But two and four means lots of squabbling over who has which toy that the other wants! At least I can soothe the younger one with some rocking, the older one just goes to sulk. But it was a good day and I needed it.

My DS was telling me about his seriously ill FIL. He had heart surgery about 8 years ago, but his heart is bad on both sides, and the heart med. is making his kidneys slow down. It sounds pretty bad. And once he would have to go on dialysis with a bad heart someone can only live about 3 mos. So apparently the family is coming to terms that he doesn't have long to live. He is 67.....none of us live forever. My dad was 56 when he died.

I now off for a nap.


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Hi Sun

Hope you had a good nap. Many Happy Returns! The pic is supposed to have plenty
of sparkle. Do you remember Sparkle Plenty? She was a character in the Dick Tracy cartoon strip back in the days when I was a paper boy.

Yes, a wrist corsage is a thing of beauty. I had one once. My mother made me give it
to my prom date. It was a white orchid.

Mikie, Sylvester is one smart cookie. My kitty never taps me on the leg. She snagged
my leg a couple times. Nothing serial. Just a few tiny drops of blood. I think she was telling me don't go, stay and brush me some more. But she hasn't done that for years.
I went out a little while ago to put the thick red sweater in her nesting place. The concrete is still wet, so I'll wait till tomorrow. It's big. Probably belonged to Lump
Lump at one time.

Wish I had a fuzzy robe. I have a terry cloth one that goes back to the Clinton administration. Or maybe I got rid of it. Not too sure about anything anymore.
Did you get the Jeopardy question tonight? Gordon did. The answer was Aida.
Who knew he was such an opera lover?

Julie, the nut mango cake had no nuts and no flavor. It did have some yellowish
chunks which may have been the mango. Gordon said the nuts had been pulverized.
I can't imagine anyone ever buying, or eating, a second one. Got one of those towers
of presents from my brother tonight. Half a dozen packages with something to eat in each one: nuts, jam, chocolate, etc. I must write him a thank you tonight.


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Kind of a bad day today. DD rolled her car over three times. Car is a mess, but DD only has a scratch on the back of her hand.

But when I sent a text to my DM, it distracted her and she lost her balance, fell and broke her hip. I discovered this 4 hours later when I called her neighbor to check on her because I couldn't get her to answer the phone. She head been on the floor for 4 hours, hoping it was me calling, and that I'd get panicked when she didn't answer.

Anyway, she's in the hospital and will have to have surgery. Then she'll have to be in a rehab facility for a while. I'm staying at her house tonight to take care of her cats (one is 16 years old). DS will probably have to stay during the week.

Long story short, I may be absent for a bit...



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Hi guys! Long day, but glad I stopped by the porch...now I get to wish Sun a Happy Birthday!

Oh, I think I forgot to mention that our insurance finally approved the MRI on my neck...I'll have that done on Tuesday, then will head to Amy's town.

And, I saw someone had posted while I was on here...Oh my goodness, Duckie! That's terrible about your daughter's accident...cars can be replaced, of course, but I'm glad your DD didn't have any worse injuries. You know, better than anyone, what to watch out for as far as other symptoms popping up...hope she's not too sore in the coming days. And your mama!!! I feel so bad for her and for you...prayers that the surgery and recovery goes well.

I'm going to head to bed. Tomorrow's project is replacing our mailbox :mad:
One of our Amish neighbor men came by last evening to tell us that our mailbox (and our closest Amish neighbor's mailbox) had been knocked over. He said as he and his wife were coming home from town, they met a pickup that was driving really fast and "crazy". Then they got on up the road to where the mailboxes were supposed to be and they were lying all over the road.

We wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't done on purpose...every once in awhile, someone (we think it is a person or people who doesn't care for the Amish and thinks we are Amish too) goes around, bashing in mailboxes or running them over. They broke the wooden post off on our neighbor's box, but Den had ours mounted to a heavy metal post that only bent because (it looked like) the truck had ran up on it before it finally gave way...so we are guessing the truck has some damage. It's a wonder the truck didn't get hung up on the post or even flip. So, I bought a new mailbox today and Den will fix it (and make it even more sturdy) tomorrow.

Take care, and good night.



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Hi Kids

I slept most of yesterday, but not at all tonight. Worse than that I couldn't find a good
TV show to watch.

Duckie, what terrible news! Who would think a rolled car would lead to a broken hip?
I hope your mom has a good constitution and an excellent surgeon. How old is your

One of my high school friends rolled a car while he was driving to0 fast on a country
road with a gravel surface. He escaped with the same injury. A slash on the back of
one hand. Didn't keep him from playing basketball. Hope your daughter also has
an uneventful recovery.

Julie, that's very disturbing about the mail box vandals. I remember taking my son
to some movie back in the 80s. Some teenagers in a pick up or a convertible were
riding around; smashing mailboxes with baseball bats.

I still think small towns and farms are the best places to raise kids. You see the news
about the 2 boys ages 8 and 9 who stopped a school bus when the driver passed out?
Little town in New Hampshire.

When I was a kid I used to read in the Boy Scout Magazine about kids who performed
heroic deeds. I wanted to do that. I actually was involved in a rescue when I was about
7 or 8. I was the kid who got pulled outta the water.

Hugs, Rock


Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

Got up early and took a nap on the sofa. This cold's dragging on is dragging me down. Joe called this morning to give me an update on his stomach problems and said I sounded tired. Barb's kids arrived. I can tell because they slam the front door so hard it rattles the wall between our condos. Thank goodness they will likely only be here a week or so. When Barb's daughter comes down in Jan., Barb will be with her. I think it's the SIL who slams the door. He likes to do things like that to irritate people. He and Barb needle each other. She has told him she plans to live until the day he dies and then die herself the next day just so she can stay around to needle him the rest of his life.

Sun, sorry I missed your Birthday. A very, very happy Birthday to you. I'm glad to read you are doing a bit better. Maybe this means you are on the road to recovery. I didn't do the health DNA with 23&Me because it would have been $200. Everyone in our family dies of massive heart attacks at a ripe old age. A relative on my biological father's side posted a few pics of my grandparents and other things. That was good to find. I don't think they are active on Ancestry now. It's expensive to stay on it. I will get all I can and not renew for the next six months. Glad you got to see the kids.

Rock, yes, I did get the Final Jeopardy question; Claudia did too. I'm usually guessing when I get them. I'm the most surprised of all. That is so sweet of you to put a nice sweater in Miss Kitty's little shelter. Sylvester used to have his claws out once in a while when he tapped me but I would tell him no and he now just taps with his soft little paw. Tweety did it too. This morning, he was calling out for her; he still does that once in a while. It breaks my heart so I give him extra love. I held him like a baby and scratched his tummy. He played a while with his mousie and had to go lie down from all the effort.

Duckie, I am so very sorry for all the bad luck which has followed your Daughter and Mom. I'm glad your DD wasn't seriously injured and hope nothing comes of it later. Just dealing with a wrecked car is stressful enough. I hope and pray your Mom does well with the surgery and follow up rehab. Also glad your Son can help out. I see where you get your love of cats. How far away does your Mom live? Breaking a hip is one of my concerns because I have osteopenia in my left hip. Doc has me taking extra Vitamin D. As I've said, my body would rather make stones than bones. Just sent up a little prayer for you all.

Julie, I'm glad you will get the MRI. They are so good at showing what is going on that doesn't show up on x-rays. Geez, your mailbox too? I hope it's not someone doing this on purpose. We need love and not hate and vandalism in the world. Nancy sent me a pic of her's set in a big ACE Hardware Store bucket filled with cement. She tied it to a big tree. If anyone destroys it again, they would likely wipe out their vehicle on the tree. I think a great invention would be a metal mailbox pole with one of those big coils at the base so it would just spring back up after being hit. It could be like those little animals in the parks that kids can sit on and spring back and forth. Maybe Den could make one, patent it and make a bundle. Turn those lemons into lemon meringue pie!

Grace and Dennis rolled in last night. I want to get over this cold so he and I can get rid of the big storage bin behind the hedge. I can't do it by myself. Hope everydooby is having a great weekend.

Love, Mikie