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PORCH #1105 IS NOW CLOSED (12/17/18)

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Good Monday Morning, Dear Porchies,

C'mon in and sit a spell in front of the fire and warm your tootsies, sip a cup of hot chocolate and maybe sing a Christmas Carol or two.

I posted at the end of the last Porch. Please go check any posts you may have missed. Seems all our Porchies are pretty busy these days but I hope everyone will stop in.

Love, Mikie
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Ho, Ho, Ho Kids

Thanks for opening up, Mikie. A beautiful pic. Doesn't look much like the trees of my
yute, but we had fun decorating them. And for many years we had a cardboard fireplace;
the same one. It was sturdy enough for us kids to hang our stockings on it.

Here's a pic I found on the net. No explanation for the appearance of Spiderman. Appar-
ently his powers include time travel. I can't quite figure out the little kid in blue on the
floor. Wearing angel wings?

It's 57 degrees here going up to 64. We'll have some days in the 70s this week. Gordon
has an orchid meeting tonight. He has three plants with huge blooms ready to go.
His friend Jim has 5 or 6 Christmas trees in his historic home. All decorated. For years he has given a party for old friends from work. But he's been retired quite a while. No more
parties he says.

We are visiting our family doctor this morning. His office is in the San Fernando
valley. Was a song back around the 50s. "Gonna make the San Fernando Valley
my home." Written by Johnny Mercer. Recorded by Bing Crosby and Roy Rogers
(not together). Bing and Elvis died the same year: 1977. Our two most popular baritones.

In those days they had music that...oh well, never mind.

I think I've played Santa three times, but can only remember two. Where oh where
has my mind gone? If my maternal grandmother were here she would wave her
arm and cry, "With The Wind".

Hope you are all enjoying the season as best we can. Hugs, Rock




Hi, Kids,

Good news is that SV's x-rays showed no stones. Bad news is that not all stones show up on x-ray. Good news is that the doc wasn't worried about dehydration. Bad news is that SV still isn't drinking water. They want to wait until the urinalysis results come in to do anything; it could be a UTI. The vet will call me when they do. In the meantime, I have to give him pills. Yikes! Hope I can get it down his gullet. I had no luck last time I tried. They gave us some Greenie pill pocket treats. They treats are hollow and you can hide pills in them. I think he's too smart for that but I'll give it a try. We saw Dr. John, Nancy's old vet for Bob, her cat. We talked about how sweet Nancy is and I told him we keep in touch playing Final Jeopardy. I'm so happy that these vets and everyone at the practice are so nice and competent.

I ran to Publix after we got home and, thanks to a lot of BOGO's, I got a lot of food for less. I even got a nice wine on BOGO to take to the hostess at the Christmas party. I got some eggs and will make deviled eggs for the event. Everyone likes them. SV is very glad to be home and he's been sharing his appreciation. Everyone at the vet and emergency clinic love him because he's so sweet and mellow. I tried to call the newspaper customer service line but was on hold forever. I'll try another time. The Snowbirds are probably calling when they arrive. I think I can still read the major local and national stories on the website.

Rock, my family all like the old fashioned trees with all kinds of ornaments from years gone by. The trend today for many is themed trees with all the same kinds of ornaments. They are beautiful but I think the traditional trees are the most meaningful. I can't imagine trimming all the trees that Jim did. I'll bet Gordon will come home with honors for his orchids again. Hope all goes well at the doc. Isn't it the San Fernando Valley that spawned the Valley Girl meme back in the day? I'm laughing at the little Spiderman at Baby Jesus' birth. Well, why not. He came for all of us, Jesus, not Spiderman although superhero fans might disagree. Spidy probably came for everyone in comic book land.

Marlo Thomas is on TV for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. The charity is doing such good work, not only at the hospital but for research into children's cancer and outreach to places of great poverty where children with cancer don't survive. What a wonderful thing her father started and it's wonderful that she has carried on his work. God bless her.

OK, Kids, gonna go make a sandwich. SV is snuggled in his perch on the back of the love seat. They gave him a tranquilizer that is supposed to relax him so he can pee more easily. It's in the same family as Klonopin. Hope all y'all are having a great start to the week.

Love, Mikie

Update: Woo Hoo! SV just drank a lot of water. He's now in his box. Prayer answered. Vet said if it's a UTI, it may take a few more days for the ABX he received on Fri. to work. Thank you all for your kind prayers and concerns.

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Mikie: Good news about SV. Now stop monitoring and relax. I guess I should have been a lawyer because I HATE when I see wrong being done. I still think you need to tell this neice.....if you were her wouldn't you want to know especially when others see what this person is. Just my opinion.


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Good afternoon everyone.

Not a lot of time to post. Just wanted to give an update on everything.

DD test drove 2 different cars on Saturday and has her eye on one of them. I think it will be a great car...a 4-door Toyota Yaris. She's just waiting for the deposit from the insurance and the loan.

My DM finally got out of the hospital last night. She had developed a mild pneumonia (normally a really bad thing) but they caught it very early and treated it extremely aggressively with the most powerful antibiotics around. Within 48 hours, she was off oxygen. So she was discharged and sent to a rehab facility. It is SUPER NICE. Like 3 times as nice as the one I went to when I had my knees replaced 12 years ago. I also spent 12 years with a private ambulance service (once upon another lifetime) and saw the good, the bad and the ugly when it came to nursing homes and rehab facilities ("senior living" was a new concept back then). I was highly impressed with this place. When you walk in it's like a mini-mall, with a pub, restaurant, bakery, movie theater and beauty salon! Her private room is huge and has a refrigerator.

My DS realized that DM won't be home in time for Christmas and has already started planning how we can celebrate. Turns out (I'm not surprised) they have several rooms available at the care center for just such a thing. So all we have to do now is get a reservation in.

Anyway, the week has gone by in a blur. I've been to the hospital nearly every day, plus out to her house several times. The good thing about the care center is that it is close enough to my work that I could run up there at lunch time.

Gotta go. Will post more later.

Hugz, Duckie
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Hi, Kids,

More good news. I just got a private contact from a younger cousin on my dad's side. I met her grandfather, my uncle, at my dad's funeral. She has gone back generations with the family tree clear back to Germany. Wow! This is getting addictive.

Sun, I've never monitored SV's water intake; I monitor his output in the form of the number and size of the clumps in his box. This is what people with neutered male cats are supposed to do. It's very common. I don't actually count them and measure them but I can tell when I clean it whether he's doing well. I've been worried because he was sick. I think he's doing better. Now, if only I can get the tranquilizers down his gullet. I have never met that niece and she doesn't know me at all. Grace is keeping an eye on things and she has clued the older couple in. They have a key to my neighbor's condo and the niece trusts them. They are the best hope to protect her. They had already suspected that woman of not being on the up and up. Glad Grace will be here til spring. She knows everything that goes on around here. I'll see how things play out. Also, it appears the cops are checking things out too.

Duckie, I'm so glad your dear Mom is doing well and the pneumonia got cut short. Yes, the trend now is for beautiful rehab and nursing facilities with all kinds of amenities. The one Nancy was in after her back surgery was awful. If you spend Christmas there, it will likely be a very nice Christmas for you. I hope it's as good as Thanksgiving was for me with Claudia and her Mom. Toyotas are great cars. I've had my Highlander for 16 years. My ex has had one almost that long. I'm so glad DD wasn't hurt. It's great that your Mom's facility is so close to work. Hope things can settle down a bit for you. Do you get to do any quilting these days? I hope so.

I've been multi-tasking, posting while holding for the newspaper. I'm paid through the end of January and then it will be cancelled. The virtual edition is only $5 a month so I may subscribe to that.

Love, hugs and prayers for everydooby,



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Dear Ones,

I have been trying to do some reading of our posts. I am so behind. DH is calling as I just got onto to the porch.

MIKIE - So glad that SV peed. I know how excited you were when you saw that. I know how much you love that furry baby. Hope it continues and you do not have to worry any more and also spend lots of mu=onye to find our his problem and then possible fix it. I know how limited our funds now esp since neither of us are working. . Had my hair done today, horray and then went out to lunch. Very simple and they serve really good egg nog.

Just found out a neighbor down the streep passed away apparently about 80 or 81 years old but you wouldnlt know it. If she was ill I had no ideas. We were not close friends . I am sure had many as she was outgoing with lots of money bit did good with it, if she could . Had been in a dinner group with us many years ago with many others. Nice gal., I don't know if she was sick or not. The obit said she passed at home.

Gotta run for now.

Love to everydobby,
Granni :)


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Hi guys.

Great to read about some Good news.

Dr Fox...and I actually had 2 different 'warning' dreams featuring this animal,
before we moved here.I also had never met or heard of anyone in my circles,
with this name.

To answer the question about what I take-
I am on fentanyl patches and targin for pain relief.
I also hv endone for break through pain...
Temazepam for sleep.Noreflex for leg pains and body cramps.
(Muscle relaxer I take at night with sleeper)
I hv migraine pills, (but not too sure if they actually work).

I was in hospital recovering from surgery about 7 ? Yrs ago
when I discovered the anesthesiologist had put a stop to my pain
meds.(endone at the time) and had put me on gabapentin.
I was in hell.Pain was rediculous.(possibly withdrawls too)
and on top of surgery pain. It wasnt until I demanded to know
what was going on when the anesthesiologist actually showed up
And told me what they(she) was doing.
I remember thinking that she looks like she's just got out of uni and
Prob has No idea what pain feels like.
I got the whole speech about the pain being in my head and this
was the Correct way to handle it.
I just wanted to strangle her! She was stopping me from taking the only
thing I knew that could take the edge off the pain. She had No clue about me,
but somehow had All the power over me.dispite my own drs orders.
They had my meds locked away. It wasnt pretty.I wasnt pretty...

I tried to just relax and lay there without moving.
I had drs constantly hovering in the hallway, whispering about me.
They kept saying al I do is sleep.I remember thinking that 'if only I could...'
just because my eyes were closed, they assumed all I did was sleep.Morons.
Not once did anyone actually Ask me how I felt.(aside from when I screamed
at the nurse who told me he wasnt going to give me my pain relief at the beginning
of that nightmare).
I was praying for help and then this woman with her pram stopped in.
I found out later she was a dr on maternity leave and for some reason
had decided to stop in. (Answer to prayer).
She wrote a referal for me to go to the pain clinic.
When I got home, over an hr away. My dr was furious.
(Fortunately, Dh brought some pain meds, from home when he came to get me).

Before I went to the pain clinic, I was only taking endone.
My Dr actually took notice of the drs at the pain clinic and their reccomendations.
Put me on slow release targin. Afterwards we were worriedPills were hurting my liver,
so tried patches.
That was a terrible time of existing for me. Finally I had No pain,
But I realised I needed to hv a certain amt of pain if I actually
Wanted to Live and not just exist like a zombie.and not be able to move.
Also, I dont think my body was processing it properly.those patches
were Norsepan and I cut myself down to half that strength, as I was sure
I would od or something on them.
Anyway, we worked out that I could only do a combination of both
patches and targin coz for some reason my body couldnt handle too
Much of just one of those drugs.

Btw, I did follow through with the gabapentin, but as my dr said,
That may hv been the Right way, but it was the Wrong way of trying it.
I hv tried all the 'nuero pathway meds' (and some new ones after learning
about them at pain clinic)
and those results were awful.side effects were terrible and they did not deal with
Any of the pain.

To this day I shake my head at those experts who say opiods and pain meds
dont help fibro pain.
they are the only things medically that hv helped me.
I spent way more time stuck in bed from pain before them.

I know its a trade off though.
I choose To be able to be involved with my Treasures.
My family.
And I know the meds arent good for my body and cognitive function.
But whats the alternative ?

The pastor at our Church has a daughter with fibro.

Ive never met her, but when I first met her mother (pastors wife),
She told me about her.
In a nut shell she (mother) wont permit her daughter to
take strong pain relief and as a result she barely gets out of bed,
Her children are living with her sister etc etc.

I couldnt bear that. Losing my Treasures because my folks
Dont agree with drugs...

I do worry...
But try not to...
One day at a time...

Turns out fil is coming so Id best get presentable!

Take care my Porchie friends.
Catch yas later


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Mikie - Happy to hear about SV. i wonder if one carries on long enough one can trace ones ancestors backto Abraham and Moses? how amazing would that be. its terrible about the late neighbour and her iffy neighbour but i get you have too much on your plate right now to invite more potential trouble if the niecetells the iffy lady about you alls complaints. she seems scary and criminal type.

Star - nice to see you with your updates. intrigued about the dream animal. for us here, serpents signify enemies. i dream a lot but have learnt to separate the dreams which genuinely signify something as opposed to other dreams. if i go to bed having watched a docu about rhinos etc, i will likely havethem make an appearance in mydream thatnight.

Duckie - that NH room sounds very comfortable. imsure it would take the edge off alot of the hospital feeling to have nice surroundings. i wish your DM a speedy recovery. its nice for your DS to be able to plan Christmas. Will he still have to stay with DM? Here, itsnormal/mandatory for a family member to sleep next to the patient and be there allthe time. to buy meds and bring lunch etc. we dont have round the clock facilities forpatients.

Granni - its nice when people have money enoughand do good with it. hope your neighbour passedpeacefully. how are you planning to spend Christmas. With your nearbyDD? or are theycoming over.

Rock - Like Jim, my Chinesefriend used to love giving parties. But she hasnt for some time. Not enough helping hands. i think she is overwhelmed just trying to keep her house clean and dou g the normal chores. she does go out alot though. Her family never misses any new release that comes in the theatres. and then she messages me to go see so and so film because its good.

last evening me and DD went to see this film about the great flood of 2013 in India in the pilgrimage area of Kedarnath. a love story set in those times. id seen documentaries about it and really wanted tosee the beautiful mountainous locales. There was a big older family group behind us, very noisy and commenting all the time. DD was getting irritatedbut finally amused because they weregetting the scenes all wrong.

God bless
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Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

I'll stop back later. I woke very early and have been drowsing on the sofa. All this stress has caused a painful flare. SV is holding his own but the tranquilizer seems to make him feel unsure and a bit needy. He again took his pill inside one of the little Greenie Pill Pocket treats. Thank God. Wrestling cats to give them meds is horrible. The med is supposed to make it easier for him to pee and it stirs up his appetite. Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Kids

Slept all day again. Gave the kitty breakfast. She had to skip lunch. Gave her a can of
chicken for supper. She's now curled up on the steps to the top tier of the garden.
Gordon's magnificent yellow orchid won a first place ribbon last night. There was lots of competition. Most members showed up with lots of plants to be judged.

Mikie, sorry that you and SV aren't outta the woods yet. Yup, Valley Girl talk came from the San Fernando Valley. I find it very irritating. Especially when people are giving us information on the news, and they seem to be asking a question. "The Senator will have a comment later in the day? The Sheriff says at least three people were shot."

Sun, don't think you can trace ancestors back to Biblical people. For most of the centuries there would be no documents, photos, videos, newspapers, courthouse records, government files, etc. For most of that time everybody would have been illiterate with the exception of the Catholic monks who copied the Bible. Gutenberg invented the printing press in the
15th century (he modified a grape press used to make wine) but nobody knows what

Glad you got to see a an interesting film. Too bad about the noisy pests. When I went to
the movies, people were quiet. If they weren't somebody would turn around and say,
"Susan, if you and Margaret don't stop that loud talking, I'll be talking to your mother
tomorrow." Pretty effective.

Duckie, I never heard of a Yaris. Sounds like an old Norskie saying "Yeah". Anyhoo
I looked it up. All the models on the page were 15 or 16 thousand. Glad to hear that your Mom is at a nice place. My mother just looked at me with a sad expression and said,
How did I end up here?" Well, it was a nice place, but I suppose nobody wants to be
there. Much better if she had died like her brother in his sleep. Anyhoo the question was
rhetorical. She was very intelligent. She knew what had happened. She just got old.
About the age I am now.

Star, yes, dealing with pain is a terrible problem. Apparently all pain killers that
are powerful enough to do the job are also addictive. I feel really sorry for folks who are prescribed oxycodone. After their doctor stops the med they still crave it. That's
what happened to Rush Limbaugh. Was buying it on the street. Got arrested.

We had a couple here on the board several years ago. The wife posted that they take
marijuana to deal with pain, help with sleep, etc. She said their kids consider them
drug addicts and stopped visiting.

I just searched for marijuana to check my spelling. (As is usual nowadays it was wrong.)
But here's the funny thing. Half the sites that came up were about marijuana. The rest were about stock pots. Oops! That was actually pot stocks as in "stocks and bonds". Yes, I own
10 shares of General Motors, 15 of Midwest Power and Electric and 150 of Pot Heads Incorporate. On that silly note I will bid you all a fond adieu. BTW,when I started this post I thought it was supper time. Uff-doh!

Hugs, Rock
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Back Again....

Ducky, I'm glad that things are working out for you, and that the rehab is a good one. In another "lifetime" in worked as a nurses' aid. The 11pm-7am was my work"day". AKA the graveyard shift. Worked in the geriatric ward, psych ward, general ward, etc. Just rotated to where they needed me. And then off to classes at the University.... a tiring regimen, but learnt a lot.

Mikie, soooo glad that SV is doing better. Sooo sorry you are in a flare! Rest, rest, rest. Hey, I agree Toyotas are nice cars. We had a T. corolla for many years. Started giving us probs. so took it into the repair shop. Don't know what they did, but they took it on a test drive and it caught fire on the highway; total destruction! Of course they had to pay the insurance, etc., etc. I think a mouse nest in the engine caught fire and then.....I don't know nothing about cars.....

Star, I'm so sorry for the pain you were PUT THROUGH! NOT very professional, IMHO. Do you still take gabapentin? I've been on it for yonks for neuropathic pain. They also gave me tramadol, 4 a day, but I stopped taking them... kept me awake at night and at nap time. Still got a big stash of them. Not sure, but I think they've been put on the s*** list now.... HEY! I got the name of your doctor: Doc. Fox.! Do I get a reward?

Spring. A noisy group behind you at the cinema. Next time confront them and tell them to be quiet; pretend you're gonna talk to the manager; talk loud yourselves; throw water on them. All sorts of options my dear. I find that acting insane so that they are a bit scared is a good one too.

Another rainy and grey day. Woke early -- 5am-- got up at 7am. Just can't get back to sleep if I wake up and need to pee. Turn heater on, and TRY to go back to sleep. Doesn't work....

Well, the dogs and cats are very quiet today. They don't care for this weather too much. Lenny is slumped asleep across my shoulder, Romeo on his bed, cats ? Cats on the couch. Monty doesn't seem to mind the rain. He came in this morning absobloodylutely drenched! He doesn't care.

Rock, you seem to have the most peculiar sleeping pattern (or non-pattern); have you insomnia? How long has this been going on? I'm glad your kitty (has it a name) is getting more friendly. Good on you, mate!

I'm tired. Starting to get the dizzies sometimes when I get up. Orthostatic Intolerance? Brain tumour? Should I see a doc? I am so tired of docs. Tiring to see them.

I'm hungry. At least I haven't lost my appetite. Guess I'll have a p-butter and blackberry honey sandwich, with kefir on the side.

I'd write a lot more, but I would probably be banned and lost forever....

Best Wishes to All,
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Hi guys.
It's a mad house here!
Everything is everywhere as Dh is putting a bath tub in.
We picked up a cheap ,second hand spa bath tub,
But we are a bit iffy about the pump...
And I fear electrocution (irrationally).
So he is fitting a standard fibre glass tub that has built in
arm rests and neck rest and slopes where your back goes.
So pretty flash for us anyway :)

Except the place is a Disaster Zone! And we hv how many
sleeps 'till Christmas? And mil etc etc....sigh...lol.
Typical really.

Barry, yes you were right.
Dr Fox has somewhat of a rep, I hear.
One I could do without.
No I dont take any gabapentin or endep or any of the other drugs
I tried for a neuro pathway fix.Very bad side effects and No help at all.
Thank you for your empathy. After that treatment at the hospital ...
Lets just say, anxiety goes into over drive at the mere sniff
of me having to go into a hospital- for anything.
Nurses aide hey?
My dad was a nurse for a while in his early yrs too.
Copped too much flack for him to stick at it though.
Nice to hear about soaked Monty.

Mikie, Rest, Restore and Recover.
Sorry about all the stress with SV.
That's exactly the type of thing that tips me into a flare aswell.
Be kind to yourself.

Rock, I didn't know who that bloke was you mentioned
so I googled him.A radio announcer.
I'm assuming he's famous over there.
Yes.drugs do hv a huge impact on individuals, families and communities.
There are no favourites.all are impacted- young, old, rich, poor.
My body is addicted to the pain meds, but my mind isn't.
In the sense that I dont actually 'feel' wasted, stoned or high.
Which is good.well, some good.

Sun, I was initially prescribed Tramadol, but it made me feel
Very nauseous and I would stop breathing.
I still hv the left overs tucked away for emergency, which I
Would only take while awake, so as to avoid dying in my sleep.

Spring, yes Snakes are the obvious 'bad omen' choice.
And No I wasn't watching a doco on foxes or anything before I dreamt .
Its way worse when kids sit up the back and throw pop corn or lollies
At ya.totally brings out the ugly in a person who is on the receiving end .

Oooh! I just put my phone down for a second and lost my post!
So glad it was lurking in the shadows!

On that note, I'll best get into helping with the bathroom disaster!

A big 'hi.how ya doin'?' To all the folks here.
Julie, Duck, Granni and All Porchies.

Take care.
Catch yas later


Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

This damned computer is determined to wipe out my message. I'm dealing with too much to put up with this crap. Thank you all so very much for your kinds good wishes and prayers for SV. Doc called yesterday and his urinalysis showed no white blood cells but he had been on ABX for 24 hours so that may have thrown the test. Could be some kind of inflammatory situation or cancer. He's going in on the 28th for followup. At least, it isn't some kind of infection for which the ABX wouldn't work. We may have to put him under and catherize him to open up his urethra. Hope not. I woke to the sounds of his barfing on the carpet. A cat will leave a tile floor in order to throw up on the carpet. It was just some cat hair. I need to start grooming him again.

DD sent three boxes of fruit from Harry and David. Each box held six pears, apples or oranges. I took some down to Grace and will take some to Claudia today. No way can I eat all this before it rots. When I talked to DD, she said she wanted to send enough so I could share with my friends. How thoughtful. Grace gave me three slices of nut bread from Costco. She has vertigo and will start physical therapy to try to help it. I worried about her coming up the stairs. We still don't know what is going on with my neighbor who passed and why her purse was missing.

I need to run errands today. I have receipts to turn in to the mgmt. co. for reimbursement, I have to stop and get some pill pocket treats from the vet and I need to stop at Lowe's. I hope the mean woman isn't there. I need to make a list, and check it twice, because I have a lot to buy. I'm still exhausted and in pain but life moves on and I need to get with the program. Sometimes, the program sucks!

Granni, so sorry to hear about your neighbor. As we age, it seems we start losing neighbors, friends, family members and people we have enjoyed in entertainment at an ever increasing pace. I remember when my Mom was experiencing that too. Glad you had a nice lunch. Stop back in when you can.

Star, OMG! What a horrible ordeal you have been put through by an idiot doctor. No one should be treated like that. We need pain relief when we first start having the awful pain we often experience when we get sick. I was on morphine until I could get off of it. I also took Klonopin for the pain and other symptoms. I eventually weaned off of it as well. I don't know what I would have done had these not been available for me. I almost never see movies in the theater anymore. Last one was Mama Mia with my pals. Nothing there but a bunch of old ladies at the matinee so no disrespectful youngens or kids. Hope the madness with the tub has ended and hope you get lots of nice hot soaks in it.

Spring, I never knew there was a great flood in India. Our education here is very lacking. With these DNA services, they use one's DNA to compare with their huge databases to find relatives. Researchers have used mitochondrial DNA, which is passed down only from the mother, to track everyone in the world back to a single woman in Africa. The call her, Eve. There is speculation that the Garden of Eden was in Africa. They can track migration of various peoples from that single point. We developed our racial traits based on adapting to the environments where our ancestors migrated. So, once again, science is coinciding with religion. What this means to me is that we really are all brothers and sisters. I've now been contacted by three people who say they are cousins. I know one is because I saw her tree which includes my ancestors. One of the problems is that my biological father remarried and moved. They never told their kids that that was his third marriage and that he had a daughter by his former wife, my Mom. I don't know how much is known by the rest of the younger cousins. What a web we weave... Don't believe my half-brothers know anything about it but they will find out eventually if this continues. I never wanted them to know because it's not their fault that their parents lied to everyone, likely including them. I'm laughing about the rude family's getting everything wrong in the movie.

Rock, I think a lot of Californians were irritated when that film came out. It made it seem as though everyone in CA was ditzy. In CO, everyone is portrayed as a hippy dippy health nut. I'll bet Miss Kitty was able to get through her missed lunch without any harm. I normally withhold a bit of SV's wet food and only dish it out about a tablespoon at a time. Otherwise, he will just lick it until nothing is left but a dry ball in the middle of the dish. Doc wanted him to get as much moisture as possible through the wet food so I am cleaning up the dry balls in the bowl. He's drinking enough so that I don't have to worry too much now. So, I'm again rationing it out. Just as I figured--Gordon won another prize. So happy for you both cause I know you help with growing the orchids. I will likely be getting rid of my stock pots now that I have the Instant pot. Well, I may keep one to cook spaghetti in when my kids come down. Andy loves pasta.

Barry, I'm laughing at your knowing nothing about cars. Brings back Gone With The Wind when Butterfly McQueen say she didn't know nothing about delivering babies. How scary about the car's catching fire. I once saw a pickup truck on Alligator Alley and the whole undercarriage was shooting out huge flames. I called Highway Patrol to report it. The driver didn't seem to know anything was wrong. Problem is that he was going west and I was going east. The best I could do is give them the mile marker when we passed each other. On the way home, there was a huge burned spot on the road. Never read anything so guess the driver got out OK. We once had a car my ex was driving stop and the fan belt made a horrible sound. Come to find out, our neighbor's cat had gotten into the fan guard to keep warm and couldn't get out once the car started. Sliced him stem to stern. Poor kitty. I hope it was fast. I hope the weather improves. You could just take a hint from the critters and lie around and relax. At least you appetite is good and that's important.

I guess I had better hop in the tub and get going. Maybe the soak will help with the pain in my hip and left leg. It's stiff and I'm limping along. I keep thinking I missed doing something for Christmas but can't think of anything. Have to mail the gift card for the paper carrier and leave one in the mailbox for the mail lady. I have Claudia's little bag of gifts read and I've sent the ones to Nancy. I still have to make a donation for the kids and renew their magazine subscriptions but that isn't dependent on a hard date. One bill needs to be paid. Little odds 'n ends. Lowe's can wait if I'm not up to it. Always have a Plan B.

Hope all y'all are having a great Holiday Season.

Love, Mikie



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Hi Kids

Am having Gordon's vegetable soup for breakfast. When I got up this morning I found
Gordon in his usual beginning of the day spot. Sitting in the back door way with a cup of
coffee. There's an old fashioned thermometer i.e. not electronic, right in front of him.
I asked him, "What does the thermometer say?" He said, "Ouch!" I think it was 52.
Will be in the 70s for the next few days.

Mikie, Glad to hear Sylvester is improving. The pears my brother sent me are from Harry
and David too. They've been in business more than a century. The first basket of fruit
I ever sent as a gift was from them. Got a basket for me too. It was full of grapefruit.
One apple, and one or two pears. Nothing like the picture they showed. Never ordered
anything from them again.

Did you used to listen to Jack Benny on the radio? Butterfly McQueen was on that
show for a few programs. She played Mary's maid. I didn't think it was in character
for Mary to have a maid. After the few programs Butterfly was gone.

Star, Rush Limbaugh was a radio commentator who spoke about politics. He
was rich and popular. Now in his 60s he still has a radio show in Florida. That
tub DH is installing sounds wonderful. I like to loll in the tub while reading a
paperback. I hope DH has finished installing your tub.

Barry, yup, I have big time insomnia. How did you guess? Also had it as a
child. And I wet the bed during early grade school years. A therapist told me when
I was middle aged that those are typical signs of child abuse.

I had a Toyota too. Not a Corolla. Too expensive. But Gordon has a Corolla. It's
28 years old. He doesn't want a new car. Too many computers and gadgets to
go wrong. I sold my Toyota after I couldn't drive anymore. It was also 28 years
old; got $500 for it. Same price I paid for my first used car which I bought when
I was 20 years old. Sure wish I could be 20 again; even just for one day.

"Corolla" got its name from botany so you probably already know the meaning. Yaris
got it's name from the combining of two Greek and Germany words. (Info from the
Toyota site.)

Well, I'd better go talk to my driver and find out if we are going anyplace today. Nothing
marked on my calendar, but there could be on his.

Hugs to one and all. Or all and one.

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Good afternoon!

Yes, Toyotas are good cars. DH and I both have them...he has a Prius, and I have a Camry. Both are hybrids, and are 12+ years old. I've never had any trouble with mine other than routine stuff like brakes, hoses and belts. DH has had several problems with his, but none of them have been awful.

Today was our company lunch at work. It was tasty. We also had our annual pay and benefits meeting right before hand.

DM is doing well. She said the physical therapy wore her out yesterday. But she knows she has to do it. She has one of those wheeled walkers that doubles as a chair, which she would like to bring in, and they are arguing with her about letting her do it. She doesn't like the standard walker. Scatch that! Just heard that they are going to let her try it.

Rock - my DM struggles with incontinence as well. It's made worse by being on a powerful diuretic. It's been particularly hard on her through this.

Mikie - I know what a struggle that is with SV. I had a 12yo cat once that they offered to do that surgery on. This was almost 30 years ago...they only promised about 40% success rate. I didn't want to put him through that. The terrible thing was that it was Christmas Eve...and I'd had that cat literally half my life at that point. I pray you don't get to that with SV. I hope that your neighbor's niece doesn't get done over...

Star - It's terrible when doctors won't listen to patients. Of course, seen from their perspective, it's hard for them to sift the drug seekers out from the true sufferers. Still, I think if they had truly listened to your case, it would have been clear. That just brought to mind a rather amusing story...back before I had a prescription for a narcotic for my migraines, I was in the ER for a really bad one. They were about to give me 100Mg of Demerol when I piped up and said, "No, no! 50Mg is enough!" It shocked them, but it also made them certain that I wasn't just drug seeking! I'm jealous of your bathtub!

Granni - Is all your singing done for the season? We start back up January 14, practicing for our spring concert. We're going to do some of the music we did in Carnegie Hall, because many people have requested that we do.

Sun - I'm glad your rib is feeling better. I hope you can do something nifty with all that lace. Just don't be serving anyone arsenic. But then, you probably don't have a basement out there, do you? :D

Barry - It's a bummer that you're feeling low. I haven't had any unusual "customers" at my feeders lately, but last night I did actually SEE the great horned owl that I hear all the time. I've also heard that there is an eruption of snowy owls and that they may be seen as far south as where I live. Since they sometimes hunt during the day, there's a chance I may get to see one!

I have to scoot downstairs to meet with a coworker about a small project. Then later I get to find out what my pay raise will be for next year.

Hugz to all!



Hi, Kids,

So much for plans...after my bath, I took Claudia's fruit to her. I could barely climb the stairs when I got back. No stability in the painful leg. I had to literally pull myself up with my left hand on the railing. I'm out of breath and coughing. It never goes away. I decided to just go get the little bag of pill pocket treats for SV at the vet. I can go to Lowe's and the mgmt. co. another day. Claudia didn't want to take the fruit. I finally talked her into it. I can't eat it all and it would just go to waste. DD wants me to share it.

Rock, once my Mom and Dad were visiting and we were all in a store. Dad was looking at something with writing on it. Mom asked him what it said. He told her it didn't say anything; you have to read it. Cracked me up. I love the Harry and David store we have here but I wouldn't buy fruit there. Maybe a cheesecake. I can buy beautiful fruit at Publix for a fraction of what is charged for these gift boxes. We have a place here called, Sun Harvest. They sell all kinds of fruit, mostly citrus. They have fresh orange juice and lemonade, plus other juices, on tap and you can sample all you want. It's my DSIL's favorite place. They ship fruit too but most of us can buy fruit at the store. They also have all kinds of gifts. Definitely a good place to shop. The cats' other mother's last name is Yaris. I think she and the cats' baby daddy have lost their claim because they never visit SV. The scuttlebutt was that Jack Benny's wife, Mary, was a shameless social climber. Perhaps she thought a maid would give her some class.

Duckie, so glad the party was good and that your Mom is doing her PT. It will make all the difference. My money's on her to win the argument. She sounds like a right feisty lady. Being feisty is a good thing to be to get back on her feet. The vet said they do the catherization three times if necessary and then do more surgery to make a new place for the cat to pee. That's not gonna happen. First, it would bankrupt me and second, I'm not gonna put him through that. Maybe once. I've spoiled him rotten while he's been sick and he's being an ass. My SS raise for next year will be a hopping 2.5 percent. Don't know where I'm gonna spend it all. Hope you get a good raise. You're worth it!

There is a JAG marathon on all day. It may get me through the day because I'm sure not up to doing anything else. I've always suffered more from exhaustion than pain. Not that I don't have pain but there is nothing I can do for exhaustion. It's very depressing. Whine, whine, whine!

Love, Mikie



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Hi Kids

Had a nap. Been reading and playing solitaire. Gordon had a longer nap. Is now on the phone. Doubtlessly talking to Jim. Gordon had a scare last night. Woke up. Looked at
the clock. Found his vision impaired. He thought he had double vision. When the time changed by one minute he discovered he had been looking at 11:33 PM. BTW Gordon suggested I post this.

Got two DVDs at the library today. They won't play. I think the trouble is with our machine
and not with the DVDs. The Cofus on the Durrels didn't play either. I found an interesting
site for Christmas trees. They are made from recycled materials. My machine refuses
to post the site here.

Mikie, I love the story about your folks. "You have to read it." Did you get your sense
of humor from Dad or from both? Sorry SV is being difficult. But you have to look at
the situation from his view point. That would be about 4 inches from the floor. Wish
I knew something that would make you feel better.

Duckie, was it dark when you saw the great horned owl? My uncle shot a Great horned
owl back in the 40s when I was in third grade. I was very impressed and took it to school.
My teacher was horrified and called the janitor who threw it in a waste barrel outside the school. My uncle showed up later looking for his trophy.

I felt very bad, of course, but my mother said, "It's allright. Don't worry about it."
I said, "But he wanted to get it stuffed." She said, "He doesn't have enough money.
Can barely feed himself." Uncle Rod worked and put himself through college
and grad school. Served in WWII and the Korean War. Died in his sleep a few years ago.

Adios, Pards


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i still get the website not secure message.

nice to come and read all the new posts.

Rock -congrats on Gordon winning for his lovely yellow orchid. We had a white Toyota Corolla. long time back. It was white and remains one of my favourite cars. after that DH got a dark blue Hyundai. it used to absorb heat like anything. i think my most unfavorite car.

Duckie - i hope your DMs hip improves rapidly. DH had an aunt lived in Switzerland. loved tocomedown every year to India and nepal on pilgrimage. she was 75 or so when she fell and broke her hip while here, usedto put up with us at my inlaws. she recovered and the year after that she was still making her yearly sojourns down to her belovedlands. She went to Europe as an immigrant in the 60s. very resourceful lady. she was learning to read and write Tibetan at the seniors study group in Zurich at age 75. because she never got to go to school when she camedown from Tibet as a refugee. sold sweaters in the street.

Hope you had a good company lunch. the food and the company.

Rock - icant thinkof anything that looks like a plants corolla in a Toyota. how lovely for a business to be up and running for a 100 years. That too, of nature. Fruits. i lovethose restaurants and shops which have been established ages ago and still run bythe family who established them.

Mikie - iminclined tothink the computers are being manipulated to act up. mine does, is. but im not entering an essay for best grammar or anything so its ok. speaking of fruit, its pomegranate and grapes season. and i had the most delicious medium size avocados DH brought a week back. they were unripe so we let them sit. and had them yesterday.

Theyare shaped like pears. our tree gives off fruit whch are huge and shaped more like barrels. but they taste awesome. its a good thing we dont live in the outskirts. the monkeys wouldve made shortshrift of the fruit. our SIL brothers wife has to fend off monkeys to protect her avocados and guavas, plums. but there is no chasing awayparrots. they just come in their swarms and jostle and party noisily with each other while gorging. yesterday my DD pointed out thewindow and asked me whatbirdthatStar was. it was a dear little wooddove. a young one.

i hope you andSV feel better.

Barry - that washilarious, your ideas to deal with annoying persons at the movies. that must have been tough being a nurses aid. ifeel you are a sensitive soul, and seeing sickness and suffering up front is hard on such persons. i dont think i would make a good nurseor aid or doc.

Star - i love the sound of your beautiful bathtub. arm rests and a back rest! Most houses here dont have bathtubs. Scarcity of water. but the high end hotels have them for the tourists.

Sun - Nice to hear you spent some quality timewith your little ones. my mum once recounted how she put a sheet over a long diningtable and played inside on her own. Her elder sis was outgoing and didnt like playing house. she liked dressingup and goingtothe movies. Grandad didnt understand kids at all. He never bought mum even one toy. my parents were opposite. they were kids themselves.

i hope your genes have passed on to your DGD. Creativity is a special talent tohave. and cant be taught.

Someone came from America bringing a book i asked for and so ispent yesterday reading. outside my window the firecreepers are out in full force ablaze with orange blooms. i wish them came in othercolours to. white, violet, blue.it was a nicewarm day. made macaroni and mince for the dinner. i like when i make that because its unfussy. for curries you hve to do a bit more.

God bless
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Star:. What a story.....how awful that you were put thru all of that because of a "new" doctor who thought she knew everything she had learned from the "book". You new tub sounds like a little place of heaven for you. I used to love soaking in a tub but don't take baths anymore due to bad neck/back troubles. Wont' go there. But I KNOW you're going to really enjoy your soaks now. So nice you have a handy husband. Lucky you.

Rock: Sorry about your growing up years....your two parents really did a number on you.

Duck: Your DM's nursing home sounds like a dream for ALL seniors who have to heal. What city is that in....Cincinnati? The nursing homes my DM was sent to were nightmares!!!!!!!! In one she developed a blood clot and NOTHING was done for her. When I got there in the morning and saw her dark swollen leg, I started screaming. The doctor that night had told the staff to just watch it. So......I demanded she be taken to the hospital. Get this......they said they had to wait for an ambulance to transport her....over an hr. And when they finally came they said it was ridiculous because the hospital was in the same parking lot. I found out later I should have just called 911. I could have loaded her into a wheel chair and pushed her across. I sent a letter of complaint and filed a grievance against the doctor but you guessed it.....nothing.

I had a wonderful day today. My DS brought over my two little DGDs. I took them out to lunch at an Americanized mexican restaurant....S L O W! But I told my DS that they were Soooooo good at waiting. I used to carry lots of paper, crayons, stickers, etc. in my purse when my 10 year old DGD was with me to keep her entertained so will have to load my purse up again. All I had was a pen and some paper. These little girls had to wait over 35 min. For their food to be brought!!!! So then we came home and played tea party, dolls, tent (I thru a sheet over chairs and lots of pillows underneath) and I was even able to give my 4 year old some watercolor instructions. She really loves to create so maybe she will go into the art field when she gets older.

So then after a nap when they left, I then headed to see the new puppy. OMG....sooooo darn cute. She's all legs and longs ears. She's stubborn about walking on a leash. And my DD said her DH is sleeping in the downstairs bedroom with the puppy in a cage next to the bed, since she cries when left alone. My DD said for the last two days she's had to take the puppy with her on her errands. I'll be watching just the puppy for 3 nights after christmas....should be interesting.

Spring: I'm up in the wee hours with rib pain, making some coffee to help jump start the ibuprofen and tramadol, and read your post. What book did you get? I'm so sorry for what your mom's childhood was like. My mom had an awful childhood also....she told me she was basically the hired help. She was the oldest of 8 kids, and she knew that every time my grandmother was PG that meant more work for her. But that was typical at that time....she was born in 1908.

Those early years are very very important, lessons learned, etc. I've been listening to those reports about the immigrant children, alone.....? And yesterday there was a segment on the huge amount of homeless children in our country. Estimates are over 2 million.....under 10 years of age. And even Sesame Street now has a "homeless child" character. The women and children....homeless.....is what bothers me a lot. I send what $ I can monthly to a homeless shelter down in skid row in Los Angeles who basically take care of the women and children.
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