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PORCH #1106 IS NOW CLOSED (12/23/18)

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Hi, Kids,

A nice old fashioned Christmas tree. This may be our last Christmas tree for the year. Won't be long before the New Year arrives. Time goes by faster every year. I must be having fun. DOF called this morning and wished me a Merry Christmas. I wished him the same. He's near his family and will be included in all their plans. He'll be busy. Good thing that, other than his weak legs, he's in such good shape, physically and mentally.

The younger couple arrived yesterday in the condo below me. Yikes! I'll have to be quiet, especially in the early mornings. Today will be cool; tomorrow and Christmas will be 75 degrees; and, then the temps will be in the mid-80's. I've enjoyed the cool weather but am looking forward to warmer days.

Not gonna hang around today. I'll stop back in.

Love, Mikie



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OMG.....what a beautiful christmasy room! The kind I look for in a christmas card but can't seem to find so I've saved this one. I didn't sent cards out this year. Just not feeling good (rib pain) and feeling depressed from everything. It's hard to drag myself out of this.

Mikie: No more yodeling or tap dancing for you!

The other day my pool guy made a giant mess on the patio. He backwashed the pump so now after 3 sweepings from me and then trying to hose it off the white powder is still there. I could kill him. I'm just not happy with this young guy who bought out my other dream pool guy. And this morning I opened up the gate to the pump area and found it solid white with the diatamecous earth.....this is what is put into the pump to make it work right. So I now have to put on a face mask and try to sweep it up then hose.

I'm cleanout out a BIG hall closet today. I've already got bags of things to drop off at the thrift store and then I thought I would also tackle the area where I have bags of fabric stored. I don't need that fabric anymore so off it goes.

Julie: I read your post. I will keep good thoughts for your DD. Scary.


Hi, Kids,

Thought I'd stop back in and was so excited to see you have been here, Sun. If it were me, I'd make that guy come over and clean up his mess. I hope all this doesn't cause the ribs to start hurting again. Too bad you don't live closer to Duckie; you could give her the fabric for quilts. I'm envious that you are getting so much cleaned out. I did clean up a lot of paperwork but by no means all of it. I did not send cards either except Andy's with his check in it. I looked and looked at the store. Seems most of the cards are for specific people in the family. I couldn't find any nice religious cards for my DSIL's parents. The few they had were expensive and crappy. Publix had Hallmark on BOGO but even with that incentive, there was nothing. Bah humbug!

I took Claudia's present down and left it by her door. I got her the Cher CD with all the ABBA songs and a Screw It tea towel. Everybody loves those. I put the cat facial massage gizmo in the bag and will have to splain it to her. Sylvester loves his. He knocked over the glass goblet this morning and broke it so no more drinking out of people glasses. Back to the kitty bowl. He stuck half his arm in the tub when I was taking a bath and stirred and scooped the water. He has one webbed paw and I think he may be part Main Coon. Guess he decided to play in the water in the goblet. Maybe we could train him to be a lifeguard rescue cat at the pool. I have to be careful because he runs over to try to stick his paw in the toilet when I flush it. I have the slow close seat covers and he tries to force his head beneath it so it can't close. Did I mention he has taken to licking my fuzzy robe? It's in the washer. I went to put it on the other morning and it was wet. Yikes!

After I got home from Claudia's, I was freezing. It's sunny out but the condo is only 68 degrees. That's not that cold but I'm shaking. I put the long fuzzy robe over my clothes. I'm really exhausted. I think all the running around I did left me spent. I refuse to turn on the heat, not because I'm cheap but just on principle. Joe turns his on all the time. The other day, he got it too hot in his condo and ended up turning on the A/C to cool it down. Doh!!! He said he is going to run for the big board and he got a tablet so he can stay tuned in. That out to be interesting.

OK, the washing machine is chiming at me. Need to go transfer the laundry to the dryer. Hope all y'all are having a wonderful weekend.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie: I called him the other day after I saw he had been here and asked WHY all the water in back on the patio. That's when he said he tried to hose it all off and he's now on vacation until Jan 7 which means he won't be here until the 10th. He basically wanted a business that he could zip zip zip and get things done quickly and get paid.

He bought an expensive self contained vacuum that he hooks up to his machine and everything goes into his tank, which is good that way less dirt goes into my pump. But I have to remind him nicely that the walls need brushing. I'm STILL finding some yellow algae in two corners which meant he didn't brush on thursday. *&^%$#@. Every time I've brought it up he's got an excuse so just sprinkles some shock in those corners. Looks like I'll have to go out today and buy a container of shock and brush down the sides. *&^%$#@

I try to turn down my temp so the house will be cool at night. I hate hot rooms. Should be interesting if Joe gets elected!


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Hi Y'all.
I was gonna post y-day, but all hell broke loose, and I had to transform into a plumber. What a yucky job. But got the drain unblocked finally, with the help of banging, twisting, pulling, and the hose pipe on at full blast. At last! Made R stay in the house monitoring the flood..... I lost enough NRG for a couple of days, but will do a itty bitty post.

Mikie, seriously, I know nothing about cars! I don't like the new car we have --- the dashboard display is so bloody distracting! I'm glad I don't (won't) drive anymore. The blurries and dizzies become too much for it to be safe. Nice anecdote about the cat that went for a ride to heaven.:eek:
I've been trying to figure out what a JAG MARATHON is.....o_O I agree with you about RBG.
I'm glad you are feeling a bit better today, too. Wish I were. Terrible depression. So be it.

Ducky, so you suffer from migraines? I used to have terrible ones that sent me to the ER several times. Agonizing pain.... Was determined to be "tension migraines"; put on 30 mgs. Valium a day, plus Darvocet! And I never had another one again....:confused: Hey! I HOPE you do get to see a snowy owl! Best of luck there, Ducky. I haven't seen too much of interest around here. Seems like ravens are all over the place, more than usual. Finally figured it was because they were taking away the dead mice, etc., that the cats don't deign to consume. Fussy cats. Happy ravens.

Spring. lucky you! Avocados are one of my favourite fruits. And you have a big one in your garden....:) Here I come! Do you ever get monkeys in your area of town? California produces a lot of avocados too, but usually a bit pricey --- like everything else these days.

Star, your summer has arrived! Hope it don't get too hot where you live now. So nice to hear about your veggie garden. Sounds like you are doing a good job. I hope I'll be able to get onto it this coming summer. I've always found it easy to grow peppers (the small ones). Squash too.
Enjoy your X-mas ham dinner. We are going to have a pork roast, says Richard....

Granni, hectic is hardly the word for how busy you are! Don't over task yourself my dear.

Sun, so you are going to be puppy-sitting for a few days, eh? GOOD LUCK! The day after Christmas. Boxing Day, we call it in England. How old is Skylar, and what breed? Have fun!:D There is a novel called SKYLAR, by ??? that I have somewheres in the house. Author is Gregory Mcdonald. Just found it.
Re: your pool man -- don't pay in future until you have evaluated his work. The jerk.

Spring, "He was joy masquerading as a dog". A phrase I shall never forget.... You are so kind to all creatures, bless you. Do you have cats for the rats? Or do you not have rats? Mice? I'm sure the doggie loved his dumpling. Give him one from me if you see him again.

Julie, at last! I was beginning to worry about you.... Sorry about your neck problems! At one time, many years ago, they wanted to do neck surgery on me. I declined. Ditto lower back. My neck has been alright; my back gives me problems sometimes, but the awful sciatica is gone. Just have to remember to keep touching my toes a couple of times a day.

Rock, r u and G gonna do anything for X-mas? Us neither, pork roast and? R is the chef. He just finished making a very large pot of lentil/andouille soup for our lunches. I so tired right now must go. Rock, Richard has started reading Donna Andrews and likes her well enough to keep reading her. I think he has read her first 3 novels. I told him you recommended her, so we picked up the first few in the series. I have too much on my plate right now, but will try her later. 26 novels in the series.....

Worn out,
Love to All,
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Greetings, etc. etc.

Just woke up from my morning nap. Fed and brushed the cat. Put away some dishes
from the drainer. It's a lovely winter day in S. Calif. The sky is clear, no wind, and best
of all, it's quiet. No barking d0gs; sirens, helicopters; or leaf blowers.

Saw an amazing sight when I was out with the cat. Lump Lump was doing some cleaning.
The only sight more improbable would be Mae West tap dancing. He is cleaning
the hood over the gas stove which is a dirty job. It requires someone tall, and he's
the tallest one in the house.

Barry, your itty bitty post wasn't so bitty, was it. Often the case. Some gal said she'd
do the dishes and then mop up the counter and then clean a spot on the stove. Next
thing she'd realized an hour had gone by and she was cleaning the whole kitchen. Can't
remember if this was a real person or not. It certainly fit my mother.

That's great that you could impersonate Joe the plumber. I am no good at house-
hold repairs. "Jag" is a TV show. Google it. No, we are not doing anything for Christ-
mas except I am writing e mails to my brothers today.

Sun, sorry to hear you are still having problems with your ribs and your depression
and your pool guy. I wonder if there are other pool guys that work in your area.
When I lived in the San Gabriel valley I was in a house formerly owned by Tennessee
Ernie Ford, and it had a pool in front. I never seen another pool that was in front
instead of the back. Debbie Reynolds said in her bio that after her first movie, she
had lots of money and she had a pool installed in the back yard. The back yard was
so small there was no yard between the backdoor and the pool. You stood in the
doorway and jumped in the pool.

Never heard of Shock It Clean before. I read it's 5% citric acid. I remember when I
was a kid I would sometimes stop at the gas station where my Dad got his car
serviced. There would always be a pan with small car parts soaking in some brown
fluid. The fluid was Coke. I was told it had lots of acid in it and cleaned the parts.
Yes, there is citric acid in Coke and several sites say it's damaging to tooth enamel.

Mikie, thanks for getting us started. Great pic. Looks like the pics they used to have
this time of the year in the great old magazines like Saturday Evening Post, Colliers,
Life. And frequently some Norman Rockwell paintings.

It's going to be warmer in Florida than in California on Christmas Day. I guess that's
only fair since you are farther South. OK, Boys and Girls. Which of our states is
the farthest South. Extra credit for the Northernmost state.

Gotta go write Christmas e mails to my brothers. Hey! I can write essentially
the same thing to both. My mother used to write a letter with every Christmas
card. And then complain about the folks who didn't do the same. One year I
asked, "Whey don't you just write letters to the ones who write you letters."
Her response was one word: No.

Hugs, Rock


Hi, Kids,

I'll be back tomorrow to respond to all these nice posts. Just wanted to let y'all know about the warning to basically scrub the outsides of avocados before slicing them open.

The listeria bacteria is causing hysteria in the cafeteria.

Love, Mikie


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Hi guys.
Currently slothed out in a pop top caravan.
You know the ones?
Where you wind it up and slide two sides out for beds.
I hv one and Dh has the other.
Treasures are camped out in between us and mil and partner's
Very flash caravan with shower, toilet etc in it.
Dd elected to hv a tent, while the 2 boys hv their swags.

We are camped in a caravan park, along the river, so
All fishing rods are out.
Not far from the beach, so also hv that option.

This morning, while still trying to sleep, it sounded
like All the birds in the universe had decided to meet
right here.And like a big family, (or at least a noisy one
like mine was, growing up), they all had to talk over
each other and still couldnt get a word in edge ways!
This assaulted the senses for a good hour at least, I reckon.
Gee, I sound like a real misery guts, dont I?

Other than that, the birds, now that they hv finished waking
up the world, look great and sound great.Lots of little blue wrens
hopping around us.

We are prob only about half an hr from home, so I can pop back and
check on pets and garden.Water and feed and pat...
I also painted some of the bathroom yesterday. Thought I'd try and
get that done while everyone is here and can shower here and not breathe
in fumes.
Dead tired now though.
Too much noise with everyone talking in the morning to sleep.
Dh doesnt care coz he can sleep through anything.

Julie, definitely sounds like a 'God thing' to me too.
Sorry to read that about your precious Dd.
Praying for God's Strong Right Hand to be on that whole situation.

Sun, What are you doing?!
Your ribs and body need to heal.Please Dont over do it.
Man am I angry with your Lazy, opportunist pool punk.

Rock, unfortunately I hv my 'routine' with Christmas
and cards etc too, that I am enslaved to.
I guess I will keep it up, 'till I can't.
My Ds basically said the same as you did to your Mum
about the letter writing in the cards.

Although, I do hv an uncle (& fil for that matter)
who writes one letter and just changes who it is addressed to,
Once a year. I hv slightly entertained that idea, but the thought
of it Not being individual and somehow Not special....

Mikie, it's nice to hv Sv spicing up your life.
I sure hope he comes good and doesnt cost you much more.
It amazes me how much the vet charges.
I always thought of pet insurance as a bit of a wrought, but
I think that p'r'aps it does hv a purpose.

Spring, there must be loads of dogs just roaming the streets over
there. My lot love watching all the pranks on you tube.
They cant seem to get enough of the ones where
innocents are shampooing their hair at a public, outdoors beach
shower and the prankster (unbeknown to victim), keeps
adding shampoo to their hair, entrapping the victim. Some people
get really peeved with the never ending suds.

Granni, phew! Thinking about your get together reminds me
of all the birds here this morning.
Hope u are in the mood and its not stressful for
you guys in any way. Hopefully you'll take away some good memories.

Barry, 3 more baby guinea pigs! and they all look like their mother.
We hv Boxing Day too.
I think Christmas may be the only day left where everything is closed.
Wow.My pumpkin vines hv taken off! I am training them over the
wire arbor / arch that I made that surrounds the bench/seat.I may hv to
extend it, as all the plants that I thought were fails hv decided to take off!

Oh no!!! My phone just took me back to the main menu on the board.
Im glad my post is still here.
Strange goings on with my phone :-/

Duck, I am very glad you were able to schedule your time off like that.
Smart cookie.Hope you enjoy your break.

Im a bit worried bout the phone/internet so will

Catch yas later
Take care All


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Hi Kids

We'll see if this computer is working. I wrote a Christmas e mail to my brother in MN.
Then I tried to copy the letter, make a couple changes and send it to my Oregon brother. Ironically when I got to the mail box there was an e mail from my Oregon brother. Well,
I thought. Perfect timing. Except the computer wouldn't cooperate. I'll have to do what Scarlet did when her computer was being ornery. Wait for tomorrow. Oh, in ten minutes
it will be tomorrow.

Star, we don't have blue wrens here. Found some pics. They are beautiful. When you
report that the boys have swags, do you mean bedrolls, sorta like the swagman who
camped beside a billabong? Anyhoo it sounds like you and the family are having a good
time. BTW, my sister in law sends a Christmas letter about what the family has done in
the past year. Then she adds a paragraph in her handwriting with more personal comments.

Mikie, I love you listeria sentence. It should be emblazoned on the door of all public
health departments. BTW, I passed along that avocado tip to Gordon. Got the expected response. "You can. I'm not going to."

Oh, almost forgot. I started reading a new thriller tonight. The opening scene is set in
the parking lot of a Publix store in New Orleans. An attempted arrest turns into a gun
fight and an auto chase involving some sort of truck with a plow or some attachment
that knocks down the front wall of a house. I believe the technical term for this sort of
beginning is called "Starting off with a Bang!"

Gordon spent much of the day battling weeds in the front lawn. I napped and read.
As previously reported, Gordon's brother cleaned the stove hood. He didn't seem to
mind. Said it only took him 45 minutes.

My old friend from college usually sends out a Christmas bulletin, but haven't got one
this year. Maybe he's passed on. Well, most of us are about that age. I'm not gonna
worry about it.

Hope you all get a bluebird of happiness in your stocking. Don't know if that old song
is still on Youtube. It was a big hit for opera tenor Jan Peerce back in the 30's.

Cheers to absent friends. Rock


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Good Christmas Eve Morning, Kids,

Seems that Christmas has come so soon after Thanksgiving this year. For some reason, I'm now just ready for it to be done and over with. I'm sick of not being able to go out without the roads' being so crowded. Of course, after the holidays, our Season will begin and the Snowbirds will be clogging up the roads. I'm just tired and cranky. It'll be nice out today and for the rest of the week. I need to get out and get a fresh attitude. It will be fun to go to the brunch tomorrow and enjoy good food and drink with friends.

Sun, our board loves our pool guy but I think he's lazy. He let the grout get filthy between the tiles on our pool wall and he didn't clean the inner walls. He had better not let things get like that with the new tiles and walls. There must be a lot of pool services where you live. Can you find someone better? I hope so. You shouldn't be paying and having to do his job for him. I hope all this hasn't made the rib pain worse. Take care of yourself, Dear One.

Barry, I'm sorry that damned depression has you in its grips. Hope you feel better. Yes, I also hate plumbing. The drain in my bathroom sink gets clogged up now and then and I have to release the little gizmo and pull the plug up to clean it out. The gunk in it looks and smells like a sewer. It's gross. That soup sounds sooo good. I'll eat anything with andouille sausage in it. I don't know much about cars but I have always loved them. I am so happy with the Highlander that I hope it lasts the rest of my life. I put so few miles on it now that it likely will. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas in you little piece of paradise and that it lifts your spirits.

Rock, with my Yahoo, I can select beautiful stationery for my emails. The Christmas ones are especially pretty. I even use them for my routine messages to our mgmt. co. They enjoy them. Yes, the ability to copy and paste is great for sending messages to different people with essentially the same info. I'm glad Lump Lump finally did something to earn his keep around there. My over-the-range microwave has a fan in the bottom and it sucks the fumes up through a filter. It is supposed to take the place of a hood. It isn't too bad to clean. It doesn't vent outside. The filtered air is blown out through vents in the top front of the oven. It's better than no vent at all. I'll be scrubbing my avocados; I've gotten food poisoning before and it ain't fun. Thanks for posting the pics. Those little wrens are beautiful.

Star, you do sooo much. Can't believe you are driving home and painting. On the other hand, being by oneself and painting can be a bit therapeutic. Hope it is for you and hope the effort doesn't bring on pain. When birds decide to have a reunion, they can really be noisy, especially crows and jays. We have large crows which don't caw. They loudly screech, "Uh uh." I call them uh uh birds. They hang out in the parking lots at Publix stores and Wal*Mart. When my alarm went off in my car, they gathered around and were screeching at it. Our great blue heron seems to have a girlfriend now. They are so peaceful walking slowly around our pond. Same with the white ibis who hang out in the pine tree. SV was staring out the window yesterday. There was a twitchy little squirrel whose tail was going wild. Hope all y'all enjoy camping out and fishing.

Guess I'll go read the virtual newspaper while I can. It's too early to do anything. SV has been getting me up early. I give him his kitty Xanax and he goes back to sleep. Three more days on it and I hope he continues to pee freely. I hope all y'all have a great Christmas Eve. I'll poke my head back in tomorrow morning.

Love, Mikie

PS: I lay down and slept for about an hour and a half. I got up and swept the kitchen tiles and let Roomba do the carpets. I'm about to clean up the kitchen counters. Then, I'll boil the eggs. I managed to throw some red nail polish on my toe nails. SV has gone from being a nice kitty to an evil cat from hell. It has to be the Xanax. He's biting me when he wants attention and he's scratching the love seat. Thank goodness he will be done with the meds in a couple of days. Gonna go sweep the balcony for Baby Jesus.

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Mikie: Aw....poor SV. He must feel awful. Him licking your robe....ug....that's why I have never liked Clair, she always wants to lick!!!! I hate that. I tell her NO licking, she looks at me, then storms off, then is back in 3 min to try it again. I think it must be the salt in my body she wants. But she ALSO wants to lick any fabric too.

Rock: How did Gordon get Lump Lump to clean the hood, or did he just decide to do that on his own? Whatever....it did get done.

Star: Sounds like a good Christmas camping experience going on for everyone.....and close to your home to run to when needed. I'm so envious of your garden!!!!!

Barry: Our weather in So. Cal is REALLY nice. In the low 70s. Sorry you deal with depression. What do you do to drag yourself out of it? When I get down I get super busy to distract my thoughts from where they shouldn't be.

I'm to leave in another hour for my SILs parents house. Chaotic and even more so because now my DGD is running a 104 temp and COUGHING!!!! Her other grandmother insisted she be there....said they would just make her sit in the corner with a blanket. Can you really see that????? So I feel like I'm heading in the lion's den. I just can't get sick again it will really do me in. I'm taking some face masks, hoping she will wear one and anyone else who might be sick.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to go to my DDs house for our own christmas....who knows now.

I'm going to put some feelers out on the local neighborhood.com site, asking for recommendations on pool guys. After all that sweeping and hosing I did yesterday there's still in one section.(*&^%$#. When he gets back from his vacation I'm going to tell him that I was very upset with the mess he left.



Merry Christmas, Dearest Porchies,

My wish for you all is to have a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year filled with health, wealth and peace. You have all meant the world to me with your kindness and caring. We are truly family here.

I got the condo cleaned up a bit yesterday and got my eggs boiled. I'll fix the yolks for deviled eggs today before I go over to the party. Claudia and I are both looking forward to it. She stopped in last evening before taking her Mom to church. She gave me a box of German chocolate. She is mostly German with some Irish thrown in. I am mostly Irish with some German thrown in.

Best Christmas present ever--DD in CO took our old slides and digitized them and made them into a slide show with music, captions and magic sparkles. They look so much like all the old family photos from the 70's that most of us have. It brought smiles and tears to me. It's been so long since the divorce that it doesn't bother me to see my ex in the photos. I don't know about him since he lives in deep regret over what he did. DD said his wife started getting weakness in her hands ten years ago and was just now able to get the diagnosis of MS. She can barely get around now and is in a lot of pain. All I can do is pray for them. I am a lot better off without him and, despite my own chronic illnesses, I live a pretty good life.

Sun, SV never licked like this before. The meds are making him act strangely. By Thursday, he will be off of them. I hope he continues to be able to pee without being drugged up. JMHO but I don't think any child running a temp like that ought to be anywhere except bed. I hope and pray you don't get sick. Don't know about you but I'm still coughing from that crud we had. I hope you had a good time and enjoy today's celebration with family too.

My little nephew had strep throat on Thanksgiving so they didn't go to DD's. They were there for her annual Christmas open house. DD sent a cute pic of him. He's so tiny compared to Nancy's and Claudia's GSs. He's a cutie and other DD said he was very good. She said her sister has really made their new house beautiful. She has redone things like bathroom tiles and decorated it beautifully. She is an interior decorator. She is taking classes on using the software like that used on HDTV to show how changes in renovation would look. She said mastering that is a must now for decorators.

Well, dear ones, I had better get going. It's so nice to have the whole morning just to relax before finishing the eggs and going over to see dear friends from the hood, eating all the scrumptious food and drinking the concoctions the hostess makes. I think the last party I went to at her condo I had a chocolate mint martini. Mmmm! If I drink too much I can crawl home.

Love, Mikie
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Mikie: How thoughtful of your DD to put together all the pictures. Photos are wonderful. I find that when I look at old ones, I'm immediately taken back to that very time that it was taken. And I agree.....wonder how many people yesterday will get sick because of my DGD being there. I came home last night and felt like a cold was coming on so I hit the zinc, echinacea, vit c, sambucus, and a lemon tea. This morning I feel better but going to continue this. I have such a lowered immune system.

I got sick before at Thanksgiving because my SILs dad was sick. He announced he was going to drive home but my SILs mom said....oh no....just take some meds. And stay in bed. That was wednesday. On friday I was sick and by sunday I couldn't even drive to urgent care.

I'm going to my DDs today at noon. She made lunch reservations at a Marriott hotel.....didn't want to cook or the cleanup. Just one more thing that's different from the past that I have to accept.

My oldest DS is coming here on the 29th. He has to be in Phoenix on that day, flying from Portland, then when he gets done with his business will rent a car and drive to my house, stay overnight then take a greyhound bus to Bakersfield where a good friend will pick him up. He'll spend a couple days with that family, then back to my house. I think he said he'll fly back to Portland on the 4th. He gets bored easily so not good to spend much more than a day or two here, then we two butt heads. And honestly, I've lived alone for so long that it's hard to have my routine interrupted.

And tomorrow the puppy will come for 3 days. Everyone held her yesterday, so she was a happy little dog. Just praying I don't get sick and that I'll have the energy to keep up with a 12 week old. Barry: She's a weimeraner, silver grey in color with grey eyes. I can close off my kitchen area so I guess I'll be trapped here. Gotta remember once an hr to take her outside to go potty. Saturday a "dog whisperer" is coming to work with her and the family.


Hi, Kids,

Had a wonderful day. The party was great. Saw my old friend and it was so good to catch up. She looks happy and healthy. One woman about my age was a riot. She has stories to tell about her trips to the local bars. She and my friend's daughter want me to go with them. Yikes! Those days are gone for me. Richard and I spent lots of time out drinking and dancing. I can't drink like I once did. Had a couple of mimosas at the party and they were good. Lots of good food too. I was worried that I didn't make enough deviled eggs but there weren't that many people there.

Sun, I hope your DGD is OK. I was worried about your catching it and about her. I hope your Christmas dinner was good today. How nice that your DS will be visiting. I hope you enjoy his visit. I'm laughing about the dog whisperer. I know you will enjoy the puppy's visit too. You will love her like the older one who spent time with you. Our hostess has a rescue dog who is the sweetest and best behaved little character. She cuddled with all of us. Merry Christmas, my friend.

And a very Merry Christmas to all my beloved family here.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie - what abeautiful Christmas pic. i love the colours andtype of trinkets, and that lovely wooden cradle on the mantle. you seem tohavehad ajolly ole Christmas, with all that laughter and joie d’ vivre’. i always like to be at a partywhere there is at least onegregarious person who is funny.

Sun - lots of activity coming up it seems. i too love to think up a menu and cook for a party but i accept sometimes its just not possible, circumstance and energy wise. i guess the Marriottwould serve up delicious food and the ambience. best enjoy it. Maybe you could all enjoy coffee or drinks later in the evening at the DDs house.

Or you and DS could. let the pup amble around with a soft toy. with Christmas carols playing in the backdrop.

Rock - the computer cut paste and copy feature has been a boon for me during my email writing days. not any more. i dont write emails. i wouldve appreciated it in days of yore when i hand wrote to cousins.

i remember my first letter to anyone. it was to my maternal cousin who like me was studying in sixth grade in a hillstation town called Mussoorie in India. we had never met. She was a boarder as opposed to day student and although aunt used to visit us with her family every year during summer, (Delhi summers are scorching ) cousin sister never had long enough vacations during summer. winters her school took Delhi students down to their train station. my grandfather told me i should write and gave me an airmail envelope. i wrote and then was too shy to post.

later i got a nice letter from cousin, from her expressing surprise i wrote. my grandfather had found the unposted letter and posted it on the way to the monastery he was building. At 55, he was walking uphill and downhill for an hour each way every single day. from then on we always kept in touch. a letter a week, two weeks.
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Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

Talked to one DD day before Christmas and the other last evening. A good Christmas was had by all. The kids are taking Andy skiing in Canada at a place called, Whistler. Never heard of it but I would imagine the skiing would be good. Got a nice pic on my phone of my little grand newphew-in-law and his parents. He's a beautiful little child.

Claudia got the Final Jeopardy question last night. We are making plans to take our visiting friend out for lunch tomorrow if Grace can change her PT appt. Joe called twice yesterday. He had such a nice Christmas with his son's visiting him. I'm glad because I'm sure it's still very hard on holidays without his wife. DOF called and he has been having a great time with all his family's Christmas parties. I call them, My Men, and I'm glad they had a good day.

Spring, I am not in touch with anyone on my Mom's side of the family and the ones on my Dad's are all dead. I did get a letter from a cousin whose grandfather was my uncle. I wrote back but haven't heard any more. She has the family tree waaay back so I want to be sure to print it out. I think family and ancestors seem to be closer in your country than here. There is, however, a big surge in folks' here wanting to do their family trees and find out more about those who came before them. Glad you like the pic. When the kids were at home, I used to use antiques to decorate around the tree. Antiques make a place seem more homey.

Off to read the real newspaper while I still can. Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie



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Hi guys.
I am laying down in my caravan bed all snuggled
up in my sleeping bag.
It's very cosy.
The waves are loudly crashing nearby and the
occasional lost bird calls out or flies over head ,lost
in the dark.
Tonight is our last night here.
Just as well.
The caravan park is filling up to capacity and
with the invasion comes drunk yobbos who steal
A mob walked straight through the middle of our set up
while Dh and I were off on a walk by the beach.
Ds thought it wise to keep his mouth shut.
I agreed.
Christmas is done and dusted for another year and
Boxing Day sales are on in the city.
I guess the next thing to look forward to are the
New Years Eve fireworks.

I only got one coat of paint done in the bath room
as Dh said he didnt want me working away at it when
we were supposed to be having a break.
To be honest,I am still pretty sore and tired from just
that anyway.
Dd was a little down this year and said Christmas didn't
seem the same.
I guess it isnt the same as when they were little.
Also, Grand Ma and Grumps dont seem to be as interested
in them anymore and they hv picked up on it.sad to say.

Ah well, it's almost 1am, so I'd best try and get some
Shut eye.

Thinkin' of you all, my Special Porchie pals.

Take care all
Catch yas later


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Mikie - Thanks for the new Porch volume. DH is at the stores and will be back soo. I got up late so not sure how much is going to get done today other than many washes, hopefully. At least I have one in the washer and one in the drier at present. We had a wonderful time in Austin in DD#1's home and ate to much food. We tried different wines also and had a wine exchange for the first time. It is what many do with other things do. I think they call it white elephant gifts swapping or something like that. It was fun and a lot of laughs. Got a gift card for my nails but it won't cover to may times esp if I go for a pedicure. Don't know how others can do it all the time. I hardly ever go and when I do it is usually for a special occasion or if my toenails are absolutely awful. Got an interesting book from my DD#1 called Jesus Calling. It looks and sounds very interesting and inspiring but haven't had much time to check it out yet, Got some clothes too . No big surprises from DH but that rarely happens as I have enough perfume and nice jewelry that I rarely wear. Glad you had fun at your party.

I've been trying to read the posts quickly this morning. So not sure how much I have assimilated.

STAR - Sounds like you enjoyed sleeping under the stars. As long as the weather is warm I probably could live with it once in awhile.

SUN - Sorry you had such problems with your pool man, ever around when you need him Hope you are feeling a little better at least.

DH is home and I gotta run and put things away,

Love you all,


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HI Gang.
It's over! X-mas day, that is. And the days are growing longer, slowly, but more chill. Winter. Got the Winter Blues. Get em ever year; good cheer is reading. Escape. Garden too wet and cold and muddy to do anything with....yet.

Star, do you do anything special for Boxing Day? I don't, just memories, dreams, reflections....
Some new guinea pigs, eh? How many total do you have? Do you ever eat them? A favourite of Andean cuisine; lots of recipes on the internet.... I found a place where I could buy a whole, prepared carcass to cook for only $50! I don't think so! I'll stick to rabbit, which is too expensive too, but NOT as much as a g/p. I like to try strange foods.... Meanwhile, it is so good to hear that your garden is doing well. I am envious. "Grand Ma and Grumps" made me chuckle... Hope the weather in S.A. isn't too warm for you! It is for me. See ya later, hopefully cooler! Bye bye 4 now.

Rock, thanks for the lovely pics of the Aussie blue wren. Does Lump Lump have another name that he is called by? Do you ever talk to him? Hmmm. Maybe, like Alexa, you could tell him to do things. By the way, Rock, I think this whole Alexa thing is nuts. Ever read E.M Forster's "When the Machine Stops"? Should be read by EVERYONE!

Sun, our weather in N.Cal, is drear. When I am depressed and can't garden I read, read, read. I used to spend time at this time of the year looking for mushrooms (edibles), but alas, M.E./CFS has knocked the wind out of my sails.... How's the puppy working out? Got you exhausted yet? Hey, my cats lick me all the time.... I don't mind. I don't lick them though. The cats also lick one another on the face until Sylvie has a hissy fit and slaps Monty. Happy puppy days!

Mikie, so nice that you enjoyed the party. Even a few people might be enough to send me into a sensory overload spiral, I'm sorry to say.....

Spring, so nice that your grandpa mailed your letter! Good karma, eh? Always so nice to connect with those who have drifted away. Any more doggie tales? Or just wagging tails... You are so compassionate.

Granni, I would like to share a bottle of wine with you! I think we'd have a real good natter. I need a pedicure, by the way. At least I can reach my curved toe-claws. Sometimes. Hey, I think your DH makes you run too much!!!!

Julie, missing you, but I bet you have been busier than a bee. Hope your holidays are going well, and the kiddoes enjoying themselves. Oreo too!

Must now go,
Love to All,
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Shhhhhhhhhh! The puppy is sleeping!!!!! I've had her 2 hrs. And I'm worn out already. Her little sharp teeth caught my thin skin on my arm and snagged a rip in it so had to clean it and put on a bandaid. Now when she's rambunctious I'll have to put on a long sleeved jacket! And she's already tried to naw on the baseboards in the kitchen.

I have to run to the pet store to get a bone that you fill with peanut butter....they forgot hers although she's got a large container of toys for her, a large cage that they put her in for nighttime and her large fluffy bed, all in the kitchen right now

I took her for a walk after she ate but she didn't go potty down at the park....darn.

Granni: I think you and Barry and I and maybe Mikie would all enjoy sampling wines. What fun. When the local 99cent store used to sell GOOD wines, mainly from Australia or Northern Calif. I would go in and buy one of each....sometimes 12 different bottles. Then I would open them all for when my DH got home from work and we would have a wine tasting. Many times I would check online and find that they were selling for $6, $10, and higher a bottle, so I would go buy more. They don't seem to get good wines anymore.

Barry: I'm sure you DO miss your mushroom gathering. What fun it must be. Did I ever tell you of the one christmas that my DS bought a mushroom kit to grow shiitake for me. You were to spread the fungus on a board or something that was enclosed and then watch them grow. It was amazing how fast they grew once they started but I never sampled.....looked like some mold on one side and sure didn't want to take a chance.

My DGD was much improved yesterday, only a slight fever, so I guess I dodged the bullet. The Marriott hotel was VERY disappointing....Honestly I tried not to chuckle to myself to loudly. It was the coffee shop part of the bar next to the pool. We were running late so my DS called and said we would be a little behind for the reservations!!!!! Can I say that my DD and SIL are "foodies"! It was a small brunch menu they were serving, so I had a mexican omelette .......for christmas dinner. Maybe two other tables of two each. Oh well, and I think maybe my DD learned that no place is open on christmas. So.....it was a disappointing day, very unchristmasy.