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PORCH #1107 IS NOW CLOSED (12/30/18)

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Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

Time for a new Porch for the New Year. Gonna go back to read the last posts on #1106 before I post here. Y'all might want to do that too. Texted with my DSIL and the text I got from Verizon wasn't a scam. He doesn't have unlimited data but has quite a bit. I don't use it but I think his Mom does. In any case, someone must have been streaming video and went over the limit. He had to buy some extra. It's seldom that I'd ever have cause to use it, only for traffic directions and that uses almost no data.

Sylvester drank some water out on the lanai this morning. I watch him and check his pee lumps but not obsessively. He is sitting here on the sofa looking soooo adorable. His eyes are dilated which only adds to his beauty. He likes having a kitty facial with the new gizmo but only on one side at a time. Claudia says her big cat wants to bite his. Tomorrow is the feast day of Saint Sylvester. Since we don't know when he and Tweety were born, I guess I'll celebrate him on the feast day. The name means woodland and wild. Can't find that Saint Sylvester was a patron saint of anything. My Sylvester is no saint!

Joe wanted to come over yesterday so I could help him with his resume to run for the big board. He started to feel ill at home and lay down for a couple of hours. When he got here and sat down and we were halfway through the first paragraph, he said he needed to go down to his car. When he didn't show up again, I found him inside Dennis's and Grace's condo shooting the breeze. I worry about him. He has tremors in his hands so bad I can't read anything he is holding. He sees the doc often enough but don't know whether the doc knows about the tremors and whether he knows Joe is smoking again. I got my printer to print but only in blue. Good grief. I saved his resume and emailed it to the mgmt. co so they can print it out for him. Me thinks I need a new printer. This one is a pain in the ass.

No one won the Mega Millions so Tuesday's jackpot will be about $415 million. Gonna get a ticket. Besides giving a lot away to good causes, I'd enjoy being able to fly first class. I'd visit my kids more often.

Barry, I love the shrimp plants but they were the wrong choice for the stairwell atrium. That landscaper led us astray. When the shrimp like blooms drop off, they smell putrid and look like dog poop. AACCKK!! Yes, I could put my phone in airplane mode at night but I usually don't get calls that late. Text messages either. The fleas our cats get down here are very tiny. They look like poppy seeds and they do bite humans. That cat Nancy rescued from the outside had them and they got in her carpet. She had bites all over her ankles. Tweety lives outside but doesn't get them. Hope the winter doldrums leave you now that the days will be getting longer.

Rock, loooove the bris joke. The sourpuss at Lowe's wasn't there when I shopped. I checked out through the garden center because I wanted to pick up a few plants for the bldg. No need for a disguise kit. Don't know what I'd do but Lucy had some great ones. I always liked it when she wore a big mustache. So far, I've not turned on the heat. I bundle up in my fuzzy robe. Right now, we are in a heat wave with temps in the mid-80's for the next week at least. My electric bill last month was $28. Our utility advertises that we have the lowest rates in the country. I noticed a big drop when I switched out my regular bulbs to LED's. Hope it warms up for you.

Sun, I don't even try for beautiful. That ship has sailed. It's a lot of work just trying to hold the line and seems for me a losing proposition. I need to trim my hair today. I've been wearing it a bit longer and it's easier to keep up. It's just gotten a bit too long so time for a snip. I could never go through training a puppy again. Babies and puppies mean no sleep. As it is, I don't really get enough to feel well. Hope now you can get some rest.

Granni, I hope and pray all goes well with your DD. That's a really good idea for everyone to take her lead when it comes to what to talk about. I know all this has not been easy for any of you. I continue to pray and ask Saint Dymphna to watch over her. I've always left decorations up til New Year's. Then, I'm ready to start a new year and hope it's better than the last one. In my case, this means removing the wreath from the front door. Another year of not feeling up to decorating. As it is, I'm having a heck of a time cleaning out that hoarder room. So many interruptions. Of course, I'm not going to choose cleaning over having lunch with my pals. Hope all y'all can enjoy the lunch and hope all goes lovingly well.

Time to go read the real newspaper. It's not as big as usual. Guess not that many stores are buying advertising inserts. I don't really need anything except perhaps another smart plug. There are three squirrels running around on the slash pine branches just outside the lanai. I think they are randy. It looks gray out so will likely be a humid and hot day today. The sprinklers ran during the night so will not cut back the shrimp plants today. I still haven't cleaned out the fridge side so can do that. I fixed Brussels Sprouts for dinner last night with bacon. Sooo yummy! I got the FJ question. Feels good cause I haven't gotten one in a while. Helps to know my brain hasn't completely turned to mush.

Hope all y'all have a wonderful Sunday.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Folks

Mikie, thanks for starting the new thread. Just came in from watering various parts
of the garden and performing cat patrol. It was cold enough to wear my heavy jacket
when I went out. Half an hour later the sun was blazing like Mel Brooks saddles

Yes, I loved the Riccardo's home movie that was set in the Old West. I think Lucy
and Ethel both wore mustaches. And every time Lucy blacked out some teeth was a
real knee slapper. You can read about St. Sylvester on Wikipedia. He was also a Pope.
Lived in the 4th century.

Sun, you were a good sport and a kind soul to take care of Skylar.
Granni, I hope your family dinner goes well.
Barry, there were articles about the new biting bugs. They were mosquitoes: do a search
for the Aedes mosquito.

See ya later gators.



Good New Year's Eve, Dear Porchies,

Forgot SV out on the lanai until pee call at 2:30 a.m. Poor little guy. He was happy to come in. For a long time, he hasn't wanted to go out. The last couple of days, he's been staying out there. I think these warm days lure him out. In the summer when it's in the 90's, he lies out there and cooks in the heat. He has already had his tummy grooming this morning. That fur is so soft and it needs daily combing. He's snoozing in his soft little bed. All is well with the world.

I've been watching a HULU original series called, Killing Eve. It's really good. HULU does original programming really well. I'm gonna get rid of Netflix. Nothing much on TV except reruns and specials which aren't very special.

Rock, I did read about St. Sylvester online. Yes, he was a Pope but I can't find anything to do with being a patron saint. Guess being Pope was about all he did.

I'm tuckered out so will get going. Hope all y'all have a wonderful New Year's Eve.

Love, Mikie


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E7DAC5B0-9679-4C58-8DFC-501FC424126F.jpeg HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019, everyone ...be blessed, stay healthy, stay happy. i love you, Porch family, you are the best...muaaaah.

Hello All

Hosted the relatives for lunch at a restaurant yesterday. Four families and mom and auntof our new DIL. about 14 people. we had checked out the place earlier and made sure food catered to both veg and non vegetarians. my DHs sister from Switzerland and her DH both vegeterians and my DH uncles eldest DD and our DILs mum plus me.

it was a lovely day and we sat out on the terrace of the restaurant. managed to convince my DS too to come and he had a nice enoughtime entertaining the youngest members, DGS and DGD of uncles DD. DD saw to thefood and drinks, so i and DH were able to just sit and chat.

There was no negativity even though my MIL too came. i was praying she wouldnt but she behaved allright. i think everyone was happy.

There were some lovely souls among theguests and I think their vibes cancelled out any negativity. food was so good especiallythe snacks.

MIKIE - glad to hear SV is doing well. i admire Joes desire to run forthe board. i cant evenrun myown house efficiently much less represent a whole condominium complex.

ROCK - brrr...its cold now. i dont like watering job when itstoo cold, and dislike iteven morewhen its hot. i like the Italian house but wouldnt want to buy it. its nice to look at. Like Italian men. Me and my elder brother when children, used to be big fans of an italian actor who acted in spaghetti westerns, he was Giulianna Gemma. had a face sculpted as if by a professional sculpter.

Do you think residents of Poggio have podgy faces?

i love books on raising children. ive read one ortwo very funny ones.
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Morning, Folks

I am reading two books by an author new to me. One is a humorous book about raising kids
and one is a thriller. The author is Linwood Barclay. His name reminds me of Fleetwood
Lindley, the "last man to look up on the face of Lincoln." Fleetwood died the year I was graduated from college.

Mikie, I have no idea which of the following is accurate, if any, but here's what I found
on the subject of the Saint Sylvester. 1 He is not a patron saint. 2 He is the patron saint of kidney (sic) (3) He is the patron Saint of two small towns in Italy: Poggio and Catino.

Anyone interested in buying an Italian house might consider the one pictured below.
It's in Catino. Built in the 16th century it has been modernized over the centuries. The
price is 500,000 Euros which I read is about $573,000.

I looked at a list of celebrated people who died this year. The belief that celebrities die in threes is true. It will continue to be true as long as people keep going back to one after
they get to three.

I think I will go back to bed. Maybe get a few winks.
Hugs, Rock



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Hi All.
Happy St. Sylvester's Day; a feast day in parts of western Europe. Was he a Saint? No one seems to know.....do you?

Mikie, what will you give SV for his feast? A sardine or two? Every Friday we give our dogs a marrow bone for a treat. Marrow Bone Day! We also give them a small amount of cooked chicken hearts or gizzards on their kibble every day. They love it!! I'm SO glad that your Sylvester is doing well. Too bad about the Shrimp Plants. So sad!

Yes, cat fleas especially bite humans. I thank God that human fleas have been preet much been held under control. Spreaders of the Great Plague, don'cha know. Our two cats, the crazy cats, haven't had very many fleas, even though they usually want to spend the night out, but not always....

Spring, sounds like you had a good time at your luncheon, and I am especially pleased to hear that your MIL didn't give off bad vibes!

Rock, Harroo, Hurrah! My two next Susanna Gregory books got here yesterday. Back to the 1400th century for me -- 1358. So relaxing a read; mysteries, murders, physicians, surgeons, astrology (for some doctors), lots of wierdness and historical information. Long reads but engaging. I DO NOT want to live in that Italian house, thank you very much!

Icy frost this morning, a little sun. Cold down here in the shadow of Rainbow Ridge. Can't wait for the sun to get a little higher, and starts to hit the house.... If only it would rain it would warm things up. Strange huh? Advantage of this locale is that in summer, when it is super hot, cool air comes sliding down the fold of the ridge. Much better.

Happy New Year to All!

Feeling crappy and going to read,
Love to All, and Better Times to Come!
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Good afternoon...and Happy New Year to all, in case I don't get here tomorrow. Den's cousin, who hosts the Thanksgiving dinner, gave away bottles of wine to the guests this year. We took a bottle of pink champagne, thinking to save it for tonight...cheers!

Den got off at noon today, but is on call, so we won't be going anywhere or really doing much celebrating...probably watch the ball drop in NYC, but that's about as much excitement as we'll see.

Barry and Rock...I'm so glad you guys can get lost in your books. I like to do that, too...I can't remember particular authors, but if I find a book that looks really good, I can sit and read for hours. Barry, how neat that the way your house is situated, you can take advantage of the weather. It's 37 degrees and raining here...tomorrow looks to be the same.

Rock, your weather sounds like ours does, much of the time. Of course, we are colder, but the extreme changes in temps sounds very familiar. I haven't gone out to feed my cats yet...but Peace Sign has been in for her daily "warm up" and walkabout, lol! She has to wander through the house and shop, get a drink of water from Oreo's bowl, then goes upstairs to find a cozy place to hide. When she's finished her nap, she comes back downstairs and I escort her back out.

Spring, your comment about Italian men...lolol! Yes...so good looking! Glad you had a nice lunch with family, and that MIL couldn't spoil the festive mood. So nice your son could go and that DD did much of the hostessing so you and DH could just relax and visit.

Mikie, thanks for the new porch. Yes, I'll bet SV was glad to be "rescued." So nice that you have the lanai and he can sort of have the best of both worlds...inside and outside. Good of you to help Joe with his resume...I'm thinking you weren't really up to that, but I know it meant a lot to him.

Granni, thinking of you and your get-together with the family. Hope all goes well.

Sun, I wouldn't be able to manage a puppy, either. Glad the kids had to come back early...they probably weren't thinking about postponing picking her up till after their vacation...I'll bet they get all straightened out pretty soon. Hope it's not too much for Savannah, though.

Duckie, hope all is well with you.

Star, are you all back home yet or still camping? That seems like such a tremendous amount of work, maybe because we don't do much camping anymore.

I cooked a lot over the weekend, so I would have extra to take to Amy when I helped get Keira back home. Almost easier to double up and fix for all of us, and I know they appreciate having food to just heat up. I made chili, beef and noodles, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, tator tot casserole, homemade biscuits, sausage gravy, apple crisp and an angel food cake (haven't made one of those from scratch in ages, but had lots of egg whites left from the chocolate pudding pops and chocolate pudding that I gave neighbors for Christmas...it wasn't too bad, but could have been "taller", lol!)

And I fixed them a supply of fruit (partly from the fruit basket of apples, oranges, bananas, etc. that my brother left at Dad's...Dad is on a puree diet, so not able to eat other things.) And I bought some strawberries, fresh pears and mandarin oranges to go along. Amy has an ultrasound coming up, to see about the "dense area" on her kidney that the CT found....she is just hanging in there, waiting to see what happens next. Even though she still has to go to work while not feeling the best, and Clinton does a lot around the house, I know extra meals help out a lot.

I had made an extra apple crisp to take to our closet Amish neighbors, so took it early enough to see if I could help with her laundry. The eldest girl was just starting to walk to school, so I ended up taking her (and the group of neighbor kids she walks with.) The girls were happy to accept a ride, but the boys were determined to tough it out and keep walking, even in the rain, lol! It's probably close to a mile for Grace to walk (they live on south of us on the same lane) and she meets the neighbors up at the road...I think they normally enjoy walking, but not when it's so yucky out.

Then I went back and got part of Lorene's laundry...only four loads. I washed everything and hung it upstairs where the wood furnace would mostly get it dry, then will fluff each load in the dryer before taking it back. I soaked the diapers in cold water for an hour (gets rid of the odor), drained and spun them out, then washed in hot water. I hung them on the plastic fence up on the loft and will finish them in the dryer, too. Saves so much fuel to let them air dry most of the way, but so nice to have fluffy soft towels, blankets and diaper.

Funny thing, the sweet smell of baby clothes and diapers takes me back to when I would help Lindsey with her laundry...just makes me smile :)

So...I'd better get off the computer...was just being quiet while Den is napping. I think his last day of work will be sometime the end of March, first of April. Then he'll use up his last three weeks of vacation (so won't be at his job anymore, but will still get a paycheck.) and he can start his part-time job anytime. So, we'll be covered as far as income until his SS kicks in. That's the plan, anyway...things can always change, but it's always good to "have a plan."

Take care, everyone!



Hi, Kids,

Still have the sinus headache I woke with. I was out of milk so had to make a run to Publix. I got my Mega Millions Lotto ticket. Ran into a neighbor who swore he got there before me and bought all the winning numbers. DOF called and he's doing well. I finished watching Killing Eve. What a strange story and characters. It's quirky and that makes it interesting. Can't wait til next season to see how it goes. I got some of those hot wings and had them for lunch. Also picked up some sliced turkey breast with the hot sauce around the edges. They had prepared guacamole on BOGO so I got two packets of that. I'll spread it on the turkey sandwiches. Mmmm!

Spring, what a great pic of the doggies ringing in the New Year. Thanks for posting it. It made me smile. I'm sooo glad you all had such a wonderful time. That's the way family get togethers should be. When things go that well, it raises everyone's spirits.

Rock, gotta agree with Barry. I prefer my digs a bit more casual. Even winning a big lotto wouldn't change that. If Saint Sylvester is a patron saint of kidneys, I'm glad we are celebrating his feast. I could use a patron saint to help with my kidneys. So far, knock on wood, SV's bladder is doing well. Glad you found a new author.

Barry, unfortunately, due to SV's bladder crystal problem, I can't give him anything but his Rx food. I heaped on the love today and he really enjoyed that. I would imagine it would be nice when the sun hits your home. Sunshine always cheers me up. It's amazing how fast the sun's track changes this time of year.

I'm thinking of all my beloved Porchie Family and hoping this year brings everyone health, wealth, peace and happiness. I love you all.

Love, Mikie



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Spring:. Your party sounds like a ton of fun and glad the MIL didn't spoil everything. What a grump! Hey....Love the picture of the doggies celebrating. I'm going to save it. Makes me smile.

Rock: Can't get used to our sudden cold weather. Wonder how those people will do who sleep out overnight just to watch the rose parade. I did that twice.....both times hates it. Once when I was in college and we were all at a party and decided we would do it. Went to the nighttime walking around the streets in hot pink silk pants. Looked like something the cat drug in the next morning and all I wanted to do was go to take a shower and go to bed. Fooey on the parade. UGH. The next time my DH and I went but that was a tad better. I worked at AAA a block from the parade route so spaces were saved, donuts and coffee in the warm office, and someone even brought some ladders and planks for us to sit on. Won't do it again though. Well, actually a 3rd time, but that was when my mom and I went down in the evening to volunteer to glue on flowers on the floats. No help was needed so we came home. Now I don't even bother to turn on the TV to watch the parade......it's always the same.

Barry: Have fun reading your new books. She writes huge ones.

Julie: I hope Den doesn't get called out tonight so you two can watch the "ball drop" together. New Years is depressing to me, so I'll try to sleep thru it.

MIkie: Aw....poor SV, got left outside. But with your warmer weather, maybe he enjoyed it a little.

My DS came last night late from Phoenix. I got up around 1:30 and found he had come in and hit the bed. He had rented a car and drove but left this afternoon on the metro for Union Station in LA, going to catch a greyhound bus for Bakersfield where a friend will pick him up for a couple of days, then back here on wed. Until saturday. My other kids and their families are all coming here on friday for lunch. Then he'll fly home to Portland on saturday.

I painted for hours yesterday, I have a lot of unfinished oil paintings and they're bugging me. And with the end of 2018 I like to work my way thru the freezer. Yesterday I pulled out a package of frozen cod pieces and some frozen cooked bacon, and decided to make some kind of soup. Didn't have any potatoes so out came a half finished bag of tater tots. What a surprise today for lunch to reheat it. The tater tots all broke down overnight and made a thick potato chowder. I'll have to remember that.

With all that lack of sleep from puppy watching, I now feel like I'm trying to come down with something again. *&^%$#@


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Hi Kids

Big doings in LA tonight at City Hall. Somehow children's drawings were converted into something like stencils. They will be projected tonight on LA's City Hall in various colors.
There will also be a dropping of a huge ball. But it will be about 49 degrees with a big,
noisy crowd. Not for this old man.

Gordon just walked by. He said the big ball we saw on the morning news was in New York.
But the falling ball got me thinking. What movies have scenes of people falling or pushed
downstairs? Maybe I'll post that question on the Homebound Board. He also brought
me a new soup he is experimenting with. It's vegetable but the meatballs are chicken.
Very tasty.

Then too, used to know somebody who said that a lot, falls are on my mind. I fell
going down the stairs this afternoon. I escaped without a blemish, but my elbow hit
a window and damaged the weather stripping or something. Gordon will call our
handyman tomorrow.

Sun, your potato chowder sounds very good. Remember the song from Carousel
and the song about the clambake with chowder? Glad to hear you got some painting
done. Enjoy your family dinner. Gordon and I usually watch the Rose Parade for
about half an hour. I think the whole thing lasts as long as Birth Of A Nation.

Mikie, went downstairs to get some fruit juice. Walked by the Final Jeopardy question.
Something about Oscars. I think the answer was Jennifer Lawrence. I see her name in
the news now and then. Don't know anything about her. Hope that headache goes away.

I couldn't put together my resume anymore. Can't remember the names of some of
the employers (some have changed their name since I left); don't remember the order
or how long I stayed. Surely all those reports I wrote back in the 60's must have
been recycled by now.

Julie, that's quite a schedule Peace Sign has. How did she get that name anyway?
That's an awful lot of food you fixed. Enough for a pot luck after church. Far as I
know every lady in our town was a great cook. About the only thing they used to make
that you didn't was Jello salad. I though Jello salad was silly when I was a kid. Clearly
Jello was a desert. Was your chili spicy? My mother's was bland as mashed potatoes.

Barry, I asked Gordon if he read Susanna Gregory. He said he had read some of her
books. Hadn't made up his mind about her yet. Sorry you didn't care for the Italian
bungalow. But it's good to see how the other half lives. Except by definition the
very wealthy are not half of the population. The IRS, I read, uses wealthy to describe
the top one percent. Machts nicht to me.

Hugs and Happy New Years, Y'all. Rock


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Rock: You were VERY lucky not to have gotten injured when you fell. Stairs and me ......let's just say that I hang on tightly to the railing.

Do you remember those old movies of wealthy people on New Years. They all seemed to be dressed up in tails or long dresses, and at nightclubs. Did people REALLY live like that, even it you were wealthy or was that just some Hollywood premise. I for one can't EVER remember one New Years that I enjoyed myself. I always felt that it was a time you HAD to go out and HAVE fun. Forced gaiety. I'm binge watching Turn. It's based on the book Washington's Spies. It's been about a year since I last checked out the 9 DVDs from the library. Very good.


Happy New Year's Day, Dear Porchies,

I went to bed early last night but was awakened by fireworks at 11:00 p.m., not midnight. What's up with that? Perhaps there were fireworks at midnight too and I slept through them. I woke up and got up at 4:00 this morning. Joe's lights went on shortly after that. We are both early risers. I went out on the lanai to look at the heavens as I do every year on New Year's day. I don't know whether it's Venus or Jupiter that is so bright rising in the heavens but it's beautiful. The moon was hanging low and looked like a tilted bowl. Every year, I pray for peace in the world. I also prayed for all of us here. I fed SV and was thrilled to see him have a big drink of water. I also pray for all our critters.

My ex called yesterday. He bought another condo because he said it was a good deal. He doesn't feel up to working on the condos and he is constantly fighting with the tenants. I think he does it to escape his life being the caretaker for his wife. It all takes a toll on his health. Glad it's not my problem. My kids are in Canada skiing and I hope they are having a good time. It will feel like 13 degrees below zero in Denver today. I remember watching the parade in Pasadena when I lived in CO and wishing I were there. Other DD will graduate next fall with her masters degree in nursing. She will be a PA and able to have her own practice. My ex said she is already getting job offers from all over the country with good pay and benes.

Julie, we must have been posting at the same time. Sounds as though you are your usual busy self, helping others. I hope when Den retires it will usher in a new life of continued health and happiness for your whole family. Praying for Amy. I hope the shaded area is of no concern. The stones can make a person feel sick. Mine make me nauseated and mess up my appetite. The resumes most people here do to run for the board are not like the ones one uses to apply for a job. They are tailored to try to get votes for a seat on the board of directors. I just formatted it and helped Joe figure out what he wanted to say. That I could attach it to an email to the mgmt. co. to be printed out makes me love technology. Hope all works out well for you and your family.

Sun, I'm so glad to hear you are painting. Seems to me as though a painter's gotta paint to be happy, healthy and fulfilled. Hope you enjoy your son's visit when he returns. Is he a bit of a rolling stone? Is the lunch at your place or a restaurant? Sounds like fun. Wish I were with my family today but not in freezing CO. Don't think I could ever live there again year round. It was mid-80's here yesterday. Enjoy your family on Friday. I love throwing things together to make a meal out of odds and ends. Some of those meals are the best.

Rock, I'm so glad you weren't injured in your fall. Did you have a nice trip? Ha ha! Old joke. I worry about falling now, especially with my thinning bones. My balance is awful. I'm like the old bookkeeper who never dies but loses her balance. Good balance is certainly an asset in old age on account of I don't want to hurt myself. I want to stay in the black but not black and blue. It was bad enough being in the red with the Red Tide. It's gone from our beaches for the time being but it wiped out a lot of sea life here. Hope you and Gordon have a nice day. I still like watching the beautiful floats in the parade but it's not the same without Uncle Dickie.

I send best wishes for a happy New Year to all our beloved Porchies and others here on the PH forums and the good folks at PH who make it all happen.

Love, Mikie



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Morning Folks

Happy Jan 1. I spent half an hour looking for a good New Years poem. Couldn't find any.
I think a realistic expectation for the new year is that it will probably be more of the same
for the most part. No disasters, I hope.

When I was a teen we had a sock hop in the gym on New Years Eve. Lots of adults came
to watch the kids (and keep track of them) and sometimes doing some dancing too.
Refreshments were Coke, lemonade, and homemade fudge and popcorn. No kid
in our town every died from reckless driving, illegal drugs, gang wars, or criminal
activity. I suspect that's pretty much the same. Don't really know though.

Sun, yup, you're right. I was lucky. I unthinikingly broke one of my own rules which
is: always have a free hand on a stairway so you can grab the railing if necessary.

We have nothing planned. Don't know if Gordon's brother will be working. I looked
at various sites that promised to tell me if Whole Foods was open. None of them did.
But it's 2:30 AM. and I haven't heard him stirring. He usually leaves around this
time if it's a work day.

Hi Mikie, I started above you, but have moved. Thanks for the old joke about a
nice trip. Haven't heard that for a long time. Also the bookkeeper who lost her
balance. There were a slew of those jokes. I remember a few. Old doctors lose their patience. Old actors drop a part. Old bankers lose their interest. Attys lost their
appeal. (I think they lose their briefs is funnier.)

I agree with you. I couldn't go back to the land of ice and snow either.

Bis Spater, Kids, Rock
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Hi, Rock,

Not everything was an old joke. My pathetic puns were fresh. Remember when getting fresh meant being sassy or trying to get too familiar with a girl? I no longer have one arm free in case I need to grab the railing. I grab the railing to make sure I don't fall. I try to follow the Girl Scout training to always be prepared. Doesn't always work but I try.

Publix only closes on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, I think. There are other stores open. We have a new Whole Foods store not too far from me but I haven't visited yet. Can't afford to shop there. We have a Fresh Market just down the street but again...

Just read the paper online and was getting ready to shut the computer when I decided to check the Porch. You are really up early, or late.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Mikie

I'm up early, not late. Reminds me of the lyrics to Green Grow the Lilacs.

I passed my love's window both early and late
The look that she gave me would make your heart ache
The look that she gave me was painful to see
For she loves another one better than me

Yes, "Fresh" meant a boy was too forward. Maybe he stood too close to her
or put his arm around her shoulder. Nowadays "fresh" applies to toothpaste
and fruit. Used to apply to a daisy too.

Cheerio, Mate


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Good afternoon, friends! The New Year happened while we were asleep, lol! Today has been a slo-mo, relaxing sort of day. Den split some firewood, then I helped him get more chunks moved inside with the skidloader. He had to cut down a couple of smaller Ash trees that had died, so we have plenty of firewood for awhile...and we are still burning the big tree that he had cut down when the kids were here in November.

The beautiful Ash trees in our area have been attacked by the ash borer....in Amy and Clinton's town, residents had to cut down any Ash trees in their yards (dead or alive) or else the City would have done it and charged them. Our only consolation is that we are still able to make use of the wood as a heat source.

Rock, you asked how Peace Sign got her name...that would be from Keira. When Red Mittens had Peace Sign and three other kittens, Keira was crazy about peace signs (drew them everywhere, on everything, lol!) So, that's what she wanted to name one of the kittens. Jude 2.0 looks like a "Jude" that Lindsey and David used to have, so Lindsey thought it was a perfect name. Two other kittens disappeared before they received names...as it happens on the farm, sometimes.

I've been catching up on our laundry today...got Lorene's finished yesterday and took it back to her around suppertime. Bless her heart, she couldn't hang anything outside because of the rain (she had several loads to do, herself...I only brought four loads home with me) so had things hanging all over the house. With their woodstove going, it was very humid in there, lol!

I get to stay home tomorrow, then on Thursday Den and I both have PCP appts....mine is pre-op for cataract surgery on the 16th. Den has to see the doc in order to keep him thyroid meds prescribed. Since I'll be out anyway, I'll go on over and see my dad. And take Christmas treats to the staff at the care center....our Aldi's grocery store had all their fancy German cookies, etc. on sale at half price so I could get several packages and take some to each department where staff takes care of Dad (nursing and aids, dining, housekeeping/laundry, maintenance, hair dresser/barber, and the activity gals.)

I took 15 pounds of clementines when I went last Friday...for residents and staff...they put them in a big bowl on the counter at the nurses' station and people grab them on the way to or from the dining room. The DON said they always know when I've been there, lol! Dad can't eat them, but I do it as sort of a memorial to my mom...she loved fresh fruit.

I'd better get back to work...Den is taking a nap, so I've been quiet. Thinking of everyone...hope 2019 is good to all of us.



Hi, Kids,

Just dropping in. I had a short nap and feel better. There's a channel called, Escape, which has reruns on it kinda like MeTV. They are showing Boston Legal, a show I always loved. It's so quirky. TV stinks right now. One drawback of the holidays. I couldn't find anything I want to watch on HULU either. Too lazy to look through Netflix and Amazon. Earlier, I watched some of the parade but Barb and Joe called. Then, Nancy and Claudia and I started texting. Joe went fishing early. He says it helps pass the day. I think it's lonely for him on holidays without his wife. He's pretty good at keeping himself occupied. Some men in that situation are really lost.

Rock, what a sad little ditty. My Mom always said something was, "Fresh and nice." Never just fresh but fresh and nice. She never said she saw a fly. It was always, "A big green fly full of worms." I miss her. I was compelled to look at the clock at 7:11 so I know she was here in spirit for the New Year. I spent extra time praying before getting up this morning. Every year, I hope and pray it will be a better year. I looked back and realized that, even though these last years have been challenging, I'm still here and in pretty good shape for the shape I'm in (another of Mom's sayings).

Star, glad you're able to get lost reading and hope you're up to stopping in when you can stay a bit.

Julie, even on a slo-mo day, you guys do a lot. I washed the bedding so SV and I can start out the new year with fresh clean sheets and comforter. I hope your appointments go well with the PCP. I am getting my teeth cleaned on the 7th. I now hate having appointments to see anyone. At some point in my life, I want to stop them except for the PCP and dental hygienist. Enjoy tomorrow at home.

Granni, I said a prayer especially for your DD and your family that all would go well today. I hope everything is going really well.

OK, this keyboard is being weird so I'm gonna go. Again, Happy New Year, everydooby.

Love, Mikie


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Hello to all my Porchie pals.
Spring, Sun, Duck, Barry, Rock,Granni, Julie, Mikie and anyone else poppin' in.

Mikie, the reading I caught up on, was everyone's posts! :)
I really like that saying 'I'm in good shape, for the shape I'm in'.I'm gonna try & remember it.

It's a hectic season here at the moment.
Mil & partner are camped at the place where all the gorgeous wildlife come in.
The place that kinda sucked me into moving out here.
Dh and boys camped with their swags, but as dd is back at work today, I came home,
Stayed up late and read /caught up on everyone's goings on, here on the Porch.

Puppy shenanigans , kind hearts washing and drying up a storm, discussions on fleas
and behaving mil, shrimp plants, house sale falling through and all the different hues in a day.
Our disappointments- ups aswell as downs...and as Rock said, 2019 will probably be much of the same.
But at least we are Alive and Kicking.
And as long as we are...

Ok.feels like it's time for bed and I've only just got up.
This pain and tiredness....grrr...
BUT. I'm not in bad shape, for the shape I'm in'
Thanks Mikie :)

We will all head back out there again (free camping spot) this arvo and hv
baked spuds in the fire and sausages etc.
The salsa/chilli sce and sour cream def gave the yum factor.
Plus it's less work for me.
Or is it? Hmmmm.

Dh and boys will sleep there and I will come home with dd again.

Someone's noisy, faulty generator was making such a racket
that it seemed to keep All the wildlife away.
Except the monarchs.
Butterflies Everywhere! Beautiful big ones and little ones frolicking
and dancing in the air.weaving in and out, together in the dappled light...
A rare moment of peace and beauty amid the chaos.

It's also been pretty tense here between Dh and Ds 1.
He doesnt wanna go back to school, but avoided applying for an apprenticeship locally...
Really stresses me out, this type of thing.
Ds said some awful things to me and has stopped giving me a kiss goodnight.
(I get a peck on the cheek from all my Treasures.
well, actually 2 coz ever since they were babies, I told them 'Mum gets 2')
Yes I know, he is 17 and I am probably over reacting, but I do worry he focuses
too much on negatives & is somewhat of a melancholic.
We all know that there's a certain amt of effort put in to seeing the silver lining
and the more you focus on negatives, the more blown out of proportion they get...

We are not perfect people/ parents, but I refuse to cop the blame for every little thing
That goes wrong in his life.... ahhhh teenagers.

And dd is upset that we wont let her go to drinking parties...sigh

Duties call.

Hope yas all hv a great day.

Ps. Ds1 just came in and gv me a late Christmas gift.
He said he accidentally left it at work & could only get it today.
No apologies or mention of the hell he put me through a few days ago...
(Dh doesnt know about that bit of drama.figured that was best).
It's a dif season, I guess.

Take care
Catch yas later.
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Star:. I'm sorry for the hassle you seem to be getting from DS #1. It's that age.....hang in there and stay firm. I know that's hard for you but easy for me to say. Hang tough mom. My oldest is 47.....so many problems concerning him. He was once my "bright and shining star" but taking the wrong paths led him elsewhere. I've had to learn to accept the bones that are thrown to me.

Happy new year to everyone. I do pray that it will be a better one for all of us. It's been cold, down in the low 40s in the mornings. I wonder how many people will end up sick having spent the night out on the street to watch a parade.

Granni: Hoping to hear a good report from you. Julie has been busy serving her community, good for you, lucky neighbors. And I do hope that Amy gets a good report on that "whatever".

I've spent the day recovering my kitchen chairs, all 6 of them. I was going to toss some good fabric, then decided perhaps I would use it for the chairs. Last time they were recovered was at least 10 years. So one by one I removed the clear plastic, then just covered over the old fabric.....gosh, staple guns and cordless drills are so handy! Then I had to run to the fabric store to buy more clear plastic and after an hr there I ended up with fabric for a new coordinated tablecloth. 4 chairs are finished as is the table cloth, so I'll finish the remaining two tomorrow.

And one of my fellow artist friends called concerning an art show. She talked me into hanging a few paintings.....3 mos. so who knows where I'll be by then, but I've now got my table covered with some watercolors and assorted frames. Take in time is on saturday, but I know I have to take my DS to the airport so who knows if I can do both.