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Came traipsing in and thought might as well open a new porch. Please do go and visit the posts on the tail end of #1108.

Barry - so happy you located loverboy Romeo. Poor baby. Running so faraway.. ive lost two dogs many moons ago. they ventured out and didnt come back. Our naughty doggie is being a pest. following us. He follows us down the lane to the butchers and grocers. Thats as far as we allow.

when my DD went to buy some groceries, the shopkeepers family knew him. they said, “oh him? he came to visit us in our house climbing the stairs” (they knew he was our doggie, becausetheyve seen us arguing with him to return). shopkeeper lives on the upper floor of his shop. So they didnt throw a shoe at him when he poked his head through their doorway and looked them up and down.

the other day he was arguing with a neighbour outside our gate, sniffing at him, scuffing the ground, trying to distract the man from his conversation on the cellphone. then he growled and just to assert himself as owner of that space, picked up a brick lying on the ground next to the mans foot and ran back to our house. i was watching from a crack inthe gate and heard the man exclaiming. telling his friend what the dog did.

He yet again brought one white canvas shoe of the pair which was drying outside their house and i found it in our kitchen. luckily no teethmarks. obviously something else had immediately distracted doggies attention otherwise it wouldnt have stood a chance. our help had to unobstrusively return it to where it was taken from.

Nowadays he stands on his hind legs in the kitchen, looking out the window into the side street and barks at other dogs. if he sees one trotting by, he rushes out of the door and hurtles down the stairs to give the dog a piece of mind for just existing.

Granni - CDD just visiting withthe family is a step forward. it must be stressful for the whole family trying to behave normal around her but families are there for better or worse. She is fortunate you all havent givenup on her. i know everyoneis dealing with their own problems in life. who knows who will be dealt which cards in life.

Sunflower - im sure those chairs look nifty as can be. with new upholstering and your artists eye. sorry the pup was more exertion than expected, i mean they tire out younger people so you with your rib pain and the health hazards just gone by. understandable. i hope she doesnt bother Savannah too much.

exciting about the exhibition. i was walking by and looking at a couple of beautiful paintings in a shop. i was wishing i could buy one one or two but theyre very expensive. the shop is in front of a Fine Arts school. beautiful beautiful work. i really envy artists ability. to create beauty inyour head and get your hands to translate it into the real world. what a gift! Envy Duckie too.

Duckie - oooh yeah! another quilt. or quilt inthe making. so pretty! love those prints. happy to know your DM is almost recovered. she sounds like a very determined lady. im smiling to myself. i know those. Theyre very endearing to watch. as they order the world to do their bidding. Even when their appearance is frail and vulnerable.

Rock - i love waking to a quiet house. i get up, make my tea and just enjoy those moments. before the chatter and motion breaks out and another day begins in earnest.

Today the sun shone from early morning. yesterday was cold, i almost froze. Had to bring out the heater and warm wherever i was staying. Ive gotten out all the warm blankets that i thought i wouldnt need. All the family was feeling the biting cold. it gets down to 1 degree celcius in the wee hours.

Mikie - yes, its been a rough coupla seasons for you and rough couple months for most Porchies. But one keeps hoping its gonna get better. iunderstand about the expenses. i dont buy lots of things that are needed because it goes on the dogs upkeep. i think SV was a Godsend to you. no matter what. and you have been more than that to him. i also admire Jeff. i mean, he is keeping a cat because his neighbour might hurt it, inspite of being allergic to one. i think there willbe a separate place in heaven for persons like you and Jeff.

Julie - it will be a nice news for us too when Den retires part time. He works so hard, as do you. You both deserve a nice break. when ithink of the Amish in that snow with all those little ones laundry, and bathing, cooking. i faint.
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Morning, Chums

Thanks for waving the starting flag, Spring. Do you have a fainting couch in case you actually faint? They were popular in the 19th century. They looked like a bench mated with a bed. See pics below. Wikipedia says people didn't really faint on them. They were considered an informal couch. I don't think I'll drop by to visit while your temp is O degrees celsius. That's freezing on the F. scale.

Granni, remember when new math was all the rage? I haven't heard about it for some
decades. Now we don't teach cursive. I don't know if they really teach anything any
more. They are articles about schools where no one flunks and everybody graduates.
Fresh asparagus sounds delicious. My Mom had it in her garden. It grows like a weed.
Doesn't need any pampering.

Mikie, how did you hurt your arm? Do those bushes have thorns? There are lots of
recordings of City of New Orleans on Youtube. You might want to check out a funny
song by Steve Goodman titled "You Never Even Called Me By My Name." It combines
all the elements of country music lyrics: heartbreak, drinking, etc. Steve died from
leukemia at age 36. He always looked very young and seemed to smile non-stop.

Ach! My typing is falling apart again. Back later. Rock



Hi, Kids,

I am asking that if anyone decides to open a new Porch that he or she put a note at the bottom of the old Porch so that someone else does not go to all the trouble to open up a new one that is redundant. I will delete the one I started.

Love, Mikie


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Hi guys....in a rush, but wanted to say "hello". Washing and hanging out rugs today...balmy 48 degrees here! I imagine tomorrow will be spent outside as it is to be warm again...49 degrees, then 51 and 52 on Sunday and Monday. I know we'll get the freezing weather eventually, but might as well enjoy this while it lasts. Even Oreo wants to be outside today :)

Duckie, I'm glad your mama will get home soon. She seems very tough and the kind of person that not much gets her down. Hope her recovery continues smoothly.

Spring, your watch doggie sounds like a real character, lol! I'm afraid Oreo would just run behind me, instead of standing up to protect me...but we love her anyway. And who knows, if she really felt I was being threatened, she might surprise me.

Granni, glad the get together went well...as someone else said...Baby steps.

Sun, you are amazing with what you get done. Hope your day with family is a lot of fun.

Mikie, you too...getting work done when you feel like cr*p...I admire you guys.

Rock, you and Gordon continue to make a great team. Speaking of cursive writing...Keira and Miley's school still teach it. And I think Lindsey works on it with her kids, too.

Barry, hope you can keep somewhat warm. Oh, Romeo...glad you found him and got him safely home.

Star, I would need a few weeks to recover from a camping trip...hope you are doing okay.

I would try to visit more, guys, but am getting that crash and burn feeling...hate when that happens. Hope everyone has a good weekend.


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I'm always paranoid that someone will start to open a new porch at the same time as me...

Just a quick funny note - went to visit the old kitty (OT) last night. The young cat (Luna) threw herself on the floor at my feet in a fit of feline felicity (ooh - such alliteration)! She meowed, purred, and rolled, clearly ecstatic to see me again. If that was the reaction I got after being gone for 2 days, I can't wait to see her reaction when my mom comes home tomorrow!

All this running around is wreaking havoc on my quilting time. I have a quilt that's been on my long arm since before Christmas, and my sewing room is a wreck. I'm hoping to get that under control this weekend.

Hugz to everybody!



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DUCKIE - That is so funny about LUNAs reaction to your coming home. That is so funny and cute. Yes, when your DM comes home she should really get hysterical. Wow making anoather quilt. I am all worn out thinking about it. It probably goes quickly for you but I hate to think if I tried to make one - YIKES.!! Happy quilting !!

MIKIE - I take my own b/p too and make a list so I can show the dr or whoever is taking it to show them what it is at home. Otherwise you never get on the right med. Horary got new scripts and have to wait for some to be sent, BTW, my b/p went up but now as horrible as it has been on other occasions. Good idea of people starting up new posts.

JULIE - Glad you haven;t crashed and burned yet, Please try and take care of yourself and not to over due. I know how hard that is for you. I have to shiver at your idea of hi 40's and low 50's being warm. Not me, that is COLD. Sorry I would never make it in Iowa, sorry !!!!! That is good that Lindsey and their school still teaching cursive writing. Otherwise the kids write awful and no one can read it.

SPRING - I too like the peace and quiet you are talking about. However, DH gets up before me so it is never real quiet at that time unless he goes somewhere.

I need to go start dinner started. Sorry not able to chat with everyone.

Hugz and love to awl,
Granni :)


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How-dee! I'd put on my hat with the dangling price tag, but I can't find it. Lump Lump
is probably wearing it. Gordon says he d0esn't work on weekends anymore, but he's
frequently up in the middle of the night. Sometimes he goes to the gym. Can you imagine working out at 3 AM?

Scanned the news. Trivia and tragedy as usual. There was a story abou ta fellow who helped
an 11 year old boy buy a coat for his mother. The story was one sentence long. I guess you
had to see the video, but the videos won't play on our machine. And there's that underwear
ad about men who are obsessed with their underwear. It's been there for 2-3 weeks. I don't believe any men are obsessed with their etc. Their car maybe. Their fantasy sports
activities. Their super duper charcoal grill that cost as much as a term at college. But
underwear? No way!

I sorta woke up this morning, but not quite. Just lay there in a sorta stupor for what
seemed like hours. I'm still in a stupor, but it's somewhat less stuporous.

Granni, I agree with you on the weather. If we had gotten up to 50 degrees on a
winter day when I lived in MN, it would have been monumental. People would have
been running around in short pants and maybe a sweatshirt. Never had such a
winter temp when I lived there.

Duckie, to prevent someone from opening a new porch same time as you, you can do
with Mikie does sometimes. Open the new porch and post it right away. Then come
back and do the chatting part in the Edit box. Yes. that was a fabulous feat of facile
fluency. Good luck catching up on your quit, etc.

Julie, sorry to hear you feel like crash and burn. Just one of those would be too much
for me. Winter didn't seem too terrible when I lived in our northern most state (back
then), but now I couldn't cope. Have fond memories of playing in the snow, building
snowmen, (ours never looked like the ones you saw in pictures) and days when
the school was closed. We kids didn't know those days just get added to the end of the year.

Hugs, Rock


Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

I've been sooo exhausted that everything is a major pain. Last evening, I noticed one of my front bottom teeth was very sensitive. It was slightly sensitive before but the hygienist took an x-ray last time I had my teeth cleaned and it showed nothing. I'm getting them cleaned on Mon. and will mention it again. It's always something.

It will be ten degrees cooler this week. It was 85 degrees yesterday. I'm looking forward to gentle breezes and perfect temps. I need to finish up the gardening outside and then throw some wax on my car. The hoarder room continues to limp along while I do other things which are more important. It is getting done little by little and I do mean little. Everything has to wait when I feel like this.

The facility where Claudia's Mom lives has sing alongs on Fridays. They sing old songs including patriotic ones. Claudia said her Mom always cries when they sing God Bless America. She was living in Germany during WWII and, after the war, everyone was starving. Many wouldn't have made it had it not been for the Berlin Air Lift. Her Mom loves this country. Even though her memory is almost gone, she still remembers her love of America. It's so sad and touching.

Spring, thanks for the kind words about Jeff and me. What I've done pales by comparison with all you do for the animals. That dog is a real rascal and I enjoy hearing about what he is doing.

Rock, a friend used to say that if you play a C&W record backward, you get your pickup truck and girlfriend back. It wasn't a thorn but just a stalk I had cut back that gouged a hole in my arm. It's still a bit red and swollen but is healing. I was actually more concerned about the bee who was none too happy about my messing around where he was trying to collect pollen. I wonder whether honey made from shrimp plants tastes like shrimp. Our honey bees are pretty docile unless they crossbreed with the African bees.

Julie, I hope you are enjoying your heat wave. Wish I could send our weather to everyone who needs it. Good grief! You get more done than I could ever hope to accomplish. I feel like a couch potato. Wait a minute--I am a couch potato. Pretty soon, I'll sprout.

Duckie, usually when I open a new Porch, the only other person here is Rock. For some reason, the Chit Chat homepage had not refreshed so the other Porch did not show up. Like you, though, I always wonder whether Rock is doing the same thing as I. That is sooo cute about Luna's rolling around to show how happy your visit made her. Grace's little dog gets so excited when I visit and acts as though he hasn't seen me in years. We laugh at his antics. Today is the big day for your DM. Hope all goes well. BTW, nice alliteration. Puns are my favorite with oxymorons a close second but always enjoy some good alliteration.

Granni, I see that Valsartan is being removed from the market. Gotta check to see whether Losartan is the same thing. I've been taking it for years. We are all Guinea Pigs for Big Pharma. I used to get up before my family in order to enjoy the peace and quiet. Come back when you can.

OK, gonna get going. Hope everydooby has a nice start to the weekend.

Love, Mikie

Update: Not getting much done around here. It's one of those days when I try but end up hurting myself and swearing like a truck driver in heavy traffic. I did take the bag full of cat poop and pee clumps down to the dumpster and I picked up my mail. I came home and paid bills online. This time, my taxes and SV's vet bills were on my main credit card. I'm just glad it's paid. I'm also glad he seems to be back to his happy, healthy self.

I had a neighbor who used to give me a bad time, not all of it in jest. Once when I was headed down to the dumpster, I told her the cats had made a present for her. When she saw what I had, she made a face.

There's a PBS show on healthy brains I'm watching, Of course we all know about healthy diet and staying active but the biggest impact is keeping interested and focused on things around us. Anything that is interesting to us on which we focus helps keep the good chemicals working in our brains, helping the neurons to make connections. We are all readers, artists/craftspeople, animal lovers and we discuss these things all the time. I think it is healthy for us.

Yesterday, I got my $60 worth of OTC products through my Medicare Advantage plan. It's a great benefit but I wish they would get more products. I'm all stocked up with bandaids (which I always need), antacid chewable tablets, anti-fungal lotion and Biotene spray for my dry mouth. They have digital scales and kitchen scales and BP cuffs. I also will be getting a $40 gift card to Target for getting my mammogram and the well checkup with my PCP. Next year, I'll get the same for the well visit and colonoscopy. Claudia is on the same plan and we both love it.

Just had a bowl of strawberries, blueberries and a banana. These strawberries from FL are delicious. Better than the ones they usually stock. I feel light headed so will sign off now.

Love, Mikie

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Hi Gang of Invalids!
I feel very invalid today. My head's in a spin from playing with the dogs in the house. Too wet and wild outside; wind warnings, flooded roads, collapsing cliffs, and so on. Maybe a thunderstorm or two. Maybe the power will go out. I love catastrophising, don't you?

Spring, your doggie tails really make me laugh; I bet they wag their tales a lot don't they. So funny about the purloined shoe! Didn't half make me giggle.

Mikie: asparagus! One of my favourite veggies, and I am a fool not to have planted some years ago. On sale, in our market last week, it was on sale for $5 a pound. Say what! Expensive, at least for my meager means. Four pets eat up a lot of money with vet bills, food, toys, etc. What does asparagus sell for down there in the 'glades. It'll be getting cheaper here soon anyway, so I wait hopefully. Season just starting; same with artichokes....
Oh, Mikie! Have you been overdoing it again, and crashed?

Julie, I thought you would be having blizzards by now! We have had some hard frosts, maybe 3, but mostly balmy like yours. Highs in the low 50 - high 40s. Hmmmm. Something seems wrong with that sentence.... Sorry that you are feeling in a flare, but you HAVE been doing a heck of a lot. Rest, my dear, if you can. By the way, do you and Den grow any veggies? I've often wondered.... Gardening is so good for kids, if you can get them interested in it.

Rock, I curse at my cursive! It's gone all to h and back. Just like my body. At least I haven't lost my mind yet; almost did when Romeo was gone for 20 hrs., though! The randy scamp! I got Ricardo to get the dogs new ID tags as the others were becoming too worn. Yeah, I read the news today: more mass shooting....:mad::(.

Sun, I've been meaning to ask you this for a long time. Who are your favourite artists, if you have any. I like van Gogh, especially his "poppies". I don't like Picasso, Dali, or their ilk. No Mondrian either. I do like Cezanne, Norman Rockwell, Andrew Wyeth, and, and, I can't remember.....

I'm too tired to go on right now, but greetings to Ducky (British spelling), Granni, Star, and all others.

Peace to All,



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Good Saturday afternoon! Oh my goodness...sunny and 58 degrees right now. We've been working outside and I had to ditch my jacket...short sleeve t-shirt was plenty. Was helping Den clean up the Ash trees that we've had to cut down...he runs the chainsaw and skidloader while I drag the stuff that's too small for firewood to the burn pile. We are just burning it in the middle of the driveway cause it's more handy...have two other brush piles on the other side of the yard...more than enough for bonfires and on which to cook hot dogs and marshmallows when the kiddos are here.

Barry, the grandkids love to garden...but it's tricky to have them participate when they live so far away. I used to have a huge garden and canned or froze nearly everything we needed. Life (illness, taking care of kids, grands, parents) put a "pause" to the big gardens, but we are making plans to gear up again in the near future. We want to make some raised beds and fix things so we'll be able to work in our "Golden Years." Not sure which those years are, but Den and I are both starting to feel them creeping up, lol!

Mikie, we saw on the news about the Valsartan. Den is also on Losartan, so I asked the pharmacist when I picked up his refill the other day...she said they are not the same thing (they do similar things, but not the same med) so we didn't need to worry.

Duckie, hope you got your mama home and all settled in.

I'd better just say a quick Hi to everyone...we timed our "lunch break" at the same time Den's woodworking shows are on. He just wanted a smoothie (milk, fruit, protein powder, collagen, baobab powder) and I had a huge salad (lettuce, three different colors of sweet peppers, garbanzo beans, cucumber, strips of deli ham, boiled eggs, celery, broccoli and cauliflower, pieces of baby swiss cheese.) I prepped the ingredients a couple of days ago and have them ready in separate containers...more likely to just grab things to throw salads together if they are already cleaned, cut up, etc. Need to do that more often...instead of throwing a bunch of it out.

But now I think it's time for a power nap. Hope everyone is having a good enough weekend. Amy just texted that Keira's dad and step-mom's dog is in the middle of a C-section. Not sure what breed she (the mother) is, but they bred her with a Great Dane...and Keira gets first choice of a puppy. Keira says she has always wanted a Great Dane...I never knew that, lol! Amy and Clinton are just rolling with it, and making plans for their new addition to their household in a couple months...hopefully, Blu (the one they rescued after Jasmine passed away) will like having a sibling.


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Hey Kids!

In case any of you missed the latest news in the world of sports, some basketball player
had a tooth knocked out during the game. He bent over to pick it up and an opponent
stole the ball from him. This teaches us that even though pro basketball players make
20 to 30 thousand per game, their life is not all beer and skittles.

Julie, I saw a gardening program about raised gardens decades ago. Probably on The
Victory Garden. It said they were better because of improved drainage or something.
Is that boabab powder from the boabab tree That's the one that kinda looks like it's
upside down. Got a book on same from the library a couple decades back. Gordon
loved them.

My uncle had a great dane when he was in college. Or maybe it belonged to all the guys
he lived with while attending the Univ. of MN. All 6 of them were from my home
town. When the dog stood up it was taller than the girl he was dating and later married.
Her name was Ferdy; dog's name was Thor.

Barry, catastrophizing is a word spell check doesn't recognize. And something people
shouldn't do because it makes them miserable. But casting a cat in bronze is creative,
and fizzing as in champagne bubbles is perfectly all right. Shall we drink to that?
So glad you got Romeo home. You think he was looking for Juliet? Perhaps it's
a riddle wrapped in an enigma as Winston said around the time I was born.

Mikie, speaking of Claudia's Mom, the answer to the big Jeopardy question was
the Berlin Airlift. None of the contestants got the answer, but Gordon and I both
did. As my grandfather used to say in his Norwegian accent, "Don't trust those

Never heard the joke about getting the pickup and the girl back before. Do you
hang out at cowboy bars? I listened to some train songs last night including
"Freight Train". Rusty Draper had a good version.

Duckie, in Verdi's Il Trovatore the baritone sings the role of Count De Luna. You
think your cat is any relation? Rossini, composer of the theme music for The Lone
Ranger also wrote a duet for two cats. It is usually sung by two sopranos. The words
are easy to learn: Meow.

Hugs, Rock



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Hi Kids

It's 4 am here. Just sat down and already the computer is driving me crazy. Yesterday I
ordered a product from a TV ad. It's a buncha old TV programs staring my favorite funny
man, Jack Benny. But I am leery of buying stuff from TV ads. Anyhoo today got an
e mail from Time-Life confirming the purchase. I have tried 3 times to move it to a folder
so I can save it. No can do.

Jack was on radio and TV for for about a hundred years or so. I remember doing homework
while listening to him on Sunday nights back in the 50s.

It is raining here. Yesterday I was pretty much a limp dishrag all day. Spent almost all
day in bed. Woke up a couple times and thought I should go feed the kitty. Then fell
right back asleep. About ten PM I finally woke up. Discovered it was raining. And
will probably rain for another two days.

Decided to take her some food and put it in her shelter. Soon as I opened the back porch
door there she was. Her fur was dry. So we repeated the same process this morning.
I think she keeps her eye on the back porch and comes when she sees the light go on.

Hope everybody is OK. Here on the ranch things are going along as usual.

Hugs, Rock
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Hi Kids

Well, the sun is shining. Don't know if the forecast rain will show up, but it's blue skies
for now. Some funny stuff on the Board just below this one, Positive Thinking and
Inspirational quotes, Laughter is Good Medicine.

Here's a sample. A book fell on my head. I blame my shelf.
As long as cocoa beans grow on trees, I'm considering chocolate to be fruit.



Good Sunday Afternoon, Dear Porchies,

Whole morning was taken up with reading the newspaper, doing the puzzles, watching my Sunday news shows and talking on the phone. Joe called twice, DOF called and my DSIL called. He has me, his Mom and his uncle on his phone plan. The uncle is a bit of a savant. He's brilliant in some areas but not when it comes to everyday things. He keeps streaming movies and using up all the data. The kids watch out for him, help him find jobs and let him live rent free when he doesn't have any money. I got one of those texts from Verizon so texted DSIL about it. He and my DD are so kind and loving. I don't use data myself. Hope they can rein in the uncle's excessive streaming. I've offered to pay the cost of adding me to their plan but they won't hear of it. It's DSIL's iPhone that I have.

I just fixed lunch. I steamed the asparagus just right and put it on my little grill, drizzled with some olive oil. Then, I put the boneless pork chops on. They were part of the Omaha Steak package. They were marinated in some kind of exotic concoction. I drizzled them with a bit of honey and they were delicious. Think I'll chop up the leftovers and fix with some rice and Terriaki sauce for tomorrow.

Was gonna wash my hair so I don't have to do it before getting my teeth cleaned in the morning but think I'll wait. Just not up to it today. Better than yesterday but not doing any jigs today. I started a new thriller yesterday and think I'll read and hope to drift off. I'm still reading Hubris but I need some fiction to break up the dry history.

Barry, don't I wish I felt like this from overdoing it. Unfortunately, our flares don't need a reason. At least, when overdoing it, we have something to show for our exhaustion and pain. I just looked at the package the asparagus came in and it is a product of Peru. My in-laws had it growing wild in the field behind their house and they got to enjoy it for free. It was on sale for $2.99 a pound. It's on sale a lot of the time. I'm not sposda eat it cause it contributes to kidney stones but I still enjoy it from time to time. Hope we both get some vim and vigor soon.

Julie, did you ditch your jacket in the ditch? TV news said Losartan had been recalled. I'm seeing my doc at the end of the month and will find out what we will do. I had awful reactions to three of my BP meds and I've had no side effects with the Losartan. Hope all went well with the C-section. I always wanted a Chow and my DD got two of them. Still my favorite breed.

Rock, I like some C&W music but not all. I'd listen to pretty much anything Willie Nelson would sing. Don't hang out in cowboy bars. I rode horses when I was growing up and went to school with kids who were real cowboys. I've always loved the lonely train whistles in the night and love train songs. Claudia was the only one of us who got the Berlin Airlift FJ question. Then, she told us about her Mom's life in Germany. I'm too young to remember the airlift itself but have heard about it. Miss Kitty seems like a smart little girl. Tweety is like that. Survivors.

It is absolutely gorgeous out today. Everything is in Technicolor when the sun is at this low angle. It made a beautiful rainbow in the fountain in our little pond. Only rarely am I so sick I can't enjoy the beauty around me. Hope all y'all else have beauty in your lives too.

Love, Mikie


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its drizzling. a grey day. wet. Dark. put the pic up to cheer us up.

been busy visiting. thank goodness the weather was warm beforetoday. makes going out a pleasure.

im glad my DD returned yesterday. her college friend from USA who is from Jamaica visited and before that, so did some Bangladeshifriends alsofrom college in usa. luckily another friend is putting her up. The girls and theJamaican friend visited a city outside the Valley. Its got a lake and all. known for trekking. they spent two days adventuring and then flew back. just 15 mins flight.

im not up to hosting anyone. not yet.

Mikie - the sunsets must be beautiful! i took some pretty pics of ours pink and black clouds in layers..but i cant seem to post.

it must be difficult to be a savant. who knows the mysterious ways of theworld? i remember Rain man. i dont know any savants myself, but i know a clairsentient. i was talking to one on thephone who was across town at that time, and hetold me someonehad come downstairs at my place and isaid “no, some people had just left some time ago. and no one had come after. but i walked downstairs to double check and there was a electrician and his friend checking out some wires in the store room in the compound.

i think some people are extra sensitive. but in different ways.

Julie - I wouldnt be upto keeping a Great Dane. Lol! their size! i hope Keira gets her dream dog.

Barry - asparagus from Peru! Our rescue wont wear anything. lastyear we got him a warm doggie vestwhich fit snugly but after half a day we found it ripped through and on the landing. same with acollar. chewed right through.

Rock - smart cat. watching out forwhen your light goes on. i suppose it goes “ aha! dinnertime”. i wish every stray had a fosterhome to visit where they are assured of a safe warm placeto nest and healthy food to tuck into whenever theyneed it.
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Morning, Kids

It's raining here. Fed the cat. She came in, and I gave her kibble and chicken broth.
She was perfectly dry. Didn't eat much. By the time she finished breakfast the rain had started again. No rain predicted after today. Supposed to be 70 tomorrow.

Springwater, great pic. Must be huskies. Those eyes are even bluer than Norwegian
eyes which are generally a pale blue. Did you see the story about the dog named Sky
on the news yesterday? Her owner left her at a shelter with a note saying "Homeless.
Can't feed her any more." I hope the owner can find a shelter too.

We had a savant in our town. He was a whiz at playing the piano, but couldn't work. A
gal wrote a history of our town. She said his parents were very worried about what would
happen after they died. The author said the town took care of him.

Mikie, did you ever hear The Family Bible; a beautiful song written by Willie Nelson
way back in the 50s. There's a great recording of it on youtube by Pat Boone. Have
you heard those wooden whistles that sound very much like an old train? The
ones I've seen are about a foot long and cost ten bucks. You can find them on
the net.

Woke up and went to the bathroom this morning. And then...nothing. Another
medical crisis to add to the collection. Like everybody else here, I am so fed up
with medical problems.

Sun, are you OK? Traveling? I can't remember anything anymore. Hugs
To Julie, Barry, Duckie, Granni and GB.

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Hello Again. I'm back again. A simpering, whimpering child again. Bewitched, Bothered
and Bewildered Am I. From Pal Joey by Rodgers and Hart.

After I finished my post above thought I'd revisit the bathroom. As happens so often
around this ranch Lump Lump beat me to it. He'd been out somewhere. The gym
maybe. Anyhoo my latest medical problem evaporated so I'm back to my usual state
of wretched health. At least I'm not as unlucky as the poor guy who was playing charades when he had a heart attack.

Anybody watch the Golden Globe Awards. I'm assuming it was on TV. I haven't watched
an awards show for decades. Used to have a friend who went crazy at Oscar time. He
made up ballots and passed them out to friends so they could vote for their favorites.
Then he gave money, real money, to whoever picked the most winners. A very nice fellow.
A former farmboy from Iowa, Julie. Amazing how many of the best people come from
the Midwest.

Put a book by Liam Clancy on hold. The Clancy Brothers were from Ireland. Very
popular during the folk singing era. I saw them here in LA at the Irish festival many
years ago. Used to have all of their records. This is the pic on the first one I bought.

Hope Ya'll have a nice day. Think I'll have a bowl of Gordon's soup for breakfast.
Hugs, Rock



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Good morning, guys! Our temps started out at 51 degrees...say WHAT! But it's raining. No matter...I got all the throw rugs washed and dried over the weekend, so today is "floor day"...sweep, vacuum, mop, and get the rugs back in place.

We're watching a show at nights on Netflix about Humboldt County in California...very interesting. Not sure what type of series it is...maybe "historical documentary"? Features the marijuana growing business and a place called Murder Mountain...lots of people used to "go missing" in that area.

Oh, the dog had 10 puppies! Keira will get to meet them this weekend.

I'll try to get back later tonight and visit longer...gotta stay on task. Hope everyone is doing as well as possible.



Good Late Monday Morning, Kids,

I woke at 6:00 and had a nap on the sofa before jumping in the shower to get ready to get my teeth cleaned. No problems, as usual. Wish I had known as a kid what I now know about taking care of my teeth. Oh well, better late than later. After that, I went to Bealls and got some black Capri pants which fit. Those ones I grabbed for the Christmas brunch were way too big. I also got the cutest white top with an olive green woodcut looking design. Everything was on sale and I had a 40 percent off coupon for one item. I got $92 worth at retail value for $39. Not bad. I had only planned on getting the pants but, considering what a difficult time I have finding tops, I decided to get the one I found. Finally, I stopped at Publix for just a few things. I took a big bag of plastic bags for recycling.

Did anyone else see that guy on 60 Minutes who has found a cheaper way to extract things from plants to make sugar and fuel? He has a plant, no pun intended, in Wakefild, MA where Barb is from. His fuel is better than ethynol and could produce one third of our fuel in the future. Strangely, this guy isn't a scientist with a fancy schmancy degree. He's totally self-taught. I love a good news story. There has been so much bad news for so long and I've found myself exhausted from it. I'm also angry, negative and anxious all the time. I've decided I have to start meditating again to get rid of this angst. I also have to remind myself that there are soooo many good people in the world who are doing kind things. I need look no further that our own online family here.

Spring, thanks for posting these adorable puppies. They are extra beautiful and cute. I feel bad about my DSIL's uncle. It's so hard for him because he just can't take care of himself like others despite his being so intelligent. Evidently, he's an excellent painter and DSIL helps him find jobs. DSIL is a sales manager but has his real estate license so he knows a lot of people in construction. Sounds as though DD and her friend had a good time. It's certainly beautiful there for taking a trek.

Rock, I've not heard of that song or, I have but don't remember it. I'm glad your problem is resolved and you don't get like SV. My daily prayers now include him and hoping he will drink and be able to pee. I praise him highly when he drinks water. I did watch the Golden Globes til falling asleep before the end. There were lots of golden globes on display, some more attractive than others. But, I digress...I almost always watch award shows and think perhaps they will be better but they never are. There is always the nervous telling of bad jokes and too much thanking people we don't know. On the other hand, there are always old favorites and last night, they presented Carol Burnett with the Carol Burnett Award. How appropo.

Julie, OMG, ten puppies? Poor mama dog. She will need a support bra after the pups are weaned. Floor day, huh? For me, that's the days I feel as though I'm gonna fall down on the floor from exhaustion. If I did half of what you do, it would be floor day every day. I think marijuana will be legal all over eventually. Perhaps you and Den can apply to be growers. Iowa where the farmers are as high as an elephant's eye.

I haven't even read the paper. Still don't know whether I will subscribe to the online version or not. I'd likely be better off just reading the home page. It always includes the most pertinent things. I can get my comics with my email. Hope all y'all have a wonderful start to the day.

Love, Mikie



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Dear Ones,

This will be another quick one as DH wants to take me out to dinner. I'll go for that. I have been so busy and I feel badly that I have the hardest time getting on the Porch to tell you what is going on. DD#4 ( baby daughter) , her DH and our DGS are now living with DD#2 until the house is sold and DD#4 has a job. They will probably buy a home sometime around summer time to keep DGS in the same school and school district hopefully.

This Friday we were supposed to go to DGD's b-day but instead we are helping with the move, not that we are going to move anything that heavy, Fri and Sat to get some stuff also back to the storage place in the end. We may get home to late to put it in storage. Might have to wait till the next day. . Last week was crazy and DGS is getting ready to go to his new school tomorrow. He went for a short time this morning with his mom and aunt to talk to the diagnostician I believe. He will have the same placement as he had in the other school. THey stopped the mail from the old house today also . So they have been busy. I have been trying to keep up with all my wash. etc which has gotten back logged. and also called or email out scripts. It is crazy esp when there are a few of them and local and mail order to deal with plus those insurance companies making sure you don;t get any more than allowed. - ughed !Sorry i haven;t had the time to do much reading and I am so preoccupied not sure I can remember all that was said.

Still waiting to hear from my dermatologist office to see if they will be sending refills of my creams and generic Plaquenil. It never ends.

Thinking of you all and I will probably remember something I wanted to tell you after I sign off. Gotta go and get ready to go for an early dinner.

Granni :)