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PORCH #1109 IS NOW CLOSED (01/09/19)

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Hi, Kids,

Time for a new Porch. I'll be back. Be sure to catch up on Sun's post at the end of #1108. The title of this pic is, Winter Wonderland. I love it as long as I don't have to shovel it.

My friend and her daughter made it over from Miami and were resting yesterday afternoon. I don't know whether they will need anything but Claudia and I are at the ready. I got the FJ question last night, two in a row. Woo Hoo! There was virtual chocolate all around. I found out that my friend had stopped being active this last year and it made me realize I need to get off my duff and move. AACCKK!! I don't wanna do it! The medical experts say that being inactive is as bad for health as smoking.

My Vanicream was delivered last evening. It's so great to be able to track the delivery guy on the computer. As soon as he scanned the package just before mine, a dot appeared on the map on my computer screen. I was alerted that my delivery was next. Sho 'nuff, he pulled up out front in a couple of minutes. Very cool. Also, Alexa notified me that it was here. All I have to do is say, "Alexa, where's my stuff." I'm saving on electricity because I can turn off that lamp when I'm not using it. I used to leave it on because it was so hard to get to. This heavy cream seems to be the only thing that helps my super dry skin. It's expensive but it goes farther because I put it on after my bath or shower to trap the moisture. I save $5 a jar by buying it from Amazon versus the local pharmacy.

Barry, I've been meaning to ask about the bushy squirrel's tail. Can you just keep it or does it have to have something done to preserve it? If not, will it decay or will the hair fall off? I am intrigued by the whole thing. I love SV's bushy tail and chase him around telling him to give it to me. Don't think I could keep it when he's gone though; it would make me too sad. In the meantime, I cuddle him and stroke his tail every day. There is something so wonderful and comforting about just feeling his soft warm fur. He loves it too.

Sun, I'm so sorry that you are in such pain. Do you think it's related to stress over the chemo? I do know that United HealthCare often drops the ball but they seem to be a bit better than the old days. On the other hand, doctors' offices often make errors or omissions which hold things up. In any case, it's the patients who pay with stress over dealing with it all. Back when my FMS was worse, my pain was at a seven almost every day. I lived on pain killers. These days, it seems to be local pain such as the hip pain I'm dealing with. Also, my arms and shoulders are painful. It's hard to hold my arms up to dry my hair. I'm glad you are getting the chemo, Dear One, even though I know it's not something you want. Sending prayers your way. Asking Saint Peregrin to watch over you.

Today, I'll make my donation to St. Jude's Hospital and ask for help with all my dear friends and family who are ill. I always joke that I bribe him to help but he's a great saint and a lot of my prayers get answered. Also, the work they do at that hospital is wonderful. They not only treat sick kids who have cancer but they also participate in research to help cure cancer.

Guess I'll get going. Still watching the morning news shows under a fuzzy blankie, wearing my soft fuzzy robe. It's only 46 degrees out now and a high of only 66 is expected. Brrrr! Joe will turn on his heat for sure. I just bundle up. Hope everydobby else is warm and happy.

Love, Mikie
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Good morning, friends! Another day that I get to stay home all day, so will try to tackle more of the floors...got another big section done yesterday, so just have to get the pantry area after I declutter a bit in there. I hope I can stay on top of things a little better after I get somewhat caught up.

Not sure why I woke up at 4:55...heard Den getting dressed a few minutes later. Sinus headache this morning, so decided to get up around 5:30 to drink some coffee and take drugs if I have to. Oreo is out exploring in the dark...she'll scratch on the door when she wants in, Peace Sign in tow ;)

Mikie, thanks for the new porch...I very seldom even notice how many posts we have...used to be more alert to that, lol! Keep us updated on Nancy...sure hope recovery is swift and complete. I agree that there is something going on with you, aside from the normal junk you have to deal with. And having the health problems you've had for so long...takes a toll. I hope you and your doc can get to the bottom of it.

Sun, I'm so sorry about the "mix up" with the chemo...I'm sure you're right, the nurse or someone dropped the ball and it didn't actually get ordered. So irritating, and I'm sure you just want to get it over with and get past all this. I'm sorry, also, about all the pain you're in...mine is pretty constant, too, but not that bad...just enough to be annoying.

No, I haven't been back to physical therapy, although I have been doing the exercises they recommended for my neck and lower back....they help sometimes, and sometimes I feel no different. My PCP and both chiros feel that I can put off surgery, but it wouldn't hurt to talk to a neurosurgeon. PCP's office had made an appt. for this past Monday, but I called to have it rescheduled till after cataract surgery...since the eye surgeon is retiring, I don't want to chance picking up a bug somewhere else and not being able to get that done on the 16th.

I think they are still trying to figure out what's wrong with Amy...they've done labs and infection is not showing up, but they didn't do labs till she had been on a couple of ABX, so the results could be skewed. She was having some blood in her urine, then it quit, then started again...so there must be an irritation or something. Possibly the stones moving around? She's seen her gyno, and not pregnant, so ??? I just hope it's nothing serious and they can get it figured out and treated. She's still working full-time and juggling a lot of hats at home, as does any working mama.

Sorry, guys...the coffee isn't cutting it. Gonna have to take some pain pills and breath some steam to get rid or this headache. Thinking of everyone, but need to get off the computer. Take care!


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Good Morning, Kids

It's 4 AM here. Woke up a few minutes ago. Lump Lump is up. Don't know what he's
doing. He's usually gone to work at this time. Thanks for you know what, Mikie.
Just checked on kitty. No response when I called. I just put a bowl of kibble out for
her. She'll probably come home and find it pretty soon.

Oh, Sun. I'm so sorry to read your distressing post. I can't imagine living with serious
pain. Can you get temporary relief from ice packs or baths or electric stimulators?
Gordon got one of those healing lamps from QVC. He used it a couple times. Said it
really didn't do much of anything. He is fighting with arthritis. I can't do arithmetic
anymore, but he's about 70.

It's cold here. 56 degrees. Going up to 65. I am wearing my red Uff-da sweatshirt
and gym pants. Also got the electric heater on.

OH, here's Julie. Hi Ya, Kiddo. Sorry to hear you are in pain too. I never heard of
using steam to fight pain. Well, anything that works. Well, no, now that I think
on it. Using liquor or addicting drugs wouldn't be good choices. Hope you and all
our folks can get some relief.

Going back to bed. Hugs, Kids


Brrrrr! I took a hot soak, slathered on the lotion and got dressed to go for a walk. It was only in the 40's when I got up but is 52 now. I didn't get far because there is a chilling wind. It was blowing in my ears and I decided to go later, maybe this afternoon. It was like when I was a kid and braved the cold wind outside to play and later came in with an earache. I put on my old Skecher work shoes because they are like walking on clouds. They aren't trendy like my sneakers but comfort is of the utmost importance.

Julie, you are wise to make sure you are in good shape before the surgery. Everything else can take a back seat. I keep thinking when I do some major cleaning that I'll be able to stay on top of things but it never pans out. Hope you do better than I. The stones can abrade tissue and cause bleeding. I hope there is nothing more to find with Amy. I'd rather be sick than have my kids sick. Enjoy those clean floors.

Rock, your morning temps are almost the same as mine. It will only get into the mid-60's today. It always touches my heart when you talk about Miss Kitty. I can tell how much you love her and how much she has come to mean to you. Critters add an extra dimension of love in our lives. SV kept pawing at the sliding doors but, when he realized how cold it was, he wouldn't go out. Finally, he decided to give it a try. The hotter it is, the better he likes it.

Think I'll have a cup of decaf to warm up. Got a new magazine so think I'll check it out. Hope all y'all are having a great day.

Love, Mikie

Update: Claudia and I went over to see Nancy. She's doing pretty well considering. One eyelid not cooperating; she's seeing the eye doc here today. Her mouth is drooping on the same side but she's speaking well and it improved as we visited. She cried when we left and said she never felt so loved.

I went out to walk but it was still too cold for me. I went around the block but that was it. I am determined to get back to being more active. The doc told Nancy that it's all about blood pressure. Mine is good but it took a half hour to come back down after my short walk. My pulse is fast too. Something else to discuss with my doc.

Just wanted to sound the alarm about the blood pressure. They are reconsidering what constitutes high BP. Used to be that 140/80 was OK. Now, they want it to be 120's/70's. That's what mine is but I'm concerned about my couch potato lifestyle.

My friend and her DD have scheduled another cruise for next year so her outlook is definitely positive. I think what was scary was that she was so active that day and felt great. Wham! Out of the blue at 1:30 in the morning the stroke struck. She said it was painful like someone slicing into her head. Good news is that she woke her DD and the doc and nurse on the ship got her to the sick bay within minutes. The ship was docked so the ambulance got her to the stroke center fast.

Thank you all for your prayers for her. She was so touched to know people were praying for her.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Kids

I'm having a breakfast of chicken stew courtesy of Chef Gordoni. This one has the usual vegetables plus some black olives. I opened a can yesterday. I guess Gordon threw some
in since they were handy.

Black olives have an interesting history. They were invented by the Sumerians who
used them as money. The Sumerians lived in Sumer, part of Mesopotania. They
preceded the Egyptian era. Blackbeard the pirate used to glue black olives to his face as
he was unable to grow a beard due to a childhood accident. Interestingly he used
fish glue.

As we all know, teach a man to fish and he'll fish for a while. If you put fish glue on
the pole, he'll really stick to it. Note: there really is such a thing as fish glue. Often
used in woodworking.

Mikie, you bought so much face cream that had to deliver it in a van? You must
have been buying for all the neighbors too. You and I are both lucky with our cats.
It just goes to show ya, it pays to shop around and check pedigrees. Glad to see
you are getting along with your new roomate Alexa. Sometimes roommates don't
work out. When Arnold Schwarzenegger roomed with Jack Lalanne they got along
fine. After Jack retired, Plastic Man took his place.

Hugs, Kids


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Good afternoon, friends!

Apologies - again - for not being around. I thought things would get better once my DM was home, but I'm still running around a lot. DM did indeed come home on Saturday. The trip home was uneventful. Got her settled in easily. Her cats were happy to see her, but oddly, OT won't let her brush him (never would let DS do it) and Luna(tic) prefers the way I play. Guess I'm a cat-whisperer.

Anyway, I'd been driving my DM's Ford Escape (DD had my hybrid Camry) for 2 weeks, and it made me realize just how much difficulty I'd been having getting out of a regular car. DS and I talked about it and decided to go car shopping. I looked at the Toyota C HR (which sits a little higher) and then at the Rav 4 - which they have a hybrid. I found a Rav 4 hybrid with the features I wanted - a bit of a challenge, as I was sifting through the dregs of the 2018 inventory. The 2019 hybrid Rav 4s won't be out until April!! The other challenge was that the car was 80 miles away in Columbus, Indiana. DH and I made it a road trip Tuesday afternoon. It's a pretty aqua blue. So far, I'm very, very happy with the car.

DD got a used Nissan Versa Note in a pretty royal blue. She's very happy with it.

DS is still staying with DM to help her out. Today he took her to her doctors appointment, then took her grocery shopping. He put up a couple of hand holds for her to help her get around better. He also goes down to the basement to do her laundry.

Star - So sorry you had such a bad time with you MIL. And it's the kids who suffer the fallout. I just hope that you can help them through it.

Sun - Doctor's office and insurance snafus...what a pain. I'm working through one myself...I ordered supplies for my CPAP machine and am having major difficulties getting them. I hope they get sorted ASAP...yours is not something to mess around with.

Julie - How sweet to give the little girl a lunch box, while still being sensitive to the restrictions of her culture. I was giggling to myself over the last couple of weeks...we've had some days colder here than where you are. The last 2 days have been cold with biting wind chills, and even a dusting of flurries. We're supposed to get snow this weekend, but I don't know about accumulation. At least, as of now, there are no advisories. What is funny, though, is that my car pops up a little message saying "Roads may be icy - drive with care." Who knew my car was sentient and had self-preservation in mind?!? Hope you stay well through next Wednesday!

Barry - Our cats bring us gifts to show us what good hunters they are. I had a cat when I was young that used to put dead waterbugs on my pillow. Ew. I agree that Ted should not get his dog back. Nobody who abandons an animal should be able to get it back. It would be a different story if he'd made arrangements, but, if I recall, that he didn't do.

Mikie - I love your descriptions of petting SV. Makes me feel all gooey inside. But then, I'm a sucker for cats. Bet you didn't know that about me. :rolleyes:

Granni - Running as usual... Choir starts back next week for me. We're doing some of the music we sang at Carnegie hall, because so many people have requested it.

Guess that about wraps up my W&P post. Hugz to all, particularly anybody I missed.


Hi, Kids,

Been texting with Nancy 2 up in MI to keep her updated about our other Nancy here and how she's doing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Nancy's DD doesn't need me for a guest room for the friend who came down unannounced. She wouldn't spend the $$ for a hotel room and she is an insomniac who plays the TV all night long with the volume turned way up. Yikes!

Rock, so his name should have been Black Olives? Oh, and the fish glue just completes his disgusting persona. Teach a man to fish and he'll borrow your tackle. I've never understood folks' getting cats. Some actually make trips to go get them. It's always been my experience that cats come to me in the most unexpected ways. Perhaps it's not as common as it once was before people started keeping cats inside. My friend's DD has a wee rescue dog and she is the sweetest little character. She is friendly and loving and has kind eyes that look deep into people's souls. It was so cold she was wearing a little striped sweater. Very chic!

Duckie, bless you and your son for taking such good care of your DM. I love the Rav4 and, if I had to get another vehicle, I'd consider it. I stopped being able to climb into a normal car years ago. I had a VW Cabriolet convertible. It was a sharp little car and I loved it but needed to get something more practical. In sixteen years, I've never tired of the Highlander. Thought I'd always drive a rag top but I really don't miss it. That's a very pretty car; I hope you enjoy it for years.

I did a couple of loads of laundry and cleaned the kitchen a bit. One of my injuries had bled on the sofa cushion covers so decided to wash them all. They wash beautifully. Little by little, one step at a time. Just keeping up with mess and dirt takes a lot of time and energy let alone trying to do any deep cleaning and organizing. Time to let Roomba vacuum. Friend's DD got an Alexa gadget and she loves it so much. She uses hers more than I but I find I'm using it more and more. I'm just not in the habit of having a 'personal assistant.' I won't use her to cheat at FJ because what would be the fun in that? I'm on a roll and would love to get three in a row.

Hope all y'all have a wonderful evening.

Love, Mikie

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Hi There

Mikie, If the unannounced guest wants to bunk with you, tell her your TV doesn't work,
and your cat has toxoplasmois which can be transmitted to people. Maybe you'll have
to confer with Alexa so she doesn't turn on the TV?

Hi Duckie, glad to see you back. Nice to hear you like your new car. We had a gal in
the office who was married; her maiden name was Teal. Her car was teal, her clothes were
teal, and if possible everything on her desk (pens, calendar, paperclips) was teal. For all
I know she had a pet teal (a duck) at home and flew to New Zealand on Teal Airlines.
For some reason she hated me. Maybe my eyes were too blue. I never knew why; never cared. Your DS is a gem to help your Mom.

How nice to have a car that is sentient. Has it also sent sweet sentiments? Do you
feel like you have a sentry looking out for you. Should be perfect for taking a
sentimental journey.

Was downstairs watching TV. Something vicious bit my hand. If I ever see it I
will inflict the wrath of Cohan.

Regards, Rock


Good Friday Morning, Dear Porchies,

Well, no overnight guest. I didn't think my friends would inflict someone on me who watches TV all night. I'm wondering whether my friend who had the stroke might have put her up in a hotel. She is well off and very generous. I don't think it would be good for the guest to keep them from getting any sleep. Both have been through so much as it is.

I got the FJ question last night. Unfortunately, it is aired ahead by a full minute up in MI so Nancy texted it first. We always count everyone who has the right answer but Nancy evidently thought she was the only one and was sooo excited that neither Claudia nor I had the heart to take away from her win. When she is texting, she seldom sees anyone else's texts. Nancy hasn't had a win in a while and I'm glad she enjoyed her victory. To me, it's enough that I have three in a row.

I had a bit more energy yesterday and I can't help but wonder whether it was due to the wee walk I took around the block. On the other hand, my back and legs were killing me when I went to bed. In this cold weather, SV isn't so anxious to get up. SV and Claudia's big cat ask to go out on the lanai and run back in when they realize how cold it is. It's only 47 degrees out right now but will get into the 70's today. Tomorrow, it will get up to 80 degrees. Weather looks beautiful for the next week or so.

Rock, I would have to put a smart plug on the TV if I wanted Alexa to turn it off and on. When I use the Firestick to stream, I can use the voice feature and I believe Alexa works with it too. It wouldn't surprise me if Amazon were to pair up with a TV manufacturer to have a full-voice option. The Sharp TV I have now is teamed up with ROKU. Super fast wi-fi is on the horizon. Experts say the average home may have 50 gizmos able to connect with wi-fi in the future. The existing cables will be able to provide this fast internet signal. Phones will be getting faster wireless signals too. Smart phones are capable of working with either and will likely become the central control for everything we use. It's a whole new world. I already see old ladies at Bealls using their smart phones to display their coupons. I'm surprised at how older people are embracing the new technology. Hope whatever bit you doesn't cause a problem.

OK, gonna mosey on. Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie - wonderful picture. Unearthly beauty. im happy you got to see Nancy. And that she is doing well. i hope i will be able to keep my brain cells active later on way you and your friends do. i dont use wi fi any more than i absolutely have to. i dont do well with the energy it sometimes gives out. the ringing in the ears etc start and i feel jittery. sometimes that doesnt happen but i would rather not take the risk.

like now. theringing has started andthe font changing on its own.

Sun - im praying for you. Hold on. sometimes we are tested to the limits.

Rock - beard made of olives! Thatmust have taken a great dealof scary outta him for his foes. He would nail a foe against a wall and the foe would just reach out and pluck an olive from his face and pop it into his mouth.

chicken stew on a cold morning. to warm the cockles of ones heart. yum. reminds me of the veg dumpling in hot and sour soup i had in a restaurant, it was very tasty but so fiery hot i only ate half, for fear my intestines would burst into flames.
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Good Friday morning...gonna take more coffee before I start really believing that, lol...trying to function on four hours or more/less of sleep. Stayed up all day yesterday, after getting up early. Had just gone to bed last night (around 11:30) and an Amish neighbor (the ones who were all so helpful with the twins, etc.) to ask if I could take him and his wife to the ER (30 minutes away, in the town where my dad lives.) When I picked them up, she said she had been having chest pains, dizziness, sweating, etc. all day and it got worse when she tried to go to bed.

The ER doc couldn't find anything wrong, but thinking anxiety...but "follow up with cardiologist, just in case." I got back home sometime after 4:00 am. I've made the same ER trip myself a few times...so scary...feelings of relief that you're not having a heart attack, but frustrating at the same time..."what did they miss", "how can it just be anxiety?"

Anyway...then Amy texted shortly after 8:00 am...her urine labs were "off" so they worked her in to the urologist again this morning. He thinks she could have bacteria bound to the kidney stones (not sure why multiple ABX hasn't fixed that) so wants to repeat CT, cath, etc. and talked about surgery. But now insurance had to authorize more testing, so she is "stuck in limbo" until Monday.

I'll just say a quick hi to everyone...gotta get over to see my dad, get groceries, etc. before the snowstorm hits this afternoon (freezing rain predicted first, then snow.) But first, coffee. And take care of this stinking sinus headache...helped yesterday to put a towel over my head and lean over a pot of steaming water. Plus some Tylenol. If I could sleep standing up, like a horse, I might not wake up with these headaches?

Anyway, here I go, pretending I am somewhat normal, lol...


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Julie - you popped in while i was gone editing. So much on your plate, as with lots of us at present. i hope this unseasonable season ends sooner than later and things look up for all. how kind of you to take your neighbour at that unearthly hour. your poor neighbour.

and dear Amy. i hope they soon find whats going on. She is a trooper, carrying on with her work at home and house.

Duckie - woah, that is a snazzy colour. love the new car. You must be proud of your DS. he seems to be pulling his weight and more helping make things comfortable for Granma. that must be a good feeling to have special requests for a performance. Appreciation is always appreciated.

Barry - that handyman is nuts! Threatening to come take his former dog he abandoned. i feel sad though. so many people have so many problems. They cant think straight. thats the only reason i can think of for his immature behavior.

Granni - keeping track of passwords drives me nuts! i solved that problem by not joining anything which needs a password. in this day and age, every home should have one tech savvy person like Duckie in their home.

hmmm, ive never met any person who is so smart that they can manage computer software, AND has a raging passion for sewing quilts. If i didnt know Duckie, i would be alittle scared ofher brains. heh heh.

Im thinking if your second DD finds theright house near you, what fun you all will have visiting each other.

The computer is acting up. again. some weirdo behind some c9uterout there, im guess8ng.

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Hi, Kids,

Been taking my BP this morning. It's good. Joe's doc told him that the 140's/80's isn't anything to worry about. That's not what the experts are saying now. Not only is he even more inactive than I but he smokes. He runs down to CVS to take his BP. I'm due to get my OTC products so think I'll get a new auto BP cuff and give my old one to him. He is very restless so likely would rather get in his car and drive to CVS. He hates CVS, as do I, but he gets his scripts there because the pharmacist is from NY. Good grief! I've given up trying to figure him out. I'm hoping that being on the big board will give him something more to do but worry it will make him anxious. He believes his anxiety is what drives his BP up.

I need to wash my hair but will wait until tomorrow. It's 76 in here, not cold but I couldn't get warmed up. Don't need a wet head to deal with. It'll be warmer tomorrow. Instead, I soaked in a hot tub which also helped with aches 'n pains. I'm wearing my yoga pants cause shorts are too cold right now. I'll try to get out and walk when it's warmer. At the very least, I need to go down to the dumpster. They only empty our recycle bins once a week on Thursdays so Friday is ideal for taking that down. Trash is removed on Mondays and Fridays and they came early today. Perfect! With the Snowbirds here, things fill up fast.

Spring, that pic looks like Steamboat Springs in CO where I skied once. It got more snow and always had power conditions. In snow like that, you can ski straight down steep slopes. We got in the hot tub at night and it was snowing. A lot of people are sensitive to electrical energy/radio waves and that's what wi-fi is. They can't live near those high power electric lines because they emit energy around them and underneath them. There is a lot of concern about cell phones. I've never had a problem but I know it's a valid thing. I hope I can keep my brain active but I've been having so many problems with cognitive issues and memory. I hope it's just exhaustion. I haven't had my cockles warmed in a long time. :rolleyes:

Julie, I don't understand why the ABX might not have worked either. Is the doc thinking of doing the ultrasound blast to break down the stones? It's no piece of cake but it sure beats having them surgically removed. I wonder whether it's stressful living the Amish life. One might think it wouldn't be since they don't get wound up in modern life but, for me at least, it would be stressful walking the narrow path that they do. I don't know much about it so

I can only imagine. If they had a real emergency and no neighbors to drive them, what would they do? Do they have phones or did he have to walk over to ask you to take her to the ER? In any case, it's wonderful of you to help them. I hope you feel better. We all have allergies and sinus problems down here.

Have to clean out the fridge before taking the garbage down. Better get going. Hope my friend doesn't need me for anything today. My lymph nodes are all swollen and I feel lousy. Whine, whine, whine.

Love, Mikie


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Good morning everyone!

Looks like it's going to be a rough weekend here in the Cincinnati area - winter storm warning with 4-6" of snow predicted. Cincinnatians are notorious for 'bad snow behavior.' My darling, drama-queen DH has already been to the store for bread and milk. Turns out, my DM didn't go to the grocery store with DS yesterday, so I'll have to go this evening and get what she needs. DS has no experience driving in snow yet.

My body is definitely telling me about the storm that's coming...achy, and I have a migraine threatening (whine). Going to hit Julie before it gets to me.

I am massively behind in one of my projects at work. It's supposed to be finished on Monday. I'm about half way through, and IF I were to spend every minute of it on Monday, might get another 1/4 done. GAH!

Anyway, I'd better get going. Sorry for no shout-outs. Hugz to all.


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Hi All.
Another grey and rainy day here. Just started playing fetch with Romeo when it started..... oh well, Friday it is and they got their marrow bones and were very happy. One every Friday. They don't half like them!

Looked in the local tiny paper, a weekly, and saw that the health food store sale included CBD oil. And several dispensaries and outlets in the area. The baddies are leaving the area, presumably to states where mj is still illegal and they can sell high high. Yay, yay, go away!

Julie, I loved your sausage joke. The wurst I've ever heard! Julie,(should I call you Julydia?), yes Big Pharma is already investing hugely in the Cannabis market. Wouldn't you know??? They jump on every bandwagon to make money they can. I don't think that medications should be allowed to have commercials on tv at all, do you? As for YOUR drug of choice -- coffee -- not my cup of tea. Tea is my choice of drug as you are probably aware. I do have a cup of espresso when I have to go to the city, while I'm there for a med appt. Keeps me alert, if a bit edgy. So be it.

Sun, I'm so sorry for your pain. I used to take tramadol 4 a day, but stopped them and just stuck to the gabapentin (Neurontin) for my "idiopathic" neuropathy. I don't know, they don't know...
I think this nation's health system is inadequate. We need MORE practitioners of all kinds everywhere -- and especially in rural areas like mine. Sun, why are you having chemo? Maybe I missed something when I was in exile. I wish you the very best my dear.

Mikie, so sorry for your exhaustion. Glad you are seeing a doc. soon. The flying squirrel's tail is already to go. No, I didn't have to preserve it, just let the tail bone connectors dry out, which they did very fast. It will not decay, the fur will not fall... I read that there are about 50 or so species of flying squirrels in the world. Some are really small, others larger. A lot of species in Asia. Needless to say, they don't "fly" but glide.

A shout out to Ducky, Spring, Star, Rock, Granni and ...
Richard has just given me a shout to come and get lunch. Now.
So I must go.

Love, Peace and Blessings to All,
and Prayers for the World.



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Just telling you all that I am thinking about everyone. We are waiting for DSIL to get off work so we can drive up to Ft Worth area to pack their stuff tomorrow and drive back with it. A few people plus cars to fill up and he rented a U HAUL. When DD text we need to get ready. We are already packed, such as it is. Just stuff put in a bag with a handle also some quilts and pillows to sleep on. Not enough beds which should be interesting. Tomorrow will be a very busy day.

Can't stay on as I have a few more things to do before we leave.

JULIE - Sorry LIndsey is having such urinary problems. I am too but definately not the same time. Hope they find the problem and can fix it if there is any. Please try and rest dear girl. you wear me out thinking about what you do all do. Hope you feele better real soon and Lindsey too.

Can't answer everydobby, sorry right now. Gotta run and get ready to move soon.

HUGZ to all my dear Porchies, MIKIE, SW, BARRY, ROCK, DUCKIE< JULIE, et al If I am lucky I will be able to check back in on Sunday sometime. We come back home tomorrow with some of DD's stuff.

Granni :)


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Duck: Good luck with the winter storm this weekend and the grocery shopping in it. How has your DS escaped having to drive in it?

Julie: Poor Amy......I'm praying for her. By the way, just a thought about oregano oil. As you know I'm to having a chemo (BCG)......I've taken oregano oil off and on for years after I brush my teeth at night. It used to keep me pretty healthy from catching colds, etc. Recently I was reading more about oregano oil AND bladder cancer. I can't find the actual article on how oregano oil is even better than the BCG for killing tumors in the bladder. I'm wondering if this might also help Amy? Anyway......it's now a nightly routine for me to take a few drops in water, swish for about a min. And then swallow.

Barry: I think I explained the reason for the chemo. As to MJ.....I was reading that there is such a GLUT in oregon that the growers are destroying it......or trying to sell on the black market in other states where they can get more $.

I thought I would everyone an update on the puppy. She's not doing good with the pee problem. My DD said the other night after coming in from outside, she jumped on the leather couch, got on the soft blanket on the arm and peed! Eeewwwww. I think the problem is she had no training with the breeder. And she's already 15 weeks old. An ingrained habit.

Hi to everyone I missed....I desperately need a nap.


Hi, Kids,

Haven't accomplished much but did, at least, get the garbage and recycle stuff down to the dumpster and got my mail--one envelope only with an ad for hearing aids. Now I know I'm really old. I'm being targeted with ads for the hearing aids and funeral/cremation services. I've pretty much just hung out with SV. He's drinking a lot of water. I say a prayer of thanks every time I see him.

I watched a show on NOVA about Einstein's dilemma with Quantum Entanglement. Y'all know I've read a few books on quantum mechanics, trying to develop a basic understanding of it. I've also watched some good shows on PBS about it. It's fascinating and I think it brings religion and science closer together. Quantum entanglement is when two particles react the same when only one is observed or acted upon. They do not have to be close to one another and have no apparent means of communication. There was a complicated experiment to prove that quantum entanglement exists and I get how it worked. What I can't even begin to fathom is how these scientists come up with the experiments they do. This is true going way back to the early scientists. I have to marvel at their magnificent minds.

Evidently, quantum entanglement is allowing quantum computers which are super fast and can handle very complicated problems. I have a difficult time wrapping my head around the qubits which can be on or off or a combination of both. Computers operate on on/off or 1/0 switches or states of being. How can something be both? In any case these computers are being developed. The Chinese are ahead of everyone else and have a satellite in orbit which can send and receive quantum signals which evidently cannot be hacked. They are determined to be first in the world in developing new technology.

Duckie, have you gotten into quantum computer science? Sounds like something up your alley. Do you have any grocery stores that do delivery? It might save having to make a grocery run for you DM in the storm. Publix is now offering. Of course, there is a delivery fee but I can't imagine a more appropriate time to use it. Not sure I could justify it since there are two Publix stores near the hood, one only a few blocks away. Hope you are all safe through the storm. Also, hope you can get the project done. Yikes! I couldn't do what you do.

Granni, I have to have a comfortable bed to sleep in or I am in pain big time. As it is, I'm in pain big time for no apparent reason. I hope all this isn't too much for you. Glad there will be plenty of others to pitch in. Stay safe.

Barry, Thanks for the update on the tail. I'm just fascinated by it. What will you do with it? Hang it somewhere where you can look at it? I've been unhappy with the squirrels around here when they chewed our Christmas lights but I really love them. We have a lot of them and I enjoy their antics. I love it when they throw acorns at people and pets. Sooo funny. I'll never forget the one who left me a gift. I've seen the flying squirrels on PBS nature shows (what would I do without PBS). One of the best reasons I know to legalize MJ is to get the criminals out of it. There will always be criminals but if there is no profit in MJ, they will find something else to do. Legal MJ can be regulated so we don't have to worry about anything being in it or pesticides like DDT. Growers or processors cut it with some really dangerous stuff where it isn't legal and regulated. Glad you got a little tail (sorry, I couldn't resist).

Sun, that's too bad about the puppy. If I were to get a pup, I'd want professional training. That's amazing about the oregano oil and bladder cancer. Nancy in MI is having a problem getting her pain meds due to the reaction in the medical field over the opioid addiction problem. Unfortunately, those who abuse meds make it hard for those who truly need them. I hope the doc gets your chemo straightened out. The last thing any of us needs is to be stressing out over things like that.

This keyboard is especially jumpy today. Hope everydooby is having a great day which leads to a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie

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Hi Kids

Didn't do much at all yesterday. Went to the chiro and the library in the morning and
then slept all afternoon. While I was sleeping Armando came and finished fixing the

During the chiro's manipulations he told me to roll over on my stomach. I said, "It's
a good thing you're not a veterinarian chiropractor. If you told a cow to roll over on
it's stomach, it wouldn't know which one." Actually a cow has one big stomach, but it
has 4 compartments. Like a ladies purse, maybe?

Mikie, I read a book on quantum mechanics years ago. Couldn't make head or tail of
the darn thing. I do remember that it said, "Although this could not happen in our present
world, in the world of quantum mechanics it would be possible for a fully built house
to suddenly materialize out of nowhere." I also tried to read one on string theory.
That was even worse.

You don't have to be old to get ads for cemeteries, etc. I got one from the Neptune
Society a few months ago. Also got one from them about 30 years ago. The deal was
you pay them $500. Then when appropriate, they come and pick up your body in a
station wagon, take it to the crematorium, and then scatter your ashes at sea.

Gordon, however, no likee. He said, "Don't pay 'em. I will never call them." So as
Lucy would say, "Ricky, I saved $500." BTW, I got another ad from the folks at
Neptune a couple weeks ago. They are determinated to assist me in my hour of need.

Sun, I hope you got your nap. How much longer is puppy going to be with you?
You need to put your foot down. And not in a puddle.

Granni, I hope your excursion to move Son's stuff comes off without a hitch. And
with nobody having to hitch a ride.

Barry, we're supposed to have rain too. Three out of the next 4 days. Kitty's shelter
behind the plywood keeps her nice and dry. When I get done here I'll got out and
give her a snack.

I would like to try being a medical junkie myself. The CBD oil only worked for one day.
But Gordon is very reluctant to take me to a shop. He never wants me to have any fun.
First no cremation; now no marijuana cremation. I sense a trend here.

Duckie, has the storm hit Cincinnati yet? Haven't encountered snow since my last
visit to MN which was about two decades ago. Don't miss it at all. How is your big
project coming?

Julie, that was so nice of you to help out the neighbors. That used to be the norm for
folks in America. I hope the docs can figure out what is going on with Amy. I don't
know if sleeping like a horse would be wise. Might be OK with a stallion. But watch
out for night mares.

Spring water, I can't remember if I ever had hot and sour soup or not. Maybe at
Gordon's favorite restaurant in Chinatown. We used to go there frequently, but
that was years ago. I'm a little suspicious of dishes that have vinegar in them.

As for combating Blackbeard and his olives, Ol Ihave to think about it.

Hugs, Rock
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Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

I can tell already that this keyboard isn't going to cooperate. Last night, I kept asking Alexa to turn on the light and she kept telling me she couldn't understand and to try later. Finally, I unplugged the Echo and rebooted it. That did the trick. I don't know which is more trouble, machines or people. I laughed at my neighbor who had the stroke. She calls her walker, Johnny Walker. She's so happy to be alive that she's downright giddy. Hope she stays that way. Eye doc was positive that her vision will return good as before. As long as she can focus on her recovery. It's 62 here and will get to 80 this afternoon. That's about right.
Didn't get the FJ question last night. Three in a row is my record. When it's colder out and SV goes out on the lanai, he comes in all bushy and looks so cute.

Rock, that was pretty fast on the window repair. If money were no object, I would have all the windows in the condo replaced. The frames are vinyl. At least, they don't need to be painted. I think a purse like a cow's stomach would be udderly fantastic. I agree that a lot of the quantum mechanics theories are hard to fathom. String theory seems to have fallen out of favor with a lot of scientists. I believe there are other dimensions and that our idea of heaven is another dimension. The experiments and theories of Einstein and his cronies have opened up ideas which allow new products so I guess there is something to them. Without them, we wouldn't have Schrodinger's Cat to make fun of. Hot 'n Sour Soup is healing. I always like it when I have a cold. It opens up my sinuses.

Got no more energy today than I have for months. Gotta get in the shower and wash my unruly mop. Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend.

Love, Mikie