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PORCH 1110 IS NOW CLOSED (12/16/19)

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Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

Time for a new Porch. I have been sooo exhausted and am glad I'm seeing the doc at the end of the month. I need to wait for that appt. so we have time to address my problems. Only two more weeks. I just looked outside and there are little bright pink clouds on a baby blue sky. So pretty. It was in the 40's last night and is only 45 degrees out now. Will get up to about 70 today. Think I'll color my hair today. It needs it more often now.

I went down to see my neighbor yesterday and he had all the vinyl tiles pulled up. It was all wet under them. It soaked up into the bottoms of the cupboards and they will need to be replaced. Poor guy. What a mess. I called the owner of the unit next to him, under me, to see if her friend/realtor could come check it out. It's so funny because she answered speaking French. I told her who it was and, even though she speaks English beautifully, it seemed to startle her and she had a hard time switching to English. The guy who came over was so nice and he showed me a stain on the ceiling that was wet. I told him to make some holes in it with a nail to let it dry out. He had a hammer and I got some finish nails. I came home and pulled my fridge out and there was no water in my unit. While I had it pulled out, I cleaned under it. The fit is so tight that the cupboards have rubbed the gray paint off the sides from scraping against it when it's moved. They don't show when it's in place.

Granni, my allergies have been bad and my neighbors are suffering too. Seems like in the old days, we might have seasonal allergies but now, seems like we cough and sneeze all year round. Must be pollution. Yes, Pseudofed is definitely not the med of choice for those of us with high BP. I take Corcidin which is formulated not to raise BP. It's OTC. Glad the kids' house is closing. That should be a relief. What was lucky for us is that the guy downstairs from Barb's condo was here when the leak became obvious. It wasn't obvious in Barb's unit. What a mess! Doing something different, like Titanic, sounds like a nice change.

Sun, the cops really should have sealed off the unit where my neighbor died until after the autopsy. Her purse is still missing. It isn't my neighbor who has the computer; it's the elderly couple who knows her that have it. They are trustworthy but have likely given it to the niece. The niece trusts the shady woman so who knows what will happen. I've sent an email to our mgr. to see what we need to do to legally protect ourselves. I don't know whether the niece has contacted the mortgage holder or not. They could foreclose on it. I hate to file a lien but will if we need to. The niece doesn't seem too concerned but she doesn't strike me as being very knowledgeable or sophisticated. If she were, she wouldn't be trusting that woman. Yikes! I loved seeing the impressionists' paintings at the art museum in NYC. They are so much more beautiful seen in person. Same with the Mona Lisa. It doesn't look like much in pictures and videos but in person, it has a kind of glow that is compelling. I'll keep the prayers coming.

Spring, some birds are beautiful, some sing beautifully and some are interesting because of the things they do. The anhingas are fun to watch because of how they fish and dry their wings. The Muscovy ducks are ugly to some but I find them exotic. The pair that hangs out at the pond are very well behaved and don't bother the other birds. It's sad to see beautiful places change. My ex complains about the changes to our home town in CO. Evidently, a lot of the old buildings have been torn down to put up big office buildings. I like it here now because we have a lot more medical facilities and shopping but there is too much development. The rising waters along Florida's coasts are threatening our water supply and homes along the shore. Still, the developers march forward, building all those homes and condos for the massive migration to the southeast.

I hope all y'all have a great Hump Day.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Gang

Thanks for performing the opening ceremonies, Mikie. Nice picture you found, as usual.
One might call it "Bridge Over Untroubled Waters". I wonder how Pseudofed got its name.
I thought pseudo meant false.

I have been up all night. Not my idea. I let the kitty in for awhile. It has been raining
off and on here. Lots more rain coming, I read. Mother nature is wonderful, but a little
more moderation would be appreciated.

Going back to bed. Will return when the cherry blossoms are in bloom or maybe even
sooner. If you're a sooner you need to watch where you're going. You know where most
of them wound up...in Oklahoma! And the show ran for 5 years!



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Good morning everyone!

Turns out that the project I was working on was missing a step, which was making my job much harder. The business should have gotten together with the consultants and determined the source for all the data I was supposed to be pulling, but they hadn't, so I was flying blind. I finally threw the penalty flag last Friday, and in a resulting meeting yesterday discovered what was going on. In the mean time, lots of minor crisis keep cropping up, so I've been busy. That's the way my job goes - either famine or feast. I'm feasting right now.

It was pretty cold this morning - 18 degrees. Farenheit, not Celcius. We were almost at 18 degrees Celcius last week. But it will be colder Sunday; we're predicted to get to -2...and more snow.

Sun - I think it was you asked why DS has no experience driving in snow (yet). As of now, he still doesn't have his license. Long story. Angry mom here. Told DH that since I taught DD to drive, he had to teach DS. Guess who ended up doing most the teaching of DS? So the only piece missing for DS is his maneuverability practice so that he can get his license. Well, he's out at my DM's right now, and she has a great big driveway, so I got him some practice cones and he can go out, set things up and work to his heart's content. Maybe he'll have his license soon.

Good morning again...I typed the above yesterday but never got around to posting it. Found it saved at the end of the previous porch.

Rock - It's actually Sudafed - which is the brand name for pseudo-ephedrine. Yes, pseudo is "false."

Granni - Our spring concert has changed from its original plan and is now going to be almost all religious music. I think I mentioned before, but we're also going to do some of the stuff we did in Carnegie Hall because so many people have requested it. It will be easier that way because I have less music to learn!

Mikie - Water damage - what a mess! We had similar issues when our refrigerator leaked. Turned out that our pressure regulator went bad. We have really high water pressure in our area. The blown regulator meant that the water pressure damaged our dishwasher, water heater and the refrigerator. A friend in our neighborhood lost their whole bathroom because of the same problem. Beautiful picture. I think I have a picture of the same bridge in spring time. Or at least, one very similar!

Crazy busy again today. Off to a meeting right now. I'll try to post later, but no promises. Hugz to Spring, Star, Julie and anyone else I've forgotten.


p.s. predictions for this weekend include significant ice accumulations as well as the bitter cold temps. :eek::eek:
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Mikie: I LOVE that picture so I've saved it for reference. I recently painted a similiar one in watercolor on yupo paper. Yupo is a plastic type of "paper" originally used for outdoor signs because it's pretty strong but it's a nightmare to try to paint on. It does it's own thing which is good or bad. If anyone is interested you can do a search on yupo paintings on google. Anyway, it was a good day when I painted that snow scene with reflections but it was just a fluke that it came out good. I gave it to my DS for christmas.....wish I had taken a picture of it first though. Ive got an abstract painting on yupo hanging in my BR. I look at it and wonder....now how did I achieve that effect?

Duckie: So you're got a PA for a DH or does he just procrastinate? My youngest son didn't get his DL until he was around 18 and even then I had to force him. Same way with "shoving him out of the nest" to live at college. Good luck at work.

Boy, everyone talking about water problems brought to mind the nightmare I went thru years ago. I was in the boys bathroom cleaning one morning and felt a warm floor. I thought....gee, I never knew we had radiant flooring! Then as I listened to the drain closely I could hear a leak. So that australian plumber......what a kick he was.....brought his listening devices and determined the leak was under the BR floor, so he had to jackhammer into the floor until he found a HUGE boulder left from when the house was built. It was pressing on the pipe. So that was an expensive job. Then about 6 mos. later I heard water leak again...in the laundry area....My Australian plumber was out again and got that fixed. About 3 mos. after that another leak sound in the kitchen, he came out and had to jackhammer into the wood plank floor we had put in. OMG.

But with that nightmare and having to replace the floor, we got a VERY nice settlement from the insurance. Enough to pay for a repipe of the entire house with $ to resurface the pool. By the way, a repipe out here means all the pipes go up thru the attic area instead of in the ground. We had a team of roofing guys here for two days working in the entire house. It was over 100 that summer and I felt sorry for the poor guy who drew the short straw and had to work in the attic area.


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Sun - DH has a moderately toxic relationship with DS. DS doesn't do what DH wants so DH 'punishes' him by not taking him driving. They're probably both a bit PA.


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Dear Ones,

Another quickie as DH runs off to the store for some more YES Chicken Noodle Soup among other things from HEB. It is much healthier and tastes pretty good and less salt too. I usually add chicken broth to make 2 servings and some extra carrots or leftover veggies if I have any, for lunch.. Last time they had non left of the YES chicken noodle in HEB ( a TX store). As the weather gets worse and is about to this weekend ( not that it has been so great lately) people are stocking up like there is no tomorrow.

I am still coughing some and blowing out colored crap from my nose (and spit it out when I can). So far no temp but we will see will not be surprised if it rises again thru the day. She said to come in if it got worse. I am sure that there are many with mys symptoms around and the dr office is probably full of them.

MIKIE - Just heard from the PA Jennifer who said that the Suphedrine PE ( Phenylephrine HCL) is alright for us peeps with hi b/p. I get the EQUATE WM brand which is cheaper. Glad she said that was OK since I already had it. Thanks for the pretty picture. It is so serene looking.

All that talk about leaking pipes and all brings back ugly memories. Thankfully, I guess it was mostly in our renet homes we had at that time. DH and DS had to go clean up the mess while the occupants were gone on a trip. The pipes froze and broke and they didn't do anything about it or tell us they would be gone, or turn off the water, etc.

Thinking of everydobby. Hoping all rell half way decent. I stink but what else is new. Need to fix some soup so we are ready to eat when DH comes home.

JULIE - How is your weather treating you besides just plain cold. I know there is a big storm coming or a couple of them. This weekend should not be to good for us and VERY cold. Try and take it easy as much as you can and STAY WARM PLEASE!

LOve to awl,
Granni :)


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Good Wednesday afternoon! Got home from surgery, fixed us some lunch and ready for a nice nap. Surgeon said things went well...I have to leave the eye patch on until my followup appt. in his office tomorrow morning. For some reason, it doesn't seem so awkward to have my left eye covered as it did my right. Something to do with which eye is dominant or the fact that I am left-handed, lol?

Anyway, we'll see how it all goes this time...helps that I've already been through it once and can remember how weird it felt before, but gradually did get better.

Mikie, thanks for the pic...a familiar scene in Iowa, to be sure.

I'll check in again when I get a chance. Didn't get my shopping, etc. done yesterday because we had freezing rain. Was already behind on my "to do list" because I had to take my Amish neighbor back to town (30 minutes away) twice on Monday...once to chiro around suppertime, then again around midnight to the ER. They told me they would get another ride back home unless the hospital kept her overnight (still chest pain, trouble breathing, rapid heartbeat, etc.) I sure hope they can figure out what's going on...at first they just said "anxiety/stress" but we all think there is something else going on.

Take care, everyone...it all works out in the end.


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And another grey and very rainy day, so I'm gonna spend the whole day inside and reading, and playing with the pooches. I feel a bit better than yesterday, but a bit bitter, having just red the news. :eek: Environmental rollbacks, and I can't say anymore or I'll get really mean and be banned!

What a world we live in. Climate change, plastic pollution everywhere, and I must stop going on, or I'll be banned yet again!

Mikie, a nice picture of winter and nature. I especially liked the ducks in the water!

We are having flash flood warnings, three small earthquakes y-day, blizzards warnings in the mountains, mudslides blocking roads. Typical.

Julie, I'm glad your cataract surgery went well. I bet you are glad it's over with! You are so kind to your Amish neighbours; I wish them well.

Granni, get over your cold ASAP! And if you don't, then get ye to the doctor man, ASAP!

Sun, so you like floral paintings. I do too. Van Gogh, best known for sunflowers, and starry night, painted a picture of a vase of red poppies -- my favourite. Look it up if you can and see if you like it.

I've gotta go now, feeling low now, I don't know now.

Love to All,


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Granni:. Hope you're taking some mucinex. Actually a straight guaifenisen. That will help with all that mucous. That's what was so hard for me.....sinus pressure, mucous up there along with in my chest. I got one of those small inhalers from Vicks, put a little water in it and it heats up to steam in about 5 min. It really helps. If you don't have one, just inhale steam 3-4 times a day and it will break up that mucous.

Barry: Yes, I do like VanGogh too. I'm tending to paint oils thicker....put on with a pallet knife. I love 3 dimensional work. Yes, I like the red poppies. Of course I LOVE poppies anyway. If it wasn't such a giant chore I would take some pictures of my LARGE painting I did of 3 pansies and post them. It measures 3 x 4'. My dyptich painting of pink foxglove 4 x 5'. I also have a sunflowers 3x4' , red cannas 3x4' and magnolias 3x4'. All hanging in a BR and my LR and FR. I can't do large anymore....gives me too much pain in my neck and back. And of course I'm a gardener, so painting flowers just comes natural.

Duckie: You may have read when I posted here that if one parent is a PA then there's a 50% chance one child will also be. Who was the PA in your DHs family? A child learns from what they see.


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Hi Folks

It's raining here. LA gets most of it's rain in the winter. We only get half as much rain
as MN, but it seems like more since it all comes pretty much at once. Gordon just went
to take the cans to the recycler. Poor Lump Lump finds it too much trouble to put the
cans in the box; just sorta heaves them in the general direction. Can't remember to put
the sink strainer back in the sink either. Like living with a gorilla in the house. Well,
eveydobby has irritations in this life. Some are big and some are small and some are lumpy.

Julie, have you had your cataract surgery today? I hope yours goes as trouble free and
as effective as mine which was 3-4 decades ago. See ya soon. (Oh, here you are. We
were doing it simultaneous.)

Granni, never heard of HEB stores. Looked it up. Been in business over a century.
Makes billions every year. Apparently only in Texas and Mexico. The name comes from
the founder whose initials were HEB. Good thing his last name wasn't Xavier. Hope
you feel better pronto.

Duckie, I am out of touch with young people. Don't understand teens who don't want
to drive. I could drive before I was old enough to get a license. Used to drive at home with Dad or Mom in the car giving instructions. This was legal as we were not on public
streets. We were in our yard. The automatic transmission was new in those days, so
I learned in a car with a clutch. You see the news item a month or two back? A couple
of teens tried to make a get a way in a stolen car, but they couldn't drive the car in question
since it had a clutch. I was surprised they could find one.

So sad to see the dreams of our young people fail due to lack of preparation.

Barry, it's rainy here too. Gordon just got back from his trip to the recyclers. The
place was closed. Then he went to the library. No parking. Thought he'd stop
at MacDonald's but no parking there either.

I put some new plastic sheets and an old but intact towel in Kitty's shelter. She
was suspicious at first, but now she's content again. The rain is fading away.

Mikie, I was shocked and dismayed when I realized the 4 days I'd been away from the
computer were all in my mind. Guess my dementia is much worse than I thought. I
read on the net about edible cannabis. Gotta see if I can get Gordon to drive me to a
shop. BTW don't you think cannabis should be spelled cannabus? After all, it
takes you on a trip.

Gonna go lie down. Will probably fall asleep.



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Duckie - Thanks for the cute cartoon above. That is almost like us Texans and peeps in the hurricane belts that they take very seriously but of course some dummies do not and that could be very dangerous. You would still be making your quilts by lantern or candlelight :)!! That is great seeing as it is productive and passes the time, in the dark or almost darkness.. Not sure of the quality of light at that time esp in the evening so you might just have eo go to bed with a good book and try to read, if it i light enough to see ( or flashlight).

JULIE - Sorry I forgot before about your eye surgery. Guess all went well . Hope you ck back at the docs office tomorrow will be AOK. Sorry to hear about your Amish neighbor. Hope she will be OK and they can find out what her problem is to fix it quickly without to much cost.

BARRY - Thanks for you thinking of me and my nasty cold. Yes, I will do so . I even took a nap which I rarely do because then I will have some problems sleeping at night, at times.. I get up enough as it is..

Hugz to awl, SUN, MIKIE, ROCK, SPRING and everydobby else I might have missed. I need to get off and check some info on the Caremark.com site before I forget.o_O

Granni :)


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Julie: I forgot that you were to have surgery. I do hope this time around you have no problems with your vision.

Barry: I think you were mentioning asparagus recently. I found this most informative youtube on how they grow. Always fun to learn something new. And on this youtube link there's a lot more about other veggies, etc.

Got a call today from the cancer clinic. Seems there's a back order on the drug so don't know when I'll get this started. I spent the day doing sewing stuff which is fine because it's rained off and on all day.

Duckie: Seriously? Cinncinatians really think like that? After all the snow that's come down for centuries? That cartoon would be perfect for Californians. We don't like "weather" out here, or should I say we can't deal with "weather".


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Good morning, Kids

I slept for an hour or so. Have been looking at old postcards, mostly from Minnesota.
Below is the Mayo Clinic's Plummer building. Construction finished in 1928. It was the
tallest building in Rochester until 2001 when the same architectural firm built a taller one.
It is also part of the Mayo Empire. When I was a kid and the family went to Rochester we
kids would vie to spy the Mayo Tower first. Ditto the water tower shaped and painted like
an ear of corn.

Gave kitty some kibble when I woke up. Put some new plastic bags and a towel and a
really heavy sweater in her shelter. She stays dry in there. The rain is predicted to
stop after tomorrow. Well, I hope so! Gordon is hoping the rain will stop before he
leaves for the orchid meeting tomorrow night.

Sun, thanks for the seminar on asparagus. I hope you can get your drug and that it works.
When you have some extra energy post another of your pics...or two.

Mikie, I looked around on the net for a beautiful picture from Minnesota to post. Couldn't
find anything as serene as the pic you posted above. I was horrified to find pages of pics
from Minnesota that were beautiful, but the captions were terrible. Sometimes they
referred to something not even in the picture: a bridge, a house, a cow, etc. And many of
them said, "Duluth is a beautiful city to visit," but there was no city there either. And
some used the same caption for a dozen pics. Well, you get the idea. Not even good enough
for government work.

Great cartoon, Duckie. I saw a short program about cartoonists a day or two ago. Some
cartoonist would dash off a sketch; then hand it to another cartoonist who would study it
for a minute or two and then produce a funny caption. I was amazed they could think so

Hugs All, Rock



Good Thursday Morning, Dear Porchies,

Sooo good to see so many posts this morning. Still need to hear from Spring and Star. This is gonna be a W&P post so I can respond to everydooby. Claudia got the FJ question last night. It was about literature which usually leaves me out. She stopped by in the late afternoon and we stood outside and chatted. She always says she doesn't have time to stop in when she drops off magazines but then she enjoys talking. By the time we are done, she might as well have come inside to be comfortable. It was cold but there were the biggest skeeters out trying to chew on me. Barb and her crew came out to head out to dinner and I introduced them. Barb and her kids have been nothing but nice and friendly. I hope it continues.

Think I may have figured out what has been making me exhausted, both body and mind. A couple of years ago, I stopped drinking Diet Coke. Then, DD came down and wanted some. I drank it with her and started drinking it again, usually just a glass of it with my lunch. I ran out and didn't drink it for a couple of days. I felt shaky and had buzzing in my ears but got through it. Yesterday, I felt pretty great. My mind was much clearer and I had some NRG. So, I'm wondering whether the Diet Coke was the culprit. I know it's not good for us but thought that was only for those who drink it all day long. I would wake at night and my legs would hurt or feel as though I was in fight or flight mode with adrenaline shooting through them. I got up feeling better so hope I've found the problem.
Think I've mentioned that I stopped down and gave my name and number to the niece of that neighbor who died. I tried to talk to her just to find out if she had an attorney and had started probate procedures. She avoided my questions and said there was nothing she could do for six months at least. Strange. She may not have realized that I wasn't prying for my own reasons but as president of our assn. Yesterday, I called the former neighbor who has been put in charge of things while the niece is away. None of us is comfortable with this woman and she attacked me on the phone asking what business it is of mine. She said the niece would be "very offended" if she knew I were questioning her being responsible. I told her I didn't say that and not to put words in my mouth. She is a bully but backed down and did tell me that she had an atty. and was doing everything he told her to. This woman acts like a person with something to hide. I told her I would be checking with our atty. to see whether we would file a lien on the property for money owed for back fees. That seemed to stun her. I did call our mgr. and asked her to contact our atty., who is a pit bull (we love her). We will file a lien if she thinks we should. As it is, there is a computer and my neighbor's purse which are still missing. Don't know whether they were taken before or after the death. Something isn't right. With a lien, they can't dispose of the property until the lien is satisfied. What a day!

Rock, you are so sweet to Miss Kitty. She is such a lucky little girl to have found you. Nothing better than a sweater for cats. If the sweater has your scent on it, so much the better. Yesterday, for most of us, was Hump Day. Guess for you, it was Lump Day. Duckie is right; the brand name for the pseudoephedrine is Sudafed. When my brain is dead tired, spelling and grammar go out the window. Like your cannubus joke. Can't wait for it to be available here without an Rx. Too expensive to play the game to get it now even though I'd qualify.

Duckie, sorry things are messed up at work. My neighbor, who was flooded, teaches Microsoft to corporate clients. He teaches live online so he can work from just about anywhere. He also travels to clients for the larger classes. He has the door open and, when I walk by, I can hear him and see he has his earphones on. He earned so many points with the airline and hotel that he is flying his whole family down for a vacation at Disney World using the points. He has had a great attitude throughout this whole disaster with the water. I may have to go down to let the insurance co. in to see the damage. Laughing at the cartoon. How funny. My ex originally came from Ohio and he talked about the snow.

Sun, I remember your talking about the yupo paper before and I looked at some amazing paintings online. At the time, I thought I'd like to try it but then never felt well enough to try anything new. When I'm not well and everything has gone to hell in a handbasket around the condo, I don't feel right doing something artsy or craftsy. I'm not an artist but I do like to dabble. Something desperately needs to be done about prescriptions. TV news just reported that the prices for many meds that Medicare covers are going up drastically. Then, there are the shortages and recalls. The BP med that was recalled is made in India and China under unacceptable conditions with dirty and old equipment. The cancer causing ingredients were from the equipment. I hope they get your chemo med and you can get this done. Seems the powers that be only complain when they can't get the drugs to kill prisoners on death row.

Barry, earthquakes? You weren't having Hump Day; you were having Bump Day. The good news is that private industry is coming up with a lot of things to clean up the environment. Even China and India are aware it can't continue. There are some young entrepreneurs who are cleaning up the plastic in the oceans. Remember the ozone crisis? We made changes and it is healing itself. What people are realizing is that it is profitable to solve pollution problems. There is still plenty of work to be done but it gives me some comfort to know there are those out there doing the work. I saw that huge storm heading to the West Coast. I think we are entering an El Niño pattern which means fewer and weaker hurricanes for us but worst storms for you. The red poppies is one of my favorite paintings too. Stay cozy and enjoy your wonderful critters.

Julie, I hope and pray your eye does well. It's encouraging that having it covered isn't causing you problems. I sent up a little prayer for your neighbor. I hope she will be OK. Is this the one with a baby? Again, you are so very kind to help. It could be anxiety but they really ought to rule out other potential problems. Freezing rain sounds awful. I like a nice snow but not ice. I hope you are safe driving and I hope the exam goes well. Let us know.

Granni, sorry your weather has been so lousy. TX is often the first place that gets these heavy storms that march across the country and up the East Coast. I got some of that Better Than Bouillon to add flavor to dishes. I got the chicken but it comes in several flavors. It contains 700 mgs. of sodium per tsp. which is quite a lot but a tsp. is all you need to flavor the whole pot. I agree that mucinex is a must for heavy mucous. I also spray my nose with Nasacort to ensure my sinuses are open and don't get infected. Hope you feel better.

Hope all y'all have a great day. Hope I don't get into a fender bender when I go out; I would be having a Bump Day. If I were to fall for a scam, I'd be having a Chump Day. Y'all feel free to add to this.

Love, Mikie
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I got a call at the market to tell me another neighbor was found dead. She was a friend of the one in my bldg. and lived in the bldg. next door. She was part of the group of four alcoholics in the hood. Three of them are dead. I don't know how this will affect the lone survivor. The dead woman has an elderly mother living out in the north end of town. I hope she has someone with her. She is a really sweet woman. I loved the woman who died. I've known her almost as long as I've lived here. She loved the cats and had them for a while but couldn't keep them because of Tweety's destructive nature. She was a nurse but couldn't hold down a job due to the drinking and depression. She has also had serious seizures. I think she was about the age of my kids. She was beautiful inside and out.

I'm sure her Mom could use some prayers.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie: How very sad for your nurse neighbor's mom. I believe this is the woman who also had fallen several times because of the seizures? So now....more police investigation? And about the other....yes a lien probably needs to be filed. Good thing you thought about it.

And about the Diet Coke......YES......it's very bad for a person's brain. I used to listen to a radio psychologist over 30 years ago and he was the first one I heard tell people to STOP drinking diet drinks. Since then I've read a lot about it......I think it's called excitoxins.......or something like that. I'll. Have to do a search on it. Better to drink some water with lemon and honey. OR. Coffee....my drink of choice! :p

It's been pouring here off and on for over an hour or more. I'm keeping a close eye on the patio by my BR. Not many inches before it could come into the house. I'm going to search in my garage to see if I have something that could help block/divert the water otherwise might have to run to Lowe's.


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Sun - Rain! Im sure that would take temps down a notch! Its cold enough here without it raining. we have been having a few smoggy days. Weak sunshine. Thats interesting about Angelology. never heard of it. but yes without a doubt, it is true that we are surrounded by invisible forces, good and bad. i read a book by a James Van Praagh, he was gifted with psychic abilities from childhood. he wrote how he was called into a house which was under renovation but the lady who bought it just couldnt finish the work. something kept going wrong. when he went there, he was ovewhelmed by dreadful sensations and horrid smell and could see a doctor imprisoning people and doing horrible experiments on them.

the cruel doctors spirit and the patients both were aware of his presence. and the patient silently begging him to help. He closed his eyes, prayed and asked God to send down a beam of light and take them to heaven and light appeared and enveloped them and their images disappeared.

Granni - noodles. those are yum in cold weather. i made some the other day. but for the family, used mince meat. they appreciated it. noodles, on their own or with soup are a staple here. the ones served in little tacky restaurants are just as tasty as the ones in hi fi ones, but the difference in price is vast.

Rock - nice to know kitty has a nice warm dry shelter when its raining there. i wonder about our stray cats n dogs when the weather gets down to 1 degree celsius at night but i guess they develop some sorta mechanism to withstand the cold.

Duckie - snowed in Cincinnati. i guess it doesnt make a difference to your work. unless the internet goes down or something. Most men baulk at teaching driving. My DD learnt from our then driver, when she was doing A levels and later after coming back from college because she had forgotten a lot. she only took her driving test after coming back.

Son learnt early. He was in a hurry to learn. he too, from the same driver. Around 12th grade. got his license that time. Motorcycle as well as car.

Mikie - Brrrrr...that pic made me shiver. its beautiful but looks cold. That lady is a scary one to have living next door.!! if she is doing some hanky panky regarding the deceased property. and worse, if she was involved in some way. that blood. you must pray that a nice person comes to live in the units. the energy of the persons living anywhere affects the atmosphere of the place.

i just read about your other neighbour dying. Yikes!

They say Lapland has the highest ratio of happy people. inspite of such severe conditions. Maybe they derive joy from nature and being with each other and eating healthy. given they dont have all the stimuli good or bad other countries are hit with. just a thought.

i hope you keep up with the yodeling.

i took a good long walk today. Bought some garments i needed and bumped into two people i knew at different places. one was the founder of the pranic healing center in Kathmandu, a lady and the other was a lady who used to be in my school, she finished 10th when i was a junior.

to my surprise, she was doing salsa dancing, and invited me to come along. but i couldnt. i would ve loved to. she said it was to keep positive and active. she said she was the oldest there and would introduce herself as Aunty.....so and so, so the youngsters wouldnt feel awkward partnering her.

She was asking me if i cut my hair. no. i had merely made a loose bun. she is the second person who asked. the first said short hair cut suited me, i told her no. i hadnt cut it. All myfriends, cousins ask me to change my hairstyle, but i have a block about it. i like looking at it on other women but i myself cant bring myself to chop chop.Even my DD has never sported hair shorter than a few inches below her shoulders although she does style it before a big event at the salon.

God bless
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Barry - yes, lots of bad stuff going on. important to learn theart of detaching when needed otherwise we will all go mad.

Julie - happy to know the cataract surgery is done. one thing over with. ive been to the doc with anxiety, palpitations, stomach growling. anti anxiety meds helped me but temporarily. meditations on God helped me permanently. i dont know what is your neighbours problem but mine was spiritual.

i did the physical tests, endo, colono the works. Many of the old lands have ancient spirits attached to them, burial grounds, etc. when something dirty is thrown on it, (garbage, m3nstruation stuff)sometimes the invisible spirits react by attacking. i hopeyour neighbour gets well. its terrible to have to keep rushing to ER in odd hours.

Good thoughts for your Treasures. Hope DD is better soon.

Star - hello down under.

God Bless


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Hi Kids

Gordon had a successful orchid club meeting last night. His oncidium won a first place
award, and he sold an orchid to a friend. The oncidium is also called the dancing lady
orchid. If you look at the yellow area and use your imagination you can see it as the
full skirt of a dancer. This one is a relatively new cross that has flowers 2-3 times as large
as the older plants.

He always gets home about 9:30, but the meeting ran long. Didn't get home till 9:50.
Good thing the kitty helped me wait. I was hoping I wouldn't have to call hospitals and
ask if he was in the emergency room. There are roughly 265 hospitals in the LA area. I
doubt if you could find out anything anyway with those Hippa laws.

Gordon also brought home a succulent frond with little growths on the edges. Flowers
maybe? Here's a pic. Closest one I could find.

I read some funny stuff a little while ago. Thought I'd post a bit of it here. I should
warn you that these comments tend to be on the rude side; even sexist.

Why is a man's intelligence worth more than woman's? Answer. Because it's so much
rarer. The best way to get a man to do something is to tell him he's too old to do it.
Of course women have their faults; men have only two. Everything they do and every-
thing they say. There; wasn't that fun?

Springwater, all the adjusters I knew agreed on one thing. They would not ride on a
motorcycle or let the kids do so. The most common accident involving motorcycles
is when they make a left turn and there is an oncoming car. The car drivers somehow
don't see the cyclist. The car usually has minor dents. The cyclist has severe injuries
or worse.

If you are reluctant to cut your hair, why don't you come visit the USA again. I bet
Mikie would be glad to cut it for you. Maybe Alexa will help.

Mike, I couldn't remember the name of your new roommate. Had to look it up. All
I could think of was Tesla. Well, it's sorta related. I am fading fast. Better go back to bed.

Adios, Old Pals


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