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PORCH #1112 IS NOW CLOSED (1/28/19)

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Good Monday Morning, Kids,

Time for a new Porch. Check out the last Porch for any unread posts. Again, slept well but am trying to be quiet cause there are people staying downstairs. Guess the kids who bought it let their relatives stay. Another group from Quebec. I can't even imagine driving down here from there but their car has Canadian license plates. When Pierre, their friend and realtor, called me to say he checked on the unit as I had asked, I told him Merci Beaucoup. He was so surprised and delighted. I can only remember a few phrases in French but I know how wonderful it is to hear one's native tongue. Wish I hadn't lost my French from disuse.

Sun, it was actually a dog that had the diarrhea and stepped on the Roomba. That's even worse just from the volume aspect alone. As though that weren't enough, as my DD's friend was standing there in disgust and shock, the dog pooped again right next to her foot. She told DD she was trying to figure out how to sanitize a Roomba. OMG! I can't even think about it without laughing. I hope your knee is feeling better. My painful hip is just starting to feel better. I sat on the heating pad yesterday, as much to warm up as to help my hip. It did seem to help.

I hope the forecasted sunshine will cheer me up today and help get me motivated to do something. I see my doc on Wednesday. The guy from the co. that is running the fans downstairs will call today to set up a time to come out to check out the unit. Joe called and said he was miserable and losing his mind with cabin fever from all this weather. We will get a bit of relief from the cold but it will visit us again in a few days. We shouldn't complain. I hope Julie and her family are staying warm. Duckie too. This cold in the mid-west and north is dangerous.

I hope and pray all our Dear Porchies stay well, warm and happy.

Love, Mikie
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Morning Kids

Thanks for opening up, Mikie. Another dramatic picture. Although it seems to be a picture
of a tree, it's really the sun behind it that produces the drama. Reminds me of David
Selznick, Hollywood Producer. Most famous for Gone With The Wind. Before GWTW
he married Irene Mayer, daughter of Louis B Mayer, head of MGM. The joke in Hollywood was "The sun in law rises." The joke was even more appropriate when Selznick produced
"Duel In The Sun", generally considered his second best film.

Gordon is downstairs watching some old Si Fi movie. Not sure of the name, but Leslie
Nielson is in it and he was still young and handsome. Pic below.

I dunno about those license plates. There are lots of sites on the net for fake license
plates. Some of the made out of cardboard. (No joke.) I bought two fake drivers
licenses back when Ricky Martin was a young pop singer for the daughter of one of
my friends at work. She, despite being in her 40s, was also a fan. She didn't give
them to her teen age daughter. She glued them to the side of her computer.

My relatives in Minnesota will be all right as long as their source of heat doesn't go
out. The do have a portable generator. Not really sure how that works though. Does
it generate heat itself or do you have to hook it up to your furnace somehow?

Well, wherever you are, I hope your weather is reasonably clement. I hear Gordon
calling. Something about an omelet. Maybe he wants me to show him how to make one.

Hugs, Rock



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Good Monday morning, friends! Mikie, thanks for the new porch. It's fun for me to read about how much you are enjoying your new watch :) What a great idea! Seems I haven't been spending much time on the computer, but have certainly thinking of everyone here. Yes, we are in a "deep freeze"...the wind is blowing so hard this morning that birds can't even stay on the feeder. But seeds are falling from it, so I guess they don't mind eating the ones that land on the snow. Several pairs of cardinals, lots of blue jays, finches, sparrows (of course, lol!) assorted woodpeckers, a mockingbird, and an assortment that I haven't identified yet. Oh, and some wild turkeys who hang out in the fence rows and cornfield...and some quail that are likely to be anywhere during the day...

Our lane keeps drifting in, so Den pushes snow during the day at work, then has to come home and do it here. I don't run the skid loader, but I do go by after he's done and blade with the Gator. Life in the midwest...not always so much snow as this year, but we've also had much worse. He took off last Friday to take me to the follow up eye appt., and we got some pellets for the pellet stove and a few groceries, but didn't go anywhere else. I hope to get out tomorrow to see my dad and run some errands. Try not to stay gone too long as we leave Oreo in the house when it is this cold.

Rock, we did buy a bigger generator in the fall...hoping we never have to use it, lol! Den says we can run all the necessary electric off of it...just have to plug electrical cords into it. The generator is run by a gas engine, so has to stay outside and we can run cords out to it. Back in the "old days" when all the power lines ran overhead, we had lots of problems. But now, with a lot of it "underground"...a lot less problems. Only, if something does happen, they have to bring a "thumper" from the main power supplier (a couple hours away) to locate the problem in the underground. All that hassle is worth it, though, to live in "God's Country" ;)

I'm catching up on housework today and need to get out tax stuff gathered up and do the "worksheet" the tax guy sends each year.

I'll leave with this handsome threesome...there are usually five males, and I haven't been able to get an accurate count of females. Take care, everyone!



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Mikie: I dont know why I typed CAT....I knew it was a dog and had a dog image in my brain. Yes, what a stinky mess. I hope the friend figured out how to clean and sanitize the roomba. UGH. My knee is slightly better this morning. I can actually slowly walk, yesterday I couldn't even put my weight on it. My cleaning lady is coming over today, so I had to get things done before she gets here....like cleaning the toilets and bathrooms. She steam cleans the shower and the glass door, vacuums thoroughly and washes the kitchen and bathroom floors. I can still do a lot, thankfully, though at times its a giant push. Love the pictures!

Julie: I also love your picture. I've saved both yours and Mikie's. Brrrrr......that looks COLD.


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Hello Again, A simpering, whimpering child again. Bewitched, bothered and etc.

Just finished watching a couple old Match Games. Some of the members of the panel are
old favorites of mine. Some are "stars" I've never heard of. But they all do pretty well.

Sun, I did the same thing with cat and dog the other day. Meant to type one but, typed the other. I 'spect you guys are about done cleaning now, yes? Here at the ranch Gordon
and I do all the cleaning. Lump Lump is useless.

BTW, I did teach Gordon about omelets despite the fact that he is a better cook than I. He
said the Chinese cuisine does not include eggs or omelets. What they do with eggs is store
them for a hundred years. Well, actually it's usually weeks or months, but they call them
100 year old. See Wikipedia if you are curious.

Julie, great pic. Never seen more than one cardinal at a time. We used to see them in
MN, but rarely. Like oriels. What does that "thumper" do? Does it thump the ground
so a computer can figure out where the breaks are? Does it look like Thumper in Bambi?

Duckie, Got a book catalogue from Edward R Hamilton Bookseller in Falls Village,
Connecticut. Sells books, CDs and DVDs cheap. Shipping charge is always 4 bucks.
You can get the second season of WKRP In Cincinnati for only 6 bucks. You ever
listen to that? I never did. You think the call letters of the station are an indication of
its quality?

Gotta go. Can't type any longer. Hugs to Everydobby. Rock



Hi, Kids,

Still cold. We're having a heat wave and it's up to 54 degrees out. I finally took off my hoodie and put my fuzzy robe on over my shirt and yoga pants. I have never worn anything as comfy as yoga pants except jammies. Alexa told me earlier that my package from Amazon had arrived so I braved the cold and retrieved it from the mailbox. Don't know why some are handed off to the USPS for final delivery and some are left on the balcony by UPS or Fed-X. After I got home, I was overcome by a wave of dizzyness and nausea. It lingered but has since cleared up. Don't know how I could feel so sick and then have it go away as mysteriously as it came upon me.

The package was SV's new food and water bowls. I was shocked when I opened them. They are so much smaller than they appeared online. Still, I decided to give them a try. They sit on little pedestals which is healthier than cats' or dogs' trying to eat with their heads down on floor level. They are ceramic; they ones he has now are stainless steel. Stainless can get kinda oxidized and I wanted to switch to ceramic. He still has a stainless water bowl on the lanai that he likes to drink out of.

Earlier, the water mediation guy called and wanted to stop by to check the unit downstairs. It took about half an hour and, come to think about it, I really wasn't feeling that well then but wasn't sick. Roomba did the carpets and I'm doing some laundry. I also unloaded and reloaded the DW. So, all is not lost but I'm not up doing jigs. Gonna change the linens on the bed. I love the cheap printed microfiber sheets I bought right after Hurricane Irma but they don't want to stay on the bed.

Rock, I love those old B&W movies with the dramatic lighting that casts tall shadows on the walls and ceilings. Who doesn't love Hollywood's Golden Era? I can watch those old movies again and again over the years. I especially love the British movies. One of my favorites is Mrs. Miniver. Another, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Wish I were there to have Gordon make me an omelet. I was thinking about having some scrambled eggs just before I felt sick. Lump Lump isn't completely useless; I get a chuckle every time I see the funny name you have given him.

Julie, glad y'all are surviving this Arctic Express. I had always thought those birds migrated south in the winter. Nancy in MI fills her bird feeders every day. I know there is a place in Heaven for her and her DD. They foster all kinds of critters. Nancy has a little girl dog that was found with a fractured pelvis. They think she was hit by a car. Nancy is a nurse and uses her skills for people and critters alike. DD has horses, dogs a goat and any other creature that needs a home and help. Good thing she lives on a farm. She and her DH are even mentoring a young girl who needs help. Working with the horses is helping her. People down here have generators to use during hurricanes. One of my docs had a whole house generator installed because he needs to be available all the time for surgery so needs a house where he can eat and sleep when the power is out. Beautiful pic of the cardinals. I love it.

Sun, so glad your knee is better. It took forever for my hip to feel better. One thing I noticed is that if I tightened the muscles and tried to walk normally instead of favoring it, it seems to feel better. The more I used it, the better it felt. It wasn't until using the heating pad that it improved so much. Still not perfect. I know what you mean about typing the wrong word. I usually proof my posts because I'm so bad at that. Sometimes, I type a completely different word that may be similar to the one I want. Also, my dyslexia is bad when I'm tired. Some people have a word of the day; we have the symptom of the day. Gaaa!

OK, gonna go strip the bed. Don't really want to do it but it's time. Hope all y'all have a wonderful evening.

Love, Mikie



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Mikie: Yoga pants....do you mean those slim fitting Lycra ones? I have most of my closet filled with those now. Very comfortable and they don't attract cat fur like regular fabric ones. Sorry you're not feeling good. Yes....those "feelings" seem to come from nowhere. It's my understanding it's a damaged central nervous system which control everything. And how about the anxiety feelings that seem to rear up?

Last night the pain was really bad so I decided I would try the CBD/THC pain patch my son gave me. I had been wearing it for about 3 hrs. And suddenly woke up feeling very strange. Sat there a moment trying to figure out why....so I ripped off the 1/2 patch I had attached to my wrist. And then this morning I was talking to my cleaning lady on the phone....she had to cancel today but will be here tomorrow. Anyway, they have a friend who is scheduled for a double knee replacement and his naturopath had given him some pain patches with THC in it. He wore it and said he felt like he was hallucinating........ I think some are just too sensitive to it. I know that I won't be trying the THC.

And getting back to my cleaning lady, she said her bank called this morning. A lady was trying to cash a check from her for $850. The bank president examined it...said it felt different......it had been washed. She had only written 3 checks this month, one to her insurance company....bingo, this woman had left on the #s she had written down as her policy # in the reference space. She said she always mails her checks in the PO...walking them in. I said that perhaps the insurance company has a thief working in the mail room where things are opened.

Poor Paula......she's overrun with troubles. Next week she has eye surgery for macular degeneration

Rock: I've heard of 100 year old eggs......um....think I'll forgo that delicacy. Have you tried them? Did you know it's supposed to rain tomorrow?


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Hey There

Had a nice nap. Finished a book. Time to start another.

Sun, No I didn't know rain was coming. I looked at the weather page this morning. I
thought it said no rain and our usual temps: 70s by day; 50s at night. Just checked. Only change is it now says partly cloudy with showers on Thursday. That's fine. Just don't
want to see Polar Vortex which is supposed to hit the Midwest. Snow, rain, wind
chills to 40 below. Yikes.

Got an e mail from my MN brother. He is already planing the next theater production.
They are going to do an Irish comedy set in a castle with lots of silliness. I replied that I
didn't think silliness would attract an audience. Personally I have always preferred a
more refined entertainment. Something like Monty Python.

Have never tried a hundred year old egg. They look poisonous. Black or military green.
We've had one in the storage room for ages. Maybe Gordon has forgotten about it.

Mikie, I read that Alexa was named after the great library at Alexandria. James Burke
talked about it. Ships docking there were required to lend the library any scrolls they
had so they could be copied and then returned to the ship. Some unknown party
set fire to the library. Fortunately back up copies had been stored elsewhere. Just
looked at Wikipedia. Turns out it has a totally different history.

Hope everydobby stays warm. Especially Julie and Duckie where the big storm
will by causing trouble.



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Rather strange plant .....thought to share.

Mikie - your pic looks like a sophisticated version of the burning bush. Otherwordly! if the poop incident had happened here,i wouldve sat down and bawled. picking up dry poop is chore enough. wiping wet poop from walls and carpets is not to be imagined. stuff of nightmares. i wish our shops had your clothing products. i would love a nice fitting pair of Capris.

My Chinese friend looks really nice in them because her legs lost so much weight with her thyroid issues, but her face looks very haggard. she feels bad about it. always took real good care of herself, beauty wise. i think your stores cater to a lot of sizes, fits and ages. ours here are geared towards the young. teens, after teens, late 20s. those are the western clothes. for our ethnic wear, we get everything available.

Julie - is that pic from your camera? how beautiful. like Christmas cards! The red standing out starkly from all the white around. seems likeyou guys have gotten used to the heavens dumping mountains of snow on you. got it all under control. i can only imagine it happening here. People would go to bed and only get up when it melted. a week later. one big episode ofrainfall and we are literally wading around ankle deep.

and prices of tomatoes triple.

Sun - what a boon that your cleaning lady can come although she seems beset by problems. im laughing imagining you being high on something like an opiate. i just cant picture that. im sure you had fun poking around the sale. what were yourpurchases like. were they faces of men, women or children.,

i thinkyou asked about how i met my DH. and married him. his parents heard of me, so and so’s granddaughter (my granpa was a monk of high stature) and approached my parents with a marriage proposal. me and DH went out for a couple of times and decided to agree to the match. got married a year and half later. it was not the best match on hindsight, but it was meant to be. we needed to work out our karmas viz a viz each other.

he and i had things we each needed to provide for each other. i needed the security my parents never provided, and he needed someone loyal who would put up with his emotional issues, no matter what. his father was distant, he has no recollection of his mum.

and we both present issues which make us work on our own shortcomings and help us grow as human beings. he has become kinder, i have become more confident.

i think sometimes we are meant to cometogether for a reason and then we need to move on. leave. staying together becomes toxic. sometimes we have to work on problems and it becomes better.

Rock - your brother is one active fella isnt he? theatre. ive always been fascinated by stage and screen and the ongoings behind scene. the hustle, bustle, glamour. looks like housecleaning helps keep you lithe & limber, maybe a good thing Lumper doesnt do it. Maybe his presence will keep would be prowlers away. if he is big and hefty.

i used to be fascinated by Britains royal family. No more. i findit all very tedious. i suppose i was really into Princess Diana and all her comings and goings. she is no more now. and ive lost interest. im still fascinated by old english noblemen and women, Downton Abbey sorts. candlelabra, gongs, embroidered gowns, coiffs. Clipped accents. There is no accounting for tastes.

Barry - you really must do something about SAD. Try to burn a daylight simulating LED lamp or something. iveheard fluorescent tubelights are bad. the couple of grey days we had around here did nothing to improve my mood. so i know it affects the brain chemistry for some.

Nothing should be allowed to foster depression. not seasons, not people, not political climate.
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Well, I made it back, lol! To the computer, I mean...changed my mind and decided not to get out until it warms up (forecast says Friday). We are in a serious winter advisory Tuesday thru Thursday afternoon...wind chills will make the temp feel like -33 degrees (yes, that's minus 33 degrees F.) Schools are canceling, people are advised not to go out unless they absolutely have to. Den's boss came around this evening and told the employees to plan on working inside during this severe cold....but Den is on call until Friday morning, so will still have to take care of any electrical outages.

I've been mailing cards to my dad and checking on him by phone...they say he's doing pretty well. Our house and shop are staying relatively comfortable...all our heat sources are kicking in...gas furnace, boiler for floor heat, pellet stove, wood furnace, electric (radiant) heat in the bedroom and a little electric heater to turn on in the bathroom when we shower.

Den said our gravel road is complete ice...the road grader only scraped off the snow, but left a sheet of ice. And the guy keeps blocking the end of our lane when he does the road...so aggravating. But, we are managing quite well, actually. Peace Sign has been in most of the day...the cats all have their warm hiding places, and I have a heated water bowl in the garage, so they are okay.

That silly Squirrely Dude (stray tom cat) comes to the door at the house and I take food out to him...he lets me pet him and even arches his back and acts like he loves it. But if he happens to be in the garage when I feed the rest of the cats, he acts all scared and pretends he doesn't know me...must not want his friends to make fun of him, lol!

Spring, yes, the pic was taken with my phone...through the screen and dirty window pane, lol! Sounds like you and DH complement each other quite well. And together, you are raising some awesome kids :) When I think of all Den and I have been through together (we met in 1973, married in 1975) I marvel at how we have both grown...and how we've come to love and respect each other so much. I do not take my happy marriage lightly...we've had our rough years, as well.

Sun, I think it's great that you can have someone come in and clean, while you still do the things you can. Must be such a good feeling to have all the pieces come together after everyone is finished. I'm guessing I would react the same as you to that patch. I did purchase some CBD oil...used it sublingually for a couple of days, then decided to wait until I had my eye surgery. I keep forgetting about it, but will try to remember to take it tomorrow. Some people say it keeps them up at night, so I was just going to use it in the morning. I hope your pain lets up and allows you to keep as busy as you want to be.

Rock, your weather sounds just about perfect. I'm not sure just how a thumper works, but your description sound correct. Den would like to get us completely "off the grid", but I don't look for it to happen in the very near future, lol! One of our friends said he had 15 male cardinals at his feeder at one time. Glad Gordon likes to cook, and you both seem to make a great pair, also.

Granni, I'm so sorry about DD's job not coming through....I agree that it must mean something better will come along. I agree with others on the situation with your family...you just have to do what you can and what feels best. People can judge, but they don't really know what goes on inside our bodies. A few years ago, I was all geared up to host a family reunion on my dad's side...his brother from Texas was bringing some of his kids and grandkids, and another son from Ohio was meeting them all in Iowa.

A couple of days before the reunion, I got a terrible respiratory infection (not sure it wasn't influenza) and had to cancel. They all ended up hanging out at their hotel and doing some sightseeing with my brother and his wife (the one who told me what an awful sister I am, etc. when I complained that they never went to see my dad...) Anyway, the out of staters all ended up getting drunk (they brought their own booze to the hotel) and got really out of control (according to my brother.) I was so glad that didn't happen here at our house...Lindsey's family still lived on the farm (our deputy son-in-law might have had to keep some of them from driving) and I wouldn't have wanted our grandkids to be exposed to that behavior. But, I'm sure my sis-in-law had plenty to say about how I cancelled, etc.

Star, your toe sounds so sore! I've bent mine backwards a few times (almost always the same big toe, lol) and I still cringe when I remember how much it hurt. Oh, so your DD is impatient with you...I guess all I can say is "Welcome to the club." Not that any of us moms ever want to be members, but it seems to be a normal thing with moms and daughters...I used to feel that Lindsey thought I was the dumbest person on earth, lol...she still acts that way, sometimes. Thank goodness, Amy balances it out and still thinks I hung the moon and stars. Well, Lindsey still calls and asks for advice, but I have to be careful and not offer any until she does ask...she does acknowledge that I am basically the only one who respects how she and David are raising their children as far as diet (very little sugar, no pork, no sodas or other junk food, no artificial food dyes, the list goes on), no chemicals (such as in air fresheners, cleaners, etc., etc.) I really don't mind...I've learned some things from her along the way.

But, yes, our little darlings can really make us feel pretty "small" sometimes. They do seem to outgrow it, eventually...when they have children of their own who get impatient with them, lol!

Barry, good for you to manage your own "power shopping spree" (that's what I call it when I have to quickly get my shopping done.) Did you tell us how the Dragon Fruit tasted? I've tried to scan, but don't see anything. I hope you start to feel better...I just think things are going to somehow work out as they should. I know you and I have different feelings about the journey, but I think we all want the same ending and we are caring and thoughtful people.

Duckie, has OT gotten settled down with your mama again? Must have been so confusing for the poor thing. I'm sure your weather is similar to ours...take care when out and about.

Mikie, I hope SV likes his new dining set. Glad that guy is checking on the unit that leaked and seems to be on top of things. Sorry you had that sudden sick spell...I have had that happen once in awhile. I used to immediately check my blood sugar, and sometimes it was low, but I gave the tester to one of the kids so I can't check anymore. Could always pick one up sometime. Of course, with these stupid diseases, who knows what causes these things...

Well, guys...I should probably get on to bed...it's just after midnight and I usually stay up later than Den, then fill the wood furnace one more time. Computer says it's 2 degrees, but wind chill feels like minus 10. The Salvation Army has opened up a "warming room" in the town next to us...I can't imagine having to sleep outside in this weather. Wouldn't seem like smaller cities and towns would have homeless people, but they do. :(

Take care, everyone...and stay warm or cool enough, whichever the case may be.



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Morning Fellow Porchers

Also fellow poachers who are cooking eggs. Did you guys see in the news that young
Prince George has awarded himself a nickname? It's Archie. One of our greatest movie
stars during the golden age was an Archie. Archibald Leech aka Cary Grant. Also born in

Julie, I'm glad you had the time and energy for your W&P post. I am amazed at all the
heating devices you have on the farm. Probably going to need them with this terrible
storm. It's 58 here right now. I have the little room heater on. Am about to turn it off
for a while. I hope Den doesn't have to go out in the terrible weather.

I don't know how homeless people survive in bad weather either. When we drive by
Echo Park we often see tents the homeless have put up. And there's an area near
the library that sometimes has crude shelters with a blanket over a shopping cart
or some broken furniture.

Keeping my fingers mentally crossed for you and all my fellow Midwesterners.

Spring, when I was a kid we used to have a weed that looked like pic below. It
had an orange ball inside. We called them Japanese lanterns. Have never seen
them since.

The law firm that I worked for the longest was owned by my Jewish coworker. I
trained him. Then he thought we should start a firm together. That's when I got
chronic fatigue so that didn't work out. But when I could no longer work full time
I went to work for him part time. He and his wife considered themselves very modern
because they were not going to arrange marriages for their kids. But they did say
they would not allow their children to marry unsuitable partners.

Lump Lump is big and strong. He goes to the gym frequently. He just doesn't use
his strength to help around the house or garden. If you ask him, he will pitch in.
But he doesn't have the initiative to do anything on his own. He did feed the cat this
morning when he left for work. I can tell because the bag of kibble wasn't closed. And
the inside back door wasn't locked.

Well, time to go. Hugs. Rock



Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Wow! Slept nine hours last night. It's not like I did anything to wear me out yesterday. I don't know where this new restful sleep pattern is coming from but I'll take it. For so long, I would wake between 2:30 and 3:30 and it would take an hour to get back to sleep. I just hope this lasts. I've prayed for so long for healing. Perhaps it starts with restful sleep. I finally relented and turned on the heat last night. It's only 43 degrees out this morning. I have an ion smoke detector just outside the utility closet and it went off when I turned on the heat. SV came out to check. I'm glad to see that because, if there ever is a fire in here, he likely won't run under the bed to hide. If he comes out, I can grab him and get out.

Elizabeth, my friend and neighbor and the daughter of my dear friend who had the stroke, came over yesterday and brought some banana bread. I'm just finishing up a loaf I made. She came in with her adorable little rescue dog, Jezabel. This is the most loving, sweetest little dog I've ever seen. She sat on Elizabeth's lap. SV came out to greet them and was so excited to see a dog; he loves little dogs. He was besties with Nancy's little dog when she lived here. Unfortunately, he was a bit too excited and wouldn't back off so I had to put him on the lanai. I tried to hold him but he was trying to wiggle free. I've always felt bad about his having to give up the fun and freedom of living outside and the friends he made with all the critters, including the otters and possums. I'm sure he misses his sister, Tweety, the most even though she was mean to him. He liked wrestling with her and chasing her around. Elizabeth tells me another friend is having a memorial service for the neighbor who just died. I'll go.

Sun, the yoga pants are looser fitting and often have a fold-over waist. I also have the leggings which fit closely to the body. I usually wear those with my better tops when I go out. My yoga pants have flared legs. I'm not used to this cold weather and the pants are keeping me warm and snug. It will start to warm up tomorrow and I'm glad cause I have to go out for my doctor appt. Thursday, Grace and her DH are taking me to a new restaurant by the river downtown. I'm glad it will be a bit warmer for that too. I'm sorry the CBD is causing you to feel strange. My doc once wanted me to try a different Benzo than Klonopin, can't remember which one. It made me hallucinate, seeing monsters every time I closed me eyes. I got up to get a drink of water and saw big black slugs sliding down the walls. Yikes! I realized it wasn't real so just went back to bed and never took another pill. I have a pen to use when writing checks. It can't be washed off. They have them at office supply stores. Hope your pain is better.

Spring, that plant is beautiful but kinda creepy. Reminds me of the ones they were tending in the old 50's movie, The Thing. We do have a lot of selection for sizes here. I usually shop in the Misses area but occasionally buy something from the Junior section. We also have Petite and Women size sections. I am only 5'4" tall so could theoretically shop in Petites but I'm short because I have short legs; my torso is normal. Petites pants are usually too short waisted. On the other hand, Petite dresses usually fit. So confusicatin'. I always thought my ex and I were destined to be together to work out our issues. Our shrink said we had more potential than any other couple he had seen. Unfortunately, he was beset with anxiety and working on our issues made him too uncomfortable. He turned to other women and sex to try to comfort himself. Now, of course, he regrets it. A huge missed opportunity. I don't dwell on what might have been. I've used my time alone to work out my own issues. For a while after the divorce, I partied and dated a lot. It was OK to help me get over the divorce but not a lifestyle I would want to continue. My ex is still an anxious mess. I'm so glad you and your DH have grown together and have such a lovely family.

Rock, those Japanese Lantern plants are beautiful. I wish we had more exotic plants down here where most things will grow. Every neighborhood has the same plants. Of course, some of them look great in the landscaping but I'd like a bit of something more unusual. My neighbor next door to Joe had a beautiful trumpet bush but I think Hurricane Irma killed it. Seems Lump Lump does have at least one redeeming quality; he fed the kitty. Guess closing the bag and locking the door is too much to ask. Polar Vortex, Arctic Clipper--great names for the cold fronts which ride down on the Gulf Stream. I was wondering how Indians, especially in North Dakota, survived in their tepees during this kind of cold. Guess they had fires and snuggled down under several layers of bear skins. Brrrr! I saw some duck eggs on TV but don't know whether they were hundred year old eggs or not. They were eaten with the baby duck inside just before it was ready to emerge. It made me sick. AACCKK! Hope your bro and all our friends in the mid-west and upper US stay warm and safe. SV hasn't even asked to go out this morning. Fortunately, he held no grudge for my throwing him out yesterday. He's taken to eating out of his new elevated bowl. He still prefers drinking his water from the glass goblet like mine. Right now, he's curled up in his soft little kitty bed.

Julie, so glad to see your nice post. You guys have your hands full there just surviving the cold. At least, you have lots of heat sources. Very smart! It seldom got very cold in CO, maybe for only a few days at a time in Feb. Down here, we shiver when it gets down into the 50's. Once in a blue moon, it will get down to freezing and the citrus farmers have to put the smudge pots in the orange groves. I'm laughing at the stray Tom Cat's act for the other kitties. Cats have much more going on in their furry little heads than most people realize. SV once fell off a pillow on the bed and I laughed at him. It upset him and he smacked me on the arm hard with his paw. He was embarrassed. Dignity is very important to them. Nancy's DD makes warm spots in their barn for all the critters, including the barn cats. My blood sugar has never dropped but I suppose that could have been it. I have the kit to test but, after testing for a while, I don't do it regularly. My fasting blood sugar was 99 when I had my last lab work done. Of course, these things can change. Stay warm, Dear One.

I'm getting a late start today because I slept so late. I actually thought I got up at 5:30 but must have gone back to sleep for another hour because it was 6:30 when I did get up. Glad I turned on the heat because I have to shower and don't want to freeze when I emerge. Never thought I'd want a heat lamp in the ceiling of the bathroom but right now, it would be nice. Also, heated flooring and heated towel rack. What a wuss I am! As it is, I dry off with the shower curtain closed and put on my warm robe. Then, I get back in the shower to wipe down the tiles. It's so much easier to keep them clean that way. Gonna go read the virtual paper; tomorrow is my last day. Will be interesting to see whether I can get by just reading the main stories from their web page or whether I will want to subscribe to only the virtual paper. I finished watching Grace & Frankie so will check Netflix to see whether there is anything else I want to watch before unsubscribing.

Hope all y'all have a wonderful day. It's gonna be a Technicolor day here today and that should raise spirits.

Love, Mikie

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A wonderful, sunny Good Morning! The wind is blowing like crazy, but Oreo and I are snug as bugs in rugs...at least, until I go out to do chores. My only chores are feeding the cats, but so many neighbors are actual farmers who are trying to keep cattle, pigs, horses, sheep, etc. fed and alive...while fighting snow drifts, freezing temperatures, trying to keep water sources available, hoping their hay doesn't run out... or looking for some to buy, if necessary.

Mikie, I'm glad you are getting better sleep. I've read that so many conditions/illnesses, etc. can be helped (or possibly eliminated) with enough hours of sleep. But, that's hard to accomplish when one is in too much pain, etc...

Glad there will be a memorial for your neighbor. So, so sad. Nancy and her DD sound like wonderful people...so much animal cruelty, and why? One of my dad's former roommates was in the Navy. When they docked in some out of the way places, the chief would often invite some or all of the people on the ship to a festival, etc. This fellow loved to tell anyone who would listen about eating those duck eggs. He told worse things, too, but nothing I would want to share on here. And we wonder why some of our veterans come back so messed up and "broken."

Rock, my husband is notorious for not wanting to close doors, baggies, put lids back on tight enough, close the chip bag properly, etc., etc. I guess it was nice of Lump Lump to feed the cat, at least ;) Some people just don't have the understanding of how to just "pitch in"...good that he will help if asked. How cute about Prince George...I think I started to read that article and got interrupted.

I haven't seen Peace Sign, but her more timid sister, Jude 2.0 actually came inside a little while ago to eat. I fixed a soft bed for her in the foyer of the shop, but she is too nervous to stay in. Even Oreo is outside right now, sitting on her cushion on her bench...I will call her in pretty soon, though. I imagine Peace Sign will emerge from her hiding place when she hears me feeding the other cats...but first I am thawing out some old meat I had forgotten about. Unlike my chubby dog, the cats need more fat with their food...at least, I think the outside ones need it this time of year.

Same with the birds...I feed them mostly black sunflower seeds...my dad always did, because they have more oils that the birds need in the cold weather. Amazing how fast they can break open the seeds, and how far they can spit the shell, lol!

I just talked to Den...he is working outside today. He's training a temp worker and helping him map the city. They have to stop at each electric pole in the whole town and enter the location, pole number, etc. into the computer. Den's bosses would sure like him to stay around longer to finish this project, but he's already got things in motion for his semi-retirement.

Oh Star...if you read this...I hope you didn't think I was being "flip" about your DD. I'm sure sorry if I came across that way...just wanted you to know that, even though it's horrible at the time (when they seem to think we are "less than") they do quite often outgrow it. Sometimes they have to go through similar situations before it sinks in that Mom isn't so bad, after all. But that is just human nature.

Oh, and an example of "men will be men", "women will be women"...no matter if Amish, "English", etc....due to some remodeling that our closest neighbors are doing (adding on to the barn, that is attached to the house), my neighbor lady was having to milk their cow out in the open pasture (they had moved fences around and she didn't have a way to bring her inside to be milked.) Well, the cow knocked the lady off the bucket she was sitting on and she (the lady, not the cow) hurt her tailbone. So, the husband had to milk the cow twice...the very next day, he had workers build a shelter in the pasture so the cow can be led in there and milked.

When my neighbor told me this, I started listing off similar things that have occurred in our marriage...we laughed so hard...goes to show that often nobody can actually care about another person's situation until they are also put in that situation.

I'd better say a quick "hi" to everyone and get some things done around here. Kind of nice to have "snow days" where I don't have to make any plans and can just "hibernate"...was supposed to have a hair appt. tomorrow, but rescheduled it for next Tuesday. But that works with my hairdresser because she lives in a rural area also and has five kids to make arrangements for...our school started late today, and I imagine may even be cancelled tomorrow (many surrounding towns also cancelled today, due to the dangerous wind chills, etc.)



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Hi Dear Ones,.

Popping in for another quickie post Have so much to do. I also got up late, later than MIKIE and have a wash in the drier from yesterday and in the washer. That is just the beginning. Have a bunch of stuff to do on the computer. DD closed on their old home and now are homeless :)!! However, they are living with other DD a couple doors down from me. BTW, the job she got is at the place where she was told no but they decided to get another new gal too at the dr's office. He is a family practice doctor I believe and has been written up in our local magazine as being very good. Hope she likes the new situation and office.

MIKIE - Had to chuckle at your showering routine. It is almost like mine. When it is cold like now I also dry off in the shower and wipe down some of the areas. It is a fairly good sized shower so I do not wipe off everything mostly the glass doors part and a few other parts. I also spray some with that daily spray. Wish I could find something better as that can get expensive. They don;t even sell the refill bottles of the stuff anymore. At least I cannot find them. Have fun at your lunch you are going to and I think you had an appt of some kind, can't remember and to lazy to go check. I have my sweats on again with another turtleneck underneath. It is 30's I think and may hit 50 today. That is a heat wave for JULIE and others.

JULIE - You are smart not to get out with all that ice and snow and being so very cold can be dangerous in so many ways. Be careful dear girl. I know you can find plenty to do in the house. Poor Den having to be out in it.so much of the time. When did you say he will be semi retired ??

Hugz to all inc SUN, SW, ROCK, BARRY, DUCKIE and everydobby else I might have forgotten with my ever shrinking brain !! Off to do some more work.

Granni :)


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I'm so far behind,
feeling sad, bad, mad; waiting for glad....

Julie, your picture of the cardinals in the snow made me glad! I have never seen a cardinal before; lucky you. We very rarely get a mockingbird in this part of the state. I love them. When my father died and I went to be with my mom for the funeral, a mockingbird flew down the chimney of our house. We are now having lots of robins and ravens; the latter are very noisy! Oh, and fox sparrows, 'peckers, wrentits, winter wrens, and so on....

Julie, Lindsey and David seem to be on the right track to a health diet. But why no pork? I read that it was the most healthy of the red meats.... Myself, I don't care for beef (HOLY COW), but I guess I'm in the minority...

I DID try the dragon fruit. Easy to prepare, but not especially tasty....bland with only a touch of sweetness( in the distance). I wouldn't buy one again though. The fruit is actually a cactus fruit. Gordon was right when he told Rock that they were more ornamental than nice to eat. I must agree with him.

Mikie, how cold it must feel (or be) for you. I wear sweatpants all day, and sleep in another pair at night. I have to keep away from sudden temp. changes or my peripheral neuropathy flares up badly.

Sun, don't take a CBD/THC combo for pain. Just CBD,; the THC will get you high.

Rock, hundred yr. eggs are usually only prepped for a few weeks or a month or so. The solutions and substances they cover round the egg sorta "cooks" them. I'd try one.... And yeah, the homeless population. I feel so sorry for them. We have lots up here; shelters are open. I've helped the homeless in the past, when I worked as a voluntary ombudsman when I ran into those asking for help. Helped some, some were too far gone.... So sad.
Another nice pic. of a Physalis. The fruit is inside.

Spring, a very nice photo of the so-called Cape Gooseberry, a species of Physalis. Google for Physalis and troll through the images; you will find. Might as well WIKI it too, while about it. In the same family of plants that has tomatoes, potatoes, chilis, aubergines (eggplant), deadly nightshade, etc., etc. I'd like to try some someday. Thank you for helping my SADness; your posts always make me feel better. I've been a depressive since I was young; turbulent life, no family except stepfather.

Gotta crawl away now,
Love to All of YOU


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I thought I sent this prior post but I guess not. I hope it is submitted now. Not sure what I didn't do in the first place. When I just got on the print was very faded and I guess that meant it had not submitted fully.

Just got back with 2 DD's to celebrate their closing and especially her new job. I am thrilled that she got it so quickly. I am guessing because she had a fairly long history in the same place. She was originally thinking of trying something new well this is still new, to her anyway. I told her it would take her longer to find one somewhere else plus she wouldn't get as much money either, most likely. Glad she took mine and others advise. We just went to Russos and had a yummy thin crust Mediterranean pizza. It was so delicious. Haven't had a real pizza in a long time. It was rather last minute.

Stay warm JULIE and others in the path of that awful cold blast !! This is more than cold enough to me. Yes, I am a wuss when it comes to cold for sure and I grew up in the NE.

Love to everyone,
Granni :)


Hi, Kids,

For a while, it was just too cold to want to shower even with the heat at 68. The sun is out and it is beautiful but still only 64 degrees. That's as warm as it's gonna get today and tomorrow. I finally got into the shower and blew dry my hair and styled it. As great as I slept and as much as my pain is better, I still don't feel up to doing anything. It may be more psychological than physical. Seems that the cold spells just take the wind out of everyone's sails. Good thing I don't have to do anything. Joe reminded me of that the other day. We both raised kids and worked hard and now, if we don't want to do anything, we don't have to and shouldn't feel bad about it. I was raised Catholic; guilt is in my DNA. :)

I feel bad about complaining of the cold when Julie and Duckie are having to endure so much worse. I'm sure you guys would welcome a 64 degree day. After years of acclimating to the heat and humidity we usually have, I'm not set up for dealing with anything much cooler. I have enjoyed just sitting in a warm robe and holding SV on my lap. He's been drinking so much more water; I hope he keeps it up. My hair came out great and I hope it stays that way for my appt. in the morning. I'll wash it again on Fri. so it will look good for our Sat. trip downtown for the Art Fest. Just waiting for one person to confirm.

Julie, that's so true about not being able to sympathize with another until we are in the same situation. Then, we can empathize. Sounds as though you have critters coming and going like Grand Central. It makes me smile to think about it.

Granni, Nancy uses that spray and says she only has to wipe down the shower once in a while. I should try it. I shower in the guest bath. It's a shower in the tub. I have a shower in the master bath but SV has his litter box in it. It's a perfect place for the box. Glad DD got a job. Things are looking up. Mmmm. Pizza sounds good.

Barry, I am so sorry for the things you went through as a kid and for the depression. Having suffered from depression, I can understand. We have cardinals here in the wintertime now and then but they aren't plentiful. One built a nest in a tree outside my window with his mate and, when he could see his reflection in the glass, he would attack it, thinking it was another male. It went on hour after hour and almost drove me nuts. We have mockingbirds that mock us when we are outside. I love the way they mimic the sounds they hear. I never associated the neuropathy with the cold but it makes sense. The cold seems to make everything worse. My hip improved dramatically when I sat on the heating pad. Feel better, my friend.

I'm watching a TV show from D.C. They have an outside camera projected as a backdrop in the studio. It's snowing big flakes. Brrrr! I'm looking out my sliding doors. The sun is at that angle that makes everything looks so beautiful. The pond ripples from the fountain and the grass along the banks is very green. The bark on the slash pines is very interesting and gnarly. I feel at peace. Don't know why but won't question it. Maybe it's the better sleep. Sending thoughts of peace and love to everydooby.

Love, Mikie



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Hi gang...meant to get back here sooner, but got tied up in the kitchen. Decided to try a couple of new cookie recipes so Den can take "treats" to work tomorrow...they are all supposed to stay inside as much as possible due to the extreme cold and wind chills (I call it indoor recess :p). Had lots of bananas getting very ripe (and plenty in the freezer for smoothies, etc.) so chose to make Banana Chocolate Chip and Banana Oatmeal.

I don't care for bananas and choc chips together, myself, but I know lots of men who do...these are both a very soft cookie, which Den prefers. At least I know I won't be tempted to eat any of the ones I'm keeping at home, lol! Our mail was late, so when Oreo and I walked up to get it, I left some in the neighbors' mailbox. Kinda nice to have the mailboxes closer to the houses...moved new ones to the curve of our lane when the old ones (up at the road) got smashed (yes, on purpose) several weeks ago.

Mikie, I sure understand how people in warmer climates feel cold in temps that seem pretty mild to those of us in colder areas. Very soon, we will feel "tropical" when we once again get above freezing. And, later on, when we hit the 40's...look out...almost shorts and t-shirt weather, lolol! It could be that your body is just healing and conserving its energy, even though your sleep, etc. is better...it may take time to feel like doing a lot. A weird thing with me...sometimes I don't even recognize when I have extra energy. It is such a rare feeling and I find myself feeling anxious and sort of "out of body"...then I realize it's just energy, lol! Does that even make sense? Hope you have a wonderful time at the art fest.

Barry, I love pork and beef both...we eat mostly beef, then chicken, then occasionally pork. I think the kids have done research that shows pork isn't very good to digest, and contains a lot of toxins from antibiotics, the corn pigs are fed (they eat grass fed beef, but I don't know if there is such a thing with pigs.) And I think it bothers them that pigs will eat just about anything...have you heard the saying, "We are what we eat, eats."

All that to say...I respect that they don't eat pork, but I still fix it sometimes. Amy's family eats it, so we just have it when Lindsey's family isn't around. I've heard that beef is bad to eat, also...but I'm not worried. I think anything can be eaten or done in excess...moderation and balance is key.

My mom suffered badly from peripheral neuropathy, so I understand a little of what you go through. Her symptoms were numbness in her feet (she tripped and fell a lot), pain going up her legs and the feeling that bugs were crawling on her legs and feet.

Sorry the dragon fruit wasn't wonderful...at least you've tried it, which is more than I've done.

Granni, I didn't realize your DD had gotten the job...that's great! And they closed on the old house...well, one step at a time, true? Den's last day at the City is March 29. But he will still get paid as he uses up three weeks of vacation. I think his first SS check comes mid-May, so we need to be very mindful of our budget as we get settled in to being on a "fixed income." He'll start working his other part-time job at some point...mostly working that in order to pay for our health insurance. Doesn't look, at this point, like I will need to go find a job, but if necessary, I can. We don't travel or eat out much, etc....most of our "extra" money goes for things for the kids and grandkids, lol!

Anyway...I think I'll try to get to bed earlier tonight...just staying up awhile to fill the wood furnace again. Hi to everyone...I hope you all are doing ok.



Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

The good sleep continues. Yea! I'll drop back in later. I'm going to the doc this morning. After I put on my watch, it showed a reminder that I have an appt. Another feature that is icing on the cake. With a memory I can't depend on, I need all the help I can get so I don't miss an appt. Alexa will alert me too.

Hope everydooby has a great Hump Day. See y'all later.

Love, Mikie