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PORCH 1113 IS NOW CLOSED (2/1/19)

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Good Friday Morning, Kids,

Time for a new Porch. This looks a lot like my beloved CO in the wintertime. I miss skiing. Glad I did a lot of it when I lived there. It's gonna warm up a bit here too today. Tomorrow should be perfect for the art fest, in the 70's. Only one friend can't make it so there will be four of us. I ate the last of my lunch for dinner last evening. It was good but not great. We used to have a place here that was wildly popular and it wasn't expensive. Went out of business.

I was sooo sleepy and dizzy yesterday afternoon that I slept most of the rest of the day after lunch. Went to bed early and slept too. I just can't take the full dose of my BP med. My BP was 114/67 which is good but it's usually 125/72 on half a dose. Gonna experiment with three quarters of a dose using my pill splitter. My system is very sensitive to this drug. The longer I'm on it, the better it works. Doc kinda leaves it up to me to adjust it. I'll wait til after the art fest though.

SV seemed to stop drinking water again and didn't use his box last night. I filled a glass and coaxed him til he finally drank. Can't have him getting sick over the weekend and having to go to the ER. Don't think his equipment is too narrow or else it wouldn't work so well most of the time. I have to once again let the guy into the unit downstairs to check the moisture at 10:00 to 11:00 this morning. Before that, I'm gonna jump into the shower to wash my hair so I won't have to do it in the morning before we go.

Still feeling so much better. Not great but certainly better than I was when my exhaustion was so bad. Also, the inflammation in my legs is better and I'm not having that sensation of electric current in them. One benefit of the new watch is that it's like a brace on my arthritic wrist and helps with the pain. The watch band is wide and it fits tightly.

Sun, the restaurant was nice but not lavishly decorated. No table cloths but the napkins were linen. It was on a canal in a marina by the river just before the estuary where it empties into the Gulf. No view except the big metal boat storage bldg. and some boats docked next to the bldg. I guess to land lubbers, it's exciting. I prefer Joe's Crab Shack on the river downtown where you can see clear across to the other side of the wide river. There is a marina there where there are a lot more boats. Lots of big birds with nests on the tops of the posts. That's where I get my huge Cajun pot with all kinds of things. That's scary about your BP. Mine has gone up like that for a day or so but it has always come back down. The full pill leaves me too sleepy so I've got to take 3/4 of one to see how that works. Gonna wait til after the art fest so I won't be too tired to walk. That is so scary about the stairs moving away when the water/mud came through that lady's home. Yikes! Glad you and Rock are in a safer place and I hope Barry is too.

Julie, glad it's going to warm up. Still not warm but better than how cold it's been. Nancy is looking forward to the change. Yes, those bulbs do make a difference. I didn't change them out at first due to the high cost but they have come down in price dramatically. Have you ever deeply massaged the inflamed areas? When I went to PT, the tech did that with some kind of hand-held gizmo. Think I've mentioned that I use a plastic ball with some pointy ridges on it. It also works with just my hand. You massage toward the body. My thighs and shins get very inflamed. The CBD oil works great for that when rubbed on. Menthol salves work pretty well too. Hope all goes well as you and Den transition to 'retirement.'

Love, Mikie
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Good morning, friends! Guess I'm excited for my "field trip" off the farm today...wide awake at 5:15, lol! Threw a load of clothes in the washer, checked the wood furnace and pellet stove, fed Oreo, and grabbed my first cup of coffee. I want to recheck my menu and go over my grocery list before heading out, but probably won't leave here until later this morning...I try to get to the nursing home around 11:30 in order to sit with my dad while he eats lunch.

Mikie, what a beautiful picture! Amy and Keira's dad went to Colorado on their honeymoon. Loved the trip...didn't dress warm enough for May, though...was still pretty cold up in the mountains, lol! Den and I don't have much skiing experience, but we have been up on the Zugspitze and Augspitze (sp) when we were stationed in Germany. Can't remember if one of these were where we tried to ski...I do remember taking a cable car up, and when we got to the top, feeling like I could just step off the edge and the clouds would have held me up. There is a place in Iowa that they have made into a ski resort...making snow when necessary. We took the girls there when they were still at home.

Did you ask your doc about the Losartan? That's one of the pills Den takes...actually, I'm going to check with the pharmacist about all of ours. I don't remember seeing anything about the Losartan being recalled...would be nice to get off all our BP meds.

I've done some massage on myself, and had some deep tissue massages. I think my problem is that I got out of the routine again of doing stretches, etc...need to get back in the groove.

Glad your new watch is working out so well...

We'll be having company in a couple weeks. Our Susan from Tennessee (not sure where she's at health wise) will be staying at Amy's for a week. They will all come here on the 15th since Amy has to get Keira to her dad for that weekend. But they can come early enough (girls get out of school early on Fridays) that we will have time to visit and have a 8th birthday party for Miley (her birthday is on the 14th.) I'll make supper and give them their Valentines then, too. Have a package ready to mail today to Tennessee...

I'd better get off here and get busy...Hi to everyone! Hope you have a great weekend.



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Or rather good night.
Wow! What a gorgeous picture!!

Weather has been super hot here, but also crazy up and down ?
Extremes spanning the country.fires And floods, would you believe.

Sun, Mikie and Spring - Thanks for the advice on mothers and teenage girls.
Unlike you ladies, this is All new to me and her behaviour has been quite hurtful.
Aside from the last yr or so, also somewhat out of character.
And certainly Not how we hv raised her.
I think just 'letting it slide' has gone on long enough though too.

Julie, I always appreciate your input. Please don't ever feel concerned about over stepping.
I am grateful to hv the 2 of your girls as examples to consider.
And your perspective. For the Grace and wisdom.
I had to shake my head when I read about the milking shelter being constructed for the bloke.
Yes. Typical. (no offense guys).
Oh and Dh is also incapable of putting milk back in the fridge, food back in the cupboards after use or closing up the bread bag, (but will be the first to complain about stale bread).
Sadly, leaving cupboard doors wide open and drawers half open has rubbed off on our Treasures. Sigh.
I am amazed at all that snow!

Rock, so Lump is feeding Kitty...

Barry, 3 baby budgies hv left the nest and mama budgie is sussing out the cockatiels nest...

Duck, what dramas! Glad it's all sorted out now.
Dd has started cooking through tafe as part of her yr 10.
She's not impressed with her first day there today, but it's better than the alternative.
If only she were a yr older.Her boss would've given her an apprenticeship at the bakery.
Dd isnt keen on early hours though.

Granni, my sis has brought up the topic of having our Mum go into a home.
I think it is way too premature, besides she had 5 kids, so you would think she'd just move in with one,
But as you already know, it's never straight forward and there are husbands and health to consider.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
Sounds to me like Dh had already made the decision.

(I think the sister that is after me will prob look after Mum while she can, when it's time.
especially since Mum has given her heaps of cash towards her house.clever of Mum really.
And I'm sure Mil is heading our way....enough of that.

Great news!
Ds has unofficially got an apprenticeship.
Apparently his supervisor has spent the last week looking at the schooling
side of it all.
Sure hope we get the paperwork soon and make it all Official!
All this waiting is stressful.

Spent most of the day on the phone with various insurance mobs.what a pain that was!
Hidden fees and one- off ,up front costs etc etc & loop holes where you arent 'technically '
covered. Huh?

Time for some shut eye.

Sweet dreams to All Porchies.
Take care
Catch yas later


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Testing. Testing. Morning, Kids. Our computer has been on the fritz due to rain. We're
supposed to have five days of it. Gordon says the wires get wet; that's why it won't work.
OK, looks fine.

Just fed the cat. She was perfectly dry. I spent time and energy making her a new and
better shelter yesterday. This is the third time I've done it. I knew it wouldn't work,
but the rain was too heavy for her present nest. All her towels were soaking wet. I
put the new little house on the covered porch which curves around the house. She
wouldn't even look at it. Ay yi yi! Not unlike some people. You just can't help them.

Gordon's orchid club is having a party at Jim's house this week. It's to thank the
officers of the previous year and to install the new officers. Jim told Gordon he's not
going to cook. He's having Panda provide the food. I think that's the same Panda
that has food courts in malls. He said he ordered enough food for 6 to 10. But he's
expecting something like 15 people.

Gordon, who can be a scamp at times, sent him an e mail saying he would be bringing
two guests and Tupperware to the party. Jim replied saying plans have changed. There
would be no food served; just liquor. Bring some. Gordon says he's kidding too.

Star, I am not taking any offense. I have nothing in common with an Amish farmer.
The Amish from 50 years ag0 would be horrified at how modernized the current
Amish have become. I expect they will join the Quakers in another decade or two.

Yup, Lump Lump sometimes feeds the kitty. But he's still a pill to live with. He doesn't
do his fair share or pay his fair share. Of course he could be worse, but then so could
almost anybody. Looked up TAFE. Training and further education. Some sites
indicate it's a medical term. Good luck to the kids. Most of the jobs I had I learned
on the job.

Julie, you did more this morning than I will do all day. I never imagined a ski resort
in Iowa. Looked on Wikipedia. There is a mountain in Iowa. Don't think it's too
pointed though. It used to be a farm. Wikipedia has an article. See Hawkeye Point.

Turns out there are also mountains in Minn. News to me. Eagle Point is the highest.
It's up North on the shore of Lake Superior. Note the avian name for both of these mountains.

Mikie, you took another great picture. Did SV go mountain climbing with you? Glad
to hear you are feeling much better. Did you read about the Roomba contest? Roomba
wiped the floor. The next thing will be a Rooma lawnmower. Should be a great boon
for Julie.

Going back to bed. It's almost 7 am here. Hugs, Friends.


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My ipad is getting filled up with all these great pictures found to post here!!! Love this one.

We're supposed to get the BIG rain tonight or tomorrow so I'm wondering how bad it's going to be. A couple of weeks ago the rain came down so hard and fast and without stopping that I was worried it would come up my BR patio and into the house so I got old wood shelving to divert it. So now I'm thinking that I might dig them out again and put them outside...just in case.

Mikie: What is your BP when you don't take your reading? Your BP is great....like a young person's. I took mine this morning.....137/79. So I immediately took it again while concentrating on a low reading and thinking RELAX. No surprise, it was down to 122/77......our thoughts influence the BP a lot. My goal is 120/70.

Star: Think back to when you were a teenager....how were things for you at that time? Feeling torn, chaotic, anger at your parents and life in general? But she can't be allowed to "dis" you.

As an example: My SIL is like a little Bantie rooster, that's because he's about 5'6" and I guess has that little man complex. Anyway, he runs a small successful company along with his 2 close friends. So successful that I'm thinking it's gone to his head. A week ago he was angry at my DGS having to do with him needing to drop 5 lbs. to get into another wrestling category....my SIL used to wrestle and he's paid my DGS to also be in wrestling even though he really doesn't like it. Can you see where I'm going with this? I could see that my DGS was almost looking like he could pass out from lack of food and water, I said something and my SIL basically walked all over me, letting me know that I didn't know anything! I didn't stay long after that.

I told my DD a day later that she should have called me and told me not to come over, that there was family dynamics going on. She mentioned to her MIL about my SIL talking to me like that, and dear old mom said....well, that's just the way he is. UNBELIEVABLE. So.......what I'm getting to is it's his parents fault years ago from them not calling him on it when he talks like that to THEM. They just accept this behavior. And because of SILs overbearing behavior, he's made my DD and DGKs life not a happy place.

And....I've seen my DD change from a sweet loving young woman to one who has her wall up around her always to protect herself from SILs occasional onslaughts directed to her....or my DGS.

So.....my advise, sit your DD down and have a gentle, loving talk with her.

OK....gotta go. Thinking of all of you.


Hi, Kids,

Internet has been out most of the day. Just came back on. The neighbors ask me if it's out. I tell them they can call Comcast and they say they can just ask me. I have no more info than they do unless I call to find out what is going on. Big outage today. I saw two trucks enter the hood as I was leaving to go to Publix around noon. Dealing with the unit downstairs is becoming a career for me. The guys who have the big fans down there keep coming out. One was here today and another is coming on Wed. An environmental hygienist will be calling to make an appt. Evidently, there will have to be mold remediation when they take out the wet cupboards. They will remove drywall and clean behind it before putting up new drywall. I'll be glad when it's done.

Barb's DSIL was out on the balcony when I told her about it. She mentioned it to him and he barked at her that he heard me. He's really rude to her. I feel sorry for her. No one knows what her DD ever saw in this guy. I know he's starting to worry that the ins. co. will come after him because the leak came from his unit. He has no ins. so they may come after him personally. The more that has to be done down there, the more it's gonna cost. Yikes! Water damage to a unit in Joe's bldg. was somewhere between $20,000 and $30,000. Today was the first day we have been able to sit out. It's 80 out now. We should have great weather for the art fest. Everyone is excited about going.

Julie, I'm not a great skier but do have good form. I liked the intermediate slopes. I could ski the Black Diamonds but didn't enjoy it. Don't have the strength or stamina now. Never skied moguls; they are torture and horrible for the knees. I've had surgery on both of mine as it is. My doc said there are other companies making Lorsartan and he wrote the scrip for it. I hope the mail order Rx has it. There are no side effects from it for me. It cuts the incidence of strokes and heart attacks 16 percent in studies. How nice for Miley that she can spend her birthday with you. Glad you are getting out. I remember after the hurricane; I was going stark raving mad from being pent up. First thing I did was go shopping.

Star, didn't mean to make light of the situation with your DD. Just wanted you to know that almost all girls, and boys, go through phases like that when growing up. DD has had to talk to DGS about being thoughtless and rude. He gets cocky and shows off how funny and clever he thinks he is. Sarcasm is his favorite mode. Glad your DS got the apprenticeship. My ex used to leave his tools all over the place. Once he set his wrench set on the back of his car and forgot about it. DD asked to use the car and he never thought about it. As she sped up, the whole thing fell off and the sockets rolled all over the road. She called him and he took another car and was darting in and out of traffic on foot trying to find the sockets. I howled picturing him. He was furious but he knew it was his fault. I threatened to leave home and let them all wallow in the messes they made. Good luck with everything.

Rock, you can lead a cat to shelter... She obviously has her own way to keep dry. Cats are like kids; they don't always appreciate what we do for them. SV didn't want to drink this morning but I got him to drink some. I hope he's not starting that again. He would probably like mountain climbing and would likely try to befriend all the wild critters in the woods. Love your Roomba joke. When Roomba complains, I just tell her to, 'Suck it up!' With the internet out, there was no wi-fi so I couldn't even get Alexa to turn on the lamp. That's the downside to all that convenience. It all depends on the wi-fi. Turning on the lamp by hand isn't an option because it's all controlled from the smart plug behind the sofa. Ratbane, as you would say. The Roomba-like lawnmowers exist now. DD's neighbor in Atlanta had one. Works exactly like the Roomba. There are bruied wires in the lawn to keep the mower from straying. It's funny to see. Looks like a Roomba too, just a big disc running around on the lawn. Hope Gordon gets enough Panda at the party. If not, he'll just have to grin and bear it.

Sun, my BP was 121/71 today now that I've returned to the normal dose. Sounds like a good idea to try to divert the rain away from the patio. This dealing with moisture inside is a real pain. Yes, I can relax and get my BP down. The American Heart Assn. recommends sitting quietly for five minutes before taking it. The resting numbers become the baseline for BP. Anything higher than 130/70 is now considered high. I have got to get back to working out. That will help bring it down. Your 137/79 isn't abnormal if you were active. Sorry about your SIL. Sounds a bit like a control freak. They make everyone around them a nervous mess. PA's are usually trying to control everything and everyone. I tiptoed around my ex trying not to set him off. His situation now sets him off and he regularly ends up in the ER with dangerously high BP. Not good for anyone.

Well, Dear Ones, I had better get going. Not doing much. Saving my NRG for tomorrow. Hope I can walk OK. It's a slow pace but covers a pretty big area. I can always sit and wait for the others if I have to. That's why God created cell phones so we can keep in touch and meet up with each other. Hope all y'all have a lovely and peaceful evening.

Love, Mikie



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Mikie: I think my DD is a PA....my SIL is just plain aggressive. They've gone to so much counseling off and on and she still hits a blank wall with him......he doesn't see that he's got a problem. My DGS is almost 16.....they want him to go to a local Christian college.....he has other ideas about going either to Oregon or Arizona. I'm sure he would like to escape being under his dad's thumb.

Hope you have a wonderful shopping time tomorrow.


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Hello Porchers

Just woke up from a nap. What else is new? Well, actually there is something new. I was going to wait, and do a report 6 months from now. Then I thought, I might not be here in 6 months. So here's my big news.

I am feeling much better. Not depressed. Can see better, breathe better, have more energy and sleep better. All due to one pill. Not a little one. It's big as a quarter. Reminds me of the gum drops they had when I was a kid. Has a light sprinkling of
sugar on the top. I took the pill 3 days ago and it's still working.

California has a new law. If you are of legal age (21) and have a state driver's license
and a passport, you can legally buy and ingest marijuana. The pills cost $15 @. According to the label the flavor is sour apple. I didn't think they had any flavor.
First time I ever bought pills that had no directions. Anyhoo the pills do not make
one high.

Sun, sorry to hear your SIL is a bully. I used to tell myself in college, once you graduate
you can get a job and be independent. Which proved to be true. Yes, we're supposed
to have more rain. It's not raining now, but the sidewalk is wet. Kitty is sitting on the
steps. I'll go feed her again when I'm done here.

Mikie,do you want folks to stop calling you for weather reports? Tell them the
Federal Dept of Weather has informed you that since your weather info comes from
their sources, you are required to charge them 25 cents each time they inquire.

I am surprised the lawnmower joke has come true. I also liked your roomba joke.
Laughed to hard at the Panda pun I could hardly bear it. Your DH pursuing the
sockets makes me think of Godie Hawn on Laugh In. (Sock it to me.)

Regards to Barry, Julie, Spring, Duckie, Granni, DB
Hugs, Rock

(If you have ever edited your post, you know where all the crazy paragraphs and
what not come from. What you see on the editing screen is not what you get
with the finished product.)
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Firstly, sil is a schmuck talking to you like that.
Fathers are often too self absorbed to see what they are doing to their kids.
Mothers too I guess.
Poor GS
I hv actually had my Dd trapped in the car with me and shared some 'hard' truths with her.
And she gets it.

The heart ache is coming from my Dh not doing or saying anything in my defense.
He didnt support me at all over their little yrs and now he's decided to finally step up...
With the boys,,,sometimes ...and over the top...
It's tricky.

Last night I gave myself 'time out' after some condescending, mean comments aimed at me ,
over the dinner table, from Dd, in front of Dh and Ds.
I didn't fight.
Just told her that her blatant disrespect was disgusting .
Dd snuck in late and apologised for insulting me.

The last straw was when I was talking to Ds about his future when Dh decided to talk
over the top of me and tell him to get his fishing gear ready coz he was in a hurry.
Apparently it was very amusing that I was still talking, unaware he was gone.
I just asked 'Why?'
And walked away.

Anyway, today is a new day.
And I think I'm getting the silent treatment. Sigh.
Makes me tired.

On the bright side it'll be good for my headache

Mikie, Ds2 is 14 in a few wks and seems to hv turned into a moody teenager over night.
I had hoped it would skip him.he drips with sarcasm.
I would love a roomba. vacuuming is the worst household job for me, pain wise, hands down.
Vacuum 2 days ago and am still wiped.
Unfortunately , it'd get blocked as too much stuff left lying around.

Rock, I'm sure Kitty will check it out.

Well, I guess I'd better push myself and do the pet rounds...

Love to All.
Spring, Barry, Julie, Duck, Granni & Everyone else.

Take care
Catch yas later

No.I wont let silent treatment to continue.
I Will step up.
Try and be a grown up.


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Rock:. OK. You need to be specific about the "pill" you took. Is it a MJ gummy? I'm jumping for joy for you, that things are feeling and looking better for you. Please......what exactly was this magic pill and no more "reading between the lines" for me. I want a pill to make me feel better too, even if it is $15 each.

Star: I'm feeling so bad for you. And who is giving the silent treatment? That's a PA action. My mom was PA....I remember once she didn't talk to either me or my dad for over 2 days, I never knew why.

I think you're in close age to my kids. So many things I did wrong in my past with my DH and my kids. I so wish I could have known then what I know now. Now about that "talking over".....my older son does that, my younger son sometimes, and definitely my SIL. That's how someone says that your words aren't as important as their words. I've had to call my two sons on it, I used to think highly of my SIL, that I loved him as much as my sons, but after last week, it's hard for me to feel the same. He needs a big "come down".

By the way, my DGS was an angel until he approached 15. OMG.....I never ran into troubles with him but I could see him testing the waters with his dad and mom. And when I was over there, my DGD was showing me a black sweatshirt with writing on it. Said that it fit her....kinda...but she couldn't have it since it belonged to DGS and it had SHRUNK. Then in talking with her, apparently a classmate (a girl) gave it to him and even though it shrunk he was adamant she couldn't have it. So I turned to my DD and asked about this. She said she didn't want to talk about it. HH MMMM?
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Hi Kids, Talked to my MN brother earlier. He said they had a storm death in their village.
Some guys were out drinking (don't really know how much). At the end of the evening
they dropped off a friend at his house. He was found the next morning outside, frozen
to death. His tracks went around the house a couple times. Apparently he had been
rapping on windows and doors. Don't really know what time this was, or if there were
neighbors in the area. Mighta been a farm house.

Sun, here's more info. The brand name is Kanha Treats. You can find it on the net.
The package I got says Cannabis infused sour apple CBD gummies. Also the name
Sunderstorm. They have 3 stores. You might have to register to get the address. The
stores are called Kush or Kushfly. After you register you go into the product room
and an employee will give you info about the products. Good luck; hope it works for
you and continues to work for me. I no longer feel like death warmed over as my
mother used to say.

Hug, Kids


Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

Up early after a good night's sleep. Took a step and realized I have inflammation in the heel of my foot. What! On the day I have to walk all over the place. Noooooo! If it doesn't get any worse, I'll probably be OK. I'm still feeling a lot better and don't know whether it's from ditching the Diet Coke or something else but I'm happy about it. So many things are just better. I wore a bra almost all day yesterday. I've not been able to do that in ages. I wear black tee shirts so no one can tell. Now, I can wear my other tops. Yea! I'm wearing one of my new white/teal printed tops to the art fest. It'll be 80 degrees this afternoon so will be perfect. It's along the river downtown so there will be nice breezes. Instead of going somewhere else to have lunch, we may get adventurous and eat the street food at the event.

I had to coax SV to drink water yesterday and was concerned about him but he made up for it this morning. He still prefers to drink it from a glass goblet but he has bowls of it in the kitchen and on the lanai. He's been very sweet and begged to be groomed yesterday. He loves that kitty face massage Duckie told us about. I call it his facial. Hmmmm, maybe I should try it.

Star, it's difficult enough to deal with teenagers without having a husband sabotaging your efforts. Good for you for calling your DD out on it. Unfortunately, young boys model themselves on their fathers and your DH is setting a horrible example for them. It's even worse that he knows what he is doing and will not or can not change. It's too bad the counseling didn't help. I think it's very difficult for PA's to change what they learned from their parents and have done all their lives. I loved my ex and thought he loved me enough to make changes to save our marriage. I now realize he was so stuck in the PA rut that he had no idea how to escape it even with counseling. He now looks back and it's like he was living in a daze. I am not trying to discourage you because every marriage is different but both Sun and I have experience dealing with PA's. If your DH won't stop what he is doing, perhaps counseling will help you to cope with it for your sake, the kids' sake and the sake of the marriage. PA's are bullies and it's horrible to be bullied by the very one who is supposed to love you. I am keeping you in my prayers. You are a wonderful person and mother and we all love you.

Sun, hitting a wall is a perfect way to describe dealing with PA's and just plain aggressive men. They just don't get it. And it isn't only men; my DMIL was as PA as they come. It was always games with her. She had a difficult upbringing and it was her coping mechanism. She softened in her later years after her DH passed away. He was a big bully and would tell her to shut up. He reminded me of Archie Bunker, even looked like him. My DMIL looked like Edith. So, my ex and his brothers had an aggressive bully and a PA for examples. No wonder my DH was a PA. It drips down like a toxic sludge from one generation to the next. My prayers also go up for your DD and DGK's while they deal with your DSIL. I hope you, and all of us, find the magic pill to help us feel better. Sounds as though it's another form of CBD with the THC so not sure whether it would work for you. Would be wonderful if it would.

Rock, how fantastic that you feel so much better. Are you serious about having to show a passport? I would think proof a age would be sufficient. Is this a gummy CBD product with MJ THC in it? Did you nibble at it or eat it all and the effects lasted three days? Inquiring minds want to know the details. Did it make you high? The MJ edibles are said to be so strong. Speaking of which, have you given Miss Kitty any catnip? You and Gordon could grow it fresh in the garden. Heck, you could probably grow your own MJ. That's so sad about the deaths from the Polar Vortex. There was a simulation on TV which showed how the frigid air was being pulled down into the middle of the country. Very interesting and helpful to see it from that perspective.

OK, Kids, I'm off. No newspaper to read anymore, virtual or real. Tomorrow, I'll run to 7-Eleven to pick up the Sunday paper. Buying it from the store will cost $8 or $10 a month versus the almost $30 it costs to subscribe. Gotta remember to unsubscribe to Netflix too. Lifelock is going up to $12 a month but I think it's worthwhile.

Hope all y'all have a wonderful start to the weekend.

Love, Mikie


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Good morning, guys! Heat wave here...37 degrees, headed up to 48. I want to visit sometime, but slept late (power shopping yesterday...I really need to get off the farm more often, lol.) Fed cats, dogs and Den (yes, in that order :p) and gulping a cup of coffee so we can go outside and bring more firewood in. Den wouldn't expect me to help, but he's getting some kind of respiratory crud...if I help it goes much quicker. And I definitely need the physical activity...

Just saw this and thought of all of us with furbabies...I'll be back later on.



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Morning Kids

Still raining here. Going to be several more days of it. Well, better than a Polar
vortex. Sounds like a creature from Harry Potter. J K Rowling wrote a book titled
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It's been made into a movie even though
it had no plot.

Nice juke, Jolie. I mean nice joke, Julie. What is power shopping? You ride in one of those electric carts? I'm surprised nobody has made a comic film where bank robbers exhausted
from running because their get away car won't start jump in an electric shopping cart to continue their escape. Then they get in a race with an enormously fat person and end up
with both carts stuck in the doorway. Next a little kid in a cowboy suit comes over and points
his cap gun at them and says, "Stick 'em up. You're under arrest." Pee Wee Herman walks
by and laughs in his unique, raucous way. I'd better call Warner Bros. right away. Wait, I
think it was Columbia studios that produced the three Stooges. My Dad always
referred to them as "The Three Stoogees".

Mikie, yes. The big pill is a gummie with THC. I gobbled it down. I think today is
the 5th day, and I'm still feeling great. (I've been having trouble keeping track of the
days for the last several years.)

Oh, you're right. I never even thought of getting a stuffed toy or cat nip for the cat.
I must do that post haste. Haven't see her all morning. She could be under the
big plastic sheets Gordon put over his orchids on the top tier. Or she may know a
really good place in some neighbors yard. As I recall from the days when I used to
visit thrift shops to buy old records. they usually have oodles of stuffed toys.

Here comes Gordoni. We are off to the library.

Happy, Happy



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Good afternoon Dear Ones,

It is almost evening.not quite but we will be leaving for DH's birthday dinner He has been vascillating where to go dinner. He wants to go early as usual to avoid crowds esp on Saturday or Friday too. We will probably be one of the mexican restaurants very close by, Tomorrow we will go to DD's where both the dd's will be there too. DSIL is makmn the dinner I think it might be steak and lobster tails. It will be a combination bday and Super Bowl celebration, Just some of the local family. So far DD likes her new h= job. It is a little different for sure and busier since it is not an OBGYN and is a Family clinic, It is quite busy !!! I don't think where she worked before was quite so busy !! Plus the procedures are probably a little different and each doctor is differente wanting different things.

JULIE, MIKIE et al - DH and I both take Losartan but different dosages and mine has the diuretic in it , DH has a separate one . My dosage is double his plus I take Verapamil. Losartan was not recalled but I read something that led me to believe that some of the Verapamils were recalled depending on the manufacturer. For a time mine was recalled and could not get it through my mail order but now I can. It is different as mine now has two different colors and not just gree, like the old ones. There was something in the old formula at the one place or maybe more that they did not like.

JULIE, so glad that the weather is warming up for you and others in your area. Surely is not warm to me but much better for you anyway. Hang in there and try not to wear yourself getting ready for all you company, etc. I know what you mean about Power Shopping and it is usually not fun if you don;t have lots of time to do it in, especially with all the driving you have to do. I loved that cute Joke, Julie !!!

MIKIE - Hope SV continues to drink and does not have any further urinary setbacks. That can be such a worry I know. Thanks for the lovely snow scene you posted. It looks so pretty . I just like to look at them and forget going out in it any more.

STAR - Hang on there dear girl. I know how it is believe me. I had one DD who is now the one that I call DCD (Dear Confused Daughter)- what a mess. As a teen she did lots of crazy stuff that made me a nervous wreck and drove me to be what a hunk of aching bones and muscles I am today. Keep doing what you are doing. Sorry when your DH doesn't stick up for you or go after her the way she should be, or did to late or later than he should have been helping you out. The kids see it and it makes them even worse. If he keeps sticking by you maybe it will continue to help her as time goes on, I haven't read all of your situations with her. Sorry I have been so absent but I really understand what you are going through. My DH stuck by me more or less but he always got so over the top it upset me too. So, sometimes she did stuff I didn't share with him, which probably wasn't so good, but he just went a bit overboard and got me overly upset. So, no one handles things perfectly. You are just doing your best which is what I know we have done. She got into alcohol and apparently some drugs, that we did not know about and now her mind is a mess and can't remember squat but is trying to get better on some psyche drugs. She is is over 50 years ole now and made a mess of her life and the boys. Good luck sweetie and please vent to us if you need to any time.

Hugz to SW, SUN, ROCK, BARRY, DUCKIE and everydobby else I have temporarily forgotten or can not drop them a personal line at the moment. It is warmer( supposed to be 65) degrees today but still feels chilly due to the dampness. We are supposed to have rain tonight and or tomorrow. One can never tell until the event happens.

.Bye for now. Gotta get ready to go to our early dinner. Leaving at 4 and should be there in 15 minutes. DH is always worried about it getting crowded and having to wait for service., when it is..

Love you all,
Granni :)


Hi, Kids,

Hope all y'all have had a nice Saturday. We had a great time at the art fest but it got a bit hot by the time we finished. There was one street we didn't go down. We got tired and hot and hungry. We ate at a place on the way home that is an old house made into a nice place. We ate out on the veranda. Their landscape is so lovely and the food was delicious. A guy working at the art fest took a pic of all of us standing behind a sign for the event. We will send it to Nancy. I took a pick of the marina and a banyon tree too. Wish she were here. One friend and I got the prettiest coffee mugs from a potter last time we went. I still have mine but she broke hers. The same potter was there but the mugs are now way too big to be practical. This is the first year I didn't buy anything.

Julie, I'm cracking up over the sign you posted. Sooo funny and sooo true! I hope Den isn't getting sick. I know what you mean about power shopping. Very tiring but oh so good to get out. Take care.

Granni, what fun! A birthday and the Super Bowl all in one. I'm sure Barb and her kids will be glued to the TV. They are from the Boston area and die hard Patriots fans. Barb was sitting out with Grace when I got home. She looks so much better now that she has been down here a while. As you know, I keep your DD in my prayers. I'm so glad she is getting help and getting better.

Rock, I am so glad the gummy pill helped you so much. Wow! Five days and counting. That's amazing. I'm very tired but am still feeling so much better too. It's like a switch turned on. Let's hope whatever turned on in us stays turned on. Some kitties like toys and some don't. SV grew up outside and didn't play with them so he isn't into them that much. He likes his little mousie with a pouch I stuff full of catnip. He's being stubborn about drinking enough water. I finally talked him into a drink a minute ago.

Well, Kids, I'm gonna get off the computer. Will see y'all tomorrow. Have a wonderful evening.

Love, Mikie


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Hi guys...I will apologize ahead of time...so tired (but took a long nap right after supper so can't sleep yet, lol.) Rock, power shopping is when you have so much to get (cause I hadn't been off the farm for so long) and feeling so exhausted, but need to keep going because of living so far from town and not wanting to make another trip very soon.

Den is definitely getting sick...his eyes look awful and he keeps coughing up gunk. And I feel like I'm starting to get something now, too. Hope we can both keep it from getting too much worse.

Just wanted to come on and share some news....was waiting till our kiddos made an official announcement. Lindsey and David are expecting another baby :) We are happy for them, of course, but also worried about her health, etc. And it is hard on Amy because they have been trying so long for their own baby. So...it will be weird not to be close by this time, but we'll go down as soon as we get "the call"...late September/early October. The other kids are so excited, and old enough to help this time...so it should be just fine.

Now for Amy...not sure if I've updated recently...tests had shown a stone in each kidney, but urologist was advising "wait and see". But Amy's pain had been so severe at times, she wasn't sure what to do. Apparently, this evening she passed one that was 6mm and several other smaller ones. I sure hope this takes care of the pain that she's been dealing with for three months...

Anyway, just saying "hi" to everyone...gonna get off here and maybe try to get some sleep. Take care!



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Hey There, Kids

It's all wet outside. More days of rain predicted. Bah, Humbug. Too bad there's no ghost
of Rainbows past. We braved the rain and went to the library this morning. Gordon tested
the rear window defroster which was repaired recently. It works fine.

What is not working fine is our plumbing. I looked on the net to see what it would cost to
put in new pipes. Some sites say 15 to 20 thousand. I especially like the one that said,
"Estimate an increase of 30 to 80 % of the initial price quoted."

I wrote an e mail to my Oregon brother yesterday. When I got down to the spot
for the complimentary close the computer froze. So I shut it off. Came back half an
hour later. The freeze was gone, but so was my e mail. RB!!!

Julie, thank you for explaining power shopping. Glad to hear no power tools are
required. Sad to hear that you and Den and Lindsey and Amy are all having health
problems. One at a time would be bad enough. I enjoyed the cat-dog joke as
did our leader.

Mikie, how nice that you got to an art fest. I haven't been to the theater or a museum
or a concert or an opera or a movie for decades. Used to go all the time. Especially
when I got in free cause I was an usher. I wonder why the potter is making bigger
mugs. 'Cause he can charge more? He thinks people need to drink more?

At college I used to drop by the art building and see what various friends were up to.
Heard a riddle there that was so dumb I have never been able to forget it. What kind
of clay does a dog use to make a pot? Answer: Fi-do. But clay and dough are not the
same thing so it makes no sense.

Yes, I am pretty amazed that the pill is still working. Haven't been so pleased since
the first time I took my son to Star Wars!

Hugs, Rock

The above post disappeared for 16 minutes. Now it's back. If I live to be 60 I
will never understand computers.
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Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

Was so tuckered out yesterday when I got home that I had a nice long siesta. My friend, Judy, said she was going to do the same. Then, I slept eight hours last night. I will be running up to Publix in a few minutes to get the Sunday paper. I've had my breakfast. Coaxed SV into drinking some water. He just doesn't seem to like it but will drink for me if I ask him. It's pretty foggy out this morning. It will burn off after the sun comes up.

Julie, I just sent up a prayer for all of you that everyone stays well and everything goes perfectly. Six mm. is awfully large to pass. They consider five mm. the upper limit of size. The ones I have right now are ten mm. When the last ones started to move, several were larger than 13 mm. I hope this is the end of Amy's pain too. Hope all goes well with Lindsay's pregnancy and I hope you and Den get over this crud fast.

Rock, I am amazed that your pill is still helping. Can't wait til FL makes MJ legal for recreational use. So many of us wouldn't necessarily use it recreationally but would like to use it for what ails us without going through all the expense of seeing a quack who prescribes it to everyone. It is legal for medical use here. The potter who made our original mugs is very talented and makes a lot of pots in a kind of Asian style. He uses small pieces of natural wood for handles on the larger pieces. Don't know why he is making such large mugs. The original ones are large enough and heavy enough. There was one potter who made huge circles, like giant plates to hang on the wall. Pics showed him throwing them on the wheel. He also makes gigantic bowls. Must have a huge kiln. I don't think this year's show was as good as previous years but there were some very interesting things. One woman makes robots from trash. They were very interesting but not something I'd have in my home. One artist did a beautiful drawing of several people and then scratched out their faces. Very disturbing! One made little dolls that looked possessed. Hope that pill keeps going and going and going like the Eveready bunny. Perhaps if you slip one to Lump Lump it will improve his outlook.

I'm off to pick up the paper. Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

Love, Mikie