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PORCH #1114 IS NOW CLOSED (2/5/19)

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It's been one of those mornings.....pouring rain, sunshine, no internet connection and pain for me. After 4 hours I decided to call my phone company. So as I spoke to the computer I was told it would check the local connection, and then Miss Robot came on and said it was fixed. Yahoo......wish everything could be so easy.

A beautiful picture. My city has many red bud trees planted around the city that look like these. Spring is such a pretty time in my little city with blooming trees everywhere. But sadly, they don't last long then that very special colorful time has turned to chartreuse leaves.

I tried figuring out that stick problem.....so decided to find the answer. And I might have done the same thing as that one student with the clock. Do I get virtual chocolate?


My Friend,

You get a virtual bouquet of flowers and a whole box of virtual chocolate!

Glad your internet is back on. Mine was off earlier and has been out off and on for days. %&*$ Comcast! My day has been crazy dealing with the water leak and our mgmt. co. Mgr. says we should not do anything because we are not on the hook for the drywall. The moisture fan guy said we are. The claims woman at our ins. co. said we are. I asked our mgr. to make absolutely sure before we decide not to file a claim. I've documented it in emails in case she is wrong. If so, we would seek redress through the mgmt. co. E&O insurance but don't ever want to have to deal with that. The mgr. is overworked and only puts out brush fires instead of competently doing her job. Arg!

Hope you pain is better. I feel so bad that you suffer all the time with it. Still think a pain mgmt. specialist might help to at least lower it for you. Take care.

Love, Mikie


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From working in auto insurance claims, it seems to me that Barb's SIL is responsible. He let his water drip down, unbeknownst to him, but it did happen, so he's responsible for the damage. What an idiot NOT to carry insurance on this condo. If your dog came out and bit someone you would be responsible because you owned the dog. If you car causes a chain reaction collision you are the main responsible person, and then it goes down the chain. He sounds like an overbearing idiot, and he's gonna learn his lessons about insurance. What a pity that you have to be involved with running up and down. Hey....enjoy those nice young workers!!!!

Oh gee......I flowers as well as candy.

And speaking of flowers, I went to Whole Foods near me yesterday and walked past the flowers. I almost bought myself a bouquet for $5 but then I saw a hellebore plant for only $7 more. So I bought it. This way I can enjoy then plant out doors. The flowers are a pale green with brown on them. Really pretty.



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Hi Kids

Just came in from sitting in the sun with Kitty. The sun is out, the sky is blue with some cumulus clouds and there are ants crawling around. The ants are a sign of good weather.
They are too smart to come out in bad weather. Something only a few people know. The
weather folks on TV who are called meteorologists are required to do some studying in
order to earn that title. But they do not study clouds and winds. They actually study the
language of ants. All their weather info comes from local ant hills plus the ant telegraph
which is too complicated to explain here.

Have been energyless all day. Only watched one episode of Match Game. Went
back to bed and slept. Still felt energyless when I woke up. It's been 8 days since I
took a THC tablet. To0k another one an hour ago. Don't feel any better. Don't tell
me this is going to be another cure that only works once.

Our tea cup magnolia is in bloom. Has been for a month, but I kept forgetting to post same.
Right next to it is the neighbor's bougainvillea. Flowers are wonderful, but gardening is
beyond me. I did help Gordon spread the plastic sheets today.

Gordon just dropped by. Wanted to know if the first pill today worked. Told him, no.
He said the guy at the pot store told if the first one doesn't kick in withing an hour, you
can take another one. He also said never take them if you have ingested milk, oily or
greasy foods in the last couple hours. Or to put it another way, the pot pills are not a
good garnish for a BLT. Also it appears that I misreported the price of the pills. It's five
dollars a pill; not 15. I guess I should forget about facts and just report nonsense if only I could think of some.

Mikie, thanks for opening a new thread. Lovely pic. Did you post it before? It looks
familiar. Makes me want to throw my hands in the air and run down the tunnel like
a little kid. Pictures of flowers and nature are wonderful. Here's a colorful photo that
is entirely unnatural.

Oh yeah, about posting pics I can't watch. If I can see the URL I can copy it even if the
video won't play f0r me.

Sun, yes I think you deserve chocolate. Also the Hope Diamond and a painting of your
choice. I dunno how you found that video of the toothpicks on Youtube. I couldn't find it.

Time for the afternoon nap at the ranch. One of our posters told me a long time ago
that she thought I actually lived on a ranch. Well, that was understandable.

Hugs and Kisses.


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Hi Friends

What's this? Nobody's been posting. Just came in from feeding kitty. Her retreat is
nice and dry. Put out another towel for her. It's a full size bath towel. We sat out in
the fading sunlight while I brushed her. She seems fine. No rain predicted in at
least the next two weeks.

I'm fine too. Remember that old song by the Gershwin Boys, George and Ira? They
can't take that away from me. Well, I had a great week with my pot experiment. Nobody
can take that away. I used to think that after decades of being ill, if I could just have one
normal day again, I'd be ready to shuffle off this mortal coil as Hamlet put it in his
To be or not to be speech.

I had a full week of feeling normal and healthy again. Wish all of you could have the same.



Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

No one got the FJ question last night, even the contestants on TV. No virtual chocolate. :( Fell asleep early. My BP has been up so I have increased my dose from half a pill to three-quarters of a pill. Hope that brings it down because whole pills turn me into a zombie. I spent a little time with Barb outside yesterday but it's too noisy and dusty with her DSIL cutting boards outside. He's installing hardwood floors in her unit. I've figured out that he is getting it ready to sell. I think Barb knows that too. I could be wrong but don't think so. I feel so bad for her. I try to make her laugh when I'm out there.

Yes, when it comes down to it, the DSIL will be expected to repay the insurance co. If he had insurance, they would come after his insurance to pay the damage. I don't know whether David's insurance co. will come after him personally or not. David and Janie will be here on Sunday and I'll be glad to turn all this over to them. I'll still have to be involved but won't be running down there all the time.

Sun, that flower is gorgeous. I am always tempted by the flowers at Publix. They aren't expensive but usually more than at Lowe's or Home Depot. I need to pick up a couple of plants for the atrium in our stairwell. Did you watch Jeopardy last night?

Rock, don't think I ever posted this pic before but have posted ones with trees in bloom. Because it almost always snows late in the spring in CO, my Mom had a little ditty she liked: 'Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, I wonder what that white stuff is.' I'm sorry the pill stopped working for you. Our illnesses can be so cruel. We get a reprieve only to crash back down. Even with the peptide injections, I never recovered my NRG. I do feel better than at my worst and am thankful for that. A new oxymoron that got my attention this morning. The hostess of a popular news show talked about 'Incorrect facts.' No wonder we are raising a nation of idiots. A young girl who went out of control at school was tased by the police. She said, 'I never did nothing.' Really! We are paying to educate you and this is the best you can do! Grrr! :mad: Hope you feel better and more energetic again.

I also wonder where our Porchies are. I hope y'all are missing because you feel so well that you are too busy to stop by. Still, I love to see the posts and know you have paid a visit. Love, hugs and prayers for all our beloved Porchies.

Love, Mikie



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Good morning, friends! Just stopping by to let you know that I am still alive, but this crud is still hanging on...I'll be back when I can stay up longer. Den went back to work yesterday, even though he wasn't anywhere near 100 percent. Turns out the young man he is training (to finish mapping the city after Den retires) was sick over the weekend and missed Monday also. Hard to tell who "started it", but they've been driving around town together for several weeks...getting in and out of the truck to write down pole numbers, etc.

Of all days, yesterday two different Amish neighbors came to the door to ask me to drive them somewhere. I had to tell them I just couldn't...

So...I'm trying to just keep the basics done (dishes, laundry, keep the stoves going, meals fixed, etc.) but that's about all I can manage. Will check in again after this junk is gone. Thinking of you all :)


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i posted 5his 5his morning but you can imagine my brain...i looked for it just now, didnt find it and foundihad posted 9n the old porch. inspite of Mikies red sign saying CLOSED. THAT is the state of my brain. heh heh.

Mikie - thanks for opening up.

i skimmed through the postsbut was in a rush so havent posted. went to the monasteryyesterday. everyone. then lit butter lamps. had butter tea. its theright season bcause butter tea tastesmore like soup to some. all my friendsjust love it. its a different kind of tea leaf and one puts salt instead of sugar.

been really tied down, with workers plastering cracked walls and changing the garage gate. hadto change the paint too because the first colour didnt look likewhat it showed in the catalogue. so off tothe painters and mixing in colours until we gotwhat we wanted.

also varnished and put new poliish onthe wooden doors. verytime consuming. Three workmen, one of them kept hinting he was hungry, thirsty. fed then in early morningand gave themtea in afternoon.

all 5hese exhaust me. will return laterz.

Rock - so happy you felt normal for a week. it too is a gift.

god bless

writing right now. 9 pm mytime.

just returned from shopping. nice walk. though tad late for my liking. to walk alone. there was nothing urgent to buy but i needed to get some fresh air. and give the old body a vigorous workout. had made mushroom dumplings and that takes time and labour.

i bought bread, lentils, pickle, cloth duster, sweet potatoes, face wash...mundane stuff. not so mundane, i bought two pairs of shoeswhich looked very comfortable. tried them on. iveworn out my present ones. theyre still serviceable but look decidedly worse for wear. looked wistfully at the cute doggy beds but it will be too hot soon and theyre expensive. weather is that weird kindwhere itstoo cold not to have a warm quilt at night but rather too warm when you go outside mid day.

Rock - 5hat song of Gary made me SO nostalgic. what a beautiful time it musthave been, those days. A kinder gentler time. such a lovely melody and words.

Mikie - that pic is beyond gorgeous. Paradise. but for real. How beautiful is our world. inspite of all the troubles.

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OMG, MIKIE I can't believe it was time again for another PORCH. I seem to post on the last part of each volume and then it is gone. Thanks for the beautiful picture of redbuds. They are gorgeous. I love those trees and esp in my my favorite color - pink !!

I have to type fast as usual. DH i at the store and I have some outside work to do and then have to start chopping onions and peppers for this 4 bean salad I am supposed to make. It will be served with sandwiches and other things to at our Bible Study tomorrow and each table or two takes a turn bringing the lunch. Great idea and the food is usually pretty good including dessert of course, This is supposed to feed 45 people but I doubt that but then who knows since some may not like veggies and other things are being served with it also. It will be interesting to see if I will have any left. DH seems to think so, that there will be but 45 or so people sounds lie so many, U have a huge bown to try and fill up. Will chop the veggies today and maybe tonight I will put it together to get cold for lunchtime tomorrow. I agree with you on the stuff they are supposedly teaching and not teaching the kids in school, it sure doesn't seem to be proper English. That is just the beginning.

You are bring a good friend to Barb even after ll her problems and nastiness at one time. Glad things are now resolved now that she might be moving away permanently. Hope when she does move she doesn't get to feeling badly towards others again and her family too. It is sad to have eto move away from friends and family, I kow.

Nothing else to new around here I guess DD is busy with new job. It is ok so far but a lot to learn and different from her old one.

JULIE - Sorry you and Den are still feeling poorly. You are right to do only what is needed at this time. That in itself is an awful lot. Try and rest if you can and take a nap if at all possible. Poor Den having to go back to work so soon. I know he has plenty of work comp days or sick days that he never takes but that is the old school work ethic. Nowadays is something else. Hope he can somehow get over all this crud.

SUN - Sorry you are still feeling awful with all that pain. I know it stinks. If you find any great cures let me l know. Unfortunately, not holding my breath I have had this for so darn long.

ROCK - So glad you have kitty for company. They can be great pals if they have a mind to at the time.

Gotta get started with my chopping and cleaning out a dirty salad bowl that was supposed to be clean when put away. Guess there was some moisture still in there.

Hugz and Love to ROCK, BARRY, SPRING, DUCKIE et al,
Granni :)


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Sorry. Crazy busy, as per usual. Didn't even get to keep up on reading posts the last several days. Also been fighting migraines off and on for a week or more. This crazy weather didn't help.

Speaking of crazy weather - the snow is now gone and it is pouring down rain. We're now under flood advisories. But the weekend weather was actually pleasant. While I was out filling the bird feeders, I let Worf out on the front porch. His black fur soaks up the sun and gets so warm!

I finished quilting 2 quilts on my long arm, and I loaded another. But then I decided I didn't have any thread that I wanted to use on it, so I ordered some online. It shipped yesterday and will get here Friday, just in time for a weekend of quilting mayhem.

Back when I went to New York, I bought a piece of lambskin leather (purple, of course) when we went to the garment district. I'd decided to make a purse with it, found a pattern, and then it sat... The weekend before last, I went to a clearance sale at the quilt shop by my house and bought several things. When I got home, I looked at one of them and gasped, realizing it was exactly what I would want to pair with the leather to make my purse. So this weekend, I did make said purse, and it is SO cute and so functional. And the lambskin leather is buttery-soft.

Of course, I'm still having to run out to my DM's every so often to see OT. Fortunately, my DM is fully cognizant of the fact that cats are intelligent creatures with personalities and emotions equally as complex as humans, so she's not upset about what happened.

Tonight I have a quilt class and tomorrow I have a guild meeting (poor DH will be on his own). A friend of mine who actually lives very close to my DM is going to pick Alex up and bring him to the meeting. She's going to join guild and go to retreat with me. I've offered to let her be my roommate, so it will cut the cost of the hotel stay to about $185 each for the three nights. I feel I know her well enough to share a room with her...

Mikie - My quilting brain solved the toothpick puzzle in 2D in about 10 seconds flat. Wasn't thinking 3D, as Sun's video showed, but I used to doodle those all the time as a kid. I loved to doodle 3D shapes, and was oddly anal about getting the proportions right. Maybe that was my early quilting brain in training... I seem to remember you posting something about your BP always being higher when you are at the doctor's office. There is a legitimate condition called "White Coat Syndrome" that causes elevated blood pressure in patients. I offset this by imagining that I'm petting my cat, as petting any animal will lower your blood pressure (try it - take your BP, then pet SV and take it again...). It also helps distract me from the fact that getting my BP checked is usually painful because of the FMS.

Julie - Congrats to Lindsey, and I hope that passing stones is the end of Amy's pain! Also, I hope that you and Den recover swiftly. I'm glad Den stayed home in the worst of it...the World Health Organization recommends not going to work when you are sick.

Sun - That is a potentially dangerous level of Ibuprofen to be taking. At that level, it can be nephrotoxic (i.e. bad for the kidneys). Please be careful. I hope you can find some alternative for the pain.

Rock - You're so good to Miss Kitty. What a boon to get all that extra cat food. I've had a similar thing as my DM has bought flavors for her cats and then found that they don't like them. My cats aren't fussy. Sorry the MJ cure didn't last for you.

Barry - I saw a Rough-Legged Hawk (new one for my life list) last weekend when I was driving to my DM's house.

Gotta run...have to go to our sister site this afternoon for a couple of meetings. Hugz to Star, Spring, Granni, etc.



Hi, Kids,

I lay down after posting and fell asleep. I was feeling lightheaded from the new dose of my BP med. I finally got up and took a nice hot soak. I removed my toe nail polish and trimmed my nails. The corner of one of my big toe nails broke off diagonally and looks crappy. So, I'll not polish them until it has a chance to grow out. My whole body is so dry, including my skin and nails. I slathered Vanicream all over after my bath.

Julie, so sorry you and Den are both sick. I'm impressed that you can even do 'the basics.' Hope you are both feeling better soon.

Spring, wow! That's a lot of work going on but the rewards will be worth it when it's done. Is there a special reason for going to the monastery and lighting the butter lamps? The pics I've seen of them are so beautiful. They put out a lovely light. Glad you got some new comfortable shoes.

Granni, that's a lot of people to feed. Bet your salad will be a big hit. I've always loved Barb and, while she was being such a pill, I just waited her out until she finally decided that life is too short to be so angry and stressed out all the time. It was years that she held the grudge against Ilona so I guess her snit at me was short lived, relatively speaking. All of us feel sorry for her now. Hope you enjoy the Bible class.

Duckie! So glad you are OK. The puzzle is impossible to do in 2D. It is only when people realize that that the answer becomes obvious. I've always had WCS but my BP was always normal at home. Now, it's up all the time so had to increase the dose. I'm so sensitive to it and splitting the pills isn't an exact science. I think the lightheaded reaction will wear off in a bit. Why not post a pic of the purse. Sounds really pretty.

OK, I'm off to do who knows what. Maybe nothing. Hope everydobby is having a great day and that those who aren't will start having one.

Love, Mikie


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Duckie: Yes, that does make 4 equal ones but I think it was supposed to be all the same length. And I knew that/worried about the large doses of ibuprofen I had been taking. Yesterday I tapered down, tried another dose of CBD.....didn't help. The day before I took 10 drops and felt out of it but no pain, so I guess I just need to find the correct amount PLUS having enough in my stomach to equalize it. Even with 1/4 tablet of tramadol at times I feel "loopy".

How about a picture of your finished purse? What type did you make? Because of my bad neck/back I try to carry the lightest purse available. Have made cloth ones for me in the past, it's just that I start overloading!!!!!

By the way, I tried giving Clair some unheated food from the frig....surprise, she ate it. I've created a monster with this food though....now she comes and puts her paw on me and meows loudly. I KNOW what she wants now, but she refused salmon so I had to toss it.

Mikie: No, didn't watch jeopardy last night. I had laid down for a short nap and got up around 7 or so and the speech was still going on. Do you remember the final question? Sometimes I can answer maybe 1/4 of all the night's questions and at other times I feel like such a dummy.

Rock: I'm sorry your body isn't cooperating with the MJ. Go figure? Maybe try a brownie?

Granni: Hope all the bean salad disappears quickly! I've always loved it, maybe I should make a small one for me. What's good is it lasts for at least 3-4 days in the frig. And it's so healthy for you too.

Spring: What are you having work done on? From the earthquake or what?

Julie: I think the amish need to maybe/possibly think about a telephone? Hope you start to feel better. Yes, once a bug hits an office it usually makes the rounds.

It's nice and sunny this morning and needed to get out for a little walk. It was only 50 so I bundled up with a wool sweater under my warm jacket. I'm trying to count my blessings, rather than looking only at the negative.


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Good afternoon Awl,

Popping in for a minute or two . Thought I would just read but then decided to write a bit.

MIKIE - Yes, 45 is a lot of people but not everyone will take it and also they have sandwiches, veggies, and dips, chips and I forget what else. I always have some left over but this is a pretty big group. Some places where I have brought this have more choices of other foods too so you can not always tell how much to make. I have a very lg. Tupperware bowl that is ancient but comes quite handy for times like this and I have lent it out to DD and others at times.

SUN - Yes - the salad is great to have in the refrig and is nice that it stays pretty good in there for some time. during the week.. What is also great about it is that you can add as many or as little of the certain veggies, according to your taste. The actual recipe calls for canned green beans, waxed beans, chic peas or garbanzos, and red beans. I am using all that I have in my closet and some of the red beans are not the same but I don't care. Also calls for onions and green peppers. I use the assorted colored sweet ones. I cut the sugar down at least 1/2. Calls for veg oil. I only had grapeseed and olive oil and two kinds of vinegar - white, and red wine vinegar. It is an old recipe but it comes in handy and is tasty. Just have to have the stuff on hand needed. Yes, you can also make a small bowl for for yourself..The recipe was written down for me originally by a friend who already doubled the recipe for the liquids.. If you make a small bowl for yourself you can use 1/3 cup or oil, and the vinegars.

DUCKIE - I would love to see that purse you made also. I admire people who can sew and do things like you and SUN do. Sorry you have had such migraines. They surely can be debilitating. I have headaches but mostly in the back of my head and some facial issues from my CMFP. Hoping you are feeling better and can just whip out those quilts lickity split !!!!

Gotta go and so some other stuff on line. So, I will run for now. All you sick ones please get better soon esp Julie and Den. It is very warm today but trying not to get used to it. it will get cold again sometime tomorrow in the 40's at night or something like that.

Granni :)


Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Gonna go over to the pool this morning to walk in the shallow end with my friend Barb B. Just couldn't do it yesterday; I slept off and on all day. This getting the right dose of my BP med is tricky. I know once I start working out a bit, my BP will come down on its own.

Duckie, while your 2D creation is lovely, it doesn't follow the rules. Toothpicks are all the same size. While you weren't told you could break three of them, you weren't told you couldn't. So that would not break the rules. However, the solution is four equilateral triangles. Nancy also came up with a nice solution which didn't qualify. The whole idea of the exercise is to get people thinking outside the box in terms of solid geometry versus plane geometry. I bow to you and Nancy for your creative solution attempts which are fun to see. You get virtual chocolate for creativity.

Granni, all these up and down temps aren't good for us. We are having 80 degree days one after another and the steady temps help. I bought a can of three bean salad but haven't tried it. I wouldn't make it just for me but have my doubts about it canned. We'll see.

Sun, it's good that you are out walking. I will be glad to be moving more. Now that the kids will be back downstairs, I'm hoping I won't be 'on call' for all the people working on the damage to the condo. The FJ clue was what William Cody called an exercise against time, or something like that. The answer was Pony Express. Last night it was the marine border between Germany and another country on the Baltic. It was Sweden. Claudia came the closest with Finland. I'm not good at history, geography, or literature so I miss a lot. Also, even when I know the answer, it often is lost in memory and I can't get it in the tight time constraint. On a good night, I'll get half of the answers to J and DJ. It's a good exercise for my pea brain. The best part about playing as a team is that there is no one upsmanship and only happiness when one of us gets the answer.

Well, Kiddos, I'm gonna sign off for now. Will stop back in later.

Love, Mikie

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Morning, Kids

It's cold here; 46 going up to 61. More rain this weekend. Tonight is the orchid club
party at Jim's historic house in Pasadena. I fed the kitty this morning. She was pretty
happy. Did her beginner's purr. She's getting better at it.

Mikie, I think the pony express was only in business for about a year. Wells Fargo
used to advertise for teen age boys who were orphans to ride the ponies. The charge
for a letter was one dollar. Back then a dollar had the buying power of about 22 dollars
according to one site I found. So 50 cents today is a big bargain.

Gordon was watching Jeopardy last night. I sat down on the sofa and watched for a
few minutes. The contestant were 3 young men (one from Minn.) who snapped out
the answers like C3PO. The Academy should have given him an Oscar. They would
look like brothers.

I've never tried Vanicream. I assume it was invented by Vanna White. Or maybe
named after her. Wonder if she had anything to do with White Wine.

Granni, now why did the font change? Is there an Alexa in the house? Remember
when Tupperware was new? Back in the 50s some ladies were selling the stuff at a
Tupperware party in the afternoon and going to another Tupperware party in the
evening so they could buy more from a friend. We can thank Earl Tupper for all the fun.

Sun, the Amish moved into the area around my home town after I moved out here.
They are slowly becoming more English. They can't use phones. But some have a
phone in the barn "for business". Or for emergencies. And they can't have a car, but
they can ride in somebody else's. Back in the 60s and 70s I did try some MJ brownies
and cookies. I don't think they had much MJ in them. Never made me feel different.
Isn't that nice that Claire is communicating with you. Meow, meow, meow.

Duckie, your diagram looks like you sewed it. The patchwork quilt a co worker made
for me some 25 years ago has triangles in it. Still providing good service after all this
time. Have things settled down at work?



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Good morning!

Still crazy at work...but at least it makes the days go fast.

We may have the climate control fixed...they put a new motor in that controls the baffle which adjusts the amount of external air drawn into the system. During the bitter cold, we came in one day to find the temperature in the office was 47 because too much outside air was being drawn in and the system couldn't heat it. Since they've put the new motor in, it's been pretty consistently around 70.

I went and visited my "other" cat last night. He was very happy to see me. DS and DM were happy too.

Tonight is our guild meeting.

Rock - I didn't sew that; I drew it in my design software. The lines do look like seams, though!

Mikie - I didn't intentionally cheat...I'd never seen the rules on the challenge. I only "read" 6 lines, 4 triangles and the quilt brain did the rest. :confused:

Sun - I fully get the challenge with the pain; I struggle with it daily as I'm sure many of us do. I hope you can find something to help.

Granni - as requested, here are pics of the purse:
IMG_20190204_085054.jpg IMG_20190203_215444.jpg
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Home again, home again, bounce in my step. I did an hour walking in the pool. I'll build up to some intensive training but gotta start somewhere and start small. I went to Publix and stopped by SV's vet for some of his Rx wet food. It's next door. Very handy. They are sooo nice at the vet's. There was a beautiful dog waiting and she looked like a large version of my beloved Taffy. Got some seafood salad at the Publix meat/seafood counter for my lunch. It's so good.

Barb's DSIL offered to repair/replace the downspouts on our carport. Said he would cover the expense too. I told him to turn in the receipts for the material at the office to get reimbursed. Said it wouldn't cost much and he's insisting on paying for it. I am almost certain he is getting ready to sell the condo which he bought from Barb. She always figured they would keep it til she's gone so she can come down every winter. They may be looking to buy something else and will continue to bring her down; I don't know. Just hope if they sell, we get a nice new neighbor. Someone was cleaning the unit downstairs where our neighbor died. I don't know whether her niece will rent it out or sell it.

Duckie, good grief! There's no such thing as cheating on the puzzle. Many people find designs on the flat surface and I think it's good mental exercise. I also enjoy seeing the designs. It's usually only when they can't make four equilateral triangles exactly that they figure it out. The purse is gorgeous. I love the print with the purple too. Thanks for posting the pic.

Rock, I call the cream, Vanna's Cream. Only way I can remember it. Claudia's last name drives me nuts when I try to recall it. I finally found a way to remember it. Same with Joe's. Strangely, I manage to remember the most useless trivia but not the important stuff like what day it is. All morning I thought today was Wednesday. Doh! Mr. Jeppeson, after whom the Denver International terminal was named, used to fly airmail for the postal service. It was the flying version of the Pony Express. Because the mail had to go through, it was a dangerous job in all kinds of weather. He started drawing little charts for himself for the various airports. Other pilots asked for copies and a whole industry was created. Jeppesen Sanderson has made charts for pilots and the airlines ever since. All the airlines use their charts and flight information. I worked at JS and it was fascinating. A real thrill was when I got to meet him. A very nice man/gentelman with the kindest and most beautiful blue eyes. Another thrill was when I met my Dad's flight instructor. Another nice man.

Joe just called. It's turning out to be one of those days. My ears are ringing like crazy and nothing seems to help. Joe always interrupts to try to mansplain everything to me and I have to interrupt him to tell him I don't need everything explained. Next time the subject comes up, he'll try to mansplain it all over again. Oy! I love him but it's so annoying. No wonder I'm single.

OK, Kids, I'm outta here again. Talk to y'all later.

Love, Mikie

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