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PORCH #1114 IS NOW CLOSED (2/5/19)

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Almost good afternoon dear friends,

Waiting till its time to go to the Bible Study to bring that massive salad. Wonder how much there will be left. No matter, we will eat it.

MIKIE - Talking about crazy weather it wasn't supposed to get cold again till overnight or later but then in changed again. I had to change my top twice and will wear my heavy jacket. It was supposed to be 70 today but the cold front has come through, even though it might not be all the way through. It was raining and now it has stopped. I sure can tell it is much colder out when I opened the door. Yesterday it was 80, like you. You have to be on your toes if you are out and bring gear and heavy clothes with you if you are expecting a cold spell, at least a jacket. How nice that Barb's DSIL is offering to fix that stuff on the carport for nothing. Will be interesting to see if they sell or not and if they continue to bring Barb down. Glad you will soon have less things to keep on track of !!!

YOu could probably make the 4 bean salad for yourself very easily. Just use the original recipe which calls for actually as many of the canned beans , green beans ( probably one or two for you), and a can of red beans,waxed, garbanzo ( chic peas) each. Add to marinade of 1/3 c each of veg. oil or olive or grapeseed oil. I used grapeseed since I didn't have veg and almost out of olive oil. The original recipe ( for me which is already doubled with the marinade) so I use 2/3 cup each for the marinade ( white vinegar, oil, and red wine vinegar). My already doubled recipe called for 1 cup of sugar but I used about 1/2 c, You might want to try 1/4 cup and see how that is for you. Most old recipes are loaded with sugar. I have found the already made salad is OK but does taste different. The recipe calls for season with salt and pepper. I put in a little of each, very little salt and a fair amount of Mrs Dash Garlic and Herb seasoning which has no salt. I use that seasoning in almost everything.

Yes some men do tend to Mansplain things. My DH also does this usually on somethings I don't care that much about. Yes, and also he does tend to do thins when I am busy doing something else too.

DUCKIE - What a beautiful , brightly colored purse. Lots of room for lots of good stuff :)!! How nice to be so talented to make things out of scrapes of material or whatever you find or have. Just have to know what to do with them and sew them correctly. Looks nice and soft too to carry around and not heavy, unless you put much to much stuff in it:)!! LOL


Gotta run everydobby !

Granni :)



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Hi guys! I would say "good morning", but it's almost noon (correction...I got interrupted so it is now 12:30, lol!) I was chilling when I went to bed last night, and felt cold all night...finally threw yet another big fluffy blanket on the bed. (Not surprised that I feel worse today, but maybe it's just the progression of this crud?) Then couldn't get settled cause we were having thunder, rain/freezing rain, sleet, you name it. Of course, Oreo was scared...and Den couldn't sleep cause his younger worker is on call this week and might have to call Den to help (if he has to get "in the air" in the bucket truck.)

They'll all have to figure it out, cause after today, he will only have 22 working days left. He's basically "carried" the electric dept. for 7 years, and they just got used to it...but they'll all have to step up from now on. This young guy has a lot of potential, but still training, so can't take over the lead position...and the other two guys are basically worthless, but keep getting away with cr*p...oh well...

I ended up sleeping late this morning (kept waking up, but falling back to sleep) which is why I just finished chores. (Peace Sign and Jude have been tucked in here safely with me and Oreo, but the other cats need their food "catered", lol!) There is a good layer of ice over everything, so I was extra careful as I walked. The bird feeder was frozen...I brought it in to thaw and so I could get the seed to "free fall" again...they do have suet, and I scattered some seeds on the ground underneath the patio roof. I see a poor male cardinal, sitting on top of the bird feeder hook....probably wondering where the food went :(

The temp is dropping (down to 14 degrees, but "real feel" is zero.) We've had a full buffet of weather today...sleet, snow, wind, etc., etc. One thing for sure...we will definitely appreciate spring this year :p Den and a temp. worker are in and out of the truck...still working on mapping the city. He will be exhausted when he gets home...hope he doesn't get sick again.

Not sure if I can remember what you all have been writing, but I've been trying to keep reading, at least.

Granni, hope your get together was lots of fun, and I'm sure the salad was a hit. I printed the recipe part of your post...will try it one of these days.

Duckie, love the purse. I'm a "purple gal" too, so it is especially appealing to me. Glad they got your heat situation figured out. This extreme weather we've been having has caused lots of problems that we don't normally have to deal with.

I was concerned about Den going back to work...the WHO and the W.I.F.E. ;) both think people should stay home when they're sick. But, as Granni says...it's that older work ethic. Turns out, the young man Den has been riding around with, doing the mapping...was also sick over the weekend and on Monday. So, neither one of them can figure out who "started it", but it sounds like this other guy was in worse shape. Glad your mama is doing okay, and understands about OT...

Sun, I am also so sorry about your pain. I've had fatigue, and extreme depression, at times, but the worse pain I experienced was right after our car accident in 1991...I didn't care if I lived or not, truthfully. I pray that you get back to some point where you can paint and do some of the other things that help distract, even if the pain doesn't completely go away.

Our Amish community has phone booths spread around different areas...usually in someone's yard. Then everyone just goes there to make calls...but it was actually closer for the two neighbors to just walk to my door than to the nearest phone booth. A lot of them do carry cell phones now, especially if they have a business (construction workers, who are "on the job" in different areas, for instance.) I keep saying they need to get phones for these housewives who are home alone, or with young children (like my neighbor with the newest baby) in case they have an emergency...but I don't make the rules and they sure don't listen to an "English" woman, anyway, lol!

Spring, sounds like lots of things going on at your house...how exciting. Glad you get chances to get out and about. I remember when we lived near D.C. (back in the 1970's, when Den was in the Army) and I thought nothing of going shopping by myself at midnight (like when he was "out in the field" for training and was gone days or weeks at a time.) I wouldn't do it now, even in our little towns.

Rock, nothing like a kitten's meow :) You are so kind to your furbabies...even the ones who come and go. Lindsey didn't have an actual "house" for her stray cat (who has had two litters of kittens on the front porch now, lol) so they just got a good sized plastic tote with a lid, and cut a small doorway into the side of the tote. Their cats love it, and they even put little bowls of food and water near the doorway, so they can keep them out of the weather too. (The kittens wouldn't use a litterbox, just kept doing their business on the porch floor...that's when the kids moved the tote to the large area underneath the porch since it's tall enough for a child to actually walk around...their whole house and lot is on a hill, you should see the slope of the backyard, lol.)

Barry, hope your weather is straightening up. I'm sure you wouldn't want to trade places with me, lol...but I understand how weather plays such a big part in our health, both physical and emotional. I can handle Iowa weather, but would no way want to live in Alaska, for instance. Or even much farther north than what we are. Or even areas where it doesn't get all that cold, but hardly have any sunshine. Hang in there...spring is surely on the way!

Mikie, you and your texting friends sure have a lot of fun...I'm glad you still have those connections, even with the ones who have moved away from the hood. Mansplaining, lol! Den does that sometimes, but unlike you, I need it at times ;) But the best thing he does for me is to provide visuals...he's learned over the years to draw diagrams or even construct 3D examples of what he can see in his head, but I can't picture in mine. That's worked out very well as we've been building and working on the houses, etc. It took him awhile to understand, but once he did, he just goes ahead and fixes things so I can "see" them, too.

Oh dear...I feel like I'm forgetting someone. But it's not intentional, I promise. I need to take some cold medicine (have been reluctant to do much of that) and try to get some more sleep. Plenty of leftovers for supper, and anything else can wait. The birds have found the seeds on the ground, but I think I can put the feeder back out now...just had to loosen the ice enough to be able to scrape it off the openings where the seed comes out.

Take care, everyone! No energy to edit...hope you can read this okay.



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Hi Gang.
Feeling crappy today again. Think I'll try some MJ, though I usually only indulge in the evening. We'll see.

Sun, lovely pic of the hellebore. I've got a bunch of them in the woods, in a couple of places that used to be my "woodland gardens" but now are woods with hellebores in them. I do have a special one in the front yard that is blooming now, with pale pink double flowers. Got it a few yrs. ago, very pricey, but I love it. I'm just hoping that Romeo hasn't been peeing on it....:oops:.

Rock, I hope you have good luck with the MJ extract. Is it CBD, THC, or a combo? Ya got me confused. I hope you find a kind that helps you like the first time.

Mikie, what bp med do you take? I take amlodopine, 5mgs. I hate it. I couldn't handle the effects of the statin I was rxd so stopped it. I think those of us with ME don't need to have less energy than they have already. Such a conundrum, eh?
I agree with you on education in this country deteriorating. Richard was appalled by the student's ignorance of basic facts when he was teaching high school. In other words, they HADN'T bee taught in earlier schooling. When I moved to Calif. from England, I was stunned that my new high school (much larger than the school I went to in London -- an American high school) didn't teach Latin. HUH?... Students were noisy and out of control a lot....:confused:

Spring, butter tea..... what an interesting drink. I'd try to make some, but don't think Richard would like it. :eek::p. I'll try anything once. I've eaten termites before; not bad. Sounds like you have been enjoying your shopping trips.;)

Ducky, what a beautiful purse! Fantastic. You are so skillful with the sewing machine and your hands and your feeling for colour!

Julie, you popped in when I was posting. I'm glad you can handle the Iowa weather! Here, it is still damp, foggy, rainy, dreary and grey. Makes me feel blue. On the other hand the first dwarf daffodils are in full bloom, as are the little reticulata iris, hellebores, daisies (wild), and lots of buds on the large daffs. They help elevate my mood --- I love gardening, wish I were up to doing more.

Granni, your comment on mansplaining made me chuckle. I know EXACTLY what you mean. :p.

Couple of earthquakes y-day; I only felt the 4,4 one, didn't feel the other three. And so it goes.

Time's up.
Love and Peace to All.
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Duckie: Very striking purse and very professional too. And you've got all types of little "holding areas" . That's what I like about some handbags, lots of places to store your necessities.

Barry: All those earthquakes! I hope nothing is happening beneath your garden. Years ago we had a very strong earthquake centered about 3 miles from our house. OMG.....unbelievable. I hadn't been home at the time. Had just pulled into a parking place when it hit very strong.....I thought I had run into something until I heard all the car alarms going off. Raced home to see if we had any damage, but aside from a few things falling we did OK, not like some others in my little city. Lots of chimneys collapsing, etc. and one old house had an attached shed that collapsed like a deck of cards. And then the aftershocks! 100s of them. I couldn't rest for at least a week afterwards. But then Spring has gone thru them.

Mikie: I didn't get Sweden last night nor would I have gotten Pony Express. My DS tried out for college jeopardy when he was in college. He's VERY smart and what he doesn't know isn't worth knowing, but he didn't pass the tryouts. Very intensive. Joe sounds annoying! :D

Granni: Think I'm going to make a small version of your bean salad for this evening. I always have canned beans in the cabinet so I'll just surprise myself. I like celery in mine. Used to love green peppers but they don't like me anymore.

I took a walk again this morning while listening to a book on CD. Yesterday I stopped at Dollar Store and bought 3 valentines for my oldest DGK and my DD so today had to go to Starbucks for some gift cards to put in the cards. Valentine's Day is approaching.
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Hi, Kids,

I can tell I'm tired. I have dyslexia. I should join DAM, Mothers Against Dyslexia. :rolleyes: Had more energy again today. In addition to shopping for SV's food and mine, I cleaned around the condo and changed and washed the bed linens. Of course, that entails turning the mattress. I really need to get back on my diet. It caused a tsunami when I got into the pool.

Granni, I'm sure your recipe is better than the canned bean salad. I think it was on sale and caught my eye. I've kept it for when I want something different. Yes, it's very difficult to dress when the weather keeps changing. I had a hard time when we had the cold mornings and hot afternoons. I wouldn't mind Joe's explaining something to me if I asked but he jumps right in before I have a chance to tell him what I'm talking about. He also forgets that we've talked about things prior to our conversation so he keeps splaining the same things. It's like being in the Groundhog movie. Over and over and over again... We would be a horrible match if we were married. I sometimes wonder why we are such good friends. Enjoy the Bible study and dinner tonight.

Julie, is that when your problems started, after the accident? Accidents can trigger these conditions. I have a high pain tolerance for most things but anything dealing with my feet is agonizing for me. I hope you and Den feel better. It sucks when one has to go to work or has to stay home and do the chores. Bless you for taking care of the critters. Birds down here have it made. There is so much water that there are always fish for the taking. I love learning things and how to do things. My ex could do most anything and I learned so much from him. Good thing cause I had to use that knowledge after the divorce. Don't know what I'd do if I had to hire everything done. DSIL was a chef and he taught DD how to cook. She knew how to bake but not much cooking. He's a great cook and all around good guy. Feel better. Having fur- bearing critters around you helps to heal.

Barry, I take Clonidine and Cozaar. The Cozaar isn't a problem. We tried three or four BP meds before finding I could tolerate the Clonidine. It works but is so touchy. I really hope working out helps because I'm having a heck of a time getting it just right, like Goldilocks. Don't have cholesterol problems so hope I never end up with a statin. I don't like having to take anything but I need to keep the BP in check. Also need to keep the acid reflux under control. I think we need to reach kids at the earliest age. What seems to really make a difference is sparking their imaginations and letting them believe they can do interesting things. There are so many parents who don't have time or don't care to be involved in their kids' education. I believe in pre-K classes. The kids in Head Start seem to be so well behaved and interested. They are blank slates and are just waiting for the magic. Schools are too overcrowded and so many teachers jaded. I don't blame them; they have their hands full. I hate to see a whole generation so out of control and uneducated. Your woods sound sooo beautiful. Is it nice enough to get out and enjoy them? Does it help? Sending you sweet thoughts of beauty to lift your spirits.

Sun, that sounds so scary when you describe the earthquakes. They are so unpredictable and destructive. Same with tornadoes. At least, we get some warning with our hurricanes but they can still be very destructive. I also like a purse with compartments. I need to clean out the one I have. I get compliments on mine all the time. It looks expensive but isn't. I hate cheesy looking purses. As women, do we judge other women by their shoes and purses? Not judge them as good or bad but make assumptions about their sense of style and values? Nothing makes me admire a woman more than seeing one who looks smart and well put together. Just call me shallow. One neighbor shopped at thrift stores and always looked sooo put together and stylish. It isn't how much money one spends; it's the ability to put things together. I hope you feel better and the pain goes away.

It was a Technicolor day today and this late afternoon is as gorgeous. I just went out on the lanai to watch a lone Ibis pecking in the lawn for some tasty insects for his dinner. Our pond is still up to its banks. I am so thankful every day for all this beauty and blessings. Hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie



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Hey, Kids

Had a long nap. Just came in from sitting in the sun with kitty. Brushed her fur. We
heard the old crow nearby. Other than that it was surprisingly quiet until the neighbor
turned on his buzz saw or whatever the heck it is. I am still feeling fine from the 3 pills
I took yesterday. None today.

Duckie, I need some women'splaining. Is that a scarf with your purse; part of the purse?
Very dramatic anyway. I gave up carrying a billfold decades ago. Just shove things in my pockets and go. I estimate that over time I have saved enough by not buying wallets
to buy a carton of eggs and a package of Oreos.

Mikie, yes, it's good for us to have fur bearing animals around. If you visit the Baring Sea
you can see various fur bearers including polar bears, seals, sea lions, and turtles. Ha Ha.
I just put that last one there to see if people are paying attention. Loved the Dam joke
about lysdexia.

Sun, I've never had any earthquake damage during the half century I've been in CA.
The closest I came was during the Northridge quake. Woke up and saw the closet door moving. Three neighbors on the block had their brick chimneys collapse though. And
one neighbor had his grandmother clock tip over.

Here's a kawinkydink. The day you posted about helebores I saw part of an old
Crocodile Hunter show. Steve Irwin caught and released a rattlesnake. Sounded
like he called it a helebore. Can't find such on the net though.

Barry, I wooden eat a termite myself. Have you seen the jungle documentaries where
people eat a big, fat grub? What's really alarming is that the darn thing has beak. Yikes!
In one of the Scrooge McDuck comics from the days of my yute, the gang went to
the Himalayas where they drank some sorta butter tea.

Julie, I agree about coworkers. It always amazed me that the bosses didn't seem to know
who was a good worker and who wasn't. Probably because they were so busy having
pointless meetings that they never reviewed the work the employees were doing.

Sounds like you had almost all the bad weather the Mid West could throw at you
except for a tornado. No wonder Oreo was upset. I would have been too. When I
was a kid we had no hill to slide down. The only hill in town had 2 school buildings
on it. And we didn't want to walk a mile anyway.

Granni, your bean salad is perfect to take to Bible Study. The bean is mentioned in
the Bible. Ezekiel 4.9. Apparently the fava bean. Beans promote health because they
contain protein.

Hugs, Rock


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Hi guys.
Am in a bad flare at the moment and I'm really struggling.

I had some nit wit on the phone for about 2 and a half hrs two nights ago.
Sbe was from Centrelink (used to be Social Security) and by the time we'd finished up, I
was so stressed out and frazzled, the anxiety kept me awake.
Because my son still doesnt hv any paper work to back up the possibility of an apprenticeship,
I hv nothing factual to offer and this woman started to imply that I was scamming them!
I was shocked, to say the least!
I really didnt see that coming.
Anyway, she made me miss the actual Important call from son's work and then after agreeing
to her calling me back the next day, when I perhaps knew something more about DS situation,
she rang me Again! That evening .
I was upset and consequently sbe did not call back as agreed earlier, on the following day.
I decided enough was enough and bit the bullet.
I went to next town's Centrelink office to try and get it sorted.
Turns out the woman on the phone wasnt right at all, with her job and just managed to cause a ton of unnecessary stress.
I had done everything right.

Ds has now been cut from our family payment and Dh is talking about board...
We hv no guidelines to go by.
I was wondering if you guys can give me some ideas?
Ds is already in a caravan out the back so has his own space, but now Dh is saying he should take care of his own meals.
I dont agree. He works hard and is exhausted when he gets home.
I wanna at least hv his tea ready, even if he can't join us on the days he works late.
I feel Dh is going over the top , but I guess he really doesnt know what to go by eigther.
Dh thinks Ds would prefer to take care of his own meals and it'd be good practice.
I want him to at least hv one good meal in him, while he is here.

Oh no.
I've gotta go.
Everything is upside down at the moment and I really cant handle all the pain aswell as the drama.

I just want it all to be fair and right.

Back later to catch up properly.sorry guys.


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Hi Starlight

Sorry to hear of this pesky problem. I read the Wikipedia article on Social Security in
Australia. Your system appears to be much more complicated than ours and to pay
benefits to people in categories that our system wouldn't. I notice there is an Om-
budsman dept. that will review actions of Centrelink. Don't know where this dept is
located. Maybe a phone call will get them to send you a complaint form. Best of luck.

Gordon got home from his orchid club function and dinner about ten PM, just as I
was waking up from a nap. Sounds like things went pretty well. The meal from Panda
was reported to be OK, but nothing special. One of the host's cockers was barking and
jumping at a window, so the host brought him inside which caused the President of the
club to scream, "Get that dog outta here." I doubt Robert's Rules of Order has anything
to say on this subject.

Mikie, glad to hear you had a technicolor day. Complete with ibis I presume. I was
headed up the stairs when Gordon turned on Jeopardy. I was able to answer the
question immediately. Highly unusual nowadays. I have absolutely no idea now what
the question was or even what the category was.

Oh, illustrating my continuing decline, a few hours ago sat down on the sofa and
turned on the TV. Hunted high, low and roundabout for the remote. Finally found
it. I was holding the dang thing. Land Sakes!

Yikes! I just heard three bangs on the back door. It's 1:43 AM. Anybody in our back
yard climbed over the wall. Woke up Lump Lump aka Henry. He is big and strong
and healthy and brave. Grabbed a baseball bat and went outside. I grabbed our
biggest knife. Who knows. The script may cut to a duel. Anyhoo nobody could see
anything or anybody out of any windows. There were no objects by that door that could
have been thrown. I guess we will never know.

Going back to bed
Hugs, Rock


Good Friday Morning, Kids,

Not much to tell. Woke with a very unstable and painful hip. Probably from all the walking in the pool. Was going to go to the pool tomorrow but Claudia reminded me that our big community annual meeting is at the library in the morning. I may drive myself in case I can't take it if the meeting goes long. I need a fast escape plan.

Rock, I was so out of it that I didn't even understand the FJ question last night. Once they gave the answer, I did but that, of course, is too late. I'm really hanging onto reality by a thin thread as I tweak my BP med. Joe called me yesterday and I tried to answer the phone with the remote. Doh! I can just imagine how I looked trying to find the button on the remote to answer the phone. Of course, I sometimes answer calls on my watch so I guess that doesn't seem so weird. That strange middle of the night scare sounds like something out of the thriller I've been reading. When you mentioned hearing the old crow nearby, I thought at first that you were talking about a neighbor. I am also listening to the loud sound of a buzz saw as Barb's DSIL cuts the pieces for the new hardwood floor he is installing. I feel your pain, my brother. Personally, I think the dog hating president of the Orchid Club was out of order.

Star, anything dealing with government bureaucracies is stressful. I'm so sorry you got that idiot woman who was wrong and caused so much angst. I had to deal with SS when I filed for disability for three years. Some of the employees were very helpful and some were awful. Have either you or your DH asked DS how he feels about being responsible for his own meals? Seems to me he may have a lot on his plate and having some home cooked meals might be a big help in assuring his success. While DH wants him to be able to stand on his own two feet, this is a big change and it might help to not have to do it all by himself in the beginning. It wouldn't be spoiling him; it would be helping him to eventually be independent. He will assert his own independence when he's ready. He needn't feel overwhelmed. JMHO.

Gotta go take my BP med. Lordy, I hope it doesn't turn me into a zombie today. Hoping for non-zombie days for everydobby.

Love, Mikie



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Hello. what a wet windy night! it blustered real hard and rained and thundered at same time. still coming down hard as i type.

someone asked why so much repair work at my place. its because of Tibetan New Year. people like to bring in beginning of the year with everything ship shape. i had some cracked walls from EQ of 2015and had not bothered with varnishing our woodwork.

theres lots to be done but i got the main stuff out of the way. The newyear started on Tuesday and its over now. on third day people gather, hoist prayer flags, and fling barley wheat into the air to signify good luck.

yesterday we went to my SILs place, and had our annual new year lunch. it was so cold and wet but we huddled up, watched tv, and then when the rain stopped the signals, we just sat drinking hot mugs of tea and talking. lunch was so good. so many food items. i had too much. my DD was saying my SIL s food had a particular touch which was all her own. a bit onthe spicy side but she tones it down for me.

my DS left for SILs place earlier and by the time we reached he had to go off to work. and since my DH could not make it, i took home his food in tupperware. my other brother was there, and took home food for his DD and DGD in tupperware too.

Rock - how very scary. wonder what it was. knocking like that. i justcant imagine you carrying a knife. made me LOL.

DMc - wow. That purse is something! you seem so organized. little bags for your mobile, keys etc. you should see my bag, its like a hurricane in there. resembles my life.

granni - thats a lot ofpeople to makesalad for. seems like one of those gems of a recipe which becomes a household fave. and something one can count on to take to a gathering and know people are gonna love.
mine is sesame chicken. whoever i feed it to, they love it.

Sun - oh yes, those EQs. it seems like a bad dream. no onetalks about it now. but i would love to migrate to a country which doesnt have them. i ve not thought about Valentines in a long time.

Barry - lovely woods. woodland flowers. looked up hellebore.” if you go down tothe woods today....” childhood memory, kg concert.

mikie - sorry about your hip. durn it. and stupid tinnitus. keep up the white lighting. and violet flame. i hope dear St Jude answers your prayers.

Star - of course, the family should help out with DS. specially now. let him ease into independence. not leap into it! funny. here people think badly of children who want to stay ontheir own. the normal is to betogether, growold together. there its different.

Julie - brrr..stay warm. i will be happy when Den gets tostay home more. hope you both feeling better.
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Hi, Kids,

Very late getting going today. Barb's DSIL is cleaning our carport and I got a bucket and nozzle for him. Barb fell last night but is OK. I sat and talked with her for a few minutes but she's a bit shook up and it's hard for her to talk. When she's tired or stressed, the effects of her stroke show up. Kids took her to the hospital but she didn't break anything.

DD just called but is driving through a bad part of Denver so she wanted to get directions from her nav system. The Interstate is closed so they are sending traffic through the main street in the hood. I just paid a bill and donated money to St. Jude's Children's Hospital. Been gonna do it since Christmas but just haven't gotten it done. I'm bribing him for some help for our family. He works for free but it never hurts to give an incentive.

Spring, I like the idea of starting the year off clean and organized. All most people here do is drink till they are blind and make resolutions which don't last through January. Glad you enjoyed the family get together and the food was good. Speaking of food, I need to go eat lunch. Just don't feel right. Perhaps some food will help.

Hope all y'all are having a good day winding down the week.

Love, Mikie


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Good day, friends! Almost noon, so can't really say morning or afternoon, lol! First, a weather report...to make a lot of people feel better about where they live :p...6 degrees, feels like -8. Everything still covered in ice, likely will be until the first of the week when it gets above freezing. I had some "ooopsies" while trekking over to feed the cats, but never actually fell.

Den has today off (every Friday, I think, until his last day of March 29...along with assorted days at other times of the week.) He wanted to get more pellet stove pellets, but our store is out until the end of next week. But he went to town anyway, to find some trim boards...need them lots of places...to use as "mopboard" at the bottom of the walls, around the doorways, as chair rail to separate the painted bottom and stained upper part of one wall, and window trim. And he'll stop and visit his BFF, Fred, who does big equipment repair (tractors, combines, etc.) out of his garage at home.

I am apparently in the "runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, sore throat, head cold" phase of this crud. Don't dare go visit my dad, but checked on him by phone and he's doing fine. I've rescheduled my hair appt. twice...now it is for Tuesday, if I can get out by then.

When Den gets back, we'll bring more cut firewood in...he just uses the skid loader bucket to get some from the pile we have outside, so a lot easier than carrying it all in by hand. We both realize that someday we won't be able to do all this physical work (thinking of getting more pellet stoves, depending on how cost effective they actually are) but for now, it's good exercise and saves a lot of money.

Star...as soon as I saw your post, I realized it was you that I had forgotten to greet. So glad to hear from you, but so very sorry for all the stress. You know, some people really don't know how to do their jobs, but just muddle through and spew wrong information...not good when someone else is really depending on them and trying to follow all the rules and do things right.

I hope you get DS's work stuff straightened out...I forget how old he is, and if this work is through a college or what. So, I have no advice on that. And I'm probably not the best person to advise on children/young men and women and how soon they should be out of the nest. I'm sure I went overboard with helping out girls and their families (still do, to a point, but our finances have a lot to do with what we can now do financially...until we get into a routine and know exactly what our income and outgo will be after Den retires.)

If I understand correctly, you won't be helping your DS with any expenses? And he will/is living in a caravan/camper in your yard. So far, if he has income to take care of expenses himself, that doesn't sound unreasonable (so often, people in their 20's, 30's and older end up "living in Mom and Dad's basement, playing video games" (okay, just a general idea...not always the case) but they don't have a job and don't contribute to any chores, etc., etc. That is an extreme in the other direction.

But...my strong opinion (as a mom/grandma whose "love language" is feeding people, lol) is that it wouldn't hurt one bit for you to provide a meal for your DS...even if only once a day, when he comes home tired from work. But Mikie made a good point about asking him if he wants to take care of his own meals or not...providing you and DH can come to an agreement beforehand.

What I've found, is that as our children get older and more independent...that is a good thing. But there's something about having Mom cook for you that just warms the heart and soul....and if they sit at your table and have a meal, that's a bonus...time to visit and get caught up on the day, or week, or whatever. My girls are busy wives, moms, Amy works full time, Lindsey homeschools...they try to keep up, but it gets overwhelming. They have both said how much they appreciate when I prepare extra meals for them (to either freeze and use later or enjoy right away.) Food is a universal thing that just says, "I love you and care about your well being", no matter how old the recipient is.

Anyway, that's just my thoughts...sorry, I'm too worn out to stay on the computer much longer. Really am trying to pace myself and not do anything too important, like taxes, etc. where it's important to have most brain cells firing, lol! Take care, everyone!


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Star: I'm sorry for all the stress going on at your home. I think Julie has some great advice and I concur with everything she's said so I won't add anymore except to say I've just prayed for you, for peace to settle in your home.

Mikie: Sorry to read this about Barb. Yes, I'm sure she would be shook up. I think you and I are at that "phase" of our life, that every morning it's another surprise pain someplace. I'm still favoring my left hip and knee but it's just darn hard for me to just sit, so I've been taking slow walks around my neighborhood.

A neighbor stopped to talk with me this morning, told me his MIL, age 87, had missed the first step at her mobil home stairs outdoors, tumbled down onto her head and died 2 hrs. Later. So all of you be CAREFUL and THINK before doing things.

Julie: Maybe you should think about a pair of golf shoes for when there's ice? Hope you get over this crud quickly.

Barry: I thought of you while out on my walk this morning. Two years ago I came across a large "fairy ring" at the park near me. I admired this 8' across ring for two days until HS kids decided to kick all the mushrooms. Anyway, this past summer the city decided to redo this area, dug up the lawn and planted flowering bushes with a lot of mulch. This morning I noticed a mound coming up in the mulch.....a large mushroom was making it's way out. Then I REALLY looked and found at least 20 more small mounds, several large mushroom and a huge one that had pushed up, probably 8" across. Poisonous I'm sure. Probably by tomorrow there will be lots of large mushrooms in this mulch. I guess all the spores got spread around when the lawn was dug up.

I have to make a run to the PO and then when I get home I'm going to call the gas company. I keep smelling gas by the front sidewalk. This area I live in is full of bandaid patches. The gas company spent over a week down the street, digging and repairing. I can smell gas easily and have reported other houses in the area. So need to get my errands finished so I can be home.


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P.S, to all interested in my bean salad. I am not sure if I mentioned , I am not sure if I mentioned in my recipe it calls for a sliced onion and green pepper. I think I mentioned the peppers as you can use yellow peppers or the red sweet ones too. You put in as much as you would like, less or more. Some people do not like a lot of onions so put more or less to your liking.

Right now I am making a roast in the crockpot. Didn't know what to make and DH wanted it so I had to thaw it in the microwave, at least most of the ways,

JULIE - I can not understand how you can live in that very cold weather. I know you got used to it and have little choice. The little bit of cold stuff we get here is driving me nuts and my body can't really stand it. It is now sleeting, DH says on the deck where he can see it.. I just saw a post on FB close to my area that it was snowing . Hope poor Den doesn't have to go out to much in that cold stuff. Poor guys , both of them in that awful weather. Try and get well and stay warm.

BARRY - I got that mansplaining thing from MIKIE, . of course :)!!

SUN - Sorry you are still in so much pain. You are right we have to be so very careful now esp as we are getting older. Falling should not be an option esp if you break something. That was my mom's problems she broke her hip 2x and the last was her downfall. She was 93. She has OP and so do I.

SPRING - Not everyone took my salad as I found out there were two other salads there, potatoes, another and a fruit salad. However, they did put a good dent in my big bowl.

MIKIE - Hope your b/p is better and meds don't get you to loopy. I am on the Losartan 100 mg and Verapamil 240 mg. I am just sort of used to it I guess. They are both pretty strong.

I gotta get off here. Hi to everyone I didn't mention.

Love to everydobby,
Granni :)


Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

Will be getting ready to go to the big community annual meeting before too long. I took a whole BP pill last night and 3/4 of one this morning. Gonna see how that goes. I already mailed in my ballot and proxy so, if I get too loopy to drive, I can ride with Claudia or stay home. Need to reactivate my library card while I'm there. Don't know why they don't hold the meetings at the hospital. They serve coffee and delicious cookies when you use one of the community rooms.

Joe called last evening and I wished him good luck in the election. He thanked me for politicin' for him in the hood. Really didn't need to cause everyone knows him and likes him. I sat out with Barb later in the day. It made me feel good that she told me the kids are very good to her. I gave her some sterling silver earrings years ago and she has worn them every day.

Julie, I hope you get over the crud fast and don't fall out in the snow and ice. Brrr! I'm too old and too used to the jungle weather down here to want to be where it's cold. Between my lack of NRG and aches and pains, I'm glad to be in a condo where not much is expected of me. It's not for everyone but it suits me now. I think life on the farm sounds wonderful but it is a lot of work. You're smart to be planning ahead Feel better.

Sun, yes, you and I are in that phase of life. Our lives are parallel in so many ways. I feel sorry for Barb that she has lost so much. She remembers the times she and her DH had in their condo and now, it's all being remodeled. She had to get rid of a lot of her clothes but I'm sure they no longer fit her and she wasn't wearing them. Same thing happened when my Mom moved in with me. She had to leave a lot of her things behind. I've decided to really enjoy everything I have and to be thankful to God for all my blessings. If I ever have to let go of my things, I'll release them and be grateful for the time I had them. Talked with DD yesterday and told her that. Also told her that I hope to live here independently and just die quickly or get hit by a truck. We laughed about that. Hope both our aches and pains go away.

Granni, I may ask my doc to prescribe a stronger dose of the Lorsartan or take it twice a day. I only need a very small dose of the Clonidine but I'm soooo sensitive to it. When I got up, my BP was 121/78. That's not too bad but I'd like the diastolic to get closer to 70. Have you used the 'monstrosity' pot yet? Those pots can be used as slow cookers. I donated my slow cooker because I don't need two of them. I bought a glass lid for the Instant Pot for when I use it as a slow cooker so I can see the food. Was gonna buy a pot roast at Publix but beef was sooo expensive that I didn't want to float a bank loan to pay for it. I also have osteopenia and am taking vitamin D for it. Also trying to get out in the sun. How was the Bible study?

I just went out on the lanai and the air was perfect. It's 64 degrees out. I stood and took several deep slow breaths. Felt so good and energizing. Gotta figure out what to wear to the meeting. The neighbors probably won't recognize me all gussied up. I look like a bum around the hood. Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

Love, Mikie



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Hi all.
Getting closer to figuring things out with Ds and
I made it clear to Dh that tea time is family time and
I expect All the family to be a part of that.
And that's that.

We are traditional and sit at a table.
I hv a no phones at the tea table rule
And it's where we catch up. Usually.
Regardless, I wanna make sure he at least goes to
Bed with a full belly and something healthy.
Especially after working such long days.
He is only 17 and for some reason Dh seems to maybe
Forget what it was like... or? I dunno.
I really dont know, but if it's at all in our power
To help our Treasures....why wouldn't we?

So we are putting a sml fridge in his space (caravan
And built on shed/annex) so he can hv his milk and
cereal and cheese etc and make his own lunches.
He can cook in there too, if he so chooses.
Obviously, cakes and deserts etc is for the Whole
Family. (I made zucchini bread yesterday.was yum).

The problem with the idea of asking Ds what he wanted
Would've been that he would've said he'd do the lot
himself, thinking thats what Dh would want...
That's why I had to get in with tea time meals together.
I think that was a relief for him.

Sigh.Getting there.

Thanks for all the advice guys and prayers.
Really appreciate it.

Sun, I hv been keeping you in my prayers especially
in regards to all the pain. I'm sorry you are suffering.
I am on strong medication and still the pain gets rediculous.
I don't know how you do it.

Julie, sorry to hear you guys are crook. Also about
Your precious baby going through such pain...
I'm really grateful I don't hv to deal with snow.
The cold we get here is more than I can handle as it is!

Mikie, those blood pressure meds sound a bit iffy.
You obviously hv to listen to your body to figure out
what's best. Good for you getting back into the pool.
I think condo size sounds like enough responsibility too.
During this last flare has made me re think all the
Gardening challenges. It's a lotta work and a bit rediculous
when I find myself just struggling to turn on a tap.

Rock, yes fortunately theres an ombudsmen if need be.

Guys really hurting to type.
Gotta go.
Love to All aswell as Barry, Granni, Duck, Spring and All Porchies.

Love yas.
Catch yas later


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Good Saturday afternoon! 20 degrees and sunny...who cares if it feels like 10 degrees with the windchill, lol! I seem to be teetering back and forth between feeling better and feeling like I've been hit by a truck :confused: I think a nap is in order, even though I slept later this morning.

After a hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausages (chicken with apple bits, about the size of a brat...Den loves them) and toast...we got several loads of firewood inside. I should say that Den did most of the work...all I do is run the remote control shop door opener as he goes in and out with the skid loader.

I did walk across the driveway to feed the cats, but had found these wonderful rubbery things (with wire wrapped around them) that you slip over the soles of your shoes or boots. I knew I had seen them somewhere (have no idea when or where we picked them up "just in case"), and by golly, they were actually where I looked the very first time. Worked wonderfully to give just enough grip on the ice...I could walk almost normally.

Oh, I guess Den is ready for a nap, so I will join him...instead of waiting and going in after he's fallen asleep and waking him up. I'll be back later to visit.


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Hi guys! Thought about just editing my last post, but we're already over 30 replies on this porch...someone will likely come along and get a new one going. No nap, but I guess just resting counts, too. Den was snoring, and I couldn't get my mind to shut down enough to fall asleep.

Anyway, Star...I think you're on the right track. Your tea time is your evening meal...like what we would call dinner or supper? I think it would be great to include your DS then...even if he got home after the rest of you had already eaten (if you normally have a set time to eat, but he happened to get delayed) he could still come in, sit down and relax a bit and enjoy your home-cooked meal.

Mikie, hope you made it to your meeting okay. I'm so glad you and Barb can sit and visit...and that she doesn't seem to be being mistreated. Must be so hard on her, as it would be for anyone who is the survivor. So many changes when one is no longer part of a couple...I truly hope I go before Den does. He will just have to learn to cook for himself or find someone else to do it. He has enough interests/hobbies that I think he could keep himself busy.

Sun, you are a person who amazes me...managing that big house and yard and all the other things that you have to take care of. All while not feeling well so much of the time...and in pain all the time. But still keeping busy with sewing, painting, yard work, etc.

So sad to read about your neighbor's MIL...things like that can happen so quickly.

Granni, thanks for taking the time to tell us about the bean salad recipe. I've been trying new recipes lately...Den will eat just about anything, but won't really give me much input as to how well he likes or doesn't like something. His mom used to make a bean salad with kidney beans, hard-boiled eggs, pickles, probably some mayo, sugar, and I don't really remember what else. I remember liking the taste, but not sure if Den cares about it or not.

Spring, I would imagine many people were absolutely traumatized by the quakes...and so many are still rebuilding and repairing, true? I wouldn't know what to do in that situation. Oddly enough, we've been experiencing what people are calling "frost quakes"...when the water in the ground freezes so hard it makes a popping sound. I've gone out to check many times recently because it sounds like something hitting the house, or a bird flying into a window.

Guess I'd better just say Hi to everyone else and get busy. Den is doing some wiring and might need me to help push wires through the holes in the rafters...I think we'll be working on this house until the day we "check out", lol! Always something still to do.

Take care, everyone! Hope things are going as well as possible.



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Dear Ones,

Here I am at the almost end of an old PORCH. To lazy to change to a new one. Just wanted to pop in to say HI.

JULIE - Sorry you couldn't fall asleep but I am sure resting is a good thing, anyway. Sometimes that happens to me and that is why I usually don't try and lie down. I do when really ill but I have enough problems staying sleep already, Hope you get well soon. When does Den thin he will semi retire?? Sounds like he could use the change but I know he will still be busy doing his own things.

STAR - It sounds like you are on the right track with your DS. Those teenage years surely can be tough with some of the kiddos. I had 5 children and growing up only one seemed to have problems which unfortunately carried on into adult hood. However, it doesn't necessarily need to. Keep the faith dear one !! Your are giving him some his freedom but still want him to participate at dinner and family time when he can and showing him that you are there for him.

MIKIE - The bible study has been very good . We have lunch and fellowship and then the video of the study about the history of the church and then we have questions in our books. We talk about some of them when we have the time. It is only two hours total but 30 minutes is lunch and fellowship. We also have a book that we read before we come. We read a chapter each time. We have a few more to go and are finishing up the part that we didn't finish last time, at the end of last year.

Your b/p sounds very good right now. Hope it stays that way. DH is on 50 mg with 25 mg of Chlorthalidone once a day. I take the 100 mg of Losartan with 12.5 of the diuretic in it along with the Verapamil 240 mg but my b/p is very weird and spike very high at times at will ( not my will). When I remember to do so I take my b/p at night. Most of the time it is pretty good but does sometime get to 145 or higher over 85 or so. You might mention it to the dr but it is sounds pretty good to me as long as it stays that way. My Losartan has scores in it to 1/2 mine but I have just taken both whole ones in the morning. Seems to work OK most of the time. In the drs office it does tend to freak out the drs office at times. Thank God for insurance as some of my meds would be expensive. I think the Verapamil is not to cheap without insurance. You might want to try the Losartan 2x a day instead of once. See what he thinks but the 121/78 is VERY good!! It might make you too low

SUN - Hope you start to feel a little better soon. I know this pain stinks and our cold weather is not helpful to me. Hopefully your weather is normal for you with fairly warm temperatures.

Gotta go start trying to figure out dinner. Hugz to everydobby inc SW, Barry, Rock, Duckie, and everydobby else I might have missed!