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Hi, Kids,

Good grief! I posted the request not to post at the end of the last Porch and it disappeared. Ratbane, as Rock would say. Crap, as I would say. Actually, that's not what I say but can't post what I would say. We need a poop emoji here. In any case, the deed is done. Decided to post some interesting clouds. We've looked at lenticular clouds before but I found these exceptional. Pic could be doctored but I don't think so.

I didn't watch all my usual Sunday programs this morning. Decided to go shopping while people were in church. I got some plants at Home Depot for the stairwell atria and went to Target to get paper products. They had $10 gift cards with the purchase of three products. That's the best deal they offer. I save a bundle on them. The bill was $60 but I had $40 in gift cards from my insurance co. so only had to put $20 on my credit card. Can't use this $10 gift card til next time but my total cost today was $10 for $60 worth of things. They had 25 percent off of prime beef so I got a steak for tomorrow. I was savin' all over the place. Publix is selling $50 Visa gift cards with the purchase of $50 in groceries. Gonna get one because I'll use the gift card to buy the next groceries and save 20 percent. Woo Hoo!

Star, sounds as though you've got things with DS settled regarding the evening meal. So glad and I'm sure it is a relief to him to know he'll still be sharing the daily meal with everyone. If he wants to be more independent, he will let you know. Each kid is different. I do a bit of gardening here around our condo bldg. It's often more than I can deal with. I hate doing it when Grace is around because she wants all the plants and flowers in front of her condo. Sometimes condo residents are as bad as kids but I can't take away their privileges or ground them.

Julie, I'm glad you're not on heavy duty cause the cold will just drag on if you don't get your rest. I'm glad you found those grippy things for walking on ice. Just hope the worst of the cold is over for you and everyone else who has had such a bad winter. Spring will be extra welcome this year. Sweet that you risk life and limb to care for the barn kitties.

Granni, I think I've got the BP med figured out. I may ask the doc whether I can double the Losartan. I only take 50 mgs. now. I take a whole Clonidine at night; I don't care if I'm loopy during the night. I take about 2/3 of a tablet in the morning. This morning, my BP was 119/69, just about perfect. The Clonidine tablets are tiny and a bit rounded so that they aren't easy to split accurately. After seeing what strokes have done to my friends, I never want to have one. I love living here but it's hard to be so far from my kids. Glad the Bible Study was good. Mom and her BFF once took one and were told the Jews killed Jesus. I had a fit and splained it was the Romans. They didn't go back.

Just responding to the last Porchies to post on the previous Porch. Hope all our Porchies will post here and I'll respond personally. In the meantime, I'm thinking of you all. I've started a new book. It's a romantic novel set in England where the young woman has to figure out the family secret. Like a million other novels but, at least, it is relaxing to read and helps me sleep. The last one, a thriller, was a bit unsettling. Not gonna watch the Grammys tonight. PBS has a special on Princess Margaret. I'll likely fall asleep cause it's not on til 10:00. I think it's in two parts. Can anyone say, Anglophile?

Hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Kids

Good to see you all here. Another great pic, Mikie. Whenever I see those clouds I can't
think of their name, but I always remember: Oh, those are the clouds what's her name
told me about. Don't you think they kinda look like bed springs if you were looking under a celestial bed? Reminds me of the actress Celeste Holm. Saw her in Mame in Las Vegas back in 1967. She was very good.

Been a cool, windy, rainy day here. Put another old towel in the kitty shelter. Spent
much of the day asleep myself. Am reading a thriller by Robert Parker and the auto
biography of Renee Flemming, one of America's great sopranos. When she was just
starting out she made in her entrance in a Mozart opera only to slip in a puddle of
water and fall on her derriere. The funny thing is she wasn't even singing a French opera.

The stores must tremble when they see you coming, Mikie.. "Oh, no. It's that super
shopper. Alert the home office. Profits are going to dip again."

Well, Kids, gotta go write my Oregon brother who is home recovering from prostate
surgery. According to what I read on line he should recovery quickly, but he does
have some internal bleeding and discomfort (medical term for pain) and he is still
wearing a catheter. Ouch! Gordon is downstairs eating whatever he just cooked.

Hugs, Rock
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Hey all

Mikie - those look like inverted ice cream swirls. arent theyjust fantastic? i dont know how Joe or anyone runs for public office. i dont even volunteer on specific days to help. i mean i try to make committments open ended because who knows how im gonna feel on that day?

suppose i dont feel upto it? better to just take life day by day. heck, even my mundane chores are done seeing what all im up to doing. its nice to do something one is feeling like it doing. im not always in the mood to cook. not always in the mood to tidy. im glad im not a matron in a girls hostel. or an air traffic controller. jobs which demand discipline and alertness on the job.

i spent yesterday trying to play catch up with housework. Saturday had to go for Chinese friends lunch. they had their New Year same as ours and gave a big lunch because friends husbands mom had come to visit from US where she lives with her DD and family. its always special because she is mid 80s and noone knows if she can make another trip.

the last time she was here was four years ago and she said a special goodbye when leaving because it was a tough year, her husband couple of years older than her, died here while getting treated for kidney disease.

but here she is back again visiting. my friendsgrandson who works in china had visited their family in US and he brought her with him.Her DD who is attending a friends sons wedding in India will come here, pick her mum up and fly back.

since the friends MIL is here, her younger sis from India with her DDs family also came to visit. she is also in her early 80s and i dont knowhow they do it. They have to drive at least five hours before boarding a plane but both sisters were looking more spry than me and my friend. i guess its what you were born with. genetics.

anyways, with Friends brothers two twin school going sons also visitingfrom india and everybody else, friends, there were like 27 people. lucky friends two sisters and brother all cook and so does friend and her MIL who was spry enough to make a dish or two.

Weather washorrible for 3 days before that and their outdoor plans got cancelled. their long path to their gate was a slushy river. We had to park outside on the road andwalk on makeshift stepping stones made of bricks. and cram into their livingroom which luckilywas large enough. Friends DD and DS were telling me they spent the night polishing their floor while the elders cooked. did too good a job. one latecomer guest, a 65 year old lady came in, said a loud “ hi, sorry im late”, and promptly slipped on the rug inside the door making crashing noises.

we helped her up and she was unhurt, except for some chinese coins falling from a porcelain frog’s mouth on a side table. i told her, “that was a grand entrance” and my DD told her, at least the tibetan biscuits she had made and brought with her were intact, that was the important thing, inspite of the scary noises. Lady joked and said, i have too much natural padding to get hurt too much”. she is a bit heavy.

Food was fabulous. they too have a flavour distinct to that family. mostly chinese style. ev en had made pigs trotters which i remember from when we were unmarried, and i still ate meat. Heaven. she had made three veg dishes for me, because they all love meat and dont bother too much with veg. but there were lots of fresh chutneys, and a gooey cake and cream caramel a friend had made and brought.

i didnt bother cooking. no time, so we just took a sherry from DHs little stack of liquor gifted by people.

After they all left, me and DH an DD stayed on for a bit chatting. my DS had to leave after lunch because he had work.

Rock - im laughing at your joke about Mikie. yes, she be a savvy shopper. i wish your brother a speedy recovery.

Granni - nice to hear about the Bible study with the history lesson and all. Our school in India was built brick by brick by hand, by the missionaries team John Graham after whom the school is named. 1900. its easy to remember the Birthday of the school. they have a tradition of serving tea brewed over wood fire, as was done those early day and buns and jalebis made bythe schools cooks. some alumni or other are always visiting. and every year they have a reunion for OGBs.

Star - relieved to hear your DS has to join the family for one meal at least. at that age, 17, young ones are liable to not take their diet seriously. plus trying to time manage everything on their own.

Sun - the video images of the gas explosion in Mass. were scary. i guess its smart to be on one ones toes. Here, we haul cooking gas cylinders up and down. i do hope your health improves and you can do your artsy things and potter about in your beautiful garden.

Julie - interesting about the snow shoe type things. always been intrigued bysnow shoes.
i think weshould sendsome of our residentsto whereyou live. if we get a smatteringof snow in the hills above the valley, town dwellers get excited and rush into vehicles to see snow ‘close up’. we got that snow for the second time, on Friday. very pretty. surrounded hills scattered with snow and cluster of houses in city nestled inside.

Barry and Dmc - hi to you both in your respective areas. Hope Lenny, Romeo and Worf are all behaving.

God bless
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Morning. Friends

It's cold here. 46 going up to 60. Course they say that every day. It rained off and
on yesterday. I was asleep most of the time. In the evening I wrote my recovering brother an e-mail. Since this computer has a tendency to be treacherous I carefully
copied it before I hit send. No matter. It vanished anyway.

Spring, snowshoes are notoriously difficult to use. There was an old fellow in our town who had a pair hanging on the wall in the parlor. I asked him about them when I was a kid. He said he tried them one time. "It was like having ah pair ah bucking broncos on my feet." It was his older brother who had actually used them.

I did have those ice cleats when I was a kid. You could strap them on shoes or snow boots. They weren't terribly effective. And we kids wanted to run and slide on the ice anyway so we didn't wear them much.

Gonna go back to bed. Eveydobby stay warm and cozy.



Good Monday Morning, Kids,

Just watching the morning news and stopping in to the Porch. I'll be going over to the pool later to walk. When I can run in spurts, I'm sure it will help with the BP. Just read my last post to see what I had said. The $50 Visa gift card is $40 if you buy $50 worth of groceries. That's how you save 20 percent the next time when you use the gift card. They do the same thing with $50 gas cards. I always use them and save 20 percent on my gas. The Target gift cards from my ins. co. are rewards for getting my mammogram and well visit with my PCP. I'll get the same this year from my well visit and colonoscopy. My Medicare Advantage plan is an HMO and they really do emphasize prevention. When I use the gift cards on top of BOGO's and sales, the savings are amazing.

Joe just called and is worried about his BP. He's gonna call his doc. I told him if he went back to walking every day, it would help. He didn't realize that. He needs to lose some weight and quit smoking too but, one thing at a time. He still calls him MIL almost every day and she told him the same thing. She's a retired nurse so he listens to her.

Rock, yes, those clouds look like God's mattress springs. They usually form on the lee side of mountains where the prevailing winds separate and trap condensation between the wind layers. We get them here where the onshore winds blow in over the land and separate. All our clouds here look just like the ones in CO. My SIL, the pilot, noticed it too. I've never seen that many lenticulars. Googling clouds brings so many spectacular pics. Hope your bro will be OK and heal fast. It's worse for men to have catheters than for women. Discomfort doesn't begin to describe most pain. Give Miss Kitty a hug from me and SV.

Spring, those clouds do look like the soft serve ice cream swirls upside down. Those women sound amazing, like Barb. She is in her late 80's and just keeps going and going and going. I always worry when she leaves that I might not see her again. My Mom died while her best friend was up North in the summer and she didn't get to see her again. It was so hard for her. Your reunions always sound so wonderful with family, friends and food. The three F's. My SIL and his bro are chefs and DD is a baker so, when our family gets together, there is family, fun and food. Ooh, four F's. Hope your weather improves.

Thank God I had just saved my post because it disappeared completely. Yikes! I had better get outta here. Hope all y'all have a great day and start to the week.

Love, Mikie


Hi, Kids,

Home again, home again, drippity drip! Limping along on my sore old hip. I ran in the pool for half an hour at the target heart rate this morning. At that rate, I can keep going and going. I'm not ready to do the high intensity yet for 20 second intervals. That's what really keeps the resting pulse lower and the BP too. Working out for a half hour three times a week is enough to keep healthy lungs- and cardio-wise. The high intensity really revs things up. Of course, strength training and stretching is also important. Oy! This healthy living takes time.

I got everything except some small flowers planted in the atria. Everything looks so nice. I also cleaned out some aggressive ferns and dead wood. I can't do anywhere near what I used to do around here. The last few years have taken their toll. I wore my back brace but it still hurts. I ran my arm into a bush and tore a spot on my arm. I should get hazardous pay for this. Had a good chat with Barb's DSIL. Think now he has a better understanding of how things work. The work and materials for our carport are worth $650 and he charged us nothing. Will be glad when the guy comes on Sat. to pressure wash the top of the carport and the front of our bldg. We will have this place looking good!

Gotta go. I'm cooking a big steak for my lunch.

Love, Mikie


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Good Monday morning...Mikie, thanks for starting a new porch...love the pic of the clouds.

Started to get on here earlier...got part of the first sentence typed and felt a sudden wave of
nausea and dizziness spread from about my knees up to my head. Had to sit with my head on the desk until it passed, then went back to bed. Blood pressure was okay...I think it's just part of this crud. To be safe, I once again cancelled my hair appt....was to be tomorrow (2nd time to be rescheduled due to weather and sickness) but my hairdresser is very understanding.

Also gave Amy a "heads up" about this weekend. Don't know if I mentioned that our Tennessee Susan is at Amy and Clinton's this week and they were going to all come here Friday afternoon/evening. Amy has to get Keira to her other grandparents' later in the evening, so I was going to fix supper and have a little birthday party for Miley (her 8th birthday is Thursday.)

But, I think it would be best if we postpone that until the following weekend...David and Lorraine will be here then to pick up our girls' old bunk bed and some other things Den is giving to David. David is borrowing a pickup, so can't bring the whole family, but Amy and the girls and I will see them all when we do our "girls' trip" in a month or so.

And I hope Den and I can go down later in the spring. His last day of working at the City is March 29, but then he'll be starting his part-time job so we can pay for our health insurance.

Oh my...I'm feeling really sick again...better get off here. Hi to everyone.


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Hi Kids

Got an e mail from my cousin who lives in Virginia. His mother who was in an old folks
home died last October and was cremated. She was adamant that there be no casket or
funeral when she went. So now he is inviting friends and relatives to the small, rural cemetery near my home town to bury the ashes. Her parents are also buried there. Afterward the
group will have lunch at a new restaurant on main street. Glad to see there are some new
businesses in my home town. Seems like every time I look on the net there is a new business
or an old one refurbished.

Tried to post a picture of the cemetery. Got a pop up that said the it couldn't be done
because "the file was not an image as expected." "Double talk!" Anyhoo it has been
completely redone since I last saw it. Now looks beautiful and serene.

Julie, sorry you're feeling under the weather. (Haven't heard that old expression for
yonks.) Hope you feel better soon. Tell Den March 29 is not a good day to start
something new. Better would be the old military command. "March forth." I hope
his retirement is lots of fun and good health.

Mikie, does Joe carry cigarettes and a lighter with him? Tell him to leave them at
home. That way he'll have less weight to carry and smoke less. Did you home doctor
your arm? I hope it wasn't one of those fierce bougainvillea. They can scratch you
up like a wild cat.

Gordon just got back from the library with some new books. I think I'll start with the
Memoirs of Neil Simon.



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Hi guys! Feeling a little better, but certainly not "ball of fire" better, lol! I did feed the cats and clean the baffles in the pellet stove (once a week I have to take the metal plates outside and brush the soot off...and vacuum all the places I can't get to during the daily maintenance. Managed to shower, but that wore me out. Den called and said he'd be a couple of hours late...it's raining "slush" in town and the crews are going over the streets to get as much cleared off as possible before it freezes on the pavement...they've been doing that all afternoon, hoping to prevent a big build up of ice.

Glad I'm not obligated to go anywhere now this week...I'm sure our gravel road is a sheet of ice. I hope I can at least venture out for some groceries later...or maybe Den can take me to town? I usually keep the pantry well stocked for just this type of situation, but hard to stock up too much on fresh produce, etc.

Rock, glad your cousin's family are getting together to honor their loved one. Den and I will be buried in his family cemetery just down the road from our farm. Already have our head stone put up, names engraved, etc. Kind of weird, I know, but his dad gave us a "gift certificate" a few years ago to get that done. One less thing for the survivor or our kids to have to worry about.

Guess I'll load the dishwasher, then work on some tax stuff till Den gets home. Hope everyone is doing okay...we are just waiting for warmer weather.



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Mikie: Those sure are some clouds!!! Possible photoshopped a little? I would think if Joe cut out the cigarettes that would make a giant difference in his BP, but then I've never smoked. But to me, the cravings would be similiar if someone is hooked on chocolate, or is obese and NEEDS to constantly eat. I have a HS friend who has a hernia, but her doctor refuses to operate UNTIL she loses a lot of weight. She says she tries....hmmm? And she's got arthritis really bad and I think if she lost some weight it might help. She's about as tall as she is around.

Spring: You always seem to have family gatherings, but they do sound like a lot of fun.

Julie: I remember the last time Susan was out and you went to so much trouble for her. How did she wind up in the good graces of the family? And.....she also was in a wheelchair and couldn't walk. What happened with all of that?

Yesterday nausea hit me big time as I was heading out for a walk. Decided to come back, good thing because I threw up several times and slept off and on for an hr. Or so. I know when I woke in the morning my stomach felt like a rock.

Rock: You must be a very F A S T reader, you sure can devour those books. I read about 2 pages at night then I'm tired. Just CAN'T sit during the day, so it takes forever to get thru a book.......if I do.

I headed to the dollar store this morning and saw a homeless woman with her shopping cart loaded. I walked over to talk with her, gave her some $ and asked how she came to this situation in her life. She lost her home and her car after a boyfriend left her. Said because she doesn't have an address she can't apply for a job, even a salesclerk. Soooooo many homeless people, it seems overwhelming. I've thought about letting a person live in a portion of my house, but then I have second thoughts because I'm alone. Many legal ramifications to think of. It just breaks my heart when I see women on the street.


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Hi Kids

A gracious good morning (Lily Tomlin style) to you all. Just tried to send my recovering brother another e mail. Far as I can tell everything worked OK. We'll see if he gets it. This machine acts like a character in a Max Sennett comedy. Which is perfectly appropriate in at least one way. The Max Sennett studio that turned out comedies with bathing beauties and keystone cops used to be in this neighborhood. Shot many movies in Echo Park.

Sun, yup, I'm a fast reader. Always have been. But nowadays I have trouble keeping track of what I've read; sometimes try to put a book on hold that I already have on hold, etc. There's an area on Glendale Blvd. a few miles from us. Homeless people often panhandle there. Some years back, don't know how many, there was a young man there w/ a dog. I was on the wrong side of the street to give them anything. But I intended to when I came back from my errands. Forgot all about them. Don't even know if they were still there when I did drive by. Alz is the gift that never stops giving.

Of course there some who don't look too deserving. I think I mentioned the 3-4 teen boys who have a beat up sign saying, "Need money to bury brother." They use the same sign year after year. As for someone to live with you, yes, it does sound dangerous.

Julie, headstones are so expensive now I think it was wise to buy one at the time you received the money. I read recently that the average funeral now costs $11,000. More and more people are getting cremated. The funeral business keeps raising the cost to make up for fewer funerals. I read a few years back that in Calif. you must have a casket even if you are cremated. The funeral folks will sell you a cardboard one for $500. That last figures may be out of date. My cousin plans to be buried in Virginia. Asked where I wanted to be buried. Told him I didn't care. I won't know what happens after I'm dead.

Here's a beautiful cemetery pic. Don't know where it is.

Hugs, All


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Rock: Here's a thought. Get a little notebook and a pen, and everytime you start a new book write the title and the date. It might be fun to see how many you can read in a month.

Yes, there are a lot of panhandlers. Many times if a person asks me for $, I ask if it is for food, or have they eaten today. Several times I've gone into a grocery store and told them to get some food and I would meet them at the checkout lane. I don't want people to be hungry. And then there are those people who just plain like living on the street and loafing their day away. I think it's the women who bother me the most, wishing I could help.

I actually called the local motel across from where we were talking. Just to find out how much for a month. He said they only rent weekly....$65 a week. I was dumbfounded at the price for this "roach motel".

The other day I bought 6 LED floodlights for outdoors, today I had my gardener change the bulbs, and then I went to Lowe' again today and bought two more and changed them. OMG.....nice and bright now! I have a long walkway up to the front door and it's dark without lights......scary actually. I had gotten into the habit of turning on the outdoor lights when I went to bed but was worried about the price. The LED floodlights cost around $7.50 each and cost $1.89 a YEAR to use them and they're guaranteed to last 9 years. Now that really makes sense.


Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

Got up to BP that was 124/74. Woo Hoo! Looks as though the slight increase in my med and the running in the pool are working. Just have the small flowers to plant and two other plants to repot in the atria today. My NRG isn't great but I'm plodding along. I'm glad the kids are back downstairs so I don't have to keep running down there. I was right about the cameras on the GMC SUV's that give a bird's eye view of them. There are cameras all over that give views in front, back and on the sides. The computer onboard uses that info to provide a virtual bird's eye view when parking or backing out. Soooo clever. I knew David would know the answer. He's a techie. Dennis wasn't the least bit curious about how it works on his.

Barb's DSIL stopped me out on the balcony yesterday to ask questions about how things work in the hood as far as the boards and how we fund projects. I think his heart is in the right place but his personality can be very abrasive. He would do work in the hood for free if the big board would let him. The value of the work he did for our little assn. is about $650. I think he now has a better idea of how it all comes together.

Julie, I agree that it makes sense to put off all obligations until you are feeling better. You have enough on your plate just taking care of the daily chores. I hope you are on the mend so you can enjoy your family.

Rock, I forget which books I've read and try to buy them all over again. Fortunately, Amazon knows which ones I already own. The more I use technology, the more I think it's made for people like me. Doh! The name of the bush that gored me escapes my memory. I blotted up the blood and forgot to treat it. Doesn't look infected. I wore heavy work gloves on my hands because there were lots of spider webs where I was pulling out weeds and ferns. I should wear long sleeves but, if I did, I would sweat to death. My kids tease me that when I die, it's the cardboard box for me. Since I'm gonna be cremated, it likely will be.

Sun, nicotine is my addiction and it is horrible. I haven't smoked in more than 30 years but, every now and then, I'll have a passing craving for a cigarette. If I can get Joe moving, I'll try to work on him about the smoking. We're very good friends but it's really none of my business if he wants to smoke. Strangely, his wife died of lung cancer from smoking. I would think that would scare him away from it. If he walks and feels better, he may not want to smoke as much. I have heard the horror stories about people who invite others into their homes and can't get rid of them. Be very careful and know the law. My neighbor invited a lady into her condo temporarily and the woman wouldn't leave. She had a horrible time. Imagine living with someone under such hostile conditions. You have a heart of gold.

Gonna get going. I hope everydobby has a great day.

Love, Mikie



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Good Tuesday morning! I'm feeling a bit better, I think. Woke up too early because the electricity went off and it got too quiet when the fan quit. Electric has been popping off and on since yesterday afternoon...hope it doesn't go out completely. Den was still home...as he got ready to pull the truck out of the shop, the electric went out again (so the automatic overhead door wouldn't work)...he got ready to open the door manually, but the lights came on so he quickly left. Goodness, we are sure spoiled, lol! But, I don't feel guilty...only took us over 30 years of living here to get some of these conveniences, lol!

Mikie, glad your med adjustment and exercise is doing the trick. If your DSIL is asking questions, would that mean maybe he isn't thinking of selling Barb's condo?

Sun, you are so kind to the homeless and others who are less fortunate. I think it's a good idea to actually buy food, etc. instead of just handing money.

Are you wondering how we all came to know Susan? She was a friend of Lindsey and David's (I think they went to the same church, or met at a church function...when the kids were first married and living in Tennessee before moving back to Iowa.) Susan sometimes rode up here with them when they came to visit...I think she was only 14 or 15 when we all met. When the kids moved up here, Susan would ride the bus or train to Iowa...then eventually got her driver's license and her own car and would just drive on her own (a couple times she did bring a friend along.)

We all just sort of adopted each other...her family was/is very dysfunctional and we became part of her "safe team"...people who would love her unconditionally and who she could trust. She seems to be more close to Amy and her family, but Den and I have been parental figures to her for years. Lindsey and David sort of took on the role as spiritual mentors.

Susan had been in and out of hospitals...so many times, I have forgotten. She has been diagnosed with an auto-immune condition that affects her spine. And more recently they found that her blood pressure drops when she is up and about...but rises to a more normal level when lies down. So, she would think she was feeling okay, but when she got up to do chores, etc...she would feel like she was gonna collapse. I don't remember the names of what is wrong...and I think doctors are still trying to figure things out. She also has migraines, and severe problems in the heat.

I honestly don't know how she manages...mostly on her own. She still speaks to her parents, and tries to watch out for her younger brother...but I'm sure it's hard. Different people come and go in her life....at just the right times for when she needs them. She still works as a physical therapy assistant, but I know it's hard for her to keep going. She's just determined to try to keep a job and not give up.

Anyway...I can tell I've been up too long...better take a break, maybe even go back to bed. We had such a storm last night (freezing rain, snow, etc.) our schools are closed again today...these poor kids will be going through part of the summer :(


Hi, Kids,

It's still early so decided to refill my pill boxes, load the DW and order some things on Amazon. My watch came with a white band and it looks nice but I wanted a bright red one. Apple charges $50 each for them. For less than $30, I can order ten of the after market bands. I only ordered one for now. I don't need all those colors. The single one was $9. One can buy a $500 leather Hermes designer band. Think I'll pass. I also got the press-on watch face protector so the face doesn't get scratched. Finally, I got an electric water dish for SV. He needs to get used to drinking out of something other than the glass goblet, especially if I leave him here while I'm gone to CO this summer. He's very particular about the water's being fresh. The electric ones circulate the water to keep it aerated and fresh. He will likely play in the water. I don't want him to get sick while I'm gone, or ever actually.

Julie, glad you are feeling better. Is the garage door heavy? The one we had could be released to open manually but we never had to do it. I think we all deserve to be spoiled by things which make our lives easier. The only problem is when the power or wi-fi goes out and then they don't work. Everyone I know who gets a smart watch or an Alexa-like personal assistant finds all kinds of uses for them to make life easier. Look how dependent we have become on our appliances. I don't want to have to go back to using a manual wringer tub to wash my clothes. Don't want to have to get ice to keep my food cold either. These conveniences open up time we can use for other things. For people like me with memory and cognitive issues, the smart stuff is a God send. If I can forget my own DD's birthday, I can forget other important things. What you need on the farm is a robot. One that looks like a handsome young man. ;)

When I selected the emoji, the entire post disappeared. That has happened before. Fortunately, I saved the post just before selecting it. Grrrr! :mad: My computer needs an exorcism. Hope y'all are doing well.

Love, Mikie


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Good morning dear Porchies,

I am actually here for a bit this morning since DH is gone to his meeting and I am sort of caught up with the wash right now. I will go to sing with our small group this afternoon for the first time since the holidays. I wish we sang in the mornings in a way as I have to go and get changed again and put on makeup, etc, to get ready to sing. Although the afternoons give me more time time piddle around which can be good and bad. Normally, I am not that great in the mornings at moving around and getting things done but I do what I have to do, like we all do. This weather is just crazy, warmer and then cold and rainy, I don't know what to put on to wear any more it seems. It will be 62 they say today but we will see if we get any sun which will help a lot. It has been feeling so damp here lately that really bothers me and makes it feel colder than it is.

JULIE - Glad you are feeling at least a little better. I know that awful weather has got to not be very helpful to either you or Den. Hope you continue to get and feel much better really soon. It is nice that Susan has you , and your family ,to rely on and help her. YOu and Den must be looking forwards to his semi retiring with this awful weather he has to work in esp with him feeling so ill. How often or how many hrs will he be working when he semi retires?

MIKIE - I agree with both you and JULIE on appliances. The simple life is and was great then in many ways but I need all the help I can get from appliances. Wish I could get an Apple watch but do not have any Apple devices, Later on I may get the Samsung versions if they have one. I know they have cheaper versions but not sure if I want to have something that will not last very long. I will keep on checking out the info to see what is or might be available in the future. Sorry to hear about your dumb computer and it needing an exorcism :)!! That is funny about SV and his special water tendencies . How long will you be gone in the summer to visit your DD? I know you are looking forwards to it.


Hugz to ROCK, STAR, SW, BARRY, SUN , DUCKIE and all I may have forgotten,
Granni :)



Hi, Kids,

Just woke from my siesta. I was beat after coming in from planting and repotting. It's my back pain that causes the fatigue, even when I wear the back brace. It's hard to work out there when Grace is around. She's like a backseat driver only with gardening. They are going home early this year and I'm finished on her side of the building. I need to finish working inside before I go back out to clean out the weeds in the front center bed. Barb's DSIL fixed the stair railing I've been waiting months to have the mgmt. co's handy man fix. I'm really grateful for all he has done for us and he is being so nice.

Granni, I'm pretty much useless in the afternoons so try to get everything done in the mornings. I never was an Apple person but had thought I'd get an iPhone to Facetime with my kids who, like so many of the younger people, all have iPhones and iPads. When DSIL heard I was looking at iPhones, he gave me his old one when he upgraded to a new one and he put me on their plan. As I've mentioned, I never thought I needed a smart watch until David downstairs told me everything the Apple Watch is capable of. When even my doc, who hates everyone and everything, was delighted with the medical aspects of the watch, it became apparent it was a good thing for me. I also look back fondly at the simpler times in many ways but I also love so many of the things we have today. I think my nostalgia is more for the gentler and kinder manners people had back then. It wasn't such a hurried world then either. People took time and generally treated one another better. I usually only stay about three days at my kids' but want to stay four or five days this time. SV doesn't do well when I'm gone.

Think I'll get into the tub and soak away my aches and pains. It's early but I'm just gonna relax the rest of the day so might as well. Then, I think I'll slip into my jammies. I can read the new book and just enjoy myself. Hope everydooby is enjoying the day.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Gang, I'm recovering from PAD (Post Anxiety Disorder).....
Three inches of snow, trees breaking in the forest, power out for two days, and THEN the propane tank went empty (faulty gage). So no electricity, no heating, no cooking, hard to read.... And the phone went out also, so NO communication. No cell reception here, just landline. Finally got everything resolved yesterday. Richard drove to where we could get cell-phone reception, and called the propane guy who was very quick in getting to us. 6 hrs. later the electricity and phone came back. Two days of :eek: for me.

Don't have much to say. There is a flood warning for tonight..

I am truly exhausted now, though relieved. I think today will be rest, rest, and more rest.;).

We don't have a generator, (what's the use of a machine that you will only use for a day or two, every 4-5 yrs?)....

Mikie, shopping again. Have fun! Last thing I bought at a store was a dragonfruit, which I mentioned in an earlier post. I am awaiting the arrival of several books from Amazon, my favourite place to shop.

Spring, you haven't half been busy! I drooled at the thought of the Chinese cooked pig-trotters. I like pickled pig's feet, but Richard does not! Yes Spring, the doggies have been good, though the inclement weather gets them bored. Lenny loved the snow and bounded around in it, digging holes to catch "snow mice" :D. First time he has ever known snow. Romeo not impressed .:rolleyes:
Spring, you said not many people keep cats in Kathmandu. Why not? Don't you have mice?

Sun, your kindness to the down and out, the needy, the ill, the homeless and hungry moves me. Blessings to you my dear. We have a lot of homeless up here in the area; they often have little camps at the edge of town. It is so sad, and it seems to be getting worse. I wish the govt. would be a little more pro-active in helping these folks. I think Jesus would....

Julie, you keep warm! How does Oreo handle the freezing weather? I imagine he is a house dog most of the time, eh? At least at this time of year.

I am so upset about climate change and plastic I don't know what to do.:(:(:(:mad:

Okey dokey, artichokey, I've got to go now.
Love to All, sorry I couldn't speak to you all....

Blessings to All,
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Good morning afternoon everyone!

My life is still flying by in a whirl!

It has been very rainy, and we still have flood warnings everywhere. The ground is totally saturated, so all the rain is just running off. Temperatures have been crazy as well...as high of 65 one day and the next a high of 19. Today the high is going to be in the 50's and tomorrow's high will only be in the 30's. Fortunately, it is supposed to stop raining before that, so we won't have any snow, but we're supposed to have some wicked winds tomorrow. I guess that makes tomorrow Winds-day.

Rock - You asked about the "scarf-looking" things on the side of my purse...those are the handles. They're made out of the same cloth as the contrast fabric.

Julie - You've certainly had it harder with these storms than we have, but that last big one hit everyone from San Antonio to Detroit! We got almost 4" of rain out of it in just 2 days. I heard that Kansas City had ice and snow. We had a bit of snow Sunday, but not much (less than 1/2" of heavy wet stuff that melted by the next day). Since then it's just been pretty steady rain.

Mikie - I'm glad you're getting a fountain for SV. When I got one for my cats, they started drinking lots more water...so much so that I had to get a second one. It's so good for them. I'm glad you're able to customize your meds like that. My DM's doctor finally told her to customize her diuretic dose and was very pleased with the results when she went in yesterday.

Sun - It is so hard for the homeless to get back on their feet because of the lack of an address. One of the charities to which the Kids Komfort quilts go is dedicated to just that; specifically with families (usually moms and kids) - getting them a job and getting them back into a 'real' life.

Granni - We've just added a second spring concert onto our list. It will be a pared down version of our full concert and will be done in one of the smaller cities in the northern part of the county (since we are officially the "Butler (County) Philharmonic"). I also heard we may be doing the Brahms German Requiem next year. I'll be really pleased if we do!

Spring - All those yummy eats. Making me hungry. But my diet is still holding strong. I'm up to (down to???) 38 pounds. Still have a long way to go to be at a healthy weight, though.

Barry - Our old dog would have loved all the snow we had. Of course, she was a husky mix and loved the snow. But she hated the rain, so this last week would have made her miserable. What a time you've had, though! I'm glad you are safe and sound. Breathe deeply. I used to eat pickled pigs feet when I was a kid. Can't seem to bring myself to buy them and try them anymore.

Star - It's a little late for me to chime in on this, but I think you made the right call about your oldest DS. Stick to your guns!

Back to work for me. Hugz to all!

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Duckie: Congratulations on your weight loss! Thats quite an achievement. What are you eating or not eating? Are you following WW?

Barry: How awful!!!! You and Richard were basically "mountain men" struggling with the elements. Do you have a wood burning fireplace? I have, but don't have wood anymore to burn and I was always afraid to set a fire anyway. When the kids were younger and we lived at our other house, we were without power for 3 days in the dead of a cold winter. Thankfully we had added a fireplace and that saved us. We all slept in front of the fire all night to keep warm. And I had to use a camping lantern at the kitchen table. Of course I had to wait for my DH to get home to light it since I was afraid.

Did anyone see Lady Gaga and one of her awards acceptance speech on sunday? She suffers a lot from FM and has been talking about what it's like. Anyway, she basically said that there are a lot of hurting people out there, for one reason or another, and we ALL need to really listen to these people. The homeless woman told me yesterday that most people just look thru her and ignore that she's there. She thanked me for letting her unload. And I ended up digging thru my wallet and came up with a $20 to give her.....what surprised me was she asked if I would be OK with giving it.....would I be short? I told her I was OK and she was so excited....said she was going to head to the thrift store for a blanket. Honestly, that broke my heart. She told me she sleeps during the day in public and then wanders the streets at night....safer that way. What a world.

Mikie: I tried one of those electric fountains but you've heard the term "fraidy cats"......that was Clair. The noise scared her and she wouldn't go near it so I returned it to the pet store.

Rock: I mentioned about keeping a list of books you read in a notebook, I used to do that and then rate each book with a C or B or A++, whatever, plus I would write a little synopsis to remind myself what the book was about. I have a terrible memory for the most part. But important conversations I've had, I can recall almost word for word and how it made me feel. I guess it was burnt into my brain.

After several days of rain I finally called the gas company. He came out and found the leak at my meter BUT also found a major leak next door. Right now he's waiting for another department to come check it out. Should be interesting since the neighbors don't speak english although the grandkids do so these boys might have to translate.

And my handyman was working next door so I had him come look at a possible automatic timer put in for my outdoor lights. Which are incredibly bright! No burglar dare come up to my house!!!!!