PORCH #1116 IS NOW CLOSED (2/15/19)



Hi, Kids,

Time for a new Porch. There is nothing that says spring like baby chicks and ducklings.

I cleaned the guest bath and hauled in some of the furniture from the balcony. I'll bring in the other chairs in the morning before the pressure wash guy arrives. Also brought in the wreath on the door and the door mat. I moved the two plants as well. The sinus problems have stayed around all day and I'm pooped. Can't clean the tile in the entry until after I take all this stuff back out after the balcony is cleaned. My lanai needs to be cleaned before the kids come down.

Been watching TV in between chores. Dr. Oz had two women on who had near death experiences. Also, a medium grief counselor. The counselor said that Heaven is all around us in a different dimension. That is what I've believed for a long time now. Both women described Heaven as a beautiful place filled with overwhelming love. The counselor said people come back from NDE's to teach us about what happens to us when we die and to help us not to be afraid.

Julie, sounds as though you are truly on the mend. Glad you got some things done and also glad you rested. Stop back when you can.

Granni, how nice that you all can get together. Wish I lived closer to my kids. Missing them is the only thing that spoils an otherwise wonderful life. Your weather sounds just like ours. It is 79 degrees out but the condo is cool. Thought maybe Barb would sit out on the balcony. I told her DD that I would sit out there with her if she goes out. The Losartan isn't the problem with me. It has no side effects. It's the Clonodine, 0.1 mgs. I take a whole one at bedtime and about 3/4 of one in the morning now. SV hasn't drunk much water today. The novelty of the fountain may have worn off. I hate to have to keep giving him his water from the glass goblet but I am afraid that he will get sick again. He's a real pill! Enjoy your dinner.

I hope all y'all have a wonderful evening and end to the week.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Kids

Nice pic, Mikie. That must be a baby Ibis. Or would it be something an Ibis might eat? We are just back from a trip to the In & Out drive in. I think every building in the country qualifies for the name In & Out. Annyhoo we ordered from the "Secret Menu". Got a shake. Just like every other shake I've had in the last 40 years.

No specific flavor. Just a bland taste and a cool liquid. The burger had no bun. It was a
slice of melted cheese between two meat patties. That's not a burger. A burger has two
parts. Meat pattie and bun. The fries had melted cheese on them. Uff-da! Typical bland food. Almost tasteless. I guess the secret part is that the customer gets overcharged.

We will be having rain later this afternoon. Gotta go out and put some dry towels in
kitty's shelter. She is outside sleeping at the moment. Hmmm. Thought Gordon was
out running errands, but turns out he is napping. Well, that's good. He works too hard.

OH! Gotta see if the towels are dry. Some days I feel like I'm in the movie Rain. Wouldn't
care to be in a cast with Joan Crawford. Beautiful but tough as old leather.

Later, Rock



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How adorable, that little baby chick! Not very springy here.....more rain is due today. Yesterday we had a lot of hard rain then clearing then rain again. I've had those boards outside to divert the rain incase the water starts rising by the patio lip in back. I don't worry about the pool overflowing though since I found out a few years ago that it has an overflow pipe once the water gets too high it spills over on the patio. The newer pools don't have this though and you have to know how to put a hose in and start the syphon going.....meaning you have to suck really hard on the hose.

Did you make your plane reservations yet? If you're like me, I always buy cancellation insurance.

Granni: Smart to go out for dinner the day after the 14th. It's like trying to get reservations on Mother's Day....close to impossible if you wait until the last minute.

Rock: About In and Out......when we first moved to California, pulling a 20' trailer, my dad parked it at a trailer park in Baldwin Park. I was around 4 at the time but some things are just burnt into my memory even then. My dad and all the men in the trailer park used to gather in the evening to stand around and drink cokes and shoot the breeze. One of the men....Mr. Snyder, asked my Dad if he wanted to go in business with him, he wanted to open a hamburger stand. My mom said ABSOLUTELY NOT.....the saved $ was needed to buy a lot and build a home. That was the first In and Out....still at that location but it's been the corporate office for years. And driving on the 10 freeway you can still look to the north at Francisquito Ave. and see the trailer park. I guess that makes me "trailer trash"! LOL

The Snyder family became millionaires from their hamburger business. But not all wonderful. The Snyder family business was taken over by the two sons. One died first, I think in a small plane crash and the other died in an auto accident on Christmas Day. I was told the second one's life was a mess.....heavy drug use, etc. Having tooo much $ can be a real curse if you don't use it correctly.

I've gone multiple times yesterday and today, looking for that homeless woman. On fridays a church nearby gives away food and she mentioned that she goes there. So 3 times I drove past the line up of people, but couldn't find her. I guess she moved on.


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Morning Kids

Today is February 16, National Gum Drop Day. Also National Be Nice to a Grouch Day.
My mother's best friend was a great candy maker. She made candies at home that I never
heard of anyone else making outside of a factory. One was peanut brittle with chocolate
on top. The other was gummy squares. In different colors. Made in a pie or cake pan.

Sun, I never heard of In and Out till I moved to Calif. Read about 'em in Wikipedia. They
are only in a few states. Want to stay small so they can keep control. They do charitable
work. The original building was demolished when the Ten Freeway was constructed. The
TV chef Ina Garten says she likes their food and so did Julia Child. Gordon has a cook-
book by Ina. Call herself the Barefoot Contessa.

Not sure how much rain we had last night, but kitty stayed dry. Came around for her
midnight snack. Yesterday afternoon I took all the towels out of her shelter. Two
were damp so I put all of them in the dryer. Sometimes when I'm working on her
shelter she comes and watches. Most of the time she wanders off to the a distant
part of the yard.

Mikie, are you and SV working on that Lanai? I looked up lanai and discovered it is
also a small Hawaiian island. Owned by some company. Has two luxury resorts.
Sounds Perfect for you. Take the family with you. When Gordon and I were in Hawaii
we went into the water up to our ankles. Didn't go any farther. No sense stirring up
fish the size of Cadillac with appetites to match.

Going back to bed. Aloha everydobby.


Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

It's 60 degrees out this morning with a sky full of uneven clouds. Will be hot this afternoon. Barb never did come outside yesterday. I hope she is gonna be OK. SV didn't want to drink at all and it worried me. He could have been making trips to his fountain; I couldn't be sure. This morning, I put the goblet in front of him and he drank quite a bit. Relief! He was very sweet this morning before I got up. He nestled next to me in bed. Yesterday, a service came in to grind out the stumps of trees which had recently been cut down. Now, Joe can have the plumbers in to fix the sewer line which had roots growing into it, causing it to back up in one of the condos in his bldg. AACCKK!!

Rock, I wish I could find an old fashioned burger like the ones we had when I was a yute. We had a couple of mom 'n pop drive in burger joints and their burgers and shakes were soooo good. The ones at the chains don't taste like that at all. At first I thought the In And Out might be a brothel. :rolleyes: SV likes to watch me clean too. Cats are so interested in everything. They especially seem to appreciate when we clean things for them. He likes to watch me clean out his litter box. My Mom took a candy making class and made all kinds of delicious treats including hand dipped chocolates. I miss my Mom.

Sun, smart of you to use those boards to keep the water off the patio. If you see animals walking two by two, it's time to get your own boat. I haven't made flight reservations yet. Need to coordinate with younger DD as I'll be staying with her. Older DD said I could stay there but I know DGS wants to spend as much time with me as he can. Jeff, the president of our hood and the cats' baby daddy, is the head ranger at a wildlife refuge out on Sanibel Island. Claudia told him we would come out for a visit one of these days. Sounds like fun to me. At one time, my ex and I gave serious consideration to buying an Orange Julius but decided against it in the end.

OK, Kids, gotta get dressed so I can start hauling in the rest of the furniture on the balcony. Hope everydobby has a great start to the weekend.

Love, Mikie


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Hey, Folks

Mikie, your advice to Sun about getting a boat shows you Noah lot. For folks who
like Orange Julius you can find the recipe on the net. Reminds me; Back during
WWII the government wanted to send orange juice to the troops in the Pacific. The
trouble was it spoiled during the long voyage. Eventually they solved the problem.
They had to really concentrate though.



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ROCK - You are right about that concentration. That's all we drank at home was OJ from the concentrated frozen juice in the can. It was pretty good. DH is on the computer trying to do our taxes. I am now on the tablet. So, I am not typing to quickly. LOL !

MIKIE- Don't wear yourself out with all that furniture moving. Hope the power washing goes well.

It is chilly, dreary and sprinkling out right now. I think it is in the 50s. Don't like it at all. We went out before when DH couldn't find his credit card. Figured out he left it at the restaurant last night. When he got there the gal went to the register and asked his name. She took out a bunch of c c that had been left there. Not sure if all were from last night or not. What a relief not to have to cancel the old one and wait for a new one to come. Then, we ran to the grocery store for a few things. The weather was awful.

It is a pain trying to post on the tablet so I will sign off for now.

Love to you all,


Hi, Kids,

Just stopping in for a minute. This keyboard is all squirrely and I just lost the first line of this paragraph. I hate worrying that I'm gonna lose text. Seems as though once I set the text color and size, things are a bit more stable. Oh how I long for my old Toshiba work horse laptop. It is taking forever for the two guys to finish pressure washing the carport top. One guy is on top of it and that is making me very nervous. I had a horrible sense of dread yesterday and it's back this morning. Don't think it's some kind of ESP, just the anxiety our illnesses can cause. I cleaned the floor in my bath but it needs to be mopped. Roomba is vacuuming the carpet in my bedroom. I'll mop the bath once she is done with the carpet. I feel too anxious to do much. I'll indulge in watching This Old House and the cooking shows. Cooking shows relax me when I'm tense.

Rock, Glad you liked the little joke. Noah was the first marine arketect. No doubt aboat it. I think his ark was the first floating animal shelter. Glad he saved all those critters. Orange you glad for citrus? Nothing like an iced drink to ade in cooling off on a hot day. Citrus is great for cooking and getting rid of those ugli age spots on the hands. SV made a little bed for himself on top of the chair cushions I brought in from the balcony. I took a pic but haven't uploaded the pics to my computer. Finally figured out how to crop photos on this phone and save them. I'd probably get a lot more of these techie gadgets if I were to spend the time to figure them out. Hope you are having a great day.

Granni, so glad you guys found the credit card. Yes, it's a big pain to have to cancel them. It's 79 degrees out and sunny. I'm in the guest room watching TV. The window looks out on the swimming pool. People are enjoying it and splashing around. My Mom squeezed fresh oranges for our juice. She hated the canned and bottled stuff. Don't know why. I like it. Hope the taxes go well. That's always a stressful thing to do. Your DH is smart to start early. Many happy returns.

Good grief! All the remodelers on This Old House and the homeowner are wearing Apple Watches. Wonder whether they get them from Apple. I know a lot of celebs get them for free. Seems as though there is a marathon on today. I love watching remodeling and decorating shows. I learned a lot from my ex about being handy but I have also learned a lot from the TV shows.

Hope everydobby is enjoying the start to the weekend.

Love, Mikie



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Granni: Whew.....glad you found the CC. I wonder about that......I would think that you DH would have picked it up off the tray IF it had been returned by the waiter last night. Be sure to check for a couple of weeks for unusual charges. I hate that a waiter takes your CC and walks away with it to the back room. I would think it would be so easy to just copy down a #.

Last week I finished a watercolor I did for a friend....it has to go to Alaska. I'm doing all this....framing, etc. because she doesn't make much $. So, what a hassle. It has glass so it needed to be protected AND keep the cost down. So I put a request on the nextdoor neighbor site, asking for styrofoam. One woman told me where I could have the entire WC packed and sent, BUT.....you add the cost of packing to the shipping. So this morning another neighbor had some styrofoam she was going to toss and I went to her house to pick up. Then I had to use some large sheets of cardboard and make my own odd size box. After over an hr. I finally got it all sealed up, but since monday is a holiday I'm going to wait until tuesday to mail it. BUT, it's out of the way now.

And I've got bitty pieces of styrofoam all over the kitchen floor from having to cut it. I'm dealing with a roaring headache on top of the usual *&^%$#@ so need to vacuum. I always end up with some kind of mess from trying to be creative and save some $.

Last night I rented the new movie, Bohemian Rhapsody. It's a story about Freddi Mercury who died from AIDS back in the 70s. What an immensely talented/tortured young man, but the entire movie is filled with his singing. I didn't know who he was back in the 70s discovered him years ago from watching a PBS special. And two nights ago I rented "the wife" starring Glenn Close. She's nominated for best actress. I doubt she will win as her character was pretty low keyed until the end when her drama came out.

Barry: I did a search for the CBD Freeze from the link. I think I'm going to try it, since you have 30 days for a refund. I'll let you know how it goes.

Rock: I think Miss Kitty likes to watch you, make sure you do her bed right!


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Sun - my DD just loved Bohemian Rhapsody when it came to the theatres. she was humming a Queen tune all week. Freddie was born in India apparently, as was Cliff Richard. Yesterday i saw a show hosted byJoanna Lumley on India, her grandma was from there, Sikkim. she wanted to see the house her grandma grew up in but it had been turned into a civilservants home, and she was denied permission. She managed to pull a few strings to get in. she is so different from her spoilt character in AbsolutelyFabulous.

so accepting of others culture and very down to earth and a hands on traveller. she exuded a love of life and the living of it and seemed blessed with a lot of energy.
How sweet and savvy of you to make the packaging for your friends wc.

Rock - all those puns, from Mikie too.its almost like you have adopted Miss Kitty. making sure she stays dry and fed.

Mikie - looks like a busy time in the hood. the feeling of dread can come from a stomach ailment. but what is causing the upset stomach. do they heat the water in your pool every day? i mean till the weather becomes warmer. how warm is it?

yesterday i went out to visit an old city..Bhaktapur. an hour by bus. i had planned a trip sometime back. yesterday decided it was the day. i decided not to wait fortwo other friends, one wanted to go someplace nearer, she was tired and the other had some work and wanted to go later but i thoughti better seize the moment and not wait. they can go together.

what a wonderful time i had. eventhough the city has been ravaged by the earthquake, and it rained some,very lightly. i visited some shrines, andwalked cobblestone brick alleyways, bought a wooden artifact andhad my lunch at a fancy restaurant. it wasexpensive but worth it, very well cooked meal. somehow the energy of the place was so peaceful. i felt uplifted, enervated.

in the season its filled withtourists, but there were a couple of foreigners and some other local people wanting to visit pilgrimage sites. i loved the air, it was so clean, the feeling of being in a balmy garden just after a light spring rain. its much more cleaner than our main city.

even the people seemed so more inclined to be helpful, two men sitting at a shop door, watched me try to navigate the way back along a little lane to the bus stop and asked me where i wantedto go and directed me the shorter route. a lady selling fried doughnuts and veg cutlets on a coal fire, told me, the doughnuts i bought werent warm, wasthat okay? i doubt she has seen a microwave in her life, and her pots werent free to warm mine.

really lovely break, it was.

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Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

Finally got our carport roof cleaned along with our balcony area. I felt so bad for the two guys who did the work. The one had obviously underbid the job. It took them more than five hours. That breaks down to only $125 each. They did a beautiful job. If it were work for me, I'd have tipped them but it is illegal for me to do it with assn. funds. I told the owner to turn in an invoice for $300 and I would tell mgmt. to pay it because I asked for some extra work. I also told him that when he bids jobs in here to make sure he gets paid well. He said he would. Such a nice guy.

Barb is feeling better with less pain from her fall. She sat out in the shade on the balcony with Grace and me while her kids went to the grocery store. She looks so much better. We were worried about her. She loves sitting out there in the balmy breezes, watching what all the neighbors are doing. Her DD brought out some red wine and cheese crackers. I seldom drink and woke in the middle of the night with a headache. Still, I got eight hours of good sleep.

Sun, I read that it is often when people eat out that their credit card info is stolen. It happened to me once. The thief bought two low cost items through Bealls online. That was stupid because the law could find him or her through the delivery address. I notified the card co. before anything more expensive was bought. The card itself wasn't taken. I noticed it on my bill. Sorry you had a mess to clean up when you're feeling so lousy. I'm sure your friend will be delighted with the painting, a gift from the heart.

Spring, how wonderful that you can visit the old city with its amazing architecture. I suggest our Porchies look it up. It is amazing. I know what you mean about that kind of air. Some areas have lots of negative ions which make people feel light and happy. It's usually at the seashore, in the mountains and around waterfalls. The rain can bring such air too. The Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions as well. Glad you enjoyed the day.

On Tuesday, there will be a super moon, the Snow Moon. That will help me to feel better. I felt so much better yesterday as the day progressed. Even though I had things to do, I felt there was no better use of my time than to sit out with Barb. That light happy feeling also comes with sitting out in the balmy breezes on a perfect day. We are at the time of year when almost every day is perfect. I'm so happy to be able to enjoy them. Soon, friends and neighbors will be leaving for their northern homes.

Gonna run to Publix to get the newspaper. Gonna buy a bread mix to make a loaf of white bread in the machine. Been craving it lately. Hope everydobby is having a wonderful Sunday.

Love, Mikie



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Good Morning, Kids

I'd tell you what I did yesterday, but the only thing I can remember is that we went to Trader Joe's. As usual they had beautiful flowers including azaleas, phalaenopsis, and some parrot
tulips I've never seen before: lavender and white. I brought home their Fearless Flyer. It
tells you all about the fabulous bargains they have. Funny, when I'm in the store almost everything looks really 'spensive.

Mikie, I bet those roofer guys will give you great service every time they come back now.
That was very nice of you; smart too. Probably wasn't the wine that gave you a headache
More likely those treacherous cheese crackers. Did you hear about the explosion at
the cheese factory? Nothing left but a pile of Da Brie. I know it's an old joke, but
goudas I could do.

Star, how are things in your neck of the woods? I looked up Asutralian cheeses. Found
several with colorful names like Devil's Foot and La Petit Prince. I didn't see any
of those at Trader's Joes.

Spring, glad to hear you had a nice outing. I haven't had a fresh donut since childhood.
Out neighbor used to make them. Compared what you get in a donut shop, the home
made ones are as different as chalk and cheese.

Looked up Bhatapur. Turns out I had visited Wikipedia's article before. Probably
because you mentioned it. Once the city was the capital of Nepal. Here's a pic, Folks.
Also a pic of a sailfish. I found it on a business card advertising Baja Fishing Adventures.
The card was in a library book.

Hugs to Sun, Duckie, Barry, Julie, Granni and GB


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Hi, Kids,

Got my newspaper at Publix but they no longer have the white bread mixes. All their bread mixes are for quick breads. Guess I'll have to make it from scratch. Felt really well and took the furniture back out to the balcony. The little plastic gizmos that hold the glass top up in one of the little tables was falling out. I tried to fix it but the gizmos must be warped and wouldn't stay in. So, it's off to Bed Bath & Beyond for a replacement one of these days. Hope they still sell them. My back started hurting like a hot poker was sticking into me so I came in to relax. I'm sooo tired and think there is a nap in my immediate future. Roomba did the carpets but I doubt I'll be up to doing the tile floors. This sucks.

Tues. is my DSIL's birthday. He's the one who gave me the iPhone. Such a sweetie. It's also the next full super moon, called the Snow Moon. Been keeping up with my kids on Facebook. DD won an award for staging and decorating in TX. Wish I could see her work. Maybe she has pics I can see next mo. when they come for a visit.

Rock, love your cheese jokes. There is a new movie out about cheese. Thought I'd rennet. Maybe I'll have a Havarti Party. There is a rumor that the empty Winn-Dixie store just down the street will become a Trader Joe's. I don't think it's a good location so I doubt it but would love it if it were. Probably won't ever do the main grocery shopping anywhere other than Publix but I like to find different things. Our Aldi store has really good deals but can't get everything I need there and I hate running from one store to another these days. I buy what's on sale and the BOGO's. The guys weren't roofers but pressure washers. They cleaned off the top of the flat roof on the metal carport. We usually have the front of our bldg. done yearly so I'll probably have them back then. I gave them a glowing review to our mgmt. co. Claudia is getting a bid from them. Thanks for your kind words. I felt so bad for how long and hard they worked for their money. Hope Miss Kitty is doing well. SV had two big drinks of H2O this morning. Every time he does that, I breathe a sigh of relief. I don't know whether he is using his fountain or not.

OK, I'm outta here. Love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

Love, Mikie


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I know NOTHING about negative ions so did a search and found this most interesting site for those who might be interested. I have an air purifier in the closet.....guess I'm going to dig it out and run it in my bedroom a few hours before bed. I also looked up the salt lamps, though very pretty apparently they only work in a very small area in a room, so guess I won't be buying one of those. When my DS was here at Christmas time he mentioned that everytime he comes he gets a headache and that's because I don't open the doors and windows. Well......not in the wintertime but in the spring and summer I do, so maybe I should open the doors for a few hours every day and wear a coat. He told me that it might be contributing to my lung disease. Hmmmmm?

And apparently negative ions affect our well being, I guess do we feel depressed. Got a problem though because I use heating pads every night, all night. Double hmmmmm!


Spring:. Did a search for Bhaktapur....most interesting place. How far away is it from your city and how did you get there? You strike me as a most brave and independent lady, going exploring on your own, and I admire that.


By the way, when the kids were younger I would make fresh donuts on a sunday morning for the family. Mmmmmm, so good. However, I haven't had a donut for at least 15 plus years. Yes, they're good but so unhealthy.

I went out for a slow walk around the neighborhood earlier....COLD. It's in the low 50s but even with a fleece jacket and a warm scarf around my neck I was still cold walking.....I think it was the cold breeze.

I'm so disgusted with myself. I was looking for a large bag of polyfil and foam remnants to fix something. I know I gave away some bags of polyfil recently so maybe this peabrain gave that bag too. (*&^%$#:(
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Hi Kids

It's 2 AM here. Woke up. Fed the cat. She was so pleased she purred. Doesn't do that often.
It's 48 degrees here. Not supposed to rain during the next 4 days. I have the room heater on.

Sun, never heard of polyfil. Is it a box of crackers to feed to your parrot? Plastic pellets
to stuff a pillow or a toy? I bet the kids have happy memories of donut Sundays.

Mikie, love your cheese jokes. I tried to think of some new puns. The stuff I came up
with was whey off. Trader Joe's had something I don't remember seeing before. Next
to the free sample booth is a coffee pot and those little paper cups. You can have a
free cupa.

My fingers are too cold to type. Going back to bed. Started a book by a new author. Looks
like a swell book so far. I used to know a joke about the teacher telling little Johnny
not to say "swell". Can't remember it. Ah well...

Hugs, Rock


Good Monday Morning, Kids,

Had a good night's sleep and SV was very polite this morning when he asked me to get up. He had a nice drink of water out of his goblet. He now ignores the water fountain. I'm gonna rinse it out and fill it again. It's new and the water may have picked up a taste or smell from the plastic or pump. I thought he would at least play in the water. I wonder how much money we waste in this country on things cats don't like. Don't think I'll go over to the pool this morning. I need to wash my hair and don't want to go over with dirty hair and don't want to wash it so early. My friend, Barb B, likes to go at 8:30. It's certainly warm enough to go. Gonna be in the mid-80's today. The pool is heated to 84 degrees.

Sun, I thought we had discussed neg. ions here. My air cleaner is supposed to emit them but I haven't used it in ages. I find my salt lamps make me feel calmer. I have one in the living room by the sofa and one in my bedroom. They emit a beautiful pink glow. There is nothing like giving something away only to find you need it right afterward.

Rock, I tried to come up with more cheese jokes and gave up. Love the whey pun. So glad Miss Kitty rewards you with a good purr. SV was not much of a purrer when he first came to live with me but he now does a respectable purr whenever I pay much attention to him at all. Frank and Ilona got some kind of gummy candy at Trader Joe's that was very unusual and good but can't remember the flavor. We just got a Whole Foods store here but I haven't been out to see it. The prices were reduced but Amazon now says they will go back up. We also have a Fresh Market but I've never shopped there. Barb said the prices were very high. Been getting the biggest and most beautiful juicy strawberries at Publix. They are like berries on steroids. I prefer smaller ones; they have more flavor. None of the Little Johnny school jokes I know can be told in polite company. Hope you, Sun and Miss Kitty stay warm.

It's a good thing I just saved everything because I typed one letter and the whole thing disappeared. *%$@#! Just don't understand this keyboard/laptop. But then, there's a lot I don't understand. Doh! Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie


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Mikie: You may have discussed the negative ions but all that scientific stuff just makes me zone out.:D

Anyway, now that I've read up on them, what am I going to do about getting them in this house. A few weeks ago I bought two more plants, one for my bedroom and a brown leafed rubber tree for in my FR, hoping it can clean up the stale air.

Sorry SV is being stubborn with the fountain. CATS!!!!!

Rock: Polyfil is what makes a pillow fluffy and plump, like in your bed pillow and when it gets flat that's time to replace the pillow. There's polyfil and then there's POLYFIL which is a high grade of it. By the way, since I've been giving Clair some wet food twice a day, she reminds me when I forget.

I'm waiting for my cleaning lady to come this morning. It's been 3 weeks and there's cat fur everywhere even though when I brushed Clair the other day very little came off. I walk around in socks and I get covered with it.

I'll be back later


Hi, Kids,

Finally got in the shower and did my hair. I had to force myself to do it. For several days, I've felt jumpy and a bit fragile. Also had that awful sense of dread in the background. I just polished off a yummy salad. Publix has their own premium salad mixes and they were on BOGO. The greens are prewashed so there's nothing to do but put the dressing on. This one had all kinds of tender greens and slivered carrots. The dressing was honey ginger and there was a packet of nuts and candied ginger bits. Sooo good!

Talked to Joe. I'm taking him to his colonoscopy on Thurs. morning. We always chat about what's going on in the hood. We have almost identical ideas of how things should be handled and we help each other out.

Sun, I think it's been quite a while since we talked about the negative ions and it was in connection to the salt lamps. You can probably buy an air cleaner that emits them. That's probably why everyone was in such a good mood when Spring visited the town; it had just rained. You might like a salt lamp if you can sit or lie close enough to feel the calming effects. I'm laughing about Clair. No wonder no fur came off when you brushed her; it's all on the floor. I just cleaned SV's little soft bed and I got three big balls of his fur off of it. As you say, CATS!

It's 84 degrees out and Barb isn't sitting out today. I hope she's OK. SV is on a chair out on the lanai enjoying this beautiful day. I'm gonna sit around cause that's all I feel like doing. This is a sad situation. Or, as Riley would say, what a rotten development this is. My eyes are starting to droop and I feel sleep coming on. Siesta time. Hope all y'all are having a good start to the week.

Love, Mikie


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My cleaning lady was here today. I feel so bad for her. She had macular degeneration surgery 3 weeks ago and still not healing. Told me the first week was awful, like a knife going thru her eye. They accidently scratch or cut her cornea, and her eye ran water for over a week, along with couldn't see anything. The swelling in her eyeball also hasn't gone down.

And on top of that she had an accident accident over 3 mos. ago. Had a second MRI about 5 weeks ago, turns out a shoulder tendon has been cut (due to the accident) and that's why awful head/neck pain. I asked if she could vacuum or what she can do. Still can vacuum, can't bend over so didn't clean the shower floor so I'll steam it tomorrow and wipe down. Can't lift over 5 lbs. She's such a nice person and HAS to work. I told her last time that with all the injuries she sustained and residual injuries and pain I'm sure when it's all over I think she should get at least $350 thousand or more depending on if it goes to trial. She's a very likable person and of course I told you she's a little person. But then.....1/3 goes to the lawyer. And she's diabetic (takes insulin) has terrible knee troubles (from being a little person) and 3 years ago her doctor told her she's got FM.

I went for a walk around 4:30....OMG.....we're not used to this cold weather we're having. It was just 49. I went out, then came back in so I could put on a pull over wool sweater under my fleece jacket and neck wrap. There's a possibility that we might get a little snow this week. BRRRRRRRR. The local mountain, 20 min. From me, got snow last night and only residents are allowed in WITH chains. We're not used to COLD weather like this in So. Calif.