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Good Saturday Morning, Dear Porchies,

Time for a new Porch.
I don't know why but when I come here early, the functions on the board don't seem to work or work soooo slowly. I wonder whether the server is doing tasks during the night. It's frustrating. I can't get it to edit the subject of the old Porch so I can close it out. GRRRR! :mad: Not much going on. Based on the lack of posts, I'd say all our Porchies are in the same situation. Hope everydobby is OK.
Sun, I've been taking notes from when my Mom got older and from others to try to avoid making my own kids miserable. My Mom wouldn't use the sidewalks and her balance was bad. The grass we have down here isn't soft and makes the ground uneven. I'd see her cutting across the grass almost falling. She was so stubborn and was taking chances that might have ended up with her breaking her hip. On the one hand, she never wanted to go to a nursing facility but she didn't protect herself from falling. My kids know I do everything, just like you do, to try to remain independent. Even when I just visit them, I try not to be a pain. My friends and I discuss this all the time and we are all trying to remain independent.
Claudia's Mom is in the nicest facility in town in terms of the amenities but the care is no better. They hire the same low paid aides who aren't always kind to her Mom. I don't think it's too bad when they live in the independent parts of those places but the full-scale nursing units are awful. Claudia goes to help her Mom eat lunch almost every day. As I mentioned, I'm going to try to enjoy every day that I'm free regardless of how I feel and I'm gonna enjoy living alone and give thanks for all I have. Hope you enjoyed the girls. Also hope you can give the rocks away. I'm just so glad you will be safe from a dangerous gas line.

Gonna get going. Hope we have more visitors to the Porch than we've had for a couple of days. Star, Spring and Duckie, please at least let us know y'all are OK.

Love, Mikie
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Mikie - fine here. Just caught up with chores and tidying up a room. putting away old clothes and getting out summer things. its getting much warmer now. The help had some thingsto do and took off so i am a little rushed.

That pic you posted justmademy evening.!!! it is love.

will be back soon. DH came back after a weeks trip to Burma. He went to play with a golf team. like an invitational. He brought back a fruit called mangosteen and tiny litchis. and chocolates duty free.

God bless


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Hi Kids

Thanks for starting the new thread, Mikie. Lovely pic. Beautiful flowers and a wicker
basket. Seems to me the wicker basket people should get together with the Air Wick people.
The perfect gift for a house warming. A basket of Air Wick.

Just watched ten minutes of local news. The newscaster who was very popular and liked to
joke around received all sorts of accolades and tributes after his death. He had been at
the station a decade or so. Was given credit for improving the broadcast. He was found
in a hotel room; suspected cause of death was heart failure. This morning the coroner
announced he died from a meth overdose.

The news also included a report on some elegant homes in canyon country where the
ground is moving. Crevices have opened up and backyards are sliding down the hill.
This is the third time I've seen this report. The home owner who was interviewed keeps
saying the same thing. Funny how that works.

We went to the library yesterday. Got the script for Neil Simon's Oscar and Felix.
It's another version of The Odd Couple. The first half was so funny I laughed at
every page. Then I took a nap. For some reason the 2nd half wasn't quite so hilarious,
but still funny. Now that I've been watching Match Game I sometimes see Neil's
last wife on the panel. Her name was Elaine Joyce. She was earlier marred to Bobby
Van, a great dancer who was in too few movies. There used to be a great video of
Bobby and Joyce dancing on You Tube. Maybe it's still there.

I see more porchers have posted. Catch ya when I come back, Kids. My hands need to
be warmed up.

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Hi Kids

Back. Warmed up my hands with hot water. Ah, hear the back door. Gordon is back from Super King market. I haven't been there for years. Used to be even cheaper than Food
For Less.

Spring, did you eat the mangosteen? We had a gal at the office decades ago who was
selling some health juice with mangosteen in it. I bought a bottle. $40. Yikes. She
wasn't the ideal person to sell a health product. She weighed over 300 pounds. Even
more incredible, we had another one that looked like a twin. (Not related.) Anyhoo
you can read about the mangosteen on Wikipedia. Grows in the tropics and Florida.

Sun, you asked if we had a Sprouts market. Gordon said there was one in Eagle Rock
so we visited it yesterday. Yes, seems similar to Trader Joe's. Bought some pretty
good cookies. Chocolate chip caramel. I looked at a ten day forecast. Looks like no
rain is a comin'.

Duckie, what's the news from Cin city? Granni, what are the Texas Hills alive with?
Star, how are things in

Well, Ratbane. The machine has gone all cattawampus. Back sometime. Rock


Hi, Kids,

Went to Publix and shopped for a few things. I showered first and trimmed my hair before blowing it dry. I got a cute card for Barb to cheer her up. Hope she's cheerable. IBS is acting up and I felt really sick in the store. Came home and rested for a bit. Have the dark circles around my eyes again.

Spring, it's getting hot here too. I'm not ready for it. How sweet that DH brought home things to eat. I love the old pots and basket with the flowers too. Nothing new and shiny for me. I'll take old and rustic any time.

Rock, guess the pic is apropos because I'm a basket case today. People who have had NDE's say the flowers in Heaven are even more beautiful than here on Earth. Hard to believe anything could be more beautiful. We had Kroeger stores in CO named, King Soopers. Always shopped there. They were a lot like Publix here. So do they call those homes on the moving grounds, split level? Sorry, couldn't help myself from making a smart alec crack.

OK, gonna go see whether I can close out the old Porch. It's still slow on here trying to do things.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Folks.

Lovely spring flowers Mikie! Lifted my spirits a bit. No sun here today, and rain, rain, and more are forecast. Grey. I have a large clump of tiny daffodils in bloom, Narcissus bulbocodium). They are about 6"s tall. Next to them some deep purple crocus are in bloom, and a scattering of white, scented violets -- Viola odorata alba.

In the woods the hazels are showing their catkins.

We have six books to pick up at the library, but not going in today. A book I ordered from Amazon came to me and was NOT what I ordered, so I've been messing around trying to get that worked out. What a mess. They sent me "The Blue Book of the John Birch Society", while I had ordered a historical Susanna Gregory mystery. Bah, Humbug! And the real buyer's name and address were on the invoice....

Rock, you got Richard hooked on the Donna Andrews series. He is reading them all, in sequence, and likes them because they are quick, enjoyable to him, reads. I am bogged down in the 1500's, post plague Cambridge. An a-fore mentioned author above, S.G. I'm on the 22 in the series, and am enjoying them very much.

Cats; another shrew-mole, and a couple of field mice. They don't eat them; the ravens come down and take them away.

I miss all our porchies. I've been absent for a while myself....

Hooray for ProHealth's CBD offerings!

Gotta go lie down and read now. No NRG left....

Love to All,


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Dear Ones,

Sorry I have been so absent lately. However, I have thought about you all , alot, The usual excuse is to busy or cannot get on the computer!!

Just popping in for a bit before e eat early and then go to church. Going tonight as we cannot go tomorrow. We will be going with DSIL to San Marcos for the twins 21st birthday. Hope they don't plan on lots of bday parties with us all so far away. They are party people more than we are. However, this is sort of special with becoming 221 years old. They have grown up so fast.

MIKIE - Thanks for starting us up again and sending those lovely flowers. They are so beautiful and colorful !!

Finally got my DD close by to check her phone to see about my niece. It looks like I have been removed from her friend list. Right now I can see others when they post and DSIL is still on there and I guess I am still on her list. I had sent a message sometime ago to one of the people with a different picture on her profile but thought it might be here. Think I got the wrong girl but I can't see her to post. I think I have her email if she hasn't changed it. It breaks my heart and wondering if I should try and bother emailing her. When their dad died after the burial which we didn't' go to she didn't answer an email I sent to her when I wanted to know if they all would be at their moms for Christmas so I could sent those "ornaments" No one sent any official thank yous either.

How many of you have been using CBD and in what form oil, etc. and how it has helped you or not, I really haven't looked to see if there are other forms or not. Just checking out options. Wondering if I will have to use so much it would be ridiculous and I know it is expensive I am already finding the pinch of all these drugs plus supps. I had to change to WM pharmacy since CVS is no longer carrying Np thyroid for some reason at least in my dosage which has just been changed to 120 mg. It was so cheap in CVS with our insurance in 90 mg and now it is $35+ which is only for one month.. I got a call from the people who are trying to get my info to take the drug the dermo wants to give me. It is very expensive but our insurance makes it bearable. However, not sure how often I will need it.. When I go in a month for another mammo and BD I hope they do not find worse OP and wanting me to go on another drug. Good grief,, when does it end??

Heard from a friend of ours , in response to my email, who used to be in the K of C with DH. His wife said that he was much worse with alz and cannot think of words to say. That must be so frustrating and upsetting for family and of course him too. We also have to go to a K of C funeral from someone DH worked with years ago before he became ill and had strokes, etc. Not sure what all of his problems were. His wife was so sweet and brought him many Sundays to church in the wheelchair. He had been in a facility for a few years at least. So very sad.

ROCK - HI there. In answer to your question. I guess the Tx Hills are alive, with the sound of music, of course :)!!!! Hope both you and Gordon are doing well. I know he is always busy with his flowers and orchids and you my friend !!

BARRY - Sorry you have had so much rain lately. Is that fairly normal for your area this time of year. We finally got a little bit of sun trying to come out today which lifts ones spirits alot, I know. DH and I even took a short walk down the block. this afternoon. Will have to start fixing dinner early soon as I do not want to have to bother when we come home from church.

SPRING - How warm has it been getting in your area ? You said it was starting to get warm. I won't start trying to move my heavier clothes for awhile yet. The weather has been so weird I do not trust it to get cold again.

JULIE - I hope your weather is a little more bearable for you all. Try not to wear yourself out as usual, kiddo.

Big hugz to everydobby not mentioned also ! Hope to get back as soon as I can. It won't be tomorrow will be in the car most of the day and at a part. Fun, fun fun !!! YIKES ! Thanks a lot all for letting me vent about everything !!

Granni :)
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Hi Kids, It's me again. Of course it should be, "It's I again," but who cares? I don't.
Sure glad I'm not a teacher in today's schools.

Barry, welcome to the Board. We have lots of nice people here. (I am not one of them.)
Am currently reading the novel "Mash". Never heard of it before yesterday. Yes, it was
the basis for the movie and TV series M*A*S*H. Written with some help by a surgeon
who actually served in a MASH unit in Korea.

Barry, do you think the Ravens are doing something to pay back the hunter kitties?
Do they get credit for clean up duty? A shame about the Amazon book. The modern
world is hopelessly incompetent. Glad Richard likes the D. Andrews series.

Mikie, you are a laff riot. Your analysis of the moving property made me laugh till my
sides were caused to violently split. Good to know your black eyes were not caused by the
situation in my home town some decades back. Winnie Fjelstad walked into the
beauty parlor and Alice said, "Be with ya in two minutes. How'd ya get those black
eyes.?" Winnie said, "From my husband." Alice said, "I thought Bjorn was outta town."
Winnie said, "Me too."

Granni, I used the CBD oil from Pro Health. I think it cost about

Gordon just got back from somewhere. The post office maybe. He's so busy. Well,
one of us has to be. I'm nigh unto useless.

Hugs, Folks, Rock
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Just popping in for a couple minutes.

MIKIE et al,my grandsons are not going to be 221 yrs old just 21 :)!! That is what happens if you don't check what you typed, just type to fast.:):D

ROCK - Did the CBD oil help you any, if so how or what did it do for you.??

Gotta run, just got back from church. Thank goodness we already ate our dinner before we left.

HUGZ to everydobby,
Granni :)


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Granni, the CBD oil cost about $100 bucks. Made me feel younger; healthier; Could breathe better, sleep better, think more clearly; had more energy. But it only worked for one day.
Since it turns out your grandsons are not 221 after all, I will write to Ripley's Believe It Or
Not. Tell them to disregard my original notice.

I think this is the 4th post I've done today. The computer conked out during the first three. Gordon is downstairs making something for dinner. I'm going to boil some Brussels sprouts

Hugs and Smooches


Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

Just got back from getting the Sunday newspaper at Publix. I slept til after six and had my breakfast before I left for the store. Some man ahead of me didn't realize there was tax on the paper so he dug and dug in his pocket for change. Then he made the excuse, as he was holding up the line, that he hated change! Well, it was the change in his pocket that allowed him to pay for the paper without getting more change in return. Doh!!! I didn't take enough cash for the increased price so I had to put it on my credit card. Good grief! The paper is in the same downward spiral that is facing many papers. They are losing subscribers so they can't charge more for advertising. They have to make up the loss by charging more for the papers which causes more people like me to stop their subscriptions. That will further erode their ability to charge more from advertisers. It's sad but the younger generation doesn't read papers; they get their news online.

Barry, so good to see you here. I'm glad the flowers cheered you up. The ones where you live must be cheery too. A huge cargo plane crashed and it was carrying cargo for Amazon. Lots of people aren't going to get their packages. I've never had to exchange anything but I can only imagine what a pain this is for you. That's why I love my Kindle. No need to store lots of books and delivery is almost instantaneous. Sounds to me as though your critters have a very efficient system that works for everyone. The cats get to show you their love and display their hunting skills and the ravens get fed and clean up after themselves. Not so great though for the mice and voles.

Granni, so nice to see your newsy post too. I am laughing; I realized the twins aren't 221 years old. The rift in the family is so sad. They must realize what a sweet, loving person you are. Grief can cause a lot of turmoil. It was after Paul died that Barb became so angry and stopped speaking to me for so long. Now that her kids are 'destroying her memories' by making changes in the condo, people have noticed her anger resurfacing. I use the CBD oil I got from PH. It is made in CO. It helps a lot with pain and anxiety. It is very calming. It is the kind which I spray and hold under my tongue before swallowing. I have sprayed a bit on my hand and rubbed it on painful, inflamed spots on my legs and the pain is instantly gone. It's amazing. There are products you use like cream too.

Rock, I'm laughing at your Norski joke. In my family, we told Irish jokes, usually starring Pat and Mike. And, of course, they had to be told with an exaggerated brogue. Watched a cooking show on PBS where an Italian woman made a dish with pulled pork and noodles in a seasoned broth. I'm thinking with a bit of Chinese seasoning, it would be very good. Haven't cooked much in ages and haven't felt like eating much. I did get some of the Boar's Head Salsalito turkey breast sliced thin at Publix the other day. It was sliced from a brand new package so I got all the spice that was the end of the turkey. The whole thing is covered in hot chili pepper. Sooo good!

Gonna go read this expensive paper. Hope all y'all have a wonderful windup to the weekend.

Love, Mikie

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Rock - lol! i was waiting for you or Mikie to jump on Grannis typo. and you did. Had me grinning into the computer. yes. i had some of the mangosteen. ive had them in my hometown when i was a child. but we dont get them locally. Theyre all right. Not unpleasant but not exotic like dragonfruit or remarkable tasting like mangoes.

My DH loves fruit. in orange season hewill bring a kilo of oranges. when he gets back from work, he will stand at the table and polish off 8 medium size oranges in one go. makes a big mess too.

Barry - oh dear, those poor mice! well, thats nature. im happy theres CBD for helping with pain. imagine if there was a plant one could take safely for emotional problems like sadness or fear or anger. what a boon that would be! you havereally read a lot of 145h century based novels! what attracts you to those? can you put your finger in it? i personally find that era rather dark and dangerous.

Mikie - i know youre fiercely independent and try to remain so. it was good of you to go with Joe and be there while he had his procedure. such a big help that is. also happy to hear he got the all clear.

sorry to hear about Barb. isnt it funny how life is so up and down? whaddawe hafta do to be stable all the time? i envy the angels. i was telling my friends how wearying it must be for Archangel Michael et all with having to do the work they do all the time and they said theyre different than us...the angels dont feel fatigue or sadness or anger. They just are and it doesnt matter if they have to do their work all the time.

Your description of theturkey slice had me salivating even tho i dont eat meat now. i remember eating sliced boiled beef shank with hot chutney when i was in my hometown. so delish. here it is illegal to slaughter cows so no beef.

Granni - the weather is acting very unstable. yesterday it went up to 74 F and pretty hot to go out. and today its overcast and decidedly chilly. a reminder have something warm at hand.

21 is a lovely age to be if all is going normal in life. My DD was having a ball in college. i was having some difficult issues with depression and financial issues but i remember some good times going out to parties and chilling with work friends.

The computer is making a lot of errors, good i have done posting. mostly errors with fonts and sizes and spell8ng errors.
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Hi Y'all.

Granni, yes this is the rainy season for us. Summer is bone dry, so we need the rain to replenish the springs and wells and creeks/rivers. The long grey rainy weather in the winter really gets me down. The dogs get cabin fever....

Rock, weird, I just got a phone call from the person who got my book by mistake, and I his. From Amazon. We worked things out... I guess.o_O
As for the ravens, I love them. They are so beautiful when gliding and swirling in the sky. And now, after a couple of decades, they have discovered the 'gifts' the cats give them. Saves me from discarding the corpses.

So the CBD only worked for you for ONE day? Hmmm.

Mikie, I'm glad you like your Kindle. Does it still work if the power goes out? Myself -- an avid book-worm! I have my own library, and am always finding books I didn't know we had... Boxes of books, a large bookcase in front room, and a whole bedroom wall has been made into bookshelves from floor to ceiling...

Spring, I like to try all strange (to me) fruit and vegetables. Never had a mangosteen --- yet! I love mangoes. Well, who doesn't? :oops:
Yes, I read a lot of historical novels. The Middle Ages are very interesting to me. The main characters in the series I am reading are a physician and a monk. The medicine in those days were very strange (slug slime, for one), but this medicus has studied in France and had an Arabic physician as mentor, so is more 'modern' than his counterparts. He doesn't 'bleed'or leech his patients.

Over for the nonce.
Love to All,


Hi, Kids,

Finished working the puzzles in the paper and cleaned up the kitchen and my coffee table. I tend to nest on the sofa and throw things on the coffee table until it's a mess. I need to throw some Liquid Gold on it to make it beautiful again. I refinished it myself a few years ago and it turned out beautifully. I've always loved it so didn't want to throw it away. I'm throwing a bunch of magazines in the recycle bin. Claudia thinks giving hers to me is the way to recycle. I could never read everything she leaves for me.

I need to clean the kitchen window and the glass in the storm door. They are all spotted from the pressure washer. People across the street had the top of their carport pressure washed. They can't see it but wanted it to look nice from our balcony. That is sooo sweet. I'll wait until I can attack the windows when it's a tad cooler. Supposed to be in the lower 80's for the week instead of the high 80's as it has been. Gonna throw in a couple of loads of laundry.

Barry, I read a popular book about the Middle Ages. It was about builders of a cathedral, Pillars of The Earth by Ken Follett. It was followed by World Without End, set 200 years later. I love his writing. Hope you and your new pen pal get your respective books. My Kindle has a lithium ion battery and it seems to go forever on one charge. The screen is lit like a computer screen so I don't have to have a light turned on. I can select the print size. The Kindle is, for all practical purposes, a computer tablet. I could use my tablet to download books but I find using Amazon products together is more efficient. Alexa is Amazon as is the smart plug. I used my iPhone to install them so everything Alexa reminds me of is also on my phone and watch. I'm getting so ditzy that I need more than one reminder for events. The Kindle is also Amazon so Amazon books download super fast. Also, I can store them in the cloud so they aren't all on the device. I've been totally seduced by technology but can't afford much of it. Rain, rain, go away. Bring our Barry a sunny day.

Spring, Joe will take me to my colonscopy appt. later this summer. I hate to ask Claudia to do anything that Joe can do because she has her hands full with her Mom. It's mind boggling to think about all God and His angels have to do to watch over us mere mortals. I am always amazed at what computers can do. That's nothing compared to what God and the angels can do, I am sure. I don't think they get tired either. I'm convinced that Heaven runs on love. There is so much suffering here but we are never alone in our suffering and there has to be purpose in it. So much we don't understand. It all comes down to faith. When I was 21, I was pregnant with my older daughter and I thought it was gonna all be downhill from there in terms of getting old. There have been so many ups and downs but I've really been blessed and feel grateful every day regardless of how I feel physically. I do, however, believe it's all down hill from here on out. All I can do is try to mitigate the aging.

Is everyone/anyone watching the Oscars tonight? I always do but fall asleep before the end. Too looong! This computer is getting all squirrelly so am going to go.

Love, Mikie



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Morning Kids

I cooked and ate Brussels Sprouts for breakfast. Almost as simple as making toast. Now,
illustrating that anything can be controversial in our modern world, somebody got suspended
from Twitter because he posted a joke about Brussels Sprouts.

Spring, I am very impressed with the determination and resolve of your DH. Anydobby
who can eat 8 orange at one standing is a guy who can get things done. What do you
mean jumping on Granni's typo? I haven't been able to jump on anything for decades. I
was merely saluting her acumen in noticing the problem.

Mikie, I never use lithium batteries. They make me lisp. Nope. Haven't watched the
Oscars for many decades. Don't like modern movies or the stars in them. I have been
to ten different locations where the Oscar ceremonies were held, but to see other
presentations or dine. Haven't been to the current one, the Kodak Theater aka Dolby Theater.

Barry, well how nice that the fellow with your book called you. I would never thought of
that. Course I have to have help when I use Gordon's cell phone. I'm like the old
men driving Ford Model As or Ts when I was a kid.

Discovered an author who wrote several books about growing up in Minn. Previously
read some of them. Gordon says our library doesn't have her books. Too bad, Maybe
Burbank or Pasadena does.

Hugs, Kids, Rock


Good Monday Morning, Kids,

Didn't get all that much sleep because I managed to stay awake for the Oscars. The theater was amazing with all the set changes. The gowns ran the usual gamut from smashingly gorgeous to hideous. Helen Mirren looked beautiful, as always. Glenn Close should take a hint from her instead of going down the Meryl Streep catwalk of frump. Oh, Joan Rivers, where are you when we need you. I miss her Fashion Police show. Maya Rudolph wore a sickly pink floral print number with a built-in cape/train. Gag! She, Tina Faye and Amy Pohler were horrible when they did their little schtick. It was in awful taste and not funny, typical Oscar fare but more so. Good news was all the attention to how much better off we all are when people of various ethnic origins contribute to the mix. I look forward to the day when the announcers don't say, "The first woman, the first Black, the first Asian,"etc...a time when everyone has a chance to shine and it's no longer unusual for all kinds of people to win awards.

I kept going back to sleep and turning on the Kindle in between this morning. SV was anxious for me to get up. Of course, he's now snoozing soundly. Woke to my reminder that I'm going over to the pool this morning. I have to wash my car today because I may end up driving tomorrow when we go out to lunch. I'd like to get back here by 9:00 to see Live With Kelly Ripa. She interviewed all the winners last night and taped it for the show today. She was beautiful in her lavish gown. DD texted that my DSIL will have a layover in Fort Myers on Thursday and wanted to ask me to dinner. That will be great fun. Can't wait for the kids to come down next month.

Rock, I am so technically challenged but I keep pushing through because I don't think technology is going away any time soon. Wish I knew more because I could get a lot more out of these gadgets. Of course one has to be smarter than the smart phones and other gizmos and I'll never be that smart. I guess that's why God created You Tube--so we could watch videos on how to use things. The cat videos are just icing on the cake. I love the old movies but the new ones are sooo good. I really need to view more of them. The special effects are amazing for those who love action or fantasy films. I look at movies made in the 60's and 70's and they were awful for the most part. Finished watching the special on Princess Margaret yesterday before the Oscars because I couldn't stand watching the gushing hosts on the red carpet. Her life was very sad and unseemly. She was beautiful when she was young but her life of excess left her looking horrible and then she had her stroke. What a waste. I think it's best to be born with average looks and intelligence. We don't seem to pay much attention to mediocre but it can be a very comfortable place with not too much expected. And to me, fame is a curse. Never wanted it and don't know why anyone would. Well, guess I don't have to worry about that. :p

Gonna get going cause I don't have as much time this morning as usual. Hope everydobby starts the week in good health and good humor.

Love, Mikie


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Morning Folks.

Mikie, I didn't watch the Oscars, but Gordon did. He said the same thing about some of the clothes. "Joan Rivers should have been here." He also agreed that Helen Mirren looked great. I remember listening to the Oscars on radio when I was a kid. I guess I did 'cause Mom was listening. But my folks almost never went to a movie. One thing I remember is that Bob Hope was the MC most of the time.

Gordon told me that a recorded voice substituted for a human host. I was wondering if
perhaps the Academy borrowed your Alexa. I finished reading the original Mash book.
Started one by Debbie Macomber. Two decidedly different genres. As my Mom used to
say, "She must write 'em in her sleep," referring to her output. Dozens and dozens
of books.

Hope you all have a good day, and are not suffering from Oscaritis.

Hugs, Rock

PS Just read an article about improving the Oscar program. The most popular
answers were 1. Take the politics outta the program; 2 Just cancel the whole thing.
Nobody cares except the nominees. BTW I read Bob Hope was the Host 14 times.
That's twice as many as the Road pictures he and Bing and Dorothy Lamour made.
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Hi, Kids,

Just got back from gassing up the car and running it through the car wash. I came home and vacuumed the carpets. The floor mats are carpeted so they mostly just take a good shake. I had dumped some potting soil in the back but it came right up. I'll run a rag on the dashboard and call it good. Just don't want it to be too filthy if someone rides with me. Sorta filthy is OK. The woman with the little boys is moving today and the van had me fenced in under the carport. The guys were nice and moved the truck so I could get out. I was at the pool when they warned people to move their cars. Everyone in here has my phone no. Don't know why they didn't ask someone to tell me to move my car. Oh well, life's insignificant problems. It rides sooo nice when it's full of fuel, almost like when it was new. It's a bit overdue for an oil change so better get it in.

Rock, Bob Hope was one of the busiest stars. His humor was so corny but usually was better than what passes for humor on today's award shows. I never cared for him but admired his commitment to the troops with his USO shows. My Mom loved him and Bing Crosby. It wasn't Alexa announcing but I think it was her sister. I liked it without a host. The TV audience was down again this year so these shows may be losing their appeal. I'm just proud I could stay awake. My Mom liked the movies. I loved TV and still do. Only thing, IMHO, that could have improved things was to have the couple singing, When A Cowboy Gets His Wings, yodel. It's a perfect song for yodeling. Nancy gave me a bunch of Debbie Macomber paperbacks years back and I've never read them. Should give them away. I'm just always reading something on the Kindle and never get around to them. Yes, she is one prolific writer.

I've been watching The Umbrella Acadamy on Netflix and it's too out there, like so much of Netflix's original offerings. You have to watch 10 crappy series to find a good one. Perhaps my life would be better if I spent my time doing something more productive. It's just difficult to produce when I feel lousy. TV is my opiate. Gordon and I should watch the Oscars together so we can dish on the clothes and miss Joan Rivers.

OK, Kids, once again, I'm outta here. Claudia just texted and there will only be four of us. She cleaned her Blazer but likes the Highlander because it's sooo comfortable. My DD says the same thing. That's because it's a crossover built on a car chassis instead of a truck chassis. I like leather seats but my car doesn't have them. It has microfiber seats that are very big, soft and plushy, very comfortable.

Love, Mikie


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I watched most of the awards last night, had the sound off for the first hour though will talking with my DS. But I did see the dress worn by Glenn Close. She said it had over 40 thousand beads and weighed 24 lbs. I think she was REALLY thinking she was going to win this year. REally not striking even with all those beads. Yes, I thought Maya Rudolph's dress was frumpy. I'll have to watch the entertainment shows this evening to see more of the dresses. And so glad the actor who played Freddie Mercury won, he was amazing in his portrayal.

I've watched The Wife and didn't think Glenn Close was really good....of course it was a kinda laid back part. Looking forward to when The Favorite is on DVD so I can rent it. That best actress winner, Olivia Coleman, was so entertaining in her acceptance speech. And how about HER dress???? A big giant dragging bow in the back. Wonder who came up with that idea? And also want to see the movie with Viggo Mortensen....always loved him. Also read that Spike Lee thought HIS movie should have won instead. And Barbra Streisand.....always with the hats but she is her own person and still love her.

The gas men are here AGAIN this morning, today working on the neighbor's gas leak. I'm waiting for my gardener who seems to be really late today. I'm hoping I can get him to move all the big boulders that the gas workers put out on friday.


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Holy Moly, holy mackerel, holy cow, it is pouring down here : flooding, road closures, snow higher up, wind and surf warnings!

A stay in the house day again. The power went out for 10 mins., and then came back on after we had "prepped" for the outage. So then about 10 mins. later went out again, then back on, and so it goes.....

The Oscars. Never watch them. Not interested in fashion, unlike you ladies. Also haven't seen a new movie that I liked in years. Richard, former film appreciation teacher, likes old movies. If you consider movies from the late '30s and '40's 'old'.....

Sun, lucky you with the rocks! Are they really large? I remember taking the pickup and loading up on rocks from the quarry. I made several rock gardens. Also bought a pallet of Idaho honeystone and made a raised bed with them. Had the rocks delivered, and had to help the driver unload them. Aaah, I was so limber and strong then....

Rock, never heard of D. Macomber. looked her up on Fantastic Fiction's site. 400 books!!!!!

Mikie, thanks for the heads-up on the Ken Follett books you recommended. I'll have to check them out. By the way, your "rain, rain, go away" prayer didn't work! Had the opposite effect! Bummer!

I've got to go now.
Where is everybody?????
Love to All,