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Hello All.
Mikie, thanks for the colours. Is this a real garden or a composite photo, do you know? I love the display of lupines, irises, a few pansies, etc. Somehow doesn't look quite real, but I hope it is! Your cypress trees must be lovely now; do their new knees show up/grow up fast? I've always liked their looks. Hey! I bet you just love the scent of patchouli, don't you?:p:eek::rolleyes:.

Mikie, YES! People are finally tuning into climate change. Let's hope the politicians will too! Or let's kick them out of office!:mad:

Too tired to go back and read much.
Spring, I hope your sick doggie has recovered.

Kim, I'm addicted to dark chocolate too. The darker the better. Probably not good for me, but oh well, so be it.... What is CIRS again? I know you said it was "a DNA thing". Genetic? Symptoms are ?.

Rock, I didn't know Daedalus still sent out catalogues. I hope yours wasn't ruined by the rain. I always enjoyed looking through them for oddities and goodies. Do you have any hobby other than reading and building cat-houses? Our two cats, Sylvie and Monty, spend most of the day in the house, but Monty insists spending the night outside : a night-owl on the prowl... Sylvie stays in at night too, until about dawn, when she pops out to p & p. They go out for a few hours in the day too; as long as they want. We don't have a litter box.:rolleyes:

Julie, a lovely photo of Nala and Blu. Really attractive dogs. They look like they are staring at a treat in the pic. I guess they are. So nice that Blu was rescued. So many times pit crosses are passed over in the adoption shelters. Nala is a nice looking pup. I wonder what she will grow up to be; nice grey dappling on her.

Sun, I'm too keen on shock collars either... How big is Skylar? Seems like the "trainer" didn't do too good of a job training.o_O Our cats have been getting onto the roof. After using ladders to get them with, finally showed them how to run down the arbor and slither through chocolate vine. Now they do it all the time.;)

Spring, I'm glad you had a pleasant walk. French fries in Nepal! What will they think of next! I would like the dumplings, haven't had a F. fry in yonks. It seems like you had a nice shopping walk; I hate shopping for clothes, myself. Richard does it for me sometimes..:rolleyes:. Oh well, I don't get out much anymore anyways. Can't drive anymore. And I'm miles away from the closest shop of any kind.

Star and Ducky, where are you?

No more left,
Blessings to All,


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Hi Folks

Wow! That's some pic, Mikie. Looks like the colors are in super technicolor. Just watched Match Game. They are having a marathon. It's on for several hours. I watched 3 programs. That was my limit.

We talked to my brother yesterday. He is considerably better. Knows pretty much of what's going on. Told the nurse he wanted to watch TV. He still sounds terrible when he talks although Gordon thinks his speech is much improved. Did I tell you his neighbor drove his car home from the hospital? She parked it in his driveway to try and give the impression the house is occupied. Very nice lady.

He wanted to know how his old friend in Chicago found out he was hospitalized. It was
his old friend Bob who called us. Bob used to work for the phone company. Never
throws away a phone number. He had called us once several years ago.

Barry, The Daedalus catalogue survived. Haven't finished perusing it yet. There's a
book in the current issue about Lady Jane Grey who was once Queen of England.
She was also an ancestor of one of our porchers. Can't remember if she (the board
member) is still with us. Lady Jane Grey isn't. She was thrown in the Tower of London
and later beheaded. Don't know why Americans are enamored of British royalty.

There was an article somewhere. Magazine or computer. Had lots of old pictures.
Said in Victorian times pit bulls were considered great baby protectors. Many pics
of the babies and the bulls together.

Time for a nap. Hugs. Rock


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Mikie: Gorgeous, colorful pic you found. I would say, yes it was photoshopped. At this time of year it's mainly lupin blooming up there, but I could be wrong, but anyway very nice. I've saved it.

Rock: So happy to read that your DB is doing better. And what a nice, thoughtful neighbor he has. I know you're a soup lover and wanted to share about my favorite one from Trader Joe's......roasted red pepped and tomato soup. So handy to have it in a cardboard container that keeps a couple of days in my frig. I can just screw off the top and pour the amount I want. Right now I'm having it with corn tortillas which I've added roast beef and goat cheese to it, melted in the microwave and added some hot sauce. Basically a soft taco. MMMMMMM!

Spring: I'm always so amazed that you can just wander around on your own and have lunch. Sounds like so much fun.

Barry: Most times you have to show a cat how to climb down from something, that's why I'm so surprised at my DSs cat. She's really quite a character. He keeps a fish bowl up on the bar and she goes there and watches....sometimes she will stick her paw inside but that's it.

I drug myself to a local estate sale. An old two story beauty, filled with cubby holes and rooms up and down the stairs. Fun poking around. I did buy some things to put in my store which always makes it worthwhile. I'm now off for a nap.


Hi, Kids,

So glad y'all like the pic. I'd say it's photo shopped because, at least in our mountains in CO, such flowers don't survive in these numbers and variety. Some mountain flowers are beautiful but they are wild and look different. The Columbines, CO's state flower, is so lovely. It feels so good to have my hair colored and styled. It's getting so that I don't ever feel up to doing my hair, nails, etc. Takes too much NRG. Grace wanted me to run down to see her so I did for a bit. She will be leaving with her DIL on Wed. Her son died three years ago and I think she's close to his wife.

Barry, yes, cats usually have to be shown how to get down from heights. When Tweety was still a bit of a kitten, a loose Beagle chased her up the palm tree out front. She didn't know how to come down. She walked out on a shaky frond and I told her no and motioned for her to go back to the trunk. She always understood everything I said and I told her to shinny down just like any tree. She was a bit confused but finally got the idea and I told her, "Good girl." She came down just like a lineman on a telephone pole. Smartest cat I've ever know. Sylvester tried to climb a tree and got stuck. Jeff had to get him down. After that, he stayed on the ground. I think the Green Wave has finally hit and I hope there is no going back. The fact that it is lucrative will help insure we move in the right direction. They are losing the beaches over in Miami due to rising ocean waters. The high rises over there are right on the beach so it's more obvious. We have the resources and the technology. All we need is the will and I see it taking seed all over. Yea! They Cypress knees are growing more numerous and they are growing fast. Those trees are at least 25 years old.

Rock, I'm soooo glad your bro is better. It takes time to recover from strokes. I've seen it a lot here in the hood. The preacher's wife across the street had a bad one and she completely recovered movement and speech. Good neighbors are priceless. That's the kind of thing Joe and I do for one another. Even more imporatantly, we can talk to each other about most anything. When one doesn't have a spouse or SO, there is a need for a trusted friend and confidant. Nancy and Claudia are such good friends too. I am really blessed. Especially with my wonderful friends here who are more family than friends. I went on Ancestry earlier and found more info on my family. It's amazing to see my grandparents' names on census pages from the early 1900's. I love pit bulls. Such beautiful animals. They give love looks like no other breed.

Sun, I'm smiling thinking about your DS's cat playing with the fish. SV loves poking his paws in water. That he has a webbed paw makes me think he might be part Maine Coon. They like water and have webbed paws. They come in all colors but mostly people think of them as brown. Nancy had a huge Maine Coon, Bob. I cat sat for him when she left town. He was the sweetest guy. I knew he was lonely so I would go over and watch the news when I fed and brushed him. I'd stay about an hour. He would curl up next to me on the sofa. After that when I'd visit Nancy, he would streak all over the condo and leap through the air and look at me as though to say, "Ain't I great!" He is gone now; he had cancer but I think of him and miss him. My friends and I love each other's critters. Glad you found some things at the sale.

The shadows grow long so I will bid y'all adieu, my friends. It's a special sad but beautiful time of the day. I think of my life now as being in the long cast shadows and I'm going to try to enjoy this beautiful time as long as I can before darkness falls. There is nothing left to prove. I can rest easy in having lived life to the best of my abilities under the circumstances. I will go gentle into that good night without regrets. I've done most of the things I wanted to do and have been unimaginably blessed. I am grateful every day.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Kids

My nap did not materialize so I went downstairs to see what was on the game channel.
Turned out to be a card game my mother and I used to play. Concentration. The TV
version was just like the card game except you won prizes, but didn't use any cards.
Guess who the MC was. Alex Trebek. That was about 40 years ago. He has hosted
several game shows over the years. See Wikipedia.

Sun, your "soft taco" sounds delicious except I like my Mexican cuisine without any
heat. One of my friends told me years ago that she had been on a trip to some city.
Forgot which one, but it was north of us. I asked her if they had any Mexican restaurants
there. She said NO. All they had was Taco Bell. She wanted something more authentic.
Glad to hear you had some luck at the estate sale.

Started a book of short stories by Stephen King. The first story struck me as really
stupid. At the end he had a footnote. Said he didn't think the story was especially
good, but it been very popular. Reprinted in other collections of short stories. This
shows, he said, that even the author doesn't really know how something will be
perceived by readers.

My favorite Stephen King work is the novella The Body which was made into the
movie Stand By Me in the 1980s. The last movie I took my son to.

Mikie, I hope you're right about people doing better about taking care of the earth
and the oceans. I am not so optimistic. But whatever happens we will probably be
gone. I am not ready to go because I am so content. I'm just fed up with being old
and sick.

Gordon is getting ready to go to a big birthday party for an old relative. He refers to
her as an aunt, but they don't use aunt, cousin, etc. the same way we do. Anyway it will
be held in Chinatown at one of the Family meeting rooms. There will be lots of people
there. I think one of his sisters and B in Law will here soon to pick him up.

Hugs, Kids
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Rock:. I didn't know Stephen King wrote Stand by me. I just watched it last week....what do you call it a kawinkidink.

By the way, the tomato soup is NOTspicy or hot, it's on the smooth side and thick.....I love it. I think the roasted red peppers are the bell peppers.

Star: I see your footprints......what's going on, we miss you.


Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

Watching the CBS Sunday Morning Show while I read the paper. They are featuring a segment devoted to tree growers who form trees into furniture as it grows. It can take nine years. A chair sells for $6,500. I love this show because it features things I don't see anywhere else. I grabbed a Power Ball ticket while I was at Publix buying my paper. Who knows, perhaps someday I'll buy a $6,500 custom chair but I doubt it. Might be better spent helping the less fortunate. This paper is missing a lot of sales ads. The Target ad is missing. The papers delivered have them all but they don't seem to care about the ones sold at stores. I wonder whether Target would be happy about it. Of course, I can look up the ad online but I shouldn't have to. Our paper is going downhill fast and they jacked up the price 50 percent. Such a deal--NOT!

We won't get a reprieve from our unusually high temps for another week. It'll be almost 90 degrees out every day til then. This morning as I was driving past the big park across the street, I noticed low lying fog among the trees there. It was hauntingly beautiful. DOF called and was complaining about the time change in a very funny way using his usual expletives I can't repeat here. Like the rest of us, he's just trying to keep things going without back sliding. He's amazing for 92. I miss him. Again, so good to have wonderful friends.

Rock, speaking of wonderful friends...so glad we all have you to brighten our days. I'm ready to go whenever the good Lord calls me home but I have no death wish. In many ways, this is a very good Season in my life (as Julie calls them). The only thing missing is my kids. Wish I had the means and the health to go see more of them. What makes me optimistic about our being more green is that it will be lucrative and provide jobs. There were two letters to the editor in today's newspaper talking about climate change's being fake, one from a man who claims to be extremely smart. I don't think we can afford to leave it to the naysayers. As I said, lets err on the side of caution, actually on the side of survival. China wouldn't be climbing on the bandwagon if it wouldn't enrich them. India and Korea won't be long behind. We don't want to be left in the dust. I hope Gordon has a wonderful time at the family event. Hope you and Miss Kitty enjoy a good time at home.

Sun, I also see Star's footprints and hope she will stop by. Your soup sounds delicious. DD once threw together some ingredients and made a delicious tortilla soup when I was visiting. She and my DSIL are the best cooks. Don't know what I'll fix when they come down. They all love pasta so will figure out something Italian to make. Rock mentioned Taco Bell. A lot of Latinos eat at Taco bell which is their fast food. It doesn't represent Mexican food any more than our hamburger joints represent American cuisine. Do you ever eat there? I like them but prefer homemade Mexican food. Patti's Mexican Kitchen on PBS is a really good cooking show. She is so cute and her dishes look wonderful. Your soup description made me drool.

Claudia wants me to go to the board meeting Monday evening. The closer it gets, the less I want to go. The annual meeting is held at the library in a large meeting room. The regular meetings are held in a small conference room at our mgr's. office. I think there will be a lot of people attending and it will be crowded. The president gets off on tangents and the meetings go long and get tedious. It's Joe's first meeting as a board member and I'd like to go for him but am not looking forward to sitting on a hard chair in a crowded, boring meeting. I already sent my thoughts against turning our tennis court into a pickle ball court. I don't think the board will do it but it never hurts to give them some ammo not to act.

SV is lying next to my feet on the floor. He gives me comfort even when he's passive and not lying closer. Just having him around is a blessing. All your Porchies are blessings to me too. I pray all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie



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Good Sunday morning! I slept in, so am just going to skim posts and move Granni's post over here...then I'll come back and visit later this evening.

Mikie, what a beautiful picture! I love mountains too, even though I haven't been to very many areas to enjoy them in person...but this pic allows one to feel like they are right there :)

Okay...heeeeerrrrrrreee's Granni! ;)

Good morning everydobby,

Was eating my breakfast and taking all my meds and supps before going to church soon. This springing forward changing times is driving me crazy already. Why don't we leave it the way it was or is? No one asked me or s so who knows i they will change anything.

MIKIE - Before I forget. I just deleted or uninstalled the FB app and then installed a new one. So far is is doing fine. Glad you got your hair all fixed the way you want it. Mine never comes out the same especially after I wash it By the time I get it to looking the way I would like it is time to wash it again. The hairdresser I use gave it a good cut and also colors, or gives streaks or highlights. She also gives me a good price which is really important.

SPRING WATER - I didn't go to the fish fry since we have one car and I am not going to hang around all afternoon with the guys and work. I have done a lot of that in the past. No more, getting to old and to much pain and discomfort and you have to WORK, lots to do. Did that for many years esp when DH was VERY active in the K of C. DD and I and maybe another daughter who is temporarily living with them until they buy their new home, will hopefully get there for a couple of Fish Fries. That 15 bean soup came out very good and DH had almost 3 bowls. However, he ended up with discomfort and gas and some loose bowels so is now aft=raid to eat it. I had no problems with it and it was very tasty. I had my normal gas but try not to complain about that all the time. Sorry about your sick doggie. Hope he or she is better now. Yes, it is a mess when you have to deal with that or any sick person or animal..

Some of these new doggie spas, and maybe cats too are something else. Nice if you can afford it. I haven't been to one yet for humans in all my years.

ROCK - Sorry about your brother. Hope he gets better soon. I am sure Gordon will enjoy the party (gathering) he is going to . If it is for his family it is probably good you do not go as you most likely wouldn't understand what they are all saying if that chat all in Chinese. Hope you continue to do as well as you have been. At least it sounds that way to me:)!! Keep on coming to the Porch and making us happy !!!!

JULIE - Hope your weather warms up soon for you. Still snow, geez already !!! Be careful when you go outside with that ice underneath the snow.

SUN - You are absolutely right about getting the house inspected before selling and buying. It is a very good investment which we have almost always done, Hope you are feeling much better with less pain.

Thinking of everyone including all our missing Porchies - STAR, BARRY, DUCKIE and anyone else I may have missed.

Gotta run and get ready for church and choir warmup.practice ,
Granni :)



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Greetings and Salutations

Sorry to hear you are in for a spate of hot weather, Mikie. I don't know what we are in for.
Wouldn't surprise me if it was more rain. It's getting harder and harder to find the weather
report on the net. The weather sites all want you to register or give your zip code or stand
on your head or something. I read many decades ago that if you predict tomorrow's weather
will be like today's, you'll be right 50 % of the time.

Went downstairs a little while ago. Was gonna feed the cat. Gordon said he just did. So
I checked. Her dish was empty. Now that I don't feed her in the middle of the night she
is eager for breakfast. Since she ate all her kibble I gave her some treats. She didn't eat
them. Instead she walked out the side gate, then ambled North on the sidewalk. Have
no idea who or what she's visiting.

I found some pics of "tree chairs". They are chairs you can hang in a tree. I don't think
I'd want to invest in a business where I'd have to wait 9 years before there would be a
product to sell. I wood think those trees might get tired of that extra work. Probably
need to stop for rest now and then.

Sun, yes, it's a kawinkydink. There is no official spelling since it's not an official word.
I don't eat any pepper on purpose. Not even if it's the everyday black table pepper. I do
like salty stuff such as peanuts though. Reminds me; I haven't eaten a pretzel in decades.
Too hard to chew.

Yes, Star. I concur with Sun. Drop in when you can. We miss your reports from exotic
down under.

Barry, I found 4 books listed in Daedalus I'm going to look for at the library. And in the
Debbie MacComber book I found the names of two Irish authors. If Richard is now
reading cozies, he might check out Maeve Binchy. She was an excellent writer and
very prolific.

Hugs, Rock

Julie, your sentence "By the time I get it looking the way I would like..." made me LOL!


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Eeeegads.....it's 10 a.m. Already and I just finished eating my breakfast, which would have been 9 a.m. BUT still late for me. I try to make it a regular routine to do at least 45 min. Of stretches before I eat. I go to pot at DLST for at least a couple of weeks. And for some reason I keep thinking today is saturday.

Mikie: I didn't realize it was so HOT there in March. I know I wouldn't like to live in Florida. A lovely place to see pictures of but not to experience first hand. When my DH and I went to Sanibel Island in December, actually I celebrated my BD having dinner at Louie's Back Yard restaurant, it was very balmy sitting outside. It was fun walking around Key West and seeing all the christmas lights on the cute houses too. BUT....I remember the awful no seeums on the beach on Sanibel island. OMG OMG. I came home with at least 100 bites. The next morning after coming home I made a mistake of taking a too hot of shower and YIPES. Ended up going to urgent care for something to help the stinging.

You might give this a thought.....I carry a cushion with me ALWAYS, since I have to be so careful what type chair I sit on. I made a carrier for it out of black fabric with handles. Kinda looks like another purse on my arm.

Rock: Seems that Gordon is also enjoying Miss Kitty and I think you mentioned once that Lump Lump also gave her some food. This is a joint venture with you guys. She's a lucky stray that ended up in the right place. And has she tried out her new plastic condo yet? I'm really enjoying the Netflix production of The Crown. Got the DVDs from the library. It's quite well done and informative. I didn't know the Nazi connections so that was an eye opener. Just watched where the young Prince Charles was sent away to the boys school in Scotland where Prince Phillip had been sent. There were flashbacks to Prince Phillip as a boy.....what a family he had!!!! Whew. And apparently Prince Charles was really a little soft sissy, who the boys at the school had no use for and made his life hell....as he put it when he had grown up. He ended up sending his two boys to Eton instead.

I've got the old sheet laid out on my table, partially cut so I hope to work on it today. Since I'm not sure how much fabric I will have to do what with it, I decided I need to work on the pair of them simultaneously to see how far the fabric goes. Yesterday at the estate sale I came across a card of buttons.....this was exciting for me since they were actually little woven cloth type buttons......think of a spider web. The only time I've ever seen these kind are on old antique clothing which usually have fallen in disrepair due to so many washings. I may just put them for sale on my etsy shop for those that are authentically restoring old clothing.


Hi, Kids,

Read the paper and did the puzzles and am cleaning in here. I can only do so much before I have to stop to rest. My back always hurts now so I have to wear my back brace. Still, it's better to go slowly and get something done than nothing at all. I am cleaning the bathrooms and will clean up the kitchen a bit. I like to keep those two areas clean even if everything else is messy.

Rock, our full-time local weather channel is now devoted to old programs. They must be very popular because there are a bunch of them. I have The Weather Channel app on my phone. It's probably available online too. You have to give them your zip code so they can provide local weather reports. I like them because they have hourly reports, daily reports and radar. My watch has the temp on it so I can just look instead of asking Alexa. I'm getting spoiled. The guys growing chairs in trees see themselves more as artists than business men. The chairs are lovely. Hope Miss Kitty stays safe out there on the mean streets.

Julie, thanks for moving Granni's post. Come back when you can sit a spell.

Granni, I'm glad you got the app fixed. My hair never comes out exactly the same when blow dried but the length I keep it now seems to come out pretty good most of the time. When I lived in CO, I went to the salon for cuts and color but not down here. I can't afford it. Thank God the color products they have now work pretty well in the home. Claudia is full of pep and always on the go. I know she can't fathom someone like me who no longer has the NRG for doing things. It's all I can do to keep things running in the condo and the building. She is president of her building but tries to ignore it as much as she can. She 'inherited' the job when the old pres moved. She doesn't understand financials and is afraid to learn. With the bookkeeper we have now, I told her she can't afford not to check them. As it is, you do a lot. I couldn't keep up with you.

Sun, these are not our usual March temps. They are running eight to ten degrees above normal. Could be a fluke or part of the El Nino/La Nina pattern or Climate Change. Who knows? When one lives here, one learns what to do. We don't go out in the evenings without pest spray. We do the sting ray shuffle at the beach to avoid stepping on them. In the heat and humidity of summer, we stay inside or go to the pool. Most of the time, it is beautiful here including the weather. There are always breezes so we don't have smog. We used to not have bad traffic but it's getting worse as more and more people locate here. Not sure there is anyplace that's perfect but I love it here. I like CA too but do better on Eastern Time. Don't like Daylight Savings. FL is trying to make it year round.

This keyboard is driving me nuts and I've sworn enough to send ten sailors to hell. Guess I had better go. Hope all y'all are having a wonderful weekend.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Kids

Just finished doing laundry chores so had to sit down. As long as I'm sitting here I might
as well turn the computer on. As long as the computer is on I might as well visit the porch...
You can see where this is going.

Well, that was cute. I hit the backspace and two sentences disappeared. Where are those sailors, Mikie? Maybe they can learn me some new cuss words for this blankety-blank
machine. I wouldn't get mad at the weather sites that wanted my zip code if they really
needed it. I assumed when the site is titled Los Angles weather that they didn't need it.
But maybe they do weather for the entire hemisphere.

OK, more problems. Back. I took a nap. Forgot what the latest problems were. I
guess Oops! Gordon is calling.

Bye, Rock

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Hi guys...DLST is wearing us out, too, lol! Usually does, but we eventually adjust. It is nice to have the extra daylight in the late afternoon, but that's about the only good thing I can say about it...

Barry, Blu is a rescued rescue...because of his breed, he was scheduled to be put down when he was found (I think by someone in a town quite a ways from where the kids live.) Whoever was in charge of such things apparently looked at him and could tell he was very special, so made arrangements to have him relocated to the shelter where Amy and family were looking since Pits are not banned in their town. The kids had just lost Jasmine (the sweetest Pit cross I have ever seen) and had met so many dogs at the shelter already, but none of them seemed like "the one."

They were getting ready to leave and the lady told them to wait, that there was one more dog...the "rest of the story"...it was Blu. It was love at first sight for all of them. Nala's mom is Pit cross and her dad is part Great Dane. Yep, both very sweet dogs and they get smothered with love each and every day...

Mikie, I looked for your other post, but don't see it again...or maybe I dreamed it up during my nap, lol! I absolutely agree that we've used and abused our Planet Earth, although for many years I've seen different groups trying to correct mistakes and fix things. I would have to say, though, that I am a "naysayer" as far as what the term "climate change" entails. Would be better, in my opinion, for someone to come up with a term that's not so politically charged. I think what is happening is a combination of "human error/waste/apathy", whatever one wants to call it...and normal changes that only God Himself controls.

Not trying to get too "political" or "religious", but just how I happen to see things. So many little things that each person can do to leave a kinder, more gentle footstep...but that might involve some sacrifice. As far as the factory, etc. pollution...it's so sad that greed usually wins over doing what is right. But maybe, with the right incentives, even the big polluters can find a way to do things differently...we can only hope, true?

I'd better just say a quick "Hi" to everyone and try to get a few things done today...not really sure what time it actually is, lol...Den may have changed some clocks when I wasn't around. Take care, everyone!



Good Monday Morning, Kids,

Good grief! I slept in til 7:30. I kept waking up early this morning and read and fell asleep again several times. I cleaned in the condo yesterday and that must have wiped me out. Woke to a blanket of pollen covering the pond. During one of my awake periods, I came out into the kitchen and took an allergy pill.

Rock, you can make up your own expletives to deal with your computer frustration. I have my own string of them which I try not to use but, when my frustration is so great, I have to let 'em rip. Then, I feel bad but it does relieve the anger. Hope your computer starts to cooperate.

Julie, I'm so glad your kids saved Blue. Pits get a bad rap. We have dog fighting rings down here and they abuse pit bulls horribly. We can do better by the critters we are charged with protecting. So many are, one animal at a time. Loved the pic of Blue and Nala.

I'm off to take my morning meds and vitamins. Hope all y'all have a great start to the week.

Love, Mikie



Hello Everyone,

I've been wanting to write for a couple of days. I move so slow. One thing at a time and then rest. Sometimes (who's kidding who), I NEVER get to everything I want or need to do. Luckily, it's just me and Paul, so it is easier than when I was raising kids.

OK...CIRS...or Biotoxin Illness. I am including a link that has a basic explination, symptoms and all the things that need to be done...(so tired!) to try to rid yourself of molds and toxins. It is horribly time consuming and expensive. We just did a remodel to clear the house of all the toxins we can. I take meds (mold binders) approx every two hours. I have to make all my food, that is, from fresh. Too many toxins in processed foods. I also am gluten intolerant, so I eat gluten-free too.


In short, my body doesn't see toxins as a problem and recycles them with other nutrients, instead of passing them through. Over years and years the toxins build up and eventually the body just can't handle it anymore. I was dx's 2 yrs ago and am doing better...it will be a process for the rest of my life. I am forever grateful to God for sending me to my doc. I picked her because she was close to me. Long, short, she is now a Functional Medicine practitioner. Just what I needed...God is good. At least, I can take care of myself and function in my own home. Some are not so lucky.

I, also, have scoliosis, low adrenal function, very low cortisol (take supplements), TMJ and migraines. I say this so you all will know that there are periods of time when I just cannot handle...well, anything. I am going to do my best to visit the Porch, though. I feel so understood and safe here. I love you all.

SUN - I so love your explanation of the things you are making and cooking! I love yarn, but I also, love needlework of any kind. Especially, vintage. I have a couple of afghans that my grandmother made...from at least the early 50's but I suspect, one is older than that. And, yes, Soup is one of my favorites. I make a few soups and love them.

ROCK - Calling me Kim is good. Kimerella was nickname by a friend in High School. I think it often fits. I am so glad your brother is doing better. I will keep you and him in my prayers.

I mostly use basic yarns. I did spend money on some wool. I am going to make a sweater coat. Because every day is different, I have a few projects going and work on the one that works for me that day. So some projects won't be completed for a long time. I love the Japanese yarn...oh my goodness so pretty, so spendy.

When you said you got your catalouge all wet, my first thought was, "Cool, distressed catalouges!"

Oh, have you tried wunderground.com for weather. You can sign up, but you don't have to. I don't think I have ever signed up. Pilots use this web site.

MIKIE - We get fog here. It is one of my favorite views. We live on a creek. Fog, sun coming through the trees is inspiring and so beautiful. I live near Mt. Hood...and the Columbia Gorge. Mountains and flowers and some of my favorites of nature.

Everything you said about Climate Change..*standing up and clapping*. It is going to be tough. Especially with the Senate. But there is movement in the House. We need to keep praying for these changes.

GRANNI - Bean Soup, yum!

I so hope your bathroom is seeing better days.

JULIE - Our dogs are so wonderful. I love having our cat and dog. So much love. You mentioned making Chicken Pot Pie. We make a Chicken Pot Pie soup. Tastes just like the filling only with more broth. I make gluten-free biscuits and we have those with the soup. Such great comfort food.

I am off to get some breakfast. I know most of you are about to have lunch but I am (happily) tucked over here in the western corner. So, breakfast, it is.

My prayers with everyone. My love is sent through cyber space.

Have a good day all.



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Morning, Kids

The icon (or whatever ya call it) that I click to get here has disappeared. And we've had a
change in format. If it were bigger change would it be a fivemat?

Spent much of yesterday afternoon watching game shows from the past. Stars from
the past were on: Lucy, Betty White, McClean Stevenson. Carol Channing, Carol
Burnett and Vicky Lawrence (Dressed and acting as Mama and Eunice). They were all
donating their winnings to various charities.

We were also waiting for a call from the hospital in Oregon. Never got one, but in the
past they have returned our calls. Anyway we called a couple more times. Finally got
to talk to my brother. He's still somewhat confused but much better than before.

Mikie, Ratbane is the only word close to an expletive that I adopted. I looked up some
on the net. Found words we used to see in comic books when I was a yute. Consarn it
and Gadzooks. Here's one I never came across before: dogast it!

Julie, I'm glad the family found Blu and vice versa.

Oops! Gotta go. Hugs, Rock
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Kim: My oldest DS lives in Portland in walking distance of Rocky Butte. When my DH and I visited 4 years ago at Thanksgiving we rented a car and drove to see Multomah Falls....OMG, I've never been soooo cold in my life before, even had a heavy woolen scarf wrapped around my face so only my eyes were showing and still cold. The completely frozen falls were spectacular and then we drove around the Columbia Gorge area. Really beautiful. Lucky you. It must have been really scary when they had that huge fire. My son told me all about it.

You might find this interesting considering what you live with. A few days ago someone on the nextdoor neighbor site posted about NOT using roundup. She said to use white vinegar, dawn and SALT to kill weeds. I questioned the salt then someone else posted NOT to use salt. I put on that I use just white vinegar poured directly onto weeds to kill them. So then a few others talked about Roundup, how bad it was, which then brought out the "there's no such thing as global warming" people and this woman started pooh poohing what we "natural things" People and calling us paranoid (*&^%$#. What a fire storm. Last night the woman posted that her original post had been deleted because somebody got angry and notified the moderator.

And still this morning it goes on. Someone posted "right on" to this "paranoid posting woman. I felt like it was turning into a political rampage. It was actually her words she used to denigrate the natural products people, but she felt it was because were all objected to her right to have an opinion. I was VERY tempted to put in my three cents but decided against it since everyone would know where I live! My neighbor next door used to have her yard sprayed with Roundup every month......I really wonder if that's what caused my DH to get colon cancer, she got it also and had 1/2 her colon removed, and I've been battling bladder cancer. And I don't remember how long this roundup spraying had been going on, but the neighbor directly across from us died from throat cancer. Makes one wonder.

Mikie: It's this darn time change that throws us all off. I was up until past 11 trying to sleep and then this morning couldn't get up until after 8 a.m.

Rock: Sorry you couldn't get to talk to a nurse about your DB. Hope you will today.
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My sister is in a class action suit re: Roundup . She had Lymphoma. Cancer free for now, Thank God . The lymphoma came after she lived on a farm for years. They did not use it. Every farm around them did.

I'm always saddened by the evil and pain some people can knowingly do to others.

I have been on boards that explode like that...I always found it better to stay out. But it is so hard not to say something! *Biting of tongue.*
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Hi, Kids,

Feeling very strange. I don't know how to splain it. It's kinda like that shaky feeling but different. I feel kinda sad for no reason. Also feel as though I might miss something important I need to do. Doubt I'll go to the board meeting tonight. If it gets contentious like the annual meeting, I'd want to scream and run. I'm a no drama mama. Joe can tell me what happens. He's getting his tooth pulled tomorrow so likely won't hear from him. He knows he can call if he needs anything but says he'll be OK to drive himself home.

I'll walk down to get my mail in a bit. I ordered a set of different colored watch bands from Amazon. The original band is wider and not as comfortable as the after market bands. I got a set of ten for half of what it costs to get one replacement Apple brand band. Just cleaned up the kitchen and it looks nice. I'll let Roomba clean the carpets; I cleaned the tile floors yesterday. The condo needs to be dusted too. Tomorrow, I'll get back to the hoarder room. Gonna get really liberal in giving away the things I'm not using. Gonna sell my skis and golf clubs.

Kim, it sounds as though it's a full time job just to make sure your diet and environment stay safe. I'm so glad you are controlling it and are better and have a good doc. I think a lot of our illnesses in the world are related to toxins. We have Red Tide and blue/green algae here and they killed a bunch of sea critters last year including our beloved manatees. I can't breathe outside when the RT is so bad. From what I hear and see in pics, you live in a beautiful spot. Unfortunately, I have never traveled to the NW part of the country. I'm so glad you are here on the Porch.

Sun, our gardeners use Roundup on weeds and a sister product called, Rodeo for killing the weeds on the banks of our little pond. I wonder whether it is causing cancer in those landscape workers. I hope not. It's awful when people turn hateful when discussing subjects online. This is the only social media I use besides FB and I only go to FB to check out my kids' photos and posts. I admire people like you who find natural products. My Mom was big on that. How is Clair? Is she still bugging you for wet food? SV will scarf his down one day and just push it around his plate the next. Didn't really want any more pets but he really is a blessing in my life.

Rock, you are certainly more creative than I when it comes to expressing frustration. I love the term, ratbane. Unfortunately, the worst words come out of my mouth when I've hit my limit. Strokes can leave people feeling confused, angry, paranoid, etc. They mess with the emotions. That's why we flocked around my friend after her stroke when her DD had to go back to work. We made her laugh and let her know we love her and it kept her from going to a dark place. It's too bad your bro is in the hosp. I'm sure they try to keep him busy. Is he in any kind of rehab for speech, walking and the like? Did Miss Kitty come back safe and sound after walking the streets? I hope so.

Gonna go get my mail. I feel as though I just want to climb back under the covers and take a nap but I'm resisting. Too much to do. Hope everydooby is having a great day.

Love, Mikie