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Time for a new Porch, Dear Ones,

Be sure to read the last posts on Porch #1120.

I'm hoping this lovely spring pic will prod Mother Nature to leave the snow storms behind and let the Earth renew herself. When I was a child, beautiful spring flowers were magical to me. I lived in an historic part of town and there was an irrigation ditch which ran below my school and behind a lot of big old beautiful homes. There was a trail along the ditch and I loved to walk it, gathering wild flowers for my Mom. I also loved looking at the yards of the big homes with their cultivated flowers in bloom. In the summertime, the ditch provided hours of fun as my friends and I played games of imagination. My favorite was playing Indians. I wore moccasins all summer. We also floated toy boats on the ditch. When it ran fast, we had to run to keep up. We knew nothing about exercise. All we knew was that we were having fun.

Hope everydobby has a great day.

Love, Mikie
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Thanks for the new porch, Mikie...I'm so sure that spring is indeed on the way that I unplugged the cats' heated water bowl when I did chores yesterday :)
When Lorraine is up here in a couple weeks, we will probably spend a good part of each day outside picking up the yard....won't be long and mowing season will be in full swing :D

Poor Grace...something like that can happen in the blink of an eye. And Barb has more disappointing changes in her life. My dad fell in his room the other day and the nurse called to tell me. He remembered that he fell, but couldn't remember what he was doing that caused him to fall...no pain that the staff could find, but they kept a closer eye on him for three days...watching for any symptoms. Dad's pretty tough, though, and thankfully, has not broken any bones, etc.

The Tennessee Treasures have a ditch that runs through the edge of their yard...but they all know when to get close and when to stay away (under Mom and Dad's watchful eyes, of course.) They have poisonous snakes in their area and a wooded section that borders their yard which calls for extra caution.

I had planned to go to Keira's band concert tonight, but started feeling like crud yesterday. Upper respiratory allergy symptoms, headache, body aches, you name it. I'm wondering if part of it is from releasing toxins after my chiro appt. and massage on Tuesday. I drink lots of water, so maybe that will help flush things along...and Keira totally understands if I'm not at her concert. Amy said it may be "live" on facebook since it includes the high school band.

While the sourdough pancakes were a big hit, the bread wasn't so good. Too much rye, but that was just the particular recipe that came with the starter instructions. I'm going to make pizza crust with some of the starter for supper tonight, keep feeding the starter for a few days (with rye and spelt) till I can divide it in half and give part to my neighbor to keep growing and using. The other half I will keep for myself, gradually turning it into a "lighter rye", spelt and organic wheat concoction. It will still be an easier to digest product, but not so dark and heavy...fun to experiment, but don't have a lot of time to mess with it, lol!

I'd better say a quick "Hi" to everyone and get busy. First, I'll sniff some steam and take some allergy/headache meds so I can function. Have a great day, everyone!



Home again, home again, having my lunch. I had a check I needed to deposit at the bank so stopped at the vet to replenish SV's wet food. Got a case this time. It's a bit less expensive than to get only twelve cans. Was going to stop at the Publix in the same strip mall but people were waiting in line for parking spaces so I went to the one closer to home. It's a smaller store and not as busy as the other one. Think I've mentioned that you can't swing a dead cat here without hitting a Publix market.

Still not feeling all chipper but am way better than yesterday. Stomach still a bit iffy and I felt nauseated in the car. I know I'm a bit better because the shower and blow dry didn't leave me too exhausted to do anything else. Always look on the bright side. Before I left, I called Barb. She sounded so happy, something I didn't expect. She didn't mention that the facility is permanent but said her other DD decorated her room and it's beautiful. She said the place is really nice and the food is good. Only problem is that she is a very social person and the other residents seem to only socialize with their spouses or are so out of it that they don't socialize at all. Still, she has made a couple of friends. Best news of all, a miracle actually, is that her DS and DD have made up and are speaking again. He has been so sweet to Barb too, something he couldn't do when he and the DD she was living with were at odds. I told her that made me so happy and it did. We reminded ourselves that we've known one another for more than 20 years now. We always say that we love one another too. That makes me happy!

So, a much better day today than yesterday. Got an e-mail that Life Lock and the bank will be pursuing a fraud investigation against whomever used my info to try to open a charge account. I may have to be on conference calls with them. I hope they find out who did this and press charges. Bank fraud is serious.

Ran into another sweet neighbor at the store. He's so tiny now and feeble but still driving. He's such a nice guy and I hate to see him go downhill. Still has his sense of humor so that may be keeping him going. His DGD is living with him in his condo. I told him that will keep him out of trouble because he has to set a good example. He lost his grown son a few years ago and that kinda started the decline. At least four of my neighbors have lost a child, one lost two children, and one lost a grandson.

Julie, Wow! Fancy schmancy cats--a heated water dish. Of course, I realize it's necessary there. SV doesn't like his fountain because the motor makes the water warm. Because he has the urine crystals, he has to have filtered or bottled water. He likes his water on the cool side. I'm sorry your Dad fell but am so glad he is OK. I used to worry so much about my Mom. That is why I'm trying to be so careful. Don't want to worry my kids. Sorry you're feeling lousy. Yes, massages release all that toxin in the body and the body tries to purge it. That's kinda like what happens with the AV once a big virus die off occurs. The dead viruses are toxic. Sounds as though we are both gearing up for the onslaught of family and I hope we both feel well so we can enjoy them.

I may have spoken too soon. My head hurts, my lymph nodes are tender and I have a sore throat. Whine, whine, whine! Gotta order some supps from PH and go over some paperwork. Hate paperwork! Hope all y'all are having a great day.

Love, Mikie


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Good Morning All and one. Or one and all. Nice pic, Mikie. It has a sort of Disney look to it.
Was your ditch dry? Our town had no ditch, but the farm roads often had ditches. Usually
with tall weeds growing in them and sometimes water at the bottom.

Ah yes, paperwork. Most of my working hours involved paperwork. It used to be love
made the world go round. Now it's paperwork and computers. Glad to hear that Barb
has a nice place. SV doesn't like his fountain? I thought he did. Well, as we all know my
memory has decamped. I can't remember if I talked to my brother yesterday or if Gordon
did and then told me about it. Anyhoo he's in his new place and seems to be making slow
progress toward recovery. His speech is much clearer now.

Julie, never had sourdough pancakes. They sound good though. Never heard of spelt
bread or flour. Read all about it. Curious porchers can do the same. It does have a
faint connection to spells.

Glad to hear your Dad seems OK. Hope you can make it to Keira's concert. Regards to
Den. Tell him when is fully retired, the first thing to do is whatever he wants to do.

Hugs to all. Already fed the cat. Am gonna go visit with her.


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Julie: I remember making the sour dough pancakes again and again and again. Finally just tossed the starter because it was a lot of trouble. I'm sure it will be delicious with regular flour. I've lately gotten into scones because of this little new bakery in our village. OMG love her ginger scones. Last week I tried her NEW lemon scones but still can't compare. Used to like her jalapeño cheese ones but lately they're just not the same. So anyway, I came across a recipe for sweet potato maple scones, bought some maple syrup and tried it. Made 1/2 a recipe and loved it, so perhaps I'll just bake some extra and freeze them. And with my food processor, and the microwave to bake a sweet potato in a jiffy, it's no trouble at all.

Mikie: So sorry to read about Grace's accident and Barb being put in assisted living. I do understand Barb's DD and why she did it. I had to do the same with my mom and it was good for her and for me also. I hope God decides to take me before anything like that happens.

I grew up in the country, barefoot all the time. Cows in back of us, several large pigs and a bull. My mom had a HUGE flower garden, probably 1/4 of an acre which also included rows of boysenberries, avocado trees, lemon trees and one orange tree. We also had some peach and nectarine and apricot trees which come summer meant making jams and canning them. That was how I spent my summers growing up.....helping with that. We lived too far from any school friends. Every week our neighbor would drive her son and I to the library and I loaded up on books to read until the next week. My mom didn't drive yet and we had no extra car anyway.

Once a month it was irrigation time so my dad would get busy digging trenches to go from one tree to another to get them watered. We would get the water at a certain time so the neighbor up from us would shut their sluice gate and it would come to use for a certain amount of time. My job along with my brother was to talk the trenches with shovels, making sure the water didn't break over and we would lose precious water. And I remember at times little fish would also come swimming along. Sometimes I have dreams of that garden and that I am planting flowers there too. I always wanted land to plant lots of things and roam around, but that was something in so. Calif that has gotten very rare.

Hardly any butterflies today so perhaps they've all flown. My DS is bringing my little DGDs over tomorrow and I was hoping for a lot of them to see. Oh well. And hoping we can go to this little restaurant tomorrow for lunch....it's one of those places that's very casual and peanut shells on the floor.

And thank you everyone for your good wishes and prayers. I've thought about my DDs puppy and how big she is and that she still jumps, and a horror thought of her jumping on me and yanking out the catheter, so told my DD today I won't be going to her house afterwards. I think she breathed a sigh of relief! Having company always upsets one's routine. I know what to expect and I did for myself at DDs house anyway. .....my DD is NOT the nuturing type. If I have troubles I can always call her for help. And the nurse yesterday reminded me that women ARE strong....and yes, I am strong.


Hi, Kids,

More good news--Life Lock called. After they investigated the credit card application, they discovered that only my SSN had been used but not my name nor my address. They think what happened is that someone made a typo from a SSN similar to mine. Probably just one digit. LL agent called the bank and the bank could find no application with that number. It's likely that the error has been fixed. Because the risk appears so small, I decided not to pursue it any further at this time but will be watching for anything hinky for a while. Yesterday was lousy; today has been filled with good news.

Rock, SV liked his fountain for a while but doesn't like it now. He's a real pill sometimes. He was drinking out of his bowl on the lanai this morning. He hasn't done that in ages. Glad your Bro is making progress. It seems slow at first but picks up speed. That his speech is much improved is a good sign. Barb is a bit self-conscious about her speech every now and then but I can always understand her. Some of the neighbors can't. The woman across the street speaks perfectly now. Barb's stroke was pretty bad and she's lucky to have survived it. Joe and I can never remember whether we told each other things, whether we heard things from one another or from someone else. Reminds me of the song, I Remember It Well. Think it's from Gigi. Glad you are visiting with Miss Kitty. Cats are wonderful company.

Sun, your childhood home sounds idyllic except for not having other kids nearby. We had a whole gang of kids in my hood. We played softball every evening in the summer. Sounds as though you come by your green thumb honestly. We kids loved going to the library but we could walk to ours. We all loved to read. A teenage neighbor moved and gave us her whole collection of Nancy Drew books. When my ex and I bought our first home, it was near Farmers Ditch. Our kids grew up having a good time playing along it. When it got really hot in the summertime, we would all go tubing in the cold water. So much fun. The ditch ran alongside Long's Iris Gardens and the iris fields were so beautiful. They had two horses who would gallop up to the fence to greet us when we walked by. My kids say they had a wonderful childhood.

Guess I'll watch for Dennis' car so I can ask how Grace is doing. Hope the surgery went well. Barb was so shocked to hear about her falling because it's like deja vu of what just happened to her. Between the falls and deaths in the hood recently, I'm watching out. Got some beautiful strawberries and blackberries at the store so am gonna have some fruit and a roll for dinner. Hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie



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Mikie: Well at least SV did drink out of it, clair wouldn't even approach it. Maybe I was lucky because I just returned it to the pet store. Yes, we're at that age when we can so easily trip on something and blast...you've broken something. Clair sometimes goes streaking like a wild cat thru the house. I can hear her feet hitting the tile and I try to just freeze so she won't run into me and knock me over. She's about 13 year old now, has a croaking voice. This morning she was very affectionate while I was on the floor doing my stretches. I looked at her and asked.....who's going to outlast who! I love dogs but they're not in my future anymore.

Speaking of blackberries, 99cent store was selling them for....99cents so I bought a couple trays. I'm so lucky to have a variety of stores around me to shop for bargains. And that I'm able to hop in my vehicle and do my shopping when I want to.

Your childhood sounds wonderful....mine I would not call idyllic......it was just what it was, work and lots of reading. I could hardly wait for school to start again. My mom was NOT a nuturing type mother either. I learned at a very early age to take care of myself when I got sick. Perhaps that could be the reason now because I learned to take care of myself my entire life. I pray I will always be independent. My mom always said she didn't want to end up in a nursing home. No matter how nice they are it all depends on the low paid help and how they treat the patients. My mom was in several AWFUL AWFUL nursing homes after she had taken a fall.


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Hi guys.
I think you are pretty spot on with your thoughts on nursing homes.
Years ago, when I was more hopeful, I did an aged care/personal care course.
Right at the start I felt discouraged about it all.
Mostly because of the sergeant major like teacher, who had come from a
life time of working in Aged Care, but also because she made it very clear that
there was no time to chat with 'the clients'. We had a heated discussion about that.
In my mind, surely one could chat while working, at least.
So all the bells and whistles can make a place Look good, but in actual fact, it isn't.
If the 'care' is lacking.

Honestly, I dont wanna go into a home eigther, but I hv told Dh and Treasures that I do.
I dont want to b a burden.

It was a difficult time for us when Dh was constantly called over to his G father's place,
When our Treasures were little. His Grand parents came first and we couldn't make any plans, as we
had to be near by...While I would not change it if I could go back, as it was
a great bonding time for Dh and his G Parents and is the right thing to do, etc.due to Many
factors (fil was local too, but provided No care for his own parents.expected us to do everything),
It was Tough. And a constant worry.
Finally, for their own safety they went into care together and while it was pretty good, I believe if more
time was spent feeding G Pa, the outcome would've been very different.
The staff dont get enough time.

I think family still need to go in reg to keep their fingers on the pulse and staff on their toes.

I'm sure if it was at a time when our Treasures were older, that would've made the world of difference.
Dh's dad should've stepped up.
I worry that at the rate my body and mind seem to b declining, that I may be a burden.
I Really dont want that.
As long as I hv the radio tuned in to my favourite station, I will be content.
Or at least I will do my best to pretend to be.

Also, I'm not sure I want Dh or my Treasures taking care of me, for my sake.
They already get frustrated with me and Dd isn't a nurturer eigther.
Well, as far as I am concerned.no patience at all.
But that could just be Teenagers...

I hv given this a lot of thought lately.

I'm sorry for not stopping in, but life for me lately has been pretty bleak and I
Really didn't want to bring you guys down.
I am however trying to keep up with you all and share in the joys and heart aches
of your written words.

Hi Kim.
I am an Aussie living in the cooler part of Victoria.
My Dh and I hv 3 Treasures- ds 17, dd 15 & ds 14.

Words cannot express the love I hv for my Porchie family.
I'm sure they will come to fill your heart too.

Time to change water and feed the creatures...and Dh.

Take care All
Catch yas later


Good Friday Morning, Dearest Porchies,

Slept long last night with lots of dreams. One was especially disturbing. I dreamed that my ex and I were visiting friends and their old VHS unit caught fire and burned one small child's face. I raced to the child and put her under cold running water. There was smoke coming out of her mouth and I knew she had inhaled flames. I was yelling out for someone to call 911 while trying to comfort the child. The dream ended when the EMT's came in with the gurney.
Good grief!

Grace posted a pic on FB saying the surgery went well. Guess I'll go up to see her today. Wish I could think of something better than some flowers to take to her. There were a ton of good wishes on FB. She's a very outgoing person. Don't know when she will come home and don't know whether they will stay here for her rehab or whether the doc will allow her to fly to WV and have it there.

Sun, I think what we did as children prepares us for life one way or another. You are a very creative and hard working person. I'm sorry your Mom wasn't nurturing. My Mom was but her Mom wasn't. My Mom was a single parent so had to work. I grew up a Latch Key Kid before that term was coined. An unusually large number of mothers in our hood worked so we kids became very self-sufficient. When I had kids of my own, I was determined that they would learn to take care of themselves even though I didn't work then. I let them make decisions for themselves with some help and a safety net. They are glad now because they are very good at life. Clair sounds like SV when it comes to racing around. He tries to race me to the bed at night. He will leap through the air screaming at the top of his voice. Sometimes, he hides behind the loveseat in the living room and come flying out at me yowling. Scares me half to death if I don't know he's gonna do it. He has almost run me off my feet several times during the bedtime race. One time, I saw him hiding behind the loveseat waiting to come out screaming at the Roomba.

Star, so good to see you here. Sweetie, you never have to worry about sharing what is going on, good or bad, with us. We are your online family and you won't bring us down but, maybe, we can lift you up a bit. Sharing our woes helps lighten the burden. It gives us all purpose to comfort and support one another. I've wondered how you are doing often and sent up a little prayer for you. I'm so sorry that things have been bleak. We do worry when we don't hear anything so, even when things are bad, stop in and we will offer some comfort. Raising teenagers is difficult enough without having to do it while struggling with physical illness and pain. I once laughed at something I saw at a friend's house. It read--Mental illness runs in families; you get it from your kids. No matter how bad things get, a sense of humor and good friends/family help us get through it.

Gonna get going. I have to reorder my meds and take care of a few other things. Hope everydooby has a great day.

Love, Mikie



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Mikie - your spring pic makes me go tra la la la and a heigh and a ho, and a ho and a hey and a ho ho ho....i love country lanes, take me home, where i belong, yes, agree with John Denver.

oh, i didnt know cats interacted so much, racing their owners to bed. sounds like great fun. sorry to hear about Graces hip injury. you are very busy with your neighbours going through this that or other.

oh Lordy,that is indeed a disturbing dream. i ve had some gruesome dreams too myself but not lately. ive had wonderful flying dreams when i flew over the same green landscape. once iflew thru that landscape and entered a hall with doors with different symbols on them. i tried to enter but they were all locked. it was clear as day.

Star - dont worry about being absent from the Porch. We all understand life sometimes gets that way, when everything seems glum and it feels like everyone is put on earth just to push your buttons and make your life miserable. Life is phases. and phases come and go. dont forget the good times. i have been through some dark times. Turbulent times. Times which make my heart heavy just to remember them..but theyve passed. As will this undesirable phase of yours, im always trying to learn the lesson life motivators teach. you cant change people or situations, but you can control how you react to them.

i wish we had a magic pill we could pop in to regain or maintain our mojo in our bleak moments.

Sun - that was funny what you said to Clair. im sure if she could she would have engaged you in conversation. im sure if pets could talk, lots of people wouldnt bother getting married. Heh heh heh. Certainly, i would have longer conversations with my dogs than my better half. not dissing anyone. its just DH is mostly good at talking shop and i dont know the S of shop talk.

and i like mystical stuff and ponder on the meaning of life and what happens to us after we die and hes like, “youre nuts!” He did change his tune of “depression happens to only weak people” when too many people started committing suicide and they said it was depression. Now he accepts theres a medical condition called depression.

Julie - i cant imagine making sourdough and bread from 5he start. seems like there are not enough hours in the day. so its store bought bread for me for some. time yet. i hope you can watch Keiras band. what a special thing.

Rock - so relieved your DB is recovering slowly and steadily. im sure he misses his forest ranger duties like anything. i would love to follow your cat on her jaunts and see where where she goes. Does she have a boyfriend, a buddy, a group of buddies she likes to keep appointments with..a special hunting ground, an extra place outside of your home she likes to stretch out and take a siesta in. does anyone know her and keep a treat for her when she comes around.

Came back from a wedding. business associate of Dh. wentpretty soothly. DH didnt remember to tell me in advance so i hadnt prepared. my hair was tangled so i did the top layer and let some tangles remain. but covered. had a bakhu and blouse ready so that was ok.
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Dear Ones,

Popping in again quickly before the cleaning ladies come. So much to organize for them to come clean, crazy huh ? Never had a cleaning lady before or did my DM. Of course they didn't have the money and she was such a hard worker. She lived by herself after Dad died till she was 93. Never thought I would even need a cleaning person. If I felt well enough I wouldn't bother, most likely.

MIKIE - Glad you are doing a little better at least. Sorry about those awful dreams. If I dream I do not remember it, or them most of the time.. You are right about having to raise teenagers, especially some like my DCD. who probably started off all my physical problems along with other things.

STAR, feel free to vent if you need to . Believe me, we do understand. Sorry I have been gone so much that I haven't read all of your posts. Yes, you ar right that the family and all need to come in fairly regularly to make sure things are going as they should and of course try and keep up with the family member. Who knows who will take care of me if I am in a home by myself :)!! DH doesn't have to much aptientce but if he were still around he would try but he is not of the most patient variety :)!! He also hates hospitals and will go only if absolutely needed. My kids are of a mixed variety concerning patience but I think most would try and do what is right although now they are all grown up with ids of their own.

Most g kids are grown up already. Most don't live nearby and some g kids have some sort of mental disability. We sing at quite a few nursing homes. assisted living homes and there is a wide variety of them. Some are really quite nice with caring staff . We have sort of picked the one we would like to go into if we have to but hope that we don't have to. Get nice meals, even a happy hour which you pay for of course and 2 meals a day I believe for most. Most people can fix their own lunch in their little kitchens. Of course those that are incapacitated are in a different section and one does not always get the right kind of caregivers with lots of patience and caring. The family has to be on the ball to make sue they are not being taken advantage of in any way and treated with love and respect.

JULIE - Sorry you are not up to snuff as they say and if not doing better it is best to stay home and rest, try and recover and try not to pass whatever on to someone else if it s communicable. Glad your Dad has not broken any bones after his falls. Many times that causes a lot more problems for them, and they go downhill like my mom did esp after her second fall and broken hip. When does Den finish up - the end of this month or very soon. When is his going away party? Is he excited about letting go this part of his past? I know he enjoys the work and does well at what he does.

Have been so busy and now that it is getting warmer and not raining DH has plans for all the outdoor work WE have to do.. In between we are watching for the showerhead in our bathroom that may have some more problems. If it continues to week they will have to make a hole in the wall and I will have to make some kind of an accent wall as it will never match the paint I had put up. It requires two types of paint and do not know the other kind to give it that sort of spongy look. DH does not take well to stressful and money spending situations. He is off to the fish fry this afternoon. I cannot go as DD isnt going as have no other car.

Thinking about everydobby inc SUN. ROCK, BARRY, DUCKIE, SPRING WATER and anyone else I might have temporarily forgotten !

Granni :)


Hi, Kids,

Didn't make it up to see Grace today. Started to feel really nauseated so didn't even go out to send in my Rx for mail order meds. She is much better today. She called and we chatted a bit. She'll be in the hospital through the weekend and then move to a rehab facility. They are trying to find one close to the hood. They will be here for at least another three to four weeks.

Today is the Ides of March. I think the back corner of one of my crowns broke off. Et tu, Tooth Fairy! It isn't bothering me so won't ask the dentist about it until I go in to have my teeth cleaned. I have one that chipped and don't plan on doing anything about it either. Don't know what I'll do if my teeth start going to hell. Joe had an infected tooth and the dentist suggested he just have it extracted. It's the same molar that I think has broken. I'd consider having it extracted rather than getting a new crown if it's a lot less expensive. We have the same dentist and gastro doc. Too much bad stuff happening. On top of that, it's gray and miserable looking outside but still fairly warm--81 degrees.

Spring, so good to see your post. Glad you like the pic. I did too. Cats and dogs are like people. Some have more personality than others. Cats that live alone with one person usually are more interactive. I once went to a married couple's home in my job and they had a cat from the shelter. He was quite a kitty and they had him go through all the little games he liked to play with them. The husband especially loved playing with him. Another couple had a little Boston Bulldog that did all kinds of things. They had a portrait of him, done by a professional painter, hanging on the wall. That dream of yours sound like more than just a dream. I think you are very spiritually evolved and the hall and doors represent all the places your spirit may eventually go but they are not open to you yet. Several times, DD met both her grandmothers in what seemed to her to be Heaven's lobby in a 'dream'. They told her she couldn't go any further at that time. Guess we just have to stay here and deal with all of life's problems before we are allowed to go to the places our spirits long to go.

Granni, so happy to see such a nice newsy post. I don't really need a cleaning person because I live alone. It's only when family is coming that I feel the pressure to clean. DD called earlier and they will be driving up from the Keys in a week after diving. They are getting a hotel nearby so, if I don't get the hoarder room done, I can just close the door. DGS will probably sleep here and he can have the other guest room. Can't wait to see them. They are having their hardwood floors redone while here. They had them done once but the contractor messed them up. She said she and DSIL were laughing about something and she asked him when the last time was that he laughed that hard. He told her it was with me when we had dinner recently. Was it the shower head that caused the water problem? When I replaced the one in the guest bath, the plumber had to replace the temp control so I cut a hole in the W/D utility closet wall and he went in from the back side. I repaired the drywall, textured it and painted it. Didn't have to worry about its being perfect since it's the inside of the closet next to the dryer. Were you able to get everything dried out okay? Hope so.

I've been watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maizel. It's a Prime original series. Got a lot of nominations at the award shows. It's like being at a Neil Simon play only with some dirty language thrown in here and there. Lots of Jewish humor which is one of my favorite things. Hope everydobby is having a great windup to the week.

Love, Mikie


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MIKIE - I forgot to tell you thanks for the newest picture . It is very pretty. What a wasted day for me. I got all ready for the cleaning ladies only to find out that that they had the wrong date next Friday. We had talked about both dates and I changed it but she didn't when she told me that date would be best for her. She was very apologetic and would have come at 5 pm but that was to late. So I told her next week same time. They are usually very good and occasionally are a little late due to it getting later on the home they are doing before me, but not much and they usually tell me what's going on.

I know what you mean about not feeling the urge to clean or get things really spiffy, most of the time but DH is more of fusspot shall we say about things esp not being in its place , dirty floors, etc. His mom was that way too even though a lovely woman. To bad she passed so early in life of OC. In answer to your questions the flooding was from the toilet in the extra bathroom next to the study. However, we also had the plumber look at the leaky shower head. The extra toilet was fixed and all is well. We are watching the shower head after he did some work on it but more may be needed lets us just say that. So far it seems to be ok or better but we will see if more has to be done. If so it probably won;t be an easy fix.

JULIE. et al - Sourdough bread is really very good for you or much better than other breads unless with lots of seeds and such. It tastes good too but I tried the starter a couple of times and so much work , for me at least. I had a bread maker years ago and gave it away. Now we aren't really even supposed to eat much of it but I do buy the sourdough to eat once in awhile when we have eggs and for an occasional 1/2 sandwich. I'm sue sourdough pancakes are wonderful. I have never had them either and haven;t had a pancake in years. Need to buy the kind with the special flour, mix one of these days. Don;t think DH is a big pancake eater but will eat them, occasionally if offered. Hope you continue with the warmer days ahead. You do not need any more sub 0 temperatures.

Hope everydobby is having a nice restful almost weekend and that their weekend will be a great one with no worries.

Just heard in an email that one of the husbands whose wife that used to be in the traditional choir I had been in was pronounced brain dead. Guessing he had a stroke, like my brother and had brain damage and probably other organ damage. One of the daughter's said they had no hope. Just prayers needed. Guessing they MIGHT be taking him off a respirator. He was also in the K of C with DH. He was a sweet guy. His wife is a lovely strong woman also but I know the family is all devastated.. Seems like to many people passing away lately. I was going to go to a memorial for a mom of one of the Past President's of our ladies club who was also in club. I didn't know her really well but was going to go with DD but DH says we have all kinds of work outside that we have been putting off due to rain and bad weather.

Gotta run and hope everydobby had a nice weekend. One day warm here and another day cold or should I say much cooler. I am all bundled up in the house today at about 60. Tomorrow it will be 40's and 50's. That should be shorts weather for you JULIE!!!:rolleyes::) He He !

Love you all,
Granni :)



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OMG, rock.....chiro to the rescue tomorrow I think. I do hope he can make you feel better.

Star: I'm so happy to finally see you post as little. You know I'm praying for you. Come back and share when you feel like it. Look at us as your inexpensive/cheap/free therapist.

Spring: You're such an "old soul" I think, if there's such a thing. Whatever, you've been given a lot of wise thoughts.

Granni: Busy as usual, don't know how you do it.

Julie: I hope you're feeling better. I talked to my cousin in Ohio a few hours ago. She also transports the Amish around, said they call her when they need a FREE ride somewhere but always try to pay with produce or meat. She doesn't charge. And another cousin does it for a business so she's also VERY busy.

Mikie: So happy to read about Grace's progress.

My DS brought my little ones over today for a visit. We ended up going to a local botanical gardens because he had a membership card from another Arboretum. OMG, so much fun walking around with the little ones as they spied squirrels, or picking up rocks. The older one is like me....always looking for something on a walk. She tried to get me to carry her rocks but I told her NO... then my DS said the gardens didn't want us moving rocks around so she put them all down. Then Mia, the 2 1/2 year old took a header and skinned her knees up. Sigh...she had been told not to run.

So we get home and my DS said he would run get hamburgers while we girls had a seed planting session. Got the peet pots filled and the sunflower seeds planted and I told my oldest that Mia and I would go search for a box in the garage they could take some of the pots home with them. I was out in the atrium only 3 min. But in the meantime Mia had unbeknownst to me picked up a heavy container of spackle and went into the kitchen, opened it up and decided it might be something good. I came in and found her upchucking white lumps. OMG OMG....I saw the spackle container and grabbed a paper towel and wiped her mouth and tongue then grabbed her....screaming....into the bathroom to flush her mouth with water. She was OK after I got her cleaned and settled down. MY DS was not happy with her.....asked her if she wanted to find something else to eat in the garage or perhaps the garbage can???? It's always something. But she's such a sweet lovable affectionate child......I think I added a few years to my life today. I thought I was going to do her in while my DS was gone. She keeps telling me "I love you too" and she sits on my lap hugging me. I told my son I hoped he would make it to 45!

Anyway, after they left I headed for an hr. Nap....still really tired.


Hi, Kids,

Still not feeling great. My stomach is still upset and I have sores inside my mouth. Talked to DD. They will be driving up from the Keys on the 22nd. It's an all day drive so they will likely get in late in the afternoon. They got a hotel up the street but DGS will likely stay with me. If hoarder room not done, I can simply shut the door. Sooo tired of feeling sick. Gonna go up to see Grace this afternoon. They got her up to walk a bit yesterday. She said she is so sore.

Rock, dear one, please be careful. Sooo many people falling and breaking hips. It's a big surgery, lots of pain and weeks of rehab. Not fun! I hope the fall didn't leave you in too much pain and I hope your thumb is OK. Prayers going up.

Sun, that visit from the girls sounds harrowing. I always had the Poison Control Center phone no. handy when the kids were little. Used it once. Can't even remember what DD ate. Rest and recover.

Granni, glad you got the plumbing problems solved. Like you said, if the shower head needs further attention, it's an easy fix. Sorry to hear about yet another choir member falling. I guess it's just normal when we get to our age. The more people one knows, the more death, injury and illness one sees. Sooo much just in our hood here. Claudia was with her Mom at the Friday singalong when her Mom's eyes rolled up in her head and she lost consciousness. They don't know whether she had a stroke or not. Sounded more like a seizure to Nancy and me. Her dementia is so bad that she really can't tell anyone much. I'm sure it was scary for her. She was resting peacefully; Claudia will go up to see her first thing.

Naples is having a St. Paddy's Day parade and the people are already lining their chairs up along the route. There will be bagpipe playing by a group of retired firemen and policemen called, Guns and Hoses. Cute! Lots of rain in the forecast but, if the forecast is correct, it will be all around us but will miss us here. Should be over by afternoon when I plan to visit Grace. There will be a parade on the beach too but it will likely be a really small one. Went to the one in Denver and took Mom one year when we lived there. DD and DSIL joined us. The parade went on for hours. We finally took Mom to an Irish pub downtown for lunch.

Hope all y'all have a wonderful weekend and, if it's not wonderful, hope your ills and woes go quickly.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Kids

My hand is much better today. Put CBD oil on it twice. No problem with my hip. Maybe
I'll become a real hipster. Mikie, are you speaking of Naples, Italy or Florida?

Oh, my program is starting in 4 minutes. Back later.
Hugs, Rock


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Mikie: Sorry you're purging again......I guess a necessary evil when you take the med you do. But you'll soon be over it so hang in there.

My visit wasn't all that harrowing....just about 5 min. Of it. I do hope she's learned a lesson, though at 2 1/2 I think she'll be getting into more things. I discovered one of the girls was turning the dial on the automatic timer on a light. It was on this morning when the light should have been off so I took it off and saw someone had moved the dial to change the time. Oh well. They brought a lot of laughter and hugs to me yesterday and I needed that.

Today I'm going to DDs to celebrate the 11th BD of my DGD. She asked me several times and reminded me last week about a skate board she wanted. So what was a grandmother to do but buy it along with all the pads of elbows, knees wrists. I'm pretty sure she already has a helmet. My DD knows....I said I'm including the receipt so in case it's decided she can't have it, they can return it.

It's so beautiful this morning, sunny and supposed to get up to around 80. I'm going to finish potting up the peet pots this morning with various seeds.

I rented "the favorite" yesterday, tried to watch it last night. It was't appealing to me....I didn't find it humorous at all....parts disgusting to me. I turned it off because I was dozing off and thought about watching it today before the party but decided against it. It wasn't edifying to me....so why bother filling my brain with things like that so I'll drop it off early today.

Rock: Happy to read all is working normal today.


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Hi Kids

The Match Game marathon isn't over. I watched two programs. They are showing another
two, but one doesn't want too much of a good thing. Who said that? Jabba the Hut?

Gordon is on his way to the Chinatown library. He has friends who work there. Is taking them some cilantro from his garden.

Sun, hope everydobby has a great time at the birthday party. I can remember buying my son
a skate board about 40 years ago. I didn't think I was endangering his life since he was already riding his friend's boards. Then he coaxed me to stand on it. So I did. He tried to talk me into riding, but I demurred. So he ran and gave me a helpful shove knocking me on my
keister. I couldn't get mad at him. He was trying to share the fun.

Mikie, the pain in my hip and hand were negligible. The big problem was that as the day wore on my hand got weaker and weaker . Finally got to the point where I couldn't read. Not
that I read braille, but that I generally read in bed. Takes one hand to hold the book and one
to turn the pages. I don't know what the difference between a stroke and a seizure is. I'll
have to look it up.

Oh, came across something in a book yesterday. Some author used "anyhoo" as a
substitute for "anyhow". I had thought I was the only in the world who did that. Was
delighted to come across it. Hope your aches and ailments go away before the family
shows up.

Granni, I don't have dreams any more either. But now and then, as I'm falling asleep,
I have sort of visuals. Almost always people in in clothes from long ago walking through
a forest or by a river. No drama or story. They just walk by. Maybe they are the ghosts
of pioneers. After months of pesky rain we are supposed to have warm weather all week
with no rain. Huzzah!

Barry, you still having rain in the mountains? Here's an animal we don't see much of.
While I was waiting for my program today I saw a young one on TV. I think it the program
was from the The San Diego Zoo. Lenni still racing off when he gets the chance?

Hugs everydobby


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Hi All.

St. Patrick's day. Parades everywhere. But it's not St. Pat's Day until tomorrow. So why the parades today???? Everything is seeming to be crazy now..... or maybe it's just me...

Rock, I'm glad you didn't break when you fell down. :oops: I guess we become a bit brittle as we age, eh? Maybe they should design a line of clothing, with appropriate padding, for elders. Make a fortune.
The weather is sunny, and gonna be in the high '60's today. Rain coming back on Tuesday. And hey, thanks for the pic of the okapi; they are sure beautiful. I want one!:rolleyes:

Mikie, sorry you aren't feeling up to snuff. Me neither. So tired of being tired, and having been tired for so long now. Started with fevers in '94...... I was so much younger then....

Sun, sounds like you've had some fun! By the way, how did your big rocks project go?
Hey, I grew up in the country too; walks through the woods with my dog; birdwatching; looking for creatures great and small. Lying on a tall grassy hill listening to the larks ascending with their beautiful singing, and then plunging down again into the grass and nests.

Granni, I presume your DH will mop the floor for you! And tidy up to HIS satisfaction. You just relax, my dear. :cool:

Star, I'm so glad you posted. I was worrying about you. You have our full support. You are in an awkward/difficult situation with three teens to deal with. Anyone would be. Give them orders! YOU are the BOSS!

Somebody here said somebody here was an "old soul". I forget who. Richard said I was an old soul a few years ago. I didn't know what he meant; still not sure... Ouroboros.

Julie, what is grown on your farm? Do you have many acres? Sounds like you and Den are the perfect couple, and are truly blessed with one another.

I'd say more, but all I can say is I'm tired.:mad::(.

Spring, love to you.

Love and Blessings to All.