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Porch# 1123 is now CLOSED


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36810A05-368F-4BFC-8BD8-284F963D068F.jpeg Hello

a contented lot there, eh? a full stomach, a cosy shelter, and each other, what more could anyone need.

Mikie - so nice to read about your familys visit. what a relief you were well enough to accompany them some. its startling to see your DGS grow everytime he visits eh? i feel same when i see my DHs cousins kids. coupla months and theyre elongated like rubberbands stretched.

I envy you for being able to swim, should you want to. Here, its too cold for me still.

Kim - thats a lovely idea, exchanging gift coupons for restaurants. wish we had that here. hope the fatigue lets up soon.

Rock - i love staffers at shops, service centers who like chatting to you. you and Gordon seem to have a number of such there. i love where you live. inspite of the sirens and movie crew who sometimes intrude. it feels like you have put down roots there and it really is home, not just where you stay.

Julie - wish we had a town aquarium here. what a wonderful visit. the kinds of fish that exist are just otherwordly. and some are so so beautiful. there was a big piranha i took a front shot of in the Boston aquarium.....it looked evil. but then, there were fish that looked like violet gossamer lights, and stingrays one was allowed to pet.

Barry - lol. we have several chairs tables with legs chewed up. testimony to all the pups we brought and raised and loved. we have 5hrown out lots of socks. i thought of you and Lenny and Romeo when i saw 5he pic above. if only you knew what i know about exorcisms, lol lol lol. one really funny one which me and my friends laugh over although it was no laughing matter then.

if i were a qualified exorcist, i would first exorcise our computers. make them behave the way they were meant to. not like an invisible hand is running amuck pressing buttons, and in 5he process pushing our buttons and raising blood pressure.

Sun - you do seem tuckered out. i hope naughty doggie can be sent home soon. we have a stray with a swelling on his foot. i dont know what it is. the butchers throw him and his street comrades scrap.

yesterday, i ran out on an errand with DD to choose some outdoor plants for a project and we nipped into a restaurant and ate cake and the most delicious fries. i ordered coffee but it was bitter. i came home and made some mushroom dumplings for myself for dinner. im still without help and upto my neck in waiting to be done housework. but i figured i should give myself a meal i really want.

there was chicken curry, lentils, spinach curry for the others from yesterday. it is cold today. i found it had rained in the wee hours and our english newspaper was soaked. i thought it was scrap lying on the ground. my DH drained it and then asked me to iron and dry it, while he did went downstairs to 5hrow out 5he garbage. it is so cold! really strange wea5her. it was so hot in the cab while i was with DD.

i made some really delicious hot tea for us, his with sugar free and non fat milk, mine with normal sugar and normal milk powder and he settled down to read his now dry and crackling stiff newspaper and i came to my nook to see whats up with my Porchie pies. Gonna spend a little time not thinking of the chores awaiting and 5hen gonna go tackle 5hem. before they tackle me. Heh, heh, heh.

god bless
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Made it home around 8:30 pm...Lorraine was a Chatty Cathy the whole way, even while watching videos. She's tucked in all by herself in the guest room. I kept asking her if she was sure she didn't want to sleep on the hide-a-bed in the living room to be closer to Grandma and Grandpa's room, but she is feeling very brave and independent, lol! Den went on to bed since he still has four more days of getting up and leaving the house before 5:00 am to go to work. I stayed up so I can check on Lorraine and make sure she falls asleep without any problems.

We both have hair appointments tomorrow morning, then will visit an Amish store for some goodies. Probably go see my dad on Wednesday, on Thursday one of Den's salesmen is taking us out for supper, then Friday is Den's retirement party. Amy's family will surprise him, then Amy and the girls are going to spend the weekend so they can see Lorraine while off school. Lorraine brought her schoolwork and we need to schedule it in somehow...

I do want to get caught up with everyone, eventually...this is the first time I've been on an actual computer in almost a week, lol! Right now I need to head on to bed...hoping the "road buzz" has worn off enough. Take care, everyone...I am thinking of all of you.

I'll try to post a video of the aquarium we visited in Gatlinburg...so much fun!



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I happened to still be up and checked in again...here ya go, Rock!

Hi Again, Folks

Gordon and I folded up the huge plastic sheets we've been putting on and off the orchids.
We won't need them again till next fall.

Barry, be careful about that exorcism stuff. If you do it too often there's the danger of
being repossessed.

Kim, I had the same experience when I read King of Torts recently. Turned out I'd read it
before. Never had Cajun fish tacos. Remember the Cajun co0king show with Justin Wilson?
His cooking was way too hot for me. Everything he made had the same spices, hot sauce,
onions, peppers. Too much for the Midwest palate. I feel sure you looked real cool, man,
in your shades.

Mikie, so all your guests are gone and SV is happy again. Is there a reason why it costs
more to land at your airport?

Sun, good luck with the surgery. I have no real goals left in life anymore except to
avoid another trip to the hospital.

Julie, I read several books by Jean Shepherd that Gordon got from various libraries. In
one of them he mentions driving to Rossie, Iowa in Clay County. Great name for a
little town. (Pop. 73.) "Rosy" sounds so cozy.

Granni, hope things are fine at your casa.

Star, is winter keeping folks inside. How cold does it get where you are?

Hugs, All
rockgor, Today at 6:59 PM


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Oh Julie, Thank you too many as one of my secretaries used to say. You are zee big sweetie as zee French zay. We Norskies say, Tussen Takk: thousand thanks. Our computer used to
move stuff around, but a couple months ago it decided it didn't wanna do that anymore.

Somebody asked not too long ago what kind of questions they have on Match Game.
The answer is" Fill in the Blank." Sometimes the question was just one word. As in
Snow _____. Possible answers include White, man and storm. With some questions
the contestant could get help from members of the panel.

Or the questions might be a story or a verse. In the latter case the best answer would rhyme.
The show paid big bucks. You could win $5,000 with one answer. What's My Line was on
the air for something like 20 years. The maximum one could win was $50. The official
position of the network was that they wanted to avoid the scandal of the $64,000 question
where it was revealed the folks running the show were assisting the contestants in hopes of keeping good ratings.

That was the show that made psychologist Joyce Brothers famous and ruined the career
of Hal March, the MC, for a decade. Hal was the one who played the doctor when Lucy was pretending to be sick. He told her she had Gabloots. A real doctor would have known
that red heads never catch the Gabloots.

Some other sample Match Game questions. George Jessel gave a eulogy so long the
__________. Some of the answers: the dead man yawned: got up and walked out.
pulled the coffin lid shut.

The more panelists who agree with the contestant's answer, the more points are awarded.
The best panelist was Richard Dawson, former MC of Family Feud.

Time to go, so I must bid you all ______.


Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

I came to post yesterday afternoon and lost everything so got disgusted and closed the computer before I wanted to hurl it across the room. In the morning, I went out to Bealls because I had $10 in Bealls Bucks, which are like cash, and I had a 20 percent off coupon. At checkout, I found out I also had $5 in rewards. I got a pair of black Capri pants and a pair of white shorts. About a month ago, I got what I thought was two pairs of black Capri pants only to discover they were navy blue. Decided to keep them because it's hard for me to find Capri pants I like. I usually stick with Gloria Vanderbilt brand. I ended up with $96 worth of clothes at retail for $31. Not bad. I came home and just rested.

Joe called and wants me to go fishing with him after the Snowbirds go home. I usually get up at 5:00 in the morning and that's when he often goes. I told him I would if he could wait til 6:00 to leave. I have to have my coffee. I didn't go with Andy because I was so tired. It's easier to be with adults than teenagers when one is tired. Joe and I just sit and talk. With the family here, and we are all ADD, it is pandemonium. I think Claudia felt bad that she didn't get to meet the family and it's difficult for her to understand that most of the time, they were off doing things while I stayed home.

I got the Final Jeopardy question last night. Felt sooo good. Thought I was too tired for my brain to work. Earlier in the day, Claudia had stopped by with a book of Salvador Dali's art. I think he was to art what Mahler was to music--part genius and part maniac. Grace had texted to see if I could talk. I texted back that she could call me but not after 7:30. Sho 'nuff, she called while we were playing Final Jeopardy. So, I declined to take the call. I'll text her today. I have to return the Capri pants I bought for her to wear during PT. Dennis said he tried to shop but nothing her gets her is ever what she wants. Well, they are both like that and return everything after buying it.

Spring, thanks so much for getting us started again. Love, love, love the pic of the kitty and doggies in the loft. Makes me want to just hang out there with them. Wonder what the kitty is looking at. I think she's saying, "Hey guys, look. The old goat is going crazy out in the yard." Yes, we can swim all year round 'cept for when it's too cold for a few days each year. Glad you had a nice snack but sorry the coffee was bitter.

Sun, I'm glad you will get time to rest up before your surgery. I hope and pray you feel better while waiting and afterward. Dog trainers say to put some coins in a can to shake at dogs when they misbehave. They hate that sound. It breaks my heart to think of Savannah's trying to walk with that big mass on her foot. I pray for her too.

Kim, I think we are kindred souls. I have been clenching my teeth and I have had headaches and a feeling of TMJ. My top back molar crown has broken and I'll have to see the dentist. It's not bothering me so no hurry. I had a sleep study when I first became disabled from what ails me. They found I had seizure activity which kept me from sleeping. I took Klonopin and it helped. My allergies have been awful with this massive pollen release. How nice that you have gift certificates to restaurants. Hoping and praying you feel better (me too).

Barry, I'm seeing CBD oil mentioned on TV. It seems to be in a lot of products. Glad you don't have allergies now. You must have 'outgrown' them. Mine were horrible in my early twenties; it was grasses in CO. Didn't have them for quite a while down here but we have too many things pollenating all year round. Right now, they are horrible. I'm trying my best not to get a sinus infection. Wish I would outgrow mine.

Julie, glad you and Den are having a good time. These last few days of his job sound like fun but I'll bet he will be glad to get through them and get on to his next gig. Does the Amish store just sell baked goods or do they have crafts? When Richard and I visited NC, we took his GK's to an aquarium. It was really fun and I enjoyed petting the sting rays. They loved to wiggle up against our hands. Keep feeling well and enjoy the kids.

Rock, different airports charge different airport fees to the airlines for their gates. I'm guessing that the other airports here have cheaper fees. Our airport expanded a few years back and they may be paying that off. I don't remember Match Game but it sounds like fun. I loved customers like you and Gordon when I worked at Publix. Makes the day go faster to have fun. What's not to love about two wild and crazy guys like you.

Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

Love, Mikie

Update: Got my shower and trimmed my hair. I'm soooo exhausted that I've decided to stay home and do laundry. I'll likely visit Grace tomorrow. I ordered my OTC free stuff from my insurance co. Think I've mentioned what a great thing it is. I get $60 per quarter of all kinds of things I can choose. I ordered a blood pressure machine. I'll figure out whether to keep it and give my old one to Joe or vice versa. He's been borrowing one from another friend in the hood. Got toothpaste and some good dry skin lotion too.

I went out and took a pic of the damage to the carport to send to our mgr. Also sent pics of the U-Haul truck scraping it. Yesterday, I went through some paperwork and updated my calendar. I have an eye appt. and it's a good thing because I can't see. I hate to have surgery but hope it's the cataracts and not my eyes going downhill. Doc said next time my eyesight started going south, it will likely be my cataracts needing to be removed. It would be nice to only need reading glasses and not have to wear them all the time. I'm getting ruts on my nose. Whine, whine, whine!

Gonna use my Calm app on my phone to try to meditate today. I really need to get back to it. I'm finding myself tense all the time and that can cause me to clench my teeth. It's also not good for the BP. I made a sandwich with my beloved Salsalito turkey breast. Will freeze the rest of it and the ham. I told the kids to pile it on their sandwiches because, like Arby's, I have the meats.
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OMG! It's been more than four years since you were last here. Sooo good to see you back. I just dropped in and saw your post. Hope you can come back and fill us in on what's been going on in your life. We have missed you.

Love, Mikie
Awww, Why thank you so much !!.. Its been a roller coaster my friends. Hubs is in remission from one cancer, this Jan.2019, got another one. on meds seems to be doing as good as he can.

Back in June 3.2015 my best friend of mine of 25 yrs committed suicide. To this day I will never know. but, he left a mess behind and a hole in my heart. This will sound like a bad joke but, he left a hooker a drunk attorney and me in his will of nothing. What a mess to get out of !!!! I was co exec with drunk attorney and had to go to the Judge to call the SOB. so as, I legally could get out of that mess..took me a year~~I'm out and FREE...ugh~~So, it took me some time toget over all that mess.

His ashes are scattered around my cherry tree as he left no money behind. and he had no family~ life goes on?

My Little dog of 19 yrs 9 months passed in May of 2017, She was a jack russell terrier. And I swore I was never getting another dog ever !! HA !...well, that lasted about 2 months and I got on a show breeders list for a JRT puppy.That bundle of joy came into the world Nov 21,2017 and I brought her home the end of January 2018. Francesca !!! My JRT terrorist !!! haha.... its been so many years since I had a puppy !!!! We made it..she;s a good girl and good company. A Thief. but, good . fun company. She joined my rescue golden retriever mix from Puerto Rico. Name Barto. He looks like a real golden retriever with corgi legs..Hes a dream.We got him at 6 months from a rescue here in PA. He is the model dog !! I take him to visit my older neighbors to visit. One is a retired Air Force colonel in his 70's. Who when I come to visit with Barto the 2 little boys go off into the woods n creeks an have a good old time.

I finally bit the bullet and hired a professional cleaner organizer over 1 1/2 yrs ago...TOO Much crap !!! Down size. When my parents passed back in 98/99- lost my Dad,Brother & Mother in 13 months time..I got their crap.The land 3.5 acres was bought back in 1953 for $750.00. House was built 1954. ( I had sold my horse farm I had for 25 yrs( back in 2002) which meant I had My crap as well ) . Then got remarried and had HIS CRAP.....took care of my mother in law until she passed in 2009 and yes,, I got her Crap TOO~~~~...laughs.....My house is a Cape Cod House out in the country.

So, since I moved in back in 1999. I started the mighty Remodeling of this Old house~~~ and I am sorta close to done.

Now, I have hired contractors to do the rest of the work that needs to be done. As poor hubs retired in 2012 to the VA saying there was nothing wrong with him. To a New Doctor Jan 2013- to the cancer. the treatments, then remission. A long hard battle . he's 72.

I turned 62 this past Feb ! Wait, I said that?? Where the heck did time go???

This year is ME year. Put off things for ME long enough. Time to do the things I would say...there is always next yr.

So, that my friends.........is why I was MIA for so long...

Glad to see all again..always loved this place......Many blessings to all.......


Dear Karen,

You have been through a lot since you were last here. I'm sorry to hear about the tragedies but am gladdened by your claiming this time for YOU. Good for you! Your love of your dogs fits right in with our love of our pets here on the Porch. I never wanted another pet but ended up with two cats about four years ago. My neighbor couldn't keep them. I now have one and he was able to take the other one back.

I'm laughing about all the CRAP you have been accumulating. Several of us here have been trying to get rid of our crap too. It ain't easy. Seems every time I tear into my closets, something happens and I have to stop. I have one room that looks like a hoarder lives here.

We lost a beloved Porch member this last year--Diane. I can't remember when she joined us here. She got the flu and died in her sleep. Her dear husband let us know. Don't know whether you ever knew her or not.

Well, Dear One, I need to go but wanted to respond to your post. Hope you will be here regularly. I'll add you and your DH to my prayers.

Love, Mikie


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Welcome back, Karen. i dont think we met but so good to have an old ProHealth board family member come on board again...thank you for updating us, that Cape Cod house sounds beautiful. it is so sad about your dear friend who took his life. But many of us here believe, they only go away physically, from the spirit world they can see us, feel us.

That is a LOT to go through. And no wonder you disappeared for awhile.

Im from Nepal, a tiny country in Asia bordering India, came upon this site while googling depression and fibromyalgia. that was so way back i dont remember when. im 58. stopped counting after 35. i dont feel any different. i had to counting my fingers just now to calculate my age.

God bless
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Mikie - i know youre going to love 5he kitty beds. :D ive seen the Calm app. my cousin showed it to me. she uses something which reminds her to drink her water quota for the day. i loved the breathing exercises with timer they have.

my eyes have definitely deteriorated. but havent bothered to go check them. ive been wearing glasses since grade 6. a large part of my day is spent looking for my misplaced glasses.

when i feel bad emotionally or physically, i pray.......visualize Source in a white and gold all pervading light, use any name i feel called to, like...Supreme God, Buddha, Jesus, Archangel Michael, Raphael and then direct the white light all over me and directly into those places i feel need it, and ask the Angelsto place take it away, dissolve it. i also visualize the violet flame to my whole neighbourhood and ask for the violet flameto cleanse out negativity, diseased energy, dirty energy. and then ask for the empty spaces to be filled in with clean energy.

i started getting unaccounted for scratches with redness, scabs on my legs, and know from experience if i dont deal with them with white light pronto, my legs will pain and i will have difficulty walking. similarly with my internal organs. the slightest sign of discomfort, i start my white light protocol.

Julie - what a nice trip. with all the family. Precious precious momentsto recall andtreasure even though i know it must be tiring. Aint Lorraine the brave one,then, insisting on sleeping alone and further from granpa and nana. too cute!

Rock - im gonna google Joyce Brothers. i ve only ever 5hought of psychologists as connected with the psychiatry department of medicine.

god bless
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Good evening, dear friends! Have been gone all day...just got home around 10:00 pm. The nursing home called this morning to tell me that my dad had a stroke, sometime during the night or early morning hours. Lorraine and I went over, and met my brother already there (I had texted him from my appointment in another town, then headed over as soon as I could.)

Dad can't talk or use his right arm or leg. He tries to talk, but the sounds don't make any sense. I stopped on the way and got his usual strawberry milkshake (the nurse said he might still enjoy it, and he did.) Doctor just happened to be at the facility this morning, so the nurse had her do an evaluation when they had trouble getting Dad out of bed this morning and just wasn't acting right...

Doctor diagnosed stroke and ordered a physical therapy evaluation...Lorraine and I sat in on that. Therapy will start working with him daily and Dad will also have some speech therapy to try to at least help him be able to communicate if he's in pain, etc. He was swallowing the milkshake okay, but when I fed him his supper he had some trouble with coughing, so they will keep an eye on that, also. He will be in assisted dining, so hopefully will continue to get enough nourishment.

Lorraine acted so mature and so sweet to the other residents. Stayed in the main area by the nurses' station while I helped Dad with supper, reading the bag of books I had grabbed and brought from home and (in her words) "making friends with the Seniors".

Amy offered to take care of Lorraine tonight since she's off work tomorrow, so we met part way...Lorraine was so excited to get to spend the night with Keira and Miley. We'll meet again tomorrow night to have supper and I'll get Lorraine back. After that, we'll take one day at a time and just see what happens. I'm glad I got home from Tennessee last night and was home to get to Dad today.

I'll check in again when I can...will spend most of the day tomorrow at the nursing home. My brother thought Dad ought to be sent to the hospital for testing, but the nursing director and I both explained that there is nothing medically that can be done and a hospital stay would most likely make Dad worse instead of better. I completely trust the doctor's diagnosis and we are on the same page about doing any unnecessary and invasive testing to find out what we already know. And I trust the staff to keep an eye on Dad and to work with him to help him recover as much as possible.



Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

Slept til almost 7:00 this morning. I got up earlier and took an allergy pill and went back to bed after giving SV a treat. When I got up and looked outside, I noticed the pond was covered with pollen. Yikes!

Spring, OMG! Those kitty beds are sooo cute and the kitties look so sweet snoozing in them. I've never seen anything like them. What a great idea. Thanks to you, I invoke healing light to help me mentally, spritually and physically. I invoke the purple light to protect myself and my hood. Just finished reading some more NDE's and everyone talks about everything spiritual as light. The unsuccessful suicides were given a choice to stay in Heaven or come back. If they chose to stay, they had to reincarnate with the same set of circumstances which brought them to suicide. When they chose to come back, they had a whole different understanding of life. I will be forever grateful to you for all the help you have given me.

Julie, I am so sorry about your Dad. His stroke sounds a lot like Barb's. I hope they can help him regain his speech. I'm glad he still enjoys his milk shakes. I love the idea of Lorraine's 'making friends with Seniors.' That is so sweet. Thank God Amy is able to take her while you see to your Dad. Prayers going up.

Joe called this morning. He's all worked up because someone in the next bldg. is renting out rooms on Air BnB. That is strictly illegal in our hood and illegal in the country if no bed taxes are collected. I think he needs to calm down. The manager has a lot on her plate and can't always see to every complaint immediately. I also sent a complaint to her about our carport and she is taking care of it. I always thank her for everything. The old saying about getting more flies with honey than with vinegar is true.

Hope everydobby has a great day.

Love, Mikie



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Julie: I'm sorry to read this about your dad but thankfully he can stay where he is and not be confused and upset if he's moved. So cute about lorraine....how old is she now, about 6? Thats good that Amy could take her for one day.

Spring: Cute pic of the cats. Those cats LOVE to sleep anywhere new.

Mikie: I believe spiritual things are not allowed on this board, only on the spiritual board. Some things are against the beliefs of all of us who are followers of Jesus.


Dear Sun,

We have always talked here about spiritual things and told one another we will pray for each other. What is not allowed is witnessing for one particular religion. The idea of heaven and paradise and God's loving light are common to all religions. No one should feel threatened by that.

We all love one another here and we know that we don't all have the same brand of religion or beliefs but it has not been a problem. No one here is trying to convert anyone else.

I responded to you in a private message as well as here. Unfortunately, my PM posted in triplicate. They are identical but I can't find a way to remove the two extras.

I love you and pray for you every day.

Love, Mikie


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Hello. What's up? I was earlier. Watched some TV and went back to bed. Gordon was talking
about going somewhere, but I forgot what he said. Wll, how can I post.


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Good afternoon dear Porchies,

Just got home from a luncheon with DD and the entertainment was a guy who does impersonations of Robin Williams. He was sort of funny but sometimes talked much to fast and could not understand everything. To much has been going on around here. tHe pipe in the shower is still leaking on and off and right not it seems to be on. So they are coming tomorrow to put a hole in our wal and fix the leak. Then we have to fix the wall and do something to make it look presentable in some way. All to the tune of about $500. Could be much worse supposedly but we have special insurance. Came home and did a wash or it is in the washer now. Still waiting to find out what is what with my thyroid meds. It is looking like I probably have to go back to Synthroid, due to cost and CVS not getting any more Np thyroid. Stinks !

Found out that our DD#1 has a to have hand surgery next week after her injury when exercising, I think it was. She words in that field. DSIL , after working in the field of heating and a/c , I think for this company and more on others was dismissed or let go . It is beyond shocking when you are as good a salesman as he is. DH survived a couple of those in the oil business and the 3rd time he said it is time to go, even though early. He got much more in retirement than if he waited and much better medical. We also got to travel some them too Kids were in college or all gone.

MIKIE - I agree with you on the religion thing on the board. There is nothing there to bother anyone. If you believe fine and if not , than that is fine too. I' wouldn't try and push it on anyone either. I have family members that don't go to church or much and that is up to them. Not worth losing a family member or good friend either.

JULIE - So sorry to hear about your dad. Hope they can get him rehabilitated and doing better. Yes, swallowing can be a problem with those patients too when eating especially. Prayers for him and you all. Poor guys is dealing with so much and so are you all. How nice that Lorraine can be with you as well as cousin Kiera and MIley. It is good for all of them. How old is Lorraine now? She is getting so grown up and it is great for her to be around the seniors too. Sounds like a sweetheart.

SW - Those kitty beds are too cute !!! I have never seen anything like that before. Hope you are doing well and getting a chance to get out in the good weather before it gets to hot for you. I know what you mean about spending a lot of time looking for your glasses :)!

HI WILDFLOWER - Karen - I think I might remember you from long ago. How areyou doing. Hope to hear more from you soon. I need to get off now and sit our with DH in the little sun left out on the deck !!

Love you all,



Hi, Kids,

Just stopping in. I washed towels and sheets from DGS's spending the night with me. I also went to Publix for laundry detergent, softener dryer sheets and bleach. Ran out of everything at once. I got two Powerball tickets while I was there. Why not! Somebody's gonna eventually win. When I got back, the neighbor across the street wanted to show me the new landscaping they just put in. They have the best looking townhouse courtyard in the hood and we have the best condo bldg. I love sitting out and looking over there. Evidently, there is an owner in the bldg. next to Joe who is renting his condo out with airbnb by the night. That's against the hood rules and against the county laws. I went online and found two others in here doing the same thing. I forwarded the URL's to our mgr. to take action. Like I said, it never ends.

I'm sooo exhausted and my eyes are really bothering me. Either the cataracts are bad or my vision has really slipped. I'll find out next month when I see the eye doc. Grace never called so I didn't go up to see her. If I don't hear from her, I won't bother. She will be home in about a week. I need to go get the oil changed in the Highlander and do my taxes. Taxes shouldn't take long.

Rock, what happened? Where are you? Come back...

Granni, I'm so sorry about the leak. What a pain. I'm even more sorry that DSIL lost his job. I was in sales and it never failed to amaze me that companies that depend on sales treat their sales people like crap. I'm also sorry to hear that DD has to have hand surgery. Geez, when it rains, it pours. Hope you can get your thyroid meds straightened out. There has to be a lot of people for whom Synthroid isn't enough. How is your weather? Ours has been great--less humidity and temps in the 70's. I'd love it if it were like this all year.

I just want to take a moment to thank everyone here on the Porch. Y'all are so kind and supportive which is what we all need.

Love, Mikie

Update: Decided to just take the bull by the horns and do my taxes. I used Turbo Tax and it went fast. I don't owe anything but because of the stupid new tax law, I had to file for the first time in years. It's stressful no matter what and I'm glad I'm done.

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hi mikie,

don't know what is happening with this website on my computer. my icon
does not show up like when i'm posting and on the bottom of this message
the option bar, where you can change font etc. does not appear. i tried
right clicking on our home page to refresh(assume that's where i do this)
and nothing.