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Porch #1124 is now CLOSED (4/1/19)



Good Monday Morning, Dear Porchies,

Happy April Fools Day. I have no plans for pranks today. I'll be back later. Be sure to catch Rock's last post on #1123.

Love, Mikie
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Good Morning, Folks. Hope you all remembered to reset your clocks. Had a dream
that I was in the kitchen of our first house when I was a kid. I immediately recognized
that insipid pale pink on the walls. But nevertheless it was warm in winter and lots
of great food was prepared there. For some reason the dream reminded me of one of my Mom's sayings. "Doesn't amount to a hill of beans." That's what she would say about
most of the celebrity "news" today. And "Who really cares?"

Mikie, I'm keeping my eye on you. When people say they have no plans for pranks that's
a sure sign they will be putting a whoopee cushion under your butt first chance they get.
Now that I think about it, I have never seen such a device. Or known anyone who had
one. Maybe they are like unicorns.

Have no plans for the day, but we have several books that should be returned to the
bibliotheque. Is Sun going in for her surgery? Can't remember nothing. When I
write it down I can't find it. Oy!

Hope everydobby has something nice happen this week if not today.

Hugs and Kisses


Hi, Kids,

Home again, home again, drippity drip. Just got back from the pool where I didn't aggravate my tachycardia. I've had a resting heart rate of more than 100 bpm for several days. I've had this happen before, usually when I don't feel well. I've also gotten winded with very little exertion. If this keeps up, I'll see my doc. EKG on the watch is normal. My legs felt as thought they were made of lead while I trotted in the shallow end of the pool. Everyone dies of heart attacks on my Mom's side of the family so I keep a close eye on things.

Rock, I dream of the kitchen in the old house we lived in when I was in elementary school. Lots of great food prepared there too. Mom was a good cook. Some of my dreams occur in familiar places and some occur in places I don't think I've ever been but I dream of those places over and over too. Perhaps in another life...or perhaps a fig or my imagination. 'Don't give a fig' is pretty close to a hill of beans. I've seen whoopee cushions in gag gift stores and wasn't impressed. My DGS will provide the sound effects for free. He's at that disgusting age. I think Sun's surgery is on the 12th. I hope she is doing well and will pop in to let us know she is OK.

Gonna call my mechanic to see which day is best to take the car in for an oil change. Hasn't been in for a year but he said it isn't time but miles driven that counts. I also should call the dentist about the broken crown but will wait to see whether my heart rate goes back down. I have a high HBR as it is but not this high. I see the eye doc on the 18th and it's a good thing because my vision has gone to hell in a handbasket again. He said the next time that happens, it will likely be the cataracts and surgery will be due. Been reading about the progressive lenses available but they aren't cheap. Think I'll just opt for the distance lens and use reading glasses like most everyone else I know. Reading glasses would be a big step up from having to wear these progressive glasses all the time. Whine, whine, whine!

Just ordered my free book for the month from Amazon Prime. Post-war historical novel set in Israel. While I was on, I looked up accessories for the Instant Pot. I ordered a cheap decal that goes on the side of the pot: "Made with love and some other s!*t" Cracked me up so I had to order it. I need a good laugh around here.

Love, hugs and prayers for all our Dear Porchies.

Love, Mikie

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Rock - i clearly remember you going for your Emotions Anonymous meetings. im glad they helped. you also used to recommend Dr. Burns Feeling Good book ..CBT. I used to be a depressive too those days. We ve come a long way.:)

what a lovely memory. your old kitchen. i remember ours when i was a kid. We had 2 mud stoves like most houses where we burnt coal in addition to a dingy kerosene stove. it was my duty to take our ration card every Saturday and buyour quota of coal. Half a sack. seems like another lifetime. so long back.

Mikie - thanks for opening up. My DD came up to me while i was making something in the kitchen and told me, i have a pain in my side, wincing in pain. i was immediately concerned and she said, April Fool! then her dad walked in and she told him “ dad, when didyou scratch up your car like that? That too after, paying so much to fix it up just some months ago. “ He stopped 8n histracksand said” what, i dontremember, where, when. where are the scratches? “ She says “ At the side, so noticeable”.

He told her anxiously... “ show me, lets go down, “ DD: “April Fool!. Hee hee Hee!”

i sure hope you feel better soon. i hate 5hat lead heavy legs feeling.

I got my hair colouring done at last. the salon is close by so i just ask her to put a plastic cap on my wet hair and wrap a long shawl around my head. Then i walk home and wash the colour off after an hour. i pay her the full amount tho. $2.50.

My bro5her had come for a visit and i took him out for lunch to 5his little delicatessen in the neighbourhood. its a joint where office goers come for their meetings or expats dropin for coffee. our scamp rescue doggie j7mped 5he fence and followed us right 8nto the coffee shop and strutted around like he owned the place. some college girls sitting there tittered. and another gentleman petted him on the head.

the serving boys smiled at him and shooed him gently away but he ignored them. so i got up, walked him back home, into the house and closed the door.

Cant believe this is 5he same shy reticent flea ridden skin and bones pup DD picked off the streets. now he is a rippled alpha dog, gleaming coat with a laconic demeanour. on the wayback, he was running8nto every house that had its gate open. sniffing, looking. Luckily all the strays were having 5heir siesta, nowhere to be seen.

God bless
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Hi, Kids,

Good news is that my HBR has dropped to 80 BPM. That's not too bad. Going to the pool to jog in the shallow end should help bring it down. I'll have to keep going. Blood pressure is good. I decided to have an apple for lunch and cut my thumb while slicing it with a serrated knife. Yikes! The pain made the arthritic index finger hurt too. Bled a lot but I finally got it bandaged and it has stopped. I am feeling weak and exhausted. Seems as though every little thing just wears me out these days.

Spring, that dog is really a rascal. He sounds so happy and carefree. Sounds as though your DD is making the most of her once a year April Fools Day antics. You have such a fun family. Glad you got your hair colored. That always brightens my day and I'm sure you must feel the same. Are there a lot of expats living there? Where do most of them come from? Any Americans? How nice you get to see your bro.

A/C just went on. It's 83 degrees out right now. We are having a beautiful fall season--low 80's with blue skies and sunshine. I'd be happy with this every day. In a couple of months, it will be 10 degrees hotter with lots of humidity. As long as the hurricanes avoid us, I'll be happy. Time is going by sooo fast, we will be through summer before I know it. Hope everydobby is having a great start to the week.

Love, Mikie


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Hi guys...no time right now to read or even scan, but just checking in. Amy, kids and I got back last evening...fast trip, but had to get there and back so Amy could go to work today. Rained the whole way down on Saturday, but sunny skies (although chilly) coming back Sunday.

Kids are doing okay...Josiah a little weepy last night, but then continued playing and even slept all night. Amy and girls will be here this weekend to play and keep them occupied, then Den and I will take them home next Tuesday and stay till Thursday. So, I won't be on here much...just wanted to let you all know I am thinking of you and hoping things are as ok as they can be.


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Hi Kids

I haven't seen any news regarding April Fools. Did you ever see the spaghetti tree hoax video? It used to be on Youtube. Have no idea if it's still there. Haven't read about any silly news stories either. "Massive earthquake tips Los Angeles into the Pacific", for example. College newspapers often put out silly stories. "Tuition rates will be reduced 5o% next semester due to gift from actor Nicholas Cage."

Mike, I hope your wounded finger is no longer hurting. Here's a pic of a finger guard. I
can't tell for sure. Think maybe it's the lining from an old pair of bedroom slippers. Glad
to hear you're having nice weather. We are too. 'posed to be 82 here today. Kitty and I
have already spent some time sitting in the sun.

Springwater, if you can remember Dr. David Burns book, you must have a memory like
brainy Smurf. (I can't tell if the pic loaded or not.) Well, your family has done wonders
for the orphan pup. You deserve a medal.

Julie, there you are with the grand kids again. They are so lucky to have you. I had two
living grandmothers. They both were seldom seen and cold as a popsicles and just
about as cuddly.

Gordon is getting a haircut at the barber school. Costs 5 bucks.

Hugs, Rock
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A quick HI and greeting to all! Went with DH to go for his checkup at the urologist. He poked around and did some type of scan, I wasn't in there so could see what was going on. DH didn't want me in there this time. So I read a book or started it. DH already read it and said it was wonderful It is called THE FISHERMANS TOMB BY JOHN O'NEILL ABOUT THE VATICAN'S SECRET SEARCH FOR ST.PETERS RESTING PLACE. Just started it but it is very fascinating to say the least. Unfortunately, but not a huge surprise was the doctor found another small growth almost in the same place on his bladdar. I wasn't in the room so I couldn't ask anything but they will make arrangements to remove it much like they did last time. He had told us before it could reoccur and was common. Don;t know if they will give him anything else to take or do after the surgery. Since it was so small it shouldn't be to bad but is worrisome at least as I am sure you all know, It is on the outside wall of the bladder. DD in Austin who does a lot of excersizing and sports stuff had an injury to her hand some time ago and will be having some surgery for it tomorrow. So prayers are in order for her and DH as well.

JULIE - Enjoy the kids and try and relax a bit if that is possible. Hope dear Lindsay can get some rest to while the kiddos are away or most of them. Then you will most likely need a rest too even if they are all good and well behaved. Children are children :)!! Hang in there and I am glad that your dad isn't any worse and seems to be doing OK so far after his other stroke.

Have early practice tonight and Thursday and have to eat dinner early. Got stuff to catch up on but wanted to let you in on the news even if it wasn't that good. Keep up the prayers MIKIE and all the prayer warriors.

MIKIE - Glad your finger is a little better and that your hi b/p is down from before. The thought of going in a pool is awful. It is pretty chilly out there now. It is especially bad with the wind when it blows, out of the north.

HUGZ to ROCK, BARRY, SW, DUCKIE and anyone else I may have missed.

Love you all,
Granni :)



Good Tuesday Morning, Kids,

We were supposed to get rain all morning but nothing so far. We could use it so hope it shows up. Nothing else much to write about. I finished the not so good sci-fi book I was reading and just barely started the novel set in post WWII Israel. Hope it's a compelling read.

Julie, thanks for dropping in. I hope and pray all goes well with the driving and the whole family. I hope Lindsey is getting rested in mind, body and spirit.

Rock, I have a gizmo that is metal and is supposed to slice and core an apple in one swell foop. These apples are so hard that it got stuck half way as I was putting pressure on it. I can't remember how I even sliced my thumb but I was obviously not using my brain. After bandaging the wound, I used my little cutting board to finish. I will remove the bandage today but it's already not as sore. Doh! How nice that you and Miss Kitty hung out in the sun for a while. SV hasn't wanted to go out much lately. I think we are both depressed. I try to keep my spirits up and am grateful for the little things like SV's huge pee clumps in his box.

Granni, I'm so sorry to hear about DH's growth. Two surgeries--sending up prayers for all of you. That book sounds very interesting. I'm glad I went to the pool. It isn't my BP that is high; it's my heart rate-tachycardia. I've always had a high rate even back when I was a jockette but when it's 100 at rest, I know it's too high. Was down to 80 last night. It's done this before and only lasted a day or two. I don't know what makes it high like that. The older we get, the more things go wrong. I guess it's just a struggle to keep going. Again, I'm keeping you all in my prayers.

Claudia got the FJ question last night. I knew the answer but couldn't get the name in my brain. Names are the most difficult thing for me to remember. Partial aphasia is a symptom of our illnesses. Been doing the crosswords from the big book of Sunday NYT puzzles. A couple of them were sooo hard that I gave up. I finished several others by sheer persistence. One answer kept evading me. The clue was a favorite place to retire. Finally I got it. The answer was Fort Myers. Doh!!! At this rate, the book will last for years. It's a huge victory for me just to be able to complete one puzzle.

I'm coughing so it's time to go take an allergy pill. Sooo sick of allergies. No wonder I feel down and sick. Whine, whine, whine! Hope everydobby else's day is filled with sunshine and unicorns.

Love, Mikie


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Morning Friends

Still gots no option bar. My life is just one tragedy after another. Oy, oy, oy! As Noel
Coward used to say, putting the back of his hand to his forehead, "I must try to carry on
and rise above it." Then he would throw himself on the bed and pretend to cry while the
onlookers laughed and applauded."

Mikie, your apple slicing device reminded me. My Mom loved gadgets. She got two
catalogues that sold junk. In those ancient times almost everything sold for less than a
dollar. One of the items she bought was the metal apple slicer. Like almost everything
else from those catalogues it didn't work worth a hoot.

Here are some suggestions for songs that might cheer you up a bit: The Unicorn by the
Irish Rovers; Morningtown Ride by the Seekers; AFeuding, Afussing and Afighting by
Dorothy Shay.

Granni, hope DH's surgery is effective. Ditto for DD. When I used to go to a gym there
were stacks of metal plates to be put on the end of a barbell. The big ones weighed 50
pounds. I stayed away from them. Figured I'd either get my fingers pinched or drop
one on a foot.

Hugs to all and one

PS, Mikie are you doing anything to celebrate Pascua Day?


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Hi guys.
Thought I'd stop in.

Day light savings ends here this Sunday.Yipee!
Get another hr sleep in.Bout time.

Praying surgery for your dh and dd granni, goes well.
Also praying for Sun whose surgery is on the 12th...

Julie, prayers for you and yours aswell.

God is good.All the time.

Easter coming up and the celebration of Jesus resurrection.
Awesome time of remembrance and thanksgiving. Saving the World, if we so choose Him.
Unfortunately it is difficult just trying to get to our Church as mornings are horrendous for me!

Ah well.we hv a really great Christian radio station which is broadcast Australia wide and you can
Get it online anywhere,as far as I know. So if you ever get the urge to hear some Aussie accents, take a look.
Good music too.modern and hymns and techno type stuff on the vision180 channel. (Treasures like that).
But I listen to Vision Christian Radio through 'tune in' online.
I ask google to put it on for me.
Technology hey?!
Oh and of course fellars from there too
And Ravi Zechariah...
So plenty of Church to be had on the radio I guess.
Im getting out less and less it seems like though.
Feel a bit bummed out by it.

Been pretty unwell of late though.
Yesterday I could barely walk straight.
I felt like I kept leaning to my left.crazy awful feeling, esp walking into walls.
And then I wound up with chest pains and other rediculous symptoms.
There's been so much stress on the home front that I think that anxiety
May be playing a big part in these symptoms .
I Really, Really cant handle my Treasures and Dh getting upset and all the
Tension and drama much anymore.

Harvested our beautiful pumpkins yesterday.
About 15 gorgeous Queensland Blue.(I think you guys call them winter squash.

Garden demands a lot of work.
Am trying to keep on top of green tomato jam to use the last of them, but it seems
Never ending!

Hv also been busy pickling cucumbers and making various relish- beetroot, corn, zucchini...
Chutney too.
Like I said.a lot of work! And I'm bone tired and dizzy.
Ah well, we do what we can.

A big hello to All Porchies .
Time to try and get some shut eye.
Sweet dreams folks.

Take care
Catch yas later.

Hey Rock, I thought the unicorn song by the Irish Rovers was sad!
As a kid that song broke my heart.


Hello Everyone,

Sorry I haven't been checking in for awhile. I have still been having a lot of head pain and headaches. Making it very difficult to, well you know, think and stuff.

I had my consultation for a sleep study and after a lot of talking she said I really didn't need one. I was so happy about that. Of course, pain is probably the main problem. It was very helpful though. We went over my sleep meds...when and where, etc. With a tweak to them I have been sleeping at least 1/2 hour longer, sometimes an hour, than I was. I'm so glad I don't have to do more things.

Rock - I got a good laugh this morning at "3 Mexican Countries". I laugh 'cause otherwise I would cry. I often say to the TV, "Who cares?!?" upon hearing celeb news.

Mikie - I think we are kindred spirtis. My husband and middle son have ADHD. My molar is broken but no problems so far. So someday... I also love, love capris. And, unfortunetly, I often recognize how you are feeling. Seems our bodies process things in a similar way. I'm sorry for that but glad we know each other.

Let me know if you like the book from Amazon. I have not made my choice yet. I have several I haven't read. I don't read as much sometimes as others. So I grab the free one but don't always read it right away.

Spring - How wonderful that you have been able to help your doggie. Our dog is a very nervous dog. She was a mess when we got her. Jumped at everything. She had been in a very busy, loud family with kids. She couldn't control herself. She does very well here. It is very quiet and calm. We have a big back yard with an electric fence, so she has a lot of room to run and explore.

My husband and I love finding restaurants and small local cafes etc. Luckily, there is a lot of that going on here. It's nice you can do that with your people.

Barry - I, too, am a Democratic Socialist...go figure. Most people assume they know what I think because of the grey hair and all. Just a reminder not to judge someone by their age or hair color. :rolleyes:

Julie - My prayers are with you and your family. I so feel for your daughter. I lost a child at 12 weeks...just when it starts to become real. It was a very difficult time for me. I'm glad you are able to help with the DGK's. I know it is tiring for you. We had grandparent help at the time and it was invaluable. You are a wonderful grandma.

Star - I love Ravi Zachariah. I listened to him for years. He taught me to think logically and to think for myself.

I have not been as active for awhile now. It is disappointing to me, too. I'm hoping some changes I am making will help that. However, listening to, whatching, reading things that make you happy is the best. Keeps me from feeling so much anxiety and depression. And, if you don't know...I crochet. (I think I have mentioned this before...lol) :)

Sun and Granni - you and yours, also the docs, are in my prayers.

Hoping everyone a good day.



I forgot to mention...

I have discovered "Moving Art" on Netflix. Beautiful cinematography and soft music. No talking. It is so nice to have in the background or to just sit and stare at. Anyway, I thought I would bring it up.

Here's to beautiful things!


Hi, Kids,

Rock, since I drank from what is claimed to be the Fountain of Yute and it did nothing for me, I'm not celebrating ole Ponce's discovery. I do love Florida though despite how backward some things are here. We pay no state income tax, it is cheap to live here, the sun shines almost all the time, and we have beautiful beaches. On the down side, we have hurricanes, we are being gobbled up by development, the seas are rising, and we may run out of water in our aquafers. Well, no place is perfect. BTW, that apple slicer always worked perfectly until I got a new type of apple that is so hard. We had some crazy radio jocks in Denver who played The Unicorn Song for 24 hours straight on
St. Paddy's Day. I
do love it. Indian Lake is one of my favorite feel good songs. Of course, loving SV is my favorite way to feel better.

Star, I'm so sorry you have been feeling so lousy. It certainly doesn't help to have all the stress from the kids and DH. I know exactly how you feel about not being able to walk straight. When I'm especially run down, I walk to the left. I could go in circles. I call it listing left. Yes, gardening is a lot of hard work but, for me, it also made me feel better. I'm glad your faith helps sustain you. It's so strange to think of its being a completely opposite season where you are.

Kim, OMG, we are kindred spirits. Whenever I hear someone on TV talk about such stupid things, I often say, "Who cares?" Sometimes, I say other things which are not fit to post here. I've also been sleeping a tad longer and it does make a diff. I've been trying to decide whether to call the dentist since losing half the crown doesn't bother me. I don't have a cleaning til July. Should be making reservations to fly to CO but, for some reason, I don't feel like doing it. Need to get my colonoscopy after July but think that will have to wait til fall. I often get several books when Amazon has a big sale and they are 99 cents or $1.99. Sometimes, I'll get a best seller if it's relevant to current events. I'll let you know whether I like this new first time book. I think it's a great way for Amazon to support new authors. Because we are all ADD, we call our family, The Noncommittal Family. It sounds like something that would become a recurring theme on SNL. We laugh and say things like, "What day is this?"; "What are we doing?"; and, "Who are you?" I'm glad I know you too!

Talk with all y'all later.

Love, Mikie



Dear Kim and Star,

Decided to look up why I list left and found this. I had chalked it up to fatigue but I do sometimes feel anxious when I get very run down. Guess we aren't the only left listers.

"Have trouble walking in a straight line? Perhaps your anxiety is leading you astray. A new study in the journal Cognition finds that leaning left as you walk is associated with increases in the brain’s inhibition system—which happens when you're apprehensive about the possibility of something bad happening."

The researchers have several theories about why this happens based on the brain but, at least, we know it's not uncommon.

Love, Mikie


Dear Porchies,

It appears that there are Porchies who object to any mention of anything spiritual or religious. What happens in these instances is that those people feel the need to defend their own religions and then we are off to the races.

Everyone is so angry and divided these days and I hate to see it infect our Porch so I am asking that all religious and spiritual mention be posted on the Spirituality Board. I will continue to pray for all of us but this will be the last time I mention it here. I am very saddened by the anger which has surrounded this issue but, in order to keep the peace, I make this request.

Thank you all for your kind understanding.

Love, Mikie


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Hi Kids

I had a typical productive day. Read library books, napped, spent time with the cat, watched
game shows and posted here. On Match Game there was a contestant who never heard of
Prohibition or bath tub gin. But she won a lot of money anyway.

Here's the kawinkydink for today. This afternoon I was listening to a piano concerto by
Franz Liszt. When I got up I noticed I was listing to the East. Actually I've been listing
for the last year or so. Direction varies. We went downtown to the Sam Goldwyn Library.
Took a while to find it. We only go there about once a year. It has a huge area devoted to
show biz books. I assume Goldwyn gave the library a big donation, but can't find any
info about same on the net.

I was having trouble walking. My arms out. Listing from one side to the other. Gordon
kept saying, "Are you alright." While he was checking out our books I had to sit down.
No empty chairs so I sat on the floor. A guy behind the check out counter asked me if
I was OK. I said, "Yes, thanks, Just resting." Didn't want him to think I was a drunk who
needed to be removed.

Mikie, just read a book by David Sedaris. After many years of being nagged by his father,
he finally got a colonoscopy. Afterwords he said the same thing a friend of mine said.
"They give you wonderful drugs. It's like a dream about floating. I didn't want to wake up."

Just heard strange bird noises from the back yard. Don't see any new critters out there.
Kitty is lying in the sunshine on a piece of shadecloth. She knows how to make herself comfortable.

Well, all worn out. Better go. Hugs, Rock


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Good to see and quickly skim the many posts. I am beyond exhausted...not sure what the next word would be, lol, but I'm there. So glad my hubby is now retired and able to help out with the kiddos. I took them all (and myself) to the local chiro this morning, then we went to Wal Mart for a few groceries and odds and ends that the kids needed. Came home and put on a movie for them...Den took over while I took about an hour nap.

We've pretty much decided to take them home on Sunday instead of waiting till next Tuesday as planned. Josiah is so homesick and Lindsey is doing enough better that she thought it would be a good idea. Amy and girls will come here Friday evening and stay till at least Saturday evening. We're trying to hold out so Lindsey can go to a women's conference at their church (they asked David to run the sound system for them)...I hate for them to miss out on something for themselves. But...we will take the kids home even earlier if it seems best for them.

My dad hasn't improved much, but at least hasn't gotten worse. He has trouble swallowing anything they give him...regular liquids, thickened liquids, pureed foods, etc. Not sure what we will do about that...staff at nursing home is hoping that it will get better with time. We will go see him tomorrow.

Everyone else is asleep, so I'm gonna get to bed. I gave Josiah a picture of his mom and dad to sleep with and he calls Mama and Daddy several times a day...that seems to help. Thinking of everyone...hope to be back more soon.