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PORCH #1125 IS NOW CLOSED (4/5/19)


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Good morning, friends! Wait, let me think what day it is, lol! Oh...Happy Saturday! Den and I were on the road 12 hours yesterday...met David south of St. Louis (farther miles for us to drive, over halfway, but it's a quieter little town and I don't mind driving through the city.) Den was complaining about his butt being sore from sitting so long, but I told him it wouldn't be a problem if he had a little more "padding" like some of us, lololol!

The TV in our newer van (the one I only drive on long trips, so far only involving both families of the Treasures) has proven to be worth its weight in gold. Still a lot of talking, giggling, "Gma, Gma, Gma, LOOK!"...but helps pass the time on that long journey. They were so happy to see Daddy! Mommy was at the Women's conference at their church, so wouldn't be home when they got there, but at least the family was soon reunited. The return trip home to our house (and the house this morning) is sure quiet, though...well, they'll all be back in June. Nobody will make Josiah stay anywhere, but the other three might get a week at Grandma and Grandpa's right after Father's Day.

I checked on my dad by phone...nurse said he was having a fairly good evening and had been voiding by himself. I am anxious to go in and spend some time with him today (the first time I've been able to do that since his stroke.)

I promise I'll be back soon, to try to catch up with everyone...got round a few of my ducks up and try to at least get them in the same river (if not "in a row"), lol!


Dear Julie,

Sounds like good news with your Dad. I hope he will continue to improve. I think with older folks under medical care, one has to just take it day by day. I know that is the case with Claudia's Mom. She says our chats when we play FJ really help her. We try to support her as much as we can. I know our Porchies are here for you for support. I'm so glad to see you post.

Was going to go over to the pool today but think I'll just get in the shower to wash my icky mop (as Granni would say). Tachycardia is back this morning so I really should go give my heart and lungs a good workout but I'm just not up to it. So much needs doing in here that, after my shower and trip to Publix, I have my work cut out for me. SV is out of kitty litter and I forgot to pick it up when I was at Target yesterday. Think I'll pick up some chicken and try to make the sriracha sauce. Have seen on cooking shows that if you dredge the chicken parts in baking powder and put them in the oven, the chicken crisps up as thought it were fried. Haven't wanted to cook in a while; it's time to get back to it.

I'm off to the shower. Hope you have a great day and that your Dad continues to improve.

Love, Mikie


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Just another quick one before we have to leave for DGS's 15th birthday party at Incredible Pizza where the kids can play games. However, the only ones that will play games will be the two DGS's the birthday boy and his cousin who is in his early 20;s. I forget. His dad may play a few who knows. No one else will play any is I my guess. I now that my DH surely will not nor I and my DD's. We will take our own car so we do not have to stay a long time after the party. It is only family., no other kids. Not sure of their pizza. Only have been there for breakfast with the of C when they had their Corporate Communions therThe weather is awful out there and someone might get some hail. DH is nervous about that as well as our DD's staying with our other DD. They all keep their cars outside.

Our show came off fairly well I think. Eve my DH who was skeptical said he liked it pretty much but the music was rather slow. However, thinking about the tone of what happened to all the poor people on the Titanic , I guess that is how it should be. There were some perky parts lie doing the RAG. Had a hard time getting all the words in. Did not stay for the after party so have not gotten lots of feed back yet. Most people I spoke to afterwards said they enjoyed it but wished out choir as a group would have sang more. It is also more fun when you have a piece in front of you and do not have to worry if you are on the right page and right part:confused: It was however much better and we could hear better than last Monday. The soloists were fantastic.

JULIE - Glad your dad seems to being better and hope it continues, and happy those kiddos are home safe and sound. You are very lucky to have the TV in that van so you could have some sanity on the way. I know how it can be with a bunch of kiddos in the back seat causing a commotion at times. Good luck in trying to get all your ducks in a row. Mine aren't even in a row with no kiddos around and parents to worry about any more. However, you are lucky to still have him with you. Hope he continues to improve.

MIKIE - Hope you got your mop washed and other projects started if you have the NRG. Thanks for starting up the new Porch volume. Sorry for your Tachycardia. Hope it settles down soon for you. Let me know about that sauce and how you make it. It sounds different.

Sorry but I have to get ready to leave for the party soon. Hugz to everydobby not mentioned also -inc SUN, SW, ROCK, BARRY, STAR, DUCKIE et al.

Love you,
Granni :)



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Hi Kids,

Pic at the bottom is April in Minnesota. Probably not as cold as April in Paris. Paris is
farther North.

Thanks for opening the gate, Mikie. I admire your determination to exercise whenever
possible. The only exercise I get is going up and down the steps many times a day. Gordon
was shocked to hear his cardiologist say, "That doesn't count." Why not? Because it has
to be exercise that is sustained for at least half an hour. According to that definition I
haven't exercise for decades.

Good luck making the sriracha sauce. I remember reading some years back that for the
first time it had sold more bottles in the USA than ketchsup. Of course I can't remember
which year.

Julie, now you know what to give Den for his next gift. Just make an extra thick pot
holder; tell him he can sit on it. 12 hours on the road with kids sounds like an Olympic
sport. I remember when I was a kid we thought a trip to Rochester was long. It was 50
miles; took an hour.

Granni, great to hear that your Titanic presentation went well. Only recently I read that
the Titanic was not only the biggest ship in the world, it was the biggest man made
object in the world. But I would think some buildings and the pyramids might have been
bigger. Maybe it was the biggest movable object in the world.

Nothing going on here. Gettin' close to nap time. BTW, Amazon has Sriracha merchandize
including shirts for adults and toddlers.

Hugs to Kim, Sun, Spring, Barry, Star, GB and all the folks I can't think of.


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Mikie - what a lovely thing to say about me...on the other Porch about thinking about me when you meet angry people. Its one of the best compliments ever! Thank you.

i love the colours in that bouquet. the flowers too. its the perfect bouquet for me. i laughed out loud at your Leakers Anonymous and Left listers para. so funny. i join the leakers club on and off.

Have you looked up Dr. alan Mandells videos for some ways to help 5he heart? His methods seem practical and geta lotof positive feedback.

Rock - brilliant idea for Dens present from Julie. she can make thick kettle covers and thosewill double up as cushions and then be used in 5he kitchen alternately. heh heh.

Julie - Good th8ng i havent been on a road trip the in 5he longest time, im not sure i wo7ldnt have 5he same problem. im so bony.

Granni - your mention of pizza had my mouth watering. it was rainy all of yesterday and i could have done with a juicy margherita pizza to bite into but no one wanted to stir out. seems like the performance went to your satisfaction.

Sun - that was kind of you to make a donation. Those poor people need all the help they can get. God bless Heifer International. must look them up. sorry to hear about your dear sons FIL.

Star - great to see you pop in. i hope you perk up soon and that life will get smoother soon.

yesterday after doing mandatory chores, i 5hrew 8n some meat veggies in the pressure cooker tomake a stew with rice and okra and lentils for me andthen binged on tv. some Indian serials. Kind of a nice timepass where you dont haveto strain your brain muscles too much.

Also triedto catch up on some reading.

due to rain, DH didnt go to golf and DD didnt go out.it was strange to see them in 5he house on a saturday. DH washed dishes and went up anddown empty8ng 5he kitchen garbage pail. He also napped 8ntermittently for afew hours at atime. how strange to be able to sleep whenyou want to.

God bless
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Spring:. Heifer International is a really good place for people to donate. One christmas I gave to them in family members names....buy part of a cow, or buy a goat, or some chickens, etc. The people are then taught how to care for them, so these animals will help sustain their family.

Your rice stew sounds really good. I love okra and lentils too. And I LOVE Dr. Mandel's videos! He's great and explains everything, so easy to understand.

The funeral today was LONG.....my DD put in the wrong church address in her GPS (that was where the viewing was yesterday) and then she realized it so then we had to drive about another 6 miles to find the correct church so got there after it had started. It was very interesting, even though a Catholic funeral they had Vietnamese traditions. All family members (there were a lot of them) wore white strips of cloth tied around their head and they were all dressed completely in black. The wife and her 3 daughters each wore a white muslin covering on their head when they were at the altar to pray or speak.

Most of the ceremony was in Vietnamese, although sometimes the priest would speak in english and he also sang Amazing Grace. That makes me tear up everytime. And they had a choir in the loft and some soloists and a 3 piece string section too. Every so often there was the sound of a very loud bell, or like bamboo sticks being hit together. Very impressive. Probably over 200 in attendance. My DIL has I think 9 aunts and a couple of uncles....all from the same mom. A LARGE family. And my DIL, who is the oldest of the 3 girls gave a very nice speech/tribute to her father. My 4 year old DGD looked very solumn walking back down the aisle holding her grandfather's picture, as the casket was taken out again. Once the casket was loaded back into the hearse, she spotted my DD and i and came running to give us hugs.

Granni: Glad to read the program went so good. Hope you are able to do something like that again.

Rock: Gordon would have loved the display of phalonopsis orchids in the church! Hey.....it's hard hard hard for me to also walk up and down stairs. I always wanted a 2 story house, but so glad I don't have one now. My DD has a 2 story and I think many times if I REALLY need to go upstairs.

Star; Check out Dr. Mandell's website. He might have some things that could help you. Hope things are going better for you.

Barry: Did you get the expected rain? I heard it's to get up in the 80s and then come wed. Rain again.

Julie: Sorry the long ride is hard on Den. I also am missing "padding" but happy to read he was able to go along with you.
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Hi Kids

Slept for a couple hours. Have been reading as usual. While wandering around on the computer I ran into a Boys' Life page. Boys' Life is the magazine for Boy Scouts. Used
to get it when I was a teen. A subscription was a dollar for 12 issues. Guess what. It's gone
up a little. Now $24 a year.

Sun, I asked Gordon about an orchid grower in Culver City. He was not familiar with
same. I sometimes see ads of smiling seniors who can no longer cope with stairs. Their problem is solved by a chair lift. You sit on it and it whisks you up the stairs. What
the ads don't say is that they are pretty pricey. 4-5 thousand bucks. Much more, I
suppose if you live in a house with an MGM double staircase.

Spring, I'm going to tell Gordon to watch the video you posted. He sees his cardiologist
4 times a year

We are planning to shop for groceries tomorrow morning. Gordon intends to make
a corned beef & potato dish. Or was it pastrami? Oy!

Cheers, Rock
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All this talk about food!!!
I hv sores down one side of my tongue and on the other side of my mouth, I hv a hole in my tooth....
Soooo, I am really sick of yoghurtxand soggy cereal.
No.I wont starve or lose weight as a result.
Even lap ban recipients suck chocolate.

Pizza sounds yummo.

Treasures had nachos for tea.smelled more delicious than I recall.

Sun, interesting funeral.thanks for sharing.
Poor littlies.

Rock, I look fairly normal? Ish.that is until I get to uneven ground or stairs. Then I hv to survey the situation very carefully.prefer to avoid them altogether...

Julie, all that driving!! I'm getting a back ache thinking about it.

Granni, all's well that ends well I guess.

Mikie, is the heart fluctuation a Bad /Dangerous thing?

Spring, raining here too with dark clouds.Ds' puppy dug a massive hole in amongst my butter beans and Dh is most unhappy about it.while I am not altogether thrilled, it is kinda expected from a baby.

Barry, hopefully all your appointments are all sorted now and you too will be sorted enough to go.

Yes.Alan Mendal.had forgotten his name so am grateful to see the link.Thanks.
Read today that the atlas /top part of the neck causes fibromyalgia sufferers a great deal of trouble.
Theory is that part of the neck is actually responsible for the faults in chronic fatigue & chronic pain illnesses.

Sister's step daughter is getting married on Tuesday. Cant believe I lost a wk somewhere, so hv to get bank account details and deposit some $ for wedding gift.

Dh and Dd are at war...very stressful...he can't let Anything go and she is speaking in a disrespectful manner.

Time to dab some more (I was gonna say 'crap', but no) numbing agent on my tongue.

Huge hello and goodbye to all Porchies.
Take care
Catch yas later.

Oh btw.Dd got offered an apprenticeship, but as teachers and all dont seem to fill us parents in with anything anymore...who knows ?
Will keep yas posted.
Sweet dreams folks


Good Sunday Morning, Kids,

We are having a beautiful spring this year but it's getting hot, almost 90 yesterday. Claudia came by yesterday to leave some magazines and I gave her some along with the little foam poop pile I got for her. Nancy thought I should wrap it in toilet paper so I did. Claudia laughed and said she would throw it at the TV when she didn't like the FJ question. Funny thing--she had picked one up for me and was keeping it for my birthday. Great minds...

Granni, I was thinking about you when I saw the severe weather alert in your neck of the woods. I hope y'all were out of harm's way and everyone enjoyed the birthday festivities. You can buy the sriracha sauce at the store. It is mixed one part to two parts of honey to make a delicious sweet and hot sticky sauce. They recommend a bit of vinegar but that's optional. I got some drumsticks at Publix yesterday and will try it out today with dredging the chicken in baking powder and baking it in the oven. Glad the performance went so well.

Rock, I beg to differ with the doc. Any exercise is good. Exercise which stresses the heart and lungs needs to be sustained and should be done three times a week but climbing stairs in daily living is a good thing. Intense exercise done at maximum heart rate for only three reps of 20 seconds has been found in research to be equally as good as the sustained. It is too much sitting, which I am guilty of, that is not good. PBS had several travel shows filmed in Paris yesterday. I loved watching them and remembering visiting all the beautiful sites there. I felt as though I had come home and felt I must have lived there in another life. Also watched a show on orchids and how they are pollinated. There were some beautiful orchids, including the ghost orchid in the Everglades.

Spring, I think of you when I see angry people because you are the polar opposite, always so kind and caring. BTW, I used to donate to Heiffer Int'l until I got a call from a telemarketer. They get paid for every donation. I want my money to go to the organization and not to paid fundraisers. The idea of donating animals to needy people is a good one and I was torn about making any more donations. The day you described sounds lovely. For you to be able to rest and catch up on reading and for DH to be able to nap is what we all need. BTW, also saw a show on how Kathmandu is being mapped out by GPS so that, if there is another emergency like the big earthquake, the first responders can reach people faster. I have used the bearing down method to help slow down my heart and stop palpitations. My daughter told me about it. Thanks for posting the website video. What I usually do is try to go into a total relaxation and think about slowing my heart down. The biggest thing that helps is avoiding stress. Still laughing about your joining the Leakers.

Sun, I was sorry to hear about the death in the family.

Star, Sjogren's causes dry mouth and sores in the mouth so I can empathize with you. I don't have a hole in a tooth that I know of but one side of my crown evidently fell off. One would think I would have known when it happened but I evidently swallowed it unawares. Yikes! It doesn't bother me and I keep putting off seeing the dentist. It isn't good to have a heart rate of 100 or more when resting. It doesn't race and then slow down; it just gets elevated and stays there for a while. I think getting back to running in the pool and trying to avoid stress will help me to get it back down. It's been pretty good so I think I'll be OK as long as I can avoid stress. I also lose track of time. Speaking of which, today is DSIL's birthday and also a friend who used to live here. It is strange that teachers and others don't let parents know what is going on. Is DD excited? The more DH reacts to DD, the more she will dig at him. Things started to smooth out with my DD when I figured that out. We are so close now. This is just a phase to be gotten through with as little damage as possible. Good luck with everything and I hope you feel better.

Gonna go do the Sunday paper puzzles. I picked up the Naples paper by mistake but the puzzles are the same. Just saw on the news that the inventor of Swiss Miss Cocoa died. I'll toast him next time I fix some. It's tradition for DGS to have some here with a big glob of the marshmallow fluff on it. Diabetes in a mug! Hope everydobby has a lovely rest of the weekend.

Love, Mikie


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It is a very strange Sunday. We decided not to go to church as we aren't sure when this storm is supposed to hit us. So here we are waiting. it apparently hit San Marcos and I think Austin area yesterday with very large hail and wind damage. So I will really be confused the rest of the week with what day it is. Because of the hail we told him/ DSIL he could put his sports car in there. He already had some hail damage before and had it fixed. It is his baby. So we will see!! DD said she would text me if he was going to come put his care i the garage. Their garage is full of other stuff. Right now with the other DD and family there they have 5 cars there. Only DD's car is under the car port . The rest are in the driveway. They have a circular driveway so they have lots of space.

I still need to find out more from others who have seen our performance but DH said he even enjoyed it after all the grumbling I had been doing. He did say it was sort of slow but not sure what he meant by that. Most music was slow except for a few pieces unless he meant the story line . This was a fairly long show but we condensed it alot for many reasons. Should find out more soon , at least by the 15th when they have the Gala party. DH doesn't want to go so I will probably go with one of the singers in that group ad director of our small l=community group.

STAR - Yes kids you love them but sometimes want to do something not to nice to them shall we say. I know especially from my DCD who gave me lots of trouble during her teenage years and ruined her life in the process later on. Hang on there sweetie !! This to shall pass! I still here from her from time to time but she is living downtown and at least has a roof over her head, thank God. Drugs and alcohol, not sure of the combo that she took but something really screwed up her mind. Try and give her a little space. I forget how old she is now. Keep on praying too,. I'm sure is she stays away from the bad stuff this to shall pass. I know it is hard on you and the family. Sorry for the sores in your mouth. It does not make eating pleasant at times.

MIKIE - I remember that Swiss Miss hot choc mix. It surely was sweet. At least now I think they make some with a bit less sugar or sugarless. Haven't had any in ages but loved it tooo.Hope you are feeling Ok or less stressful. Yes better weather with days you can go to the pool should be helpful. Relax and inish your puzzles.

DH wants e to go take a short walk before the rain comes. So I need to run. Hugz to ROCK, SUN, BARRY, JULIE and everydobby else I have forgotten.

Love to everydobby,
Granni :)


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Gonna be a little strange around here...my dad died earlier this morning. Den and I were there, along with my little brother and our pastor and his wife. My brother from Texas wants to come this week...I'll check in again later.


Dear Julie,

I am so sad to hear about your Dad. I'm glad he was surrounded by his family and loved ones. Please know you are all in my thoughts.

Love, Mikie


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JULIE - So very sorry to hear about your dad but to tell the truth it was not a total surprise. These strokes are terrible things and so many wonderful people die or are crippled by them in one way or another. I know you will miss him terribly. You were so lucky for quite a few years to live fairly close to your parents . For many years my parents were thousands of miles away and we only got to see them on Christmas if they came down from NY. I still miss mine terribly but we sort of got used to living so far away from fairly even if many things were still very hard and we missed them a lot. It is also very hard when they have to go into a nursing home due to lack of memory. You almost seem to lose them at that time too but you were lucky that he remembered you esp since you went there often to see him. God bless your whole family during this terrible time.

Hugz and prayers to you and family !

Love, Granni :(


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Julie, Very sad news. As others said, I'm glad you could be there with family members
and your Pastor and his wife.

Gentle Hugs


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Awww Julie :-(
I think it was Grace that had you there at the right time.
The next strawberry shake I hv will be in remembrance of your Dad,
And his gorgeous girl who brought them to him.

Thinking of you and yours.
Take care


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Star:. What a sweet sentiment you wrote to Julie. You really have a way of expressing yourself.....you should write for greeting card companies. hope things are going better with the teenagers in the house.


Good Monday Morning, Dear Porchies,

Not much to tell this morning.

Julie, just thinking about you and yours at this sad time. As you did with Den's Dad, you did with yours; you did everything to make their lives more joyful and healthy. You are a good DD and DDIL and you have set a wonderful example for your kids and grandkids. You have your Porch Family here for support.

Love, Mikie