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PORCH #1126 IS NOW CLOSED (4/10/19)



Good Wednesday Morning, Dear Porchies,

It's time for a new Porch. Hope everydobby is having a good day.

Spring, just noticed you came back and added to the last Porch which is closed. I've copied your lovely post below so our Porchies don't miss it.

Love, Mikie
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springwaterWell-Known Member
Didnt know there was a thing such as a neck stretcher...i love these little knickety knacks to help ease pur bodily pains, like the roll on massager. Massage is my idea of heaven. unfortunately i can count on fingers of one hand the number of times i have got a real massage by a professional. oops barring the time i opted for a two week ayurveda thingy, complete with shirodhara and alternate day enemas. that was more like a medical thingy coz i was so exhausted of being exhausted. did nothing for my depression or exhaustion, but my skin looked radiant at the end of it all.

Sun - thanks for 5he heads up...will be more aware of how im carrying myself so as to avoid pain later on. Will be sending prayers that everything goes smooth as silk.

Mikie - good 5o know Grace is healing well andyou have been to see her.

Julie - sounds like all is under control. love the idea of all 5he wee ones getting a rose each after the service. You think so much for 5hem, how to make 5hem happy. Lucky grands.

Star - i commiserate with you and Sun. i suffered horrible neck pain for about a year. i dont know how i endured 7nrelenting pa8n for 5hat long. i really hope 6ou findsomething that helps.

Mikie - woah. 5hat is expensive. the battery. Here people hanker after an iphone like its a little like the Holy Grail. maybe its all the advertisements. and 5hen 5hey go get one, and a new iphone number ‘latest’ is out and ones own much prized iphone doesnt sound so hot anymore.

Not me. i use a battered old cheap samsung for my calls and have an old iphone DH bought on discount. which i dont really use. but it takes wonderful pic5ures.

Granni - have fun on your trip and good luck at 5he gaming machines.

Rock - you sure know a lot of hymns. if they are those.

i went to edit and Mikie has come in and closed the gate on 5his Porch.

Yesterday was busy but good. went to town. bought myself some innerwear i needed. gave myself a delicious 8ndian meal at this restaurant. knew the staff from the outlet 5hey have near our house. chatted. i love to see a smiling Indian. Their teeth are so shiny white against brown skin and 5heir dark eyes sparkle.

There was a sale on at this shop i frequent so i bought a kurta set for a friends upcoming b day, a pretty blouse for my SIL (bros wife) and an attractive cotton handloom kurta for myself. cotton is wonderful for our summers. 5he little girl who waits oncustomers has such beautiful skin on her face, she has what is called glass skin on beauty routine utubes. she is fair and rosy and her face shines.

i also saw a girl at our shopp8ng center and shehad on 5hese dainty transparent type slippers with a little heel and her feet were so so pretty. beautif7lly shaped smooth feet wi5h slim toes and a lovely pearly nail polish. i must not have been8n too m7ch of a rush if i had the time to notice peoples complexions and feet. eh?

Ran into a fellow Pranic Healer who told me i had lost weight, had i hadmy thyroid checked? i told her i dont have help just now and the extra housework is the culprit. That and my penchant for walking.

i saw a tick 9n two of 5he dogs so i dosed 5hem wi5h ACV and water and today i put powder on them. wonder if our rescue who jumps 5he fence that brought 8n ticks.
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Hi Kids

Just came in from socializing with the kitty. She appears to be unfazed by the wind which
has been blowing all day. Lots of damage. Trees blown over. Many fell on roads, cars,
houses, etc.

I was planning a TV marathon this morning. Three Match Game shows followed by
3 CSI shows. As is often the case, plan didn't come to fruition. I got so sleepy I went
back to bed after show number two. Oh, well.

Am reading a terrific thriller by Faye Kellerman. She and her husband both write bestselling books. Their son also is a writer. I wonder if they have a dog.

Thanks for the great doggie pics, Sun. Put up some more photos of your pictures when
you feel up to it.

Mikie and Spring, you seem to have a conflated post.

Sun, Ave Maria is not a hymn to be sung by a conregation. It is a piece of sacred music
usually sung by professionals who have studied music. I've have heard some pop
singers attempt Ave Marie but they usually run out of breath and have trouble with
the top notes.

Well, it's time to see about supper as we say in the Mid West. Gordon cooked some
more tiny potatoes. Wait till some teen idol finds out about them. With one twitter
he/she will start a nation-wide fad where teens compete to see who can cram the most
into their mouth.

Hugs, Rock


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Rock: No wind here except about 3 hrs. Last night. I got up around midnight and Clair desperately wanted into my BR....no way, so I figured it was making a lot of racket and she was scared. I seem to be coughing a lot today. Figured there was a lot of bad stuff swirling around in the air.

It wasn't me who was a fan of Ave Maria....probably due to the fact that my choir teacher in HS gave the solo to one of his favorites.....I didn't like her voice....period. So whenever I hear it I think of Linda and I cringe. So......then she also sang it as a solo at the same church we both attended at the time. Double cringe.


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Hi Sun,

Sorry. I meant Spring rather than you. My Alz keeps getting worse. Gordon tells me things. Later the same day I ask him, "What did you say about this or that?"

I had a Linda in my life too. Don't think she could sing. She was an incompetent atty and
a terrible snob. Can't really say she bothers me. Haven't had any contact with her for yonks.

Just woke up from a short nap. Going back to bed. Hope everydobby has a fun dream.



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Rock;. Funny how we encounter some people in our lives and they just bug us! A fun dream? Did you have one?

I've had some great dreams which I've remembered too. Years ago had the most wonderful dream, like a movie. Woke up and jotted down some things about it, all the time thinking....wow. That afternoon I lay down for a nap, thought about it, and the dream continued. Got up and made more notes. I actually started writing the story, expanding it, developed more characters, etc. Never finished it but right now, thinking about it, it's like I'm remembering a lot of it again. I'm up at this wee small hour of the morning, drinking coffee after taking some tylenol. Perhaps I'll go back to bed and start this "movie" all over again.

Next time Gordon tell you something....REALLY LISTEN.......make your mind take in his words.....hard to explain but make your senses all come alive while listening. You might be very surprised. I think you're doing very good. I've been here for about 5 plus years this go around on PH, so I've watched you all that time, read your words, taken in your thoughts and ideas. And you remember quite a lot about your earlier years growing up, recalling so much.


Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Not much to tell so won't hang around. Hope to stop in later. Hope everyone has a great day.

Love, Mikie


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Morning, Kids

Just watched a couple Lucy shows. Haven't watched it for years. It used to be on every morning except at Christmas when it was replaced by Hallmark Christmas movies. Now it's on a different channel. I saw two of the trip to Hollywood programs. Kinda like meeting up with old friends.

Whoa! A siren just went off. Sounds like it's from a cop car that just sped away. A neighbor's
dog has responded with mournful howl's. There's something on the TV about an earthquake.
It was apparently near us, but not big enough to be felt. There's also a big crowd downtown at
the staples center for a tribute to Nipsey Hussel, a rapper and community activist. I miss the slower pace of the rural village where I grew up.

Sun, I don't remember having any dreams since a decade ago just before we moved in here.
Most of them were unsettling; involving fires and claustrophobia. I will have to try to
"really listen". But it's the remembering that is tricky. Despite best efforts I can't do it anymore.

Haven't heard from my Oregon brother for some time. He hasn't responded to recent e-mails. Who knows? He may have gone on another excursion or be back in the horse
pistol. He likes to keep his cards under his hat.

Well, time to visit kitty. Then it will be time for Match Game. I think everybody on that
show is gone now except for Betty White.

Warm regards and cool vibes to All. Rock


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Almost good evening to you all. Just want to tell you that DH and I got home from our over night trip to the casino that had been cancelled two or three times already due to flooding or other problems.. We had a good time but was sad to find out tht they had taken out most of the 25 cent machines in video poker and replaced with other ones that we $1 . I surely won;t be using them and weren't not being used much while we there. Some are also the multiple galmes like you can play more than one game at once. Not sure how that works but I have enough problem playing one game at a time.. DH and I did however find a couple of older quarter ones and I did pretty well and probably came home with close to $200 extra. DH's machine was not as cooperative but it did warm up some and he was close to breaking even he said. We had a nice time but unfortunately the breakfast buffet we wanted to go to was not open, it is only on the weekends. The night before we ate like pigs at the seafood and other goodies buffet.

I need to tend to my wash and then work on dinner. I will try and be back tomorrow.

JULIE - Especially thinking about you on this sad week of losing your dear Dad. Blssings to you and your whole family.

ROCK - Don't worry about your memory as mine isn't to fantastic either but is a bit better than my DH's. I also do not remember any dreams if I do dream at all any more. I haven't listening to Match Game in years. I didn't even know it was still on. That will tell you how much TV I watch any more. My girls still watch Little House on the Prairie almost every week day in the afternoon when I go over there. I loved the show too.

Love to you awl,
Granni :)


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Hi Kids

Gordon and I were watching the news last night. There was dramatic news from Portland.
A homemaker heard noises in her bathroom even though she was the only one at home.
She called the cops who promptly appeared and with drawn guns ordered the culprit
to come out. When their order did not meet with compliance they cautiously opened
the door and arrested the culprit who turned out to be an old friend of Mikie: a Roomba!

A few years back the Roomba folks announced sales had reached 14,000,000. I guess
we can expect more stories like this.

Granni, ever go to Las Vegas or Henderson, the little town between Vegas and Hoover
Dam? When I lived in Vegas the population of Henderson was about 15,000. Now it's
about 300,000. You could play craps for ten cents. Despite the fact that my home town
was over 2,000 miles away, I ran into a guy from High School.

Did your girls read the Laura Ingalls Wilder books? There are additional books by other
authors about the family. The Ingalls lived two years in Minnesota. Not good years.
The grasshoppers ate their crops both years. The family also lived in Burr Oak, Iowa
which was only a few miles from my home town. Pa worked in the hotel.

Hugs, Rock



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Rock - love the house, noticed a little covered wagon. speaks of simpler, less complicated, leisurely times. More of mandatory exercise, less of sitting at a desk pressing buttons. i remember getting a magazine called ‘16’. when i could scrounge up enough money. was at school then. They came from America and had a lot of Laura Ingalls, Osmonds, Scott Biao, Starsky and Hutch pics. A teenie bop magazine.

i looked up Ave Maria, and then the 3nglish translation. It did something to my heart. made it full. i love Mother Mary. i wish i could visit Lourdes some day.

Sun - what a find, that doggie treat website! i could spend hours looking at each picture. Only a dog can look so scary and at the same time comical. i loved one boxers 3xpression and yet another white apso type with hair looked like it got an electric shock.

Granni - seems like you had a nice trip. and came back $200 richer. Yeah! and that food! so nice to read all the details. looks like im an armchair tourist but so fun. i hope you can go to the wildflower country and then tell us about it.

Mikie - hope you rested up.

Nothing of note to report. in the matter of doings. Those unfortunate people who suffered windstorm damage got another dose of Mother Natures fury. This time hailstorms. We just got more rain.

Yesterday i sat for a while out in 5he garden, looking at the wilderness that is my garden. the ground is covered with nasturtiums running astray, bright orange, red, yellow and rows and rows of scarlet trumpet flowers. Like theyre waiting to welcome some VIP who will walk 5hrough. The steevias too.

All the trees have burst into life. The geraniums are blooming. All these plants who do their own 5hing after year whether 5here is s9meone to fuss over 5hem or not. At 5he moment not. But they dont seem to mind. 5hey give off happy vibes and lots of birds, butterflies, bumblebees flitting in out and around doing the same.

we had a beautiful sunset. Violet sky but overcast with smoky grey clouds with hues of delicate pink.

The DH had gone on an overnight trip on work and brought back lovely gulab jamuns, its an indian sweetmeat. Both DD and myself know its not too good for our calories but we cant help ourselves. The DS is fortunate. He does not like sweets. So he does not have to resist the temptation.

One of the younger dogs ate up a squeaky chew toy and pooped it out. i was wondering what a green shredded mass with one big black and white eyeball was doing out on the compound. Couldnt for the lifeof me think what it was at first. 90 percent green plastic and an eyeball intact and 10 percent dark poo poo flecks. never saw anything like it.

Have a good night all all of you and Star down under.

God bless
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Good Friday Morning, Kids,

No time to stay; I'm taking the old Highlander in for an oil change early this morning. Just thinking of Sun. I believe her surgery is today. Hope everything goes well.

OK, home again. Looove my garage and the mechanics who work there. Someone had donated a book, The Golden Age of Advertising. Of course, I turned first to the ads for 1950's cars. Then, I looked at household appliances. There were ads for pink and turquoise stoves and fridges. Talk about a walk down the memory lane of my yute! The cigarette ads featured movie stars including John Wayne. There were ads for transister radios like the one I had. Also ads for stereos, TV's and hair dryers like the ones we owned. We were so innocent and filled with hope and the excitement of all the new things to buy back then.

I stopped by the mgmt. co. to leave off my registration update for the car. We are getting new permits for parking on the property. We used to do this but enforcement went by the by a few years ago. I found three condo owners who were renting out their units by the night on websites like Airbnb. That is against the rules. People must lease for at least three months and submit the lease info to mgmt. and the assn. in which the units are located. Mgmt. sent letters to those owners. All visitors must have guest hangtags on their mirrors or be towed away if the vehicles are parked overnight. This will have the effect of stopping the nightly rentals, especially if one of the guest vehicles is towed. I'm so glad Joe is on the board and the board is finally figuring out that rules need to be enforced.

It's in the 80's here and we are having a beautiful spring. Soon, it will be hot, in the 90's, and humid so I'm gonna enjoy this while it lasts. Heat, I can deal with. It's the hurricanes which can spoil a person's week.

Rock, I had seen on TV that the LA area was in for high winds. You aren't the only one who can't remember what people have said and it ain't cause I don't listen; it's because my memory stinks. I usually sweep the bathrooms myself. If Roomba goes in them, she will try to clean behind the door and, once it shuts, she can't get out. She then just keeps bumping into the door and walls. Makes a horrible racket. SV and I send our best to you, Gordon and Miss Kitty.

Granni, you almost always win. I'm not a gambler but never was lucky. I was hit by a car when riding a bike I had won. Glad you came away a winner again and had a nice seafood buffet.

Spring, such a lovely picture you painted for my imagination and then the image of the poopy green toy invaded my brain and I can't get it out of my mind's eye. Yikes! When DD was little, she ate the eyes off of a stuffed dog and, when I changed her diaper, the poop was looking back at me. We still laugh about that in the family.

OK, Kiddies, I'm outta here. Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie
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Hi guys.
Just poppin in real quick.

Sun, dunno if you'll see this, but on tbe off chance that you do,
We are all barracking for ya.

Thinking of you and praying for you.
For Good Hands to attend to you
And Gentle Hands to care for you
And Strong Hands to carry you.
And a Covering of Love.
May you Rest well and be Restored.


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Hi Kids

Called my brother. No answer. This is what one expects since he generally has his
phone turned off. He has not responded to any of my e mails for a month or so.
Gordon called his neighbor. She said: He seems fine. Drives all over town. Has not
needed her help. I have decided to I will answer his e mails, but not initiate any.

Gordon is in the kitchen heating up a Chinese green onion pancake. Made in a
Chinese bakery in LA. He's already been to the library. He reports that the library
has a new card. It is more colorful than the old one. Costs $3. More evidence that
the library is having budget problems. A "regular" card is free.

Mikie, we did have have winds, but they didn't cause any problems here. Some folks
were really unlucky with a branch or even an entire tree falling on their house. I had
more energy yesterday than usual. Went out and sat with kitty and petted her four
times. Saw two yellow butterflies. Heard some chirps from a strange bird, but couldn't
see it.

Springwater, the Laura Ingalls Wilder picture I posted last time was gone when I came back to the board. Don't know why. If you want to hunt around you can find more on the net.
A while back I read a book by a Laura Ingalls Wilder fan who visited all her former
homes, museums, etc. Some of these places do not allow photographs to be taken inside
the building.

Tried to post a picture of their final home at Mansfield, Missouri, but the picture wouldn't
post here. The explanation was that it wasn't an image. What sense does that make. Are
we speaking Martian here now?

Well, gotta go take care of the library books Gordon brought home.
Hugs Kids. Rock


Good Saturday Morning, Kids,

Got a call last night from Dennis, Grace's husband. Evidently, our sprinklers have not been going on for at least two weeks. He didn't want to call the mgmt. co. so he waited until he saw an employee of the irrigation co. and told him. OMG! I was fit to be tied. One plant over on his side is dead. People in the hood will complain to one another but they don't want to get involved with our mgmt. co. It's always been like this. I wasn't happy and am sure I was less than pleasant with him. He acts like this is some kind of resort to which he visits yearly instead of being an owner. Even if he were at a resort, he would likely complain if something were awry. I called Joe because I had to let off some steam. These kinds of things drive him nuts too. About half the people in here are responsible and understand what it is to live in a condo community. The other half are clueless and/or lazy.

I've been feeling so lousy for a while. If I don't start to feel better, I think I'll call my doc and go in to see whether he wants to run some blood work. DD called. She has so much on her plate right now. In addition to her clinicals, she has one paper after another due. Evidently the masters program demands them. Their old dog is having seizures. DSIL's Mom has dementia and they are trying to get her house ready to sell so she can move into assisted living. Her overall health isn't good. Her other DIL started screaming at her and she had a meltdown. She is such a nice person and I hate to see this but know my DD and DSIL will do everything they can for her. It's just so hard for them right now. DSIL still has pain in his legs but the CBD oil is helping him. They give it to the dog for his seizures too.

Got my errands done yesterday but I still need to stop at Costco for coffee. K-cup coffee is expensive and, even when it's on sale, it's usually $.50 a cup. At Costco, it's usually $.34 a cup. Their house brand is excellent--dark robust flavor. I have never found their electronics to be the best price and I save more on my gas with discounted gas cards at Publix. Still, I have found some good deals on other things at Costco. They also have things there I don't find elsewhere. So, guess I'll keep going there. One of my friends says the bonus money really adds up using their credit card. I have more than 93,000 points on my old credit card and will use some of them for my flight to CO this summer. Now, they are saying to expect cancelled flights due to the grounded 737's. Hope I can find one of the airlines that doesn't fly many of the MAX models. Flying is bad enough without this monkey wrench in the works.

Rock, I'm so sorry that your bro doesn't seem to want to keep in touch. That's too bad because our family and friends are really all we have that is important. Glad you had some extra NRG. I can't think of a better way to spend it than sitting out with Miss Kitty. Our pets are also very important in our lives. I cleaned SV's little drinking fountain yesterday. I replaced the water filter in it. The water is already filtered before it is filled. I'm pretty sure he uses it when I don't see him. I saw him once drinking from it. As long as his pee clumps are big, I don't need to worry. Maybe that wind blew some NRG your way. Wish it would blow some my way. When my kids were here, some bird sang the sweetest song I've ever heard. It was the kind of thing that touched my soul. That Chinese pancake sounds good. Does Gordon put a sauce over it? I like the sauce used for egg foo young.

OK, Kids, I'm off to get ready for the day to begin. Barb's kids are returning this weekend. Cynthia asked me to take in their new mattress if it's delivered before they arrive. I need to water the big plant in the olla jug out front before it dies too. Also need to trim some small bushes that the lazy gardeners didn't trim. It never stops in here.

Hope all y'all are having a great start to the weekend.

Love, Mikie



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Morning, Kids

Don't think I slept at all last night. Just read and watched a couple TV shows. Mikie, I was
not a witness to the eating of the green onion pancake. I remember a small but excellent
Chinese restaurant in South Minneapolis. It served egg foo young with a brown gravy. Very
tasty as a coworker of mine said after every meal.

I am also annoyed with my brother, but can't change him so will just see if this new twist in our relationship will help. Like most people he has his good points too. Some decades back when I was sick and couldn't work for a month or two he asked, "Want me to send you some money?"

I am very annoyed with Dave Barry, a long time favorite author. His latest book is only in
various electronic forms. Well, maybe it's the publisher who decides. Glad to hear the
CBD oil is helping DSIL. It helps my aching fingers too.

Star, good to hear from you. What does barracking mean? I found a definition on the net,
but it doesn't seem to fit with your post. Maybe it has more than one meaning?

Tried to post a pic of an orchid from Thailand. Gordon got an ad . It's for sale at only
$27, but shipping is very expensive.

Think I will go have some of Gordon's current soup and see what's on the news.

Hugs, Rock
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Morning All.

Sunny today. About bloody time. But I still feel like crap. Read the national news, am shocked and appalled and ashamed at our "government". I shouldn't read the news I guess. Makes me sick to my stomach....

Maybe I'll move to Brunei and be stoned to death for being gay.

So much hatred and violence in this world. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.

Love to you All, in these parlous times. Hope, hope, hope!

Barry. By the way, I thought the last Porch was a little too short to start another......


Home again, home again...

Went to Costco. What a mistake. I usually don't go on weekends, especially with Snowbirds here. Normally, the have enough cashiers but the lines were long today. They move fast and that's good. They were giving out samples and some people just lose their minds when they see that. They stop in the middle of the aisle, blocking tafffic. One old guy almost got hit by someone's cart as he tried to cross the aisle to get his free tidbit. When he got there, it was something he didn't want. Good grief! I got my coffee, two loaves of a very tasty bread, a bottle of nice white wine and some battered cod fillets. They are in the little oven now. Mmmm!
SV was at the door so I gave him a treat. He doesn't always meet me at the door anymore.

Watched a program yesterday on PBS about how we almost lost our ozone layer. If we hadn't stopped using the chemicals which were destroying it, we would get a sunburn in only two minutes out in the sun. Food wouldn't grow. We'd likely all be dead at some point in the not too distant future. There were a bunch of deniers who didn't want to act. It took real courage for countries to come together to save our planet. It will take a couple of more decades for the hole in the layer to heal but we are well on our way.

Rock, hmmm. Typical witness response, "I saw nothing." Yes that gravy or sauce is delicious. I love Asian food. I'm sure your bro has plenty of good points. After all, he's your bro. I just hate to think we waste time here we can never get back. Often, after a health scare, people become closer to their families but not everyone. Go eat your currant soup and stay current by watching the news. I suggest eating first; the new will spoil your appetite.

Star, that was a lovely post.

Barry, we were posting at the same time. If I don't start a new Porch, the old ones get too long. Most here have said they want 30 posts to a porch. I think we can do 40 myself. What do you want? Hope you feel better. The sunshine should help.

Love, Mikie


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Dear Ones,

Well it looks lie we might have dodged the bullet as they say. Another storm came through after last week. We had tornadoes in the are last time bu t not in our community but a big mess for some. We finally did get some good rain but not a whole lot. This was apparently more of a wind and possible tornado event than rain. Some areas in TX did get some tornadoes and bad enough damage. They knew it was coming for the past week and that seems like all the weather men were talking about. Luckily we only got some wind and rain and scared a lot of people.

DSIL put his sports car in our garage again in case of hail and they went to to at a home or two in the area but not exactly in our community. Hope they find something that they like soon and that they do not have to pay a fortune for it. He has champagne taste and a beer pocketbook. However, we cannot tell them anything. He is younger than DD but he thinks he knows almost everything.

MIKIE - I agree that either 30 or 40 posts is about the right amount but if we don't get in on that volume we lose out. However, that is our fault isn't it even if we want to be there on the Porch but somehow can't seem to get there all the time. Oh well ! Sorry you are not feeling well or any better.

I really do need to go study my music some for tomorrow and Good Friday. The kiddos have Easter Sunday and the other choirs have the other masses. Not doing , Holy Thursday this year but DH is going with the K of C to do their turnout for the Mass and but won't stay later for the adoration . I guess we might be going to Easter Sunday but not sure yet. The problem with the Easter Vigil is that it is so very long. Will probably go to DD's for Easter . We got a free turkey awhile back when we bought the ham and will donate that to the cause.

JULIE - Thinking of you all as your family gather to honor your dearest Dad. God bless you all !

Gotta run for now. Big HUGZ to awl inc, ROCK, BARRY, SUN, SW, STAR , DUCKIE et al,
Granni :)