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PORCH #1127 IS NOW CLOSED (4/16/19)

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Dear Porchies,

Time for a new Porch. We had 40 posts on the last one. Be sure to go back to read Julie's new post.

I'll pop back in later. In the meantime, I hope all y'all have a wonderful day. BTW, I found this pic online. That is not me nor anyone I know. The Seine River is between her and the cathedral. Firefighters pumped water from the river to help fight the fire. One of my favorite memories of Paris was taking a boat cruise on the river and seeing Notre Dame all lit up at night.

Love, Mikie
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Morning, Folks

Gordon and I were just watching the news. One of the many freeways here is somewhat
clogged this morning. A carnival ride fell off a truck. Musta been tied on with a short
piece of fishline.

Mikie, a night time cruise on the Seine sounds great; and possibly very romantic. When I
was working in the San Fernando Valley our office was a couple blocks from a girls
school named Notre Dame. Somebody told me the name meant "Our Lady". The
girls all wore white blouses and white and black checked skirts.

You asked about the number of messages on a porch. When we started out we always
started a new thread after two pages. But there was no discussion about it. The number
doesn't really matter to me. Does it matter to anyone? If so, speak up.

Kim, good to hear from you. I hope your headaches have departed. My wife used to
have frequent headaches. She still had them after she got rid of me. How nice of you
to take in a dog who needed a good home. Well, I guess they (and we) all do. Glad
to hear she is doing better. As for capri pants, I don't care much for them Maybe
someday Isle change my mind. Of maybe someday I'll visit the Isle of Capri. I saw
an ad for capri pants for men.

Well, it's 6 AM here but still dark. Too early to visit kitty. The weather is supposed to be
warming up to about 80 at the end of the week. No rain or other problems.

Hugs, Rock


Hi, Kids,

FYI, PH is doing some upgrades to the website so we may not be able to get logged in for some short periods off and on. Thank you, PH.

I did get my shower and blew my hair dry. I feel so horrible that I'm amazed I could even do that. My IBS is bad and I'm sooo exhausted. Barb's kids rolled in last evening. I haven't been out so haven't seen anyone today.

Rock, so did the carnival truck lose a wheel--a Ferris Wheel? Yuk, yuk! Couldn't resist. At one time, a Porch got really long so people settled on 30 posts as a Goldilocks solution--just right. I've seen them run over that with no harm done, especially when we have a discussion going on. A lot of the time, I just try to open new ones when I have the time and NRG to do it, regardless of the number of posts as long as there are 30 or more. It's hit 'n miss.

I just had some delicious Brussels sprouts for my dinner. One doc called them the perfect food. They are high in vitamin K which is good for bones. My ex's now wife had back surgery. All the hardware came loose because her spine is crumbling. Had to have another surgery where the hardware was reattached with glue. Sounds horrible. DD just called to let me know what all is going on in CO. It's a beautiful day here at 84 degrees. No clouds in the sky. Doesn't much matter because I'm inside in the A/C. Hope everydobby has sunny skies.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Kids

Thank you for the Ferris wheel joke, Mikie. When I was a teen I wondered if the name
was derived from the fact that one never saw them except at fairs. But now, thanks to an
article in Simthsonian Magazine, I know the inventor was a guy named George Washington
Gale Ferris Jr. He was given the assignment of providing something spectacular that
would rival the Eiffel Tower that had been erected the previous year. And he did. The
first Ferris wheel was 25 stories high. Each huge car could hold 60 people. A ride cost
50 cents. No small sum in 1893.

The great wheel was the sensation of the Chicago exposition and took in more than a
million dollars.

Hope you are feeling better today. I was feeling the same as usual yesterday but did
have one unsettling moment. Was feeding the cat. Picked up her water bowl and
filled it with fresh water. Then lost my balance and started to fall forwards. Didn't
fall, but did drop the bowl which broke. Another family heirloom gone. Good thing
we have 4 or 5 just like it. They all came from a Chinese market and cost about a
dollar or two.

The computer is acting up. I'd say it's worth about a dollar and a half too. Going back
to bed.
Hugs Kids, Rock


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Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

SV and I slept in til almost 7:00 this morning. He keeps asking to go out and then won't go when he realizes that it's only 64 degrees out. Even cats become wimps down here in the jungle. He likes it when it's 90 degrees out and humid. He'll bake out on the lanai for hours. He doesn't realize that the temp won't change until this afternoon. He keeps hoping it will be different in a few minutes. Doh! I finished reading my mystery and started on Les Miserable. No wonder it only cost $1.99. Some of the words run together with no spaces between them. It's not a big problem. Guess it happens when books are digitized.

Rock, thanks for the very interesting and informative history on the Ferris Wheel. I knew it was named after someone but didn't know the background. The huge one in England is called, The London Eye. I'm sorry you dropped Miss Kitty's bowl but I'm glad you didn't fall. You are our beloved family heirloom and we don't want you to get broken. I'm so careful when I let SV drink out of the tall glass goblet. He has two water bowls made of stainless and, of course, his plastic water fountain. His mouth is always moist and the water goes down in his bowls and fountain so I figure he drinks out of those when I'm not watching. Cats need about 3.5 ounces of water per day for each 5 pounds of weight. As long as his pee clumps are big, he will be OK. It's like an Easter egg hunt every time I clean out his litter box. Hope you were able to catch some Zzzz's and get rested.

I stopped in to see Grace last evening. She looked so bad. Maybe I'm not used to seeing her without makeup but her skin around her eyes looked so red and irritated. Maybe her allergies are bad too. She is using her cane now and the therapist has her going up and down the stairs. That's good because their home in WV is two stories. She is pretty unsteady and I hope she doesn't fall again.

The sun is already so far to the left on my sliding doors now as it travels farther to the North in its arc across the sky. Or rather, as the Earth tilts to the South. Barb's kids arrived Monday evening. They are only staying a week to get the wooden floors finished in the condo. That's a long way to drive for only a week. Guess they don't mind considering that Jimmy was a long-haul mover.

OK, Kids, I'm outta here. Hope all y'all have a nice Hump Day.

Love, Mikie



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My house is quiet, which is a nice break from the past week. Brother and wife just left, Den went to his part-time job and I am going to start laundry...should be a nice day for hanging out clothes, etc...storms coming this evening, though.

Chiro appt. and massage were life savers yesterday, but I had to rush back home (45 minute trip each way) because our house guests wanted to take us out for lunch. Did a little sight-seeing, then I took a very long nap after we returned home.

Feels like months, and also feels like yesterday since this latest madness began. Thankfully, Lindsey is doing better and will be able to travel up here on Father's Day weekend...I guess that's when we'll have a family dinner and bury my dad's ashes next to my mom. If it was just him, by himself, I might keep them around...but seems only right to have them side by side once again.

I am thinking of everyone and hoping things are as good as can be...take care...I'll be back when I feel up to visiting.

Pic is of Den and my brother at a Mennonite shop that sells all sorts of neat things...the chair is so big, it makes everyone look like a toddler, lol!


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Nice pic Julie. both look very relaxed. good 5o hear your chiro and massage helped.

Mikie - What a beautiful cathedral, how much labour gone into the erecting of it...labour of love. Hump day sounds so funny. will have to look it up.

Rock - glad only 5he bowl broke. i hope Kitty appreciates what all you do for her.

im in middle of chores. Took a breather. will be back later.

God bless


Hi, Kids,

Just got outta the bath and applied cream on my alligator skin. I think the Sjogren's has dried up the oil glands in my skin and that is why it's so dry. Roomba is cleaning the carpet in the dining area. I'll move her to the living room when she is done and recharged. She is programmable but this is easier. My toenails could stand a top coat so will do that today. I like to look decent when I see the eye doc. My appt. is tomorrow. Just gonna finish cleaning up in here; I have a tad more NRG today.

Julie love the pic of the 'high chair.' Wouldn't want to sit in it if I were high though. OMG! I'd love shopping in the Mennonite store. Do they have fresh baked things to sell? I still haven't gotten up to the Amish restaurants in Sarasota. It's a bit of a drive. I think it's nice that your Dad will be next to your Mom. My Mom has a place next to her first husband in NE. The kids may take her cremains there to bury. Don't know whether they would be able to put mine in with her or not. Sooo glad the treatments helped you. Be as good to yourself as you can and stop back in when possible.

Spring, Hump Day is called that because Wednesday is right in the middle of the work week and after noon, we are over the hump toward the weekend. Those cathedrals could take several centuries to erect and later on, they were often added on to or renovated. There is now more than $650 million pledged to rebuild Notre Dame. Evidently, the firefighters train to salvage relics and art when there are fires in Paris. They formed a human chain and passed the relics out to safety. Glad you were able to pop in.

Gonna go get dressed and brush my teeth. I'm slow getting going today. Hope everydobby has NRG to burn and is pain free.

Love, Mikie

Update: The armed woman who was a threat because she was fascinated with the Columbine shooting is dead. She is obviously mentally ill and I feel so sorry for her and her parents. I can't even imagine getting the call that a mentally ill child is dead. I am glad the threat is over. I feel so bad for the Comunbine parents who have to relive it every year on the anniversary. A pundit referred to mentally ill people as 'crack pots.' How cruel. Again, this is just more pain to the family of the dead woman. Don't know whether DGS's school was closed today. It's across the city to the east. Still don't have details but it's over and that is a relief.

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Hi Gang.

Hey Mikie, I've got alligator skin too. Or maybe crocodile. Time for moisturiser all over my body; wierdly, my scalp is greasy as can be. Hmmm. One doc. brought up the possibility os Sjogren's to me a long time ago, but it was never followed up....

I cancelled my dental appt yesterday; too stressed out and tired, tired, etc. Next week is ultrasound day, and a long trip to the specialist, 60 miles away. I don't drink coffee unless I go up there, and get an espresso (strong drug!) to keep me going. And a croissant.

Richard has gone to town to pick up Monty from the vets, where he had his giggle-berries removed. $$$! At least now - I hope- he won't be getting into scraps with other cats! Also had him de-taped. He got and ate a wood-rat t'other day and left only its entrails and one little paw behind. Funny, he doesn't eat the mice that he and Sylvie catch. Left on the path for the ravens to eat.

Rock, after I've been up for a while (say an hour and half) I start getting light-headed and a little un-balanced at times. I got a walking stick last week. It really helps me when I go on a short walk in these uneven grounds.

Guns, guns, guns! America is out of control, I'm sorry to say. Horrible news in the papers every day. I so want STRICT gun control ..... but I doubt I'll live to see it.

Measles. Anti-vaxxers are the culprit. Julie, do the Amish get vaccinated? I've always wondered about that.

Sun, I hope you are recovering from your ordeal....

It is sunny here today, up to 75 degrees! Gotta take the doggles out for their day in the sun. See y'all later.

Peace, Love,


Hi, Kids,

Roomba has finished and I'm just sitting a bit. I swept the tiles and did a quick mop with my Swiffer. Sooo hard on my back and I didn't wear the brace. My bad! I did a pretty good clean job before the kids' visit so the condo isn't too bad. I can just touch it up here and there. Don't want to get too tired before tomorrow's appt. with the eye doc. His office just called with a reminder.

Barry, poor Monty but he'll heal fast and be healthier without his berries. I laughed at your description of them. He and Sylvie are kind souls to feed the ravens. It also helps keep the rodent population under control. I'm sorry you are so tired and stressed out. I feel your pain, my brother. Sjogren's doesn't necessarily hit all the glands nodes in the body so it's possible you do have it. The fatigue from the Sjogren's is worse than with FMS or CFIDS for me. I don't necessarily think what is in the vaccines can cause Autism but I do think they give too many injections together which can overwhelm the immune system. DD found a doc who gave them individually. Measles is nothing to fool around with. It can cause very high temperatures which can damage brains. My little cousin almost died from it. I agree with gun control as do most of us responsible gun owners. This young woman was able to travel from FL to CO and immediately buy a rifle. I hope you feel better and all goes well with the ultrasound. Good luck.

OK, still have the master bath tile to mop. Also need to clean SV's box. Just got a robo call from a number disguised as a local call. Stoopud scammers. Jag reruns are on the H&I channel all afternoon. I think the new Code show is a ripoff of Jag. Navy lawyers, one young woman and one young man who go up against each other in court. Oh well, it's a winning formula.

Hope all y'all are having a good day.

Love, Mikie

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Der Ones,

So much going on here today. The men are here fixing the hold in the wall the plumber made when having to get into the pipes. They made a door and then painted in the base paint that I had on the rest of the wall. However, we did have the walls in the bathroom sort of like sponge painted, but is called something else, years ago. So we need to do something with that little door covering the pipes in case we need to gnto it again. DH suggested maybe stenciling some gold leaves on the door that are similar to the ones on the wall. WE NEED SOMEONE ARTISTIC LIKE SUN TO HELP OUT. WISH SHE WAS CLOSER, SHE COULD MAKE SOME MONEY $$ AND I KNOW IT WOULD LOOK WONDERFUL.

The other evening I went with another lady , actually the director of our small singing f group to go together along with another gal since DH didn't want to go to the Chorale party, It was a party after our last show of the year, It starts again in August for practice. Depends on what is going on if I sing for Sept or the Christmas program. Well they had raffle tickets and baskets for them. Well I put in some of the baskets especially for Astros baseball basket and that two bobbleheads of Jose Altuve and Yuli whatever his name is and 4 free tickets to the May 26th Red Sox vs Astros game on a Sunday afternoon. I was hoping to win it and somehow I did since I wanted to surprise my daughters who love sports, baseball, football, Astros, etc, It is right before my #2 DD's b-da7 the beginning of June. I was so surprised when I won it. DD's is happy when we told her and others are getting tickets to so it will be a family affair even if we are not all together exactly. Had to put tickets on the phone , No printing out. So needed help from DSIL.

Gotta run for now. DH needs the computer.

Love you all,''Granni :)


Hi Again, Kids,

Sitting down again in between tasks. Decided to have a bite of the yummy bread and a couple of olives with some wine. Drinking a sassy little Sauvignon Blanc. Can't find the Chilean one I drank before. Need to check the liquor store. Think I got it at Publix. I like the pace I had today. I got a few things done without doing myself in.

Granni, once again you are a winner. Good for you. Glad you won those tickets. I sponge painted my master bathroom years ago and have since painted over it. It needs to be repainted now but I'll use the same color. Just needs to be refreshed. I like the color I have and it matches the towels. Just cleaned SV's box and shook out the little mat that lies in front of it to catch any litter on his paws. Once your plumbing is fixed you'll likely not need to get in there again. I hate plumbing.

OK, time to get off of here and finish my wine. Hope all y'all have a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie
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Hi Kids

Gordon has an unusual succulent in bloom. I keep meaning to post a pic of it; finally remembered. Maybe Barry can tell us the name. It's 6:30 PM here. Time for Kitty's din din. Watched the quiz show this morning. There was a young fellow who looked vaguely familiar. Turned out to be Potsie from Happy Days; Anson Williams. Gordon recognized him
After Happy Days he did a lot of work as a Director of TV shows. Wikipedia says he is
69; net worth: a million.

Mikie, I had a meal today just like yours only without the bread and wine. The olives
were black. On the Code show are the opposing attorneys working in the same office?
Lovers? In Adam's Rib Hepburn and Tracy were married. Of course they have a blatant
conflict of interest. Couldn't do it today. Probably couldn't do it in 1949 either. Never
heard of a sassy wine before. Here's a suitable glass. Only $11 which includes

Granny, Congrats on winning the bobble heads, etc. What are you going to do with them?
Yuli sounds like a Norwegian name. Especially if you pronounce it Yooool-ie. I hope the
ball game is a happy family affair.

Barry, I don't believe you have skin like acrocodilian. They have bony plates in their
skin. Mikie is so lucky. She lives in the only place in the world that has both crocs
and gators naturally.

Gotta go, Kids. I'm falling asleep. Rock



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Rock:. Here's a link to the succulent. I've got them EVERYWHERE! Can't even give them away so have to just cut off and toss in the trash.


Last time I saw "potsie" was years ago and could hardly recognize him because of all the weight he had put on. And a million dollars isn't much these days. My SiL was telling me that his MILs estate is now over 3 million due to all the insurance $ that seems to be pouring in since her Dh passed a few weeks ago. That and the fact that she now owns two houses, one inherited from her parents. Previous to the passing of her DH $ was really tight. The kids are trying to get her to an accountant....she had to get an extension on her taxes because her Dh always did them. And she needs a trust so her $ will be protected in case she dies. At this point she doesn't want to think about what needs to be done. Poor lady was in such shock and in deep mourning.

Granni; Congrats to winning!

Barry; Neutered male cats make wonderful pets. Do you think he knows he's not the same now? LOL

Julie: Funny pic. Of Den and your DB! They must have had a lot of fun sitting up there! Hope you're recuperating.

Mikie: I also had been to Notre Dame. Apparently not quite as bad as when the fire first broke out but at least most of it was saved. I read that they are taking archectural bids on the spire. Did you also know that the Al Aksa mosque on the Mount of olives also caught on fire at the exact same time? Very suspicious.

As to recuperating, still terribly exhausted. I went to bed at 8 PM last night....figured I wouldn't be able to sleep more than 6 hrs. Because of Fm pain, so here i am, took some tylenol and am drinking some coffee to jump start it. I see my doc today. Still fighting the "loopy" feeling too. I just can't keep doing these surgeries.....they take so much out of me and it's harder to recuperate.


Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

It's a lovely 65 degrees out and still dark. This and evening are my favorite times of day. SV always asks to go out and then stands in the doorway and won't do it. Not hot enough yet. He is pretty smart but doesn't connect the times of day with the rise and fall of the temps. He lay out there in the sun yesterday after it got hot and baked himself.

I have an eye doc appt. this morning. My eyes always get bad when I'm just going in for a pressure check and I have to suffer trying to read for another six months. Doc told me last time I'd probably need my cataracts removed before they got bad again. I don't think it's the cataracts. I hate to have surgery but would welcome getting rid of my glasses full time.

After my appt., I'm stopping by the bank to pay off the condo. Was gonna wait til fall but have decided to do it now. Wells Fargo keeps trying to string the mortgage along so it never gets paid off. Money grubbers!

Rock, those are beautiful succulents. We have some aloe vera plants out front but the birds of paradise have taken them over. They are so hard to get rid of. Yes, the young lawyers work out of the same naval office but sometimes, one takes the prosecution's side and the other the defense. I don't know whether that's the way it is done in the navy but it makes for good drama. Speaking of gators, it's mating season and the gators are on the march looking for some whoopie. News has had videos of their marching down neighborhood sidewalks. They aren't really interested in full size humans but they might stop for a snack of small children or pets to keep up their strength. There was a 12 footer walking down the sidewalk of one of our older hoods where Thomas Edison and Henry Ford lived in the winter. Right now, the bufo toads pose a greater danger. How do we live like this in such peril?

Sun, I'm sorry it's taking you so long to recuperate. It is taking Grace a long time too. She was very loopy following her surgery for several weeks. Hope you get a good report at the doc today.

Have to get in the tub and do my hair and makeup before I leave. I still haven't returned the pants I bought for Grace but think I'll do that another day, ala Scarlett O'Hara. Tomorrow is another day. Barb's kids will still be here on Easter so think I'll grab a couple of Russel Stover eggs to leave on their window sill. Can't wait to leave the Easter things on the window sill of the little boys at the end of the bldg.

Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

Love, Mikie

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Morning Kids. It's 3 AM on this coast. Dark but not foreboding. How do we live in such peril? Well, it's been that way since the dawn of time. As a gregorian chant put it around the time Notre Dame was built. "In the midst of life we are in death." Media vita in morte
sumus. I read this quote appears in a Clint Eastwood movie. But I didn't see that one so
it's only hearsay.

Isn't the bufo toad the one some idiots were licking to get high? I wonder if they also got
warts on the tongue. Anyway it is yet another case of animals being imported to get rid of
a pest and turning out to be just another pest. Sometimes worse than the first. I think
Dave Barry or his former coworker Carl Hiaasen wrote a book in which somebody, a crook?, fell forward and landed with his face on a bufo toade. Yikes! Never got up. Just lay
licking the toad and enjoying the sensations.

Sun, you are a font of knowledge. (Or fount. Some sources say either spelling is OK.)
Pic is Aeonium Velour. Strange name. Never saw a succulent with the texture of velour.
Sorry to hear you still feel loopy. Do you have strong pain killers or do you want to avoid

Well, time to go back to bed. This is the second time I've been up tonight.

Hugs, Rock


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Home again, home again...

Got my pressure check and there is no glaucoma. Pressure has been a bit high for years but doesn't change and no degradation of the eyes. Mom was the same way and she saw the same doc. I stopped at the bank to pay off my mortgage and they couldn't give me a payoff. They will email it to me. It is expected to take four days. This is progress? They must do batch processing on their computers. Didn't think anyone did that any more. Glad the bank is just down the road.

Publix is in the same center as the bank so I stopped in for something for lunch. I don't like that store because it is sooo busy and the parking lot is a nightmare. Their prepared pineapple was brown and the strawberries were rotten. I don't understand how a busy store could be like that. The one I shop at is excellent. A very nice woman at the deli got my hot turkey breast and offered me a couple of free slices of curried chicken. OMG! I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. Will pick that up next time. A whole new addiction. Looove curry!

Joe called. A neighbor gave him some CBD oil for his anxiety and it worked so well he is getting his own bottle. I'm glad for that. My dear, dear friend, Nancy in MI and her daughter take in foster dogs. DD just got one who immediately came home and had 11 puppies. They will be bottle feeding. They are two of the finest people I've ever known. Claudia and I told Nancy that when she crosses the Rainbow Bridge, all those animals they saved will be there to welcome them home. They save horses, cats, goats and all manner of critters.

Ran into Barb's DSIL, Jimmy. He's working hard to finish the hardwood flooring before Mon. when they have to leave. It's hot here today, only 86 but the humidity is high. Only saving grace is that it's breezy. May rain this afternoon. I got two little Russel Stover eggs to put on their windowsill. Even adults need sweet little surprises now and then.

Rock, Carlos Castenada said we should allow death to ride on our left shoulder like a bird to remind us that our time isn't unlimited. Leo Buscaglia basically said the same thing. He believed the greatest mistake we make is acting as though we are going to live forever. Geez, all I have to do is look in the mirror to know death awaits. Natives all over the world have dipped their arrows in poison from poisonous creatures. I always thought the bufos were ugly because they splat when they land after jumping. Then, they showed one up close on TV and they are cute. I give them wide berth when I see them. The little lizards have been storming Joe's door to get inside. They are really cute, like the Geico gecko. I like it when they blow up the little red sacs under their chins and do push ups. I know it's a mating rite. They do it when I walk past them on the stairs. I tell them, "Sorry, fella. I can't help you out."

OK, gonna get going. Hope all y'all are having a wonderful day.

Love, Mikie



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Good afternoon MIKIE and Dear Porchies,

Glad MIKIE's eye pressure was normal in her eye. That is surely nothing to fool with for sure. We have little lizards or Geckos, not sure if they are one in the same or not. They don't bother me or do little spiders etc. but they do my DD. Living in N.C. like they did for almost 20 years they didn't have to worry so much about such little creatures. When we moved from NY to La and then TX we got used to them really quick. The only thing I still don't like are those huge black tree roaches or actually roaches of any kind and size. Those big guys can also fly too, YIKES !! Never saw one in NY. Your friend who helps all kinds of animals sounds almost like my other DD #1. They have always had animals and many have gone over the Rainbow Bridge. I think they still have TOny the indoor and outdoor kitty but sleeps on their bed at night, or almost every might, not sure. They also have to puppies, Tuffy not to young and Lottie who is a much younger dog that likes to get into things.

Going to the Holy Thursday service tonight which starts at 7 pm but who knows when we will get home. NOt singing for that one but sill be singing tomorrow for the Good Friday service but that is in the late afternoon.I sing for. Instead of Holy Sat Mass we will probably stuffles to go to the 7:30 mass on Easter Sunday. We will be going over to DD's for dinner and DS and DDIL will be coming as well as the family temporarily living with them.

Speaking of DD #4, she and DSIL just signed the first papers for a home in our town but not as close as she originally wanted to be, I think. Not sure when they will be able to move. It is about 20 - 30 minutes from us if you take the back way. It looks like a very nice home from the pictures but it is a 2 story which might get quite hot in the summer. Also, we think it might be a bit expensive for them and hope when the taxes go up in this newer area with new home it doesn't cause a problem. They are also building lots of schools in that area for the influx of people migrating up north from the city or down south. They already have big plans for the upstairs the DSIL wanted for a play room possibly workout room. They are good at spending money and hope they don't get into trouble like they did once before.. As I said before they, esp he has a champagne taste and beer pocketbook. They also like to eat out or take in a lot, so we will see. DD doesn't like to cook and DSIL cooks but doesn't always feel like it.

JULIE - Love the picture of Den and your brother I guess it was in the VERY high chair. Glad they all seemed to be having a good time and that DSIL seemed to have behaved herself from bad remarks. Glad things seemed to have gone very well for your Dad's memorial and church service. All the pictures were very nice you posted. I think they were on FB or some were.

Big HUGS to everydobby. Thinking of you all. I need to go study some music for the Good Friday Service,.

Granni :)


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Hi Kids

Well, I was here earlier. Finished my post at 3:30 and went downstairs. Gordon was sitting
in the back porch doorway as is his wont.
upload_2019-4-18_10-36-55.jpegupload_2019-4-18_10-37-41.jpeg I said, "What are you doing down here so early?"
He said, "It's not early. It's 6:30." And indeed, the kitchen clock said 6:30. Turns out
the computer room clock needs new batteries. OY!

Well, as Aesop put it, "Have your troubles early in the day. That way your hair will not
turn gray." Or Maybe it Magellan who said that. Well, Sakes Alive. I just got a pop up
that said, "You did not finish your Avast order." Well, we all know Avast means Stop if
your sailing on the ocean. But I never started so how could I stop?

Mikie, those little lizards must have terrific biceps from all those pushup. My mind is
so bad now I couldn't remember the floral birds of paradise. They are very popular
here in LA. Our former neighbors had a giant one. You could have concealed a washer
and dryer in it and a wheelbarrow too.. Anyhoo, here are a couple of pics for those who
don't live in the jungle.

Barry, I started a new cozy mystery. The author is Ellen Crosby. Have you encountered
her? She has written several novels. This one is titled "Harvest Secrets". Set in
the wine country. "Wine Country" to me means California's Sonoma Valley where my
son went to college. In this book it means Virginia. Who knew?

Time to Go. We are going to the Library. The John Sanford book I put on hold months
ago is finally available. I'm as happy as a barefoot boy with a bamboo fishing pole. Or
a little girl with a new dolly. (Not a reference to Dolly Parton.) BTW have you heard Dolly and friends singing Sitting on the Front Porch Swing? Great song. It's on Youtube.)

Hugs and Adios
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Hi, Kids,

Just woke up from a nap. I was feeling sluggish so lay down with my Kindle and read. I got sooo tired I couldn't keep my eyes open so fell asleep. I really needed it. This is the kind of nap that is a blessing. A bit earlier, Jimmy asked whether I wanted to see how the new flooring looks in the living room. It looks really nice and I told him and Cynthia I really like it. I do find it strange they ran the boards sideways to how one enters the condo. Seems to me they should be pointing in instead of across. The guy downstairs put his straight in and I like the look of that better. Sill, Barb's kids are doing a great job and it does look nice. He apologized for any noise. It doesn't bother me and I told them that. I'd like to replace my tile with hardwood but the tile is sooo practical and very popular here in the jungle. I'd still get carpeting in the rest of the condo. I like it.

Granni, what a nice newsy post. So glad you dropped in. I feared spiders and cockroaches when I moved here but the pest control keeps them from coming in. We get sprayed every quarter. I sometimes find dead bugs out on the balcony. I don't like the idea of using poison but it does the job. Once in a while, tiny ants will come in but the Terro Traps get rid of them post haste. My DD, DSIL and DGS love the big two story homes. The one they had in TX was huge and the one in CO is really big too. None of these homes is ever exactly what they want so they redo everything. Their homes are beautiful. Other DD and DSIL are still living in the small home they first bought in CO. They buy condos and homes that they rent out. They are super frugal. Funny how one's kids can be so different. Even if your DD is half an hour away, it's still not as far as having them across the country. I hope you all enjoy Easter together.

Rock the bird of paradise plants are beautiful and so exotic but they will take over. There is one which is much larger and has what looks like white birds. Ours is almost as tall as our bldg. on the side. This type doesn't spread like the smaller ones. Thanks for posting the pic. Must have had my troubles in the afternoon cause my hair turned gray so soon. I spent many a day in my yute swinging on the front porch with my pals. What days those were. Then, when I had kids of my own, I loved hanging out with them on our front porch. All my life, I've enjoyed leisure. I seem to have a knack for it.

Glad to have gotten my eye appt. out of the way for another six months but my eyes are worse. Thank God for the Kindle with its large print. I'm enjoying reading Les Miserable but it's a big book to take on. My subscription to Ancestry ends the middle of next month. I didn't renew and told them it's too expensive. Also got rid of the newspaper a while back and stopped Netflix. So, I'm trying to be a bit frugal myself. While I was at the bank, I got my 'hurricane money.' I always keep some case in case I have to evacuate and pay cash on the road. Doubt I'll ever evacuate and hope I never have to but I'll be prepared. Enjoyed talking to my favorite teller.

As always, I keep our Porchies in my thoughts and hope everydobby has a wonderful evening.

Love, Mikie

Update: Holy cow! Evidently a construction crew hit a gas line on the street where I had stopped earlier at the bank and Publix. Fortunately, it didn't blow up but it could have. I guess the gators aren't the only danger we face. Yikes!

Also, some 300 lb. guy tried to attack a grandma and she slugged him upside his head with a baseball bat. He hightailed it to a nearby trailer and put on some pants; he was only wearing his boxers when he attacked her. He put on some pants with cocaine in the pocket just before the cops arrested him. You go, grandma. You got to jail, dumb criminal.

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