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PORCH #1128 IS NOW CLOSED (4/21/19)

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Happy Easter Dear Porchies

Thought I'd get here early but several people beat me to it, Sun by only a minute or two. Sun, I'm sorry you're still having problems. I hope the new chemo works well for you.

Please, everydobby, go back to the old Porch to read the last posts. I know I posted this pic last Easter but it just makes me smile to look at it and I feel good all over. It's sooo sweet. I delivered the Easter things to the windowsill for the little boys at the end of the building and left a couple of candy eggs for Barb's kids. I took some books to Claudia's and left a caramel chocolate bunny for her. My bunny duty is done.

I decided to stop at the Shell station for a paper because it's closer than 7/Eleven. They weren't open but the papers were on the ground by the door. I slipped one out and left $3 with the others. Hope no one steals it.

Not much else to tell. Hope all y'all have a wonderful Easter/Passover.

Love, Mikie
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Morning, Kids

Thanks for breaking a trail, Mikie. Can't see the pic you posted. More and more this
computer is turning into a really big paperweight. I wonder if the Easter Bunny has
elves to help with the deliveries. Maybe you could join the team. David Sedaris began
his career as a best selling author with his account of working as a Christmas Elf at
Macy's. Now he's a best selling author and a multi millionaire.

I'm just a tad worried about you acquiring your self service paper. Don't want you
to get arrested for station lifting. Maybe you should go back to the Shell Station and
take a picture with your phone of you leaving the $3.

Hope everyone has a nice family or friend day. Be it dinner or phone chat or a walk
in a park. There's a nice one near Boardwalk and Go.

Hugs, Rock


Hi, Kids,

I'm doing the puzzles in the paper. The doorbell rang. It was a cute little green pail with some Easter candy inside courtesy of Claudia. In our old age, we are doing things we did as kids. Must be going through our second childhoods. It's just as much fun this time around. I woke up and my tongue was black. Couldn't figure it out until I remembered I took some Pepto last evening for my upset stomach. It does that. I had wanted a glass of wine but had to forego it. Maybe this evening.

I'm watching the CBS Sunday Morning Show and they featured a choir in the UK. It's made up of people who have had loved ones disappear without a trace. There are 180,000 who disappear there every year. I don't know how many we have here. I can imagine few things worse. One of the fathers wrote a song about his son, a music producer took it from there and the choir was born. None were singers but the choir director coaxes the most beautiful music from them. They have turned their grief into something beautiful. A nice story for this season of rebirth and renewal.

Rock, I'm sure the Shell station has CCTV and will be able to see that I left the money for the paper. Not gonna worry about it. If they haul me off to jail, Joe will bail me out but not before giving me a hard time about it. Everything in the hood is 'bust your chops' humor. One of the PBS shows I enjoyed yesterday was about city parks, including Central Park in NYC. I'd seen it before but enjoyed it all over again. Interestingly enough, Central Park was in part a plan to give immigrants on the Lower East Side a place to get away from their crowded and filthy living conditions. Unfortunately, they lacked the ability to get to the park. It was then that city planners decided to put other parks in the various areas where locals could enjoy them. A lot of effort went into trying to get immigrants assimilated into society. Back then, even the children worked six days a week so the parks were a God send for them. I think our city parks are one of the greatest treasures we have, along with libraries and our National Parks. Hope you, Gordon and Miss Kitty have a lovely Easter. BTW, I don't have a fix for the computer problem. What I usually do is turn it off and back on to let it reboot. That often solves problems.

May the Easter Bunny bring everyone chocolate, the magic kind with no calories.

Love, Mikie


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Hi kids (or is it goats?),
I am worn out. Per usual. Extra dizzy. Ultasound on Wednesday. Das ist Mitwoch.

Monty has recovered from his castration. Is doing well. Sylvie, aka "Fat Cat" is fit and fat. Monty talks back when talked to. Very responsive.

Sun, I hope you get to feeling better soon..... #MEtoo! SO sorry for your pains. I have a Rx for 800 mgs. ibuprofen..... Also uses to take four Tramadol a day, but gave them up.

Mikie: Yikes! Holy Toledo! ****! Your hood gets sprayed every quarter for "pest control"! OMG.! Do you know WHAT they spray with? The very prospect frightens me, and makes me feel bad for the non-pests that must be harmed/massacred. And the birds and lizards, etc. that might get poisoned. And YOU! :confused:
12 puppies! What fun! What work! What Joy! :oops::rolleyes::) All to be named with B, eh. I had dogs Barley and Belka.
SV sure is a beautiful cat, but I can see why he coughs up fur-balls ..... normal long-haired cat behaviour.

Mikie, I agree with you on the EPA.:mad: VERY disturbing. We must fight!

Rock, I can see your photos just fine as well as SV, etc. Maybe you need your computer fixed or replaced, eh wot?

Yea, Spring, "whatever's in the fridge" is a fun way of eating/cooking. I put some chopped up pieces of left over (but cooked) asparagus in my lentil soup t'other day. It wasn't half good too! Spring, I realy enjoy your posts, the longer the better. You give me happiness....

Well the sun is bright, the dogs are out, and I am out of NRG. Well, I have been since I got up... Still, things to do, weeds to pull, things to curse at (spearmint is the newest fiasco, spreading faster than I can crawl. And my nemesis , the Chocolate Vine (Akebia) is taking over the world. It is in bloom. Three kinds of lilac too, but they behave themselves.

I must go,
Peace and Love to All.


Hi, Kids and Goats,

Not much going on. I'm exhausted and am letting Roomba clean the carpets. The rest of the condo is OK and will hold til I can get to it. SV has been giving the stink eye to Roomba and daring her to run into him. Seems that everywhere he staked out his territory is where she was going next. He started doing exaggerated high arched leaps to get away. He's now on the sofa next to me looking all put out. I cleaned the dirt, lint and cat hair from Roomba's lint collector and she's getting charged in the dining room before finishing. Don't know what I did before. I saw an ad for a Roomba-like lawn mower at Lowe's. It's about $1,800. Don't know whether that includes the wire to keep it in the yard. If I had a yard, I'd be tempted to get one. Think I've mentioned that a neighbor in DD's old hood in Atlanta had one.

Barry, so glad Monty is recovering from his loss. Is his voice higher when he talks back? Unfortunately, we have to spray around the outside of our bldg. for pests or we would be over run. The little lizards don't seem to be affected. Very knowledgeable man told me that what they use isn't toxic to anything except the insects. Our lizards are thriving and no pets have been made sick. Of course, we really don't know how these chemicals will affect us long term. When I went out this morning, a worm dropped in front of me in the doorway. It appeared to be half dead. When we stayed across the street at Larry's after the hurricane, his whole townhouse was full of dead worms. AACCKK!! I wish we didn't have to spray. Speaking of pests, sounds as though you also have plants which become pests, spreading out like crazy. Don't overdo it trying to get rid of them when you feel so exhausted. I hope you feel better soon. I'm really tired right now too. SV thanks you for your kind words.

I'm having that glass of wine and hope it doesn't stir up my acid reflux. It really helps me to relax. Joe says the CBD oil is helping him. He called to wish me a happy Easter. Claudia sent a beautiful pic of her with her Mom celebrating Easter at the facility. Her Mom looks very happy today. It's been a nice day--beautiful out with low humidity. All in all, we are having a fantastic spring. Hope it's nice where all our Porchies are hanging out and spending Easter with family and friends.

Love, Mikie

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Got back from the bank. What a complicated mess just to pay off a loan. Finally, we got a cashiers check and sent it FedX. Hope nothing goes wrong. My Sjogren's is in full flare so came home to crash. I did put a load of laundry in because that doesn't take much NRG. I have to unload the dishwasher but will wait until I rest a while.

What a beautiful spring we are having. It'll be in the mid 80's this afternoon and there isn't much humidity.
The water in our pond is green; I hope we don't get the blue/green algae which is really a bacterium. It is toxic. We have so much wildlife around our pond and I don't want to see it die.

Again, hope all y'all have a wonderful Earth Day to celebrate our Mother Earth.

Love, Mikie



Hello Everyone,

I have had no NRG this last week. It has a lot to do with the knots on my head. I have been working harder at doing exercises for neck and head. Using vibration, face massager. I believe as these knots move or release that they release the toxins. Oh My...I can't concentrate or make decisions, I have no NRG to do anything and my self-esteem is in the toilet. However, I like myself just fine...so I wait for it to pass. And then I have a morning like today where I can get some stuff done. I call this "feeling like a real girl".

Luckily my husband is wonderful. Cares for me when I'm out of it and doesn't make me feel like I am a burden.

Sun - my prayers are with you for healing.
Barry - so nice to see a post from you.
Mikie - My husband vacuumes. He keeps up with it since we got our new carpets and floors. My sweet Roomba.
Granni, Spring, Julie, Rock, Star...hello and wishing you all well.

I'm going to try to post a pic of the view out my kitchen window to the backyard. Can't see the creek from here but its just past the trees. I feel so blessed, that if I have to be sick, God plopped me here.

OK I'll have to figure out how to post a picture. It is a beautiful morning!

I love you all.



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Barry: Thanks for the good thoughts for me.....i appreciate them. What exactly is the ultrasound hoping to find? I'm so very sorry that you deal with so much. I hope these tests will pinpoint and then the doctor can help you. People who are well and healthy just don't understand. I know....i was surrounded with them my whole life and still am.

And what does Monty say to you after his little procedure? Funny....my favorite cat Abby who I had to put down over a year ago i also called her Fat Cat. At one point when I could LIFT her so we could get on the scale, she weighed over 25 lbs. Then over the months I could see she was losing weight because her loose skin would jiggle on the floor as she walked....kinda like a moving sweeper. Gosh, i loved her. Clair will never be a favorite of mine, guess because so many years she would either ignore or hiss at me. She was my DHs cat, so I take care of her and pamper her with wet food (boy has she gotten demanding in that regard) but my heart isn't there. I've had soooooo many cats over the years, some good, some OK, some wonderful, all different in their personality.

Kim: I'm sorry the fatigue and loopiness has plagued you. Bumps? Are they visible or just painful areas? I've been up around Multnomah falls area.....what a super beautiful place you reside in. And arent' you blessed for having an understanding husband.

I made it to the easter/16th BD celebration yesterday with the two key lime pies. Bad fatigue day for me....and some loopieness too. Wish I could clear my head. It feels like a bad coming off the flu or sinus. By the way, i discovered something which I thought I would pass on for stuffy noses or even coughs. A drop or two of peppermint oil just under the nose! Amazing. And I've been reading that a drop on your temples will also help headaches.

Lots of good food to eat yesterday. Grilled salmon, prime rib, roasted veggies (my favorite) various salads, MacNcheese.....mmmmmmm! We ate outside and thankfully I brought my wool wrap. Their patio overlooks the canyons below which at this time of year is covered with wild mustard so everywhere you looked it was shades of greens, chartreuse and yellows. Hawks soaring overhead. This whole area is 'rented' by someone who raises cattle, so at times they wander the hillsides along with the deer that show up occasionally. Years ago I was outside painting some large pots and a roadrunner showed up to watch me. That was EXCITING. And once I stopped on the road nearby to watch a large tarantulla walk across. I don't get close to something like that though. I heard once they can jump but don't know if that's true.

And my oldest grandchild is now 16, and what a handsome, kind thoughtful young man he has become. I had proofread his report the night before on The Holocaust, so we went over what needed to be changed. He told me when he wrote it he was almost zoning out.....it came across that way.....so he saw what needed to be corrected without me having to do it for him. I think I've got a SMART DGS there!

Oh yes......an Easter egg hunt for everyone, everyone all the adults. You should have seen the scramble! The plastic eggs held either candy or $$$. I found $6, my DGD found $35, my DGS found $15 and their cousin found the most at $45. She and her DH are newlyweds and can always use the $.

STAR;. Where are you? I miss your posting

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Hi Kids

Gordon is taking a nap. Henry may be doing the same. I was reading until now. Got an e mail from my alma mater. Guess what? It wants money. Had a sort of weird announcement about a former Professor who passed away. His entire career was spent at our school, but he resigned over 30 years ago. Died a few days ago. Don't believe I ever heard of him before.

Thanks for the roadrunner site, Sun. I saw some roadrunners once. Went way East of LA into some tiny desert town. Saw 3 of the critters. Two of them were standing on an exit ramp from the free way. They looked exactly like the wooden ones carved by Mexican artisans and sold in shops on Olivera Street in downtown LA. (They did not say, "Meep, Meep.")

Sounds like you had an excellent lunch. We went to Pasadena to visit the library this
afternoon. Saw lots of yellow flowering plants. I asked Gordon if they were mustard. He
said, "I assume so." We also went to the library in Eagle Rock.

Bary, I picked up a book by an author new to me. Mary Daheim. The book is
called "A Case of Bier". Another prolific writer. A cozy mystery. I never heard of a chocolate vine before. Apparently everything chocolate is not wonderful after all.

Hi Kim, glad to hear you had some energy this morning. I also have bumps on my
head. They come and go. Don't really cause any problems. I hope you can figure
out how to post a picture. Gordon used to post a lot of orchid pictures. But now when
he tries to post he gets pop ups that say, "Too many pixels." I don't know what pixels
are, but I figure they probably are some kind of mischief making pixies.

Mikie, I agree, Parks are wonderful. Irving Berlin wrote a musical titled Miss Liberty
in 1949. One of the songs was, Let's Take an Old Fashioned Walk in a park where it's
dark. Eddie Albert sang it on the album. Used to have it. From the same album comes
the song "Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor".

One of the designers of Central Park was Frederick Law Olmsted who also did the grounds for the nation's capitol; ditto for the Minnesota Capitol. As you might guess, "Olmsted" is a Norskie name.

Hugs All, Rock
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Good Tuesday Morning, Kids and Goats,

Was sooo exhausted last evening that I fell into bed and immediately fell asleep at 8:30. I woke early but went back to sleep til about 5:30. I've been trying to get through Les Miserable but it's kinda slow going. The Masterpiece program on PBS starts the story with Jean Valjean in prison. The book starts with the Bishop. Of course, the program has to cut a lot of time out of the story. This is a tome I'm working on. Even though I was exhausted when I got home from the bank, I managed to do laundry and change the linen on the bed. I am getting rid of the bottom sheet which has faded. I love the print and wish the sheets wouldn't fade. The bottom sheet I got out of the closet is so bright. I turned the mattress. Barb's DD loves the new mattress that was delivered but it cost more than the regular one I got at the store.

I stopped in to see Grace yesterday afternoon. She's doing well with her PT. I was so exhausted and didn't stay too long. She has a bladder infection which she let go without treating and she was tired too. Evidently, the last surviving alcoholic of the four in the hood had a total meltdown the other day and tore all the AA stickers off her car. It is so sad to watch this yet again. Addiction is so destructive. Grace walks the dog and gets the latest news in the hood. People are leaving for parts North and the parking areas are thinning out. I noticed our roads are not nearly as busy. That is the silver lining of summers here in the heat, humidity and hurricanes. We can once again drive on the roads, get into movie theaters and eat at restaurants without waiting.

Kim, how nice that you are married to your Roomba. If mine were a man, I'd consider it. Actually, if SV were a man I'd marry him. We are pretty compatible. Your DH sounds so sweet and I'm glad you have him. You have a great attitude about being sick. I am also grateful for being in such a beautiful place where I can look outside and see wildlife. Some people here have bears in their yards; that's something I can do without. A bobcat was in another yard. Those are in areas where the newer construction encroached on wildlife land. It's sad for the critters. Hope you can post a pic.

Rock, I saw a road runner once in Arizona while we were loading the private plane. It looked like the one in the cartoons. Crazy looking little creatures. I get pleas for money from my Alma Mater in the snail mail. I'd give if I could. They put out a very slick professional alumni magazine so I don't think they are hurting too bad. The program on PBS mentioned Olmstead. He was instrumental in a lot of parks. How wonderful that we had these people with the vision and talent to preserve land for parks. Central Park is amazing. Speaking of which--DD sent a pic of DGS in NYC. They decided to hop on a plane and spend a couple of days there. I'm so glad they are able to travel.

Sun, glad you enjoyed your lunch. Sounds as though there was fun and good food.

Gonna finish doing just a bit of cleaning in here today. Dust collects fast even though I don't leave the doors and windows open. The temps are wonderful but the pollen is still covering the pond in the morning. I really should wash my car; it's covered too. It's like it has a fuzzy finish.

Hope everydobby has a wonderful day.

Love, Mikie


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Good morning Dear Ones,

It is almost time for me to get dressed for our singing gigs this afternoon. We will sing at the local Baptist church where they have a Sr group which has dwindled over the years but somehow they are having a much larger gathering today from other groups I think. Then, after we sing we will go have lunch somewhere , nothing exciting I am sure, maybe Lubys where everyone can get what they want. Then we will go sing for another group in our area and sing to one of our members who will be turning 80 soon and and temporarily going up North I believe. She has a few homes to go to and sings everywhere she goes, talented gal and so sweet and down to earth. She will leave soon and then come back after Christmas sometime I think. She also sing in our chorale.

We had a nice Easter with visits from son and DIL along with two daughters. The migrating daughter and family have found a home and I think plan to move sometime in June. It is new home, not sure if anyone had lived in it before or not. The bank has it now so either no or someone couldn't pay their mortgage bills. Hope DSIL who wanted this home badly doesn't get stuck in a similar situation. It does loo like a very nice home but is also two story. It will get hot up there plus needing to a/c it and walk up and downstairs. Although the main living area and master bedroom is downstairs. It's about 20 minute drive I think depending on which way you go and traffic. I now they are excited about it. DD#2 will be happy to "get their house back" from DD#4 and family:)!!

Went to the dermatologist for 2nd shot and to talk to the doc and she looked at me and my wierd skin. The worst part is inside which you cannot see. Don;t see lots of changes but will go next month for another shot and then the month after for another shot and dr visit. If no changes it will go to plan b which is who knows what. You don't see much for the most part on my sin, you have to know what to look for and alot is underlying almost like a blotchy sometimes sunburn, Very little actual urticaria which is raised. The tops of my feet are usually the worst part to look at, pinkinish in different shades and sometimes almost red esp after I sat out in the sun on Easter with sandals on. Looks better now or at the moment.

Got a call from DCD and she spoke to two of her sisters there and also some to eldest DD in Austin. Since she is so needy but acting better towards the family I sent her a small crockpot which she can put in her room. Hope she keeps the room so she can cook something. They have a small microwave but it is hard to actually cook on those. I cook a lot in mine but is has more than one power and large enough to do so. Also senet her a WM gift card whe can use for food. We may start trying to send her more money each moth. We will see how it goes. She also has gone back to church and is trying to get her life sort of straightened out but with her problems don't think she will be able to do a whole lot. She also has had some trips with x DH and the two younger boys.

SUN- So glad you could help your DGS with his writing project even though he didn't realize it - LOL. Hope he gets a good grade as well as learned alot from you. Hope you are feeling OK or not to bad after your treatments.

MIKIE - Hope you get some more NRG I know the feeling. So glad you have SV to love and keep you company.

JULIE - Thinking of you and your family after your loss.

I have to run now and finish getting ready to go sing.

Granni :)



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How-dee! Just watched a TV program with Minnie Perl. Program was taped in the
70s, I think. It was Match Game. I saw Minnie live in the 1950s. Way back then we were
both just kids.

Mikie, have you ever watched Match Game? I thought of you today while watching same.
They had a question about squirrels. Made me think of you. They also have frequent puns.
Don't know about your neck of the woods, but here it's on 3 times a day and they usually do
a sequence of 4 programs.

I read about the Florida Black Bear. Wouldn't want to meet one without a formal intro
from an animal trainer. The females weigh about half as much as the males. The biggest
known male weighed over 700 pounds. Uff-da! Interest about your car and it's finish.
Does it give you a warm and fuzzy feeling? Here's a bear riddle fur ya. What does Peter
the Great have in common with Winnie the Pooh? Answer. Same middle name.

Granni, hope your gigs went well today. And that DSIL and DD get the house they want.

Better go. Computer is acting up. Rock


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Granni: Great gift for your DCD.....a crock pot.I feel so sorry for your DD. But she does seem to be making giant steps from what it had been. I empathize with you, I know how a child can break your heart.

Very nice of your one DD to let her sister and family move in with them until a house is found. But I'm sure they're all jumping with joy.

Rock: I think I've been to the Pasadena Library YEARS ago. Are there large steps leading up to it? I think you two make the rounds of all the libraries. I just order things from my local thru the LA county library system which has a lot to pick from.

Mikie: I've watched Jeopardy the last couple of nights. That guy who is "breaking the bank" for the show must have a photographic memory. And with him being a professional gambler, I'll bet he plays cards and remembers everything that has come up. I find he's got a strange smile.....pasted on kinda.

I start the chemo treatments this friday for 6 weeks. NOT looking forward to it though.


Hi, Kids and Goats,

Every time I start to open with something different, I think of Barry with the 'goats' remark and it makes me smile and I have to say 'kids and goats.' I love goats and, if I still did any yoga, I'd love to do yoga with the goats. My sense is that it was a fad and isn't as popular as it was. About the last 20 years or so that I've lived here, some folks had a piece of land along a busy street. They kept goats on it because it's a lot cheaper in terms of taxes to have agricultural land. When the baby goats were born, it was all I could do not to drive off the road looking at them. Sooo cute! I worked right across the street. Saw on TV that they often keep goats in with horses to calm them. Goats aren't the calmest of critters so it doesn't make sense to me. When my kids boarded their little dog at a farm, he teamed up with a goat and terrorized the rest of the animals, including the horse. They were told he could not come back. After he came home, he butted his head against the fence. But I digress...

I fell asleep and woke up a couple of hours later feeling really sick and groggy. One of my ears has painful pulses shooting through it. Could be the Whatever Virus which is likely trying to reassert itself as I am taking the AV. That always stirs it up. Whenever my Sjogren's flares, it usually allows the WV to reawaken. I've been enjoying this beautiful spring weather as best I can. The mornings are cool and just right. The A/C is on now because it's 85 out. I did go to the store earlier because I worried I wouldn't feel up to it later. Good thing. Got the fixings to make a curried chicken soup. Instead of squash, I got some potatoes but think I'll add some squash I bought frozen. I got coconut milk and red Thai curry paste. Hope it's good. I'll make it tomorrow or Thursday.

Rock, we may get The Match Game but I haven't seen it. I'm sure I could go online to find out. Love the bear riddle. As Sgt. Webb used to say, "Just the bear facts, maam." Or, bear riddles. I remember watching The Grand Ole Opry when I was a kid. I still love the old country music. Ken Burns has a new special on it coming out on PBS. I'll watch it for sure. His specials are amazing. I also like old Gospel music. Oh Brother Where Art Thou had some from the 30's. That was a funny movie. I love just about anything with George Clooney. Love anything sung by his aunt, Rosemary. His uncle was talented as well. I hope your computer recovers. I liked your post.

Granni, what wonderful news about your kids. I always think about your DD and hope she continues to do well. This has been so hard on you all. So glad the other DD and her DH are getting the home they want. Also glad other DD and DH will get their home back. It's wonderful of them to have the others living with them all this time. I'm sure you are proud of your children. They sound wonderful. Our fair weather friends are leaving here too for up North. Those Snowbirds have the best of both worlds but I wouldn't have the NRG to keep up two homes and make the long drive twice a year. One neighbor isn't well and is morbidly obese. She lives upstairs in her duplex townhouse across the street. I don't know how much longer she will be able to do it. She can barely make it up the stairs. Ever since I've lived here, she has driven down from the Buffalo area with two cats. Yikes! I think it's the stairs here that keep me going. Joe asked me whether I have plans for when I can't go up and down anymore. He also has stairs to get to his condo. Mom was able to climb my stairs until her fatal heart attack. I hope I'm the same way. Hope you have a good time singing and at lunch.

Sun, yes, that guy has a really creepy smile. He has to have a perfect memory but I'm still skeptical that anyone knows that much about so many different, and sometimes obscure, topics. I didn't play last night; I felt too exhausted and just went to bed. Claudia got the answer so she saved my virtual chocolate for me. I hope the chemo does the trick for you. Did they mention the side effects?

I heard a helicopter overhead when I went to the store this morning. Evidently they were searching for a bank robber. It was north of where I live. Every now and then, I have premonitions and lately, I've had one about someone robbing a bank. That doesn't happen here very often. I was worried it might have been about the bank I went to to pay off the mortgage. It's a pretty small branch bank but it's pretty busy. It's in the same center where I take SV to the vet. I'm glad the robbery wasn't at my bank branch but once a robber gets away with it, he will usually continue robbing banks until he's caught. Most of my banking is done online but I had to go into the bank to pay off the morgage. I have a whole new appreciation for my condo now that it's really mine. I've always been thankful for it but am now even more so. It's a blessing in my life.

Gonna get going. Think I'll steam some Brussels sprouts for my din-din. Hope everydobby has a lovely evening.

Love, Mikie

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Mikie: OMG I think "oh brother where art thou" is just about the funniest movie. I bought it haven't watched in quite awhile so think I'll dig it out. I need some good laughter. Yes, she told me the possible side effects. I've had this particular one twice after the surgeries. In September I was in total misery for over a month.....had to plan where I would go to shop....where their bathrooms were, and how soon could I get home. This time all I had was two days of pain and burning so I'm hoping it will be easy. I'm wondering if it had to do with the amount of "work" done in the bladder. Last time she worked with a laser on 5 cancer growths, this time on only 1 and burnt the other two, and I didn't have to have a catherter put in this time either.

FUNNY about how your DDs dog bonded with the goat and caused such problems. My DD takes their puppy Skylar 3 times a week to a local ranch. She's put in with other dogs her age and spends the day romping around with them, comes home filthy and they have to give her a bath. They're going to try a different kennel, for when they travel, but not sure how it will do with Skylar. She will be put in her own VERY small room with a run to the outside. We used to use one like that when we had Katie our dog, and also paid extra for a "quiet, almost sound proof room" so she wouldn't hear all the other barking. And did I mention that Skylar was very good on Easter....no jumping only nudging people which is great.


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MIKIE - How did you or are you going to cook your brussel sprouts. The only way I have made them is roasting with olive oil and all kinds of spices in the oven. DH loves them tht way. I do too but it takes a lot of work to wash and cut them up !! Did you steam them normally or in the pressure cooker, etc.? Also what do you put on them if anything?? After a big lunch or much bigger than I usually have and DH going to a KC meeting and will eat there. So I don't have to cook but who knows what I will eat. Maybe soup , we'll see. Am eating pistachio nuts now,

SUN - So glad that the treatments you are having have not been as hard on you as others. That is awful when you always feel lie you have to be close contact with the bathroom. I have had that problem with either the IBS symptoms at times or my urinary tract problems. Also glad that you did not need a cath again this time. Not fun at all. DH is hoping that he will not have to have a cath after his next surgery for as the doc says, shaving off the growth from the wall of the bladder. Also glad that puppy Skylar was behaving better at the Easter gathering for you all.

ROCK , et al - Hope no one gets offended that I do not like or dislike any posts. Somehow I never got started with that and forget about it. For the most part I love most of the posts on here. Hang in there my friend !!

KIM - How nice that you posted the other day. Glad you are feeling a little better and that your DH helps you with the vacuuming. My DH does that also at time and I have had a cleaning lady and her daughter that comes monthly to do the basic cleaning. I started that a few years ago when a choral friend told me about her cleaning lady who was very reasonable. Most are very much higher and she/they do a pretty good job. Ours is coming on Friday. Never thought I would ever be able to afford one or have one butt he way I feel I can use all the help I can get it. Keep posting when you can.

Hope all is well with all inc JULIE, BARRY, SPRING, DUCKIE and everydobby else I may have forgotten.

Love ya,
Granni :)



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For you Brussels sprouts lovers here's a recipe I learned from my Italian aunt who was a GREAT cook. And years ago i bought some BS, eager for them.....started pulling off the outer leaves and found they were full of aphids as I went down, layer by layer. So now after washing, I cut in 1/4 pieces...just to make sure.

OK, after cutting them up I also mince some fresh garlic, steam all for about 10 min. Until cooked. Or you can do them in the microwave. Then chop or smash them all up, add some olive oil or butter, S & P and serve. I have at times also sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and crisp bacon pieces. I love when I have left overs so I can eat them cold for lunch.


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Hi Kids

Just woke up from a nap. I see my missing post showed up. Well, Gordon said it probably would. Reminds me of the old song "The Cat Came Back".

Sun, your B. S. recipe sounds very good. I always think of Brussels Sprouts and Broccoli
being close relatives. Had the later for lunch today with Gordon's Ham Hash. I hope you
are feeling better every day.

Not sure about the steps leading up the the Pasadena Library. We always park in the
the parking lot in back of the building so don't know about the front. But it's a beautiful building with lots of woodwork inside. Built in the 20's.

Granni, funny you should mention liking posts. I was thinking about same two days
ago. I remember when the practice started. I posted something like, "I'm not sure
this is really a good idea. I'll end up liking every post." Which is what has happened.
Maybe we should all give it up?

Mikie, didn't know anything about "Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou" so looked it up.
A Joel and Ethen Coen film. Funny, I always thought it was Joel and Ethel Coen. Anyway
they're the guys what made the movie Fargo. I liked the film but I consider the name
ridiculous. It takes place in Minnesota, not North Dakota. Frances McDormand won
an Oscar in Fargo. She is married to one of the Coens.

I saw a video a few years ago. Maybe on Youtube. It showed unlikely animal friends.
Such as a goat and a horse, a fox and a deer, etc.

Well, time to go back to bed.

Hugs, Rock


Good Hump Day, Dear Porchies,

They show that Geico commercial on Jeopardy where the camel is talking about Hump Day. My funny neighbor called me on a Wednesday and said, "Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, what day is it?" I said, "It's Hump Day." Geico has been rerunning some of their best old commercials. Claudia got the FJ question last night. I felt too awful to think but doubt I would have gotten it anyway. I can no longer remember history nor what I've read or who wrote it. Big handicap. Fortunately, Claudia is not only very learned but she also has a great memory. So, we collected our virtual chocolate.

Publix sells Brussels sprouts fresh in the produce dept. in sealable bags which go into the microwave to steam the sprouts. I always take them out and rinse them and cut off the ends. These sprouts usually don't have any bugs but I check them out just to be sure. They are big and beautiful. They also sell sprouts in a mesh bag but they are often little and not as nice. I like to fix them after I've done bacon. I sprinkle some flour in the bacon grease and char the sprouts after I cut them in half. Then, I put some butter and bacon pieces in them. I didn't have bacon so just steamed them and put some butter and salt on them. Still delicious. The trick with them is not to over cook them. Steaming is perfect. I picked up some cauliflower because it's another healthy veggie that is delicious. I'll steam it in my little steamer. It's a beautiful big head, all white with no brown spots.

One whole wall in Publix has their Greenwise organic processed products. My favorite produce guy and I were talking about how people are flocking to organic food. Organic food is often grown right next to the food that is sprayed or next to cattle pastures and it isn't the pure food that foodies would like. That it costs more makes it even a worse option. Shows on TV have told about it. I did buy organic cilantro because it was the only choice. I got it for the soup I'm making.

Sun, I'm so glad things were easier this time around in terms of the bladder. I know the anesthesia left you feeling awful but, if the bladder isn't as bad, that's a plus. I hope things continue to go well with the treatment. You are a real trooper. I'm glad Skylar is doing better. Grace's little dog, Dusty, is so cute and so sweet but he's nervous. I think it's because she is nervous. When I go in, he gets so excited and before he does anything, she starts screaming at him. I told her I would train him not to jump on me. I've worked at it and now he doesn't jump but she still gets excited and yells at him. I'm still working on training Grace. :) He got so nervous that he was sick. Poor little guy. She is getting around with a cane and making progress. I hope I never fall and break something.

Granni, I see on the weather news that y'all have had severe storms in your neck of the woods. I'm so glad you have a cleaning lady. With all the running around you and DH do, I don't see how you would have the time or NRG to do it all. I manage OK most of the time but it's just me and SV living in 1100 sq. ft. Also, I don't get much in the way of company so no one sees it if I let things go a bit (or a lot). I think it's Roomba that has saved me. Vaccuming is one of the hardest things on a back. Sweeping is the other. I sweep off the balcony on our side every now and then and have to wear the brace. I love a shiny clean home but, in my old age, I'm getting less particular.

Rock, if you come in and don't see your post, click on the little circular refresh button at the top of the page where the page back and page ahead arrows are located. You might have to sign in again but it should allow you to see your posts. Fargo is one of my favorite movies. If you get a chance to watch Oh Brother Where Art Thou, I think you might like it. People in other parts of the country kinda lump ND, WI and MN together. I know, heresy! :eek: I think it's the same with MO, AL, AR and possibly MS. I do the same with WA, ID and OR. Then theres OH, IO and IL. If one isn't from those places, it's easy to think of them regionally and not so state specific. Some states, like CA, TX and FL seem to stand on their own. Possibly because of their size.

Hope I have more NRG today. This is typical when I start the AV's again. It feels as though I have a virus. Wait, I do have a virus with all the symptoms of one. Doh! I have been putting off going outside to trim back a few things the so-called gardeners haven't trimmed. These guys are no better than the last crew that was horrible. I used to feel sorry for their working out in the hot sun but they are so lazy that I no longer do. No pride in their work. If a person has to do a job, why not do a decent job? When I was a yute, these things were emphasized. No longer. I believe that is why our country is going to hell in a handbasket. In the meantime, I'm trying to feel as well as possible and enjoy life as much as is possible. I try to dwell on the positive and not the negative. Seems the national news is all bad but they all end the segments with something positive. I don't drink every evening but I do have a glass of wine now and then to relax before turning in. It helps.

Hope everydobby has a great day.

Love, Mikie

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