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PORCH #1130 (4/30/2019) IS CLOSED

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A day early, but...has anyone ever danced around a May Pole?

Good morning, everyone...a beautiful Tuesday, even though it is raining cats and dogs here, lol! Sun, Mikie, Rock and Granni have some posts back on #1129, but we were getting into the 40's with replies, so I thought I'd go ahead and change. Since tomorrow's May Day, I'll look for a "proper pic" and be back in a jiff.

Sun, I love those live cams...we watched April, the Giraffe, give birth a couple years ago...she's in a zoo in New York. So much fun, and the viewers got to make suggestions for the name of the little guy, then vote on the top ones.

Rock, I miss Duckie, too...might be lots of things going on and she just can't get here?

Granni, I take Den along shopping as little as possible, lol! He needed a couple things, so we went after church. And I just happened to see the stuffed animals (that weren't out the day after Easter...go figure?) and told him that would "round out" my Easter supplies for next year (except for any candy, etc.) Lots of other things I would have looked at, and maybe purchased, but I knew he was tired and hungry...he's a good sport for a little while, but reaches his "shopping limit" rather quickly, lol! And I'll be in another town when I go to the chiro tomorrow, so will get whatever else I need then...and return the toaster we bought on Sunday, since only one side will heat up. Hope the other Wal Mart has the same one, or maybe I'll go with a different brand.

Mikie, glad you're feeling a little better. I completely understand the frustration, and then depression that sets in when we can't do things we want and need to do. I hope to get the kids downstairs play area "gone over" today...it's still a shambles from when Lindsey's kids were here. I have too many things crammed into too small a space, so they can't really play.

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Julie;. Yes, i remember a little may pole experience when I was around 10. I also remember delivering may baskets to some neighbors.....you ring the doorbell and then run and they're surprised when they find the flowers. Tomorrow is my youngest DS's BD....44 years old! He's a GREAT father and son and that makes me very happy.

Mikie: Lucky you, seeing a anhinga! Have you also heard them scream? Out in so. Calif we're overrun with mourning doves. I have a pair in my back yard with a nest somewhere, and apparently two young ones in my front yard because I surprised them a few days ago and they flew up to the fence to watch me. Mom sits on her nest while dad sits on the roof keeping watch. Yesterday I could hear him thru the roof vent so I went out to see where he was.....sitting by the chimney.

I was feeling sick yesterday so spent a lot of time just laying in bed trying to sleep, which is very hard for me. At one point I had a temp of 99 so something was going on. My oxygen level was waaaay down so I'm thinking a slight infection in my lungs. The COPD I have makes it hard to cough up gunk, so I inhaled steam off and on all day to loosen things up. But today, so far, my oxygen level is great so I guess the steam did it's magic.

My feelings about Duckie is she has "flown the coop" for more exciting terrain. She's still very active with so much, and most of us just get by. Not enough excitement for her I'm thinking. Sorry gang.


Hi, Kids,

I just posted in red on the last Porch so, hopefully, no one will post there. I also changed the thread title to close it out. Was going to open a new one and, when I came here, it was already done. Thank you, Julie. We never did a May pole when I was a kid but we did make May baskets for one another and the neighbors. My friends and I loved these kinds of projects and we loved surprising the older people in our hood. We put flowers and candy in the baskets. Lately, I've been remembering how great it was to be a kid. It did help to get out today and walk around the store. Shopping didn't go very well but I'm still glad to get out. Condo could use a little work but nothing that the health dept. would condemn the place for. Thanks again for the new Porch.

Sun, we have anhingas at our pond all the time. It's fun to watch them dive for fish. My favorites right now are the Muscovie ducks who have built a nest in the bushes over by Joe's bldg. The are huge and fat and fly up to sit on the roof tops. I don't know how they get off the ground. We have a lot of mourning doves here and they are either the dumbest or bravest birds I've ever seen. When I was working, I saw a big gator walking near the street so I stopped to watch. Two little doves were in a standoff with the gator staring it down. There was some other bird that had joined them. The gator didn't budge and I think I honked at him. He was obviously looking for their nests. Sometimes, the noise from the pond sounds like some kind of jungle nature special on PBS for all the noise. We have ducks, woodpeckers, bull frogs and other birds all sending out their love calls or pecking on the trees. Sometimes this goes on all night. I'm glad you are better today.

Kids, I know I posted that I had heard from Duckie. Something was going on at work which kept her too busy to be able to post on the job. She said by the time she got home, she was too exhausted to get online. In addition, her Mom got sick and was back in rehab. All of them got a norovirus and were sick for a long time. She said it felt as though everything was spinning out of control. I keep her in my thoughts and hope things have improved for her. The kinds of jobs like hers can demand a lot for a long period of time if the co. is doing something that requires changes. I hope she will be able to stop in but I don't want to bug her because her life sounds exhausting right now.

My trip to Target wasn't great but wasn't catastrophic either. I realized that I had forgotten my coupons but they didn't have the color I wanted for my hair so it didn't matter. I did get some shampoo and other cosmetic things. I checked and still have a box of floor cleaning pads for my old Swiffer mop so wasn't tempted to get the new one that sprays cleaner on the floor. It can wait until this box of pads is gone. I found a new lampshade on sale to replace one in the guest room. I checked out myself and scanned the lampshade twice so had to stop at C/S to get one removed. Evidently, it is love bug season but I hadn't seen any on my way in. After I got in the car and looked in the rearview mirror, I saw two of the randy little things copulating in my hair. Good grief!

I'm unhappy with FedX. I wanted to trace my payment on my mortgage and, when I went to track it, I had to download something so I could track it. I didn't realize it was malware that took over my Chrome/Google search engine, replacing everything I searched with tons of websites I didn't want and didn't ask for. I think it's called, Secure Search. I went to You Tube to see how to remove it. Chrome is so different from Microsoft that I have to do that when I have things like that I need to do. Unfortunately, all the videos were using an older version and didn't match what I have. So, I stumbled in and did my best. It worked and the malwear is gone. Well, it's not gone completely but my computer is no longer using it as my default search engine. I hate this kind of thing. Just wanted to give y'all a heads up.

I'm watching Andrea Mitchell and she looks sooo pretty. Her clothes are beautiful. Today, she is wearing a dress in a gorgeous shade of red/fuchia. She recently got a lifetime award for her journalism. Good for her! BTW, are Harry and Meghan ever going to have the little prince or princess? The world is waiting.

Hope all y'all are having a great day.

Love, Mikie

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Hi again...got interrupted earlier, so just posted real quick. Mikie, I thought I had posted in red, too...that I was going to start a new porch. I forgot that I could close out the old porch by just editing the title. Just looked, and it was there above yours. Might not have shown up on your screen? No worries, though...nobody got caught in the door, lol!

Glad you got your shopping done. I not only forget coupons, I forget my list sometimes...then just wander the aisles, trying to remember what I needed. Yes, now I remember about Duckie and the norovirus, etc., etc. Thank you for the reminder. Duckie, if you can see this...we miss you!!!

Sun, I made May baskets, too. Easier when one lives in town and can just run from house to house. I think I took the girls over to Den's parents a few times to leave baskets, but hard to surprise someone when you have to drive into their driveway, lol! Happy Birthday to your son! Sorry you had a bit of a bug, but glad it didn't last too long.

I was supposed to have a hair appt. this morning...actually, I had accidentally made a chiro appt. for the same day, a half hour apart. But they are in two different towns, so it wouldn't have worked. Anyway, I changed the chiro appt. for tomorrow...but my hairdresser texted this morning that she needed to reschedule...she has been sick in bed for over 24 hours. I'd much rather go another time than pick up a flu bug or something.

Had to put on my boots and carry an umbrella to go out with Oreo so she'd go potty, lol! Liora had just called, so I walked around while on the phone with her. When Oreo and I came back in, I ran down to our Amish neighbors' to see if she needed help with diapers...they just don't dry in this wet weather, even hanging inside. She said she had wanted to send them with her DH when he went to work, but they didn't want to bother me...so I was glad I went...and brought the diapers home to wash and dry in the dryer.

She looks really worn out...they've been planting garden and doing some other projects around their little farm. With the three girls and baby boy, she does have her hands full...and they have their fair share of crud, too...the baby was sniffling today. She sent a loaf of bread home with me that she had baked this morning...good trade for me, lol!

Today is Den's last "official" day at the City...even though he hasn't been to work there all month...lots of vacation and comp days to use up. He took his keys in early this morning so he could say goodbye to some of the regulars as they got to work. I asked him if he missed it at all and he said, "NO!" Maybe his blood pressure will go down, now that he doesn't have to deal with all the "stuff".

Here's some more "funnies" from my youngest grandson...he dumped water on the kitchen floor so he could see if he could also "walk on water." Then he was on the swing set, going as high as he could, while singing, "I believe I can fly!" at the top of his lungs. Lindsey and David have wisely chosen to "pick their battles" when it comes to the kiddos...I wouldn't have as much patience, for sure. Although I imagine he did get in trouble for dumping water on the floor...some kiddos never do things like that, but I imagine he will be "pushing boundaries" for quite awhile. But he's also the most kind-hearted little boy you could imagine. This is when I say, "I'm glad I got mine raised", lol! The funny thing is, he doesn't do that kind of stuff at Grandma and Grandpa's....hmmmm...I do think that Den's and my parents probably shook their heads at times at what our girls "got away with" that "their kids would never have done" ;):rolleyes:

Den is napping, so I'm just doing "quiet things". Gotta go turn the washer back on...was soaking the diapers in cold water before doing the hot water wash. Helps with the odor. Brings back lots of memories every time I help Lorene with her diapers...

Take care, everyone! We're looking at rain the rest of the week...oh joy! Hi to everyone I've missed and hope you're doing okay.



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Julie: I also used nothing but cloth diapers and can remember what a chore it was. But I had a friend who was one of the first to buy disposable diapers. They were living on a "shoestring" and of course they were expensive at that time too. You just get used to using the cloth ones and of course you're saving $. And you're a very good neighbor to always be helping them out. Out in California, most people don't know what it means.

I think Josiah is going to be the rebellious one!

Mikie; I keep forgetting to tell you that Les Miserables is most all time favorite musical. I've seen it live I think 3 times and also own the CD from the New York production. It's wonderful. You might do a search on youtube for it. I'm also enjoying the one now on PBS.....but at times I think it drags, probably because in the musical it is so fast paced.

I went to Trader Joe's this morning and bought among other healthy foods some washed, bagged kale and also frozen cubed beets. I mostly buy a bunch of beets but find I can rarely finish all of them and they go to waste so frozen will work for me. So along with my soft taco I make using some packaged TJ roast beef and goat cheese, I also had a dish of steamed beets. Delicious. Can't say the same with my tin of sardines I had for lunch yesterday!

And when I got everything put away I was doing a little weeding, went to my trash container to toss them, turned around and a BIG bird....don't know what it was whizzed right past my head. WHEW! I could feel it's wings brush my head. It couldn't have been a dove because they always make noise when they fly. So perhaps a crow.


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Having my morning cuppa and settled down for a quiet ten mins before tackling the avalanche of stuff needs doing.

Julie - i like the sound of Josiah very much. Very bright kid. it might be a pain for moms to mop water offa the floor but how else is a little boy to find out if he can walk on water? :D and imagining flying on the swing, i would love to do that. Reminded me of R L stevensons poem, Dad gifted me when i was 8, a childs garden of verses, hard copy ...”how do you like to go up in the air, up in the air and down”? one of my fave childhood memories.

Sun - i think i had a crush on Marius, hahahaha. when i read the book. Non pushy but ardent shy lovers appeal hugely to me. especially when they are men of character and principles. i normally dont like beets but when theyre very ripe, juicy i dont mind them. Weddings seem to serve them up a lot in salads, maybe because theyre not too dear.

May baskets seem like my kind of thing. Flowers, candies. im sure if you put one together, it would be a thing of beauty, given your artistic bent of mind.

Mikie - congratulations on owning your home in full and final.!! what a moment. these postal or electronical things seem to be hit or miss. We had ordered couple of books from amazon but they got lost enroute. then Amazon resent the order at speed delivery mode charging for normal delivery. we got those and the previous order later. Upon enquiring, Amazon told us to keep the extra books because it was their mistake.

it amazes me people can watch eagles and stuff giving birth, feeding etc live. They used to be so elusive. ive watched some docus on meerkats and city monkeys. their stories are not so disimilar to ours, family dynamics, falling outs, gatherings, jobs, danger, play. lately ive been wondering about butterflies. where do they go? where do they sleep?

Nothing of import to tell unless y ‘all want to hear me describe how i took a broom to the top of the stairs and swept all the way down, and put dishwashing liquid to my pots n pans and rubbed or how i looked into the mirror and squinted to see if any grey was coming up.

God bless
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Hello, Girls and Boys,

Julie, with regard to dancing and May Poles, Yes, many people have danced around them. And no doubt some were Poles. I, personally, have not done so, but the only May Pole in
our quaint village was actually a barber pole. It was 2 feet high and affixed to the outside
wall of the barber shop. (Can't remember the name of the barber anymore.) So you see, one couldn't really dance around it unless holes were cut in the barber shop's walls.

With regard to the half and half toast, you could always tell people it was the latest creation
of Le Cordon Blue, the school Julie Child attended. "Oh, you must try these. They are the
latest variation of Melba Toast. Melba, BTW, was a contemporary of Caruso, and a famous soprano from Australia. Melba toast and Peach Melba were both named for her. Some
people think Mel Brooks was also named for her, but research continues on that issue.

Sunflower, haven't thought of May Baskets for decades. We did that for a few years when
I was in grade school. I have brought up the subject when people were reminiscing in
the past. You are the only person I've met who also remembers same. One the girls we
exchanged baskets with was named Phoebe. The only Phoebe I've ever met. There is
also a phoebe bird. I just tried to hear it's call, but the videos wouldn't play. Glad to
hear your oxygen level is OK again.

Gordon is calling. Probably din din time.

Hugs, Rock


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Hello, Again

Springwater, I grew up with the same book by Robert Louis Stevenson. Also the Pooh Books, the poems of Eugene Field, Thorton Burgess animal stories, and Dr. Seuss who was a new author then. I believe the last poem in Stevenson's book was Requiem which I still
remember pretty much.

Under the deep and starry sky,
Dig the grave and let me lie.
Glad did I live and glad do I die,
And I lay me down with a will.

This be the verse that you grave for me.
Here he lies where he longed to be.
Home is the sailor, home from the sea,
And the hunter is home from the hill.

Home from the Hill was the title of a movie in 1960. A dark family drama directed by
Vincent Minnelli, one of Judy's husbands. The film was shot in Texas and Mississippi.
I suppose they look a lot alike. Been to Mississippi, Granni?

Well, time to retire with a book. I thought we were going to the library today, but
somehow it didn't happen. Well, it's open every day but Sunday.

Adios, Rock


Good Wednesday Morning, Kids,

Just waiting to get into the shower before I head off to the dentist. I hate this. For so long, all I had to do was get my teeth cleaned. Now, a broken crown. Grrr! :mad: When I had that reaction to the magnesium stearate, it caused neurological symptoms including clenching my teeth. I just hope I don't have problems with the other three molars. One of them has chipped but it doesn't need to be replaced unless there are further problems. I'll stop at Publix on the way home. They likely won't do anything today but will make an appt. to fix the tooth. I need to get some healthier food at the store. Haven't been eating right since getting that virus. Tonight is Grace's little goodbye party.

Julie, that Josiah sounds like a smart and funny kid. My second DD was like that. One of the things I enjoy talking about with my pals is all the funny things our grandkids say. Ilona had one DGS that was a riot. I think every family has one like that. I also used cloth diapers because the disposable ones were expensive and awful. I remember those days. It's very kind of you to help your neighbors. I have also noticed that posts seem to come and go here, like the land of Oz.

Sun, I will likely watch the musical, Les Mis. I want to get through the book before and also watch the special on PBS first. The book really drags in places where Hugo is giving historical background. I've been just speed reading through those passages. Wish we would get a Trader Joe's store here. We will eventually. Some of the birds here are HUGE! A rather tame one was walking alongside me in a parking lot and it stood almost as tall as I. People around me were laughing about it. It was at an old folks' home and the bird obviously had been fed by the residents. Glad you avoided a bad collision.

Spring, yes, the animals do seem to have similar family problems as we humans. Tweety was jealous of SV and would fight with him and scheme against him like a child. Animal cams are one of the most exciting things that new technology is bringing us. I am hoping that people start to appreciate critters more. In my perfect world, every animal would be loved and cared for. The wildlife environments would be protected. My world right now is about as exciting as sweeping stairs too. :(

Rock, hope you enjoyed your din din and book.

Hope all y'all have a wonderful Hump Day.

Love, Mikie



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Hi Ta Hi

Mikie, Publix must be the size of a mall. You can apparently buy anything there. They
have a dentist too? Do you know what kind of bird was walking with you? The storky
sort? Used to see them on rare occasions in the days of my yute.

They'ed show up near the creek at Big Springs . A tiny sort of suburb a couple miles
outta town. The creek ran through a farmer's field which had Holstein cows. The creek
had lots of crayfish which we caught and then put back in the water. The birds were
shades of grey or blue. Probably 4 to 5 feet tall.

Yes, I had a pleasant din din with egg foo young and potatoes: the tiny ones and the
tater tot ones. They are about the same size. The book is the only unread library book
in the house. It's a small book about a Christmas dog. We really need to get to the
library today. I have books on hold, and they are waiting for me.

Well, Henry went to work and Gordon will be getting up in the next half hour. Hope
everybody has a good day. Julie, Josiah sounds like a welcome guest at parties. Or
possibly a character from a Garrison Keillor book.

Hugs, Rock
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Hi, Kids,

Home again, home again, broker than broke. Well actually, I will be broker than broke in June. Something to look forward to. NOT!!! I need a new crown to the tune of $1,500. It was $110 today just for the brief look-see and x-ray. So, I'll bite the bullet and pay for it. Well, perhaps I should forego biting the bullet; it might damage another crown.

I stopped at Publix on the way home just to pick up a few things. Decided to buy a lotto ticket. This would be a good time to win some money. I can afford the new crown but I never pass up an opportunity to whine. Today was one of those days where people were smiling and being kind. My favorite kind of day. The sun is shining and it's not too hot out yet. The sky lately has been a beautiful impossible shade of blue with little white puffy clouds. It's been hotter than seasonal but the mornings are lovely. I just went down and affixed the new parking sticker to the back window of the car. Now I'm legal and won't be towed away.

Rock, the beauty of the Kindle is that one can download books anytime. Most libraries do digital lending but I get enough cheap books through Amazon. The main reason I don't download from our library is that they only give two weeks and I often can't get through books in that time limit. Books that are not in high demand can be extended once. Wal*Mart is the store where one can find anything. They have a beauty shop and optomitrists. Don't know about dentists. You can get a flu shot at Publix but I don't get them. The Publix where I shop is one of the smaller neighborhood stores. Joe shops at one the other direction that is larger with a parking lot that is a danger to one's car and oneself.

I was pretty new here when the big bird decided to walk next to me. It had very long orange legs like stilts and it was a white bird. Might have been some kind of great white egret. I can identify a few birds but still have problems with a lot of them. We had one here in the hood that was almost as tall and was the same kind of bird. Julie said it was an egret and, when I looked it up, it did appear to be one. What kid doesn't like to play in a creek on a nice summer day? I spent my yute doing that and fishing for trout at the Kids' Pond. Does Gordon serve that brown gravy with the egg foo young? I'm drooling just thinking about it.

I was feeling pretty shaky when I went to the dentist earlier but am a bit better now. At least, I don't feel depressed. Don't know whether I'll get anything done or just rest til it's time to run down to Grace's place this afternoon. Even though I'm better, I'm still exhausted from having been sick. I hope everydobby else is having a great day.

Love, Mikie

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Another quick hi to awl. Have been so busy today with working outside and going to the store with DH, Fixed lunch, cleaned up and here I am . Need to go start work on the stuffed peppers. I did did wash them and got them ready to stuff. Then comes the ground turkey and other goodies in there.

Not to much is new here. However I did finally got the letter off to my dear niece. Will see if I even hear back. Did not mention to my DH as he would probably have said why are you sending it or don't bother but I think it is at least worth trying to clear things up, if possible. Not sure if that will happen but can be hopeful. At least put my back on her FB page. The letter I am sure will make the rounds of the kids and my SIL. We will see if anyone responds.

MIKIE - I am glad that you are feeling a little better than at the dentist. Enjoy your visit and gathering. I understand what you mean about crowns. I have enough of them and they are a fortune, even with our so called insurance.

ROCK - Yes, why don't your try or go for KINDLE books , no need to go to the libraries. Many of them are quite cheap. Even DH now has them and I read some of them too on DH;s Kindle. You are so lucy that Gordon likes to cook and is a good one. DH cooks very little and I am getting very tired of cooking after all these years especially with these crazy diets I am put on on not eating this or that. Drives me nuts and sometimes I just give up and eat or drink it anyway.

JULIE - Josiah sounds like a hoot. What a cute and funny kid. He will keep the family going one way or another. Hooray for DEN's final day at work even though he really hasn't been working for awhile, the end of an era shall we say.

SUN - Hope you are feeling Ok or not to bad right now with all going on. Thinking of you as you got through you treatments.

LOve to awl, inc Star, Duckie, Spring, et al.
Granni :)



Hi, Kids,

Just got back from Grace's. Nice to be able to tell them goodbye. Claudia brought some magazines for me and came up to get the ones I have for her. Got to see our nice neighbors. I didn't stay too long as I'm getting tireder and tireder as the day goes on. I found out that Barb's DSIL had fixed the carport where the new renter hit it. That's good news. The kids won't have to pay for it. Just sent a text to Barb's DD to ask her to thank DSIL for us. I also got Barb's address.

Granni, all my molars are capped, top and bottom. This was an old crown that was worn through to the metal. It had been causing a metalic taste in my mouth. I'm thankful I have a good dentist and can get it done. I just hope there will be no more. No one takes better care of their teeth than I. I just want them to last for the duration. My guess is that Rock and Gordon enjoy the trips to the various libraries and enjoy seeing the people who work there. I'm sure they enjoy seeing Rock and Gordon too. I love our neighborhood library but don't go there anymore now that I have the Kindle. They have all kinds of activities too but I don't have the NRG to go. Even if DN doesn't respond to your olive branch, and I hope she does, you will know you did everything you could. And who knows, she may eventually come around even if she doesn't right away. Blessed are the peace keepers...

OK, gonna go. Am wishing a lovely evening for everydobby.

Love, Mikie



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Hi Kids

We went to the library and the market this morning. Food for the body and food for the
mind. Came home, spent some time with Kitty and took a long nap. Just watched an
episode of Match Game with Gordon. Well, he wasn't on the show, he was on one of
our sofas.

One of the library books I got was "Conversations with Michael Landon." You may
remember him from three popular TV shows: Banana, Oops, I mean Bonanza, Little
House on the Prairie and Highway to Heaven. He was on Match Game as a panelist.
Decided to find out more about him.

Thanks for the Kindle suggestion. Gordon and I discussed it some time ago. Decided
we would talk to the head librarian. See what he had to say. Did the library get complaints?
Could the library lend us a machine to try. (No. They didn't actually have any.) And
then I forgot all about it. If stuff isn't in front of me I pretty much forget about it now.
But I am going to try and get Kindle. Hope it works better for me than most machines do.

Julie, you might want to show Josiah David Copperfield walking on water. You can
see it on Youtube or just search for it and various videos will pop up. Will also show
you how he does it.

Spring, I hadn't thought of the meerkats for years. I remember when those videos
were new. I had never heard of such a creature. Was entranced. The meerkat BTW
is a dwarf mongoose. Here's the URL for a 4 minute meerkat video. The whispery
narrator is David Attenborough, of course. Well, of course the URL won't post. If
you're curious you can look on Youtube or just use the regular search box.

Time to lie down and read. Hugs all you nice people.



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Mikie: Eeegads....crowns are a lot of $. I've got some....hope they last until I fly away. I'm like you, I just wear down as the day goes on. I usually desperately need a nap around 2-3 pM......sometimes a second one around 6 PM although that upsets any sleeping schedule I might have and i try to stay up until 10 PM.

Did you watch the 'spring' program last night? Interesting though not as good as the first I thought.

Granni: Let it all go, if you hear back great, if not, oh well, you did your best. When your DB died I thought one of your DDs was going to attend? By the way, was it coleus plants that you two put in your shade garden? I love them, very colorful leaves and you can start more easily by clipping off some branches and sticking them in water. They root quickly so you will have more plants.

Rock: Good luck with buying a kindle. I rarely hold a book....mostly listen to books on CD from the library, but I know that kindles are very popular. I loved Michael Landon! Starting with Bonanza and moving onto Little House. Did you know he found out about the little house books from one of his daughters. I think I read everyone of those books as a girl.....loved them.

It was one of "those days" today when it seemed all I was doing was spinning my wheels and going nowhere. Well, actually it started a few weeks ago when my DD bought a pair of shoes for me...wrong size, so returned them last week to Nordstrom Rack. Got another style that fit....I thought. But once home they caused me a lot of foot pain so took them back today, couldn't find the receipt. They refused to take them back.(*&^%$# So I came home and did a big search and FOUND it so now I can return, probably next week. This is like 15 miles round trip. Had several annoying calls this morning with hassles involved. (*&^%$# Some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed.

In between doing some baking and other things, I'm trying to get back into doing some watercolor. It's been months....hurt my neck and back in Dec. and here it is May 1. Trying to do a WC of my DDs cat who she LOVES. This cat portrait just isn't looking like her, so maybe I'll give it to my DGD in June when she turns 5. She's a budding artist and might like having it. My oldest DGD has a small oil of my cat Abby, and my DGS has an oil painting of a sharpei dog that he wanted when he was around 10 and he just turned 16. Still has it on his shelf in his room.


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summer has arrived. yes, and not too pleased about it.

yesterday temp went up to 90 F almost. seems i will never get used to a full fledged hot humid climate. however, 5he weather gods decided to have mercy on us sweltering citizens and sent such a fierce windy storm. heavy rain, but mostly gusts which was blowing anything unanchored away.

son was enroute somewhere on mobike and said he got mouthfuls of dust and debris. His face was looking like a porters when he came home. Dust, sweat, grime all caked up.

DD was in a cinema enjoying Avengers Endgame. So was oblivious. ive left a chore to just take a breather, put my feet up, for a few minutes, will be back later. i enjoyed reading y ‘alls doings and not doings.


Good Thursday Morning, Kids,

Grace had a nice little going away party and I hope she and her DGD have a good flight home. Dennis will drive, taking the dog with him. She was walking around without her cane so she has made good progress. She will sit in a wheelchair at the airport and get to board first. That's good because Southwest has that weird boarding system. Even though my DSIL is a pilot with SW, I refuse to fly them. I don't want a free-for-all when I get on a plane. Otherwise, they are excellent.
I got the FJ question last night. I can't believe I got it; it was a wild guess. It was a Bible question. I was exhausted. I tried to take a nap but only fell asleep for a few minutes. I slept well last night and woke feeling better. Hope it lasts all day.

Rock, they just had a sale on the Kindles at the best price ever. There are different kinds of them. My first one was very basic. The one I have now is actually more like a limited tablet. I can play games on it and have on the plane when I travel or when waiting for the doc. It's heavy though, unlike the other one. I've had this one quite a while. I sent one to Andy when they were emphasizing reading in elem. school. Of course now, he just does everything on his phone. I figured you and Gordon probably enjoy your adventures to the libraries and there would be no reason you couldn't continue them but the Kindle might help you enjoy more books without the need to physically carry them around. All this time I've been reading Les Miserable, I'm only 9 percent through it. Because I enlarge the print, the Kindle doesn't give me a page count; it tells me what percent I've reached. Our library has a printout on how to download the books. Good luck.

Sun, I didn't see the spring program last night. I have been watching Survivor for 20 years and am glad I watched it last night. There was a big blindside against one of the worst players in a long time. His evil plan backfired on him. I could have watched it On Demand but can also watch the spring program on my tablet. Hope you can get the shoes you want.

Spring, we have been dumped into summer too. It's only 6:30 in the morning and my A/C is already running. I am cleaning out the fridge this morning and will have to get it down to the dumpster before we get our afternoon rains. It's 90 degrees every afternoon but the mornings are still tolerable. It's only 72 degrees out right now so don't know why the A/C is on. It may be due to the humidity. We did get a respectable little rain shower yesterday afternoon. It's a start. We need more rain now to fill up the aquafers. Those new super hero movies are amazing. Was DD able to sit through the full three hours?

My car is filthy with pollen and now, the love bugs have arrived. They get piled up on the grills of cars as they die in traffic in the throes of passion. What a way to go! Now we have the kissing bugs that bite people on the face, hence the name. I've never seen any here but the news mentioned them. Evidently the bites can make a person sick but, even if they don't, they can cause death years later. Good grief! Think tomorrow I'll run the car through the car wash early and come home and throw some wax on the hood.

OK, Kiddies, I'm off. Hope all y'all have a great day.

Love, Mikie



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Good Thursday morning...rain during the night, but the sun is making a feeble attempt to peek through as I type. Yesterday, I spent several hours in the same town as the local chiro...grabbed a sandwich, ran errands, talked to both girls on the phone for about 30 minutes each. Then drove to the closest town (where Den used to work and I still get my hair done) to pick up a flower arrangement that I had ordered to match the fresh one we used for Dad's funeral (red roses, a single blue rose, white lilies) so I would have something to keep after the fresh flowers were gone. The florist did a great job...the arrangement is the perfect size to sit on my island or the taller "bar"...and looks good in my red, white and blue kitchen. Yay!

My hairdresser could have worked me in yesterday morning, but I had already rescheduled the chiro once and didn't want to do it again...and I really needed to see him. Doc worked on my neck, which was affecting my sinuses...hope it helps. So, now I go to the hairdresser next Tuesday...good thing it's not a big deal if my hair isn't "perfect", lol!

Mikie, Spring and anyone else who is having the hot weather...hasn't happened here yet. Still in the 40's and 50's at night...I think it got up to 60 something yesterday...and the rain keeps it feeling cooler. But...summer will arrive eventually and we'll be whining about the heat and humidity. Lindsey is having 80's so the kids are happily playing and doing schoolwork outside.

Mikie, glad you got to see Grace and everyone. Our gravel roads prevent us from keeping clean cars...one of the reasons I don't drive the "good van" very often. My old Dodge minivan works just fine for the daily trips for appts., errands, etc.

Spring, a motorbike must be torture during a downpour...glad everyone came through okay.

Sun, hope today is better day for you. And that you can get back in the groove of WC painting. I have one of my dad's (oil based) paintings hanging in my living room...every time he came he would stare at it and ask, "Did I do that?" And I would assure him that he did, and he seemed to be very proud, even if he didn't quite believe/understand. That is the only framed picture I know of, although there is one other one stashed somewhere. And there are a few pencil sketches. My youngest brother told me his son (who visited Dad only twice in almost 8 years, that I know of) was so surprised that his grandpa was an artist. Brother said a few other things about the painting on my wall that made me think he was hinting for me to give it to my nephew, but that's just not gonna happen. I might make some photo copies of some of the sketches and give them out, but the originals will stay with me...if anything, my artistic daughter would love to have them.

Rock, what a great idea to show Josiah a video of David Copperfield walking on water...or would Josiah just go out and try it, lol?

Granni, glad you got your letter sent. It's possible there will be no reply, but at least you know you reached out. The rest of the family seems to not understand, and maybe never will. In my case, I'm trying to understand and to let things go so the younger generation in our family can at least do things together, but I will probably never consider any of my sisters-in-law to be my "best friends." I envy those families where everyone seem to get along, but maybe in some cases it's just a "front"?

Hi to Star, Duckie, Kim, Barry, anyone else I am forgetting. Hope to hear from you guys soon. Den cleaned up quite a bit more of the yard while I was gone yesterday...had a brush fire burning when I got home...asked if I wanted to invite the Amish neighbors for a hot dog roast, but I was too tired and "peopled out". He says he'll mow today if it doesn't rain, and I need to keep working in the house.

Tomorrow, I'll get food ready to take to Amy's "birthday party" at the campground on Sturday...well, just us and them, I think, but it will still be fun. I'll take my bike along so the girls and I can ride along the paved roads at the campground. And we'll have the two doggies to take on walks...

Anyway, better get busy...Den and I both had trouble getting to sleep last night. Didn't help that Oreo would get scared every time a thunderstorm came through. So, I slept later than usual...oh well, such is the life of "retirees", lolol!
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Hi, Kids,

Was watching the news and, all of a sudden, a ton of symptoms came crashing down on me. I don't know whether it's the new virus making a last-ditch effort or what, I started to choke, cough, and then my head felt as though it was splitting. Sore throat and swollen lymph nodes quickly ensued. I got into the tub and took a hot soak. I had already taken my allergy pill. The pollen was so thick on the pond that it resembled a carpet. Could just be allergies. In any case, I'm going to take a nap. I feel beat. Whine, whine, whine. I'm sooo thankful I can rest when I feel sick.

Julie, I hope your spring and summer arrive soon. DSIL just posted a pic of the snow in CO. I hope the chiro appt. helps you. The love bugs here are sticky on the cars but, if their carcasses are not removed, it ruins the paint. Same with the bird poop. We have some BIG birds with BIG poop splats. I used to keep my car immaculate but no more. It still looks great for an old car. I make sure it has a protective layer of wax on it. That's what I need--a protective layer of wax. My hair needs to be trimmed too and a color job is in my near future as well. The flowers sound lovely to have to keep.

Barry, I see your footprints and hope you can drop in to stay. I hope you are feeling well.

OK, gonna lie down and attempt to sleep. Hope y'all are having a great day.

Love, Mikie


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Der Ones,

Not to much time right now on the computer as DH needs it soon and I have a few other things to do on it.

Thanks for all the advice from SUN, JULIE and whoever else might have given about my DSIL and DNeice. I sent it to my niece and I know it will be shared by all. I probably didn't stress the parts on my chronic illness problems and pain but it was mentioned. I figure if I am lucky she will just friend me for FB again. There have probably been lots of stuff talked about about us in that family and so that may not disappear right away if at all. Who knows if I will her from them again. I figured that it could go either way after my brother died. He was the one who mostly likely tried to keep things together.

SUN - My eldest DD was thinking of going with me if we went but she lives in Austin and so we wouldn't really have been traveling together and I was afraid to with all the symptoms I was having, especially at that time. I do hope you get to do your watercolors again. Those pictures you have painted before of your pets, etc. sound sound neat. What a nice memory of those you all loved. I am going to ry really hard to put it out of my mind.

DH got up feeling really bad, wobbly and nauseous and he threw up. I found that out after I woke up . He napped a bit in the chair this morning but is doing much better this afternoon,

MIKIE -- I am sure that was scary when you all of a sudden got to feeling so bad. You need to rest for the day at least, no more cleaning for you , my friend !!

ROCK and GORDON - Have no fear, Kindles are easy to use but bear in mind once in a while these do jam or something but a trip to Best Buy usually fixes it . It is amazing though how many books they can handle on there. Unbelieveable !!

Thinking of all my dear Porchies, and MIA's.

Granni :)