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PORCH #1131 IS NOW CLOSED (5/7/19)

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Good Tuesday Morning, Dear Porchies,

Past time for a new Porch. Y'all might want to go back to read the last posts. I woke up tired even though I slept a fair amount and had lots of dreams. One was a dream where I was waiting for someone who was in for outpatient surgery. I don't even know who it was. Dreams be crazy! At least, the CBD oil got rid of my anxiety last evening. Also glad I got my hair washed. I have to trim my bangs; they are hanging in my eyes like a sheepdog.

Can't wait to see Prince Harry's and Duchess Meghan's new baby boy. No name yet. Can't wait to see him. Hope he has red hair. Harry was over the moon when he talked to reporters.

Our summer rains are slow to come this year. I think Joe had better call the pond guy. It is getting worse by the day. Thing is that there may be nothing we can do about it. I'm not going out there just in case it's the bad kind of algae that is harmful to one's health. Some kind of brown algae, that isn't harmful but is stinky, is piling up at the beach. Florida is becoming one big cesspool. AACCKK!!

Sun, that level of fatigue is what I call 'lie down before I fall down' fatigue. Glad your DGDs like to read. My girls loved it and still do. My ex might as well be illiterate because he doesn't like to read. He misses out on a lot. Reading is one of life's greatest pleasures. The name of those flowers sound like skin cells. I'd say with fatigue that profound, the immune system must be down. Hope you can keep from getting anything. Rest up.

Granni, I don't understand why so many places keep asking for medical info over and over again. Everything is on computers and all that is unnecessary. DD and I both like licorice and she doesn't mind the FF cough drops so I'm sure I won't mind them either. I hate having a cough and sore throat with all my allergies and the WV when it rears its ugly head. Hope the new drops help. I love Amazon. I ordered the FF and the hibiscus tea last evening and they will arrive tomorrow with free shipping. I know those chemo treatments into the bladder are no fun but they surely beat taking it in an infusion that affects the entire body. Good luck with everything.

I did my usual note in red that the last Porch is closed. When I went back, it was as though I had typed it but never posted it. Others have said the same happened to them. Gremlins at work! Rock, these must be the same gremlins that wreak havoc with your computer. Stop in when the gremlins allow it.

Love, Mikie
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Good Tuesday morning! Den went to work, but lots of rain headed our way, so doubt they'll keep going...getting ready to pour the concrete floor in the house they're building. Still have to lay the lines that hold the water for the underfloor heat before they can even do the floor. I have a hair appt. (rescheduled from last week) then want to stop by the Amish greenhouse to see what they have left. Their open house was Saturday, but there should still be some nice plants left...just want to get there before Mother's Day. It's 56 degrees and our high is to be only 60.

Did laundry and mowed a bit yesterday. Got the mower stuck, and just as I was working on getting it out of the mud, my aunt (Dad's only remaining sibling) called and we talked for quite awhile. She and her husband were at Dad's funeral, but they didn't stay long afterwards as they have a four hour drive. Got the mower unstuck (with the Gator, a rope and a chain) and was checking it over when Liora called...had to talk to all four kiddos. By that time, I needed to get supper in the oven (meatloaf, baked potatoes...heated up baked beans right before we ate) and started to mow again when I saw Den coming home. Stopped on the lane to chat with him, then he came to the house to rest and I mowed a bit more.

That was my excitement for the day, lol! At least I did get the clothes off the line before it started raining...just a little shower, but enough to get them wet if they were still hanging...

Den and I finished our Netflix series on "Dangerous Roads"...we've been to the

Yukon, Siberia, Peru, Nepal (kept thinking of Spring during that one), along the Ho Chi Minh Trail and Ethiopia. Watching a show or two at night is how we "wind down" after a busy day.

Mikie, thanks for the new porch. Hope the stuff on the pond isn't dangerous, but hope Joe does call and you guys can find out, for sure. Your camping trips sound like fun. Hope the FF helps your throat. I have a package that I dig into once in awhile. Not sure where I got them or where to get more, other than online.

Granni, I hope your DH's procedure goes well...is it today? Goodness, my brain is like a sieve lately...can't retain nothing, lol!

Sun and Spring, thanks for the kind observations and words about Amy, Miley and all. Yes, they've all grown to love each other very much. Miley is one blessed little girl, in spite of her own parents not having enough sense to realize they should have been putting her first. There is always that hope that Mom and Dad will get their acts together, but in the meantime, Miley is safe and loved and thriving. She's still manipulative and dramatic at times, but I think all kids are, to a point. Keira watches out for her, though...has become quite the Mama Hen, lol! But, as siblings often do, they still drive each other crazy at times :p

I can (and have) learned so much from my daughter...well, both of them...but Amy more so, about Grace, Forgiveness, Unconditional love, you name it.

I'd better not stay long...so will just say a quick "Hi" to everyone else. I found some cute 3D Mother's Day cards and want to get them ready to mail today...for my girls and my aunt. Finally put out the hummingbird feeders yesterday...they came immediately to them! Was like they were just hiding in the wings somewhere, waiting for me to deliver their food, lol! Papa Cardinal sits on the shepherd's hook that holds the bird seed feeder, and makes a clicking noise...Mama is there sometimes, but not always. Hope there are some eggs somewhere...

Hope everyone has a "good enough" day...thinking of you all!



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Hello Kids

I am still typing (or keyboarding) in a sea of white. No name or avatar. No option bar. No list
of Daily Specials. Or info on prices. Yikes! Started to watch Match game, but it was an episode I've seen recently. Went to another station. Another episode I've seen recently. Genug ist Genug. "Enough is enough" as the German side of the family used to say.

Julie, your Netflix journey sounds like a trip both interesting and safe. I am amazed at all
the Americans who go to dangerous countries and, sure enough, get into trouble. We
used to see cardinals on rare occasions when I was a kid. Never heard one make a sound

As for Fisherman's Friend they are too harsh for my delicate tissues. Gordon takes them.
Been years since we've had sore throats or colds or flu though.

Mikie, have you revitalized your bangs yet? Reminds me of the movie star with bangs"
The IT girl: Clara Bow. Read her bio a couple decades ago. The thing I found most
amazing was that she spent a year in a hospital cottage. The hospital had several cottages
for patients. After a year she checked out. The amount she owed for a year of care was
amazingly small. A few thousand dollars I think.

Hugs to all, but no thugs at all.


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I have been on and off the phone on all morning for DH's surgery. What a pain. When I call someone is not always there to get it so we play phone tag. I know you all understand that. Got the time and the what to pay the surgery center. Unfortunately we have to go into the hospital tomorrow for blood work that he had done last year, just a little over a year ago. Was there in April and it is now a year later. Can't go to our PCP as they might not get the results it in time. Will have to go tomorrow as today is a busy day and DH has a meeting this morning and a haircut after lunch and I have a practice for our small group. Then they will be closed. Surgery is 7:30 PM so we have to be there at 6:30 or before. UGH, not easy for me for sure. DH always gets up much earlier than I unless he has done a lot of physical work outside, etc. or got to bed late.

After I got all the info I had to make phone calls to some ladies who do not want to be bothered with computers for our monthly luncheons. Our small group will also be singing a Patriotic program for the end of May for our Patriotic program. Haven;t done a thing but clean up breakfast today. This phone calling has been time consuming. Left lots of messages, also.

SUN - Thanks for your information. I have gotten some of it on line already, I found oe of your posts but not sure if there was another or not I thought you mentioned something that was given right after the surgery but then I could not find it again. When I first went on PH today, I read through it quickly but could not post at that time. When I went back I could not find it but maybe my mind or eyes were playing tricks on me. NO telling lately !! We will see when the surgery is done and what the urologist has to say. I am not mentioning the chemo yet to DH as I know it would upset him, better than the alternative. Could be so much worse, as you know. I have friends besides you who have lost their husbands and other dear ones and had to go through awful treatments and then not enough to ill the culprit. My thoughts and prayers are with you and all who have had to go through that awful stuff and loss of loved one. My husband hates to take a pill but does but is rather a baby when it comes to treatments. Who knows maybe he will surprise me. :)!! Prayers that he takes what is given to him treatment wise and that he rolls with the punches, as they say.

MIKIE - Thanks for your newest POrch. Hope you have founds some of that long lost NRG we all seem have little of..

Need to go and start lunch so DH can have it before running to the barber and then stores.

Special hugz to ROCK, JULIE, BARRY, SPRING, DUCKIE et all our many MIA's.

Granni :)



Hi, Kids,

Not much going on. I glued a piece of fixit plastic onto one of the slats on my vertical blinds. They get old and break. Amazon carries the patches. The glue on them doesn't work well so I have to use super glue and clamp them for a bit. I think it should be ready to put back up. I took my recyclables down to the dumpster area, got my mail and came back. It's just a short walk but I was out of breath and feeling dizzy. I don't know what is going on and I wish it would stop. Good news is that, with the Snowbirds gone, there recycle bins and dumpster aren't overflowing.

Julie, towing the mower out of where it got stuck sounds like it could be tricky and possibly dangerous. Do you take your phone out with you when you do things like that? Years ago before we had kids, my eye doc's wife was out on their tractor and it flipped over on her and killed her. It was one of the saddest things I've experienced. They were friends of my ex's folks. I enjoyed some of the things on Netflix but a lot of the stuff they have is really bad. Same with Prime and HULU. I just needed to pare down my expenses so I cut Netflix because I need HULU for cable shows and Prime for the things I get from Amazon and for the Kindle. Prime is such a good deal. Sounds as though spring might finally be coming your way.

Rock, I did take just a smidgeon off the bangs. I can't stand them in my eyes. All my hairs need a trim when I can manage it. Does Gordon know what is going on with the computer? I am sooo glad I got this cheap $200 Acer Chrome laptop. Wish I had known about it before I bought that FPOC. I still haven't taken it to Best Buy to have it reset. It's a delux laptop and yet I choose to use this one. That's how much I like it. Don't know whether I got the right cactus flower posted on the last Porch. I'd post another if it isn't.

Granni, hope things settle down for you and that all goes well for DH.

OK, Kids, going to go check the broken slat. Hope everydobby is having a great day.

Love, Mikie



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Granni: Do you mean 7:30 am.? I'm assuming fasting after midnight? About the chemo that I was given after both last surgeries.....it was mitomycin. That is the standard chemo for this type of cancer. BCG is also the standard....been around since the 70s as a TB drug, but apparently works really well with this of bladder cancer BUT the good ol' drug company has cut back production.....artifically done so they can raise prices, so it's not available until 2020.

Mikie: I would be lost without gorilla glue around the house. I've used it to repair my OLD pool sweep so many times, used it to repair a wooden gate that was coming apart in places, used it to repair a leather strap on my purse, I could go on and on. Where there's a will there's a way.

My ipad is NOT working right. I'm thinking my son did something in the settings either that or it's just slowly not working right. I can't get my email, it goes to a blank screen, waits about a min. Then circles back to the icon. *&^%$ A new ipad with attached keyboard is going to run me at least $1,000. *&^%$#@ I still have search engine, etc. just can't get it to go to the emails. Totally frustrating. I didn't want my son to mess with it!!!!!!!!!


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Its a warm night but not too uncomfortable. i had my dinner out. This Indian restaurant. i made the others mince meat, lentils, cauliflower curry and rice. i dont know any friend who goes out alone, the way i do. heh heh. but if i look for company, i will never go out.

Me and DS put our dogs who needed vaccination into the car and trundled them off. one chore done. At least theyre enjoying the warm weather and overgrown garden. spend a lot of time barking under the gate at other dogs. once the gate swung open, and two strays came in and tried to teach our rescue a lesson for challenging them from under the gate.

he retreated because he is savvy enough not to take two on. i called from the upstairs window and 5he intruders went out the gate but continued to scold our rescue from under the gate. so i went down, opened the gate a crack and laughed at them, and told them they were beautiful boys and not to be naughty. they put their ears back, stopped barking, wagged 5heir tails and trotted away giving short barks now and then to show rescue they had their eye on him and were letting him go only because his human had politely asked them to. i love dogs. i wish i could invite those dogs to a party with our dogs. Serve marrow bones like Barry does his dogs.

All the other of our pooches had retreated to safe distances. They werent getting into unasked for scraps! With robust looking strays who are used to fighting rough. Rescue asked for it,let him face the music.

Sun - thats the worst part of having your computer tinkered with. Things get messed up. i hope yours rights itself.

Mikie - ive been plaiting my hair so i dont deal with knots and tangles. My friend told me she was wearing a hijab when riding pillion to protect her hair from the sun, i asked her to get me one to wear while cooking. pigeons have made nests in our chimney so i dont allow the stove fans to be turned on. hair gets greasy really fast.

Granni - good luck for DHs procedure. You sure seem busy.

God bless

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Mikie, thanks for the picture of the beautiful black masked lovebirds! I used to breed, for a short time, some blue-masked lovebirds. Then I switched to a species of lorikeet and bred LOTS of them. Good sellers too. $3-400 a bird. Those were the days, my friend. By the way, Richard has a Chromebook and LOVES it! I am happy with our old dell laptop; serves me well, knock on wood.

Julie, you have me exhausted just reading about all you do; mowing, driving, building etc.! HOW DO YOU DO IT? I am so jealous of your energy. o_O:confused: So nice that your hummers are back, and boy are you lucky to have cardinals. I've never seen one; we don't have them here. We have a little house wren that is nesting in a hole under the eaves of the house. Just above the kitchen window. I see her flying to and fro while I am washing the dishes, etc. I call her Jenny. I don't know why, though.....

Sun, a thousand bucks for a new i-pad? Holy Toledo! Why not a Chrome book for ca. $200 or so? As for your chemotherapy, it is shocking and disgusting how the drug companies fiddle around. I think the govt. needs to control the pharma industry a little bit. Actually, a BIG bit.

I am in a funk this morning. I just get that way sometimes. I read the news today. The political situations are getting ridiculous and dangerous. The environment is suffering. Wildlife (including insects) is being decimated, species are vanishing, and it's getting worse. Nature is God and must be loved and respected. Yes, I am in a deep blue funk. :(:eek::mad:

Rock, sounds like your computer needs to see a doc. HAVE you yet looked up the site for Fantastic Fiction? I insist you do so! You will love me!

Blessings to All,
Love Barry


Hi, Kids,

Just thought I'd drop in a few minutes. I need to talk to my girls to set a date for my visit to CO and talk to Claudia to make sure she can care for SV while I'm gone. I looked and there were no direct flights for the dates I wanted. After thinking about it, I've decided that it actually will be easier for me to be able to have the layover and stretch my legs. Think I'll fly one that uses Atlanta; I like that airport. It'll take the equivalent of a day at work but I'll just suck it up. It will be cheaper than a direct flight. Think I'll stay an extra day. The kids hate it that I visit and run off so quickly.

When I shop Amazon, there are almost always different sellers with vastly different prices for identical products. Some have free shipping, even though they aren't sold through Prime, and some add S&H. What I've found is that the things made in China are usually shipped from there and take a lot longer than things through Prime. I'm in no hurry for these pillow covers so it's well worth the wait. On the other hand, I want my cough drops and tea right away so I ordered them through Prime. The Prime credit card has 5 percent rewards and they add up really fast. I love Amazon!

Sun, I always try to repair things I want to keep or need. They don't make these slats anymore and the new ones look slick and cheap instead of having a discrete pattern with a matte finish. So, I keep fixing them. I am facing a dilemma with my old iPhone 6. The battery will be fine and, all of a sudden, it's dead. A new battery is $100 for a phone that is only worth $150 with a good battery. A new iPhone 8 is about $700. Thing is that this one may not last long even if I do get a new battery. It's old and has been used a lot. I'll probably end up getting a new one cause I just can't see putting $100 into this one. Since DSIL put me on their plan, I'm saving $600 a year. Tech stuff is expensive. I agree with Barry, though; the Chromebooks are so easy to use and inexpensive. Good luck with the iPad.

Spring, when I read your tales of the doggies' adventures, it's like watching a movie in my mind's eye. Sooo funny! Sounds as though the rescue is about at the level of a 14 year old boy. All bravado and no common sense. SV's last vaccinations are good for three years. I'm sure the vet will want to see him for an annual checkup but it won't cost as much since he won't need vaccinations. I only wish my hair would get greasy. I think it's old age and Sjogren's that keeps my skin and hair so dry. I actually have to rub oil into it from time to time. I still haven't colored it because I can't find a good color. Every other old woman down here has colored her hair blond. One would think there would be an array of blond colors at the stores. Good for you for going out to eat by yourself. Sounds nice!

Barry, so glad to see you stopping in. I didn't even know what kind of birds these were but they are so pretty and I figured we needed something different. I've also been feeling down in the dumps. I think it's because I am feeling horrible physically. The CBD helps. Some THC would likely help more. I haven't been watching the news nearly as much as I did. It's just too hard on me. I try to keep informed but not involved. I just can't. The good news is that the younger generation seems interested and active in saving our Mother Earth. I looked at Fantastic Fiction. That's a nice site. They also have an adult website. Hubba, hubba! Don't get too down, my friend. The pendulum always swings the other way.

Sending my love and wishes for a lovely evening for all y'all,

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Spring:. I also love reading about your adventures, dealing with naughty dogs, shopping or being brave and going out to eat on your own. I admire you so much. Guess what! I'm going to be 75 in dec. And I think I've only eaten out alone maybe twice in my entire lifetime. Do you think it's time for me to brave again? I used to be when I was young and single. Went on two bachelor party trips, the first to Europe where I met the tour in London. That was 21 days of traveling in 6 countries by bus. The next year I went to Hawaii and hit all the islands. I think being married for so long kinda takes away the courage and it's hard when I don't feel good.

Barry: Wow.....that's a lot for a pair of birds. And you can't do it anymore. Were they a lot of work? I don't listen to the news much, about 30 min. Of PBS but then I read things on the news sites also.

Mikie: How long are you planning for staying in Co? I color my hair red, but don't like the choices.....one is too red, another is too dark or too light, so I've found two different colors of Revlon and I mix them when I do my hair. Usually 1/3 of each bottle, with equal amount of developer, then I use a paint brush to apply to my roots and then the rest of hair. I do my hair about every 2 1/2 to 3 weeks, and that works for me since I have short hair. And Sorry Barry, I don't like my hair if I don't do it.....talk about UGLY!


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Hi guys...I'll start this post, but may get interrupted if Den gets home before I finish typing. Can't say that this has been a very productive day, but I did get my hair done, then had a couple errands to run (to take care of my dad's finances.) Checked in with Den and he wanted me to stop by the job site and see what they've been doing. Grabbed a sandwich to eat as I drove to the greenhouse...still plenty of nice bedding plants and hanging baskets left...I chose an assortment of flowers to make my own hanging baskets and to plant around the front of the house. My "go to's" are yellow marigolds, red trailing geraniums, purple "wave" petunias, a few yellow Butterfly Bushes, some white "I can't remember the name, but it hangs over the baskets", and a few vine-type plants to put in with the other things. Not going to get carried away, but just want a little color...I really like red, yellow, purple and whites...hardly ever get anything pink or orange. It's so chilly out today (only 56 degrees at nearly 5:00 pm) but I did see a couple hummingbirds at the feeder when I got home.

Mikie, to answer a couple of your questions (the ones I can remember, lol)...yes, I wear a mask in my parents' trailer...plus I open the front and back doors and some windows for ventilation. And, I nearly always have my phone on my person while outside...in a pocket or fanny pack. Oh, here's Den...I'll edit this later.



Hi, Kids,

OMG, another school shooting in Highlands Ranch southwest in the Denver Metro area. My ex lives in Highlands Ranch. DSIL and DD live southwest of it along the foothills. Other DD, DSIL and DGS live southeast of the Denver Metro area, basically across town. No one has died so far of injuries and they have two suspects in custody. The problems of the world seem trivial when compared to wondering whether one's child or grandchild has been killed or injured by a gunman. This happened very close to where we had our family home when I lived there. Any shooting is unthinkable but the world news only mentioned it happened outside of Denver. It freaked me out that it might be my GS's school. My thoughts are with the parents.

We are under severe thunderstorm warnings but it appears that these storms are not widespread so they may miss us. I don't want the destructive winds but some rain would be nice. AACCKK!! News says the blue/green algae is back in our canals and it reeks. Our pond looks worse. Joe called our mgr. to get our pond guy out but there may be nothing we can do about it. So far, the new mgr. has been responding to Joe's requests so I'm hoping he will work out.

Sun, I'm thinking I'll be gone five days, two to travel and three to visit. I have decided I don't want to drive to NE. I'm just not up to it. I may expand my visit to six days. SV seems to be doing fine but he was so sick before that I worry about leaving him. If he got sick, Claudia would take him to the vet but it's not the same.
Aren't you glad you did all that when you could? It's not that we can't do things but, for me at least, it's just too much bother anymore.

Julie, I'm glad you got such nice plants. Getting your hair done had to be a pick-me-up for you too. I'm glad you are so safe when you are alone and working there. Can you tell I'm a Mom? Claudia, Nancy and I look out for one another's well-being too. Same with my kids. Enjoy planting your baskets.

Looks as though the storms will not hit us but it's sooo dark out.

Hope all y'all have a peaceful evening,
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Good chilly morning...51 degrees and 100 percent chance of rain all day. This past winter and now spring reminds me of the weather patterns of years ago...at least in our part of the world...lots of snow and cold during the winter, then a very wet spring. When we first moved to the farm, it took me forever to understand that you just plan chores/projects, even laundry days (lol!) according to the weather.

I posted quickly last evening, because I was waiting for Den to get home before I took a nap...we rested for about an hour, then I fixed lettuce salad and fajitas for supper. Barry, I wish I had even a fraction of the energy that it must appear I do, lol! I am pretty much worn out a good deal of the time....but there is so much work to do around here, and we've had to let a lot of things go in order to take care of parents, kids, grandkids...we'd really like to "catch up" a bit while we're still able to function. No sense leaving all this for the kids to finish...when we're gone, someone will either have to live here or they'll have to rent it out, or they can sell out. Lindsey is determined to keep the family farm as long as possible, though.

I truly wouldn't want to live any other way, at least not for a few years...the thought of moving to town and not having anything to do...well, that's just not even something I can imagine. It would be, to me, like starting a really good book, but not finishing it....rather, just putting it down and walking away before even knowing how the story ends.

Editing now...we are such a hot mess around here, lol! I woke up too early, but was having muscle aches so got up and turned on the coffeepot. I was typing when Den got up, so we chatted a bit, then I went back to bed. He only got up to see if he should go to work today or if they were rained out. A few minutes later, he came back to bed...they are going to recheck the weather situation in a couple of hours. They're at a critical part of the work...laying the foam board down, then the water pipes (to run the heated water through for floor heat) before pouring the actual cement floor. Not good to get part way done then have a big thunderstorm come through and tear everything up.

Sun, Mikie, Spring...anyone else who does their own hair...my hat's off to you! It would take me forever and trying to find the "just right" color, oh my, lol!

Spring, I agree...the doggies sound like so much fun, even when getting into mischief. I eat out by myself if I'm in town during the day...especially before getting groceries...not good to shop for food on an empty stomach, lol!

Sun, gorilla glue is a staple at our house, also. That, and Aileen's fabric glue...Den keeps gluing his phone case back together...he finally made a leather one, but switches back and forth between the two.

Mikie, I'm glad you are going to visit the kids...hope you find the "just right" flight.

Well, I need to make some sort of game plan for today. I have all those plants to repot, but don't have enough potting soil for everything. Had plenty of time when I got home with them yesterday, but came inside and just sat for an hour or so...then took a nap, lol!

Thinking of everyone...
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Morning Kids

Granni, your DH is lucky to have you to help with his meds and explain medical mysteries to him. A nurse in residence. I'm surprised his surgery is so late. I thought surgery was always
scheduled for mornings. Hoping everything goes well.

I would like to hear your group doing patriotic music. Used to have dozen of records of
same. Best piece ever: Battle Hymn of the Republic. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir
had a number one hit with their recording of same the year I was a Freshman in college.
There is a new book on the history of the great anthem. I have put it on hold.

Mikie, hope you are not having any trouble getting those blinds clamped. If I were
doing it there would be glue all over the kitchen...at least. If you need help you might
call Jed Clampett. The first Tin Man. Buddy and his sister Vilma were dancers. There
used to be a video on YouTube showing them dancing in a movie. Maybe it's still there.
I didn't see the flower pic you posted. Went back. Couldn't find it. Even really simple
tasks are difficult for me now.

Sun, I never tried Gorilla Glue. But all glues work the same for me. Just glue my hands

Gotta go. Back later. Rock



Hi, Kids,

Evidently one person is dead from yesterday's shooting. DD posted on FB that she had to sit down and cry. I'm still moving slowly again today but am going to try to get moving and get something done. I'm really sick of feeling like this. I know y'all can empathize with it.

I'm still going round and round about what to do about my phone. Gonna ask DD when I call to see about the dates for my trip. My instincts tell me to just bite the bullet and get a new phone. It will last for years. It's the one thing I can't do without cause I have no other phone and the watch depends on it. No wonder my crown broke. I've been biting too many bullets.

Julie, in our minds, we will take on the world and then we get home and the fatigue sets in. Good thing the plants will keep. As it is, you do so much. I had that week or so when I felt so good and I could remember what it was like. Didn't last. If only the researchers could put their fingers on what turns off and on like that. My stylist in CO could find just the right color for my hair but economics force me now to do my own now. I don't sweat it too much as long as it doesn't turn red or green. I'm too old for anything too weird.

Rock, I took the clamps, which turned out to be big paper clips, off and the patch held. Problem is that this particular slat is at a different angle than the others. This has happened before and I just manually adjust the top clip. This time it seems to be stuck and I don't want to force it and break the whole thing. I remember seeing an old video of Buddy Ebsen's doing some kind of soft shoe dance. I loved The Beverly Hillbillies. I still refer to our pool here as the cement pond. I'm laughing about your getting your fingers glued together. I was very careful not to get any on my fingers. Hate when that happens. I'm reposting the pic of the cactus flower.

Going to get into the tub and soak. Then I'm going to do some simple stretches to work out the kinks. Hope all y'all are having a great day.

Love, Mikie


Update: My Fisherman's Friend cough lozenges came today. I actually like the taste which to me is like menthol and anise. It feels soothing. The hibiscus tea won't arrive til Saturday. Oh well, I can wait.

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Mikie: That looks just like my cat, Abby, that i had to put down. Gosh I miss her. I often envy that cats can sleep so good.

Super tired again today. My doctor told me yesterday that I shouldn't be fatigued BUT I've read on the internet about this chemo. I think she's lying to me. Trying to relax, sleep as much, etc. I pushed myself for a small walk this morning but didn't go as far and found it very tiring. Tomorrow i go for another chemo. That will make 3 left.

It's been one of those days for me. Had to drop something off at the PO and library, got a starbucks hoping it would give me some energy, had to call my bank to pay my visa and also discuss about the type of visa I had.....apparently I have to drop down a tier but will still get free checking, but no more free safe deposit box or checks. The teller was kind enough to put in an order for more free checks BEFORE she changes the type of account on friday. So as I'm multi tasking at my table, with some WC spread out, I put some water in a pot to heat it so I could clean it.....forgot it and while I'm talking I'm smelling a burning pot. OMG....so after i hung up opened all the doors so the alarm wouldn't go off. I'm getting too old to multitask anymore.


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Dear Ones,

Had a busy day already and trying to avoid rain that has been predicted all week with some very heavy. He listens to too much weather and starts getting upset when they speak especially of tornadoes. Yesterday we had some very heavy rain, about 3 inches. Luckily we did OK but some areas had flooding.

ROCK - The lady from the surgery center just called and they are changing his time to be there to 7:30 AM instead of 6:30 AM which is a little better but more time for him to be without coffee or anything to eat. It is morning not evening. Yes, their surgeries are usually in the morning. Hope he can pee ok after his surgery and that he doesn't have to have a catheter put in over the weekend. Last time he had a problem urinating and so had to go have a cath inserted on Friday for the weekend and then removed on monday.

Speaking of doing ones own hair I used to that for years when the kids were young and at home. Now I go have it done . Luckily I found a gal who is good at it and love her cuts and she is much cheaper than most. Not sure if I would bother myself anymore at least not the roots to much. To old for such stuff, to lazy and to much pain to bother. DH loves blondin=sh hair or streaks so I try and keep it as long as I can If I had my way it would even shorter than it is now. Hate to fool with it.. Should wash my hair but not sure if I will bother or not, another pain in the neck for me.

SUN - I understand what you mean about multitasking. Not doing to much of it but sometimes I have to and then I screw up :oops::eek::confused:!! Hope this finds you feeling fairly well with your running around and errands in between your treatments. Will be waiting to see what and when the ddr tells DH about his treatments. I imagine it will be after he has had his surgery and he goes back for his checkup he might mention it then. It might sound better coming from his urologist who has an easy demeanor and straight talk..

MIKIE - When are you taking your trip? To which iddos are you visiting this time? That will be great for you and everyone in the family I am sure. Do it while you can.

JULIE - You wear me our but glad Den now has his semi retirement. and you can do some fun things together even if it is work related.

Gotta run and start dinner cooking. Hi to awl not mentioned before but I still love you !!

Love to everydobby,
Granni :)



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Mikie - our yellow hibiscus just finished blooming. I think it likes rain and we got plenty of that two weeks back. Theyre single flowers, yellow with red markings. Everyones big pink roses also bloomed at once so splotches of rose in everyones garden. 5heyre the high climbing ones so walls dont contain them. The hibiscus you posted is startlingly colourful. i dont know exact what colour you call it.

i know how your DD felt. about 5he victim. such a waste of a good life. So sudden. So unnecessary. so completely senseless. But who knows what goes on. The workings of the universe. We just absorb. Try to ass8milate. And heal. Move on. if we let violent acts, hate affect us, punch holes in our souls, make us afraid of life, 5he haters win. Darkness wins. We have to resolve to be more loving, have more faith, embrace life more. Then light wins.

everytime a terrorist attacks a crowded train in mumbai or a public spot and hundreds of lives are lost, loved ones are taken in a second, the people say, we wont be cowed down. We still stand strong in our faith.

Julie - i tried to colour my own hair once but was not successf7l. missed lots of parts. My friend had 5his decaffeinated coffee with ginseng in it, its supposed to lift one up. i like it but i drink too much tea so i gave it away to o5her fri3nds.

Granni - good luck for 5he surgery. youre lucky you have a good hairdresser person nearby. i have one too. 5hank goodness, but DD didnt take to her, she goes to one in town proper.

Sun - im sure the fatigue is normal. Surgery of that kinds putsthe body out of balance. As it is, CFS and F8bro etc aff3ct ones energy levels. Add to that, pain and stress. i think specific breathing exercises might help.

You seem to have done some wonderful things when you were upto it. Isnt it wonderful to recall 5hat and know you did? you go out and do your art classes on your own,i think 5hats being brave. you run a business when youre upto it. Thats being brave. Eating out alone like i do is nothing compared to that.

Rock - Vilma brought to mind, Wilma, Freds better, not at all bumbling half. Seems to me, 5hat was one happy family. i avoid superglue if i can avoid it. im clumsy around adhesives. and more often than ot get large chunks of hair stuck in it.

Barry - Jenny.....wren? Arent they a species in Britain? i read about larks, wrens, nightingales, robins while growing upon British written childrens books. When the internet came, i lost no time looking up and listening to 5heir calls.

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